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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the weekend. good day everybody, as we just said, it is st. patrick ' days thursday, march 17th, 2016. dave warren decided i want to join the fun on saint patrick's day. if you look closely he is wearing a tad bit of green. >> real close. >> you got to look close though. >> real close. >> real, real close. >> all right? is that close enough? there is green in there. it is tough to wear it in that key, if lauren wants to join me later you'll see why. fog is out there this morning, it is dense in some areas, mild in wilmington, one and quarter miles there in philadelphia, and also north and west there in pottstown, reading, visibility down, less than a half mile, or even less than quarter mile. so, the weather service put out a statement, watch for that, on the roadways, because they could drop quickly there. visibilities scattered, drops, just patchy fog, so take a little extra time. it is into the 40's right now. north and western suburbs, 40's, reading 39 degrees,
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oxford is at 38. and to the southeast we go, where temperatures are into the mid to low 40's, so not exactly a cold morning, just patchy fog morning, and it might take little longer to burn off. we put it right at a seven this morning. because along with the fog, which will be clearing out, we will get showers, storms developing, and they're out there in western pennsylvania right now. but with the cold air in place, and things heating up little bit, these pop-up showers and storms develop by about 2:00, strongest north and west, moving through the philadelphia area by about 3:00, 4:00. so out this afternoon, maybe brief downpour, gusty wind, and maybe even some hail, as these storms move through there, all cleared out by this evening. 60s, so not a bad day, not quite as warm, but still pretty comfortable with sunshine and just a few clouds. more green, bob kelly. >> got you covered. good morning, everybody, 5:01, we got the good day philadelphia saint patrick's day show later on 7:00 to 10:00. join us liver at maggie o'neil's irish pub in drexel hill, myself, jenn fred, brink
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the kids by, dress in the green, we will put them on tv. we got the breakfast, the music, the dancers, we'll do that all morning long celebrating saint patrick's day. now we had some fog out here, as women. shear look at the vine expressway in center city, and under broad street dealing with some fog from the suburbs from 309, 202, 422, even some patchy fog up and down the roosevelt boulevard. so just be aware of that, it will knock the visibility down, like the fine mist in the air, roads will be well, as women. fog delays possible this morning, in and out of philadelphia international airport. probably on the first round of flights, the other day when we had fog, we delays out of new york first, and that trickled down here to philadelphia. service restored on the cynwyd line. it was a hot mess all day yesterday with service being suspended, trains are back and running, with no delays so far this morning. and then midday work coming to southwest philly if you are leaving the airport, using the platt bridge, crews will be working there at 26th and
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penrose. otherwise, the bridges look fine. mass transit, looking good, as well. lauren, back over to you. >> developing overnight. man in critical condition this morning after being shot in the head and then crashing his car into a bunch of parked cars, this happened in the holmesburg section of philadelphia around 10:00 last night. police found the man sitting inside the car on meridian street. he is currently critical condition at aria-torresdale hospital. he is expects today survive. as for the shooter, police tell fox 29 a 17 year old has been taken into custody. this morning we now know more about what may have happened moments before last week's deadly crash in north philadelphia. police have launched a dual investigation to determine the cause. steve keeley live in center sit which more on this investigation. hi, steve. >> reporter: well, we've learned that philadelphia housing authority police internal and affairs detectives have joined in on the investigation of that high-speed horrific fiery crash on cecil b. moore avenue that was our lead story last
