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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this morning parent are on edge after local student dies from meningitis. what the school is planning tonight to make sure parent got the answers. plus. >> we're going to win, win, win and we're not stopping. >> he won, won, won yesterday, except for one. oh, ya, republicans and democrats, the landscape has whole new look this morning. >> i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday. >> we have all your super tuesday 2.0 results. >> yep, super tuesday two, 2.0, second super tuesday. winners and losers all morning long, march 16th, 2016 is the date. lauren dawn johnson, your voice, today? >> and i was going to say it sounds a little like hillary has something going on, doesn't it?
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>> i don't know how these candidates keep their voice. i mean, we go out for one weekend, we lose our voice. one major candidate john kasich will be in the philadelphia area today, live report on that in just a minute. first see, how is the weather for mr. cast snuck. >> better than it has been the past couple of days, i think it will be milder too. so we're just going to go with a eight out of ten, for today, even though, there might and shower or two before the day is through. probably north and west of the city. we are going to start off with sunshine, it will be much milder. you don't see any clouds showing up on our satellite picture. so, let's go to temperature. 44 degrees, very slight breeze, our 7:10 sunrise time still something that we're getting used to, after the time change over the weekend. it is rough. and we've got visibility issues. we've got some fog around, especially out in lancaster county, here in philadelphia, we're down to two and a half mile visibility at the airport, foggy, in mill verges wilmington, pottstown,
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reading. so some places cents, that fog could slow you down this morning. and it is chillier in some places, too, with temps in the 30's, in lancaster, reading, pottstown, millville, this morning, so, yes, it was sunny by sunday set yesterday. we got to 53 degrees for our high temperature. we do expect to beat that today with a early high of 66. but by the end of the day, you could see stray shower. you might see sunshine, you might see a shower. it will be that casino after day. our sunset time 7:09. that's your planner for wednesday. we will talk about some changes that have come to our weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly? >> hey the kids got first outdoor soccer game this weekend. >> oh, oh,. >> we will be looking at those changes. sue called for fog. we got it for you. bamm, right here, we found one for you, 409 near the pennsylvania turnpike, patchy fog that's ahead of you, rolling out of the bed, and roll out of the driveway. then we go to the boulevard live look, no problems at all from northeast philly, coming
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on down to the schuylkill. maybe some patchy fog right here over the schuylkill river. and that fog could also lead to some fog delays at philadelphia international airport. so if you are flying out this morning, maybe just check ahead with the airline or be prepared with minor delay. no problems on the jersey side, you got construction, 295, 42, and until we see the daylight hours, it is always tough with these new traffic patterns that the guys move the barriers around on the overnight. and patco okay for now. later on after 9:00 they're going to be running special schedule today. so if you are getting later start on plan to leave early from the office, make sure you have that special schedule. then midday work coming to the platt bridge. if you leave the airport area, the traffic light at 26th and penrose, we will see the work crews beginning at around 9:00 a.m. and they are still out on the turnpike, maybe another half hour or so, westbound between the connector bridge, and the neshaminy interchange. lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. we have breaking news to tell but right now.
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rescuers say 22 worshippers are dead after two female sued side bombers attack a mossing in new gear y details still coming in. of course we'll update you as soon as we get information and it becomes available to us. >> first, let's turn to politics, the day after donald trump and hillary clinton are the big winners, super tuesday part two as it is called, primary results, still coming in right now. let's break it all down. on the republican side, big night for john kasich, winning his home state of ohio, marco rubio, ted cruz, both came up short. still no winner right now in missouri. the race there, too close to callment donald trump was the biggest winner last night taking wins in illinois, north carolina, and florida. >> this is my second home, florida, to win by that kind after number is incredible. >> as the state in florida course, trump, full steam ahead for him after taking the
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weber take allstate for florida 99 delegates up for grabs, senator marco rubio quickly react today news he did not win his home state announcing he will suspends his campaign. >> while it is not god's plan i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truely is. >> rubio congratulated dollars trump on the win and still remains hopeful and optimist bick america's future. side note there, on the democratic side, hillary clinton coming out on top. she took home wins in florida, ohio, north carolina. if she wins missouri, too close to call on the democratic side as well she will take all of yesterday's festival of families primaries. former secretary of state speaking speaking in west palm beach. congratulated bernie sanders but focused her attention on donald trump.
