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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  March 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> right now on good day another violent night on the streets of philadelphia. a teenager caught in the crossfire. now a family is mourning the loss avenue live gone too soon. chaos on the campaign trail. better or for force this election season is what so many people are talking about including our kids. how do we get them found what the chaos and on-going debates are all about? >> and it's time for philadelphia's big st. patrick's day parade. is the luck of the irish on our side or will you need to bring your umbrella along to celebrate? your fox 29 weather authority has the answer. "good day philadelphia" starts right now. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ good sunday morning. live look at our control room and if you zoom in, you can see
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that one monitor i've got bill around. this is a question for you. thumbs up, thumbs down, where is the bow tie. >> car rep has been telling me i have to go with green or the st. patrick's day parade. i got the button. we were trying to figure out behind the scenes if you go with the tie. karen says yes. what do you think, dave? >> i love i go for it. >> wear it throughout the show. >> we want to know what you them use our hash tag fox 29 good d day. special day fox 29 irish. show us the decorations in celebrations in your home as well. big question, dave,ing. >> this is a huge question. >> we got a parade. >> rain coming in it's close. a lot of pressure here. >> all right. >> do the right thing, dave. >> it's close. i think we'll be okay here. head out to the parade look at the radar you might look at the radar on your phone or right here you'll see that rain is getting close much it's not here yet. and it will put on the brakes pretty quickly here. right until the radar you see this rain developing.
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it will try to work its way into the area but as expected, it puts on the brakes right about delaware and new castle county. that is where it will stay for much of the morning by the afternoon it will start to move in. so the big event today, well everybody is wearing the green, there's even green on the radar. right, sue? >> dave, wait until you see weekend wendy is wearing for the parade today. she's so excited that it's finally here. there she is. how cute. all deck out in green. she's got a pot of gold at the end of the her rainbow and it is happening today. right here on fox 29 and in person you can come to center city physical. we step off at 16th and jfk a loft your fox 29 friends will be marching in the parade. the performance area is right in front of the art museum. it's going to be a great great time. but, dave, the weather is really important today. >> certainly important and the time change is helping us here. because everything an hour ahead now. the rain this will schollly work
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its way in but it could be holding off till maybe 4:00 o'clock now which without that time change would be 3:00 o'clock. that's where it is. look at where it's headed really fills in by 10, 11:00 o'clock across chester county and down through new castle county. that is where it stays. cannot make it into this drier air. by 2:00 o'clock, getting closer but still fairly heavy. working its way up 95 between three and 4:00 o'clock right by the end of the parade there. can't promise completely dry day. maybe towards the end. there will be a few light showers. this will be falling apart and breaking apart as it moves north. that is the one concern here very end of the parade much it's cloudy and cool otherwise, temperatures will be only into the mid 50's with that lack of sunshine. but those showers they stay to the south. it gets little heavier tonight and big problems tomorrow morning the rush hour the rain will be heavy. we can see flooding there. definitely getting the rain. holding off until at least the end of the parade and tomorrow morning.
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hey, what's the traffic look like. well let's check in with bob kelly. ♪ good morning, everybody. busy day as we get started on sunday. the kelly drive closed with a regatta. martin luther king drive closed with the recreation activities and it's the big day, the st. patrick's day parade here in philadelphia right here on fox 29. we inn vat to you come down and join us live. we kick it off at 12:00 o'clock at 16th and jfk right in front of suburban station and go up the ben franklin parkway right to in front of the art museum. that's where we'll have the reviewing stand and the tv cameras. come on down and join us live. if not right hour 12:00 o'clock we kick it off on our air waves. have a great rest of the day and hopefully i'll see you at the parade. ♪ as we get started we're following breaking news in downtown philadelphia. our jennifer joyce is live in rittenhouse square where a man was stabbed to death just hours ago. jennifer washington can you tell us so far. >> reporter: good morning, bill.
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police tell us the stabbing happened writ across the street outside of this building 1830 rittenhouse street just after 3:15 this morning. police say a 24-year-old man was out with his friends and appeared they were celebrating st. patrick's day. they came across a man on the street, got into some sort of disagreement with him the suspect pulled out knife and establish the man according to police. the victim stumbled and fell to the ground. he was transported to hahnemann hospital where he was pronounced just after 3:30 this morning. according to police, the suspect went south on 19th street and took a left down manning that's an alleyway behind the building where the stabbing happened. >> from witness accounts established across the chest area. he fled the area going south on 19th street and eastbound on manning street. we do have some video footage of the incident that we're looking at right now. we're in the process at looking
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at other video footage for the area. >> reporter: first they're looking for the suspect they're hopeful that video footage will help with this investigation. right now the victim's friends who are also witnesses to the stabbing are down at homicide being interviewed by investigators. bill? >> thanks so much, jenny. more breaking news this morning. this time in west philadelphia where a violent night continued. teenaged girl was killed. police say she was caught in the crossfire. it happened just before midnight in the 400 block of north street. the 18-year-old was just an innocent bystander. she happened to be walking with group teens when another group of teens opened fire. she was hit by a bullet. so far no word on any arrests. take a look at some of the other top stories making headlines receipt now. on this sunday march 13th at 70:00 sick. crews are investigating what caused an overnight fire this is that gloucester county. it set one firefighter to the hospital. this was all just after 11:00 p.m. they were called to that home on the 500 block of
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kings highway. three people were in that house but the good news they got out safely. there is a sad element here. crews say that there were two dogs that did die. one firefighter was taken to the hospital. but is expected to be okay. take look at this a car crashes into the 7eleven on 7,000 block of north broad street. police say this was about 10:00 o'clock last night. a car slams into the store causing some pretty significant damage to the building. one employee and also a customer were taken to the hospital. they have non-life threatening injuries. police are still trying to investigate a cause. a public viewing will be held just hours from now for new jersey state trooper sean cullen. the 31-year-old trooper was killed in the line of duty on monday night. he was on the scene of an accident when a passing car struck him on interstate 295 in west deptford. trooper cull leep later died at the hospital. today's viewing will be held at saint charles borromeo church on branch pike in cinnaminson. it starts at 2:00 p.m. his funeral will take place
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tomorrow morning. and police captain is recovering and one suspect is dead following a shootout in chester. authorities say captain alan davis was shot in the arm and back after he and other officers tried to pull over a suspected stolen car near parker and union streets yesterday afternoon. police say the three people inside the car didn't cooperate during the stop and shot at police instead. one person died at the scene. clashes erupted between officers and those angry over the shooting. >> a lot of people here in chester don't trust the police. >> shot 40, 50 times does not stand a chance. they don't they're shooting to kill. >> it's an upsetting situation much it's unfortunate and on both ends. there's nothing good about this. >> captain davis is expected to be okay. another suspect has non-life threatening injuries and the other was taken into custody. it turns out investigators say a janitor at the airport at philadelphia international now
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behind bars accused of stealing an air marshall's gun. police say yesterday morning several flights -- federal flight officer used a restroom in the airport and mistakenly left behind small bag that had his government issued handgun inside. so then he goes back for it he realizes he lost it and it was gone. he immediately tells the police and they say after a quick essential the bag and the gun were found hidden in the janitor's closet so they checked with surveillance video and it showed the only person in that bathroom the whole time was the janitor. police are asking for your help in finding a missing woman. they say this woman 50-year-old is he lena witness more last seen at mercy hospital on friday after she was discharged. police say witness more is 5-foot four and suffers from memory loss. partially blind and deaf. they definitely need your assistance. if you have any information, you're you were to do call southwest detectives. play that music and get ready to do your jig right now
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because it is finally here. gorgeous picture the sun starting to come up a little later because of course we've sprung forward but it is going to be an amazing day and we prayed on this one and there's not going to be rain says dave warren. organizers pants pants and everybody is getting ready for gathering for the big event and of course we are the proud media sponsor of this parade so our whole family will be there. we'll have everyone marching behind the banner bringing the kiddos and spouses. come out and join us. if you can't join us, don't worry about it watch it right there on tv we've got you cover. we'll carry the parade live right here on fox 29 starting at noon and then we're going to reair it of course on st. patrick's day, thursday the 17th. >> looking forward lot of fun and this is the type of fun we'll have. look at the pictures already starting ready for first irish weekend and parade from mike. thank you for that. >> irish glasses at the university of van ton. stay save girls. we love you. jean thanks for sending that. >> declan is ready for his first
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st. patty's day. thanks for using our #fox29iri #fox29irish. >> lots of fun. keep those coming. 7:11 is the time right now. my gosh, more issues happening witness election and campaign and protests. what's happening. >> for better or worse. this election season is what so many people are talking about including children. >> what do we do when they see that violence, name calling? how do we explain it what do we do in many election cycle? we brought an expert. she'll give us really good advice and tips you haven't heard before. >> let's take look at wilmingt wilmington. live look at wilmington. everybody looks okay but if you know someone who lives in delaware, listen up, the state is getting bad rap. there's a little of delaware that have will some residents checking their head. i'm pretty sure they don't want to be on this list. >> i was really surprised by this one. >> it's pretty shocking. you'll have to keep watching to find out what we're talking about. ♪ w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
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sesame street live let's dance it's sesame street live like you've never experienced it before leeeeeeet's dance! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14th through 17th
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tickets on sale now! ♪ ♪ let's get right to it. in this morning's you decide 2016. >> get them out of here. get them out. get them out. >> becoming a rei current theme. get them out that's what drum happen to say to protesters at his meeting in kansas. in ohio a man tried to rush the republican presidential candidate podium. senator ted cruz after seeing all of this look at this throwing punches, the fights
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continuing on senator ted cruz actually blames trump for the violence. while hillary clinton took aim directly at the billionaire during one of her campaign rallies. >> the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong, but dangerous. >> right. >> if you play with matches you can start a fire you can't control. that is not leadership, that is political arson. >> this discussion has moved to the forefront and we'll see how it impacts the next big set of primaries that takes place for both parties on tuesday. how about kids, how does it impact our kids when it comes to this leck season we need to spend more time talking to our children. this may be the first presidential election a lot of kids will even see. we have all this name calling and the yelling and the bullying. even the physical violence we've been seeing. so here's what some of the kids have to say. >> they all just want to get to the white house.
