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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 17, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ right now we are following breaking news in delaware. skyfox is live over the i-95 toll plaza newark where several lanes are shut down after a three-car crash. this happened just after 8:00 tonight. new castle county paramedics are telling us they had to use jaws of life to free one person from their car. she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. another person was rushed to the hospital in serious but stable condition. two others were taken with non-life threatening injuries. no word when the toll plaza will reopen. our other big story historic vote in pennsylvania. medical marijuana is one step closer to legalization across the state. thanks to vote in the state house tonight. >> good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get over to chris o'connell with a final steps ahead tonight. chris? >> reporter: legal medical marijuana in the state of spence now closer than ever to reality
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with 149 to 43 vote house lawmakers paved the way for pennsylvania to be the 24th state to approve legal pot. >> after years of fierce debate -- >> senate bill three fails the medical approval process and puts both children and adults in substantial risk. >> reporter: tearful testimony from patients house lawmakers approve medical marijuana in pennsylvania. >> these are real people that we can help right now. we have a duty. we're legislating medicine when in fact it's not recognized as medicine because under federal law it's illegal. >> reporter: 154 page senate bill three allows doctors to prescribe medical marijuana through a statewide patient and dr. registry but it only includes cannabis oils, pills and ointments. smoking marijuana would still be illegal. >> this is not an opioid. this is a relief to great families who are suffering right in front of us in this chamber. >> reporter: the bill would
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cover patients with 16 different conditions. among them cancer, ptsd epilep epilepsy, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. >> we've been fortunate enough to look to other states for evidence and there has been no dramatic rise in crime, no substantial diversion to the black-market or any serious adverse effects. >> this is not good enough for our patients in pennsylvania. >> reporter: some cannabis active visit says the bill doesn't help enough people. he says the real reform would come with statewide decriminalization similar to philadelphia's ordinance. >> by limiting the access to it we're limiting the people had we're helping. >> reporter: program may take two years to get up and running and supporters say it is worth the wait. >> all we're doing is offering potential treatment that will change the lives of countless people. >> reporter: the bill will now go to the state senate and could be on governor's wolf desk by next we're where he's told us
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tonight he will sign that bill into law. lucy. >> all right. thank you very much, chris o'connell. on your radar the rain is out of here. at least for the night as we take a live look at reading many saw today's sunshine change to rain by the time they went home from work. some even saw ice. take look at this video sent to us from the fox 29 viewer haverford got some hail this evening. all right, kathy, same roller coaster you think? >> yes, i do indeed think so. you can see this upper level low spinning over the great lakes. some snow far north. we saw some thunderstorms rolling through and you saw that hail right here on fox 29. this lifting toward the north. one last thunder shower moving toward northeastern pennsylvania and southeastern new york. but the rest of us are in the clear with moonlit skies much it's 54 in philadelphia. 54 in the poconos. 52 in wilmington. normal high for this time of year is 52. so it's even warmer than what average for this time of the year. overnight, 48 in the city, 41 in the suburbs with partly cloudy
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skies. it will be mild the wind will be picking up tomorrow afternoon for your st. patrick's day. one more mild day coming up we'll time the showers more to come this week. it will be turning much colder in the seven day forecast and even the chance of a spring snow shower more on that we have updated information i'll have it with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thank you. now to a story you'll see only on fox 29 tonight much this is wawa left of a car after a deadly crash last week. a mangled mess of metal now there's a dual investigation into that wreck ton night we're beginning to learn more into what may have happened moments before that crash. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live outside accident investigation district in north philadelphia. dave? >> reporter: iain, sources confirm tonight that philadelphia police have been joined in this investigation by investigators for internal affairs at the philadelphia housing authority. as they try to get to the bottom of this crash. in fact pha investigators were here just this afternoon.
