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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from our area, with a shot to become national champions. go wildcats, go owls, go hawks. good day everyone it is monday, march 142,016th. lauren johnson has the morning off resting her voice. lets get to sue serio on a busy wet, monday morning. we are still getting used to the time change that happened over the weekend. that is a hough one when we have to set those clocks ahead on saturday night. hopefully did you that and you change your watch, and you change the clocks in your house, and now, we're all set. now the advice is leave a little will early because it is wet out there. 48 degrees. thirteen millions an hour wind. this is your new sunrise time 7:13. it will stay dark, much longer, welshing an hour longer then it did on friday. here's the rain and we have got plenty of it, moving through the area with a low pressure system that decided to come and visit. it started with us yesterday but now we're seeing heavy
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downpours and that will continue through a good part of the morning rush hour. you can see heavier rain moving into new castle county delaware, chester county a few heavy downpours around delco and we will see those in philadelphia before too long. otherwise it is drizzle and steady rain. so we have got 46 degrees in allentown. chillier up in mount pocono. 38 degrees. forty-eight in wildwood. forty-nine in dover. the rain wasn't enough, how about some wind, just to make it even more fun, 13 miles an hour in philadelphia, 15 miles an hour in wilmington. 17 miles an hour in mount pocono. 18-mile an hour wind in wildwood. here's your day, kind of rainy, drizzly, and damp and dreary, all day long. what a great monday. 7:07 is your sunset time even though we went see much sun today. we won't see any sun to today i don't think at least it will set a little bit later. last week of winter, bob kelly, at least it is only rain. >> i a said di our floor
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director a good nap day. >> in doubt. >> 5:02. looking for your pictures from the parade yesterday. here's a shot, mom sent me two kids having some fun with the parade route yesterday. they had their irish outfits on so make sure you put them up on facebook, twitter, instagram we will show them and share them all this week as we get ready for st. patrick's day on thursday. live look at the roosevelt boulevard, roads are wet, it will be ayuky morning rush hour as sue just mentioned and with that time change, you will remember, kid will be waiting outside on the bus, the early bus, friday, we had some daylight at this hour, this morning, sunrise not until 7:13. so kind of a a lot of the factors going a against us here this morning. the here's a live look at a the 492 freeway where we are getting heavy rain, those puddles popping up quick. we have a bridge opening coming our way 5:10 the call for tacony palmyra. grabbing your keys and heading outside the front door right now head for betsy ross bridge as alternate.
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over in new jersey route 70, down to two lanes on the westbound side of 295, and that is a all part of the overnight construction. we will see weather delays, today, at philly international. if you are flying pack your patients as you head down there coming from the suburbs, speed are already starting to get knock down. it will take us long they are morning to get there then it it did on friday and because of the weather conditions and look out, in the work zones like along 202, 422, out near 100 and even i-95 between cottman and girard avenue. chris, back over to you. lets turn to sat news, happening today final goodbyes for the new jersey state troop are hit and fatally injured on 295. steve keeley now joins us from cinnaminson, and the rain, a reflection of the tears there especially later this morning, steve. >> reporter: first of is what expect to be hundreds of police cars has shown up and fittingly it is with the new jersey state police and yes there, were lots of police here for first viewing last
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night, fellow troopers, mess of them, west hampton police department not on duty yesterday when sean cullen work, but hundreds of friend stood out here in the rain and their black nice church clothes and a long line of stretched way past the church at the school waiting to get in. it was a different kind of show of force but reports of a man's friendship. here's within line to see how much he was missed. as we go to the video on line, this is another. look the at this go fund me starting to help pay family expenses has already reached more than ten times the original goal, now able to not just cover expenses but maybe to support his son shamus and unborn child's future security, friend overwhelmingly who those friends planned to get together next month for sean and fiance erin's wedding, now coming to his funeral here today. >> once he started his police training he knew that is what he was going to do and he found his niche.
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>> i was shock, i could not believe it. stuff like this happens. it is a real shame that something like this could happen when he is trying to do something good. >> the fact that he was on duty and going to help someone else is even more important because sometimes people do not view our officers as helpers, but in fact, it is 99 . >> reporter: while it is still dark out here i thought i would show you this, one of the many blue lights that you see turned on, in the yards, and on the porches of most cinnaminson and moorestown area homes and in honor of sean cullen, blue lights, blue ribbons every pole and sign and fence post, and that shows how much he is missed, saturday they were showing the love at the shop rite, just at the end of this road that the church is on right across route 130, buying those ribbons, also to help cover the future expenses of shamus and shawn's unborn child.
