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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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several explosions leave many dead and many others injury. we are following breaking news out of the belgium capitol updates over what are now being called terror attacks at the airport and train station. lauren johnson is following this all morning. lauren we know belgium prime minister has given no specific death toll because this is a breaking situation and still developing but the word terror attacks have been used openly when it comes to trees explosions. >> reporter: speaking at a news conference the belgium prime minister said what we feared has happened. we were hit by blind attacks. he goes on to say we know there are many dead, and many injured. he said there is no information just yet on whether these attacks are related to paris suspect arrested last week but federal prosecutor said all three explosions were terrorist a tax. lets look at video outside metro station where first responders were running to the streets there trying to help injured people, rescue workers, set up a makeshift medical center. it was in the pub near subway stations entrance and exit to
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help passengers as they were able to escape. there is video from inside the subway station where you can see people walk ago long the rails there and thick, black smoke, hoping to find a way out of that station. one person says that the metro was leaving the station when there was a loud explosion that could be heard inside. those are passengers trying everything they can to get out. you can imagine mass kay uses they were dealing with their. at the airport just an hour before that explosion at the metro station, two explosions there caused people to flee frantically as ceilings started to collapse and cave-in. pipes burst, bags went flying and airport work shore checks in baggage says first explosion happened near a counter where customers paid for overweight baggage. she said that second blast hit near star bucks cafe in that departure terminal. belgium prosecutors say at least one of those explosions was caused by a suicide
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bomber. listen to how witnesses described what they saw and heard. >> unaudible. >> smoke, water dripping from the ceiling, and we were just... unaudible. >> now all of this comes just days after that main suspect in the deadly november 13th terror attack was arrested friday in brussels. after his arrest, 26 year-old salah abdeslam told authorities that he had created a new network and was planning new attacks. unfortunately alex and bill, this has happened, we're now
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hearing as we said that these are terror related. we are not sure directly related to him but we do know that 23 people are dead, and another passenger, alex and bill that came into the airport just ten minutes before that attack, described hearing all of the chaos, said that at the counter you could hear someone speaking a different language and then the explosion happened back to back and then he describe it as a war scene. saying kids were screaming, yelling. people were yelling, grabbing their bags and everybody was trying to get out as quickly as they could. they were end ising passengers out to the tarmac while trying to investigate exactly what was going on inside. it is had hard to understand when people are frantic and emotions are running high exactly what happened but from every account we have heard so far mass chaos. >> everybody is thinking about the fact that there was a recent arrest that happened a couple days ago but prime minister has said there is no direct correlation at this point that they want to confirm with that attack but what we do know like we said he was active and that he
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state that had hey there are others out there and we do have something that we're trying to work on. >> they made promises on friday and here we are on tuesday dealing with all this. >> i think keyword that alex pointed out is confirmed. nobody wants to confirm those connections? i mean very clearly they are taking that seriously, french officials, dutch officials they are talking about securing their border and's port and port facilities as they look into whether there is a coordinated effort. >> we have to be afraid at home knowing we had a flight coming from there 751 american airlines flight. dave kinchen is at the airport and he will have more on what is happening at airport in light of all this. >> we will go to dave right now, dave? >> reporter: yeah, here in philadelphia international airport we have been trying to talk to a few passengers as they make their way toward flight that are in where near belgium area and they are too bus toy talk on camera. they say they are watching situation closely, little nervous but they are getting updates from american airlines and other agencies as well. lets go to video.
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american airlines has confirmed it canceled flight 751 set that leave brussels and arrive in philadelphia at 1:40 this a afternoon. now, this happened, of course, a after at least two explosions at brussels airport including one reportedly happening near the american airlines check in desk. they are raising all kind of fears about well-being of passengers and so forth. statement released by american airlines says that the airline is taken saying of our employees in brussels after this morning's event, at this time there are no reported injuries to our employees. it doesn't say anything about passengers at this point. statement also says that american airlines flight 75 is first has been canceled for today but operations at brussels airport resume, when operations resume, they will reaccommodate the customers, again that statement does in the mention anything about the state of passengers or, whether passengers are accounted for.
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this is american airlines check this desk where one of those explosions went off so that raises all kind of concerns about americans who may have been traveling from brussels to philadelphia, or to the you had, possibly to philadelphia, we don't know if any of those folks were in that area or associated with the flight canceled, to philadelphia, but a lot of questions here and a lot of certainly nervous feelings here i think that is fair to say. now back to you good one of the other concerns, davis in brussels there are people who as you pointed out traveling through. so that is one of the concerns why france is so impacted, others, you don't necessarily have to go to or coming from it could have been a stop over for you. >> reporter: that is true. there are questions there. we will just to have wait and see, but there is no doubt it could have been a stop over which is alarming enough potentially alarming enough. >> brussels airport is very popular n2015 they had 23 million passengers get through that airport. so we know it is one
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especially the time at 8:00 a.m. during the week here. there are people traveling. thank you so much dave. we will check back with you. bob, i have some updates for connection we have here in philadelphia, bob? >> good morning, everybody. 7:07. both dave and lauren both mentioned, flight 751 was an american airlines flight set to leave brussels at 9:40 a.m. this morning. blast happened around 8:00, it was set to arrive in philadelphia at 1:40. that flight did... all of the other airlines and other flights in and ought of brussels have been canceled indefinitely. new international travel is where we will see mess likely the increased security. heading down to the airport today obviously as dave mentioned nerves are on edge. my doubt are set to fly out of jfk this morning set to go to france, florence, italy later on this morning. nerves are on the edge here at our house but there are six flights that were expect to come into newark, liberty.
