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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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whatever. deadly scene in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood what happened to a man moments after he was brutally stabbed. plus a police stop turns violent. what officers say suspect did that caused this em to pull the trigger. a local school is infested with bed bugs, the actions that the principal is taking, that has some parents, sort of scratching their heads. yuck. look at that video makes me want to scratch. 5:00 o'clock. 51 degrees. march 182,016th. my name is chris murphy. this is lauren dawn johnson. >> thanks for introducing me. >> lets get to mr. dave warren in for sue serio because thinks calm before the storm. >> calm before the springtime storm that we're talking about sunday, start spring, and before that, we will see
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temperatures drop and by springtime that first day we are looking at some snow moving in. but not today. temperatures got to go up first 51 in philadelphia. thirty's and 40's in the suburbs. a chill in the air. grab coat, feeling colder this morning with a few 30's there like mount pocono, will allentown, mid to low 40 he's in pottstown. fifty in philadelphia. dropping in the 40's and even 30's there in millville this morning. we will climb the temperatures in the 60's today. the not a bad day. gusty wind develop between three and 5:00 o'clock. the gusting over 30 miles an her every where. it should stay clear most of the day. maybe a passing shower by say, let's say three or 4:00 o'clock. one or two bits of green there these clouds streaks indicating gusty wind developing out of the northwest between 30 and 40 miles an hour. then cold air comes in. much colder temperatures expect tomorrow morning. few 60's, breeze a long i-95, a few sprinkles north and west at 56.
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sixty-one south and east. a nice day today considering what we have in the seven day forecast for sunday. i will look at that later. look at the road. to are that we will go to bob kelly. >> good morning, 5:02. tgif. i hope you are recovering from st. patrick's day celebrations nicely and we are ready to go, back at work and live look the at blue route, 476 a approaching conshohocken. everything is quiet. in problems on majors, like 42 freeway but the crews shuffling those barriers around in a new pattern in play on 42. that is between 544 and 295. otherwise we are looking good on the 295. we have a fender-bender southbound near rising sun on the outer drive of the boulevard. special schedules on media elwyn media rail line and chestnut hill east rail line. make sure you grab a new timetable this weekend and ready to go for gang in warrington, county line road there is weight restrictions on the bridge over little
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neshaminy creek. and, in about a week or so they will put that bridge in shut down medicine to make final repairs. if you live in north jersey, or in the area of fort dix be a aware, this weekend they are doing mortar training exercises, and they sent out an leather, to be ready for some ground shaking, loud noises, that started yesterday and twitter lit up, from the noises saying what had is that? just keep that in mind through the weekend they are doing some training exercises up there at fort dix, maguire. the mass transit, airport looking good. chris and lauren back over to you. developing right now, a man is dead after a violent night in frankford. >> right now search is on for the killer. steve keeley has this one for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: detectives here in the homicide division that don't seem to get a break for his meal say this man in his 20's stabbed so many times it will take a medical examine tore count during the autopsy. still somehow before dying able to run about a block from oxford avenue over to
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foulkerod where he was then hit by a suv that took off. now, the man was pronounced dead at temple at 8:41. first 911 call at 8:30. witnesses didn't just call 911, they watched, followed the killer toss something down a sewer where detectives found the handle, to a bloody knife. the witnesses also got plate to that suv that took off so detective were on their way to the registered owner and a address and the victim either ran inside to that suv or ran in front have of it so bloody from the stabbing, maybe the driver got so scared after seeing them that is why they didn't stop and took off. so police have lot of witnesses, and they have got some evidence, with fingerprints possibly, and as you will hear lots of rid yes from where it all happened. >> fortunately, at the intersection of the frankford and oxford and also frankford ape foulkerod it is a main septa hub. there are not only several
