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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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involved shooting this afterno afternoon. dozens of shots ring out after an officer is wounded and one suspect is dead. and another suspect also shot and a third in custody. ♪ happening right now, violence erupting in chester after police involved shooting this afternoon. dozens of shots rang out leaving an officer wounded and one suspect dead.
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another suspect also shot and a third is in custody but that wasn't the end of it. good evening i'm joyce evans good i'm dawn timmeney all started when police tried to pull over a person suspected of driving a stolen vehicle. fox 29' is that so bean in a cure rows in live in chester. we're hearing the shooting has led to clashes with police. >> reporter: that's right, dawn. in fact at least two people have been arrested as a result of those clashes. police using pepper spray to control the crowd. tonight, one police captain is recovering from two gunshot wounds and one suspect is dead. tension spills over into town between law enforcement and bystanders in chester where a police captain was shot and suspect was killed. officers using pepper spray after struggling with members of the a large crowd that gathered. rocks and cans thrown at police.
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>> every need started macin macd they sprayed me. they just kept spraying me. >> chester police say it was 4:00 this afternoon when officers tried to stop vehicle after getting a tip it may have been stolen. they say the three people inside that cary rousseau fused to cooperate officers tried to pull them over. authorities say the least one of the occupants fired at police injuring 25 year chester police veteran captain davis in the arm and back. police returned fire. bystanders say they heard between 30 and 40 shows shots by the end one suspect was dead, another wounded and another in cut today. captain davis is expected to be in okay in stable condition. >> who fired first. >> it's our understanding the occupants of the vehicle did. >> the shooing sparking angry clashes between people in the community and police. residents upset occupant of the car was killed demanding details from investigators.
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authorities urge you were calm. >> it's upsetting situation. it's unfortunate on both ends. there's nothing good about this. >> reporter: and tonight, police are still trying to determine whether the car that sparked all of this was in fact stolen. authorities tell me they continue to investigate. dawn back to you. >> sabina, thank you tom night police in west philadelphia investigating why two men were shot near market just before 7:30 both victims taken to president we tanner hospital. they're listed in stable condition at this hour. so far no arrests. a janitor at philadelphia international airport is under arrest tonight for stealing an air marshall's gun. police say it happened around 8:30 this morning when a federal flight officer used restroom at the airport mistakenly rest behind a small bag that contained his government issued
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handgun. when he went back for it, it was gone. he immediately alerted police and they say a quick search found the bag and the gun hidden inside a janitor's closet. surveillance video shows the janitor was the only person to enter that restroom. two fishermen find a body in in the mall mullica river just before 11:00 this morning. new jersey state police now investigating. they say the medical examiner is working to figure out how the person died. they've not released an id or even the gender of the person involved. not as cold as last night but keep that umbrella handy. you will need it before you know it. meteorologist dave warren tells us what's on tap for the rest of the night. dave? >> yeah, before you you know it tomorrow's big day the parade starting at noon. ultimate doppler clear for now. the wider view shows we're pretty clear. you don't have to go far to see a lot of rain. this was the flooding that
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happened over louisiana good to see the rain moving out of that area but headed towards us. time change overnight. computer forecast already adjusted this time to go ahead one hour because that will be key. by 10:00 o'clock, which typically is 9:00 o'clock, that rain is slowly trying to work its way into the area. that focus point will be that front to our south. that will slowly start to drift north. but it looks like the rain is holding off for much of the day tomorrow but maybe by about two or 3:00 o'clock we'll start to see a few showers moving in. because we have clouds now the temperatures remain above 50 degrees. only drop into the mid 40s overnight tonight. it was up to 61 today. briefly right before noon with that sunshine. now down to 51. there's a light breeze about 3 miles an hour. sunrise tomorrow with the change 7:15 sunset 7:06. we'll watch the rain develop bag it's happening right early afternoon that could impact part of the parade tomorrow. but it looks like the start will
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be dry. very heavy rain is coming following the showers tomorrow and that will impact. day monday that's a big issue here because we have heavy rain with flooding and maybe some coastal problems there. look at all of this how it will develop and what to expect once it moves out in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. >> dave, thank you. commuter who take the new jersey transit rails have no excuse for missing work on monday. the impending strike has been avert. fox's dan dough wednesday reports on the agreement reached by the train company and union workers. we have reached a tentative agreement. thankfully for the commuter comf new jersey transit the crisis is avert. we thank our members for having faith in us in solidarity. we're going home to our famili families. thank you. (applause). >> reporter: new contract will be the first for new jersey transit employees in five years. union officials say they got a fare deal. >> both sides of happy. >> everything you wanted. >> both sides are happy. it's a fare contract for everybody involved.