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four other flights set to go into jfk. we have one coming to philadelphia, ten going into new york. all of these flights canceled and those folks, travelers, obviously still there in brussels. american airlines has given us a phone number if you think you have a loved one and what is interesting facebook just activated their facebook security check similar to what they did when paris attacks happened. you can go to safety check brussels and it will automatically tell you if any of your friend happened to check in brussels over the last couple of days or so. northbound lanes of the i-95, an accident right here near commodore barry bridge. that is causing delays this morning. accident southbound route one in bucks county causing a i delay in the left lane. but other thing i noticed here that is sun glare, wick. right around that dashboard level but keep it coming, sue because we will get up to a ten over next couple days. >> we sure will. we had clear skies overnight which is why sunnies so
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incredibly bright this morning but that sun will take us a few degrees higher then yesterday. we will go with an eight out of ten. no snow like yesterday either. clear and cold this morning. bus stop buddy for folks who are not on spring break, west chester school district you are going to school and archdiocese schools are going at least through thursday. so anyway wind chills in the 20's this morning. make sure those kid have enough on and yeah, go flyers. they won last night. 35 degrees right now. feels like 29. plenty of bright sunshine but we do expect to gain 20 degrees by even of the take with the high of 55. that is seasonal. not as cold tonight with the lows in the mid 40's, that is your fox cast for tuesday, seven day forecast just ahead, alex and bill. well, major money troubles down the shore, atlantic city seems to be down on its luck. >> they have issues and mayor don guardian is a once noing that the sit government will shut down. steve keeley is in atlantic city which more details and he
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continues to follow this. steve, is it a for gone conclusion or is there a way this can be fix. >> the date is april 8th. >> reporter: maybe mayor put out that notice because he is crying chicken even though he accused of the state of playing chicken and in trenton yesterday before he got back here. at quarter after 5:00 last night after being turn down for a bridge loan, he comes out here and says we will shut city hall down because we don't have any money to get to us may which is next tax payment. so why are they having money problems? well, borgata, shining brightly in the background was the biggest taxpayer for atlantic city, half billion bucks in recent years. now atlanta a city owes borgata back taxes because they a peeled their tax assessment and atlantic city, and, we are not saying it withheld its last tax payment and atlantic city is running out of money.
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police and fire fighters, tax collectors, coincidently and maybe some trash collectors you would hope are going to work after april 8th. so what does that mean? look in the parking lot here, city of atlantic city senior services program truck, little things like that thaw you don't think of on a normal basis what will seniors do without their programs. meals and wheels and things like that. this story could be bad now but could get worse and coincidently, today alex and bill, the county has its budget hearing. twenty-three towns in atlantic county, atlantic city isn't paying bill to the county. so county may have to furlough workers. we could have more bad announcement today from the county executive whose parking spot is right here and he will spend a lot of time here in the come days as well. >> we know you will stay on it, steve. you have analyzed this as much as anybody and we will get back to steve to find out if this is bad economics or bad decision making. i know steve will have the a answer. >> probably a little bit of both but hand it to the fact that police and fire are
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willing to keep working even though they are not getting paid. another reason we are so grateful for them. looking at today's top stories, upper darby couple facing serious charges after police say they have provided pot and alcohol to hundreds of teens and out of control party over the weekend. >> police were called around 10:30 saturday any to mary street for reports of the loud party. when they got there officers found at least 100 kid outside and 200 more inside, those who were there scattered but it took police three hours total to break the entire party up. >> these kids didn't want to leave, they were checking backyard and sheds to make sure they were really gone. 300 kid you don't know what will happen. >> five year-old abdul amdea told authorities he gave permission to the teens to drink and party at his home. he and his partner five year-old michelle, they are facing misdemeanor charges. their daughter was cited.
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and a confrontation at 30th street station ended with a knock out punch on a platform. >> fight was recorded by a witness, you semen talking, guy on the left, just clocked the man on the right. there it is. as rick tim fell, another punch is thrown knocking victim out. septa spokesperson says agency is now investigating, has no idea who they are and if you know anything about this you will give septa police a call. >> craze. >> dangerous moments for woman at a gas station who tried to catch a thief driving off in her car. >> so it happened earlier this month at express fuel store on frankford avenue in philadelphia's mayfair section. car was left unattend and unlock. man jumps in and seconds later owner came out and tried to stop him. she was dragged several feet before letting go. she was in the seriously hurt. the car was recovered next day in south philadelphia, but the a alleged carjacker has in the been found. police are asking for public's help in trying to track him
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down. they say serves as a reminder to never leave your car una attended, never leave the keys in it. 7:14. >> and two new zika cases discovered in delaware, brings total number of cases in the state to three. all three cases are travel related and as a result of the mosquito bite during visits to country where zika is widespread. both new casees were mild and risk of infections to others is extremely low. well, today courtroom showdown between a apple and fbi has been canceled after the feds revealed that they may not need apple's help to hack in the phone blank to go one of the san bernardino terror suspects. >> federal prosecutors making a surprising announcement yesterday saying fbi has been researching ways to access information in farouk's encrypted phone and they are getting help from an outside party. government is still looking in the outside party's method will work. they have asked for the hearing to be delayed. apple has refused to create
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software that would help government unlocation terrorist phones, citing privacy concerns for anyone with an iphone. 7:15, we will get to sue for a check of the weather. >> yeah, we will start off with weather headlines this morning, including temperatures on the rebound after a very cold day yesterday and that early morning snow, look at the picture outside, just plenty of sunshine, but by middle of the week, we have that 70's show. good friday showers and keep us updated on is what going on, there is my twitter handle fox 29 sue serio at fox 29. temperatures in the 20's and 30's, even with all that sunshine and 30's this morning. we are heading to the high in the mid 50's today 567895 degrees. tomorrow and thursday up into the 07's so you can ditch winter coat at least for a little bit. you may need it early saturday morning because cold front comes through friday with some showers in the morning and then it looks like it is excellent, that is right we have used the pun there for sunday for easter sunday.