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they will play dirty do lot of thing. they want to be one of the most powerful people in the world. >> one person is doing it and they're all really kind of doing it to each other. >> some people -- i don't know why. some people they're like come on guys you're adults. you're not children. it's crazy. >> out of the mouths of babes. how do we talk to our kids about everything they're seeing and hearing. >> let's get an expert. dr. argie allen wilson is here. good morning. >> good morning, karen. good morning. >> out of the mouth of babes. >> what where do we start with this one? one of your kids is being mindful. what do you mean. you have to be mindful. your children will take those political views outside into the school yard. they're going to model what their parents are saying about what's going on the political process. be mindful of what you share
7:17 am
with them but you got to remember you got to prepare those kids for what they'll be hearing in terms of the political banter outside in the school yard. >> i want you to show you video this is going to be friday night because we're seeing it last night in kansas, we saw it the night before where we're seeing people that are actually turning to physical violence and then i want to you listen to this, some of them are even bragging about it. listen. >> he deserved it. >> what was that? >> yes, he deserved it. the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> seriously. how do we explain that to our children? >> one of the things you can't do is as parent you can't ignore when they're hearing those negative messages and whether they're in their lyle mile crow systems at or at home or hearing it in the media you can't ignore that. you know, i heard your piece where hillary said if you light a match you might start a fire. so you've got to tell -- let kids know this is not okay. but you also have to prepare them for what's going happen
7:18 am
when they're hearing all of this negative stuff. then help them to engage in more positive thinking because reality of it is, we're the ones that are teaching our kids to really take -- pay attention to that political process. and so helping them understand that there's a right way to disagree and there's a wrong way to disagree. karen i don't know if i'm dating myself years ago there was a thing called schoolhouse rock where you taught kids about the political process and there was really a wonderful way to help kids engage in the process and understand that even when you disagree on a position that you can talk about it in a good way and honors all the person's position even if you have a different position on it. >> if you've seen drum many can throw out the rule book and do whatever he likes, what is rea really risen is the name calling. >> yes. >> i want to show you something. listen to this. >> here's guy throwing punches nasty as hell screaming at everything else when we're tal
7:19 am
talking. we're not allowed -- the guards are very gentle with him he's walking out big high fives and laughing. i'd like to punch him in the face i tell you. >> when you have the grown ups trying to settle things with their fists and with language and insighting people to act, the front runner is so many people really do like trump's message. when you hear something like that, how do you sort of explain that to your children? >> you know what the kids said it the best. one of things i say hope your children to understand the political process by having campaigns where they take two different positions and then help them because you'll be surprised if you give children space to do it differently, they'll come up with strategies to be more positive about it then you don't want to hide everything from them. when you have someone that's a leader saying i'd like to punch him in the face you need to use that as teach full moment to ask kids has that ever happened to you. we're talking about something really negative. what are the ways they can really talk about doing it
7:20 am
differently and doing it better. they're not going to understand foreign policy, they're not going to understand maybe reproductive life but they can understand their history and they can understand the ways in which we can vote about the things that we really are passionate about and do it well and do it positive. >> i'm also thinking how to have dough bait bout issue and to be fiercely defend your position but to not attack the other person. we would have these dinners where we -- go all out and but it was never personal. just about the issue. we're not trying to hurt feel. we don't have to call names. >> no name calling. not talking about fighting and talking about violence and when you have leaders during to the kids said it. everybody is doing it and people are getting all rialed up. there's got to be a way it becomes infectious we dot opposite of that. we can really agree to be disagreeable without being disrespectful to each other. we've got to teach our children that and we're not be a good
7:21 am
model if they're looking at our leaders and looking at something different than being respectful. >> dr. argie, great advice. thank you for joining us and starting your day sunday with us. take care haven't a good rest of the day. >> have a good sunday. >> great segment. dave, they're continuing to tell us you're continuing to tell us we're getting tweets and so much more. will the rain hold off? >> yes, for most of the parade. this is expected now. certainly expect to see this rain developing right where it is but that sharp cut off will be from harrisburg maybe a portion of delaware county will get a little bit of rain through new castle county and south. so it will continue to fill in. look at the last few hours. it tries to move into the area but just stops right around harrisburg and southwest of philadelphia. this is this dry air in place. that's where the rain will stay throughout much of the morning. and there's a lot of it. so it looks pretty intimidating here eventually we'll get the heavy rain it looks like it ho holds off until the very end of the parade. there's that front.
7:22 am
it's all spreading ahead of that front. so look how it develops and just stops right about 95 and right through portions of delaware county and chester county. now this is 3:00 o'clock. between three and 4:00 o'clock that rain does finally make it here. so we can say there will be showers later today but also falls apart a bit. we'll get a break but then here's the heavy rain. big problem tomorrow morning for the rush hour. rain heavy at times with flooding. wind will pick up as well. very heavy rain but this is by monday morning's rush hour and it will start to move out by monday evening. people out this morning it's 49 degrees, clouds, temperatures will not be warping up much. rain is holding off a bit cool with that light breeze that will develop. it's into the 40s to the north. 50's to the south. suburbs into the upper 40s barely climb above 50 degrees today and right about 45 degrees in washington township. here's the numbers this afternoon. we do have to put rain in. only into the upper 50s. cloudy skies north and west. south and east 55 degrees with
7:23 am
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welcome back. you were showing us your irish. this is perfect tamara thank you. happy early st. patrick's day. >> this one -- he's ready to get his irish on. need that hat. >> i love babies. special place for the babies picture. ej is four months old and ready for st. patrick's day. kristin thank you for that one. use the #fox29irish. >> good looks. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm tom srendenschek. villanova hoping to lock up a top seed in next week ncaa tournament. they need add within against seton hall to get it. villanova seton hall at the garden coming down to the wire under a minute to go the cats up until isaia white hits the drive and the foul. seton hall is your big east champion they beat cats 69-67. st. joe's moving on to the atlantic 10 final today against virginia commonwealth.