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philadelphia police real time cameras in the the area but multiple septa a surveillance cameras in the the area and there is also businesses in the 47 and 4800 block of frankford avenue that have exterior cameras. so we have multitude of cameras that may have recorded something to get help with this this homicide investigation. >> most identifiable of all thing about the killer according to the witness wearing etan jacket and a fur collar. if you are wondering, why i report that had they only found a knife handle, detectives believe the blade is likely still embedded in the murder victim. the knife likely breaking apart chris and lauren during this very violent murder. >> could it get any worse? horrific details. all right steve, thanks. in north philadelphia police say they shot a man who pointed a gun at them. police initially tried to stop this man because he had several warrants but he ran and then flashed his gun at officers. one of the officers shot him
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hitting him in the leg and back but he is expected to survive. after nearly a year, grad jury investigation, prosecutors have charged quadir jefferies with triple homicide. jefferies and corry thompson shot three men execution tile in the 3600 block of martin's mill road in 014. a shell cartridge from the home invasion, 26 days earl are led them to jefferies and then cell phone record put him at the scene of the murders. jefferies is currently in jail. thompson was arrested and charged with murders in october. classes, as usual, this morning in a north fill high school despite some issues there with bed bugs. >> this makes your skin crawl, right. even so, the kid have to go back to school, and dave, we understand that some of these bed bugs are being felt, or i should say being found perhaps, felt but found in their lockers there at this murrell dobbins high school. >> reporter: found in the lockers, hallways, stairwells.
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we are told one student said they pick one up and killed it. just horrible. the fact that the school will be opened today, well, students and parents don't like that at all. we should say these are what bed bugs look like, although it is important to say this is not video from inside of the school. school officials say bed bugs were discovered on monday and students tell us they are seeing them on several floors inside the building. they say students are being moved around as classroom get closed down. some students even went home early yesterday, they were simply fed up, in a letter to parents, school officials confirmed the problem but they say they don't consider it the to be an infestation, and listen to where some students say they have found these pests. >> i opened up my locker almost like died, i was like i opened my locker and there was little like baby within and then one bigger than that. >> i had my hoodie in his locker and i had took my hoodie off and i saw a bed bug and i didn't want it crawling on my clothes. he said he was leaving. i called my father and told
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him i was leaving. >> they are every where. they are walking down the hall. they are saying mom, they are in the the locker, on the hallways, in the hall. i said y'all got to get out. >> reporter: we don't have a comment yet from the school district of philadelphia but the school told parents it plans to thoroughly exterminate building next week during spring break. we have learned that the principal sent out a robo call to parents saying my students left school early without the a parent could face disciplinary action. that is also something that parents do not like, lauren. >> dave, i wet you are happy to be reporting outside school this morning. >> exactly. >> all right. a maryland police officer killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest in delaware county. jacai colson died in the ambush sunday. police say three men attacked the prince georges county police station. the department announced the viewing in maryland is next thursday, followed by a memorial services on friday. colson's family will lay him to rest in marcus hook on monday, march 28th, all of those services are private.