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week that our viewers will remember. so bad when this infinity hit this house that they couldn't pull the driver out of it. in fact, they had to take the entire wreckage, what was left that far car, nobody at the scene could even tell it was an infinity, they had to take that melt on wreckage to the morgue for the medical examiner to get to the remains of the driver. meantime, what we've also learned is that surveillance video shows that it was a philadelphia housing authority police car right behind that infinity leading up to the crash scene on cecil b. moore avenue and gps in that police car shows it going quote at a high rate of speed and puts it right at that crash scene, right at that time. now lauren the reason for philadelphia police taking out of that chase was they pulled an infinity over for a traffic violation. they did not pursue the infinity, and there is a policy to not pursue any cars
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for anything less than a violent crime. and the reason for that is high speed chases always seem to end badly. a lot of times they end up in horrific crashes like this, with people dying, like in this case. this case could have been so much worse with many more people than the driver being killed, had it not happened overnight when it did. here's a witness that you will remember from our show last week. >> they were chasing him, the police, chasing him, don't know why. it is a shame, though. i would have never ran from police officer, even if they were changes, no matter what the situation may have been. and to get your own life taken like that, you know, it is craze. >> i the impact was so severe, the trunk of the car was in the middle of the block over here, like it is right there. i seen the guy. he was inside, i think, by the impact, i think he was already dead or unconscious, it was in flames. it was bad. this is the worse i ever seen. i tried, but i couldn't get the door open. i didn't even try, i couldn't
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even get to the door actually because the flames, you know, coming out. >> well the only thing recognizeable at that scene by the police and witnesses was a whole lot of mcdonald's debris. a lot of mcdonald's gift cards, mcdonald's cups. so the thought was maybe the guy took off because he just held up or broke into a mcdonald's. well, we learned why there was so much mcdonald's debris at the crash scene in that infinity. the person who was killed, the driver, 39 year old john dawkins is part of a family that owns nine mcdonald's franchises. that explains for the mcdonald's merchandise all over the street. but, lauren, what it doesn't explain is why he would take off from a minor traffic stop in the first place. we just don't have that answer and may never have it since he's now gone. >> that's the tough part. steve keeley, thanks so much. >> lawmakers one step closer to making pennsylvania the next state to legalize medical marijuana. patients who suffer from
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chronic conditions say this drug could be life changing for them. jennifer joyce, is at city hall with more on this monumental decision. hi, jenny. >> reporter: it is monumental, lauren, good morning to you. yesterday the house did vote in favor of the medical marijuana bill, 149 to 43. the bill passed through the house yesterday after years every debate. would allow forms of marijuana to patients, the marijuana would be in the form of cannibis oil, ointment, pills, not smoke recall marijuana. well, not every law maker is in favor of this bill for reasons like marijuana is still an illegal drug in the u.s., a majority see this move as major step in the right direction to help patients battling serious illnesses cents. >> we have been fortunate enough to be able to look to other states for evidence, than has been no dramatic rise in crime, no substantial diversion to the black market or any serious adverse effects. >> this is something that
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really gives relief to pennsylvanians, something that the democratic process is for. >> the bill would cover patients with 16 different conditions, including cancer, ptsb, epp specie, glaucoma, a multiple sclerosis, now the bill would go back to the senate and could be on the governor's desk next week, he says he will sign it, that would make pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. lauren? >> could be a good move for so many people. jennifer joyce, thanks so much. >> parent of george george washington carver high school receive more information about meningitis yesterday. the meeting coming one day after a student died from that infection. before the meeting student released balloons and signed poster pictures every ninth grader jonathan for the basketball team. left concern about their own children's safety at school. >> there is nothing we need to be alarmed with. they're on top of it.