7:27 am
how did they do it? they get three from james dem brie and knock off the number one dayton flyers. final score 82-79. temple knocked out of the american athletic conference tournament by connecticut. huskies starting to make one of those runs again. calhoun right here the basket as connecticut blows out temple final 77-62. flyers down in in order taking on the panaches. flyers short at least one they go to shootout but they lose the game right here five to four and the 76ers lose by 14 to the pistons much that's sports in a minute. i'm tom srendenschek. ♪
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♪ there's something about that picture of trenton with the state capital and what have you. no matter what the weather is like, it always looks like a good day looking at that pictu picture. >> we have beautiful state capitals. we've seen little bit of clouds but i hear people rejoicing because we didn't have the strike. they won't have problems right there all those trenton stations will be able to get to work no problems tomorrow morning. ♪ hey, alex. >> reporter: we were all moved this week bite loss of new jersey state trooper sean cullen. it was so tragic on so many levels. for his family his friends his brothers and sisters in blue,
7:31 am
for all of us in the community he served. sean cullen lived his dream, though. his parents told us that he died living the dream of being a state trooper. something he always wanted to be. sean died investigating an accident on 295. passing driver hit trooper cullen. as we watch his cam rods lower flags to half staff in his honor we were reminded of that brotherhood and the sacrifices that all first responders make for us. so many people they forget the human side of police our bruce gordon covered this story this week and bruce says one woman in particular that touched your heart and as reporter and also as a father. >> yeah, the mayor of westampton township see on dre daniels was part of a group of officials that came to the family of the cullens to express their condolences again trooper cullen had been police officer a in a number of south jersey communities including in westampton township. the mayor was describing to me
7:32 am
that he was talking to cullen's fiance' when their nine month old son interrupted very briefly as young children will do with a simple word da-da. said eight couple of times. and it just sort of brought home the idea that this is a trooper, he's a law enforcement official, he's a first responder, we talk about all of those things, but he was also a father. and that little boy couldn't possibly have known when he said that word what he was actually missing and what he's going to be miss fog all these years ahead. a father to be there for him, and just that one word kind of brought all this story and all the emotion into really sharp focus that these are people. they're wearing a uniform. they very well may be armed and they get into scary situations, they sometimes make the right decisions, sometimes make the wrong decisions but bottom line they're people. they are brothers and they are sisters and they're parents and they are children, and when you heard that one word you realized what that you little boy was
7:33 am
going to be missing out on. it was kind of a dramatic moment for all of to us even to hear that story being told by the mayor. >> that was a lot of moment a lot of people are still thinking about. we had one of his first partners in the studio a couple days ago and we talked to him and he was saying that when they thought about that moment the fact they're all brotherhood, right? even though he may not have his true dad-da any more he has fathers now that all the police officers, all the state troopers, they're all going to come together and there be for him for the rest of his life. >> fascinating that they do that and obviously very important because there is that sort of us versus the world kind of mentality that you have in a number of fields of endeavor a number of career fields. law enforcement certainly being one of them and the idea that these folks will be there for the family hugely important. >> it is. they are a family when you think about it. >> yeah. >> they lost one of their own and we lost an important member of the community. >> sure. >> thank you, bruce, for sharing that story unshared this on your facebook page. you wrote that he's going to grow up without a father because it's out of their control.
7:34 am
he'll never know the feeling of dad embrace, the. you wrote sean took an oath to serve and protect and paid the heaviest of prices. >> a lot of people are respon responding to those words. >> debra miller beautifully written and heartbreaking post. thank to all out of our law enforcement and their families for their sacrifices. the best thing we can do is really humanize these officers and remember they are people. >> beautiful words so specific and so per fact. your words described my emotions tears roll down my cheeks as i continue to think about this horrible accident. thank you for the simple words you peaced together so perfectly describe this hero. >> thank you so much for those words. >> he will were, it's the least and i mean truly the very least we can do is to try to put into words what these first responders be they police
7:35 am
officers or firefighters, emt's, what they do every day, what they lay outline, and in this kind of a situation, we learned once again we're reminded really once again that even something as theoretically simple and as car accident which this started out as can take a twist and lead to tragic end. we can let the families know that we have their back. we're thinking of them and we have support and love in our hearts for these folks. the least i can do. the least we can do as a community. >> one of the officers said he's the type of guy if you met him you would never forget him. i think a lot of people will not forget sean cullen. thank you very much. back to you guys. >> ♪ last day of philadelphia flower show. always kind of bittersweet but it's still beautiful in there. and weekend wendy is very excited about it as well. pennsylvania convention center and the theme is explore america 100 years of the national park service. it's been an excellent show this
7:36 am
year. this is your last day to stop and smell the roses literally but what kind of weather will we have? well here's dave to let you know. weather today, well, spring like almost. it's a little cool here. look at these temperatures only in the upper 40s right now. we're talking about the rain coming in but also watch these temperatures. not be moving much. you may not see the rain but it will feel cool out there with that light breeze. upper 40s now maybe only climbing into the 50s. rain developing here. we'll keep a close eye on this because it just puts on the brakes the closer it gets to philadelphia. that is expected. it will continue to fill in across this area but stay south and west of philadelphia for about maybe three or 4:00 o'clock. it will begin to spread north. 12:00 o'clock start of the parade things are still pretty quiet. cloudy but dry. two, 3:00 o'clock that's writ gets interesting this starts to work its way in. it does fall apart as it moves north but western suburbs you're getting the rain by 2:00 o'clo 2:00 o'clock.
7:37 am
in the city, maybe three or 4:00 o'clock. little farther north and east, after that. so just a passing shower later this afternoon. live picture shows we're in the upper 40s right now close to 50. we'll try to climb it up a few degrees but that's about where we will stay and it gets much cooler as we talk about some more rain. all in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. >> dave, do your kids eat healthy foods? >> no. >> that's about sums it up. >> sugar, anything with ketchup on it we do have someone who will make it easier. promises stuff your kids will eat. >> i'm on it. if you have that picky eater in your household we've got new nutrition and tell you how to get in there. >> take look at some of your pictures. so cute. monthly wal great irish name. ready for the parade day 2016. >> so many cute pictures are coming in but also send us any traffic. it's starting to become quiet. -- center city traffic is sta
7:38 am
starting to become quiet. that's a good thing. >> bob kelly said that was going to happen. nobody on the bridge. because the time changed. did you spring forward? let us because the time changed. did you spring forward? let us know.w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
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♪ welcome back. now discussions over the proposed septa king of prussia rail expansion will continue this week.
7:41 am
>> finally get a train that goes out on the king of prussia area. they'll talk about it on tuesday evening at the valley forge double tree hotel. septa will make a presentation with their side, why they think it's a great idea to finally get the trains people can get back and forth and answer people's questions to expand that norristown high speed line into king of prussia. septa says the expansion will help a lot of businesses and improve travel they're clearly are critics. many people who live near that rail line that is proposed. they think they can lose their homes and they're against this very strongly. they'll be holding their own meet to go discuss the repercussions of that expansion. that will happen tomorrow at the upper merion township building. also tomorrow evening, nasa space shuttle and military combat pilot mark kelly and his wife former arizona congresswoman gabbie giffords speaking as part of the rider university philadelphia speakers series that takes place at the kimmel center. of course you remember giffords was the target of assassination attempt and nearly died after being shot in the head several years ago.
7:42 am
captain kelly and congresswoman giffords will share their story of hope and resilience as they overcame near tragedy. >> ♪ teenaged waste land bob o'reilly get your tickets this could be the last time that fans of the legendary rock band will see them perform in philadelph philadelphia. i think i saw them in the '80s. >> coming back. >> it could be the last last time. it's going to be monday tomorrow night at the wells fargo center hosting the who hits 50 tour. they've sold more than a million records. this is their final tour date in the city of brotherly love. i'm not going to cry. hey, morning. >> good morning everybody. i'm here at the west catholic sorority ladies and we'll have some irish soda bread when we come right back. >> whoo!