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coming up on 5:09. this morning we have a look at how septa police arrested a man wanted for a shooting of a philadelphia fast food restaurant worker. septa police released footage from a body camera yesterday after last weeks arrest. police say septa employee recognized ronald graham from surveillance video. police cleared the bus before walking up to graham, where they found graham sleeping. graham noise stranger to septa. >> he apparently calls customer service and he is an angry rider, so much so that the woman that saw the video immediately knew who it was and knew it was that angry man and contacted us and we forwarded that information to philadelphia police. >> prosecutors have charged graham with a attempted homicide and other offences. police say earlier this month he shot at an em will plea in a north philadelphia a church's chicken after getting in an argument with employees. a gloucester county woman is being held on $250,000 bail accused of killing her own new
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born baby. authorities arrested 19 year-old jade fanz at her franklin township home yesterday and charged her with murder. investigators say she strangled her baby girl shortly after giving birth to her. the girl's neighbors are in total shock. >> not her to take her baby to a safe haven is beyond me, you know, because every hospital around here accepts them. >> that is really bad. >> tragic. >> had in choice in life. >> reporter: authorities say they were tipped off after fanz went to a local hospital for treatment when she started bleeding heavily. >> such a sad story. this one is disturbing as well. it is in northampton county. that is where prosecutors have have charged a man in the death of a 17 month-old toddler, d.a. john morgan nellie charging three two-year old gary foley junior with homicide. back in february 2015, foley call 911 saying baby was not breathing. police say foley told them he was feeding a young girl a hot
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dog when she started choking but an autopsy later found that the infant died of a skull fracture. her death was ruled, of course, a homicide. investigators say three other children were inside that home at the time of this. >> mr. foley was only person in control of the child. we're sure that the injuries were serious injuries that could not have been inflict accidentally. there is definitely a recklessness or intentional act on the part of the care giver in this case. >> care giver parenthesis. the baby's mother, heather was not home at the time. in addition to the violence, investigators say conditions inside that home were nothing short of deplorable. the both foley and surrogate are facing child endangerment charges. 5:11. a violent hail storm sweeps through central texas. exotic animals that were killed in the path of this destruction. a group of hackers declare war on donald trump, new very
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personal details they claimed to have leaked.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ very violent hail storm sweeps through texas damaging buildings, and vehicles in the the path. ice so thick that it looks like it is sort of snowing in certain places in arlington, texas a strong thunderstorm brought tennis ball sized hail at fort worth zoo the hail killed several flamingos and left many other bird injured.
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the balls of ice damaged several ambulances, in fort worth, with windshields totally smashed. >> it just started hitting real hard, we got a call, we had to drive-in to it. i thought our windshield was going to break and cave-in at some point report. >> emergency vehicles were put out of service and awaiting several hundred you this dollars worth of repairs. storm brought heavy rain and lightening as well, several thousand people were put in the dark due to power outages. more thunderstorms are expect today with another possibility of hail, in the gulf coast area. but, we're not going to see anything like that here, are we dave warren? >> heck in. >> no. >> hail no. >> nothing like that. coming our way today. 36 degrees in allentown. it was windy yesterday. we had a strong storm passing through the area that wind gusts we could see gusty wind every where today. fifty-one in philadelphia.
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thirty-nine in millville. so it does get, a little colder in the suburbs, this morning. now doppler clear, it will stay, pretty much that way throughout the day today but mainly there could be a passing shower, moving through the area with that gusty wind by three or 4:00 o'clock. there is a light shower, nothing like yesterday, but every where we will see this wind gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour, and then the cold air comes in place a and that sets the stage for what we have to deal with on sunday first day of spring. fifty's dropping to 40's and 30's overnight tonight, here's what you wake up to saturday morning, a couple freezing temperatures there just above freezing in philadelphia, warmer to the south. cold air in place, a storm developed off the coast, also bringing in some warmer air, a mix of rain and snow beginning early sunday, continuing throughout the day and ending sunday night. it looks like on i-95 we will see snow to rain and then back to snow, it could be all snow especially to the north. we have to keep a close eye on
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the temperatures. it will be coming down with the day and with these late season storms we see roads improving during the day but we could see heaviest accumulation of snow up across lehigh valley a and poconos, throughout the day on sunday. certainly looking at the latest information coming in today and then updated forecast tonight. sixty-one by 4:00. maybe peeking at 63 degrees. dropping to 54 tonight. watch window every where, wind gusting to 30 to 35 miles an hour. there is that wintry mix on sunday, first day of spring. put flowers in there. monday, we have had a light snow shower ending with gusty wind but it starts to feel like spring, finally, and by wednesday, and thursday, these temperatures will climb backup above 60. so any snow on the ground will be long gone, back on the golf course by middle of the week. >> you got it. that got chris's attention. good morning everybody. 5:17 on a friday.