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so far so good for the forecast. we're hoping to keep the rain away until monday, bob? >> how about a peanut butter egg. >> yeah. >> 7:16. >> good morning everybody. live look at philly international. we will not go to the airport this time around. we will show a live look at the roosevelt boulevard, route one southbound up near oxford valley mall, we have a crash just moved off to the shoulder. we have wick sun glare out there this morning, live look at i-95, down in delaware county. pack your shade, heading out the door this morning. we had an earlier accident at 95 near commodore barry bridge and that is causing an early morning jam. right after the rush hour around 9:00 o'clock penndot will set up shop working westbound on the schuylkill from montgomery out to the lincoln drive. hopefully they will fill some of the potholes on the way as well but if you are leaving the city during midday may want to try using kelly or martin luther king drive to avoid backups and mass transit at the moment looking good. back over to you guys.
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>> thanks very much, bob. the flyers are hot. they are making a purpose to the playoffs and that huge rebound win for flyers last night in brooklyn as they continue a tough stretch hoping to fight their way in to the playoffs. >> so after falling flat, on saturday, in pittsburgh, flyers needed a win last night against islanders and goalie steve mason played great in net coming up with 23 saves, and he will be lee lied on down the stretch with injuries, with michael neuvirth. >> michael neuvirth got hurt with that lower body injury good yes, they don't give specific, that is fine. >> and second period, the game tied at one when flyers get a lucky buns off the official, as you just saw and brandon manning takes advantage have the flyers up two-one. they never looked back. they win four-one. they are right there, alex, one point out of the playoff spot and they play tonight. >> i feel like i'm on a sea saw. we have a spot. no we don't. we need one more win. up a inn down. >> just win, you stay in. >> every game counts.
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we need to make this happen. lets talk about villanova i'm very excited. i'm's ready for wildcats sweet 16 game and they leave for houston late they're morning. bus will leave campus at 10:00 . once they get to texas they will 26 days to prepare for my aim. ville know of ace a four-point favorite. joy wright says playing on thursday instead of friday, it actually works to the teams favor. >> i'm excited that we play on thursday. because we get right back to work. that will be good for us. challenge when you get to the next step, to handle, the media, and all of the responsibilities that come with this and be able to come to practice and get to work, and be game time focused like we were the last two games. >> you to have love jay wright. that is the ultimate spin. we play earlier so we don't to have think bit anymore. >> he has a good point. lets get this win to move forward. >> number one team in the nation for a minute.
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they should be able to handle some of the pressure and they are favorite. >> that is why it is march madness because you never know what will happen. >> let's talk eagles. >> nfl own are are meeting in florida this week. eagles owner jeffery laurie is there with howie roseman and yesterday roseman addressed soming that fans have been talk about a lot in the past few days potentially drafting a running back with the eighth pick in the draft. >> there is a narrative that you can get running backs in the fifth, sixth, seventh round and undrafted free agency. when you look back at the last ten years guys in the top ten in rushing those guys are high picks. >> one man that keeps coming up running back elliott from ohio state. he looks likely to be a top ten pick but people think eagles should address other team need at number eight, including the offensive line but we will see where that goes. >> 7:19. >> we are continuing to track breaking news out of brussels the we have been report ago this 20 dead in explosions at
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airport and metro station overnight and now we are hearing new numbers, from a transit spokesmen about how many people were killed at the subway station. we will give thaw update when we come back.
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there were two explosions at the airport, one in the subway station. we have new information on how many were injured and killed, at the explosion, a at the metro station. belgium subway official say that there are 15 dead, and 55 injured. that is in the subway station attack. once again they have been stating that it has been closed to the capitol of the european union. and another reason thinks such a big deal because brussels is a major center for international politics. it is capitol of the european union, nato headquarters and to have something like this happen at a metro station so close to the european union has a lot of people on edge and concern. >> that connection that you are talking about is the reason why we now know germany has been added to the list of those increasing security at their borders as well. german officials, dutch officials, french officials are all analyzing,
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investigating looking into whether there are coordinated effort that could move in their countries as well. >> a lot of people are thinking about the fact that this just happened days after the arrest of one of the terror, paris attacks, one of the organizers of that and the terror threat has been raised to a level four which is highest level. that was before this even happened. you can imagine they are keeping this at a level four because prime minister, belgium prime minister, has said there are other concerns that more could be happening. >> when he was arrested he said there were additional attacks planned in coming days. we don't know if there is a connection but we will keep you posted. >> this is a breaking story develop developing, we are continuing to bring you updates and we will continue to do that throughout the morning. 7:25. in the world's largest cruise line will soon set sail to cuba, and apple's new device are focused on helping you sleep. >> lets get to lauren simoneti, i'm sure you were watching the a announcement from apple what do you think about the new iphone. >> not impressed.