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ it is 7:45 right now. you are sharing your irish. thank you so much michael for sending this one. happy early st. patrick's day to all of our friends at fox 29. >> the music play as we celebrate. here's amy's little irish man. i could wear that on the show.
7:46 am
>> i don't think i've ever seen a pizza in the shape of a shamrock. >> we'd like to see one up clo close. >> a pizza in our mouth. the delicious spinach much it's healthy. >> like a salad. >> here's a question for you. which state do you think has the most hate? the most hate rhetoric and hate filled? i would guess -- i'm not even going to answer that. i started saying -- >> get myself in trouble. nod yes, karen. >> i'm going to tell you this is very interesting one of them is from our area. a housing website called a body dough put together a list most hateful states in the entire country. the study analyzed tweets to figure out where the most overall derogatory language came from and it is delaware. >> they weren't number one but they were number five on the list. which is shocking. the reason why for everyone hundred thousand tweets that came from people in delaware, over 800 had some sort of
7:47 am
derogatory or prejudice slur which put it number five on the list. you can kind of see the list there. those slurs were towards african-americans, hispanic members of the lgbt communities, people with disabilities and people overweight. >> look at the rest of the list as well. right next to delaware maryland then texas, nevada and louisiana was number one with the most nastiness and name calling and all of that. >> glad i didn't say but some of the ones i expected to be higher on the list were higher on the list. that's really surprising that delaware would be that high. i have no explanation for it. >> we got to try to be nicer to each other. dave, weatherman! >> you forecaster. >> pretty high if we missed the snowstorm. ours would be on the top of the list directed towards the weatherman. i know that for a fact. i hope it's a great forecast for you today. we're staying the rain will stay to our south. here's our weather scale it tells us about what part of the weekend will be the best here. still pretty good today.
7:48 am
awful by tomorrow morning. that's because the parade looks good for the start. we have rain developing, rain and wind tomorrow morning. gets a little better by tomorrow evening. here's the rain right now. exactly where we expect it to be and just does not have that necessary push to get it up to the philadelphia area. that is where it will stay. be pretty much to our south today. a lot of rain to deal with and it slowly begin to work into the area. here the timing. right along that front is where the focus of the rain is this morning. look how it just fills in here. stop it right at 2:00 o'clock. it's getting pretty close. but about the time the parade is winding down 3:00 or 4:00 o'clock it will eventually make it into the area by four or 5:00 o'clock. but fall apart as it moves in. there will be some rain coming through later today and then again tomorrow morning. heavy rain for the rush hour. and that's what you have to wake up to tomorrow morning. it will start to clear out by tomorrow evening. karen? there's more than just a parade today, baseball day.
7:49 am
>> yes, we have a lot of people going doing baseball tryouts and evaluations. >> you're doing that aren't you? >> i'm in the parade. it's my son's parade. baseball evaluation and dinner. >> nice. >> rain pretty important for that. we have that question that came in from power stocks. berwyn pain oley are getting started today. it goes after 1:00 o'clock all the way until 7:00 o'clock. rain coming into the western suburbs first. look for rain after 2:00. we say three or 4:00 o'clock here in the city western suburb it will start a little sooner. also on monday look at this win. the wind gusting pretty high here. 30, 40 miles an hour. that can cause problems along the coast. it will also keep our temperature only into the 40s pretty much all day monday. so does not look like a very pretty day on monday. shores showers today, rain and wind monday, 46 degrees. chance of a shower tuesday. wednesday there it is 75 degrees nice day there. but it gets cooler as we get closer to the start of spring our temperatures are dropping.
7:50 am
we might even see a snow flurry or two saturday, spring begins there sunday. >> flip the switch here. doesn't work like that. here's bob. good morning everybody. are you ready fort st. patrick's day parade? you can't have sane patrick's day parade without irish soda bread. i'm here in delaware county with the west catholic sorority girls who have been making soda bread for over 60 years, right, bern bernie? that's right. >> bernie here with around the table. >> first of all, the ladies get together once a month. >> yes. >> okay. and how important is this soda bread in your family little bit of a tradition? >> we make it for everything. every occasion. happy and sad. >> okay. >> and my mother always mater it. this is her recipe. and every sorority have to make it. >> okay. >> and it's pretty good. >> now you're also passing along the recipe the secret recipe i may add to children and grandchildren in the background.
7:51 am
>> yes. >> how many children and grandchildren do you have. >> we have seven children and 23 grandchildren. >> whoo! they're all here. okay. now the west catholic sore rot girls you've been getting together foreclose to 60 years once a month. what part of ireland. >> don 93-gallon. >> don 93-gallon. >> west philly. >> west philly in the house. >> there you go. >> from all the west catholic sorority ladies we're going to have, arc few manhattans and irish coffee this morning. i'm getting warmed up for the parade. we'll have soda bread and hopefully we're going to be able to quiz the grandkids on the secret irish soda recipe. from all of us here in delco to all of you at home, happy st. patrick's day! >> they're excited and we're excited. i got my irish soda bread my neighbor bring it up. it's hand out to everybody. are you excited? we want to hear from you and see your
7:52 am
pictures. use the #fox29irish and tell us how you're getting ready. what you're doing. your kids, your pets, your dogs, we love them. >> karen's wish, there it is. she will see sends in the picture. the whole family ready to go st. patrick's day colors going ready for the parade. >> my goodness cutest little irish potato quinn. that's adorable. that's my son's birthday too. >> thank so much for your pictures and keep sharing. >> you can watch the st. patrick's day parade live right here on fox 29 all of us will be out there marching. it's starting today at noon and of course we will reair it on actual st. patrick's day which is march 17th. ♪ >> karen, a question they're asking all over the internet? where is richard simmons. >> i found this shocking because no one has seen him in couple of years. has he be kidnapped? could witchcraft be involved? people are talking about it. it's kind of twisted. a whole mystery that has his friends and loved ones very concerned. local boys want to get back
7:53 am
to the business of play. after devastating storm, progress is being made but they still have some hurdles to cross and they need your help. we'll explain the all to you. just keep watching. ♪ (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary strictions. treatment with xarelto®. ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. ♪ the weather is getting warmer an lot of us we have kids that are playing. we like to watch.
7:56 am
thinking about baseball. >> it's that time. but it was actually the eagles a comment about the eagles that had one fox 29 viewer ready to knock the king. so, joe, what's the problem? >> ♪ >> hey howard i heard what you had to say about key company alonso byron mack well and demarco murray calling them all stiffs. >> this is a trade a lot of eagles fans have been calling for. let's get right over to howard eskin with the trade in the works. >> he can't play. how is that? i'm almost as fast as he is. so stiffs gone from the eagles. >> i disagree. i think they were just given a raw deals specially in the year the eagles were not we're used to seeing eagles team play like last season. it was a mess the entire year from the beginning. so i completely disagree with you calling them stiffs. they're not stiffs. >> that's good, joe. one of the reasons they may have been bad is because of those players. let's start with byron maxwell because that's easy.
