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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. almost here we're not just talking about the first day of spring. soon the flakes will start to fall and many of you may see more snow than you expect this time of year. >> the incoming snow not showing up on ultimate doppler radar just yet. we are working the storm's track to find out what this nor'easter's impact will be. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. fox 29 weather authority has been tracking this one for days. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott william. fill us in, scott. >> a lot to talk about dawn and chris. right now we're dry, quiet, some colder air will be moving in for the upcoming weekend and look at all of the moisture off to the west. that's the system the spring nor'easter that will bring a combination of some rain along with wet snow. that will likely accumulate as we move throughout your sunday evening into monday morning's rush. here's the break down of the
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upcoming weekend once again tomorrow it's dry but it's chilly. high temperatures only in the 40s. and then as we move toward saturday night no sunday, we're watching that moisture move into some colder air and that sets the stage for that rain and wet snow combination. so the sunday timeline it look like we're looking at some of to rain and snow beginning early on sunday morning. keep that in mine but during the day, temperatures are going to be above freezing so most of what falls will be in the form of rain and wet snow and not accumulate really until sunday night into monday morning when temperatures drop in all of that moisture changes over to snow. so certainly something to consider. the stronger march sun angle those critical temperatures, that will limit the totals. the speed and strength of the storm along with the track of that area of low pressure. we're not talking about a blockbuster system. but more of a nuisance scenario and some of the computer models wanting to pain the picture of a couple of inches for our area.
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so coming up we'll have the break down of what to expect in your neighborhood along with that entire weekend forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. you can stay ahead of the snow by downloading our fox 29 news app. you can get live radar and alerts sent right to your cell phone search for it in the apple or google play stores. happening now, a local mother concerned over what's inside her son's school. she sent us these pictures of bites on her son. the mom claims those are bed bugs that are living inside the school. bites so bad her son had to go to the hospital. >> as fox 29' cars ren help tells us the mom wants to know what the school administrators plan to do about this. >> reporter: jameer read has bug bites all over his body. up and down his arms, on his neck, the back of his head, even his ear and his face. his mom says the culprit is bed bugs and the assault has been going on relentlessly for months. it's so bad her son can't even focus on his work here at the
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charter high school of art and design and she's taken to desperate measures. >> he's at his feet and he's noticing when he leaves the classroom even when he's in the classroom he starts to itch. it was to the point i was sen sending my son to school with tee tree oil and fabric softener sheets in his clothes so he wouldn't get bit. >> last week his hand blew up dull link in size. >> i took my son to the er. >> bed bugs are ruining her child's education. she's so upset she's e-mailed and called everyone think she can think of to no a veil. that's why she reached out to us. >> my son is my heart. anybody knows me. if there's a problem with my son you have a problem with me. i'm trying to get to the bottom of this. >> we reach out to the school administrators here and still waiting for return phone call. we talked to someone at the health department from philadelphia and they say bed bugs aren't under their domain. they don't real with them much it's up to the school to hire an e terminator. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news.
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>> a philadelphia police officer serving a warrant was forced to open fire after authorities say a dog charged at him. it happened early this morning on the 3,000 block of weickel street. investigators say the officer fired three times, striking the dog. no word on the extent of the dog's injuries. the officer was not hurt. we are toll the person that was being served that warrant got away. delaware reports its first known flu related death of the season. officials announcing today that an 88-year-old new castle county man died on monday. test confirm that the man who underlying health conditions was infected with the flu. officials say this is a reminder of how serious the blew you knew can be particularly among the very young, the old and people with underlying health conditions. meanwhile those officials say there has been a recent spike in the number of flu cases. north philadelphia community is getting ready for a new start thanks to a new development. an implosion is scheduled for tomorrow morning at the norman
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blum berg development at ingersol and 23rd streets. two high rises of the site will be brought down. in their place 1200 new units will be built. affordable housing and market rate units. officials say new housing will positively impact other parts of the community. >> we all recognize that housing provides a platform upon which a lot of other services can be provided. if you want better education out comes, if you want better economic out comes, better health out comes, you have to start with housing. >> a third high rise will be renovated and used as a senior residence. the city also is planning other commercial improvements that be built over the neck five years. and you can actually watch tomorrow's demolition of that building live at 7:15 tomorrow morning "good day philadelphia" weekend. teachers in one northampton school district on the job today despite an earlier threat of a
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strike. according to published reports the nas rolling area school district has unanimously approved new four-year contract. that plan includes salary increases threw 2019. the union is expected to vote on that proposal next week. fox 29 working to get results tonight. for folks in a southwest philadelphia neighborhood. you can see this street, it is all torn up, a huge hole left behind. the problem may have started with a broken underground pipe. groups gordon is live in that southwest philly enabled for us tonight. bruce? >> reporter: the mystery out here who actually did the work on the 5400 block of trinity that made such a mess and left it behind creating a dangerous hazard for the folks who live around here. the first divot in the 5400 block of trinity street is small potatoes compared with the monster hole up ahead. a 110 square foot ass casm filled with first dirt, debris and chunks of concrete.