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>> we're happy for everybody. it was long long task. it's done. >> reporter: tentative agreement between new jersey transit and the unions representing 4200 workers weeks after intense negotiations and avoid the shut down of the nation's third largest commuter railroad. >> i never felt as if we were in danger of a strike or a lock out because i really felt like everyone was showing good faith. >> reporter: governor christie cut vacation plans short to monitor negotiations plans in newark 105,000 people who commute between new jersey and new york won't have to worry adding the deal will not result in fare hikes at least for the next year. >> i'm pleased. i think we came to fair, residential, accommodation of the interest of the unions and their members, and interest of the taxpayers and the fare payors of the state. >> reporter: they were at odds over pay raises and contributions to health care. details of this new agreement not disclosed. but officials say the rank and
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file will be satisfied. >> there was a worrisome situation. a lot of people were counting on us and my members were counting on me. so every other union representative in there. >> contingency plans included ewings buses and ferries to help commuter where is they needed to go. thankfully that will not be necessary. do you recognize this woman in the picture here? please in mt. laurel, new jersey say she stole a woman's wallet from panera bread on february 28th. victim had her purse over her chair with her coat draped over top of it. suspect was able to remove her wallet without her ever noticing. the suspect has made several purchases on the woman's credit cards. she's driving a silver ford escape. home in burlington county deemed unsafe after a truck crashes right into it. check it out. the driver losing control as he was exiting route 73 in maple shade. hit a jeep and then a house
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according to investigators this happened on the 700 block of stiles avenue about 5:30 this morning both the truck driver and driver of the jeep taken to the hospital. the woman inside the home fortunately was not hurt. donald trump is back on the campaign trail today. one day after violence broke out at one of his rallies in chica chicago. the gop front runner criticized from both sides of the aisle as he faced more violence today in ohio. fox's reporting on trump's road to the white house. >> i have to do it myself. i know it's not... >> dense moments for donald trump on the road to the white house. someone through something a threatening word or object. donald trump during campaign stop in ohio. reports say the protester tried to rush the stage. secret service agents surrounded the candidate while other security took out a man believed to be responsible for the disturbance. the ohio incident comes less than 24 hours after chicago
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rally was canceled because of the potential for violence. candidates are weighing in on the trump factor. >> it's ripping our country apart. it's ripping our party apart and it will ultimately hurt us very badly in the next few years if we move in this direction. >> what trump is doing is incredibly dangerous at so many levels. >> the core of their problems, what they are doing is scapegoating which has gone forever. that's what it's about. to take people's fear and anger and turn them against minoriti minorities. >> along the lines of race or -- certainly not violence against other americans. >> asked whether he would support donald trump if he's elected the nominee and marco rubio said quote it's getting
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harder every day. in chicago, matt fin, fox news. >> philadelphia city animal shelter is in crisis mode all its kennels are full and the last time the shelter was overcrowded the philadelphia animal care and control team had to put down 22 dogs. that was back in november of last year. launching a pilot program to double the space of its kennels to make the dogs more comfortable and more adoptable. the move, however, has also reduced the number of kenne ken. acct is open tomorrow morning from 5:00 until 10 -- 10:00 al 95:00 in the evening. it was a heart stopping game with the big east championship on the line at madison square garden tonight. tom srendenschek has villanova highlights coming up. and ready or not you're about to lose an hour of sleep now some say they've had enough and want to do with away with daylight saving time.
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6,
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cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! ♪ volunteers in holme, burg are working hard to get a youth club actio back in act. a terrible storm damaged their roof. progress is being made but there are hurdles to cross. jocks twine's jennifer joyce has the story. >> last month the home also burg boys club look like this. massive portion of its roof came crashing down in a strong storm.
