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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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two stabbing attacks on the busiest part of the city. what happened in both that have people on edge. >> a maryland police officer killed in an unprovoked attack. request for brothers in blue. your news starts in 30 seconds. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! . a cold start to the week. >> live look at trenton. rain coming down on and off.
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quite a different sight than a few days ago. people needing coats in china town. >> i'm iain page, thanks for joining us. >> scott williams this rain is sticking around for the morning drive. >> certainly right. it is going to be damp and dreary tomorrow. you want to allow extra travel time. as we look at the satellite and radar. the rain has been mug in since early this afternoon. it's going to continue overnight. and with the clouds with the showers. temperatures will be kept at bay. take a look as we expand the view as we move into sections of maryland, virginia, this rain will be moving through overnight and impacting that monday morning rush. a live look outside of our studios, streets are damp. 50 right now in philadelphia. the average high this time of year is 52. we made it into the low 60's. look at the wind direction out of the east at eight miles per hour. with the water temperatures still relatively chilly. we're going to have uniform temperatures upper 40's to around 50 right now. high temperatures for tomorrow.
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likely stuck in the upper 40's. for tonight, it's damp dreary, 40 in the bushes, mid 40's in the city. monday, a wet commute tomorrow, grab jackets and rain gear. showers around noon, 48 the rain starts to taper off in the afternoon. once again, high temperatures in the upper 40's to right around 50 degrees. damp and dreary overnight. chilly showers for tomorrow. 70's could return by the middle of the week. we'll talk about more rain chances with that complete seven-day forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. let's hop outside and go to reading. you can make sure you're ready to start your day with the fox 29 weather and traffic authorities. get the latest and see problem on the road. they have you covered. we're following a developing story. a police officer is dead after being shot in prince george's county. outside a police station in land
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over. around 5:00:30. police have two suspects in custody. one was shot, residents there were originally told to avoid the area when police thought the shooter was on the loose. right now, investigators believe it may have been a random attack and they're not looking for any other suspects. officer jacie colson would have celebrated 29th birthday. they paid their respect at a viewing today for a fallen new jersey state trooper. sean cullen was hit bypassing car while on the scene of an accident in west deptford monday. hours later he died from injuries. family friends and fellow law enforcement officers are remembering trooper cullen. sabina kuriakose has more. >> once he started police training he knew that's what he was going to do. >> reporter: fond memory of trooper sean cullen for those who watched him grow up. as they joined hundreds of
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mourner outside saints charles church paying their respects to the fallen officer at a viewing sunday evening. cinnaminson school district and knows cullen family. >> lovely family. want to support them. let them know this community is behind them. >> reporter: trooper cullen was struck by a vehicle last monday as it responded to an emergency call on i295 in west deptford. died from his injuries. state troopers and dozens of members of local law enforcement among those gathered here at a. she said she finds comfort knowing trooper cullen died fulfilling his dream of serving others. >> the fact that he was on duty and going to help someone else is even more important. because sometimes people do not view our officers as helpers. >> reporter: on light polls, doorways and lamp posts, blue lights and ribbons hung in support of this home town hero. a reminder of ultimate sacrifice given with one of their own,
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delran wrestling coach remembers competing against him when the trooper was in high school. >> we never beat him. he always beat a delran guy. he's a good kid. >> reporter: the 31-year-old former west hampton and mt. holly police officer leaves behind his fiance, unborn child and nine month old son. at the viewing, mourners and community members pledging to rally behind his loved ones as only family can. >> it's a real shame that something like this could happen when he trying to do something good. life cut way too short. absolutely and trooper cullen's funeral is tomorrow afternoon. >> a chester police officer in stable condition after getting shot yesterday and today. the mayor of chester is pleading for peace after chaos ensued following the events that left one officer injured and the suspect dead. authorities say a man shot captain alan davis in the arm and back after he and other officers tried pull over a suspected stolen car near parker and union streets.