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>> when we hear a president for candidate, banning all muslims, from entering united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong. it makes him wrong. >> six more states go to the polls this month before the next wave of votes in april. arizona is next on deck with primaries next tuesday, lauren? presidential hopeful coming to local college fresh offer victory in ohio. steve keeley live in villanova with the details on this trip. hi, steve. >> reporter: well, how about this for a change, lauren? always at villanova reporting on the school going to the final four, and now we're here because they're hosting one of the final three. republicans, john cast i can, long planned to come here to villanova for a town hall at noon. he and the university announced it on twitter last week, the only question was, would it be canceled since he said he, like rubio, would
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drop out if he didn't win his home state ohio? >> i will be, how much, forced going forward to talk about some of the deep concerns i have about the way this campaign has been run by some other by one other in particular. today is not the day. >> and kasich's vying i will not take the low head to office. kasich has him staying in the race, keeping his philly visit plans, and hopes to do well enough in this russ belt state that board he is his home, russ belt state ohio. to keep trump from wing the 1237 delegates needed for the nomination, then kasich hopes to get the nomination at contested, much the same way abraham lincoln did at the convene none in philadelphia in 1806 coming from third place, and winning the republican nomination on the third ballot at that convention. so little history there. i know little about abe lynn
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cop. we share the birthday february 12th as our day i -- daily viewers are learned. >> steve, real quickly, did you hear the union league will have the shirt that he was wearing, that he was assassinate in the, at the union league, you can see it, open to the public, mid many of the week at some point, which is going to be fascinating history, do check it out. >> so much history. basilica of saints peter and paul the way that nomination, that convention, laid right out mike jerrick's old apartment window, right off washington state park. when you see this building it is casino of cool, you wouldn't notice it but historical marker, there i learned that from living over there. a lot of history in this town that a lot of people don't know about. >> yes, steve, thanks. >> the long side of one presidential hopeful causing major controversy. egg harbor township police investigating the arson of 18-foot donald trump campaign sign on spruce avenue. this sign was place interested by john j henry who lives in that area. police say the vandalism happened last friday, this was
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the same night protesters were arrested at trump rally in chicago. the crime has spark not only political debate but safety concerns. >> i think it is like out of control. i mean, come on, not going to turn into a safety hazard. >> ill fix this sign as long as donald trump is a candidate for president of united state of america. >> henry says this is the third time the sign has been vandalized, politics aside, police say, this is matter of public safety. >> probably going to see things like this all around. >> student from north philadelphia high school has died of meningitis. >> this death leaves parent concerned, wanting answers cents, dave kin chin live in north philadelphia where a meeting is planned for later today. right, dave? >> reporter: that's right. at 6:00 tonight, a meeting where par lent get some answers here, always devastating any time a child dies from meningitis, or some sort of illness, certainly shakes up the school like it has here at george washington carver after district officials announce
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ninth grader died from meningitis tuesday morning, officials sent this letter to parent saying that the ninth grade student died after brief battle with that i will necessary. school leaders say that the student enrolled at carver last fall, and made many close friends, and so many people of course shaken up at this magnent school here in north philadelphia and near calm recall's campus, philadelphia health department released information to parent, about meningitis, which involves inflammation of the brain and spinal cord caused by infection, symptoms often include neck, muscle, and back pain, along with fever, chills, and vomiting. health officials say that the germs that cause meningitis can be spread through coughing and sneezing, along with other methods, and then again 6:00 tonight george washington carver high school, that's where parent will be meeting with administration members about this whole situation. in the meantime, grief counselors have been called in to assist student in this very, very difficult time. back to you. >> can't imagine for those parent specially, dave, thank
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you. coming up 5:11 this wednesday morning, police are hoping surveillance video can help them finds two men who are accused of robbing two local stores, targeting both customers and store owners. the first earlier this month inside the silver star kitchen on vernon road in west oaklane. police say the two men entered armed with guns and robbed two customers. then on monday, investigators think the same two guys walked into rays grocery in ogontz and then got away with money and cigarette. >> the masks are the same, guns are the same, so really the same set of individuals robbing these two stores. >> i hope it never happens again. and they catch the people that did it. >> crews are hoping someone will recognize the distinctive masks and the suspect's clothing. >> still ahead: local build that usually offers safety gets targeted. the chaos that included threat, a baseball bat and a fire. >> and flooding taking over part of the south, so look at what people are dealing with, as they're forced out of their homes.