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hello king of prussia, 202, schuylkill expressway, mall in the background there, in problems or delays as you wake up on a friday morning. north east philadelphia, looking good, heading southbound in toward the city through construction zones, and in problems or delays there. now yesterday's building collapse caused grid will be here in center city olde city, it happened writ there on race street between fourth and fifth and that prevented access to the ben franklin during mess of the day. everything is opened, and back in business this morning. so, race is opened, fourth and fifth are opened, so there is access you should be good to go this morning. no problems heading out of town today. philly international looks like we will have a a good day to fly. sunday could be dicey with the storm dave just mentioned. if you have travel plans for sunday today is a day to look and sianni make some adjustments. on the boulevard southbound an accident at rising sun and that is taking out outer drive. mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys all looking good.
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busy weekend, tomorrow the college cycling race is in town, and that is taking over fairmount park, at a shut down of the martin luther king drive. and then on sunday, they have a regatta set which will shut down the kelly drive. that sunday could be iffy because of the weather but in the less both saturday and sunday event here in center city, keep saturday event in mind come in for the flyers game on saturday, and that is a 1:00 he clock start time. so all that extra volume will be push on to the schuylkill expressway. chris, back over to you. let's beat those penguins at 1:00 he clock at wells fargo center a and try to make the playoffs. lets turn to politics right now at 5:19. hill willry clinton picks up another preliminary win after bernie sanders concedes the raness missouri from tuesday. sanders will not seek a recount of the results from tuesday. clinton had a lead of just over 1500 votes. the under state law sanders could have asked for a recount because margin was less than one half after a percent.
5:20 am
sanders concession means that clinton won all five of tuesday's primary contests. the republican race in missouri remains too close to call between donald trump and ted cruz. hackers are taking aim at donald trump. international the hacking group anonymous claim to have leak very personal details about the republican presidential hopeful. yesterday the group posted a video they claim, links trump's phone number and social security number. the group has called on hackers around the world to a attack trump a's web sites, on april fools day, april 1st. three franciscan friars charged with letting a suspect sexual predator work closely with children in longer working in their religious signments. pennsylvania's attorney general filed child endangerment charges against giles schinelli, robert d'aversa and chris tell i, they were ministers at the a religious order and allowed brother steven bake tore work with children, even though he faced allegations of sexual
5:21 am
abuse. criscitelli and d'aversa were removed from their diocese. schinelli was dismissed from his duties a the a catholic retreat in florida. this is a good story, a temple university student trying to make a big difference in his community by launching what he calls the net project. >> he is raising money to repair run down basketball courts all over north philadelphia area junior nick edmonds say he cannot blame conditions of the cities court. look at this one owe found on diamond street. the neighborhood kid are left with no choice but to play on a horrible, court, look a at that. who wants to shoot hoops on that right. nick said it inspired him to go start a go fund me page. >> these kids will have something i have grown up having and the fact that i see how easy it is to get it. i will feel so happy. >> his initial goal, $125, quickly that grew to a thousand bucks in donations. good for him. you know we get criticism for reporting so much negative
5:22 am
news, well, is there your positive story of the morning. >> you know i have a soft spot the when it is the kid. >> i necessity that little neighborhood right there. >> still ahead a hazing scandal lead to the resignation of the high school fat ball coach, shocking things prosecutors say players were doing when supervisors weren't around. in sports defense started out strong last night but in true sixers fashion it was all downhill from there. we will tell you why they just could not recover. >> they could in the win. >> kind of like you and your bracket. >> my goodness, i need to win the lottery. like the designer smile. it's bolder, brighter and our blogs are buzzing about it. it's the new must-have look. the designer smile by colgate. new optic white high impact white toothpaste. with a professionally
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. sixers played games it seems only because they are on the schedule. defense was better, only a half last night and that is it. result are the same. to the wells far get center sixers playing washington, sixers were down 24 until the second half. washington fell a asleep. but then woke up. the turnover by sixers, washington scores, and sixers don't get back on defense, washington wins 99-94. all three teams playing in the tournament, ncaa tournament today, villanova and temple play close in brooklyn. temple is a seven-point under dog but games are bigger but message is the same. >> it is change a little bit, the excitement level is different but i see the same excitement in the players.