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they're trying to determine if a police department cruiser from the pha was chasing the driver seconds before this crash. a memorial marked with flowers, candles and rosary beads sits at second and cecil b. moore where a horrifying crash one week ago left one man dead and the street filled with debris. >> he lost control and then he ran up to all those poles there, hit the wall. >> reporter: the victim was trapped inside and so badly burned the car had to be taken to the medical examiner's office to remove the body. philadelphia police have now identified the driver as 39-year-old john dawkins the fourth from stenton. he died from injuries suffered in the violent crash which remains under investigation. >> they were chasing him, police officers were chasing him. don't know why. report roar that's what one witness told reporters the morning of the crash. philadelphia police now tell fox 29 that dawkins had been pulled over on cecil b. moore moments before for a traffic violation.
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he then fled the scene. the officer who pulled dawkins over radioed in that the driver fled and announced he was not pursuing dawkins. the department policy prohibits police pursuits for traffic violations. >> the impact was so severe, the truck of the car was in the middle of the block over here. >> thank god another car wasn't going down second street or else it would have taken out that person too. >> reporter: sources tell fox 29 the police accident investigation district and pha police internal affairs officers are now trying to determine if a philadelphia housing authority police cruiser was pursuing dawkins after he fled the car stop by philadelphia police. >> it's a shame though 'cause i would never ran from police officers even if they were chasing me no matter what the situation may have been. to get your own life taken like that it's crazy. >> reporter: sources confirm that investigators have identified a pha police cruiser through surveillance video near
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the crash scene, a gps tracking device on that cruiser indicates it was traveling at a high rate of speed that evening. pha police chief ban forward bar tonight would not comment sight citing the on-going investigation. philadelphia police likewise would not comment. there's no indication at this point if officers have been taken off the street or disciplined as a result of this investigation. lucy? >> no doubt about it, dave schratwieser we'll stay on top of that one. police are investigate a deadly stabbing in north philadelphia. it happened on the 2300 block of oakdale street this evening. investigators say a man was stabbed once in the chest he died at temple university hospital police are now searching for the killer. >> we're learning new information tonight in the death of a maryland police officer with ties to delaware county. >> officer jacai colson died in an ambush on sunday. prince george's county police announced today a fellow officer mistook colson for a suspect before shooting him sunday. investigators say colson was caught in the crossfire of an unprovoked attack at hess police
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station. police say one man opened fire while his two brothers video taped the gun battle. officers did shoot the gunman who is expected to survive. his two brothers are in jail. colson was undercover at the time so he was not wearing a uniform. the 28-year-old grew up in boothwyn attending chichester high school. scary moments on a septa bus when a man was slashed in the face. skyfox over the scene in springfield, delaware county this afternoon. septa is investigating exactly what happened but they tell us the victim was not seriously hurt and local police arrested one man at the scene. >> you decide ohio governor john kasich kept his presidential hopes alive by winning his home state last night. he now turns to pennsylvania to give momentum to his long shot candidacy. the republican presidential primary race just got real interesting. pennsylvania's primary is on april 26th and governor kasich could play spoiler at the gop convention this summer. fox 29's bruce gordon breaks it down.
