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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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happen. >> and first at 6:00 the first full day of spring and temperatures near freezing after a season of warm winter daysment we're having to bundle up for start of the new season and temperatures, well, they're dropping. good evening i'm dawn timmeney in tpt for ia page. >> i'm lucy nolan. we hav >> let's get to meteorologist kathy orr. >> the coolest day of the week today and we'll be thinking sea isle by the end of the 7 day. temperatures well be love average. you can see them shaking and wind gusting to 33 miles an hour. philadelphia we made it to 51. and mount holly, 49, 48 in allentown and doylestown 47. right now in philadelphia, 49,
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34 poconos and 48 millville and 47 being reported in trenton. and right now winds gusting to 30 miles an hour in philadelphia and wilmington. gusting to 36. those winds will diminish tonight and pick up tomorrow and it will be a warmer wind. this evening, temperatures will be falling through the 40s and into the 30s with a chilly breeze by 11 p.m. and starlit skies it will be a chilly start to the day tomorrow and 40s will fall down into the 30s waking up in philadelphia to temperature of only 33. so we need the winter coats tomorrow for the morning at least. temperatures will be on the rebound then a double dose of warmth how does 70 sound. maybe warmer. more rain ahead in the easter holiday weekend. >> to a developing story out of new jersey, four senior citizens leaving a senior center in camden county ended up trapped in their car 20 minutes after crashing. it happened past 2:00 this
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afternoon at lane bryant community center lawn side and sky fox over the scene minutes after it happened. a woman as driving with three passenger and some point ak celebrated accidentally across the parking lot and right into a building at the center. no one was inside at the time and her three passengers did go to the hospital and we're told their injuries are not serious. >> we removed the driver i'm sorry the passenger vehicle of the door to get the driver out. she -- we had to pull her across the vehicle to get her out of the vehicle and we pulled the vehicle out of the building to get the other three occupants out think were trapped, we were doing things on both sides of the building. >> workers are going to fix up that wall post haste and meanwhile a funeral is taking place in the building next door. >> traffic is tied up 295 southbound newcastle county near the i-495 interchange because of overturned car. the call coming in 4:30 this afternoon and southbound lanes
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of i 295 are shut down while emergency crews cleanup this crash. no word at this time if anyone was injured in the crash. >> well police in new jersey investigating the circumstances surrounding shooting death of an off-duty police officer. investigators receiving a call about a body in the parking lot of old am boy cinemas garden state parkway and that's where they found the body of off duty sayreville police officer. a window was shattered and middlesex prosecutors from not releasing details about this they'll only confirm it was a male officer. >> retired pennsylvania state trooper that police say shot and killed two people at a turnpike plaza yesterday filed for bankruptcy last year. clarence brings and wife donna had debts of more than $300,000 and on sunday brings tried to rob the for the littleton toll plaza and shot and killed
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daniel crouse and ran old hite before he died in a shootout with troopers. bringings prold the turnpike before retiring in 2012. >> happening now in delaware country an investigation underway into a wild teen part party. police say the house party involved hundred of children in and under age drinking. two adults are facing charges. sabina is on this. >> neighbors say this party was so big that there were uber and taxi cabs trying to drop off kid even as police closed off the neighborhood. >> it was like upper darby high school at dismissal time. i've never seep search a group of kids in my life. >> but this was no after school crowd outside eileen mccallly mary street stoop and video. hundred of teens eileen saw pouring out of one house saturday night were attending a wild house party.