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police say the three people inside the car did not cooperate during the stop. instead opening fire. after over, residents clashed with police throwing rocks and bottles at them. now the mayor is asking residents to please stay calm. >> it does no help to have persons inside gate or infewer rate persons within the community when they don't have all the information. it does not help to rile up a crowd who is already hurting. >> he stressed this elevation is ongoing. another man in the car also shot in critical condition. a third man in jail. two scary attacks in center city in less than 24 hours. a man stabbed and killed in rittenhouse square early this morning. two people slashed in what may have started as a robbery. just minutes after the philadelphia flower show let
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out. >> it's not far from where the st. patrick's day parade entertained thousands. brad sattin is live near the scene at broad and arch. >> reporter: you're right. we are at broad and arch. to give you a sense of where we are. right to our right is the pennsylvania convention center as we zoom back around. there was a stabbing. two people stabbed around 6:30 right here ended where you see those clothes down there. turned out it was one of two incidents in high profile areas of the city today. >> he was well in that thing. just wild with it. with a knife. >> reporter: kneel lee was witness to a knife wielding man across the street from the pennsylvania convention center as the flower show wrapped up. a possible robbery gone bad. a 21-year-old man stabbed in the chest. 18-year-old cut in the hand. police quick to arrive and arrest the suspect. >> there was really no reason to get out and make a complete
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scene in front of the whole city like that. >> reporter: it was the second stabbing incident of the day in a high profile area of the city. around 3:00 sunday morning. a 24-year-old bucks county man was stabbed and killed at rittenhouse square. he and three friends encountered a man with a knife. >> it was a brief verbal altercation. a struggle ensued lasted a few seconds. stabbed across the chest area. fled the area. >> reporter: the news has neighbor in disbelief. >> as you see it's lovely. i walk here at 11:00 at night without fear. you have to be on guard. it's scary and, you know, we're going to have to step up a police force. >> you shouldn't feel threatened to be out at night. especially at a holiday weekend. people do. they go out, celebrate. >> reporter: lasalle university freshman from baltimore says. >> you can't judge a city over something that can happen
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anywhere. >> but with philly's tourist season approaching and the democratic national convention coming. others people it's not just the police who have to be vigilant. >> there are people out there desperate for a lot of different reasons, they have nothing to lose by coming and attacking someone. >> reporter: now, police are telling us that the two victim were stabbed here are both in stable condition. at this hour, in regard to the rittenhouse stabbing where someone was killed, they are not confirming tonight that a suspect is in custody. iain and lucy? >> thank you. gunshots ring out in west philadelphia hit a young woman sitting on her front porch. that 18-year-old was shot in the chest and died at the hospital. this all started just after 11:30 last night on the three had00 block. police don't have suspect description except that it was group of men, so asking anyone with any information to please come forward. protesters are lining the campaign trail to get a billionaire donald trump after protesters shutdown a trump
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rally in chicago. the gop front runner is now on it defensive. trump defended his supporters saying despite evidence to the contrary. no protesters or police have been injured the any of his rallies. he's now accusing democratic candidate bernie sanders campaign of organizing some of the protests. the tone is troubling to politicians on both side of the aisle. >> anybody understands mr. trump campaign knows that he tells the truth very, very rarely. >> there are people out there unbalanced. there are people out there that listen to the stuff and we don't know how they're going to react. >> the next big event for both democratics and republicans comes on tuesday. that is when voters head to the polls in ohio, florida and other states. a big day for local schools getting in the big dance, flee college basketball teams have a
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shot. >> who made it in. if you're not cut, you got to get in first. then you worry about that. all 68 teams that are in the ncaa tournament have the dream of winning a national championship. it's a wide open year in college basketball. everybody has a chance to get to the final four. everybody thinks they have a a chance. three of the teams are heading to the dance. one of the bigger questions after losing in the big east tournament is where villanova is going. >> friday, sunday games to be played if brooklyn new york. the number two in the south, the wildcats of villanova. >> the wildcats in the south region will play unc ashville. i don't know who they are either. they will play on friday afternoon. a team that is 22 and 11 on the season but as number two seat committee decided to make if you're going to make the sweet 16, villanova will not go to philadelphia in the second
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weekend. they will display in lewisville but last two years they did not get out of the first weekend. >> people would say it doesn't matter anyway. >> the next local team in is st. joe's. >> the number eight seat in the west. the hawks of st. joe's will take on the number nine team of cincinnatti out of the american athletic conference six and straight 20 win of the accident season. >> st. joe's wins with a win today over vcu 87-74. get spokane washington as the. i believe they have a good
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chance of beats cincinnatti. if that happens, they would play one seed. >> the second team out of the american athletic conference. >> some had doubts if temple would get in. not only do they get in. they play close to home. in the same region as villanova in brooklyn. coming up on sports sunday more from jay wright and also had had a chance to speak with doug pederson. that's coming up in sports and three teams are in. back to you. >> see you soon. a car slams into a city bus almost hitting a man on the sidewalk. witnesses say he was drunk. what he told police happened. second before that crash. quiet night at home turns into a moment of life or death:
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a car smoking about to burst into flames. what they told the driver before they pulled him to safety.