5:26 am
they are fired up about this opportunity and they want to do their best and really will come down to how poised they are. >> phillies dressed up for st. patty's day in the green jerseys. rye and hour hits his first home run of the spring. we will see what happens the rest of the spring with ryan howard. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. still ahead, chipotle tries to win back customers following ane co eye out break what the company might be delivering, straight to your doorstep, chris murphy. scientists, lauren johnson issued new warning about the zika virus and might put a damper on your summer plans. major cities impacted.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good morning at 5:30. this morning a deadly scene in the philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. what happened to a man moments after he was brutally stabbed. a local school is infect with bed bugs? the actions that the principal is taking, that has parents, really angry this morning. and three local teens get in on the march madness
5:30 am
tournament today, we will break down the game on deck for temple, villanova and st. joes. big daddy graham will be here. it is friday, march 18th, 2016. it is the weekend. for a lot of people it is not just weekend but beginning of the spring break. >> in the only that but we have beginning of the spring over the weekend and we have snow in the forecast. >> ahh. >> dave warren, really. >> yes, really. it has happened before. it can happen again. will happen here this weekend. spring begins on sunday, sunday is day where we're talking about a big storm off the coast. air is cold enough where we could see snow and accumulating snow. 51 degrees right now. not cold enough for snow today. it will warm up to 60 degrees. we will drop considerably overnight tonight, blue, crimson, cherry, little bit of everything here for buddy this morning. there is in fog, in the 40's, just grab the coat, a little chill in the air, a few 30's in a a allentown. that is within place in mount
5:31 am
pocono where it is down below who. fifty-one in philadelphia a. millville is coldest place south and east. fairly mild temperature today and nice warm afternoon. it will be a windy day though, ultimate doppler, maybe not seeing those showers or storms like yesterday but by about two or 3:00 o'clock we will see cloud developing and look at these streaks here, that is that gusty wind developing, in the computer forecast can pick that up and show those cloud streaking by, this area of clouds, that is the cold air coming in by tonight. sixty-three and then dropping in the 30's by tomorrow morning. much colder temperatures starting tomorrow morning and that sets stage for that sunday springtime snow that i'll talk about later, good morning bob kelly. >> good morning, dave. good morning everybody. 5:31 on a friday. tgif. good shape on 422. waking up and getting up and out heading eastbound towards king of prussia in major delays just yet.
5:32 am
i-95 looking good here out of northeast philadelphia heading in through girard avenue. roosevelt boulevard, southbound, at rising sun, the outer drive, the scene of the accident, taking out two of the lanes, so look out for delays there. what a mess yesterday that building collapse here in olde city, everything is opened, race street is opened this morning, fourth and fifth are both opened and the access to the ben franklin bridge is opened as well. you will be okay for the morning rush hour, and if you are coming in and out of olde city. special weekend schedules on both media elwyn and chestnut hill east regional rail lines so make sure you you grab that new timetable. travel times on 295, looking good, in problems on the new jersey turnpike but if you live in north jersey or in the fort dix area just a head up they are doing a mortar training exercise this weekend this began yesterday, be ready foreground shaking, loud noises, depending which way win is blowing you may hear loud noises as far as mount
5:33 am
holly, cherry hill and mount laurel. beware of that in fort dix. getting out of town this weakened via philly international in problems or delays at the moment at the airport. lauren, back over to you. good news, bob, thanks very much. a a man died after he was violently attacked in north philadelphia, first he was stabbed and then hit by a car when he was trying to get away. search is on for his killer. steve keeley standing by at police headquarters with the latest on this investigation, hi, steve. >> reporter: what a case for police because it came in at 8:30 when the witnesses said there has been a shooting in oxford avenue because they saw so much blood. the it turns out to be a gary stabbing and then a separate block away hit and run all with the same guy in his 20's. who after being stabbed many times ran from the oxford avenue stabbing scene near septa el train stop and made it one block over to foulkerod street where he was hit by a white suv that then took off
5:34 am