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one cops say consisted of under age drevrpinging and drug use. to top it all off they say the parents were home. >> they promoted it. they allowed it. they funneled it. they fueled it and they fed it. >> police arresting 54-year-old abdul amdiah and michelle davis amdiah after abdul confronted police when they tried to break it up telling authorities the kids had permission to be there. cops say they was drinking too. and amidah's 17-year-old daughter was cited and neighbors alit was her party and red solo cups still scattered in the neighborhood. >> you don't see anything wrong with it? they're drinking and whatever else they're doing and that's okay with you? and come out and they're all over the street. that's not okay for the neighbors even. >> the party was promoted on social media drawing enormous crowd. neighbor chris mallhern said the party was so out of control
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police could barely coral the kids some ran and others tried to get back in. >> as a parent he should have stopped it. >> these kids tried to come back. the one kid had plaque et cetera and stuff and they're walking back and cops they had crime tape up to block off the block and these kid still insisted on coming back. >> and police say it was that promotion on social media that led to this giant crowd. tonight those parents facing several misdeamenor charges. >> developing now in atlantic city, major money troubles down the shore. ac mayor done guardian says they're working with the state to avoid the financial predicament and city hall will close for merely a month. it's shutting down friday, april 8, 4:30 and will stay that way until may 2 and the city expect quarterly tax payments and funding right and
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the city is working to provide police, fire and some public works during the closure ha what that means we're still figuring out. it's probably continuing to develop. >> police are looking for two people that ran a dominos in hunting park. take a look at surveillance. two men stormed the front door 3200 block of north broad. first armed with a gun. police say he points it at employee and demand money and after getting money from the register, investigators say the robbers ask employee to on the safe and then something spooks them and they wind up running from the store. if you recognize these guys give police a call. >> happening right now history in the making in cuba. it's something many thought they would not see in their lifetime an american president visiting cuba and president obama and president raul castro shared the stage for their first joint news conference and it's been 15 months since the two world leaders agreed to reopen diplomatic relations and
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since then the obama administration was lifting trade embargos and both acknowledged they have much to do before a relation is stabilized. >> i could tin to call on keng gress to lift trade embargo and discussed steps for cuba to do more bids which includes allo allowing more joint ventures and allowing foreign companies to hire cubeen ans directly. >> this is the first visit by sitting u.s. president single coolidge in 192 8. >> the world's largest company hoping to give a boost to the nation's largest online gambling market. state division of gaming approving poker stars for operation in new jersey. poker stars stopped doing business in the united states back in 2012 or 2011 i should say and now customers physically located in new jersey borders were able to use the platform to gamble online
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in the united states and is partnered with cats even owe resorts hotel. >> a giant banner outside the wells fargo center outside the weekend sweet 16 three games takeover center from friday to sunday two for the round of 16 and then sunday elite game. sunday winner heads to the final four. this is the 28th time philadelphia hosted ncaa tourney and in case you're wondering and still want them tick receipts in fact, available and speaking of march madness, a dog named march at philadelphia's city animal shelter of course, at philly, has become worldwide viral sensation. >> his sad story tugging at people's heart strings and his story shared thousands of times on social media as you mentioned. these are the pictures of march that really struck a cord with people all over the country and beyond. the dog and his kennel@philly staring at the wall looking depressed and defeated and
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these hairt breaking images went viral and they were swam swamped with calls from as far as uk and scan day. today as you can sigh was there before march got freedom i stopped in a couple hours before the rescue organization picked him up he's out of there and they will match march with a forever family. you can contact the department at the shelter if you are interesteded in adopting this now famous boy they'll forward your information to the rescue. >> this is something that you posted on friday. and it has just really has gone global. it's amazing. the neat things dawn you were at the shelter today when you came back had you all kind of great stories for me about all these other highly adoptable wonderful animals there. >> as i was ready to go i took picture of other dogs and i'm hoping this story all the love and passion for this dog can be spread to other dogs at that shelter and shelters in other cities people will adopt. >> all over the place there's
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so many animals that need homes and kitties too too. >> a local boy faces done a big challenges got to fulfill a dream. the 7-year-old joined the police force today. >> why did you want to become a police officer. >> because it's my favorite job. >> why is that? >> because they get bullies. >> they get bullies. >> is that what he said? i was trying to figure it out. the community came together to make this a truly amazing day for this little guy. >> and new jersey mall easter bunny bearing something other than sweet treats what starred a brawl bunny brawl with shoppers. howard. >> i can't believe it. give them a chocolate egg. ups and down from emotion of ncaa tournament from jay wright and philadelphia getting ready for the next step and emotional lows of not only losing but losing in the final minute lows of not only losing but losing in the final minute coming up in sports.
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>> pretty much chaos at a verzy city mall with the easter bunny not the real easter bunny just easter bupy help erin dad game to blows and the fight broke out after the man's child slipped from a chair while having picture taken and guy in bunny costume is you can see him exchanging punches a bunch of times. police are vetting and no word if anyone will face charges. >> in new jersey gloucester county police department getting a new patrolman today. he's not your typical rookie cop. live with the story of leann lee liam lyndsey battling acute lympho plastic luke i'm ait's a type of bone marrow cancer is that the as bad as it sgloundz it took a booster seat to allow glouster township newest patro patrolman to see over the dashboard as escort todd his favorite day on the job.
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no matter. liam lyndsey battling leukemia is doing what he always want todd do. >> it's because they do traffic thing. >> they do traffic thing and keep city safe and keep boys like you safe. >> yeah. >> catch the bad guys. >> yeah. >> gloucester township police learned of liam's medical condition and love of law enforcement and decided to go the extra mile making him honorary officer in their department and they pulled out all the stops including providing new uniform. >> do you like that. >> and having gloucester township mayor approve the oath of office. >> all under watchful eye of mom lauren. >> he's been a trooper and i feel like he deserves some special event in his sgliv for an afternoon at least no chemotherapy or needles just a sick child living his dream. grandma was there to watch. >> he's a great little boy. he has come a long way.