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>> reporter: during an hour plus town hall meeting governor kasich never mentioned donald trump by name, but throughout the event the ohio governor fresh off a big win in his home state was quick to differentiate his views from those of the billionaire businessman. on the call for ban on muslim americans entering the u.s. -- >> the muslims are fighting in the war right now for the united states. so let's stop demonizing them. >> reporter: on trauma's sometimes inn inflammatory rhetoric. >> i want you all to know as i continue to pursue this campaign, i am not going to take the low road to the highest office in the country. okay? >> reporter: on the ability to turn a republican nomination this summer into a gop victory in november -- >> i know this is true. i'm the only one that can win the general leck. these folks aren't going to win the general leck. >> reporter: in his first of what may be many trips to our area, kasich ended with a low key sales pitch. >> i guess i'm not going to be any more overtly political than the saying -- than to say help
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if you can, i love being here. this was great honor for me to be here and i want to thank you all very much. >> reporter: some mostly student audience had been marco rubio supporters until the florida senator bowed out tuesday night much this woman is kasich's camp. >> he's done a lot by work aig cross the aisle yet holding his own beliefs. >> reporter: that's important to you. >> that's extremely important to meme that's the only way to get stuff did you have. >> reporter: kasich no surprise gave his event high marks. >> the spear witness writ was good. it was positive. it was hopeful. it repped the best of what america is all about. >> reporter: this early town hall made clear kasich used pennsylvania as a winnable contest. political analysts describe it more as a must win. >> because drum is that such a controversial front runner there's an opening for a long shot like kasich, but it's a very long shot indeed. >> kasich says the remaining primary schedule plays to his strengths he calls it his home court advantage. of course you he was born in pennsylvania. but he will need victories in seven of the final 20 contests to have any chance at being
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considered for the nomination. you can get bet that both donald trump and ted cruz will fight hard against any attempt to change those rules. in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> president obama announced merrick garland has his pick to replace justin scalia on the supreme court today. and now starts the fight in congress to confirm him. garland is currently chief justice of the dc court of appeals where he has served since 1997. republicans are already threat threatening to refuse the nominee referring to the time honored tradition that they do not confirm a nominee during a presidential election season but the president says selecting a supreme court justice shouldn't be about politics. >> supreme court really is unique. it's supposed to be above politic. it has to be and it should stay that way. >> supreme court justice has not been both nominated and confirmed during a presidential election year since 1940.
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local contractors not happy, not at all to see our jeff cole again. when he tried to ask a few questions outside a city court -- >> bleep. >> what i was angry about? >> why customers are pursuing him and the legal trouble he faces fox 29 investigates is coming up. >> and, home in the middle of the morning when a woman comes face to face with stranger standing in the middle of her house. how he got in that's even creepier. >> there were no victims, no witnesses, but police slapped this guy with ticket any way. what the driver did hours later that got himself caught. >> fighting to keep her 6-foot pet alligator rambo. the state wants to take him away. why she says keeping him inside her house is for h
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♪ in north philadelphia students releasing balloons in memory avenue classmate who passed away from meningitis. as they mourn they also have concerns about the potentially deadly if he can. >> school officials held a meetinmeeting addressing the wos and of students and parents. shawnette wilson is live outside the high school. shawnette. >> reporter: well, one parent we talk to said she is still unsure whether her child is safe from meningitis. but most of the parents we talk to say they left the meeting with a better understanding that most of the children here are not at risk. >> nothing we need to be alarm with. they're on top of it. >> reporter: dean washington is one of many parents who left the meeting to night at george washington carver high school feeling at he's. he was there with his daughter colby to ask questions about
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meningitis. >> not an airborne disease. you can only crack it through fluid. >> reporter: meeting was called a day after 1584 old jonathan briggs a ninth greater at the school died suddenly of meningitis. his death left many parents concerned about whether it was safe for their children to return to school. >> i expected to hear some gobbly goop and got a good plane talk. a nurse, doctor, school district all the questions were answswer. >> i just wanted to know basically about the family, um, the school community, how they were pulling together for the family. >> reporter: before the meeting students released balloons and signed a poster bearing pictures of jonathan who we're told loved to sing and was a forward for the junior varsity basketball team. >> like a happy guy. friday he was normal and then tuesday -- yeah, tuesday found out he had died. >> matteo got emotional talking about his friend. >> like so hard to think i'll
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never see him again. >> reporter: jonathan's coach kristin jones calls him an mazing kid and dedicated athle athlete. >> went undefeated and he walked around wis his held high and kids loved him. >> parents also learned from tonight's meeting who might be at risk. >> they indicated the protocol, the fact that it's transmitted through bodily fluids it had to be a kiss exchange, cigarettes, drinking sodas from the same bottle. >> reporter: and school officials also say that they have interviewed jonathan's family to see who else he may have had close contact with. iain and lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much, shawnette. members of a national guard troop in new jersey are spending their first night at home in a very long time. >> they got warm welcome this afternoon from family and friends. the 328th military police company greeted by around of cheers in cherry hill. 120 men and women spent the last year in cuba securing detainees