7:57 am
you cedar rin fels drag him 18 yards down the field after the reception. the guy didn't want to tackle. didn't want to cover. and he bailed out on him on one of the most important games if not the most important second to the last game of the season against washington. oh, my shoulder hurts eubaldo out on his teammates. they remember all hurt of the let's get to demarco murray did you ever watch that routine when he went like this on the field. no, you're not going in yet. that's because he wasn't the best running back on the team. he was too slow, not good enough and he was a mope per. stiffs. gone. good. see ya later. goodbye. all right, joe, take that. think you have to what it takes to knock the king, shoot your video up load it to us and i'll talk to you next week. ♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
kind of a challenge to get our kids to eat health physical. how we can sneak in some good nutrition into their meals and maybe make all of ourselves a little bit more healthy. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. the countdown is on four hours until the start of the st. patrick's day parade. fox 29 of course your proud host of the event set sup underway here. ♪ >> from fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ all right. should i rock it for the second hour? we didn't do it for the first hour i got to start every hour showing the support for st. patrick's day parade. rocking my tie. i can do this, a good look. >> i think it's a good look. we've been loving your pictures. keep sending them in. they're so much fun use the #fox29irish, and my favorite man of the hour dave. >> we're talking about the rain. >> you kept the rain away for the parade. >> saved the day for the parade. most of the par ray. that last float could get little
8:01 am
bit of rain coming in for the most par it looks bad but the hey radar is looking pretty good as far as philadelphia area go goes. mount pocono warm start up there. temperatures in the fours. snow on the ground. but -- >> dave? >> do you know it's the last day for a lot of resorts. it is the last day for the. >> too warm here. get up enjoy that if you're up there today. do spring skiing that was always a fun thing to do growing up here. the radar showing that it's all green today. no question it will be rain. the thing is where and where one. right now it's staying to the south of philadelphia. you can see this clear line here. any type of rain that moves into this area, falls apart as it gets closer to physical. so little bit of green on the radar. of course, everybody is wearing green today right, sue? >> so wendy has her outfit. she's headed for weeks and now the day is finally here. st. patrick's day parade could she be any cuter buckles on her
8:02 am
shoes and everything. we've got a pot of goal at the end of the rainbow, and the parade starting at noon going until 3:00 p.m. we step off at 16th and jfk and you can meet up with us anywhere along the route because we will have a fox 29 contingent in the parade performances right in front of the art museum and if you can't make it, make sure you watch it right here on fox 29. >> noon to 3:00 that's the key time today. because all of this will start to work its way north between about noon and 3:00 p.m. timing this with the computer forecast this will show us each hour what to expect. cloudy an little cool by 10:00 o'clock. 11, 12:00 o'clock here we go it starts to work its way into the western counties. then between two and 3:00 o'clock it could be coming into the philadelphia area. it does fall apart as it moves north. it will eventually break up completely by about seven or 8:00 o'clock. we're not quite done with all the rain yet but cannot say it will be completely dry for the entire parade or much of the day today. there will be some showers moving in.
8:03 am
no question it will be a little cooler. these temperatures are barely climbing above 50 degrees but look at this last headline heavy rain tonight. we're not done with all that rain it gets heavy and be here by the rush hour tomorrow morning. look at that and have the latest timing with the complete seven day forecast that's coming up. karen. >> thanks, dave. as we've been discussing we're so excited because it is parade day. >> our parade will be kicking off four hours from now we'll say. >> not too long. everyone here we're all excited. you've seen the green. you've seen the pictures. we're part of this annual tradition. jennifer joyce she's getting it started. she's moved to center city where parade organizers and participants are up and at them. jenny, you're there. is the excitement getting started? >> reporter: the scheme has started with this girl right here. as dave warren said there is going to be a little bit of rain but that certainly can't damper our shine we have this parade kicking off at noon at 16th and jfk.
8:04 am
we are early but already you can see police lined you are here. also there are barriers across the street as we are expecting thousands of people to line the streets for the parade today. year after year, there are bagpipes and dancers and of course lots of green. the theme for this year's parade is saint patrick let the heroes of the 1916 easter rising on easter 100 years ago men and women took up arms against the british in dublin the rebellion lasted sick days and failed but ultimately spark irish independence. the director says there will be rebel songs, dances and floats to celebrate the evolution of the irish cause and a constant safe. prior to the parade there's a commemorative catholic mass at sane patrick's church at 20th and locust streets meant to celebrate the ethnic background of the irish but the religious background too. then again at 12 the parade kicks off right here at 16th and jfk and shoots up the parkway.
8:05 am
mike jerrick, bob kell, kathy orr will be hosting the parade. many of us will be there marching as well. and the grand marshal ball doris karen you met paul earlier this week, right, he's going to be the grand marshal. he came to philadelphia 40 years ago for gaelic football, and he left his mark. so he'll be really interesting to see here today. >> he's a lot of fun. he came here right around the time of the pour raid 40 years ago. isn't this a great city? how amazing is this? a lot of excitement. >> how perfect. >> thank you, jenny. >> sounds g the excitement continues don't forget to send us your pictures as you get ready for the parade. pictures like this. from shamus who apparently got her -- her parents got married on st. patrick's day. >> we know somebody that got engaged and i believe married mary vaughn on saint pate tricks day. share your celebrations michael is ready for st. patrick's day as well. >> awesome t-shirt going on. and look at this. little cane riley, cane riley fisher ready for the parade.
8:06 am
got the stripes going. a lot of good looks coming in. if you want to continue to send them use the #fox29irish. obviously we do have the parade. we'll be covering it. you can see it from 12 to 3:00 right here on fox 29. the host kathy orr, bob kelly they've done it time and time again but our rookie is mike jerrick all hosting the parade at noon. then most of the rest of the fox 29 family will be out there marching. come see us and say hi and we made t-shirts. >> i did make t-shirts and we'll be walking and marching and handing them to people along the parade route. >> holding them um get out your money to throw to everybody. >> it's just about 80:00 sick. let's take look at some of today's top stories. new castle county police say a 72-year-old man is missing. relatives of louis johnson say he was last scene around 6:30 yesterday morning. leaving his home at the will ton club apartment complex. they say he was possibly headed toward the bus stop to go to camden which is his hometown. police say that he was last seen
8:07 am
wearing a gray or green jacket. if you have any information, please call the police. plus, police are looking for the person who stabbed a man to death earlier this morning in rittenhouse square. it has been our breaking news. we're staying on it. police say it was around 3:00 a.m. 24-year-old man was stabbed in the chest right outside of a luxury apartment building at 19th and rittenhouse. police say the man was out with few friends celebrating st. patrick's day. police are still investigating. so far no arrests have been ma made. teenaged girl was also tragically killed overnight. police say she was caught in the crossfire. it happened just before -- happened early in the morning in the 400 block of north salford street. 18-year-old was innocent just bystander she happened to be walk wig group of teens when another group of teenagers opened fire. she was hit by bullet. so far no word on any arrests. a public viewing is going to be held just hours from now for
8:08 am
the new jersey state trooper sean cullen. 31-year-old trooper was kill in the line of duty on monday evening. he was oh scene of an accident when a passing car struck him on inter state 295. it all happened in west deptfo deptford. trooper cullen later died at the hospital. today's viewing will be hell at saint charles borromeo church on branch pike in cinnaminson. it will begin at 2:00 o'clock. his funeral will take place tomorrow morning. car crash noose a convenience store on north broad street. police say at around 10:00 last night. the car slammed into this 7eleven on the 2,000 block of north broad street causing some significant damage to the building. one employee and a customer were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police are still investigating that case. crews are also investigating what caused an overnight fire you can see it right there putting water on it gloucester county. one firefighter did need to go to the hospital. you can see it was ripping for a time right there. the call kim in after 11:00 o'clock. the scene the 500 block of kings
8:09 am
highway. three people were inside when this fire broke out. but the good news is, they did manage to get out quickly and safely. however there were two pets inside two dogs and they did die. again, one of the firefighters was injured taken over to the hospital but we are expecting a full recovery. volunteers in holmesburg working hard to get local youth club back in act after it was devastated by a powerful storm that damaged the roof's buildi building. last month at the holmesburg boys club a huge part of the roof came crashing down after the storm. causing water to quickly collect inside the you'll recreation center. 25 volunteers from local 30 roofers union stepped up there you see them doing the work. they donated $60,000. >> wow! >> in labor and materials just to help out. the boys club president was impressed. >> what these guys are doing today with their free time is unbelievable. like i said, it's a place for