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water quickly collected inside the youth recreation center. now we're seeing progress. 25 volunteers from local 30 a roofers union stepped up to help financially strapped non-profit. several contractors donated labor and materials. a $60,000 favor according to a very thankful boys club president paul. >> what these guys are doing today with their free time is unbelievable. um, it's a place for kids. it feels great. feels great. it feels good to help the neighborhood out when they needed it. i know it's all donations this whole project here, so they didn't have any money and so it's good. >> reporter: when the roof was torn off in the storm the hockey ring took on about 3-inches of water. now the tile needs to be replaced which is another hefty expense. hockey season was canceled because the tiles were ruined in
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the ring. they have a gofundme page to help with expenses this club has served as a safe space for hundreds of local children for the last several years offering sports programs for hockey, cheerleading, football, basketball, baseball and softball. >> to see the expressions on the kids faces. that's all i care about. >> program leaders are hopeful the damage can be fixed and reopen by next fall. in holmesburg, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. want to help out the boys club they said a gofundme page and we have a link on our website at a construction project attracting quite a crowd in center city. concrete started flowing at 3:00 this morning at 12th and walnut and the pour is still going on oh night. new foundation on a new luxury reasonable tower being put into place. and the concrete floor is believed to be the largest in the city's history.
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the builders are using 300 loads of concrete to cover 3,000 yards. they're expected to finish around 11:00 o'clock tonight. ♪ it was heart stopper for the villanova wildcats madison care garden tonight. >> tom here to tell us all about it. >> expectations we want this game. marquis matchup. villanova seton hall. villanova was try to cement their spot at the top. a win against seton hall and they would would be a lock. guaranteed top seed. home game right here at wells fargo center. never play plays out easy for te wildcats. they were down 14 in the first half. under a minute to go, chris jenkins for the lead 67-64 cats. seton hall some something special. isaac whitehead the lead for
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good. seton hall upsets villanova 69 69-sketch and they are champions of the big east. let's go to madison square garden court side and join our sean bell. hi, sean. >> reporter: tom, they're breaking down hyped me right now. it's all over and villanova at the end broke down. they found out how good seton hall is. i mean, not nation alley right now but seton hall will be. that's a team that can beat anybody in this country. they are very good in a team that can make it to the final four but it's a sad thingville move have a was the top team. they went down. couldn't do it two years in a row because they won last year and it was a heartbreaking loss for these seniors ryan arcidiacono, ochefu. i caught up with jay wright after the game to talk about how devastating the loss it is but what the message is from this game going into the ncaa tournament.
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>> they brought it from the start, you know, and i didn't think that we were -- we were lacks early. i thought they were just great. our last game with them was the same kind of game. we got up, they battled back and then we won it at the end. reverse game. give them a lot of credit. kevin low has done a great job with this team getting them better and better and better. they're playing every game. they may have been the game they played this year. the second best year was last night. it's a amazing how great they're playing right now. with that said it's a tough loss. i saw you talking to ryan. what do you say to him and the guys to keep their heads up, still more live left. >> ? these kids put their heart and soul into it. man, they're heart broken. they're crushed. they're crying and i'm all for that because i just know i want them to lay it all out on the floor and let it out emotiona
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emotionally. they're strong and they'll respond. right now it has to hunch that's part of life. you got to go with it when you lay it all out there it hurts. we'll come back tomorrow. we'll come back strong tomorrow. >> how do you talk to the guys emotion wise? you said before, you don't believe in nonsense of losing a game going into the tournament. you want to be playing well. playing well. how do you nail in your head did you play well. you didn't get the win today but keep going where you're going and that will pay off in the n ncaa tournament. >> we really try to judge ourselves based on how we play not on the out come of the game. we could have won this game and we still made some mistakes because of their great defense that we would have to learn from, you know, and so losing, it's easy. it's easy to learn from losing. we'll get better from this. still would have rather won and spent the time looking at where we can get better. >> reporter: now it's next up.