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not an airborne disease. you can only contract it through fluids. >> i just wanted to know basically about the family, the school community, how they were pulling together for the family. >> parents also learned who might be at greater risk every getting the disease. experts say it can be transmitted through bodily fluids like kissing or sharing drinks. >> several lanes of i95 in newark shutdown after three car crash, happened just after 8:00 last night. new castle county paramedics say they had to use the jaws of life to free a woman from her car. she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. another person was returned to the hospital in serious but stable. two others were taken with non-life threatening injuries. the delays are still possible this morning. police are investigating deadly stabbing in north philadelphia. it happened on the 2300 block of oakdale street last night. investigators say a man was stabbed once in the chest, he died at temple university hospital, police are now searching for the killer. >> a horse that was shot with
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a paint ball gun more than 100 times recovering this morning in chester county. kelly smith of owe mega horse rescue discovered the 20 year old arab jane horse, abandoned monday at holland stables in lancaster county. officials say the horse was shot 130 times with a paint ball gun and left tied to a post. smith named that horse lilly and stayed with it until it was taken to pen vet's new bolton center. she and doctors say they've never seen anything like this before. >> it is very, very gentle soul. just unimaginable to me that someone would do this to an animal. and i think that it is okay. >> she has a lot of bruising and a lot of pain from this, this is probably over 100 welts and bruises. >> man, doctors say lilly will be at the new bolton center for about a week, offers have already started pouring in so people can help her. >> let's turn to you decide 2016 after big win in his home state of ohio on tuesday, governor john kasich looking to pennsylvania to give his campaign a little more
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momentum. the presidential candidate making a stop at villanova yesterday. during a hour-plus town hall meeting, he was quick to differentiate his views from those of donald trump. kasich told supporters we need to stop demonizing muslim americans, and that he refuses to take the low-road to the highest office in the country. kasich believes he is the only one who can turn a republican nomination into gop victory come november. >> i know this is true. i'm the only one that can win the general election. these folks won't win a general election. >> kasich says the remaining primary schedule plays to his strength, calling it, his home court advantage. but by gop rules, he'll need to win seven of the remaining 20 contests to have any chance at becoming the nominee. >> still ahead this morning, money goes missing from a philadelphia non-profit. why the district attorney is calling the case discusting. and, new details emerge in the death after maryland police officer with ties to our area. why he may have been mistaken
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as a suspect.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> millville, carpet err mile, two and a half in philadelphia drops to quarter mile in pottstown, reading at half mile. statement issued from the
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national weather service to watch for the dense fog at least until sunrise this morning which is after 7:00. forty's and few upper 30's, little chill in the air, but not all that cold. it will warm up into the 60s today. the ultimate doppler will keep an eye out for some showers, storms developing, there is nothing right now, but that will change for that we look into the future go, hour by hour, and you can see, that not until 12:00 or 1:00, showers and storms developing, these can contain brief gusty wind, heavy rain, or even some hail, as they move through between about 2:00 and 5:00 today, not everybody will see these showers and storms, in fact, the strongest should be north and west, but few may drift south and east of i95 this afternoon. look at the temperatures, into the 60s, by this afternoon, even though the showers and storms that could drop the temperature briefly. but will be nice and comfortable here today. mid 60s, not the case this weekend. some colder air comes in overnight tonight and tomorrow, ahead of the storm developing by saturday night. we will watch this closely. because as it bridges the
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moisture up into the colder air, it could set the stage for a little bit of snow for the first day of spring, that would be sunday. >> today afternoon showers dropping to 59 degrees. put the snow this there this weekend, cold day saturday, sunday, only up to 39 degrees, yes, it is spring, sunday morning, is when we start this season off. and we start it with a little bit of snow. chilly day on monday. and by tuesday and wednesday, feels more like spring, getting warmer, back up to about 60 degrees, any issues out there, besides the fog, bob? >> we've just got the fog and the wet damp roads, like the fine mist in the air, that comes along with the fog. here is a live look, dave, at the roosevelt boulevard. 5:16 on thursday, happy saint patrick's day everybody, rolling out, or maybe some folks get to go work little early so they can head to some of the celebrations later on today. you are dealing with some fog. remember that time change over the weekend, this hour, this five to 6:00 hour, is that new