8:10 am
kids. >> feels good to help the neighbor out. when they needed it. i understand it's all donations this whole project here, so they didn't have any money and it's good. >> really nice to see those guys step up. now the spring had to be canceled because of the damage to the hockey ring. they have a gofundme page to help witness expenses. all right. what time does your clock say right now. >> 8:10 that is the time. did you spring forward? well, the first few days of daylight saving time can affect your body. negatively. doctors in fact say most people simply feel a little extra sleepy come monday morning but there could be serious risks that people should consider. investigators say that more people have heart attacks in the morning those who have pre-existing heart conditions could be at a higher risk for having an tack. >> so when you further stress them by the alarm going you have earlier and in time with their
8:11 am
court cortisol surge they're more likely to have heart tax a. five and 10% increase in heart attacks in the several days after the daylight saving time. >> all right. i'm going to call out sick tomorrow. take it easy. all right. i'm off tomorrow. doctors suggest use sunlight to your advantage pull back the curtains and get lots of sunshine when you first wake up in the morning it makes you feel more alert during the day and then sleepy eighty three come nighttime. >> i don't usually get up 4:00 o'clock in the morning. >> you know how hard it can be to get your kids, your teenagers really even adults to eat healthy foods. >> so if you've got a picky eater in your household we've got some ways you can sneak good nutrition into their diets. maybe they won't even realize it. we'll create healthy habits that will help the entire familiarly. >> music you're hearing in the back ground remember the scene heart throb one direction, who can forget them. one former member is making headlines for what he did to his
8:12 am
face. >> what did he put on his face. >> you'll have to see this. we'll explain and show you coming up. >> a little luck of the irish right there. 11-year-old rescued blab bear getting his irish on. >> everyone joins in on the celebration. happy st. patrick's day the kids enjoying it. thank you ed for the picture. >> of course, that will be the theme of the big parade in just four hours. we'll see a whole lot more green coming down the parkway. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ we are dancing in the stud studio. everybody is fired up. i feel like a big kid because of what's coming up now. karen, we're about to have some fun. >> i'm really hungry. how can i get food in the studio? i know. march is national nutrition month. so let's try and make our kids eat healthier. we decided we need to get an expert to get our kids to eat something with more than just ketchup on it joining us this morning we brought in the doctor. janet brill joining us. good morning thanks for coming. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> first, how do we get our kids to eat better? where do we start? >> first off cook at home. number one. we want to cook at home so we're in charge of what we're putting in our feeding oracy. he he we want to teach them good new trig and teachable moments in the kitchen much gets the
8:16 am
kids to help and cook really easy healthy fast food that's good for the heart because heart disease at the number one killer of americans and we want our kids to be heart healthy from day one. so we can give kids, for example, kids love to dip. >> yeah. >> baked fish sticks. so you're getting the fish, you're getting baked so month more frying and then low fat tartar sauce. here's a whole grain -- >> that's really hard sell in my house. bake fish sticks. so give me some other ideas. this one over here is adorable. i like the presentation. i think it's extra points. >> kids love to have fun. remember, it's okay for kids to play with food. so this is a whole grain panca pancake. made with fat free milk. okay. i made little blueberry eyes and a face and then you can make it fun. make it like a little tea service. >> they can dip and learn to eat the sugar very sparingly. so that's -- that would be
8:17 am
breakfast. these are super simple to make. they're whole grain mini notice the size because kids like little things that are cute and fun much these are mini pita breads you throw tomato sauce on and some cheese. put it in the broiler toaster oven you're good to go. you want to have fruit available everywhere you want your kids to snack healthy that means get the junk food out of the house. >> i think that's the secret. you can't bring it in the house. if it's not in the house they're not going to eat it. >> not in the house. >> correct. >> i get it. i like the thing about having the kids help you make it. i had my baby baby chronic eater of all things sugar, bread, white stuff. that he will help me make the salad. >> wonderful. because again teachable moment. when you you can get your kids involved with nutrition and cooking they're much more likely to eat it. you also as i said before want to make it fun. >> yes. >> you want to make it the size that kids like. so small, thing they can pick up and play with. cute little orange. i mean, kids love that. they play with it.
8:18 am
the string cheese you can see here you can peel it. it's like -- they love doing stuff like that. let them play with food. >> you made night a face. a big sell if you go to the ihop they have the pancakes in the shape of a face you put your little cheese sticks out there and eyes and little faces with our heart boiled eggs. >> remember kids love to dip. so give them dips. if that's what it takes, slow fat ranch that's what it takes to get your kids to eat, good. >> you just called me a dip. wonderful tips. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> maybe we can get our kids to eat little bit more health physical. dave, did you hear that. were you taking notes? >> the problem my kids play with the food they play catch. so that doesn't work too well. >> maybe some will debt in their mouth. >> i'll work on that. try. most of it goes on the floor. it's okay. good tips there. we're watching up with rain here. we want to watch exactly it's segment up. right now it looks to be as expected south and west of philadelphia. few showers trying to work
8:19 am
through berks county not reaching the ground. that line developing that's about where it will stay for much of the morning and even part of the afternoon. a lot of rain to deal with. this is pretty inn testimony dating to look at given we have the parade today. a lot outdoor activities looks like it holds off until at least the afternoon. we can track this and time it. here it is cloudy. pretty much cloudy everywhere. looks like rain any minute but that's not the case. that line does develop and starts to move a little closer to philadelphia by 2:00 or 3:00 o'clock. so maybe towards the end of the parade that we have today a few showers could be working their way in from the west that. will move through and fall apa apart. we'll get a little break tonig tonight. look what we have tomorrow morning. all that rain i showed you on the radar it's here and coming down very heavy at times in the morning. monday. so maybe some minor flooding is possible. it will be windy and much colder throughout the day monday with temperatures only into the 40s. live view shows the clouds out there. 53 degrees now it's about where the temperature will stay. it will feel cooler with that one. that wind picks up about 6 miles
8:20 am
an hour right now. humidity is at 66%. and the temperatures across the area 40 and 50's will struggle to make it into the upper 50s here this afternoon. 59 degrees there along 95 with some rain developing late. cloudy skies north and west. showers to the south. temperature of 55 degrees. cooler and that rain it's in the seven day forecast. i'll take you through the week coming up little bit later. bill and karen. >> sounds good. thank you very much, dave. i came so close to coming over and eating the face pancake you had over that in the last segment. >> we'll be doing it when we go to break. >> let's do that. this is kind of nuts. but we need your opinion on this. a very popular star gets a huge tattoo on his face. >> it's not just he got a tattoo on his face it's also what it says it says mom. would you get a tattoo that said mom on your face? if you're a woman would you want to be involved? can you believe it? seriously. >> that's absurd. here's what the boy band one direct posted this picture on instagram and fans went crazy.
8:21 am
why your beautiful face, why, zip what they said. don't ruin it. one fan tweeted. >> i think he'll have total tattoo regret. maybe it seem like good at the time but there is but thing here. maybe it's not permanent. we'll fine out. but mom m-o-m because that's the name of his album mind of mind. maybe it's not he was just saying mom. we'll figure out if it's real or not. it could go from being really sad and borderline pathetic if it's real to an outstanding marking campaign if it's fake. we're all right talking about it and i certainly wasn't interested in his record -- i wasn't interested in his cd before this. we want your opinion on think. the big question would you get a tattoo on your face? do you have a tattoo on your face? if do you, send us a picture please but also vote on this one. do you care it on our facebook page or it's even easier on twitter. vote fox 29 yes if you would get a tattoo or fox 29 no.
8:22 am
hey, sue. could social immediate be corrupting your morals? well scientists think so some of them any way. why one group of researchers said you may want to stop scrolling quickly through your facebook and instagram feeds. >> and there's a celebration coming up. we also want to know how you're getting ready for saint patrick day. so send us your pictures use our #fox29irish. keep them coming. we've been getting great pictures all morning. >> sounds good.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ can you imagine having a friend who is that musically talented every time you had a disagreement you ended up in a song? >> she just grew up in the reading area. so maybe some of her friends there sink songs about her. one of her good friends wedding not too long ago. a bridesmaid. beautiful. >> one person she didn't argue with. no song about her. many of us are grude to social media all throughout the show karen and i both have our phones. we use it for our jobs like so many people do. all right. but apparently this is hurting us. i tell my bosses. this is creating a problem in ways did you not consider. here's sue serio.