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so this community has shown the support and love and showed how much they miss, shawn cullen just like the rest of the state does, chris. >> absolutely, steve keeley, live in cinnaminson, thank you. we're following another developing story, an officer who served in prince georges county mar licensed died last night. we're seeing he got in the shoot-out with a suspect. we now know he was from a local town. dave kinchen live in boothwyn with more details and a more importantly the local connection here dave, is that right. >> reporter: yeah, big lomb connection here, and this is news that really spread quickly on social media, after the shooting and assassination of this officer, people finding out that this officer is from the boothwyn area. we are in delaware county. now prince georges county police in maryland say their four year veteran officer jacie colson was killed during an unprovoke attack outside a police station and he was just days shy of his 29th birthday.
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investigators say officers were going about their business sunday afternoon when a gunman fired on the first officer that he saw, right outside the police station in maryland, sparking a gun battle that left under cover narcotic officer colson mortally wounded, shocked collogues shared their thoughts. >> jacie had an infectious smile, he lit up a room, and he was a tremendous personality that made everybody smile and wanted to be everything to everybody. he was a police office shore was a real cop's cop. he didn't shy away from any calls or did not do his responsibility. >> reporter: police told residents to shelter in place due to an ago i have shooter situation before lifting that warning for people to take cover. investigators say the shooter was wounded and then taken in custody long with another man may be his brother, pending reports now, the names of the
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suspect have in the yet been released but certainly today a a lot of people still at chichester high school where, officer colson, went, and graduated from 2005, a lot have people still here in terms of the staff will be simply remembering him here today, back to you. >> absolutely dave kinchen live for us, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating two separate stabbing the at popular tourist destinations. the bucks county man was killed yesterday morning when he was stabbed on rittenhouse square. he was with friend at 3:00 in the morning when ward were exchanged with an unknown man, who police say stabbed him in the chest and then ran off. fox 29 has just learned that the person of interest in custody right now and we should necessity if this person will be charged. and in an unrelated incident, two men were stabbed a across the street from the pennsylvania convention center last night. the recovery and the suspect was arrested. the serious crimes in popular locations have neighbors and shoppers nervous.
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>> as you can see it is lovely, and i walk here at the 11:00 o'clock at night, without any fear. but you know, you have to be on guard, and i think it is scary, and you know we will have to step up the police force. >> you shouldn't feel threatened to be out at night especially at a holiday weekend. >> once again a person is in custody right now, we're waiting on word if that person will be charged with the rittenhouse stabbings. gunshots ring out in west philadelphia, hitting a young woman just sitting on her front porch. that 18 year-old was shot in the the chest and died at the hospital. this all started just after 11:30 saturday night on the 300 block of not salford street, police did not have a description except that a group of men. they are asking anyone who has information to come forward. a chester police officer is in stable condition after getting shot saturday. the mayor of chester pleaded for peace after chaos ensued
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following the events that left that officer injured and one suspect dead. authorities say a man shot captain alan davis in the arm and back after he and other officers tried to pull over a suspect stolen car, near parker and union streets. police say three people inside the car did in the cooperate during that stop and instead shooting at police. after it was all over residents clashed with police, throwing roxanne bottles at them and now mayor kirkland, he is asking for residents to stay calm. >> it does not help to have persons instigate or infuriate persons within the community where they don't have all of the information. it does not help, to real up a crowd of persons who are already hurting. >> mayor kirkland stressed this investigation is ongoing. another man in the car also hot shot is in critical condition, a third man is in jail. a quiet night at home for one couple turns into a moment of life or death after a car
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crash, what they told the driver before they pulled him into safety. it may look like your to typical high school basketball game, how both teams, put competition aside to help one very special player.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. we add a time change over weekend. here's something positive and
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something to look forward to the official start of spring. it is six days away as vernal equinox happens, barely into sunday, 12:30 in the morning. by the time you wake up sunday it will be officially spring. but today we have a prespring showers this morning. we have all of this rain moving through the area right now. you can see it streaming from the south, and southwest, and, here is some of the places where we see heavier downpours up to the north of us around doylestown, around limerick there, aston, in delaware county, parts of the chester county here and then the northern part of new castle county just north of wilmington. we also see heavier rain down in middletown, delaware in new castle will county, dover, down to the south, and just north of seaford, in sussex county. that is where we are seeing heavier downpours. we expect this situation to continue throughout the rest of the morning with the occasional heavy downpours. it makes for a very messy morning rush hour and hopefully you are not going to