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sean felder tries a paratransit van down trinity each day. at least he tries to. >> every day the goes down and down more. >> reporter: sean dropped huff cary mclauren she uses a walker to get around. when park cars make it impossible for the van to get through she walk the rest of the way to her home. >> usually they drop me off in the front of my house. they can't do that now. >> reporter: they come part way and back out. >> they back out, yeah. >> reporter: cary rents the home that over looks this mess. she says a broken under ground pipe leading from the water main to her service line caused a street collapse several weeks ago. cary says workers were out here just yesterday but left the site protected only by a pair of plastic barricades which quickly blew over into the hole. it's dangerous for kids and for cars. >> if a car went into that -- >> if it went into that's correct the car would be messed up, and, you know --,. >> reporter: messed up big time. >> big time. >> reporter: what you've got now is a big gaping hole in the middle of the street. i call the water department to
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report the problem and snapped that pictures of the hole and sent them to city hall. officials spent the afternoon trying to figure out whether a city crew or private plumbing contractor was responsible for creating the mess and failing to clean it up. cary wants and deserves some answers. >> get them to fix this street up! >> reporter: well we're doing what we can. city officials say the mystery is still there in terms of who is responsible for making and leaving the mess. but they are promising me they'll get a crew out here as soon as possible to put down those big heavy metal plates that would cover the hole and make the street more passible and certainly more save in the days a head. dawn and chris? >> bruce, thanks. camden county police department receiving a generous donation today. >> it's all to keep the memory alive of one of their fallen k9 officers. verizon presented a $10,000 check to the police department to purchase the hair of zero. he died last year of natural
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causes. he had 68 apprehensions during his career. his partner hopes recon can follow the motto he set. >> to my fellow k9 officers i charge you to follow in his example and to build partnership that we built and to be those ambassadors for the police department. >> police chief scott thompson says donations like this one go directly towards tools that can help keep the city safe. big day on campus today. villanova gathering to watch the wildcats take on unc ashville this afternoon. and they had a great day. wildcats fans packing the center to see their guys pull out a win. nova coming outweigh on top against ashville. 86-56. >> way to go. >> all right. take look at these guns. one is a toy. the other is real. can you tell the difference? the crucial warning from a local police department tonight. and a dog with two notices
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just found a forever home. having two makes you enough to remember him. wait until you hear the situation he just escape. >> sean? >> chris, temple/,ville notify trying to make it an all philly second round in brooklyn. one team held up their bargain. the other fell just shore. see who what later in sports.
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♪ an important warning tonight from new jersey police. would you be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake gun? woolwich township police department sharing images on facebook to show how easy a replica gun could be a threat. that post follow add track stop where police actually could not distinguish the difference between driver' fake gun an real one. fox 29's bill anderson explains police are now trying to show the public how difficult making a split decision can be for officers.
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everything about this gun is so similar that it's scary. aside from the orange tip they're supposed to have, but doesn't, there's no reason for me to believe this is a fake gun. >> reporter: can you tell the difference between a real gun and a replica? it's nearly impossible sitting on a table but what about tucked into someone's waistband? that's exactly what happened to a woolwich township police offic officer. >> you're alerted to the presence of a weapon. probably an officer's worst nightmare. now there's weapon against me that i don't know it's not in my hands it's not secure. i want to go ahead and secure that weapon. >> reporter: after seizing the gun the police posted a picture on facebook to give the public a better idea of what they deal with on daily basis. >> these replica firearms are almost exact models. when that rack is slid forward and concealed in the waistband all you see is the little grip at the end. judge owing and that little grip that's real firearm. >> reporter: thankfully no one was injured in this situation but we've all heard of several circumstances where fake guns led to tragic out comes.
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something that chief hopes their facebook posts will help the public better understand. >> if we can't tell in broad daylight at 3:30 in the afternoon can you tell? i think that's what the guys did. they wanted to show what we're actually dealing with out here. >> reporter: did you pick the right gun? now officers have to make that decision in an instant. they want you to understand that in both philly and new jersey carrying even the replica could land you in jail or worse. >> it's america. people are going buy toy weapons that replicate the real thing. just remember that if it's brandished in aggressive manner law enforcement as has to take the necessary steps for self preservation and preservation the community. >> they wanted their facebook post to epp indicate. we'll put the pictures up on our page. you tell fuss you can tell the difference between a real and replica gun. could you tell the difference in a split second if possibly a life depended on it? in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox
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29 news. happy ending in california for a two noticed dog. >> it was close call though for toby the pooch with two snouts who was having a rough go of i enrollees caped death after he was found wondering the streets of fresno california and wound up being taken to the pound. thanks to a post from the shelter on social media, toby was adopted before he was put down and guess what he now lives with his new owners and two other dogs who were also rescued before being euthanized. back to your fox 29 weather authority now and in just 48 hours many of you seeing snow. we got talk to this guy. chief meteorologist scott williams has your updated forecast in just 15 seconds.