7:25 am
we were spot on by the way with what we called it, the se, special addition, with the price, $400 and with the size. >> wait a minute, you are calling it special addition. people are wondering what the se stand for is that official. >> i thought it was special addition. >> okay. >> is it official? i think so. i'll check with you. i have been saying that. >> okay. everybody was wondering what that stood for. >> because for iphone 6s, what was the s what did that stand for then, special. >> spend some more money, before the next within comes out. >> okay, go ahead. >> they unveiled a smaller ipad, ipad pro, 13 inches, it is going down to 9.7 inches. it too has bells and whistles except a smaller price tag that starts at $600. those are two new features. nothing amazing. just updates of what we have seen. we have seen 12 different ipad
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already, come on. if you have trouble sleeping overnight, real quickly, they have ambient light the way ipad and iphone are sensing it, it will reduce the screen glare and researchers say that absolutely will help you sleep at night. >> okay. >> cool. >> because that bright light you you are looking at and then close your eyes and try to sleep. >> doesn't it go into lock mode after a earn period of time, it gets dark anyway. >> no, if you are using it. >> okay good whatever. >> it does eventually go into your lock mode but fact you are looking at bright light, maybe before you went to sleep, they say that does disrupt deep sleep. >> carnival is about to start cruising to cuba? >> yes. >> when does that begin. >> they have been working on this for quite sometime, this is a big deal, i have been to cuba. cuba is beautiful. it has not been touched by americans in quite sometime. so for the first time in about a half century carnival is first cruz line in the world
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to give business in cuba sailings start miami to cuba may 1st, they start at $1,800. that does not include visa fees and port fees, et cetera. carnival is using its new line the fathom line their social line, where you can learn about the country while you are cruising, where ever you are cruising too. that is ship handling these sailings. other ships, cruise lines heading to cuba but it will take sometime. havana does not have port, infrastructure. >> you save you have been. >> i have. >> we need to go. >> i have been to cuba and i have met fidel castro an amazing experience back in 2001. >> we will to have talk about this. >> thanks so much, lauren. >> bye-bye. >> 7:27. weep update you on the attacks on brussels. i have been getting tweets. people are asking about numbers how many injured and killed. because of the breaking situation those numbers, they
7:28 am
have been kind of, changing. we will give you latest updates when we come right back. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell
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and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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brussels has a high alert level four, terror alert after a series of explosion that is rocked belgium capitol. we are looking at video of what was going on inside the airport there, when there were two explosions and another explosion at a metro station near the european union.
7:31 am
>> and this is obviously a developing story, so unfortunately both dead and injured count continues to go up. we now know at least 23 people are dead, many others injured in what is now being called possibly a master wrist attacks, and they are investigating whether it is a coordinated effort. >> lauren johnson we have been following this since it first happened and you have updates for you. >> that is right, president obama expect to speak from cuba where he was briefed on the deadly attacks. belgium prime minister spoke at a news conference this morning saying what we feared has happened, we were hit by blind attacks. he says we necessity there are many dead, many injured. he a said there is no information right new on whether these attacks are directly related to the paris suspect arrested last week but federal prosecutor confirmed that all three explosions were terrorist attacks. at the main brussels airport around 8:00 a.m. this morning, twin blasts called people to flee frantically as ceilings
7:32 am
collapsed, pipes burst and bags went flying. a an airport employee who checks in baggage says first explosion happened near counters where customers pay for overweight baggage. that second blast here near star bucks cafe in that terminal. belgium prosecutors say at least one of those explosions was caused by a suicide bomber. a all flights from brussels were canceled, a arriving planes and trains were diverted. an hour later, a single will explosion during a morning rush hour at the metro station, brussels transit spokesperson confirms to us that 15 people were dead, 54 more are injured there. you can see in that video first responders were working outside in the streets inner that subway station trying to hear from people who escaped the explosion this video shows thick, black smoke filled that station and passengers were seen walking on the railways, trying their hard toes get out. listen to how some described what happened.
7:33 am
>> unaudible. >> as it is much more calm then other interviews we have seen. all of this comes just days after the main suspect in the deadly november paris attacks was arrested friday in brussels. after his arrest, 26 year-old salah abdeslam told authorities that he had created a new network, and was planning new attackses. the authorities in europe tighten security at airport, on subways at the border and city streets and now this city in brussels is virtually shut down alex and bill. we don't have any responsibility claim just yet but on twitter we are hearing islamic state group claiming responsibility speaking out there on social media and speaking of social media facebook has now started to show alerts so people can say they are safe. >> safety checks. >> so people can alert family
7:34 am
members who might be worried if you were on that flight expect there brussels to philadelphia a, and maybe your family members are frantically worried and concerned about you, you can now go on to facebook and see if you can connect with your loved ones. that is good news for us here in the states to find out is what happening there. >> lauren, talk about, we have been looking into and maybe you can check into it. they keep saying the blast took place in the departure terminal. in mess circumstances to get to the departure terminals you have already gone through security. >> what they mean there and it might be set up differently. when checking in at ticket counter and you are checking in your luggage. it was their where overweight bags were checked in. so people may have been checking luggage and taking their bags to that area, they are calling that departure hall at that airport. not necessarily into the terminal just yet but outside in the check in area. >> when it comes to the airport even here in philadelphia you can pull up, have people get out of car and get their things together on the curb and just walk in but right before you get to the security checkpoint. >> you have not cross that had
7:35 am
line where security checkpoint and here where tsa is, it is in the area where kiosks printing off their boarding passes and checking in your luggage in that area that is how it seems to be how people described that area. >> hopefully if that is in fact the case that will minimize some of the numbers of the individual impact by this, and not heaviest traffic area. >> but still, thank you, lauren, very major airport. 23 million people go through this we know dave kinchen there was a philadelphia flight that was also involved that has been canceled because of this. >> reporter: that is right, first breaking information, "fox news" report ago this death toll has listen to 28, 28 now, dead in the brussels terror attack there. so latest update there, and as you have been saying there was a flight headed here to philadelphia international airport from brussels. lets go to video of the brussels airport scene right now. american airlines flight 751 was set to depart at 9:40 a.m. and arrive here at philadelphia international at 1:40 this afternoon.