making this a hit and ran on top of everything else. police rush him to temple hospital and again, there was 911 call that came in at 8:30 and doctors at temple's emergency room pronounced him dead 11 minutes later at 8:41. murder victim may have run in the suv and for sure ran in the and, suv driver may have been so scared, that is why they took off, and may have gotten a a good look at him and thought, somebody, just killing people around here i will take off. that may be the defense once they check that person. however, there were plenty of other witnesses since stabbing happened near that train stop and they saw killer take off and took murder weapon or part of it down the sewer. >> after being stabbed, he ran to the 1500 block of foulkerod street according to witnesses while running in the the 1500 block of foulke hand rod street he ran into or was
5:35 am
struck by a white suv-type vehicle. that vehicle left the scene after making contact with the victim. >> reporter: witnesses got license plate on the suv and detective at last check were going to the owner and address, on the registration and detectives also going go through lots have surveillance from so many cameras, both on the septa train stop, a lot of philadelphia police real time crime cameras and a lot of businesses on oxford avenue have exterior pointing cameras as well. you are wondering you know, they found out that the guy tossed the handle to the knife down the sewer. the blade of the knife likely still embedded in the victim, they don't even necessity how many times he was stab. an autopsy may yield number of stab wonderful and actual murder weapon still in the victim's body. >> so gruesome. >> all right, steve, thank. classes as usual this morning in a north philadelphia high school despite the problem there with bed bugs.
5:36 am
>> classes, as usual, nothing usual about this. in a letter sent to parent official was murrell dobbins high school, state that had bed bugs were discovered on monday but in the enough to be an infestation. as a result, several classrooms have been closed off. the campus will be thoroughly exterminated next week during spring break. in the meantime students say they are finding these things every where, including in their lockers. a local high school, football coach has resign after hazing allegations, against three of his players n a letter sent home to parents, tredyffrin easttown school district says that head coach john voga steps down. prosecutors say three players used a broom hand toll sexually assault a freshman player back in october. the the school says that the the locker room had an insufficient a adult presence. advertise trick released the entire varsity, jv staff of their activities. pretty soon you will be able to take your snap game to a whole new level, the secret
5:37 am
leaked about snap chat's new technology. >> i don't get snap chat. >> you will get it after the break.
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there could be a new way to snap chat. cot that lets users send message that is disappear in seconds has a new innovation in the work. word is out that company is recruiting hardware experts to possibly work on wearable technology. the it is in the confirmed on what the consumer hardware may
5:40 am
be, but if they are glasses. that is a big if, that will mean more snaps from users from a different perspective. social media network a averages 100 million users each and every day. chip pot thely sending out more offers for free food as they try to lure customers. restaurant has given away 9 million burritos through mobile phone deals and coupons sent in the mail. chipotle expects customers to use a quarter of the mail coupon that is will cost the company 66 million. the company is still working to bounce back from that e-coli out break earlier this year. bum many bee foods is recalling 31,000 cases of 3-ounce tuna during problems of the commercial sterilization process. the it could lead to the contaminated tune a if you have a product on the screen mark with the can code that starts with the letter t, throw it out, you'll get a refund. that information is on the web site at fox 29 scientists say major u.s.
5:41 am
cities could face zika virus. they believe it will become prevalent across southern and eastern u.s. as weather warms up. compute are models predicting u.s. will see warmer than usual temperatures this summer that could result in significant numbers of zi can. a a carrying mosquitoes as far north as new york city, as far west as phoenix and los angeles. and a central part of keeping your kid healthy is getting this em to eat the rain he and in the necessary lid talking about skit also. doctors say to eat as many colorful fruit and vegetables as possible. those foods, keep occurring naturally. doctors say more colorful diet can get kids more excited about trying, new, healthy foods. so make the plate colorful chris murphy. >> like your personality, colorful. >> aren't you sweet. >> madness is about to get underway, temple,ville know of, st. joes all have big games today, but chris, who did you pick in your bracket.