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>> flood waters continue to rise in the southwest and along the gulf after heavy rain swept through the area. thousands of people have been displace from the their homes in texas, as water has taken over neighborhoods there. officials don't expect them to be able to return home any time soon. texas governor craig and booth issued a disaster declaration for the southeast area of his
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state. >> this river which runs between texas and louisianna has reached flood leafs. national guard continues to assist people living there in louisianna. their homes are now un wad err. >> being able to get out there, help individuals, who need it, and weren't really ready for the flood makes a big difference, that's what we're here for. >> so mandatory evacuations are still in place this morning, as many of the areas affected by the flooding are still looking like this. texas governor is expected to tour the flood damaged tomorrow. oh, man, sue serio, that looks like a huge mess on their hands. >> it sure is. and we are -- only good part we've got a day to take a break here, entire area we were just talking about, no rain, no rain in the offering, at least for now. that's good. the low pressure system the one that's closest to us is giving some rain to chicago right now. but the temperatures are warm enough that at least it is only rain. for us, no rain on the radar
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for a change. past two mornings we've had some to show you. nothing right now. so let's look at the future cast. we may not escape this entire day without any rain. by 5:00 we may see few showers north and west of the city. from that same low pressure system as it moves by to the north of us. so, in philadelphia, you may or may not see a shower t wouldn't and big deal if you did. now on saint patrick's day, about 2:00 in the afternoon another weak cold front comes through. this one could bring few showers two, 3:00, 4:00 evening hours, widely scattered showers shouldn't be big deal, shouldn't ruin your st. patrick day celebrations. colder air moves in. it is really three cold fronts will come through. and by the time the thirds one is through, on friday, you will feel the difference over the weekend. friday afternoon and saturday we may not even get out of the 40's, as we have the last two days of winter, friday and saturday. 44 degrees right now, in the 30's in reading, lancaster, pottstown, millville, new
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jersey, as women. so chillier start in a lot of places than it was yesterday. yesterday we were calling for 60 degrees, never made it, only got to 53, but i think we'll see nice warm up today with 66 before the clouds roll in. 65 degrees, tomorrow, then much cooler on friday, as we said, saturday and sunday, are the days when we probably won't get out of the 40's, and here we have the first day of spring on sunday, and it could be very chilly with a possibility of a wintery mix in the morning. so, as we get closer to the weekends, more on that. right now we are dealing with that foggy start, bob kelly. >> definitely, got some fog impacting visibility, not only on the roads, but maybe at philadelphia international airport this morning. here is a live look at the 30 bypass, out in chester county, folks headed eastbound on the right here in toward frazier, malvern, up toward king of prussia. and it is hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip. a live look here at the 42 freeway, starting to see some fog start to develop over here near creek road with the
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headlights coming in toward the city. so mother nature playing some tricks on us, you ready for some breakfast? >> yes. >> we're going out today. we are coming to delco, garnet valley spot called the coffee station, on folk road, just off naman's creek road, right at the corner there on the intersection, i'll be out there today from 9:00 to 10:00. bring the kids by. i'll give them little excuse note if they want to be late for school today. but they got some great breakfast, good coffee. that's working out good that excuse note thing. that's new. >> getting parents in trouble, bob. >> until the nuns catch onto me. live look at 95 looking good out of bucks county, pick up the cones and we're okay, no problems on the turnpike, headed in toward willow grove. again, the fog, going to slow us down on 422, so far so good on with the fog on the schuylkill. we don't have any delays yet coming into town. and then new project going to go into effect here, they notice some problems on the county line bridge, over