7:36 am
that flight was canceled after at least two explosions a at brussels airport including one reportedly happening near an american airlines check in desk. now a lot of questions about who may have been at that check in desk or near that check in desk area at the time, whether people in that area may have been associated with the flight that was canceled to philadelphia we don't know that right now but we know the present situation, nonetheless and a flight headed to philadelphia a that was canceled, now here's what we know, a statement from american airlines says that american airlines, has taken care of our employees in brussels after this morning's event, a at this time there are no reported injuries to our employees, and it does not talk about passengers, and doesn't mention at this point american's lines it goes on to say flight 571 has been canceled for today, when operations at brussels a airport resume. we will reaccommodate our customers and by the way you know in washington we see our intelligence services are working overtime on this white house situation room which
7:37 am
runs 24 hours a day, informed the president even though he is not in the united states at this time. so a lot of federal officials working on this and nypd boosting security, all across new york in light of this news that develop. so security agencies, local, state, federal all around the country are working and responding to this and internationally. >> certainly effects people. brussels airport just tweeted out please avoid surroundings of the airport but thanks for those updates, dave. i keep thinking about belgium prime minister said earlier this morning what we feared has happened, we were hit by blind attacks. we will keep you updated on the situation coming out of brussels. we will take a break.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at who needs a lawyer when you can use taste book to defend yourself against criminal charges. that was thought process of one man in alabama who was wanted for alluding police. >> not the brightest light in the chandelier. the police department posted a picture of a man named rob hand rick hill asking for public to help track him down after he alluded them. if you look at at comments you can see it, rodrick hill left a comment saying and i quote
7:41 am
man y'all do to much it is murder out here and you are worried about little old me, wow. so he commented on his own wanted post. >> so he he later even replied to other comment on the post, asking because they were asking what did this guy do? he said, this is in his own word, he ran from police touring a traffic stop but never had a gun. last check he still has in the been arrested. it is surprising. if you are on facebook and over will commenting, they can probably track that. >> they are probably letting him continue to talk. if you look at his time line he is admit to go more crimes as he goes on. i ran from police. we can now charge you from resisting arrest. he didn't have a gun but we don't necessity if they were a us cook him. >> if he is saying all this does this count as a confession. on facebook according your comments. >> first thing they tell you, you have the right to remain silent. >> shh. >> i can't believe that. >> our next report i'm guessing will be this man has been arrested and charged with
7:42 am
self different things. >> i'm sure that is coming. to comment on your own post, really. >> 7:42. this is such a cute story. a local little boy in the battle of his life given chance to live out his dream, the day that little guy says he will never for get. we have a lot of local high school teams that won state championships. i'm at archbishop wood. >> wow. >> we will talk to the ladies, they have just won a championship we will talk to them coming up next.