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you have to look on to the ncaa tournament. they could have been a one seed. now it's up in the air. where they go we'll see tomorr tomorrow. we'll have full coverage on where nova as well as st. joe's and temple will go right here on fox. tom, back to you. >> sean, this is when jay wright becomes psychologist more than he does head coach. we'll see in you a little bit. when we come back later in sports. st. joe's and temple both in tournament act. we'll run a full day of college basketball later in sports. joyce. >> all right, thank you tom. bagpipes, dancers an sea of green. that will be a lot to city at philadelphia's st. patrick's day tomorrow and we're talking to the man who will lead the way. cvs says it's sales are down more than $2 billion much what's behind the massive drop in the company's sales and why isn't bothering the pharmacy giant?
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♪ one person is killed and two are presumed dead after collision on the hudson river. a tugboat crashed into a barge in terry town about 25 miles north of new york city. it happened just before 5:30 this morning. the tugboat sang killing a crew man. the other two men on the tug are missing. the search for them has been difficult. >> right now it's still very fluid situation. the search is continuing for the two that are missing. there were some dive teams here but the conditions in the river make it too difficult unsafe for
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dive teams to enter the water at this time. >> there were 21 workers on that barge that was hit. none of them hurt. the water is still high after torrential rains in tennessee. >> some families awoke to fine their homes completely surrounded by water. rescuers helping to get this family right here to higher ground. they loaded three people and five dogs into the boat. including a woman who is five months pregnant. the area hit hard by heavy rains this week and flooding is a major problem for people across the area. the water continuing to rise even though the rain has stop. >> he's been actually interior on and off crying. this is his river live. he don't want to leave it unfortunately you got to do what you got to do to stay safe. >> the severe weather was deadly in louisiana where three people were killed. among them a six-year-old little girl and a 63-year-old who's car was swept off the road by rushing water.
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avalanche hits the italian alps leaving six skiers dead. rescue crews used dogs and poles to search for possible victims. two survives were eventually found and flown out by helicopter. crews say getting the skiers at such a high altitude is very difficult. it's hard for many of us to imagine st. patrick's day without irish potatoes. what goes into the philadelphia tradition? our bob kelly is rolling up his sleeves to find it. ready or not, you're about to lose an hour of sleep but gain more daylight on your way home. the states saying they've had enough of it and they want to do away with date live saving time for good. dave? irish, little green here we'll easy on the radar. one thing we don't see especially tomorrow getting closer and will impact part of your sunday and monday. i'll have your timing and what to expect with the seven day coming up.
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♪ well spring is near and that means it's time again to move your clocks, watches and coffee makers one hour for. >> some people like it some don't. but some states want to put an end to daylight saving time. fox's bryan llenas in new york tells us why. >> reporter: as most americans brace themselves for losing an hour of sleep this weekend, some corners of the country are considering bold new moves to he will lip 98 daylight saving time or dsg. all in all 13 states are considering 22 bills or resolutions wanting to change daylight saving time. but there's no consensus as to how. half the bills want to establish permanent standard time. the other half wants to create permanent date live saving time. california has bill that ask voters to abolish the practice of changing clocks twice a year if the bill is passed and approved by the voters the state could join hawaii and most of arizona in choosing not to
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observe daylight saving. in massachusetts and rhode island they want to go further from the pop pew list eastern time zone and shift to the atlantic time zone. >> atlantic time is that we would stay perpetual state of daylight savings. we would be equal with new york approximately eight months of the year and then four months of the year we would be one hour ahead. >> reporter: daylight saving time began in the united states during ward wore one primarily to conserve energy bio duce the need to unite artificial life. dot says it reduces traffic experts accidents some experts say it does not safe electrici electricity. it's bad for our health. >> the idea of taking new england and moving it off of new york time in order to put it on nova scotia time seems like to me like one of the worst ideas we've come up with in a long long time. >> when we spring forward there are more heart attacks, more
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strokes more workplace accidents because we're getting millions of people jetlag at the same time and there's not competence sorry benefit in the fall to main for it. >> it takes up to three weeks for people to adjust to the time change. more than 81,000 people have sent petitions to congress via the website end daylight saving time demanding an end to the time switch. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. lots of people out celebratincelebrating st. patriy earl until old city. temperatures still mild for march standards. as we check in with fox 29 weather authority, a lot of people out there in their green. yes. >> it wasn't bad. >> i remember like it was yesterday. we're working he been sells having fun. >> yes. a lot of fun. >> a lot. >> a lot of fun tomorrow, too. one thing we don't see a lot of green on is the radar. >> no. >> getting close. >> it will be close. it will be there.