5:19 am
neshaminy creek, so putting weight limit in there beginning today, and then they're closing the bridge at the end of the month. so they can make some repairs. that will be something new for the gang rolling through warrington, later on today. you'll see the blinking signs. chris, back to you. >> mr. kelly, thank you, 5:19 the time. attack on fishtown building housing christian mission all caught on camera. building houses cents homeless services, worship services and drug recovery counselling. many in the neighborhood want to know who would attack a building like that. now, police are is her clinic for two men behind the violence. take another look at this. the two men are vandalizing the building. then, they ray tack two men outside early saturday morning. the pastor says the attackers made threats earlier in the night, then came back swinging, with baseball bats, and they even started fires. >> when you are dealing with the homeless population, and dealing with addictions, and so for the there is type of program, you are going to always have the nay sayers. you'll values have the people who are against this type of
5:20 am
thing. and people trying to get their lives together. >> police say the men in the video said they would be back to burn the mission to the ground. and they hope to catch them before they damage or hurt anything or anyone else, lauren. >> state attorney general kathleen kane says the three men who work in western pennsylvania did not do enough to protect children from a known sexual preditor. giles, robert, anthony, all face child endangerment charges. she said the men were ministers of franciscan re lidge orson allowed steven baker to work with children even though he face faced allegations of sexual abuse, inaction of the three men enabled bake here died in 2013 to molest more than 100 children. >> the three engage in the efforts to protect the image and reputation of the franciscan friar, rather than act in the best interest of
5:21 am
the children that they served in the organization to whom they owed a duty of care. >> kane expect the men to turn themselves in by the end of the week. >> 5:41, still ahead, just in time for spring. starbucks debuts new frappuccino. 521 is the time. japanese tradition. >> plus, a light up screen in a dark theater can be so annoying. how one country dealing with those who are disturbing the peace and the show. >> it ruins the movie, some guy checking text messages during the movie. are you kidding me? >> here are your winning lottery numbers. check those.
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>> a lot of money if you want this next -- >> we are apologizing to our sponsor dunkin for this one, right? starbucks has new beverage just in time for spring. it is new cherry blossom frappuccino. the drink is inspired by the japanese tradition. it is a blend of strawberries and cream with a white chocolate sauce and a no, ma'am a dzhokhar. >> i basically drinking dessert for breakfast. >> that's right. topped with whip cream. if you want one you better act fast because they're in stores now. but they're going to be gone by sunday. >> just like the cherry blossoms, so pretty and everything else, then gone.
5:25 am
like that $8 frappuccino, filled with 78 grams of sugar, then you get the sugar hi, and then gone. >> remember the store we it, i don't remember like the average cup of coffee at starbucks, had 25 spoonfuls of sugar. >> i just can't afford it. >> and alex always gets two extra pumps. girl. >> you don't need cigarettes. and you don't need starbucks frappuccino's. can you imagine how much money would you save every day if you didn't do those two things? >> keep preaching out there. >> all right, shoppers hitting the stores for saint pratt trick day today,. >> they're getting everything, theme clothing, food, drinks, everything. the holidays expected to generate over $4 billion in total sales. the national retail federation says that's about 35 bucks per person. with the harsh winter weather behind us, people are looking for a reason to get out and celebrate. several people will head to bars, parties, and restaurants.