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search still on for a tugboat crew member missing after a crash in new york. the boat hit a barge yesterday morning and the impact threw all three members into water. searchers have pulled two bodies from the hudson river, one confirmed to be a 63-year-old man from bayville new jersey. the tugboat sank spilling about 5,000 gallons of fuel into the water. >> we have a private contractor who was on site working to
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absorb that fuel oil. they use special pads literally absorbs the oil from the top of the water and then booms to keep the fuel oil from damaging any other water. >> making the search harder, crews say the visibility in the water is only about six inches. 21 workers were on the barge when the boat hit. no one on the barge hurt. philadelphia police running a major weekend crack down of atfs and dirt bikes. they took 53 bikes off the streets and made three arrests. reminding everyone these are illegal to ride throughout the city. the exception is if you're on private property with permission from the owner. officers say it's a big problem across the city. >> we have a lot of complaints from the community. it's complete lawlessness. these individuals run up and down on the sidewalk. people are afraid to let their children play in areas that the dirt bikes are riding. they rip up recreation areas.
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they rip up the parks they're in. they have no regard for the safety of anyone. >> police say there are more planned crack downs in the coming months. two family dogs killed in a late night house fire in gloucester county new jersey. flames broke out around 11:00. one firefighter was taken to the hop after he fell through a floor. it took crews several hours to get the fire under control. two people injured when this car crushed into the front of the a 7-eleven in north philadelphia last night. it happened just after 11:00 on the 2000 block of north broad street. you can see the storm was damaged. a pedestrian went to the hospital in stable condition. they were word on what caused this crash. police still have not identified the janitor accused of taking a federal flight officer's gun at philadelphia international airport. the officer used a rest room and
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mistakenly left behind a small bag which contained his handgun. he alerted police and say a quick search found the bag and the gun hidden inside a janitor's closet. surveillance video shows the janitor was the own person to enter the rest room. today's weather held off enough for st. patrick's day parade. thousands line the street to see the 200 groups march past and perform from singing to traditional irish dancers. many of us right here at fox 29 got in on the action and jennifer joyce got all the fun. >> reporter: a sea of green lined the ben franklin parkway for the city's annual st. patrick's day parade. signature irish music and dance entertained a crowd of all ages. for many, it's the unclear and tradition that has people coming
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back year after year with their youngest knewist family. >> all my family and aunts and uncles and cousins. >> reporter: it's his son's first time at the parade. nine month old cal hasn't is celebrating his milestone in style. many people and pups were decked out in their green gear except the mummers. their colors were shining brightly on this gray day. >> the weather was a little bit dreary. but that doesn't stop thousands of people from lining the parade route. they had their umbrellas. >> can't change the parade for us. come every year. >> reporter: mayor kenney says the weather sets the scene as the second oldest st. patrick's day parade in the country. kenny hopes people appreciate the history. >> it's not just green beer and parties, but unclear, music, politics. >> what's the best part of the parade. >> the irish dancers. >> the girls are so cute and
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energy. >> reporter: dancing through the street, thanks for letting our family celebrate st. patrick's day with your family this 84. reporting from the parkway, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> many of the fox 29 family marched in the parade today. good crew to promotion staff, lucy scott and i and many of our families, my boys were out there. we had a blast. good to get out there and see people have fun. there i am. there's chris o'connell. >> quincy: there's bruce gordon. >> big shout out to sean bernard that took the pictures. he was out there capturing the moments. speaking of that. don't forget you can see it all again because weary airing the parade on st. patrick's day. which, of course, is thursday. we'd love to see you and your irish green.
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tweet us your pictures using #fox 29 irish. we also put a slide show from today's parade on our website fox police say there's something wrong with this motorcycle. what happened next that ends in get away before he gets too far. it may look like a typical high school basketball game. how both teams put to help one special player. you have the power to save lives. the kennels at philadelphia's municipal. they took in 41 shelters alone. holding a big adoption event through wednesday. if you've been thinking about new best friend, now is your perfect chance. head to fox for all the information under seen on tv.
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. . passengers brace for impact as a car barrels toward a new mexican city bus head on. tuesday afternoon when the black dodge challenger crossed the median. crashes into the bus. a man waiting at the bus stop runs when he sees the car careening out of control.
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passengers on the bus rushed to help. >> our vehicle just hit the bus. a public -- a city bus really intoxicated. he got fluid leaking out of the car. >> the driver told police he blacked out and didn't remember crossing the median. he said he took cold medicine earlier in the day. police are now waiting for blood test results. as of right now, the driver has not been charged. terrifying moments for window washers high above the ground in chicago. this was the scene. the two window washers, dangled. look at that angle. dangled nearly 200 feet. the fire department lowered a rope. crowds at st. patrick's day relativelers gather reed cheered the rescue. the man, well, you know, they're shaken up, but they're not injured. my goodness.
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high wind have been a big problem in the pacific northwest. >> authorities had to shutdown bridges. this is from the bridge in washington state. the wind so strong. they knocked over this tractor-trailer closing down lanes for hours. the state department of transportation also shutdown a floating bridge in seattle. the longest floating bridge in the world, wind gusts hit up to 65 miles an hour. quiet night at home turned no a moment of life or death. a car was smoking about to burst into flames. what they told the driver before they pulled him to safety. . a woman finds an envelope stuffed with cash and walks away with it. why she says it was the right thing to do. the high made it to 61 but the clouds and showers expected to tomorrow will keep those temperatures down. we'll talk about when the rain moves out and when the the temperatures go back up next.