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guaranteed when you wake up tomorrow morning you check the radar heading to the parade it will be there but it's supposed to be. we're looking at it moving in from the southwest. and that will happen. but it looks like it could hold off staying out of the area until about three or 4:00 o'clock. so can't promise a completely dry day, but ultimate doppler will show you we're clear now and active pretty much tomorrow morning. clouds are out will keep the temperatures from dropping too much. mid to low 50s now. the clouds will be around tomorrow. so the temperatures will only be into the mid to low 50's a light breeze. feel pretty cool out there tomorrow. dress for the upper 40s even though the temperatures might show it is in the fives. a lot happening with the storm. time change that will help. that will be because this rain moving so if we get the parade underway first, and holds off on that hour we could dodge that rain it will be coming in throughout the afternoon. storm developing off the coast could slow how quickly the rain moves in.
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here's the timing about noon the rain is there. it's setting up along the front to our south. pretty much becoming fairly widespread. but still holding off staying just to the south and west of the city by about three or 4:00 o'clock. it will start to move in say about 4:00 o'clock. so by the time the parade is winding down maybe a shower. that all falls apart. then we talk about the monday storm. maybe a shower tomorrow but a lot of rain. no question about this for the monday morning rush hour. very heavy rain flooding and poor drainage areas and the wind will really start to pick up as well. wind will be a big problem along with that rain. get the flooding but look at these wind gusts. by monday morning, that's right out of the northeast. that could cause coastal floo flooding. briefly with each high tide. gusting close to 40 miles an hour. 30 in the city. 32 miles an hour in allentown and it will slowly begin to diminish by about three or 4:00 o'clock. easy temperature forecast when you get a northeast wind like this water temperatures into the 40s. pretty much what the air temperature will be all day monday.
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colder in the poconos and maybe some warmer air approaching from the south by monday afternoon. but by tuesday, this rain is gone. so the planner, 52, 57, maybe a few showers around starting late in the afternoon. the few showers by three or 4:00 o'clock will be clearing out by about 10:00 o'clock at night as those clouds thicken. rain and wind on monday. look at that temperature. 44 to 46. not much change there. few showers on tuesday. by wednesday and thursday nice day. up to 75 degrees. real nice day because friday, saturday, gets a little cooler. then by sunday that is the first day of spring. it will ab cold and windy one. >> figures. just a crazy winter. >> another warm wednesday. >> that's good. good illiteration. >> all right, joyce. >> thank you, dave. the big philadelphia st. patrick's day is tomorrow but there were lots of parades to take in today. the 41st annual parade was
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held in downingtown. -- downtown wilmington, delaware this afternoon. lots of folks out there breaking out the green as well. the weather really held out for them. not too far away bethlehem, pa. the parade of shamrocks was held this afternoon. high school bands and community groups and local diagnose any tears taking part in today's festivities. we are now just hours away from philadelphia's big st. patrick's day parade. we want to hear front of use the #fox29irish and tell us how you're getting ready. zen us your pictures and let usie how you're celebrating this year. for some reason you can't make it out to the parade, no worries, you can watch it light right here on fox 29 starting at noon tomorrow. in case you miss it real reair it on sane patrick's day on march 17th. >> dawn will be out there. >> i know. pharmacy giant cvs says sales are down more than $2 billion.