5:26 am
>> leave it us to in america to really know how to create a rube rib, allows everyone to celebrate whether they're irish on the. >> so people are going to wear green to show their pride and raise a glass tomorrow. guiness roughly 13 million points of its famous stout, going to be sold world-wide on saint patrick's day alone. >> it is good. just don't drink and drive v a loft fun. 5:26 is the time. people who go to the movies or live performance also always asked, right, put your phones away. >> not only ring or text or tone distracting but the light from your screen in a dark theater can be annoying to people around you. >> you think? here is the deal n china they found real interesting way to deal with this. they're pointing lazer pointers at you if you do it, called lazer shaming. common practice there. when a person is caught, checking out their text messages in the middle of a movie, the your letter shine that infrared light right at your forehead. go, prevent employees from having to walk over, ssh,
5:27 am
don't be such a jerk. >> i can't believe they have ushers still in movie theatres there. >> final vote to legalize medical marijuana today. where the bill stands right now.
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>> good morning, a 30:00 this morning, parent on edge after local student dies from meningitis. what the school is planning tonight to make sure parent get answers they need. plus: >> tonight we continue to gain delegates and continue -- >> primaries may be over, but counting the vote still continues this morning, the race little too close to call. >> talk about coming down to the wire, talking hockey here. the flyers are playing great hockey in the last month. they score. did they win? they won. >> highlights. >> her ' headed to up chicago tonight, than is getting good. taking on last year's stanley cup champions tonight. >> good day everybody, is today wednesday? >> today is wednesday the 16th of 2016. month of march. >> got t so you didn't get a lot of sleep because you stayed up to watch the flyers. >> i listen to the flyers because on the radio, no, here is the thing, i couldn't even
5:31 am
listen on the radio last night, because they had march madness going on the radio. >> so were you checking your phone. >> yes, updates. >> got it. >> sue serio, was buddy up late watching, listening? >> yes, look what he's wearing this morning. his flyers cap, yes. now, he has warm jacket on for the bus stop this morning. you do need it. some of the temperatures in the suburbs in the three's this morning. mostly in the four ace, but there is some fog out there. otherwise, clear skies as far as radar and satellite is concerned. now, we are watching this area of rainout to our west. see how much of it makes it hereby this afternoon. i don't think it will be any time before lunchtime hopefully that we won't see any that far rain. we will keep an eye on things. here ' what we've got, 44 degrees, not much after breeze, we rhymed it, ten after 7:00 is your sunrise time. still pretty humid out there. that's why we're seeing a lot of fog. reduced visibility at philadelphia international airport, two and a half miles, really fog any wilmington, and
5:32 am
millville, and lancaster and reading, and pottstown, with just quarter mile visibility. that really slow you down. you'll see some of that fog on bob kelly's traffic camera. so it was sunny by sunday set with 53 degrees yesterday. the average high yesterday was 52. now it is 53. we do expect to be above average today. sunshine and few clouds by 99:00 we're at 53, but we should have heavy high of 66 before we get stray shower later on, more toward evening, for philadelphia, if you see one at all. and your sunset time 7:09. so that takes care of your hump day. we've got your weekend forecast just ahead. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning, everybody, 5:32, we've got some fog. live look at route 309, up at the ft. washington interchange of the turnpike. so hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip, the fog will knock down the visibility, 95, looking good out of northeast philly starting to see the volume pop though as you head southbound through the construction zone.
5:33 am
philly international not reporting any delays at the moment. but the fog could cause some delays of the early morning flight. so just check with the airline before you head on down there. pennsylvania turnpike looking good. they pick up the cones there near delaware valley. some fog on 422 between collegeville and king of prussia. schuylkill so far so good. and if you use patco today, running with special schedule beginning at 9:00 a.m. from 9:00 to 3:00. so going to get late start or early exit make sure you're good to go with the new schedule. chris, back to you. >> all right, mr. he will kelly, turning to politics, done add trump and big winners as yesterday super tuesday part two primary result continue to roll in. let's break it all down. on the republican side, big night for john kasich winning his home state of ohio marco rubio and ted cruz both came up short. still no winner yet in missouri, race there too close to call. trump was the big winner last night taking wins in illinois, north carolina, and florida now to the democrats, hillary clinton came out on top big
5:34 am
time. she took home wins in florida, ohio, north carolina, missouri, the only state where she has not been declared the winner, as that state is a little slow to get the results in. the former secretary of state, speaking west palm beach following her victory. she congratulated bernie sanders but then turned her focus to donald trump. >> presidential hopeful coming to local college today as he note in the his victory speech last night. steve keeley live in villanova with more. steve, what can can they expect? >> back to school for john kasich and one of the best schools villanova. so look for final four reference from one of the final flea john cast i can, but, he is staying in the race, and the plan is to win enough delegates with ted cruz to keep donald trump from reaching the magic number of 1237 that would give him an automatic nomination and then kasich hoping for contested convention casino of like abe lincoln did the way he got elected, third on the first ballot at the convention then winning on the third ballot.