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and he's wonderful. >> police let liam train with k-9 unit. he loves police dogs and got a tour of and ride in department armoured swat swek vehicle and got to use the robot. much of the department was on hand to show them around or show support. >> nice to see that smile. >> i picture that being my kid. if my kid was that interested in something and someone did that it's amazing. >> it's his first shift as honiary officer came to an end he was asked why he wanted to be become a police officer that is easy. >> because it's coolest job in the world. >> liam's mom said his latest rounds of treatments are set to wrap up the end of the year and then they wait to see if officer lyndsey has arrest his cancer. there's a go fund me page set up to cover medical costs for liam. go to we'll link you to it. lucy. >> god bless him and his
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family, thank you, bruce. back to fox 29 weather authority. it is kind of winterry outside. the weather authority now. it does feel like winter a bit outside. >> sure does. meteorologist kathy orr has >> sure does. meteorologist kathy orr has forecast in 15 >> definitely feeling like winter and even in the afternoon one cold moreing and everything changes. odds a lot of blue skies and fair weather cumulous clouds. little wind chill feels like 42 winds out of the northwest and 34 poconos and 50 dover and 46 reading with clear skies tonight temperatures fall really fast. you can see the colder air north that will slide to the south during the early morning
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hours. still windy out there. wind gusting 30, 35 miles an hour and by tomorrow morning gusts to 22 in philadelphia and then we see a strong wind tomorrow evening. this time coming up from south gusting to 30 miles an in our philadelphia area this will be a warmer wind and set the stage for much different warm. high pressure is going to be building from the south an you can see it off the mid-atlantic coast and that moons a warm-up tuesday, wednesday, into thursday and we'll watch this area of low pressure and cold front build in by friday. that will be the next chance of rain and it's really not a lot of rain looking like a warm weekend as well. 43 yesterday. 51 today. gradual warm-up with temperatures wednesday and thursday peaking in the 70s. overnight tonight, 33 in city and 28 suburbs and cold again and winds diminishing and gusts during the day tomorrow and high 56 southwesterly wind 10 to 15 by evening gusting to 30
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with warm southerly wind and tomorrow pleasant day on exclusive fox 29, 7 day forecast. 70s wednesday and thursday. rain friday morning. and then you can see for saturday and even into easter sunday mild with temperatures comfortable in the 60s. monday stays nice as well. high 65. so enjoy, guys. this is coolest day of the week by far. >> it's just weird it's first day of spring, right? >> chilly out there. >> right. >> they are tough, really testify in ncaa when in the tournament. we'll hear from the player that thought he cost st. joe's the game and the coach on what st. joe's was up against and then you have the excitement at a higher level when you win and why jay wright is happy about when villanova plays their next why jay wright is happy about when villanova plays their next game.
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>> sports. many think of as fun and games. but in clem basketball the emotional ups and downs are amazing. st. joe's had one of best seasons in school history and st. joe's just over 1 minute away from beating one of the number one seeds in the tournament. let's go to spokane, washington if you missed it late last night. st. joe's up by one. brooks for oregon. st. joe's had seven point need second half and out scored 18-6 they have a chance to tie down
6:25 pm
by three and deanne dray bambry losses ball turnover and foul. oregon wins 69-64. it's tough on players and coach when mistakes are made. . >> it was right there. last turnover i had you never know what could have happened. i could have hit a three. i could have made a lay-up. so i blame this loss on me. even though coach don't want me to say that. i can't turn the ball over at the end of the game like that being i leader of the team. >> where was the difficulty, size, quickness, what was it that caused --. >> dna. >> the dna. >> dna. whatever they got at birth, size, speed, they didn't get that when they got to oregon i'm not being disrespectful in oregon they got that at birth. >> he has to work on the dna. villanova the first two games were way too easy. great draw for them to get to the sweet 16. the game was over before half time against iowa team that struggled last part of this season.
6:26 pm
and 'nova was up by 25 at the half. and this week miami has a much better team and head coach jay swriingt ready just to get there. >> i'm actually excited that we play on thursday because it's less of this you know and got to get back to work and i think that will be good for us. the challenge when you get to the next step to handle the media and all the responsibilities that come with it and be able to get to practice and get to work and be game time focused like we were the last two games. >> media it's a pain in the rear end when you have do deal with them. >> if do you say so yourself. >> tear. >> i believe villanova. >> that does it for us. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. "inside edition" is next. have a great night. "inside edition" is next. thank you for joining us
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hulk hogan's ex. >> even she's stunned by the $115 million verdict. >> ka-ching. >> her exclusive reaction. then -- >> come on! >> donald trump sing-along. ♪ donald stand by me and spring break hero. the teen pilot flying back from spring break with his girlfriend. >> we've got an engine failure. >> their miraculous emergency landing, on a golf course. >> got a couple of cuts and bruises. >> the black eyes here. then, charged with shooting his wife. he says it was suicide. >> my wife just shot herself in the head! >> but was she really murdered? >> i didn't shoot my wife! and


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