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what's behind this massive drop in the store's sales and why isn't the company bothered by it? >> and in a twist of fate a man convicted of killing dozens in a brutal attack in norway is now suing the country. why he says he's a victim. ♪
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♪ cvs stores everywhere. the farm zero giant says it's lost about $2 billion in sales in just the past six months. that's when cvs stopped selling all tobacco products. but they're apparently not bothered by it. the company recently announced that it will spend $50 million to help end what it calls an epidemic of tobacco use. cvs hopes to cut youth smoke buying 3% and new smokers by tepp%. norway's worst mass killer is suing the government claiming to be a victim of human rights abuses. it is a tough pill to swallow for the families of dozens of people he murdered. he killed 77 people in 2011. he detonated a car bomb in oslo and opened fire on a left wing
10:40 pm
youth camp. he's serving a 21 year sentence for terrorism and mass murder but he's now suing the government over his solitary confinement arguing that it is inhumane. >> it's kind of a new question for us in norway to have prisoners like him complaining about the conditions. i think set a precedence for what's allowed and what is not. >> some survivors and victims relatives say they will try to ignore the four day trial which starts on tuesday. former los angeles clippers own are in donald sterling and his wife shell vol decided to call off their divorce. you may remember sterling was fined $2.5 billion, had his team taken away from him and was banned from the inform ba for life. tmz posted audio recording of him talking to his mistress using racial slurs. the couple now says after 60
10:41 pm
years of marriage, they have work it out and they will stay together. pro less her hulk hogan reffed his $100 million case against celebrity gossip site gawker. he's suing gawker for posting a sex tape with him and his best friend's wife. he didn't know he was being recorded. gawker says it had a right to publish the tape under the first amendment witnesses for gawker will stay take the stand on monday. imagine st. patrick's day without irish potatoes. what goes into that philadelphia tradition? our bob kelly is rolling up his sleeps to find out. ♪
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♪ famous cherry blossom trees will soon be blooming in washington, d.c. they're expected to be in full bloom this week and last through march. the current warm conditions making them open up a few days ahead of schedule. the cherry trees are located along washington's tidal basin and they were a gift from japan back in 1912. well tomorrow is one of philadelphia's biggest celebrations of the year. st. patrick's day parade is so much fun always filled with
10:45 pm
bagpipes and dancers but the guy whose leading all the action well how did he get that honor? >> karen hepp found out introduces us to the grand marshal. ♪ >> reporter: the pipes are calling, the dancers practicing and in a quiet corner of the northeast, paul is a little nervous he's the grand marshal of this year's st. patrick's day parade. the guys up at the ancient order of hibernians lodge 61 hung a huge banner and given him a special parking spot guilty a great honor. the way i look at it it's not only for me it's for all the people i work with throughout the years. ♪ >> reporter: tilley came here as irish football player 40 years ago to play gaelic football and then coach. raising a family along the way. his daughter is a nurse. son an officer. he work as a teamster but his passion was helping ire land. he proudly did you plays keltic crosses and harps made by the irish prisoners fighting for independence.
10:46 pm
his cousin tony was killed in the trouble. the theme of this year's parade is saint patrick bless the heroes of the 1916 easter ris rising. ♪ >> reporter: on easter of 1916, men and women took up arms against the british in dublin. the rebellion lasted sick days and fade but ultimately sparked irish independence. >> it woke the irish people to the need for unity. >> reporter: what incensed so many the murder of the rebel leaders. >> the british actually killed the leaders and that really got the irish people -- got their rage up of the irish people. >> i think it's significant as the birth of the united states. i think that the irish people are very proud of that moment when they were able to break away. >> reporter: michael bradley is the parade director. he says the 100 year anniversary of the easter rebellion in the
10:47 pm
perfect time to celebrate the heroes and history. songs and dances and floats to celebrate the evolution of the irish cause. and the constant rock of faith. >> it's probably the only parade in the country that starts with a mass much it's important to make sure that we realize that we are irish catholic. we're celebrating our religion and our ethic backyard. >> the mass is at st. patrick's at 20th and low cuff. >> first of all i know we'll have great weather because kathy or will promise us great weather and you have bob kelly involved we won't have any traffic that sunday either. >> ♪ >> reporter: come on down and join the gang, we'll have kathy orr, bob kelly and mike jerrick hosting and most of the fox 29 family is marching. grab your family and join our family march 13th on the parkway. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. we'll see karen tomorrow. large crowds of spectators seeing green in chicago arriving this morning to watch the annual dying of the chicago river.
10:48 pm
st. patty's day falls on thursday but the city will be marking the day all weekend lo long. >> shamrocks, green shirts and leep pre cons are all key parts of the sane patrick's day for people. but that list would not be complete without those irish potatoes. >> i tried them the other day. chris o'connell brought them inform his mother made them and they were amazing. but how exactly do you make them? our bob kelly went on a mission to fine out. >> time to roll some irish potatoes. >> we're all ready for you. put on your apron. >> getting apron a sign that you already think i'm going to be messy. >> absolutely. >> i'm ready to roll. >> we are. work me through the process. the irish potato dough had to be frozen or chilled. >> it was chilled. >> what happens from here.