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be late because of the time change over the weekend. in fact, good idea to leave early with these wet conditions on the roadways. so that is the rest of the morning, now here we are in the afternoon and it looks like more spotty showers, more scattered showers but still dreary as we head into the afternoon. it is still cloudy as well. we will have a later sunset time because of the time change. now we're into tuesday morning, lighter rain but still very cloudy, and then finally the rain gets out of here by tuesday afternoon as the cloud justin to linger, so that is the situation for the the next couple of days. we will put all that together in the seven day forecast. we have upper 40's for our temperature right now and temperatures will in the move very much. we expect to be only at 50 degrees for the high temperature and that is much cooler then the weekend. new tomorrow we will inch into the 60's at least but there is still some showers around especially in the morning, sunny and warm on wednesday we will hit 70 for st. patrick's day itself, on thursday, some sun and some showers around
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partly sunny skies on friday, cooler saturday and some spring showers on sunday for the arrival of the season. so that takes care of your seven day forecast, no 80's bob kelly but we weren't ready for that. >> not yet we will work into that. good morning, 5:16, looking for your picture from the parade yesterday. look at this little cutie, christopher out for his first st. patrickes day parade. he has the whole outfit on. put up your picture from the the parade, facebook, twitter, instagram, use our hashtag fox 29 irish so we can pass them along. tacony palmyra in the middle of an opening. traffic stopped on both side of the river, grabbing your coffee, keys, heading out the front door right the now would i head for betsy ross or wait it out the a few you extra minutes. sue's suggestion to wait it out the a few extra minutes may not be a bad idea but everybody will be a little bit late for work and school will this morning. again, rain heavier at times impacting in the only road conditions but with the time change, sunrise, coming not
5:17 am
until 7:13. so anyone who takes that early bus, may be you stood out on friday with a little daylight you will be in the dark this morning and that means also folks driving are driving in the dark maybe that extra hour with their headlights on and in the only do they have to deal with the time change, but we will have to deal with the rain this morning. the pennsy turnpike eastbound slower than normal speeds because of the rain, the schuylkill, look out for those puddles, they pop up out of no where on the schuylkill especially in the stretch where we don't have those overhead street lamps. we are playing with that new time change now. it will be darker for an extra hour this morning as opposed to friday. steve over in cinnaminson, new jersey, funeral today for that fallen trooper here on long branch pike just off of route 130 activity and you will see police presence in cinnaminson. new traffic pattern on 42 will catch you by surprise this
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morning between 544 and 295. chris, back over to you. bob, thank you. we have to get back to breaking news, an amtrak train derailed in southwest kansas, sending 20 people to the hospital. this happened 20 miles west of the dodge city, just after midnight local time. ago track says that there are five cars on their side right now, there were 128 passengers and 14 crew members on board that train which was heading to chicago from los angeles, of course, we will continue to keep you updated as we get more information in on this breaking news. search is still on for a tugboat both crew member missing have after it crashed in new york saturday. the boat hit a barge saturday morning and impact threw all three members into the water near tapan-see bridge. searches pulled two bodies from the the river, one confirm to be a six three-year old man from bayville, new jersey, tugboat both sank spilling five you this gallons of fuel in the the water. >> we have a private contractor who was on site who is working to absorb that fuel
5:19 am
oil, special pads that absorb oil from the top of the what the are and boom toss keep the fuel oil from damaging any other water. >> making search even harder crews say visibility in that water is only about 6 inches. twenty-one workers on the barge when the boat hit, although, in one on that barge was hurt. all of a sudden we heard a bang almost like thunder. >> that bang was in the the thunder but an suv slamming into utility pole, that couple heard crash and sprang into action, police near boston say their actions saved that driver's life this started late friday night when that couple, hurt the bang across from their home. they took these pictures and later shown the aftermath. you can see suv on its side and charred immediately jason called 911 while julie a and another good samaritan raced
5:20 am
over to the scene, smoke was filling up that suv and fast. >> it didn't look good but something on its side on fire, on the driver's side, it just looked awful. >> man inside was screaming and flailing around and i was calm hole the door up push yourself up and we will pull you up. >> julie climb on the suv to help him out of the passenger side. he then sat on the couple's front step as police, and ambulance arrived, good smart tans say he was drunk, that driver said that the suv has a mechanical problem, however. police say he was charged with dui, regardless the driver said he is just lucky to be alive. 5:20 is the time. michigan woman says she's getting harassed on line by her closest friend for doing the right thing? so lets take a look, this surveillance video was released from a grocery store near detroit. shows a with man picking up an envelope and then walking out, inside, $1,100. another customer accidentally
5:21 am
dropped. the video was aired all around detroit, new that with man is coming forward and said she did the right thing, she said she didn't trust the staff at the store and saw bank name on the envelope, so she claims that she took that money back the two bank and even called police. >> next time i see something laying around or something i'm walking right by it. i thought i was doing something right. shame on the people on facebook and the people that were so-called my friend. >> so no word from the bank yet to confirm her story, or whether she will face any criminal charges. high school basketball player with down syndrome stole the show in washington state. it was a team effort when even the opposing team pitching into help him score a basket. by the even of the season coach wanted to make sure that the 15 year-old michael menden got a chance to play.