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7:45 with all that is going on in the world today we need to take a tranquil look for a few minutes at the pocono mountains there, just a beautiful, beautiful scene on this bright, beautiful morning here in philadelphia we have one down side to the warm up we are expecting this week and that is the allergy situation. allergy report with tree pollen being the big thing, right now, mapel, juniper and
7:46 am
elm. we will go from medium high levels today and tomorrow to high levels of the pol even on thursday and friday. so keep that in mind. make your plans accordingly. high pressure in control now but there is chilly air on the entire east coast. we are expecting warm air to start rolling in tonight into tomorrow so tonight won't be quite as cold as it was last night, check out these temperatures, zero's and 30's right new for the actual temperatures and even with all that sunshine, sun has been up, about 40, 45 minutes right now, 29 degrees is still will our wind chill in philadelphia. so make sure you you wear a coat to start, 5 degrees by end of the day, still jacket weather and then by tomorrow 07's, same for thursday, mid 70's, rain on friday morning means it is cooling us off in time for the holiday weekend but so far it does look dry for both saturday and for easter sunday. bob kelly? >> sound good, sue. good morning, everybody. we have an accident here a truck fire, 7:46, it is westbound lanes of 422, right
7:47 am
here near route 29. fire department just pulled away, leaving behind the triple a help truck there, but westbound, on four to 22, watch for delays. also an accident south on the northeast extension at mid county. getting word that is a hit and run. police are on the scene there eastbound schuylkill under a half an hour with some sun glare. just over a half an hour westbound on the turnpike from philadelphia over to valley forge. updating our top story, of course, brussels airport closed, all inbound and outbound flights canceled for today. this is going to impact everybody whether it be your nerves or whether it be if you are traveling internationally today, from every airport. allow extra time to get through security. there was one flight as we mentioned that was set to leave brussels this morning at 9:40 shortly after that blast occurred. that flight did not take off. wait set to arrive here in philadelphia. it was six other flights set to arrive at newark liberty
7:48 am
airport today as well as four other flights set to land at jfk. all of those flights canceled and those passengers still there in brussels. of course, we are continuing to follow this updating situation. now american airlines did release a phone number where you can check to see if is there a loved one you may want to check on (800)679-8215 and we will put that on our facebook and twitter page as well. southbound i-95 delays from cottman down to girard. later on right after the rush hour, about 9:00 o'clock or so, expect crews to work between cottman and bridge street, both directions, so midday work is going to impact your trip in the only on i-95 but also on the schuylkill expressway, penndot set to work today between montgomery drive and the lincoln drive, beginning at 9:00 o'clock. if you are leaving the city after nine use the kelly drive or martin luther king drive. bill and alex, back to you. very difficult day for everyone. lets take a moment celebrate some local stars, local
7:49 am
winners in our area, students play a mean game of basketball. as quincy harris explains they got the trophies to prove it. >> archbishop wood, archbishop wood, we have with the coach here. you made the to the championship three years in a row. what made this different. >> the win. >> i think the experiences that these kids had getting there last two times. we have a lot of kid on this team last two years or the at least one year. i think it is the drive of the seniors, they really wanted to get over hum and win these games and win these championship. i think that is the difference. >> twenty-one in a row. you guys won 21 in a row to end the season. how did they do that and get that focused. >> well, it was just a positive thing, rolling once we got wins under our belt, i think we felt good. they believed they could win. they are accustomed to winning. once we started winning, things just click. i don't think it was anything,
7:50 am
it wasn't so much focus but everything just felt good ape fell into place. we have good players on the team. they played together. they bought into everything that we were doing and it happened to work out. >> well, would you guys like to predict another championship next year. >> definitely. >> wow. >> another one. >> yes. >> usually when i come to the school i play somebody, in basketball. >> you may in the want to play one of these girls. >> anybody want to play me one on one real quick. >> bailey. she's a big player. you are going to go drexel next year. >> yes good she just had a root canal. how does it feel to win. >> an amazing feeling. i hope girls can do it again next year. great way to even our season. >> i would like to you do, pick a girl i can play one on one. maybe play defence. >> what is her name. >> kate kahn will probably
7:51 am
block you. come on, kate, get out here. what we will do, is a shooting contest, a three pointer and i will try a three pointer. >> come on, we're live on tv. who do you have your money on, me or kate. >> go ahead, kate. >> listen, kate, i just wanted to make you look good. let's give it up for kate. congratulations, coach, hopefully you can go back to back.
7:52 am
>> yes, we'd like that. >> thank you, guys. back to you in the studio. and the world is on alert after deadly attacks in brussels this morning. officials are now confirming 28 people killed in explosions at an airport ape metro station overnight. we will have this and more on these updates coming up next.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
take a look at your health, ultrasound technique, may be able to kill, cancer tumors, without harming healthy tissue. >> so doctor mike joins us in the studio this morning with why this could be huge when it comes to prostate cancer. doctor mike i'm not familiar with mens health but thinks different to have men be asking for ultrasound. >> this isn't just a treatment or diagnostic test, this could be revolutionary. if you're diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the cancer is within, the gland, this technique may not only get rid of your cancer but
7:56 am
actually prevent things like erectile dysfunction, and incontinence which are bigger problems. take a look, it is called high intensity focused ultrasound. and what they do is they use a probe and they apply at high intensity ultrasound beam just to the cancer. that is that blue thing is the prostate. what it does is it heat up that cancer to the point where it kills all of the cancer cells and it leaves all of the issue just fine. so it doesn't damage nerves that can lead to erectile dysfunction and incontinence, all of those things are amazing. this need more work to refine it but i have had a patient who used this for other things and it is an amazing technique. >> this is a a huge issue for men because as we were talking about during the break, presents state cancer impacts significant numbers of people. >> it does. if you think of the wells fargo center and you fill it
7:57 am
up with 27,000 people, that is how many men will die, this year, from prostate cancer. >> my goodness good where can we see this happening wherever one can have access to it. >> there are centers using this technique now. i think if this pans out. what was amazing about this study is they were cancer free, five years later. no evidence of cancer. the trick here is getting it early, and diagnosing it early because this works when the prostate cancer is within the prostate capsule itself. now i have said and i have stated that i will go to my grave saying it i believe in the psa because you want to find prostate cancer early get they are regular checkups. >> part of the reason why this is so goodies for men a lieutenant of people don't think you have to test, one because it is so invasive. so seeing this may encourage more people to get test. >> if we can find a way to treat prostate cancer without a lot of negative side effects
7:58 am
then i think it is a win/win situation especially for younger people. if you are a young man and you have prostate cancer you have to think of things like impotence, and erectile dysfunction and incontinence. >> you have a young are sibling. >> i do have a young are sibling. >> that is in the good for my health. >> yes. >> why is that. >> well, new study shows if you have a younger sibling, and you are much less likely to develop obesity. new there is a couple of theories. >> because they are eating all of the food. >> no, one if you have a young are child. my son nicholas and amy are always chasing each other and doing all kind of things. so one theory they are more active if you have a sin blink. other is that mom and dad are not as focused, on you because you are an only child, alex. what are you eating ? did you finish your plate. we're all over you.