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time wherever one typically was driving in the daylight last week, dealing with the dark this morning, and of course, dealing with the fog. soap, just be careful even in delaware county here, 95, some fog, right near highland avenue. the fog probably going to cause some delays, minor delays, at philadelphia international airport, some of the earlier flights, so make sure to check with the airline before you head down there. that nasty accident last night on the 95 delaware toll plaza, the toll plaza is open. the one plaza, the one lane that was damaged, is closed. but you are able to make your way southbound on 95 down through delaware, so that's good news. for the gang leaving south jersey, no problems on the new jersey turnpike, 295, dealing with fog, and also dealing with some traffic pattern shuffles here on the 42 freeway in bellmawr, keep in mind, until we see daylight, we have the fog, sometimes tough to see those temporary lane markers, when they move the traffic patterns around. good news for septa, we problems all day yesterday on
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the cynwyd line, service restored for the rush hour, good to go as you board the train, and then midday crews coming our way to delco today. they're working along 322, between route one and i-95. lauren, o-johnson back to you. >> thank you so much. now to the death of maryland police officer with ties to delaware county, we've learned officer jacai colson died in a case of mistaken identity. investigators say colson was caught in the crossfire of an unprovoked attack at his police station on sunday. police say one man started shooting while his two brothers videotaped the gun battle, officers shot the gunman who is expected to survive, his two brothers in jail, colson undercover at the time, so wasn't wearing an uniform, the 28 year old grew up in boothwyne attending chichester high school. >> an international organization honored a fallen philadelphia police officer in northeast philadelphia. it recognized officer robert wilson for an exceptional act of courage. his 11 year old son accepted the award at a ceremony last
5:19 am
night. officer wilson died during a robbery out of a north philadelphia game stop last year, robbers shot him while he was inside that store, engaged in a fierce gun battle to protect the people inside. isis international an organization for security professionals, recognized 37 officers for their bravery. hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from a philadelphia non-profit. it is a case the district attorney's calling discusting. seth williams says money meant to benefit the citizens of philadelphia was instead bank rolled into one woman's lavish lifestyle. sixty-one year old joyce levit, former chief financial officer of visit philadelphia. accused of embezzling $200,000 between 2005 and 2012. prosecutors say she spent it on fancy dinners, skin care, and even a new york furrier. visit philadelphia gets $11 million from the city hotel tax, but da said there
5:20 am
was no city oversight. he is working with mayor jim kenney and city council to change that. >> all of them are looking forward to working with visit philadelphia to ensure greater oversight, greater audit and internal audit controls to ensure that the taxpayers dollars are being spent appropriately. >> levit charged with felony, fraud, theft, and forgery, she turned herself in yesterday. >> a city-wide coalition has formed supporting philadelphia mayor jim kenney's proposed sugary drink tax. group of business, civic and labor leaders calling themselves the philadelphia and for fair future gathered at the olney recreation center yesterday. they're throwing their support behind the proposed 3 cents an ounce tax on sugary drinks mayor kenney said money raised for the tax would go toward in part funding universal pre k and a green jobs plan. the coalition says the tax would ensure a better future for the city. >> attacks on these beverages at the point of distribution
5:21 am
is a painless contribution as the city now works to establish for the first time a great equalizer in universal pre k. >> critics argue the tax would get passed along to consumers and therefore hurt small businesses, in our city. >> 5:21 this morning, major victory in the fight for medical marijuana in pennsylvania. what lawmakers are finally agreeing on. and they heat up on capitol hill. president obama announces his pick for the supreme court. but republicans are not backing him. we'll tell you why. >> but first: your winning lottery numbers.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> get it, luke. that's eight year old luke at the saint patrick's day parade over the weekend. he's just one of several student, at the emerald aisle academy of irish dance in new castle, delaware. he and the rest of his dance group will come in this
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morning, and join us on good day at 9:15, and we have to remind you we'll re-air the saint patrick's day parade today starting at noon just in case you missed it. >> okay, st. saint patrick's day celebration also take place all over the country today. lucky charles and green beer have little to do with the historical figure of the saint. very little is known about who st. patrick actually was. we know he was roman citizen who was enslaved and taken to ireland after he escaped, or maybe released, he became a priest and went back to ireland where he had a lot of luck converting the culture into christians. he died in the 15th century. the march 17th celebration started in 163031 when the church established a feast day honoring st. patrick. >> so corned beef, carriage, soda bread and of course beverages, the beer of choice of the irish, guiness, of course, to get you ready for the holiday, a guiness beer ambassador is sharing tips on how to pour your perfect glass.