5:42 am
>> my goodness that is not the so colorful. the colorful animated big daddy graham in next to rip me apart with my picks. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy.
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happy birthday adam le vine, he turns 37 years old today. he and his wife recently announced they are expecting their first baby. you said, chris murphy. >> yeah. >> it will be the most beautiful baby on the planet. >> isn't his wife a victoria secret model. >> yes, she's really pretty? queen latifah, she is 46 years old today. actress has golden globe under her belt and nominated for an academy a award for her role in chicago. he starred in bringing down the house, and hair spray, and she was doing beat boxing in the late 80's, that is how he got her start. >> you know what, dave warren, it might look like little sugar outside, because it is supposed to snow. >> sugar. >> do your best adam levine. >> yes y just dit. >> big daddy did it inn a he sounded like sinatra. baratone over here. >> it is true though a little will sugar coming down sunday,
5:46 am
first day of spring and we could be dealing with some snow. 36 degrees in allentown. philadelphia a 51. chill think morning. by this afternoon in the 60's again, finally from the numbers we see now so when we step outside, grab the coat, there is that chill in the air, millville at 39. no showers like what we saw yesterday even a few strong storms. maybe a sprinkle, but every where, it will be windy, as we look at this computer forecast, look at these streaks coming in, by about three or four or 5:00 o'clock that wind gusting to 30 miles an hour, and allentown, all the way south through delaware, and cape may. gusty day to day, bringing in the cold air tonight and that sets stage for, our spring snow. lets look the a the timing here, this is 9:00 o'clock sat the take we could start to see it develop overnight saturday and early sunday. it will move in the cold air and it could start initially as snow a along i-95. i have to watch the timing, this specifically sunrise and
5:47 am
sunset because the late season snow, during the day that sunshine, that energy can melt snow and look very heavy. it might be briefly that sunday morning but road will improve throughout the day sunday because it gets warmer and mixes with some rain. by sunday night cold air comes in, we will get additional snow, and that could be making it for a slippery ride to work there for monday morning. so we will continue to look at new information but this is what it looks like. we will talk about sun to clouds sat the day. wintry mix on sunday. that is first day of spring. cold day on monday, and then chilly on tuesday, but by wednesday and thursday, we are back in the 60's. bob kelly that snow might make it to the sweet 16 but gone by elite eight. >> just a one day event there, just enough to mess things up for us on saturday and sunday. live look at schuylkill and belmont avenue radio antenna shooting out hottest signals there. no problems coming in or out
5:48 am
of the city on the schuylkill looking good downtown here. yesterday's building collapse caused havoc in olde city. the race, fourth, fifth, you have access to and from the bennie, that is good news for olde city gang today. ninety-five, looking good, no problems on the new jersey turnpike, we have one accident on the boulevard, southbound at the rising sun, mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys all looking good, how is your bracket. >> big daddy said what were you thinking. >> i had a good day. >> you had a good day. >> that is rare. >> you had seton hall going to the final four. >> to the final game. >> my god you are toast. >> my three losses, i'm already setback, i had baylor going to the the elite eight. >> i did. >> well, we will start off with that. it is always great when a lower seeded team loses. >> despite fact i had bay
5:49 am
already in my bracket when i was watching the game i could not, not root for yale. and that is what this tournament is all about. when you get that occasional win. then you had last night's game, providence winning, don't you just love watching kid celebrate, jumping up and down like that. >> yes. >> it is, it is so cool, and providence, it was a super game, it was pretty good. >> well, i got seton hall winning. had baylor. air zone, i went to arizona one year when l. te allison was there in the 80's. >> we dent like him in philly. he canceled a game in saint guess because of the snow that never happened. >> he had it coming, karma. >> i'm wearing this jacket in the because of the phillies but only thing i had red for st. joes and for temple, i had to have lauren here. >> that is throw back to the
5:50 am
robin roberts. >> i have had this for three years i have had this jacket. >> what do you think of the three teams playing today. >> here's what i think. starting with villanova first up at 12:30. i think they will move on. i see temple coming up, brooklyn up there. sorry temple owls fans. there is no win here. do not have them beating iowa. coached by local guy, mccafferty. >> he coach at penn and lehigh. >> yes. >> and he has been out in iowa for a long time, quality coach. i'm pulling for you fran dunphy, i am in the biggest way. what a day. start off with nova and temple. nobody is watching innings isers any more but oklahoma city is in town. that is within of the the elite, teams in the nba. that is at 7:00. if you want to, you can watch basketball from 12:30 to 12:30, of course, st. joes who i got winning by the way, st. joes comes on at around 10:00.