5:35 am
>> a long road for me. and i'm very shall very humbled by the campaign and experience. but by continuing to run the race the positive campaign is now starting to shine through like a beacon. >> maybe since cast sick coming at noon today, lunchtime, he'll at at one of the fine college cuisin establishments here on lancaster avenue, and taste out the campus culinary, not owned by bases and lee vocalist kip winger. >> over winger. >> talking about the heavy metal bands from the 80s, right, winger? >> why, just watching the videos, squash he had has subscribed to the winger youtube channel. >> that's the saddest news i've heard all morning. all right, steve keeley. >> we laugh on that. >> thank up, sir.
5:36 am
>> 5:35, student from north philadelphia high school has died of meningitis. the school district sent home letter to parent yesterday informing them of the death of ninth grade student from george washington carver high school. the virus is contagious officials say they're work to go see if any student or staff came in contact with that student. a meeting will be held tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the school to address concerned parent. >> a 36:00. port richmond this morning, of thousand gallon tank caring liquid oxide spilled overnight. leak happened around 1:20 this morning, on east tioga and tulip streets in port richmond. that will area mostly industrial t took hazmat crews about hour to clean it all up. no word on how it started. >> today the pennsylvania state house could make final vote on legalizing medical marijuana. the house debated the bill yesterday as governor tom wolf met with families and patients fight to go get it passed. people battling diseases cents who might finds relief from medical marijuana told their personal stories to the governor in several lawmakers, if the bill becomes law, patients would be able to take the drugs as pills, oils,
5:37 am
and/or liquids, but not in a smoke recall form. the house is expected to continue debating the bill this morning. president obama has signed a disaster declaration to help parts of new jersey still struggling to recoup costs from january's big blizzard, that storm dropped nearly 3 feet of snow in part of the garden state. the white house says federal funding is available to state and local government, in certain private non-profit organizations, for emergency work, and the repair or replacement of facilities damage in the several counties. >> 5:37 the time on this wednesday morning. still ahead: are too many people using their devices cents as is a security blanket? how over use of cell phones could be an indicator of depression.
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>> nears three-point behind detroit for the final playoff spot. this win was a must and the fans new t to the wells fargo centerment down the left side, two goals on the night, watch the move in front of the goaltender. shots score. flyers beat detroit four-three. >> all right, the sixers, talk about playing like dogs. but nobody can save these dogs. because they stink, the sixers, they lose to the nets 131 to 114. and those phillies. they just keep on winning in spring training, to port charlotte, that's aaron noll, a four and two thirds wings, two runs, pitched well,
5:41 am
phillies beat the tampa bay rays, four to two. eagles signed another free agent for their defensive secondary. they resigned nolan carol. free agent, and last season broke his ankle on thanksgiving. he's rehabbing, signed one year, $2.3 million deal. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. oh, we all remember this moment. don't we? when miss virginia danced with the president and the first lady, well, she's at it again. who she is lacing up her dancing shoes for this time.