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at guantonimo bay. members come from 20 of new jersey's 21 counties. international organization honored aphylly fallen philly leave tonight in northeast philadelphia. it recognized officer robert wilson for an exceptional act of courage. his 11-year-old son accepted the award at the ceremony this evening. officer wilson died in a hail of gunfire during a robbery attempt at a north philadelphia game stop last year. the robber shot him several times. but he did engage in that fierce gun battle to protect all of those other people inside the store. this is an organization for security professionals and it recognized 37 officers for their bravery tonight. in lancaster county, this horse ended abandoned at an auction. some someone abused the mare shot with a paint gun more than a hundred times. tonight the horse is getting much needed help and love in chester county. fox 29's dawn timmeney went to the new bolten center to see how the horse is doing. >> someone took a paintball gun
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and shot her. >> kelly smith of omega horse rescue couldn't believe her ey eyes. >> absolutely heartbreaking. this horse was so scared when we first approached her. >> reporter: kelly discovering this 20-year-old horse abandoned after an auction at new holland stables in lancaster county on monday afternoon. the horse shot 130 times at close range with a paintball gun left tied to post. >> very very gentle soul. just imageable to me someone would do this to an animal and think it's okay. >> reporter: local spca quickly notified and kelly who named the horse lilly staying with the badly injured mare until she can be taken to penn vet new bolten center in kennett square. >> shocked and furious. >> dr. rose nolan is caring for lilly who is quarantine in their critical care center. she says in her 15 years of practicing veterinary medicine she's never seen anything like this.
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>> come on baby. lilly is covered with head to toe in paint. it's believed she was shot by more than one person. even more disturbing, she was probably in a stall and unable to escape the cruel act. >> she has a lot of bruising an lot of pain from this. probably over a hundred welts and bruises. >> reporter: she is malnourish and all tra sound revealing she's blind in her right eye. unrelated to the cruelty she endure. dr. will remove that eye tomorrow and treat the left one for an ulcer. >> although she's not going to have perfect vision from that eye i think we can make her comfortable horse with some vision and honestly she'll get around fabulous. >> she'll be at the new bolten center way week or so with offers already pouring in to help her. >> even though there are some people out there that would do this to a horse i think there are many thousands of people more who are willing to stand up for her. >> omega horse rescue offering $1,000 reward to find and prosecute whoever did this. anyone with information should
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contact lancaster spca. if you'd like to make did he nation toward little polls care there's a link at dawn timmeney fox 29 news. >> get those people. all right. would be robber met his match inside the store. the clerk armed and ready. why even that gun didn't stop the guy on a crime spree. my step daughter just called me and told me somebody is in the house right now. i don't know what they do in my house or whoever -- i don't know who they are. >> is she there. >> yes. she's scared half to death. >> a teen homesick when group of people bust in. where she hid as they ransacked the place. >> '80's classic comes to life. one of the high predictions from back to the future. ♪
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>> now your wiping lottery numbers. ♪ would be thief pick the wrong store to rob. the clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a gun. it happened near detroit. you can see the moment the robber reached over the counter towards the register. the clerk went for his gun so the guy ran off.
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but what happened here did not stop him from robbing two other stores. cops are still on the hunt for him tonight. washington, d.c. metro system set to reopen in time for tomorrow's rush hour. inspectors say that during today's shut down they found 26 spots in the cable that is need emergency repairs. the system shut down at midnight for a system wide safety inspection of its third rail power cables. the closure bringing traffic around the city to standstill. electrical fire monday after a deadly fire last january prompted the spec. huge mansion in florida goes up in names. >> previous owner is the man behind one of the country's most well-known papers. huge names lit up the night sky in cocoa beach and that is enormous. the mansion one belonged to al new heart the creator of usa today caught fire around 9:00 p.m. barely anything left of it now. the home recently sold for $5 million and new opener was remodeling the place. >> we have no reason to believe
3:25 am
that had any contributing factors to start of the fire but we are going to look into. we'll work our way outside in and try to find any kind of cause along with a state fire marshal to find out what happened. >> the house was empty when it flames broke out and firefighters were dumping water on to hot spots well passed sunrise this morning. no one is hurt. the concrete contractor between a rock an hard place but he comes out swinging when fox 29 investigates tried to ask him a few questions. hear what he told jeff cole that's coming. >> a train slams into a van on the tracks. >> spotty showers on ultimate doppler but for most of us we're in the clear until tomorrow. warmth, some rain and then a major cool down with a chance of spring sno
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♪ right now at 10:30 tracking a big change for your weekend. possible, iain, close your ears, snow at we look live at allentown tonight. kathy is tracking the chances and when the potential for snow could hit. she's coming up.