8:26 am
>> ♪ >> this week's study is among the silliest we've seen recentlily. would you believe that your social media habit could be corrupting your morals? new research at the journal personality and individual differences suggests that all of times you quickly through your facebook feed or scroll through pictures on your instagram you may be harming your sense of morality. a researcher from the university of windsor in canada who did the study says, those of us who may look at twitter or facebook or inn at a is it a gram for less than 10 minutes may be the most at risk. after the brief time of those social sights users say they were less row fleck tiff of the actual world and live around them outside of social media and were less likely to set themselves goals that weren't morally shallow. it should be noted that the researcher surveyed 149 college
8:27 am
students. that may have had something to do with the live goals that weren't exactly set in solid morals. so whether your time on twitter or facebook really says anything about your character remains to be seen. so that makes this study actually really silly. so that makes this study actually really silly. ♪ after trying brookside crunchy clusters, so that makes this study actually really silly. ♪ @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
8:28 am
8:29 am
start with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. ♪ taking a look at your top stories right now much in the headlines police a captain
8:30 am
recovering a suspect dead following shoot out that happened in chester. investigators say captain alan davis was shot in the arm and the back after he and other officers tried to pull over a suspected stolen car right near parker and union streets yesterday afternoon. police say three people in that car did not cooperate during the stop and shot at the police instead. captain davis is expected to be okay. and philadelphia city's animal shelter is in crisis mode all the kennels are full. the last time this shelter was so overcrowded the philly animal care and control team had to put down 22 dogs. oh goodness let's try to save them. that was in november of last year. acct philly is open today from 10:00 until 5:00 if you've been considering a dog or would like to give them forever home you want to visit there. >> and remember him, jumping around doing cal lessen 96 and getting us in shape.
8:31 am
we haven't seen in at least two years. now his friends are very very concerned. they think he's being held against his will makely kidnapped in his own home by his housekeeper. rumors his disappearance have been circumstance laying for more than a year. she has control over him. a representative for simmons said the gossip is falls and the star is doing fine. hey, dave. >> good morning. the clouds kept the temperatures from dropping too much here. only into the 40s and 50s now it will keep it from warming up too much today. so we're talking about the rain but one thing to notice here it will be pretty much cool everywhere with a light breeze only into the mid 50s. now the rain. it's all across this area. we're watching it closely because there's a sharp line that takes it right through our area but just to the south and west of philadelphia. this rain didn't quite reach the ground. this will continue to fill in over the next few hours but it will not spread normal. here it is the computer forecast looking at picking up about noon.
8:32 am
it's still from harrisburg, baltimore through dover and southwest of physical. slowly begins to work its way north between about two and 3:00 o'clock. it's in western suburbs. may be working its way into the philadelphia area after 3:00 showers coming down as it begins to break up. so it looks like primarily coming through this afternoon and this is not the only rain we're talking about. it's in the 50 right now the wind picking up a little bit a little cool and damp. relative humidity at 66%. more rain coming in tonight and this will be heavy. seven day forecast show you how long that will stick around for. that's coming up little bit later. bill. >> thank you, dave. all right. let's talk some sports. in sports this morning, it was a heart stopping game the big east championship on the line at madison square garden last night. it didn't turn out so well. sean from philly is here this morning. let's break down as approach march madness. >> villanova loses a tough game. >> the madness is upon this much this is great.
8:33 am
i don't know if you caught the uconn game. we'll get to that in second. villanova going down again. a tremendous season. you got to look at it for last three years make no bones about it jay wright is not going anywhere. he's got amazing program. that's not what i'm saying. it seems like, you know, they have a great season and then all of a sudden when it comes to march madness they come up shore. >> can't win the big one. >> we're looking at highlights of it. they balanced back. >> yeah. >> they were down early right right down it to it was heartbreaker. does that heartbreaker cost them a number one seed. >> i believe it does. i believe it does. cbs sports areasing and fox sports as well came out said they were a lock the one seed. it will be an interesting to see how tow break it down. because seton hall, i don't think they were ranked to tell you the truth. if you look at it the other one the team number one seed you got north carolina, you got kansas. they're locks. michigan state will probably number one seed and i believe virginia one the other number one seed. >> a little bit of inside basketball let's make it more broad. villanova is in one local team.
8:34 am
temple. >> temple. tough one. they got snubbed last year i don't think they'll get snub again this year. i think they deserve to be in the tournament this year. i thought as so last year. but another tough loss. uconn just came out november where. if you remember saturday or excuse me on troy date night they had 75-foot buzzer beater to go to quadruple overtime because of that they roll hot into last night's game. tough loss by temple but i still believe they get into the tournament. >> t for temple u. another team we're still kind of following and pushing along they beat my alma mater gu st. joe's still in it. >> say jeez looks really good right now. they got a game at 12:30a10 championship against vcu. win or lose they're in the tournament. but i'm telling you, that performance they put and last night or yesterday in if they're able to beat vcu this is a team do you not face right off the jump when it comes to tourney. >> you know that. >> you know what this means to most of the people who may not all the specific of hoops, march
8:35 am
madness is coming. meet up with your friends, go grab a beer at lunch, that's kind of the fun of it, right? all day watching basketball. >> kicks off on thursday and hey, how about this? the reason it's happening here in philadelphia. one of the teams that will be headeheaded to the final four tg place at the wells fargo center at the end of march. march madness is here. that's for sure. >> quick shout out. >> shout on the on the philadelphia union with a huge victory that's right. biggest upset in franchise history took place yesterday. they were a under if i hundred. they come away with a victory. home opener next sunday up at found town energy stadium. >> thank you sir. >> appreciate you. >> absolutely. >> we'll be right back.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ you'll hear a lot of rebel songs today. >> i know that. you know why. >> he can treatmently talented reporter and anchor that i work with did an mazing story on th that. >> that's how i know. learn something every day sitting next to you. >> i want to show you this very i meg al video. it's neat. first of all this woman asked
8:39 am
the man who raced her to adopt her. >> sit down. >> okay. all right. i just want you to know you're the most mazing man i've ever met. wow, that's amazing. >> it's a petition for adoption. >> wow! >> he's crying. explain who she is and what happened. >> the girl in the video is misty nicole night from illinois she made her dad to be ryan farrell read a letter and open a series of gifts until he got finally to those papers. ryan raised missy after her mom married him but the couple later separated and they maintained that relationship. so a really touching moment.
8:40 am
she stepped up and was like, would you adopt me? that's amazing. >> you're tearing up. >> because her parents -- the not always biology it's the people that raise you. >> i agree with that. i'm aware. my little sister actually is topped. and we used to have discussions with her all the time beautiful they know about that is that we got to choose you and welcome knew our life. always love is there. i understand the importance of that. that's a good story. >> karen is going to cry. >> all right. so we like music and family and all that kind of thing much that's why we like sane patrick's day. it's a family celebration and we love music as well. oh, no, now i'm afraid. bob kelly, oh, no. you have to go there. those two knuckle heads we love them, you know them, oh, gosh. he's giving eight go. you got to give bob credit he's up for anything. he'll give eight try. go with it. of course, mike, somewhere in there. mike jerrick encouraged this.