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. all of a sudden we heard a
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bang almost like thunder. >> it was an suv slamming into a utility pole. that couple heard the crash and sprang into action. they saved the driver's life. >> when the couple heard the bang across from their home, they took these pictures later to show the aftermath. abuzz the suv on it's side. jason called 911 while julie and another good semaritan raised to the scene. smoke was fill up the suv fast. >> didn't look good. something on the side on fire on the driver's side. it looked awful. >> the man was screaming and flailing around. told him to be calm. i'll hold the door. we'll pull you out. julie climbed up on the suv to help him out and sat on the couple front step as the police and ambulance got there. the good smart tin say he was drunk. police say he was charged with dui regardless.
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the driver said he's lucky to be alive. this police chase ended before it got started. police near new mexican posted this on their facebook page. they saw an officer tried to pull over this motorcyclist. when they noticed the bike did did not have the right tag. officer says the biker hit the gas and tried to get on to an interstate. no word on charges. you know they will be coming. a michigan woman says she's getting harassed on line for doing the right thing. take a look at surveillance video released near detroit. shows a woman picking up an envelope and walking out. what was inside? 1100 bucks. another customer accidently dropped the video was aired all around detroit. now that woman is coming forward and says she did the right thing. she says she didn't trust the staff at the store and saw a bang name on the envelope, she claims she took money back to bank and called police. >> next time i seeing something laying around or something, i'm
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walking right by. i mean, i thought i was doing something right. shame on the people on facebook and the people that were so-called my friends. >> no word tonight from the bang to confirm her story or whether she's facing criminal charges. a high school basketball player with down syndrome showed the show. >> pitching him to help him score a basket by the end of the season. coaches want to make sure 15-year-old. my got a chance to play. once he got in there, he was determined to score. players both team until the match cal moment happened. his father says they will never forget. there you go. let's check on that your radar. here's scott williams. it's 50 degrees. >> iain and lucy, 50 is all we're going to get between now and tomorrow. high temperatures will be stuck right around this number. which will be a couple of degrees below the average for
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this time of year, which is 52. we've been kind of spoiled with 60's. even 80's last week. not so much to kick off the work week. 49 in millville, 52 in allentown, 44 currentlily in the poconos mountains. a seasonal chill across parts of the area. temperatures pretty uniform across sections of the northeast in new england as well upper 40's to around 50. for tomorrow morning, allow extra travel time. grab the jackets. grab the rain gear. a wet commute 46 at 7:00. lunchtime showers around. rain starts to taper off by tomorrow afternoon. but temperature pretty uniform throughout the day in the mid to upper 40's. rainfall moved in from the south during the afternoon. continue to find some of that moisture moving up from south into our area. so once again, it's going to be damp and dreary. we'll roll the clock. tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m.
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look at rain across the area. once again, the going to be a slow go for back to work and school by 6:00 a.m. we're looking at moderate to heavier rain across parts of the area. tomorrow is going to be pretty much a mess of a commute with the rainfall moving through. as we move toward the afternoon, finally starts to taper. how much are we talking? would you a half inch to three quarters of an inch along i95 corridor north and west. pretty decent soaking across the area tore tomorrow. for tonight cloudy, damn. keep the winds out of the east. that is going to be a chilly breeze off of the ocean. once again, look at the high temperature for tomorrow. only 49 degrees. we have low 80's for high temperatures. twice last week. as we look at the seven-day forecast, we have the chilly rain, showers and then temperatures are milder by tuesday. back into the low 60's. then 71 degrees by the middle of next week with the threat of an
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afternoon or evening shower. we keep scattered showers in the forecast for st. patrick's day. the high temperature 64. 62 by friday. then the upcoming weekend windy cooler saturday. highs in the upper 50's. low 60's to kick off the official start to spring on next sunday. with temperatures in the low 60's. once again, a chance for shower. >> not bad. going to be light. >> i'm going to start planting. it's time. is it time to start planting. >> some things, maybe. >> thank you, scott. got an update on the police officer killed in an unprovoked attack outside washington, dc. it appears officer jacie colson grew grew up in delaware county. it happened in less than dover around 5:30. two suspects in custody. one shot, officer colson would have celebrated his 29th
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birthday this week. that will do it for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> keep it here for sports sunday. . it's a date that 68 teams have dreams of winning the ncaa tournament but first you have to be selected. nerve racking for some. i have the news from the big five team. with jay wright hearing he doesn't win in the first weekend. are the eagles done with the moves. had a chance to talk with the headcoach coming up on sports sunday.


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