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now be able to cruise a little faster on the pennsylvania turnpike. the turnpike commission approving an increase from 65 to 75 miles an hour for most of the highway it comes an 18-month study. parts of the turnpike posted at 55 miles per hour will remain the same. the change will go into effect this spring. to developing story. hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from a philadelphia non non-profit. it's case district attorney is calling disgusting. >> seth williams says money meant to benefit the citizens of philadelphia instead bank rolled one woman's lavish lifestyle. 61-year-old joyce levitt the former chief financial officer of visit philadelphia and she's accused of of embezzling $200,000 between 2005 and 2012. prosecutors say she spent it on fancy dinners, skin care and even a new york furrier. visit philadelphia gets about $11 million a year from the city's hotel tax but the da says there was no city oversight. he's working with mayor jim kenney and city council to
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change that. >> all of them are looking forward to working with visit philadelphia to ensure greater oversight, greater audit and internal audit controls to ensure that the taxpayers dollars are being spent appropriately. >> levitt charged with felony fraud, theft and forgery. she turned herself in today. a woman was home alone in the middle of the morning when she saw a strange man in her sunroom perhaps even creepier how she and her husband think he got into the house. through their doggie door. they say he either crawled right through the flap or just reached in and unlock the door of their home. just outside atlanta. when the woman saw him she screamed, called police the guy took off jumping over the fence. neighbors say the same man broke into three other homes on the block the same day. stealing anything he could get his hands on. he's still on the loose tonight. a florida woman is fighting to keep her beloved pet rambo. the problem, rambo is a 6-foot alligator.
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mary thorn adopted rambo 10 years ago from the wildlife facility where she worked when they realized he had a sensitivity to the sun. rambo lives in mary's home to keep him out of sunlight. she even made him accustom vest. he's too big for his surroundings and violating state code. >> i feel that if this alligator leaves he's going to pass away and this alligator is my baby. i get used to things that he does like if he wants to go to the bathroom, since he's potty train he'll come and tap his nose on my leg and i'll pick him up and bring him out and let him go. >> mary says she's taken her case to court in hoping they will make an exception. she's also looking to make rambo a therapy animal. >> he gives a hug. he's potty trained. i've never ever heard of such a thing. >> okay. i love him. kathy, i'm sorry, can you top that? >> no. i only trust my old english
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sheep dog. i did not trust alligators. big teeth. scary teeth. in philadelphia international right now, no weather issues. we actually have moonlit skies. the high did today 71 degrees. the normal high is 53 degrees. across the area right now, most locations warmer than that. especially the airport 54. 48 in wrightstown. 54 in the poconos. feeling like spring in wilmington it's 52. 50 in dover and wildwood throughout the northeast colder temperatures some 40s and some 30s. we are going to see a piece of this cold winter like air moving into the delaware valley by the weekend. doppler radar showing a few spotty showers moving through the poconos and some of that heavier rain and thunderstorm activity moving into the southern part of new york state. this moves out, the clouds will give way to clearing everywhere. even down the shore. by the late morning period. more clouds moving in on your st. patrick's day but i think bob kelly will be talking about sun glare for the morning rush. and during the afternoon here we
3:33 am
go again. another weak front moving through providing some scattered showers, maybe a few rumbles of thunder afternoon into the evening between about 4:00 and 7:00 o'clock. that moves offshore and we dry it out again. when we look at the probability of rain, a chance thursday afternoon a chance friday afternoon, saturday dry. sunday a good chance of rain maybe even some wet snow. so by saturday we're going to be talking about an area of low pressure that's in the gulf of mexico and it will be crossing over in order and into the mid atlantic offshore. as it passes by, as strong nor'easter, there's a chance that on the back side some cold air will provide us with some snow showers. our computer models are at odds tonight so we'll wait until we get more information tomorrow to talk more extensively about the possibility for sunday and into monday. so still a chance of snow in the forecast and that would be the timeline. overnight in the city 48. in the suburbs 41 degrees. during the day tomorrow, 66 for your st. patrick's day.