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judge ♪ >> the rapper birthday today. fear of black planet, dot right thing, you saw him perform? >> i did. look, the old philly cap. that's awesome. i saw them open for u2 for
5:45 am
their tour 1991, i want to say it was? at the oakland coliseum. phenominal show. they were great live. >> okay? >> running all over the stage, wearing the clock. jerry lewis, who didn't grow up with him and his, you know, movies, but then also, his nba telethon where they raised so much money to fight muscular dis toffee. he's 90 years old today, believe it or not, yes, jerry lewis. happy birthday. all right, sue, good morning to you. >> yes, let's talk first about visibility. because there isn't much in many places, this morning. fog is probably our biggest issue of the morning, reduced visibility in lancaster, reading, pottstown, millville, only quarter mile, only mile in wilmington, reduced visibility at philadelphia international airport. so with all of the moisture left over from the past couple of days of rain, and drizzle, we now have fog this morning. but we don't have rain or
5:46 am
drizzle, we have 44 degrees in philadelphia, chilly in lancaster, red willing, pottstown, millville, all at 37 degrees. it is warmer than that for some reason in mount pocono. 45 degrees in dover, delaware, and in wildwood, new jersey, so that's what it is like as you're stepping out the door this morning, there is a low pressure system associated with a cold front. we're going to get series of cold fronts moving through the next couple of days, no precipitation now, but as we look at the future cast we have chance of little bit of rain today, very slight chance, later on in the evening, and that is out of here. that system one. two comes through tomorrow, about two, 3:00 in the afternoon, again, north and west of the city is where you're most likely to see shower or two, shouldn't ruin your saint patrick's day, though, judge just stray shower, no deluge, then friday afternoon looks like we have another chance of showers, with system three. and that's the one that will really chill us out over the weekend, wait until you see the temperatures we've got in store for the seven day forecast, in fact, we'll show
5:47 am
it to you right now. sixty-six today. six a tomorrow. these are the warmest days of the seven day. because we're in the 50's friday, and check out the weekend. temps in the four ace, as we transition from winter into spring on sunday. it is a little crazy because then we have the possibility with those cold nights with temps below freezing, of little bit of wintery mix, sunday and maybe monday morning, as well. so that is just something to keep life interesting, bob kelly. we sure don't want to get boring. >> no, definitely little something, little bit of everything there on that seven day. good morning, everybody, 5:47. are we dealing with some fog sue mentioned, live look at the roosevelt boulevard, casino of pick up the fog in the overhead street lamps. and again anyone leaving for work at this hour, we're feeling the effect of the time change over the weekend. we are still driving to work close to 6:00 here in the dark. live look at the schuylkill, starting to pick up some volume from end to ends. but so far so good, nothing real out of the ordinary on 95 or the schuylkill.
5:48 am
we do have accident on the garden state parkway, southbound, right at the sea isle city interchange. crash out in pottstown, linnfield road, just off of wells road. and if you are hungry i got spot for you. later today we do our breakfast with bob segment from 9:00 to 10:00 i join you at the coffee station out there in garnet valley, just off of naman's creek road. philadelphia international airport no delays this morning yet because of the fog. but that could all change as we move through the morning, so may want to check with the airline before you head down to the airport, lauren, back to you. >> good news here, not so good news in d.c. it will be commute to remember for hundreds of thousands of people in that area this morning. the metro dc subway system, shutdown at midnight. and it will stay that way until thursday morning. cures have to conduct emergency sessions of its power cables. federal government already taking steps to make things easier for federal workers. and this is a live look you're seeing right now, closed all
5:49 am
day wednesday, march 16th. so, some employees there, federal workers, had the chance to take the day off or they could call in from home. >> will impact the entire metropolitan region, no doubt about it, without metro it will have a lot of congestion, it will be very difficult. we recognize that for people to get into work, school, children to get to school. for everyone who relies on metro. >> man, bob kelly has an easy job here today, right? metro officials say after a series of fires on the tracks, safety is the top concern. 700,000 people use that service every day. google revealing how much of the traffic on its search engines being protected from hackers. statistics released by the company show 77% of requests sent to google data centers are encrypted, that's up from 52% at the end of the 2013. google is highlighting it progress on digital security,
5:50 am