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yes, it's true. march madness in the weather department. high temperature today's were in the low 60s. but colder air moves in for the weekend and then some moisture as we progress throughout your sunday. that's going to mix with a little bit of wet snow across parts of the area. we're dry, we're quiet for now but look off to the west. you can see that moisture gathering in the midwest along the gulf coast as well. an area of low pressure a spring nor'easter will move in our direction especially during the day on sunday. but during the daylight hours it's mainly going to melt, it's mainly as we move towards sunday night into early monday morning when we have that threat for some minor accumulation. so let's talk a little bit about the timing for your sunday. that moisture is going to begin early in the day. it's mainly going mix with some rain, so no accumulation during the day. it's not until sunday night when we see temperatures drop that it changes over to all snow and slushy accumulations are expected. so it's pretty dry for your
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saturday. high temperatures will be chilly in the mid to upper 40s. there might be some showers trying to move in from maryland into central southern sections of delaware. but most of the moisture once again won't really start to arrive until early on sunday. watch the clock and look at the temperatures pretty much above freezing area wide. so it starts as isn't rain in south jersey sections of delaware. but along the i-95 corridor, north and west, during the day it will mix with some of that wet snow but look at the temperatures. nair well above freezing. mid to upper 30s so that's why it's not really going stick during the day and also keep in mind that we'll be competing with that stronger march sun angle, and then as we move toward 9:00 o'clock those temperatures start to drop, and this is the best chance for those slushy accumulations across parts of the area. temperatures drop even into parts of south jersey as well as delaware. so how much snow are we talking about overnight sunday threw that monday morning rush? parts
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of south jersey, delaware, where it's mainly rain, less than an inch of snow and then as we move i-95 north and west, slushy totals mainly on the grassy surfaces. roads will likely just be wet. one to 3-inches of snow out of this system. temperatures right now, pretty mild. we have 63 philadelphia. 63 in millville. but look at some of the colder air off to the north. that will help change that rain over to snow as we move into the second part of the weekend. it's been pretty blustery across the area as well. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. so for tonight, it's clear, dry and chilly and then you can see temperatures tomorrow 47 degrees on sunday. only in the 30s well below the average high for this time of year in the low 50's much the seven day forecast shows that spring nor'easter sunday into early monday. once again a couple of slushy inches across the area it stays chilly the first part of next week and then it warms right back up into the upper 60s and
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low 70s by next friday. >> all right. so crazy, snow the first day of spring after the weird winter we had. >> yeah. >> talking about march madness, big-time craziness. >> what's going on? >> temple fans, chris, you might want to -- oh, no. >> look away when i do the highlights in just a minute. they had tough, tough go at it but nova they're not worried. they're not dealing with any upsets many they handled their business and jay wright talk about the game being a lot tougher than it actually should have been. like i said temple it was the most exciting game of the day by far. they tried to pull off an upset against iowa and they came oh, so close. buzzer beating thriller next in sports.
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♪ it's the seconds day of the ncaa tournament and it is madness. already everyone bracket is probably ruined. michigan state a team a lot of people picked to win it all the loft to middle tennessee. a 15 seed being beating a two seed. nova also a two seed just like michigan state, but they made sure u inform c ashville couldn't do a thing. this game was actually tight in the first half but seconds last ryan take it all the way and hits the three. that gave them a 10-point lead and they never looked back from there. second half, daniel ochefu had
6:25 pm
an ankle injury in the big east tournament looks good today with a running hook right there. he had 17 points. 10 boards. nova wins by 30 and advances to the second round. but coach jay wright says said it was actually harder than it looked. >> we have two seniors that got bunch of young guys to understand if you don't -- if you don't bring it a hundred% against a team like that they'll beat you. they're good enough to beat us. but we played well because we really brought it and had great leadership. >> we weren't expecting ours to be blowing them out at all. so, you know, we weren't surprised that because a close game and everybody was in the huddle locked in coach was on us and we all responded defensive defensively. >> nova did their job now it's time for temple to do theirs. if the owls could beat iowa it would be an all philly second round in brooklyn. but iowa was one of the best teams in the nation and the owls would have their happened full. temple down by three with just seconds left. he brings the ball up the court stepped back three and he's
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fouled. oh, no. he's fouled. makes all his fro throws and takes this game into a tight one. iowa turned the ball over so temple has one more shot to win this in regulation. miss. we go to ot. iowa has the ball. seconds left. mike drives to the rack, misses it. but adam woodbury with the bucket. as time expires. hawk eyes within 72-70 a devastating loss for the owls. >> i feel for the seniors. it's a tough game to go out on. every game is tough to go on whenever you lose. obviously buzzer beater is even more difficult. they're just wonderful guys and they took good care of me in their time frame. >> devastating. >> heartbreaking. >> chris, i'm sorry. >> i can't say anything. >> that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00. see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. inside edition is up next. find fantasy shows.
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trump terror. a letter filled with white powder. mailed to the home of trump's sonner rick and his wife. >> the letter arrived here at their apartment building in manhattan. >> and trump hacked by anonymous. >> social security number, cell phone number. then, march madness controversy. >> march magic for the yale bulldogs! >> the former team captain, expelled, and in the stands. >> the shocking rape allegation that's divided the campus. and worst driver ever? who would even think of driving like this? >> what in


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