5:51 am
if you are a hoops fan you don't to have get out of bed all darn day. watch it, they are getting applause, phil martelli. >> yeah. >> it is, i think it is cliche when you hear people like me say this is what it is all about but it is. >> i have phil at coach's breakfast, inn a he says michigan state is the best team in all 64 teams. >> i have them in my final four. >> you don't have temple playing villanova. >> it could, easily. i will root for nova. i always root for temple, to beat nova if they meet during the regular season. however i think nova has a bet he chance of going to the final four then temple does. >> yes good so i will adjust my rooting, and i will root for nova this game happens but temple wins, great. great weekend for philadelphia. three schools mountain big
5:52 am
dance that is terrific. >> by the way, why is she always much bet are at sports. >> she's much better than everything. >> you are supposed to be the sports guy. >> i'm her foil, i am will's just sort of here, i'm kind of - >> he went seven and nine yesterday. >> you beat me last year too. >> i had nova. >> my dog beat you last year. >> after the first two or three games. >> real quickly saturday night, big show, conklin, me, ray, colonial theater in phoenixville. all seats are great. see you on saturday night. >> did you see american idol last night. >> no. >> we will show you highlights. it is heating up. >> i watch the whole show on fox. >> it is on fox. >> performance of one of the judges, to tears and now discussion on twitter. >> is that her hair. >> it is.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> man, did you see idol last night. really powerful moment, for porsche, who performed that rendition of the mary j. blige no more drama it came after she opens up about an abusive relationship that had her living in a shelter with her infant daughter. that story followed by the emotional song, brought judge jennifer lopez to tears. >> it takes a lot to overcome some things in your life, i know, everybody necessary, we have all been through something like that, you you know what i mean, and honestly, you are an inspiration. it was so beautiful. you put it in your music. you don't over do it. you put it exactly where you are supposed to. it was just very powerful. thank you for that moment. >> yeah, we hear that story, and it explains all those tears. she made it through to the top five with chris harmon, dalton, mckenzie borg and
5:57 am
seneca wise. you have been watching american idol, the big finally is just three weeks away. next up on good day a a local school infested with bed bugs, why this school handling of the problem has the parents upset. and a group of hackers declared war against presidential candidate donald trump. two very personal details they claim to have leak. good day starts in a bit.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
creepy crawlers, not enough to close one north philadelphia high school. why officials say her not bugging out about this. plus, construction, disruption, will a building collapse shutting down a a major center city intersection yesterday a affect your commute this morning. bob kelly is on this one. and then this. >> a lot of tough guys are like it is good, that is what we do but this is what you grow up watching and dream about playing. >> the madness is in fully affect. it is game day for the wildcats. as they get ready to dance in the ncaa tournament. also game dale for st. joes, and temple. all three teams playing today. very big day. >> i need villanova to go all the way i had seton hall verse villanova in the final game. >> seton hall eliminated in the first round. >> your bracket is busted. >> it is a racket, my bracket. good morning. 6:00 o'clock


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