while f built and apple locked into encrypted iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. google's goat is to encrypt all of it on line activity. 5:50 is the time. let's turn to your health. so, some young adults who constantly reach for their smart phones might be ankles us or depressed. researchers from the university of illinois have studied more than 300, and the study found high risk of depression among those using the devices as a quote security blanket to avoid dealing with unpleasant experiences or feelings. the risk was not elevated among young people who use smart phone simply to escape boredom or for entertainment. >> sony is spoofing up what's left of michael jackson's music catalogue. >> not cheap either. $750 million, the company now has sole ownership of jackson's half share of the sony atv music publishing catalogue it, includes work by the beatles, bob dillon, and
5:51 am
another huge hit makers, including m and m and taylor swift. jackson bought the atv portion of the catalogue in 198 a. the sale does not include rights to jackson's mass recordings or songs he wrote interestingly enough. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a/k/a scary spice, once again hint interesting could be a spice girls reunion in the works for 2016. in a recent pod cast appearance, she said the group is quote in talks with each other closely. >> oh, no. >> she added until something is official, no point in saying anything until there are tour date to announce, recently said it would be rude not to celebrate with the reunion given this year marks the spice girls 20th anniversary. >> ♪ >> ♪
5:52 am
>> man, they're wicked good. the broadway musical has now grossed more than a billion dollars. it is only the thirds musical to reach the milestone. and did it, in about 12 years. that is faster than both the lion king and phantom of the oprah. wicked has also been popular on tour, grossing nearly $4 billion in global sales. starring in that original cast. >> i thought it was guest snell. >> oh, get it right. >> wicketly talented. that will never, ever be lived down. >> let's go to virginia. >> all right, last month 106, virginia mcclure and, stole our heart, as she got her wish to wish barrage and michelle owe bamm a she charm inningly danced with the first couple. >> well, she's back. yesterday the now 107 year old brought her dancing and basketball skills to a session with the harlem globe trot earls. she met the harlem globe trot
5:53 am
hers they visited roots public charter school in washington, d.c. she worked there as a volunteer. >> she is 107. she just gave harlem globe trot area high five. how inspirational is that? hard to tell who is more entertained by this, globetrotters or her. they also donated 107 tickets so that area student kent see them in a upcoming game. look at her smile. i love her. >> she is so cute. >> man, what an inspiration. >> i know. straight ahead, getting buzzed without the booze. new way people are sort of unwinding at happy hour. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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>> drinking today and tomorrow for saint patrick's day. this is out of new york. they're veer vick up drinks with a different kind of buzz. these cocktails don't have any booze. the drink is made from a root from the south passive he can, called the kava drinks, and it is looking to attract people to unwind without the hang over, it helps you relax keeping your mind lucid, that is if you can stand the taste. >> nice way of saying it, dirt water would be if i wasn't mixing words. >> i like the relaxing effect, very lucid, it is calming, it is not intoxicating. >> all right, open until
5:57 am
2:30 a.m., the bar wants to provide the same social atmosphere as your typical bar with a different drink. next on good day, parent on edge after local student dies from meningitis. what the school is planning tonight to make sure parent got the answers cents they need. >> and yesterday's primaries, may be over, but counting the votes still continues this morning. the race that's too close to call. what's the most awarded ranking from top to bottom. luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. there better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right. the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? current qualified gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this chevy cruze limited for around $179 per month.
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>> a student has died from meningitis watch parents are doing. >> people from our area can meet candidate john kasich later today. and we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> if we go forward in this campaign, if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter. done add trump and hillary clinton coming out as winners, and marco rubio suspending his presidential campaign. >> ii'm sure you can guess, after winning one county in the whole state of florida. trump picking up every other count. >> i we talk politics there is wednesday, march 16, 2016. thanks for being with us. >> good day to you. halfway through the week. >> hump day. >> go ahead, i'm in for mike jerrick because he said enough of this weather, right?


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