5:22 am
>> once he got in there, both teams, passed him the ball until that magical moment. his father says he will never forget. >> if you thought wal-mart was most hated retail giant, clothing store that has supermarket chain beat, next. here's your winning lottery numbers.
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nissan is recalling more than 47,000, electric leafs in the u.s. and canada over potential brake problems. national highway transportation safety administration says that cold weather can cause, a relay in the car's brake booster to fail. the brakes still work but they are harder to use. nissan will let leaf owners know if they need repairs, dealers will reprogram the necessary software for free. recall includes leafs model years 2013 through 2015. american shoppers a say abercrombie and fitch is the worst. the clothing store has been voted the most hated retailer, that is from the survey done by american customer satisfaction index, now consumers say they are unhappy with the shopping experience, and it is advertising. revenues and profits have been down for abercrombie over past two years by the way. coming up 59:26 in your health
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only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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new jersey state trooper struck and killed on 295 will be laid to rest today. we're learning more bay maryland police officer killed in the line of duty this morning, we found out he had local connections, good day, it is monday march 142,016th. lauren dawn johnson not
5:30 am
feeling well this morning hoping she has a speedy recovery. sue serio, lets get to you quickly because we have a lot of wet road out there. >> it is not fun standing outside at the bus stop either. i hope you caught him at the parade yesterday. little difficult to miss with his giant head. you cannot see his hair style today because he ace appropriate thely covered up for the weather. it is a rainy, windy start, temperatures only in the 40's but it also a chillier start then what we have gotten used to the in pass three or four days. dress appropriately, leave early if you can which is tough but we have the day after the weekend time change, 48 degrees right new but it is windy, 17-mile an hour sustain wind. is there your new sunrise time 7:13 this morning. it will stay dark later, today then it was, on friday when were you getting ready to go to work then. quite a few heavy downpours in the a area, all through at least northern part of the delaware even into northern sussex county, bucks and
5:31 am
montgomery county we are seeing a bit of steady toy heavy rain, same for delaware county and here in philadelphia it is raining as well. kind of dreer toy start as we mentioned, it the is cooler with mid 40's in trenton, lancaster, allentown, red willing, 30's in mount pocono. we are at the 50 in dover and we don't expect these temperatures to move very much throughout the day because we're not expecting any sunshine. it will stay socked in with clouds, these on shore wind, kind of persistent which means we are getting that moisture off the ocean, so 15 miles an hour in wilmington. look at dover, 22 miles an hour sustain wind down there the rain continues, the wind will pick up, to maybe 35 miles an hour, showers around for the evening drive and there is your new sunset time 7:07. so a a lot of changes to get used to this morning, bob kelly, just make sure you are ready for rain. >> we are all a little bit tire in the just from the parade yesterday but just feeling sluggish from that
5:32 am
time change. we had a great time at the parade. here's a picture of myself and mary traverse wearing the crown yesterday. so if you have pictures of the parade post them on facebook, twitter, instagram, use that #fox 29 irish to share them with everybody here. live look at the tacony palmyra bridge just completed a a bridge opening. so traffic has been stopped for the last 15 minutes or so-so we are backup than both side. here's a live look at a i-95 what you are dealing will with at the airport. we have rain coming down steady here and then heavy at times cause ago this quick ponding and puddles on the road surface, we have rain kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you and because of the time change we will go to work in the dark an extra early hour here this morning. so lets say on friday you had daylight, this morning the headlights are on, plus wipers are on and kids that are getting that early bus are going to be out there waiting in the dark as compared to friday. the east on the pennsylvania
5:33 am