5:26 am
>> first of all, you'll take that glass, hold it at 45-degree angle, so if the nozzel of the beer is coming out, pointing at the harp, you're in business. take the top and pull it all the way down toward you. release perfect beer, for nine the second the beer will perform what we call the surge. that's where the nitrogen mixing through the beer, but eventually because it is lighter and sealed it, rise up to the top, it forms iconic grainy whitehead. >> look at there. it is magic in a glass. the perfect amount of time to pour the perfect pint, 119 and a half seconds. guiness encourages people to share theirself east of their guiness mustache on social media with the hashtag guiness stash. all right, still ahead this morning, introducing the shoes of the future. we're going to explain how nike created some shoes that will lays themselves right up. takes all the work out, right? and still ahead, some relief in the classroom may be on it way, the reason philadelphia school district is looking to
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hire at least 800 educators.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> learning what may have happened moments before a slash in philadelphia.
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what the investigation is revealing about the driver. >> plus major break through in medical marijuana in pennsylvania watcher lawmakers finally agreeing on. >> and another tight game for the flyers. we have the highlights as they continue to make a push for the playoffs. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, march 17th, 2016. also known as saint patrick's day. dave warren, a lot of people will be hitting up pad yost this afternoon, having little fun, maybe drinking some guiness. so what's the patio forecast? >> patio forecast is looking pretty good here, little bit of green that we have to watch for, neighbor your beer and on the radar, that will be later this afternoon, though. right now, the temperatures are pretty comfortable, mid to low 40's, it is the fog though that's the issue, quarter mile or less in some areas, so slow it down on the roadways, get the sunrise now after 7:00 a.m. and that will quickly burn off. but until then, another hour and half to go at least, we could see some dense fog. four's now, so not all that bad, temperature wise, the radar is clear, ultimate doppler, not seeing anything
5:31 am
as far as showers go right now. but that changes. for that we look into the future, talk about what to expect throughout the day today. 12:00, things are all clear, but between the 12:00 and 2:00 hour showers, maybe even few storms developing, most likely the strongest storms north and west, sliding through philadelphia, by about 4:00 or 5:00. then all winding down later today. so, not everybody seeing a shower or storm. but brief, heavy rain, win gust, and even some hail possible, as these storms move through this afternoon. temperatures today will be into the 65 off's, look at 66 degrees, mild, with just that chance of a shower. so, little bit of green on the radar, maybe some green beer, how about the roads? >> bob kelly? >> look at this guy. >> doing well. >> should we do it? should we try it? >> do it? >> leprochan, got to work on that. good morning, everybody, and happy saint patrick's day, ready to go, 5:31, but we're casino of in a fog.
5:32 am
most of ruts in a fog at this hour to begin with, but driving through the fog this morning. here is a live look at route 309 and stump road. you can see from the overhead street lamps how dense the fog is in certain areas. so it is hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip this morning. here is a live look at the 42 freeway, no problems or delays there. keep in mind with the fog comes that little mist and the road could be little wet this morning and fog could also lead to delays at philadelphia international airport. so just a heads up if you are headed down that way. if you are headed south down through delaware the toll plaza on 95 last night was the scene after accident, the toll plaza is open, just one lane that was damaged due to the accident and car fire is closed. so if you stay to the right, you are going to be okay. but no problems heading south on 95 at the moment. 295 just watch it. you got the construction zone, with the fog, we don't have the daylight yet until about 6:00, 6:10 or so, if they shuffle the barriers around here in the work zone things
5:33 am
become little tricky until we get the daylight hours in. service restored on septa's cynwyd line after that mess we had yesterday and mass transit overall running with though delays. lauren, back over to you. >> that's good news, bob. this morning we know more about what may have happened moment before last week's deadly crash in north philadelphia. police have now launched a dual investigation to kind of determine the cause of all of that. steve keeley live in center city at police headquarters with more details, steve, good morning. >> reporter: yes, dual meaning we have an accident investigation by philly police, and an internal affairs investigation we've learned by philadelphia housing authority police. that is the surprising new twist in the story, internal affairs detective with the pha now in on the investigation of last week's high speed horrific fiery crash we were lead with on the show. police policy of course to not chase cars at high speeds for lower non-violent crimes and this one was on cecil b. moore avenue, one of the main drags through philadelphia.