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the best chance of a shower comes late in the afternoon. plan your day morning sun, very pleasant noon hour temperature. 62 if you can eat outdoors that would be great. mostly cloudy at 3:00 p.m. 66. a spotty shower heading through south jersey by 7:00. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, friday, saturday, turning cooler. sunday spring begins but that's the potential storm day. we'll keep updated on that. monday cooler. tuesday 48. wednesday near 60. so i think once we see this nor'easter pass by we get a little shot of cold air saturday morning sunday morning cold in the 20s and 30s. then we'll be on our way up. >> real quick. donna willis dickerson reached out on facebook wanted me to ask, she has her house plants she put out already should she bring them back in. >> by the weekend y. >> there you go, donna. >> teen was homesick when group of people burst in. where she hid as they ransack the place. >> and there were no victims and no witnesses and police slapped
3:35 am
this guy with a ticket any way. what the driver did hours later that got himself caught. >> now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. hello warrington. look out county line road going to go into shut down mode in about week or so all because of the bridge over the little neshaminy creek. they found a defect in it. so they're limiting the truck that is go over that bridge and we'll go into shut down mode at the end of the month. the big day tomorrow come on out and join us for "good day philadelphia"'s st. patrick's day event at maggie o'neill's irish push. we'll be out there with the tv cameras from seven to 10am right there in drexel hill. we'll have the irish breakfast. the irish dancers, the irish music and lots of "good day philadelphia" fun. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning
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♪ sin gary frank sinatra, jr. has died in a statement his family says he died unexpectedly today of cardiac arrest. he was on tour in daytona beach florida. reports say he had a heart attack while at a hospital. the 72-year-old followed in the footsteps of his father with a
3:39 am
musical career. he's survived by one son. talk about a close call. check this out. an ohio police officer was on patrol when one man got to his work van stuck on railway tracks. the timing couldn't have been worse. the train was barreling down the track. the officer jumps out of his cartels the guy to get back. seconds later the train hits the van. tossing it across the road thankfully no one was hurt. >> all right n your money tonight introducing the shoes of the future these are nike's new self lacing shoes. they're called nike hyper adapt 1.0. the back to the future like shoes have sensors inside when you put on your shoes your heels hit the bottom it automatically tightens the laces. and you can control the snugness with buttons on the side of the shoe. nike plus members can get their hands on them later this year. a bakery treat that is mixing in easter favorite candy with a pastry craze that swept the nation. introducing the cadbury cream crow dough. that's the now famous crow nut.
3:40 am
mix between donut and croissant topped with white and orange fondant an cadbury cream egg only available in london you see because they got sweets over there. it will set you back about 3 pounds or $4 and 20 cents. >> it won't set you back 3 pounds because you'll gain 3 pounds. >> yes. probably gall bladder. if you do something illegal like running a stop sign and no one sees it can you still get a ticket? if you post a video of yourself doing it yes. the colorado man is learning that hard way. michael dalton posted this video to his facebook page showing him not one stop but four about an hour south of denver. local cop saw the video and issued dalton a $60 ticket for wreck less driving and failing to stop. >> did i do this on purpose, no. do i have end game in mind, absolutely. but i'm trying to figure that game out. that's the social media game. that's this viral video game. it's a safe tow issue. it's something we saw that wasn't being safe and we don't -- we don't want that in our town.