turnpike slower than normal speeds from valley forge over to bensalem, the schuylkill expressway eastbound watch for some big puddles near gladwynn, also near belmont and then another stretch near girard avenue, again, a as we have to deal with the heavy downpours this morning. the mass transit, airport so far so good, chris, back over to you. lets turn to this at 5:33. new jersey state trooper struck and killed on 295 will be laid to rest today. steve keeley now joining us from cinnaminson for more on the funeral of officer sean cullen, steve, good morning. >> reporter: still more than two hours, chris before the second viewing starts at 8:00 a.m. and state troopers already showing up here in force. they will be shutting down road around here. route 130 will start shutting down some lanes at 10:00 o'clock they tell us, from riverton road up to andover, licensing before the funeral even begins at noon. so there will be a lot of people here and a lot of
5:34 am
police here and that gives you a sense of the presence, that is still, felt, from sean cullen and not just his fellow troopers and fellow local officers where he served but in this entire community. let's show so pictures. he was supposed to be married in just a month, to his long time fiance, erin, whom you see there in a great picture with their then just family of three because she's expecting a second child, that is little shamus just nine months old with sean cullen who was only 31 killed one week ago tonight and now his funeral here today. we spoke to some people at the first viewing here last night. >> it is a very family oriented town, and i have children of their own even though they are grown and children are so important you want to make sure that in the only are they supported but that they have been made a aware of what a wonderful person their father was. >> he always wanted to be a police officer and he got his
5:35 am
goal, but unfortunately not too long. >> the entire cullen family knows there is a very large community around him and it is not just in cinnaminson but west hampton, mount holly and state police family all the way around. >> here's a still picture i took about an her before the ruling began and you saw hundreds of troopers line up, a very solemn solute, as sean's casket was being brought in and will likely see that again today in the rain and maybe even in the dark, if they do it, as early as they did yesterday and that may be why we're seeing troopers already showing up here in force. so get ready, for some tears again this morning, to match all of the big rain drops falling here in cinnaminson, chris. >> just a miserable day, steve, thank you. 5:35. we are following developing news for you. police office shore work at prince georges county, maryland died last night after being kill in the shoot-out with a suspect. we now know he was from our
5:36 am
area dave kinchen is live in boothwyn pennsylvania with more on this tragic story, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. very, very sad development here in boothwyn. we have learn that this police office shore was killed yesterday has ties to delaware county where we are right now. we can tell you, prince georges county police say their four year veteran officer jacie colson was killed during an unprovoke a attack right outside the police station. he was just days shy of his 29th birthday. he went to chichester high school where we are right now, and investigators say officers weringing about their unday afternoon business when a gunman fired on the first officer he saw outside the maryland police station sparking a gun battle that left under cover narcotics officers wounded. the chichester community is speaking out following the death of officer colson. chichester's football coach,
5:37 am
tweeted out jacie was a chichester football family member. my brother and i had privilege of playing him ape neglect with him but just a sad day, the tweet says, police say that the shooter was wounded, but was taken into custodia long with his brother, and names have in the yet been released a at this time. the investigation is ongoing and people when they go back to school the staff at the chichester high school, who knew him, of course, they will be very emotional back to you guys. >> dave kinchen thank you. 5:37. did you hear about this, is there already drum a a over march madness, the upset that has everyone talking even before the game is played
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
good morning i'm sean bell, yesterday was a good day for philadelphia a selection sunday, produced three philly teams,ville neff, st. joes were locks, but temple received some great news, the guys, extremely excited to hear their name announced. temple received the tenth seed and will play seventh seeded iowa in the southern region. coach fran dunphy talked about the big data announcement. >> that is what i said i just said i'm so happy for all of you, in particular the seniors but what strikes me the most when i go into that facility we will see 2016 up there and we have been very fortunate to be in a number of years, not any within of the last two but we thought we had done enough last year.