5:34 am
the reason for that policy obvious: car chases can kill, high speed, meaning, a higher chance of chases ending badly. while surveillance video now shows a pha police car going along cecil b. moore, leading up to the crash, and we learned that the gps in that police car shows it going at, quote, high rate of speed, moments before the infinity hit a house and exploded. >> police were chasing them, and he hit the pole over there, the tree first, he lost control, and then he ran up to all the polls there, hit the wall. then all the sudden the cop burst in flames. so i ran downstairs. i tried to assist and i couldn't get close to get the door open because it was -- the car was in flames. i would have never ran from a police officer even if they are chasing no matter what the situation may have been. and then to get your own life taken like, that you know, it is crazy. >> reporter: well the driver killed has now been identified
5:35 am
as john dawkins, 39 years old, his family owns nine mcdonald's restaurants, and that explains why we saw all of that mcdonald's debris around the crash scene include ago lot of mcdonald's gift cards which had some witnesses wondering whether police chased this guy because he either just held up a mcdonald's or just broke into a mcdonald's, but the reason that he was originally pulled over was just for a simple traffic violation. so that explains the mcdonald's merchandise, not explaining why he took off and why exactly he was pulled over, what traffic violation, police did not say. one last thing, lauren, the question we had for the pha police chief that he would not answer, did he pull one or more of his pha police officers off regular street duty while internal affairs investigation, he says, he really can't say anything it because it is under investigation right now. >> so so many answers, and still, so many questions. all right, steve keeley. thanks so much. >> philadelphia school
5:36 am
district teacher in every single class, the philadelphia inquirer report the district wants principals to have the teaching staff chosen by june 30th as part of new early hiring strategy. officials want to prevent the problems that occurred last fall, nearly 200 teaching positions were left vacant in october, many of them, still remain empty. >> lawmakers one step closer to making pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. state house voted 149 to 43 in favor of allowing doctors to prescribe some forms every marijuana to patient suffering from list of conditions. the law does not allow smoke recall marijuana, only cannibis oils, pills, anoint e. the bill would will go to the state senate and could be on the governor's desk by next week, and the governor says he will sign that bill into law. >> the president announced mayor garland as his pick to replace anthony schoolie an on the supreme court, now starts
5:37 am
the fight in congress to confirm him. garland currently chief justice of the court of appeals since he served since 1997. republicans already threatening to refute the nominee referring to the time honored tradition that they do not confirm a nominee during a presidential election season. but, the president says selecting a supreme court justice should not be about politics. a supreme court justice has not been both nominated and confirmed during a presidential election year since 1940. >> still ahead this morning, a big surprise for two fans at adele concert. what the singer did when she saw a proposal go down in the middle of her performance. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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so you stay steady ahead.
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>> good morning, i'm howard eskin. flyers continue in full playoff push with another big game as we head into the final games of the season. flyers were one point behind a playoff spot, tough one last night against the blackhawks. let guess to chicago, it is tide two-two in the thirds. about ten minute left. shoots and deflected by one of the chicago blackhawks, it goes in, that's the winning goal. flyers over chicago three-two. >> all three teams left yesterday for their opening ncaa games on friday, st. joe's to spokane washington, villanova and temple took the bus ride to brooklyn, and temple head coach fran dunphy has a message for the players pretty simple.
5:41 am
>> if you can have confidence with yourself, but you have to be poised because you'll get attacked, you'll get rattled. how you handle being rattled is whether you will be successful. >> wide receiver chris give ons played last year, st. louis, gibbons signed one year deal. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> march matted necessary, tournament, starts today. so get your bracket ready. the last of the first four games, don't really care about, wrapped up last night in dayton, ohio. in the first game holy cross edged southern university. robert champion hit that three pointer with 55 seconds left to break the tie. holy cross wins that 159-55, the seconds game of the night, between tulsa and michigan, was tight win throughout. that goes in. nailed the three. with 522nd left, to give michigan the lead for good.
5:42 am
they get the win. all three of our local teams get the game tomorrow. we are hoping the first isn't the last. we need some wins. >> all right, still ahead. urine is that gram feed about to look a little bit different. the major changes that have to do with how you see your friends' posts.