8:41 am
the pipes are calling. let's see your pictures right now. this adorable picture of the dog wearing the cutest little leprechaun right there. aladdin nation. watching from ireland. look at this. brother and boys from belfast they're watching us online. >> i think they have some people that marching in the parade as well. it's so exciting. welcome ire land. thank you for watching. we'll be right back. ♪
8:42 am
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♪ we actually been seeing people getting ready for the parade. they've been coming down. some people wearing the green. >> i got distracted for minute. i had the music on and getting my off screen. >> getting jigging with it. >> little jig there. way to go, bill. >> taking a look at the green on the radar. also showing the scale we show you every weekend. show you the best part of the weekend. fortunately, over the next two days, that could be right at noon the start of the parade. downhill from there with showers and bottom out the awful part of the scale for tomorrow morning with that rain and wind. but the big parade is today. of course, people are wondering
8:45 am
what the weather will be like. here's one question from andrew. >> good morning everyone on fox 29 good day weekend st. patty's day right here on fox 29 so excited i'm in a pot of gold. here's a weather question. dave, you know what they say a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. will we see any rainbows today? >> got rainbow with lot of rain andrew and we have do have some rain. it may not get the sunshine you need for that rainbow. let's focus on the rain right now. first of all, it's starting to fill in a bit as expected in the western suburbs and to the south much that is where it will stay. look at this loop over the past two hours. and that rain is not quite reaching the ground in allentown but raining in sussex county. that will be staying to the south and slowly trying to work its way in. large system developing here to our south that front that is the focus for the rain. well to the south right now and really not making much progress
8:46 am
north. but that rain will develop along it. here it is by 2:00 o'clock. between noon and 2:00 it slowly works its way into the we shall suburbs through new castle county and close to physical. two, 3:00 o'clock showers move through the city. then falling apart as it work its way into north jersey more heavy rain though comes in overnight tonight and tomorrow. that's the rush hour tomorrow morning. rain heavy at times with some flooding. the wind will continue to gust, too and the temperatures only be into the 40s. it will be clearing out, though, here by the end of -- by the late part of monday and tuesday. that's where we see the little break. chance of a shower on tuesday. but look at the temperatures monday. only 46 degrees. wind gusting, a coastal flooding issue the wind coming out of the northeast. one nice day 75. that's on wednesday. thursday gets a little cooler with a shower. windy and colder on friday. saturday a snow flurry. maybe a snow shower coming down. with a temperature of only 52 degrees. the gusty wind. thank you dave. let's get to political coverage
8:47 am
right now there's something happening every single day in this election cycle. the road to the white house bumpy and become increasingly violent. >> this election season is going down in history and not necessarily for the right reasons. fox ed henry has more from cleveland. >> reporter: the road to the white house has started to look more like a professional wrestling match than a presidential battle. friday night's matchup between trump supporters and trauma many opponents was called off. because of a forecast for more violence. then on saturday morning, that prediction nearly came true a protester tried to rush donald trump podium in ohio. hour later in kansas city, trump was unapologetic. >> get him out of here. get him out. get him out! i think their bernie supporter. >> senator ted cruz is laying the blame for the outbreak of violence at the seat of camp. >> we have protesters but unlike
8:48 am
donald trump i don't have people in the audience that punch them in the face. >> florida senator marco rubio trailing in the polls was asked about his pledge to support the eventual republican nominee for president. even if it's trump. >> the fact that you're even asking me that question, um, i still at this moment continue to intend to support the republican nominee but it's getting harder every day. >> reporter: meanwhile democratic front runner hillary clinton started one of her campaign rallies by taking aim directly at trump. >> the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong, but dangerous. if you play with matches, you can start a fire you can't control. that is not leadership. that is political arson. >> reporter: the next big contest for both parties are on tuesday including the battleground right here in ohio where clinton is trying to fight off a tough challenge from bernie sanders. he's looking to build on momentum here in the midwest
8:49 am
after that big victory in michigan. meanwhile on the republican side trump is trying to fight off two native sons. ohio's john kasich as well as marco rubio in florida. in cleveland, ed henry, fox news. every saturday night snl does they're own take the big endorsement this week with ben carson. >> yes. >> here's their version. >> well, my point is, i have learned there are two donald trumps. there's the man you see every night on stage for eight months. the guy who calls people losers and brags bound his his penis but the family man i had breakfast with earlier today for 10 minutes. he gave me a muffin. (laughter). >> okay much that's enough for now. let's get this guy a juice box and a nap. >> boost beagoodbye, america, in weird. >> my favorite line the song with paul mccartney ebony and
8:50 am
ivory. they call it ebony and/or ran gee. >> this is very funny but people are trying to be president. that's the part that scares me. this would be hilarious if it was just an snl exit. we're actually running for president. >> snl always makes fun of the presidential candidates. that will continue. let's see what chris wallace's take is coming up on his show. >> this week on fox news sunday, growing violence at trump rallies. a mid accusations the front runner's rhetoric play as roll. we'll sit down with donald trump to discuss the violence and what he'll do to try to stop it. and we'll ask our sunday panel if the protests were affect the republican race. then the gop campaign reaches a turning point. primaries turn within are in take all. we'll talk with ohio governor john kasich as he tries to stay alive in this campaign. and our power player of the week, this week on fox news sunday.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ music says it in that just a couple of hours the parade will prove it. a beautiful day. we're all going to be there. >> good morning to you.
8:54 am
allentown. so excited obviously about the parade. but we have to get ready and one thing that we'll hear a lot of sort of is the sound of the parade. the bagpipes. now, we do apologize in advance. >> we did let our own bob kelly give it a shot. here's mike jerrick. >> reporter: i am in south philly at the second street irish society. ♪ >> reporter: i've come here to meet a man by the name of john anderson. john, are you here? there he is right there. hi, john. good to see you we're here to learn how month play the bagpipes. those are called drones. >> that's correct. you've been doing your homework. >> thank you very much. >> i'm ready and so is our first contestant on the bagpipe show. bob kelly. >> put the bag right under your arm and squeeze that. >> what's the bag made of. goretex.
8:55 am
>> it used to be a goat tummy. yes indeed. >> squeeze your goat tummy. >> blow in there. squeeze that hard. keep blowing. there you go. little bit harder. got some sound there. might want to hold him up. >> he's got the air going through his drones there. >> yes, sir. >> how do you make the different sounds there. >> down here on the chant cover all these holes just like this. >> all right. now, below, squeeze, you hear the chant come in. a little harder. there you go. >> you got it. >> whoo! >> all right. >> don't blow vessel. >> he's in pants. >> he can't play these in pants. you will sound better if you look better.
8:56 am
>> ♪ >> yes. >> you already sound better. >> john, tell me where did the kilt come from? >> back in the high lands of scotland they used to wear kilts just for freedom of movement, especially if they were, you know, in battle or something. there was no restrictions this here the spore ran is actually like a highland cup. put it behind them to protect themselves in battle. >> we'll see you out on the parkway. ♪ >> his bladder is going to pop. there he goes. >> going to be so much fun. you won't hear that. i promise. wonderful bagpipes playing. you can catch all the act right her on fox 29. >> it's happening today at noon. kathy orr, mike jerrick and of course bob kelly they're the hosts and we'll be out there. you're bringing the kids. >> the kids coming down.
8:57 am
got them all. >> my kids are coming down there as well. let's take a look at some of your pictures you've been zenning in. we really appreciate. this one from eileen. ready for the parade. >> and more pictures. we've got for you. this one -- aww. happy birthday. it's your son's birthday. >> my son quinn sullivan. i decided to throw a big parade for him. >> that's a mom that's got power right there. that's good stuff. >> happy birthday quinn. so excited. we'll have fun. >> you finally put it on. >> i put it on it's stylish a little bit conservative and expressing st. patrick's day parade. #fox29irish. >> hash tag pretty cool. andre 3,000 working there. so we hope you join us and come out and say hi. the whole gang will be there and we're all bringing our families out there. join us on the parkway. have a wonderful sunday no matter what do you. >> if you see us wave to us. we'll be walking down. limited edition dream t shirts throwing to the crowd and
8:58 am
shaking hands. thank you so much. make sure you're watching. have a great day. ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. growing violence at trump rallies amid accusations the front-runner's rhetoric plays a role. today we'll ask donald trump if he's responsible. boos ]. >> trump is forced to cancel a rally chicago after hundreds of protesters show up to disrupt it. >> when they have organized, professionally staged wise guys, we've got to fight back. >> and trump's rivals pin some of the blame on him. >> last night in chicago, we saw images to make america look like a third world country. >> any campaign responsibility starts at the top. >> we'll sit down with trouump discuss the violence and what he'll try do to stop it. we'll ask our sunday if the protests will affect the republican race.


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