3:41 am
>> not a game. dalton issued a public apology but he doesn't regret posting the video. a local contract not happy to see our jeff cole again when he tried to ask a few question outside a city court. >> talk to me for minute, man. >> bleep. >> what are you angry about? >> why customers are pursuing him and the legal trouble he's facing f
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♪ sick day takes a scary turn for a 15-year-old girl when a group of burglars break into their home. police say six teenagers kick in the door of the house in fayette county georgia half hour south of atlanta. jasmine wright white was in her room when she her the family dog barking as the burglars were stealing two saves, jewelry and from her mom's room she was hiding and calling her stepfather on the phone for he help. >> i was really scared. my heart was like pounding. i didn't know what to do. i was like, okay, okay, i'm just -- i'm not going to go outside. that's not an option. >> she heard them kick in the door. she heard -- she jumped over behind the bed and robert somebody just broke in the hou
3:45 am
house. >> five teens are under arrest accuseaccused of break in. police say another juvenile was involved and will soon be facing charges. local families are absolutely outraged tonight that they're still trying to get their money back from contractor who calls himself the godfather. they say his jobs were poorly done if at all. >> he's now facing legal trouble, fines and wasn't very happy to see jeff cole a few weeks ago. jeff shows us what happened as fox 29 investigates. >> reporter: the godfather of concrete was not happy about our reunion. >> talk to me for a minute, man. >> bleep. >> what are you angry about. >> you may anthony dimatteo. he we told you in the fall about customers complaints with the business he runs with his wife kim monaco out of their sewell, new jersey, home. ron and nancy fallon of atco not only didn't get their backyard pool deck and walkway finish they say their pool liner cracked when water swept be 19 it while they waited.
3:46 am
plus there's this. >> he called me a cripple mf err. i don't want to repeat exactly what he had said. >> fallons hold a $2,700 court judgment against dimatteo but have yet to get paid. walt and sherri mcguire hired the godfather to lay a paver patio hyped their mantua home. but when another contractor check the work -- >> he says this patio is going to collapse and your back wall the first big rain it will roll down the hill. >> reporter: dimatteo cut a check. it bounced and he never brought the mcguire's fire pitt. then they say he threatened to embarrass their family. a third couple from williamstown was promised a pool deck stamped and colored like hardwood but got this instead. >> it was supposed to be like a hardwood floor brown color. supposed to be shiny looking wood and it is gray like old boardwalk look. >> not to mention, there were cracks, spots, ripples, a hose
3:47 am
mark and a boot print. they, too, had the work completely redone before it could push in the walls of their pool at a cost of $10,000. they only got some of their money back from a credit card company. dimatteo claims the fallons wanted too many change, the mcguires won pay fort second half of their work and he didn't threaten them while he says the third family was tough to deal with. but the new jersey division of consumer affairs investigated complaints from these three customers and two others. violations were filed against dimatteo and hahn in a company for among other things failing to register his home improvement contracts and not completing work on time. they can settle or get wacked with a $7,000 civil penalty and 15,000 in res toy tying. >> that's not anthony dimatteo's only legal trouble. he's been in and out of court on numerous cases. he's even spent time in federal
3:48 am
prison on firearms and threat charges. the 52-year-old tried to declare bankruptcy but that case was tossed when some of his customers objected. now, he's likely to face two trials in the spring. in philadelphia, he faces terroristic threat and contempt charges. he allegedly texted his ex-wife that he'd have benefits cut off an few other things in store for her if she messed with his boat. we asked him outside family court about his affairs. >> talk to us, man. >> bleep. >> was are you a and agree about. >> get out of my face. >> are you still in the business. >> get out of my face. >> are you still in the business. >> we didn't even come near you. >> i'll jam the camera down your throat. >> all right, all right. are you still in the concrete business? are you done now? >> i'm in your mother's busine business. >> okay. so may third trial, right on this? >> we also went to his court
3:49 am
appearance monday in mantua on a bad check charge. a judge gave him 30 more days to pay the mcguires 1500 buck. >> what's your taught about that? >> i think it's horrible. the guy continuing to do the same thing over and over and over again to people, you know, innocent people that work hard for their money. >> reporter: you can't say anything about this. >> this time a lawyer snuck dimatteo out back door to avoid our camera. the contractor who also uses the business name dimatteo and son concrete and allay custom concrete face as $15,000 civil case next week brought by the williamstown couple. yet he still advertises on south jersey craigslist, offering to do concrete, hard scape work. previous versions of the ads said reply to tony at one of his phone numbers and he list as pennsylvania contractor license number that's not his. former customers are fed up.