10:49 pm
>> okay. this container here. >> okay. you guys need a hand? >> yes! >> let's roll. >> how is everybody doing here so far today? all right. >> you good? >> a little big. >> what do you call the big on ones. >> meatballs. >> meet ball. that's a meatball over here. >> so you were out in the shed with us when we were putting it altogether. >> i'm one of the mixers. >> how did that go the mixing process. >> it went well. we were done by 1:00 o'clock on sunday. >> that's good. >> it went very well. >> where will you be selling irish potatoes. right now we have already have 2,000 sold. >> whoa! >> we better get rolling, gang. 2,000 sold all right. let's go. pick it up a notch. >> how many years have you been doing this. >> 20. in 20 years. 18 years. wow! >> what's this? >> get rolling.
10:50 pm
>> i'm taking a sip of my coff coffee. >> no coffee break here. >> i got it. rolling. look at the size that they're making and look at my size. anyone that gets the larger irish potatoes you know from me with love. >> all right. bob, i see you down there. get moving. >> i don't know if they upgraded me. i think they downgraded me. >> i don't know. making those potatoes a little too big. >> thank to you the aoah division 87 here in port richmond and from all of the rollers here to all of you -- happy st. patrick's day! >> i hope tow bring us some tomorrow. here's another reminder. you can watch the parade live right here on fox 29 from noon until 3:00 o'clock. share your pictures and videos from the parade with us. using the #fox29irish. can't wait to see them. tom here with a preview of sports.
10:51 pm
tom. >> i'm a little hungry. >> i know. >> we'll talk a little sports. robert covington the 76ers taken out of the wells fargo center on a stretcher last night. just ahead in sports update on his condition and villanova got beat. how upset they were and what this loss really means is next in sports.
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♪ as we told you earlier villanova needed a win tonight in the big east championship game to lock in a number one seed in the ncaa tournament. they're going to have to wait tomorrow to see if they still can get that number one spot. villanova seton hall today classic at the garden. cats down 14 in the first half. chris jenkins pushes off gets free hits the three. cats up three. 67-64 but why head tournament mvp for seton hall, the drive, the foul. seton hall back on top. one last chance for nova down a point chris jenkins shot from newark, missed it. josh hart to follow. won't go. may have been fouled. not going to call it. villanova loses seton hall is your big east champ 69-67. sean bell and the cats locker room afterwards on what those disappointed cats have to do as they head into the ncaa tournament. >> you get back to villanova
10:55 pm
basketball. we try to do every day. i don't think we did that for a full 40 minutes tonight which is what we try to do. stay to stay committed that got us here in the first place. >> use this as motivation an teaching tool. you know, just get back to the basics. get back to, you know, playing villanova basketball, and try to, you know, learn from this one and put it behind us. >> moving ahead st. joe's playing the a10 semis against top seeded dayton. they almost lost today. today playing the number one seed. no problem fort hawks. aaron brown right here, st. joe's is in the atlantic 10 final that is within today by 382-79. how about the american athletic conference semi finals temple and connecticut. huskies are making another run. omar calhoun right here for connecticut as we thin over temple the final score 77-62.
10:56 pm
robert covington of the 76ers is out of the hospital after a freak injury last night. covington united with teammate jeremy grant and went motion less to the floor. he was taken on stretcher spent the last night at jefferson hospital for observation before being released. 76ers and pistons back at the center night. sixers try to make it two in a row. let's keep the winning streak at one guys. third quarter ba comedy trout with 73 points in the second half. they beat the 76ers 125-111. flyers taking on the florida panthers down in miami. late in the game under two to go shane, he gets the equalizer and ties the game at four. it goes to shoot out. flyers down one to nothing. alex bark off beats steve mason flyers get a point. flor against the win. five to four the final. waiting to see if villanova is
10:57 pm
one or two. if they're number two seed they want toes games at the wells fargo zen. if they become a number one it will be out west in an mime. let's take the number two seed right here at the wells fargo center. >> thank you tom. that's our news for this saturday night. "good day philadelphia" weekend again tomorrow morning at 7am. >> at noon tune in for the st. patrick's day parade. your life powerball is next. w??ç
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