7:59 am
with my wife's list bet and i we have knows ised when amy came along it is i a whole different ballgame. when nicholas, when he haded a belch we were thinking bit. now with amy and nicholas, okay, it happens. now i'm an only child. >> i have a imagery friend. >> wow, really. >> yes. >> we can talk about the ramifications of that. >> yes. >> so, a lot of studies but you believe this is one that we can say i'm going to be very healthy because i have a little sister. do you believe in this one. >> i don't know. >> come on. >> and i think it depend on the individual. there is a lot of genetics if you have parents that are obese, you're more likely. look, if you have to love your kids, and that is the bottom line. new i am will's an only child because after my parents had me they were against, my goodness, forget it, in more.
8:00 am
>> did you have a imagery friend. >> no. >> he has been saying this on tv. >> i was in the 60's. i had rockets. >> yes, i had my own space program. >> i love you, love you it is tuesday, march, no -- yeah, march 22nd, 2016. we will begin this morning with breaking news. well, it is happening again. a lot have people are thinking about this terror strikes, brussels, and three bombing attacks this morning. >> dozens of people have been killed, many more injured after explosions at the airport and subway, in brussels. we are following breaking news out of belgium's capitol. >> lauren, you have been following this all morning since it first happened which was 8:00 a.m. their time and you have updated this. >> speaking at a news conference in brussels belgium prime minister says what we have feared, has happened, we were hit by blind attacks. he took to twitter saying this i strongly condemn these
8:01 am
hateful attacks. our thoughts go out to the victims and their families. we stand united against terrorism. the federal prosecutor say all three explosions were terrorist attacks, a spokesmen a says 15 people were killed, 55 injured in an explosion on a train. you can see there outside metro station, first responders, were running through the streets there trying to help injured people. rescue workers set up a makeshift medical treatment center in a pub near that subway station to help passengers as they escaped. this is video from inside the subway station. people walking a long the rails, inside that thick black expect as a result of the explosion, hoping to find a way out. one person says that the metro was leaving the station when there was a loud explosion, that happened there. now all of this happened about an hour after two explosions a at the airport but right new we are taking a live look at the airport at pictures from brussels. emergency crew is still on the scene there because they have a lot to investigation and a
8:02 am
lot to try to figure out what happened but at the airport two explosions called people to flee frantic will there as ceilings collapsed, pipes burst and bags went flying. airport work hours checked in baggage said that first explosion happened near the counters where customers are paying for overweight baggage. he a said second blast here near a star bucks cafe in that departure terminal area. belgium prosecutors say at least one of those explosions was in fact caused by a suicide bomber. belgium media reported at least 13 people dead and two explosions at that a airport, many others injured. listen to how one witness calmy described the kay cross. >> unaudible.
8:03 am
>> smoke, water dripping from the ceiling. we had to walk through puddles. we were evacuated. somebody said over loud speaker this is an evacuation. >> unaudible. >> a massive evacuation. there was no immediate claim of responsibility for those attacks. belgium prime minister said there was no immediate evidence that linked the key paris suspect salah abdeslam to the attack. he is main suspect in the deadly paris attacks. he was arrested friday in brussels. have a his arrest he reportedly told authorities he created a new network and was planning new attacks. european security officials have been bracing for a major attack for weeks now and warn that the islamic state group was actively preparing to strike. it seems like they absolutely did that this morning, twice at the airport, bill and alex, and then again about a half an hour to an hour later at a metro station that was full of
8:04 am
people because you have to remember it was 8:00 a.m. there lots of people at the airport trying to catch flights or subway station trying to get around there to and from work or where ever people are going a at that hour. >> no confirmation as you pointed out but there are rumblings that people are starting to claim responsibility for this, the larger terror groups. >> we heard islamic state group is claiming responsibility on social media they often do after these types of events happen. no confirmation just yet but there is some reports out there floating around that is exactly what happened. >> even the prime minister said we have been at war. we have suggest that we are in act of war referencing the paris attacks and what is happening in europe. we will check on how this has been affecting flights, so dave kinchen is at philadelphia international airport there was a flight scheduled to come to philadelphia and also flights leaving philadelphia, dave. >> reporter: yes, there was an american airlines flight, from belgium that was scheduled to come here to philadelphia, that was canceled, a at least
8:05 am
1:40 p.m. arrival canceled there. meanwhile a lot of people getting this news where ever they are traveling to from philadelphia international, and they are on edge. i'm talking with tony, going to florida, just tell will me your thoughts on all this. >> it is always a sat sad situation when someone loses their life but -- >> anything do you differently but i know you are talking about security at airport, in light of all this. >> just cooperating with the security personnel at the airport. i'm pretty confident they know what they are doing. i cannot say that nothing can happen to us but i don't war about it because i trust job they are doing at tsa. >> reporter: what a lot of people are getting this information, they are looking at images, we will show you video of the situation at brussels airport, american airlines has confirmed that it canceled flights 751 in brussels to philadelphia which was set to depart brussels at 9:40 a.m. and arrive here at philly international a at 1:40 this afternoon. according to information on line in terms of the flight
8:06 am