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>> that is host err, the singer, turning 26 today, well known for that song take me to ♪ >> that's all i know. he actually performed, and 20125 grammy awards, originally from ireland, oh, what a day to have a birthday, comes from very musical family. and then there is this guy, reality star could be kardashian, turns 29 today. he in addition to being the only male sibling in the famous kardashian clan, grad graduated from usc2009 with a business degree. mommy just bought him a new house, so rob placed second in the 13th season of dancing with the stars, and there has been recent controversy of the star dating black china. >> all right, i'm going to go join dave warren on the weather wall. because we will show you the magic of tv when you wear green at the green screen.
5:46 am
right? >> that's why i can't wear green. >> okay? >> at the green screen. >> what happens? >> come on over. turn. now look. >> my shirt disappeared. >> best looking weather map i've ever produced. >> look that the. >> 45 degrees. >> will on lauren's belly. >> oh, this is hard work. >> 47 degrees in trenton. there you go. that's yes can't wear green. she can get away with it, though, she wears it better than dow. >> 41 degrees mount pocono. trying to stand in front of that. so the temperatures are into the 40's this morning, nice and comfortable, but, there is some fog out there, dense fog, with visibilities quarter mile or less, sun coming up now after 7:00. so that's when the fog will burn off. once the fog clears out, not in the clear yet. showers and storms could be developing. they'll be around this afternoon, here it is, timing, looks like by about 12:00 we're clear, but these popping up mainly north and west initially, where they will be strongest between
5:47 am
2:00 and 5:00. they move through the area. gusting wind, some hail, could be associated with these storms. and they'll be clearing out by this evening. now, the temperatures this afternoon, we're climbing into the 60s, have lauren stands in front of this, try to imitate that. but 66 degrees, not too bad. look at the weekend, though, the first day of spring, saturday night, to sunday, just after midnight sunday, is when spring begins, and we are talking about some cold air, and storm off the coast. that could work it way north and bring some snow with it, looking at a lot of information coming in between now and sunday morning, but stay aware of the situation. if you have any plans sunday maybe celebrating first day of spring could have to deal with little bit of snow there. let's check out the seven day forecast, and we have temperatures into the 60s, little colder friday, much colder on saturday, 46 degrees, some snow on sunday, spring snow, with temperature of 39 degrees, 42, cold wind on monday, and it will start to feel like spring
5:48 am
by tuesday and wednesday. we are getting a little warmer, and i can't wear green but look, bob, there is green. that's ireland. wow. >> beautiful shot. thank you. >> on my to-do list, my to-do list, my bucket list, maybe next year. good morning, everybody, some shades of green we can wear thanks to the gang in the control room for adjusting my green just the right, turn the dial, tune it in there, so i can wear my irish sweater today. south on 95, here we go. and say good morning to one year old kayla, so cute. celebrating her first saint patrick's day parade. looking like little ragedy ann doll all ready for the saint patrick's day celebrations. come out, join us, we have our good day philadelphia saint patrick's day show, we go live from maggie o'neil's irish pub, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. come on by. we have the irish dancers, cara dancers, out there with music 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.