5:41 am
it is a nice statement. they can come back and say i was part of that in 2016. >> nova also in the southern region, they had a two seed, they will play unc ashville and st. joes is eighth seed out west and we know they will play ninth seeded cincinnati. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. let's stay with march madness. first blockbuster upset, twitter, over cbs on selection sunday. the ncaa said sunday night is looking to have have a cop/have this years tournament, got leaked on line during the network's extended selection show, on sunday. bracket was being shared on twitter, about 20 minutes after the start of the two hour broadcast. so it is unclear who posted tweet which was labeled spoil era leather. it was sea of green for st. patrick's day perfect raid and fox 29 has all of the highlights up next.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
luck of the irish has weather helding off, it was so much fun yesterday at st. patrick's day parade. thousands lined the streets to see the 200 groups, march past and perform from theme to traditional irish dancers. many of us here got in on the the action and fox 29's jennifer joyce was there and has all of the fun.
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> reporter: a sea of green lined ben franklin parkway for it the is is annual st. patrick's day parade. signature irish and music and dance entertain a crowd of all ages. for many it is culture and tradition that has people coming back year after year with their youngest, new family members. >> i was here two years ago and my daughter loved it this year we came back with my niece. >> all of my family, than the a, uncles, cousins come down. >> reporter: chris angle's son first time, nine in old callahan is celebrating this milestone in style. many people, and pups were deck out in their green gear, except the mummers, their colors were shining brightly on this gray day. weather was a little bit dreary but that didn't stop thousands on have people from lining the parade route, they had their umbrellas. weather is not killing us. >> no, we come every year.
5:46 am
>> reporter: marching mayor kine says weather set the scene for an authentic day in ireland as second oldest st. patrick's day parade in the country and he hopes people appreciate the history of the event. >> it is in the just green beer and parties, but culture, music, politics. >> reporter: what is the best part of the parade. >> the irish dancers, yes, i really am, the girls are so cute, energetic. >> reporter: smiling, dancing, through the streets, thanks for letting our family celebrate st. patrick's day with your family this year. reporting from the parkway, jennifer joyce fox 29 news. >> as you saw you jennifer's story many fox 29 family marched in yesterday's parade, from the good day crew, wait, there is buddy, there is karen, right, there is alex, and there is lucy, and there is iain, and chris, quincy,
5:47 am
and mr. kinchen, with shawnette and we even saw bruce. there is mr. cole. sue, were you you there? there you are, right there. >> i was right there. >> we had fun, right. >> i think i was there. >> you were there. >> see problem is you wore green and then you blended in the crowd. >> i knitted myself a special scarves just for that occasion, i swear i was there. >> how lucky were we. i know you had an umbrella with you. you you didn't need it. >> that was why, if you don't bring it umbrella it will rain. it is called murphy's law, chris murphy. >> hahaha a. >> here's what to expect a damp, dreary day all day and wind will be picking up more. it is already windy, 35 miles an hour wind gust this is afternoon, by mid week, and, as we get to the first day of spring on sunday.
5:48 am
here's a look the a the rain moving through the area it the is dry slot down there in extreme, southern delaware, sussex county, and getting some heavy downpours. you see all this orange and red on the map where we are seeing pretty heavy rain. it makes travel even that much more difficult, it is already hard enough to get up on a machine morning but anyway up in the lehigh valley, bucks county, montgomery county, around here this delaware county and philadelphia, heavy rain moving into, new castle will county around wilmington, all the way down to middletown that orange area of rain very heavy downpours, so, either leave early or maybe put off your trip a little bit until this heavy rain moves through. little bit have the break at the shore but in the for long because that heavy rain is coming back. the here's future cast, until about 9:00 o'clock we are dealing with period of heavy rain during the morning rush, it eases up in some places but it is still cloudy a and drippy and we will see more rain rolling in early tomorrow
5:49 am
morning. not as we have think morning and american just dreary then anything else but there will be rain around at least through early part of the day. finally drying out, late in the day, tomorrow, and then we will have a decent day and get warmer on wednesday, it looks like that area have rain to the north will stay to our north. so that is what we have got going on for future cast, back to the present, 48 degrees in philadelphia, 44 in lancaster. dover had 50. thirty-eight in mount pocono. 48 degrees in wildwood, wind were sustained at four, 15 miles an hour but it has been very windy all morning in dover delaware with sustained wind of 25 miles an hour and wind gusts to 32. this is kind of wind we're talking about as the rain, continues to roll rel through this morning. we had decent temperatures, of course, saturday much prettier then sunday. 61 degrees both days, expect a cooler day to day with a high of 50. back in the lower 60's on tuesday and then we will touch 70 degrees, on wednesday, st.