3:50 am
>> i'm a hard heart and kidney transplant recipient. my wife is breast cancer survivor. i work hard to earn my money and keep my money and not have somebody stick their hands in my pocket and just take it. yeah, quite angry. >> jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> all right. here's howard with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> beep, beep, beep. >> whole bunch of beeping going on. >> eagles signed another free agent and this one on the offensive side of the football. the flyers involved in very tight game on the road. making that playoff push. the goaltender michael up to the task? my lights and we hear
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> flyers continue in full play off push with another big game as we head into the final games of this season. flyers were one point behind a play off spot tough one tonight against the blackhawks. gloats to chicago. in the opening period no score. ut-oh, mistake. a turnover and the brake away by hosa. he shoots and scores. chicago one to nothing. in the second period with the flyers down two-one, brayden
3:54 am
schenn watch this pass from claude giroux. to brayden schenn he shoots and scores and it's two-two. third period, about 10 minutes left, and he shoots and it's deflected by chicago past the goaltender that's the winning goal. flyers beat chicago that's a big one. three-two. all right. the eagles they have signed another free agent today while a former eagle science with another nfc team. member former eagles offensive lineman evan mathis he went from the super bowl champion denver broncos and he signed today with arizona. he only has $1 million guarantee. now the eagles signed that wide receiver chris givens much he had played with sam bradford for a season and half in st. louis coming from the baltimore ravens where he played last season. signed one year deal he does remember the good vibes when he played with bradford in st. louis. >> we had real good chemistry. we worked together every day aft practice it was one of those things where the coaches and everybody else saw that we had a
3:55 am
connection so everybody did everything they needed to do to work on it to make it better. >> all three big five teams had their final practices at home before they left for their opening games. ncaa tournament. villanova and temple took the bus ride to brooklyn but st. joe's had little further to go. st. joe's has long trip to spokane, washington for their game friday night against cincinnati. it was the second most wins in school history and they get shipped out west. that's a joke. the game starts at 10:00 p.m. on the east coast. but head coach phil martelli got the school to make an interesting request to have students back and give their full attention. >> i got the library to agree that they'll close at 9:00 o'clock on friday night to allow the students to, you know, not be conflicted on whether or not they should watch the game or be studying. >> you don't want to study. why you want to study? adam laroche announced his retirement with the white sox now. the white sox management didn't want his 14-year-old in the clubhouse so he said take your
3:56 am
13 million and should have it. and the washington nationals lot of pitcher bronzy, to a torn labrum injury. spring training baseball in arizona. angels seen at tell. watch this. one out. seattle hits a fly ball. daniel novice the left fielder. one out, man on first. he throws the ball under the stands. there's only two out there is. stands. so now, all right torque make things even more ridiculous, the base runner for seattle never tagged up. so the manager mike sosa says ut-oh, double play, end of inning. >> two dopes. >> that's why it's spring training. >> we got lotto stuff going on
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> a man crashes into several parked cars. how the victim is doing and who police believe the shooter may be. frightening moments at the toll plaza, interstate 95. the plaza shutdown after three-car accident. the latest in the crash, and if the plaza has reopened. get out your green. today is saint patrick's day. we have a special treat for everyone celebrating today including another look at the parade in case you missed it. good day everybody, it is thursday, march 17th, 2016. and we have a surprise treat for you here on this saint patrick's day. dave warren woke up early and decided to come in and hang out with us. good morning, dave. >> perfect wet they are morning, patchy fog out there. temperatures


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