5:49 am
we will meet up with jenn fred and kick it off for saint patrick's day, bring the kids, before they go to school, i'll even give them little excuse note for when they get to class later today. live look, this is the fog we're dealing with here this morning, the schuylkill expressway, out near the king of prussia mall area. route 202, so, make sure your headlights are on, and watch it for the poor visibility. and then that quickly, it clears out, as you come up and over the benny. so it is hit and miss depending upon where you begin your trip. but that fog could also be causing delays this morning, some scattered delays, not just here in philly, but also, new york airports, experiencing some fog, so we could see some minor delays. last night's accident on the 95 toll plaza in delaware, good news this morning, the toll plaza is open, only the one lane that was damaged in the accident last night is closed. so maybe during the height of the rush hour, we could see little brake tapping, because remind us one lane this morning, lauren, over to you. >> bob, speaking of traffic troubles, washington dc's metro system set to reopen
5:50 am
just in time for the morning rush hour. inspectors say during the shutdown they found 26 spots in the cables that need emergency repairs. the system shutdown at midnight tuesday, for a system-wide safety inspection of it third rail power cables. the closure brought traffic around the city to a complete stand still. lot of headaches. lot of frustration. and electric can fire monday after deadly fire last january prompted that inspection. >> you will now be able to hit the gas and crews little faster on the pennsylvania turnpike, the turnpike commission approving an increase from 65 to 75 miles per hour. for most of the highway, this comes after a 18 month study of the increase, parts of the turnpike posted 55 miles per hour will remain the same, the change goes into effect this spring. >> speaking of changes. instagram making big ones, and will soon be falling in line with the likes every twitter and facebook, rather than showing chronological scroll feed of all of your friend
5:51 am
photos, instagram will begin pushing your friends most popular snaps first with the new change the app will prioritize posts based/which photos you'll prefer seeing based on your relationships with the person posting. however, instagram can careful to note no photos will be missing in your feed, they'll just be ordered a little differently. >> i doug g shoes of the future, threes nike new self-lacing shoes, called, nike hyper adapt 1.0. the back to the future like shoes have censors inside, so when you put your shoes on, and your heals hit the bottom it automatically tightens the laces on them. and you can sort of control that snug with buttons on the side of the shoe. nike plus members can get their hands on them little later this year. >> another big lost, frank sin at true junior died at the age every 27 yesterday. only son of famous singer frank sinatra passed unexpectedly after suffering a
5:52 am
heart attack on tour in daytona beach florida followed his famous father into music as a teenager eventually working for his dad as musical conductor, survived by one son, michael. >> it is a night at adele concert that one couple will never forget. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> make you feel my love. when she saw a man make surprise marriage proposal to woman in the audience, so she invited the two on stage with her. the couple told her they were dating for 12 years. adele told them they've been going out longer than she's been making music, adding, quote, it was the most beautiful thing i've ever witnessed at one of my shows.
5:53 am
oh, look at the lady, fanning her face, no tears, no tears. still to come, a woman fighting to keep her petal gator, why she says it is for her own good.
5:54 am
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st. patrick's thursday, 5:45 -- 5:55. to florida where woman is fight to go keep her beloved pet rambo. the problem? rambo as you see there is a 6-foot alligator. mary thorn adopted rambo ten years ago from the wildlife facility where she worked, when they realize, he had a sensitivity to the sun. so check him out there. she made him little leather vest, and he lives inside her home to keep him out of the sunlight. but florida fish and wildlife getting involved saying he's too big for his surroundings, and violating state code. >> i feel that if this alligator leaves, he's going to pass away, and this alligator is my baby. so i get used to things that he does, like if he want to go to the bathroom, since he's potty trained, he'll come and he'll tap his nose on my leg, and i'll pick him up, bring him out, let him go. >> a potty trained alligator, and diamond still peeing
5:57 am
inside. what is the world coming to? marry kade she is taking her case to court, make exception, also looking into make making rainbow can be -- rambo a therapy animal. >> relief in the classroom may be on it way, the philadelphia school district look to go hire 800 new educators. and a major victory yesterday in the fight for medical marijuana in pennsylvania. what lawmakers are finally agreeing on. chris and alex? what's the most awarded car company of the year? ranking from top to bottom. luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. there better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right. the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? current qualified gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this chevy cruze limited for around $179 per month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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5:59 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:00 am
>> teachers get your resume ready why the philadelphia school is in a rush to hire hundreds every educators. and this. >> all we're doing is offering potential treatment that will change the lives of countless people. >> the state house passing a bill letting people in pennsylvania use marijuana for therapeutic purposes why you won't catch the patient's lighting up. >> plus flying high, flyers could be moving into playoff position. who they have to beat to stand a chance. >> go flyers! >> can you believe it? it is the luck of the irish for those flyers, right? >> yes, it is. >> happy saint patrick's day, 2016. i love the flyers for not only winning, but getting into the spirit, guy


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