5:50 am
patrick's take itself, we had an early celebration yesterday, well, that is on thursday and we will have have to start out with some rain and end up with some sunshine and it does look like the first day of spring will be greeted with spring showers on sunday a as well. is there your seven day forecast, all right, how are you recovering from yesterday. >> rough start i think for everybody but i'll tell you what i have my irish cameras working yesterday, ready, sue. >> ready. >> hold on. we have found you. there she is. >> she's there. >> she's there. >> you said you didn't even do your hair, your hair was nice and fluffy and frizzy. >> i was there. >> you see dave kinchen and quincy. >> i think she was photo shopped into that picture. >> she was there i saw her there yesterday. >> good job, sueby. the rest of the gang out there as well. take a look at the this crowd of irish girls on the way to the parade yesterday, posting the pictures up on facebook, twitter, instagram, i hope everybody enjoyed st.
5:51 am
patrick's day parade yesterday on the parkway. live look the at an accident southbound i-95 upper deck of that girard point double decker bridge. leaving center city heading down toward the airport look out there, again, southbound which is upper deck of the girard point double decker. an accident south on the northeast extension started out with one car, and then debris all over the roadway, some folks trying to swerve and new we have several vehicles involved in this crash southbound south of q town, between quakertown and lansdale, on the northeast extension. outside we will go northeast philadelphia heading to work we have red bright lights here, heavy downpour right here in center city. as that heavy rain comes through the area just be ready and watch for big puddles in the construction zones. we talk about the puddles when the drains are clogged or all that water with the drains you are driving in. 422, eastbound delays between
5:52 am
collegeville, and king of prussia, we are starting to see delays east on the schuylkill, watch for puddles on the schuylkill near gladwynn and another big one right here near belmont avenue, chris, back over to you. ♪ >> ridiculous, right, ladies of the saturday night live and guest hose ariana grande showed it is trek i writing a anthem. they explained why it wasn't a feminist song but then they realized it really was. remember teen heart throb one direction? well, one former member is making headlines for what he did to his face. zane posted a tattoo that said
5:53 am
m-o-m fans went crazy that he ruin his beautiful face, adding to the mystery that is m-o-m could reference the name of his album mine of mine, it is in the men if new ink is real or not. yeah, whatever. local animal shelter need your help to to overcrowding a special adoption event is happening this week. where you can get your new you lovable pet for a big discount straight ahead. and the who is about to rock the wells fargo center tonight, and one of the best albums of all time, it came out in 1937 featuring this song.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ >> how about that a little pete towns end in town with the who rocking the wells fargo center. if you are going mobile, take it slowly, wet red all the way around. it was a big day for flyers fans, the team didn't even take the ice but 39th annual flyers wife's carnival at the wells fargo center. it was the most successful charity event hosted by a pro sports team in the country by the way, yesterday afternoon fans had a chance to ruble bow with their favorite players and have a good time. the carnival like at the months fear including a carousal at center ice and a six story ferris wheel, since
5:57 am
the conception, the event raise 26 million-dollar for area non-profits. go fly guys. before we go to the break, we have to play the kennels in philadelphia's municipal shelter, are full of shelters that take in 41 dogs over the week's loan. we will take a quick break and we will be right back.
5:58 am
since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:00 am
another fall up police officer with ties to the delaware county. he was dead after being shot outside dead near a police station in the washington d.c. near the state of maryland. final good bye hundreds of police officers, family members and friend, they will pay their respects to new jersey state trooper, sean cullen, who was killed last week when he was struck by a passing motorist. it is a huge day for three local schools, our three teams into march madness. do any of these three of a a shot of the national championship. >> it is time dance, mike. >> let's dance. >> good day, it is monday, march the 14th, 2016. i have to admit, my suit, smells like a wet dog. >> it is raining out there. >> you didn't wear your rain coat. >> i did but it seeps through the jacket i have. >> i didn't have an umbrella. >> why. >> you know why.


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