trackers flight is still scheduled to get to philadelphia and then continue to dallas arriving later but perhaps that could change given all this happening right now. now this happened, as we reported earlier, after two explosions at brussels airport. american airlines released this statement it is taking care of our employees, in brussels after this morning's event and at this time there are in reported injuries to employees, american airlines flight 751 has been canceled as we have been reporting earlier without operations, at the brussels airport resume, we will reaccommodate our customers. so that is the official word from american airlines but, people traveling all over the world, of course, and possibly nervous, because of everything that has happened here. >> understandably so, for sure, dave. thank you. bob, also has updates when it comes to the philadelphia international airport for us. >> regardless of when are traveling in the united states or traveling on a international flight, nerves will be frazzled today, get down there early, allow some extra time to go through the
8:07 am
security, security certainly will be heightened, all around this this morning. here's a live look at the roosevelt boulevard southbound all lanes are blocked right before the kelly drive all because of an accident, you have hook and ladder here, blocking what would be the two right lanes. we are bumper to bumper, and an accident south, on the northeast extension approaching mid county that is a a hit and run. there is police out there investigating the crash and turnpike itself heavy from philadelphia bensalem into the mid county tolls, eastbound on the schuylkill will some sun glare from the curve into downtown. we have a half an hour delay from bensalem over to valley forge on the turnpike and then later on right after the rush hour southbound i-95, penndot will set up shop with the cones there between cottman avenue and bridge. so from 9:00 to 3:00 coming into philadelphia, pack your patients, and pack a snack, but at least you you can maybe open up the run roof, right, sue. >> little later on, still chilly but we have warmer temperatures on the way n fact, today with the lack of
8:08 am
snow, it is still cold but we will give you an eight out of ten, nice recovery. bus stop buddy is here to tell thaw wind chills are still in the 20's this morning. make sure kids have enough on at the bus stop. it is 37 degrees but feels like 31. it feels below freezing. we have chills in the 20's in pottstown and trenton and millville, and dover to start your day. lots of sunshine though all day long, we should top off at 55 with your sunset time at 7:16. temperatures in the 07's in the seven day forecast that will be coming up shortly. alex and bill. >> thanks so much, sue. mayor don guardian a announcing city government will shut down. >> guardian blames the government shut down on the lack of help from trenton. state government. wants to avoid what could be a imminent financial predicament. this means on the evening of april 8th city had hall will close as some employees will not get paid. this includes non-essential offices but they do say that atlantic city fire and police will remain in service. >> and the delaware division of public health announced two
8:09 am
new zika cases and this brings total number of cases in to the state to three. in all three cases they are travel related and result of the mosquito bite during visits where zika is widespread n2 new cases an a dult male was tested after showing symptoms of the disease, during his trip in january. woman showed symptoms following a late february/early march trip. both casees were mild and risk of infection to others is considered extremely low. 8:09. cedric the entertainer is on good day this morning, the soul man, well, his show is gearing up for its final season. why he may have a better understanding of donald trump when it is all a over. >> i can't wait to hear him talk about a all that. and apparently bigger is not the always better, new iphone and ipad are shrinking how it is designed to help you get a better nights sleep. a all that and more coming up on good day. ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog.
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coming up on 8:13, two big
8:13 am
stories in the apple world this morning. we will get to the first one, we will update, and they may have found another way to get in the lock phone of one of suspect san bernardino terrorist this comes as researchers say they have found a security flaw in apple software that could possibly allow hack tours get around those encrypted devices, but it is in the clear if this is method the government is referring to. apple as you will remember refuse toss create software to help government unlock terrorist phone, citing privacy concerns for anyone with the iphone. and, speaking of apple, bill, there was a big announcement yesterday. >> yes, company has more going on. apple ceo tim cook made big announcements yesterday revealing latest incarnation of our favorite devices. iphone and ipad are getting even smaller, but you do they live up to the hype. there is only one person we can talk to tech expert, anthony mongeluzzi, good morning sir. >> good morning, bill. >> i told you during the break i'm a lit built of the hater. i hear tech people talking
8:14 am
about it. it does it live up to the hype. >> it does in the sense it is a very powerful phone, and unlike my phone here, it is small. remember the smaller things get with technology tougher thing it is to be strong. it is cool, a lot of people like the small phones. i like the bigger one. i did a twitter poll, 57 percent still like it big ever. a lot of small devices out there. it is pretty cool. >> is this a change from device to device, but this time last year we were talking about how will cool it was to have bigger screen and you can do more things on the larger screen. >> last year was all about the fluff, big ipad pro and that is so last year. back in september when apple does next a announcement ill will be big again. so they are getting all of the markets here. it is not a bad idea. >> we talk about powerful. unless you are just super high tech, in one understand what that means. were you breaking it down during the break. powerful means it can do what. >> for instance, you won't do this often but it films in 4k. you can combine and he had it
8:15 am
two, 4k movies on your phone. back in the day in the studio imagine mixers to use just to go low definition. it is extremely powerful. what is difference between 1 million i second and 1.5. a lot of geeks out there care about that but unless you go a couple generations you you do not see the difference. >> i will claim geek status. i shoot all my store business my phone, go pro. that means something to me you will love it then. >> you will love it good can we move over here and get shots over here. because also, there was supposed to be and we will get it up, ipad. we're talking about the iphone. ipad has big changes as well. big changes making it smaller also. >> not only smaller but for first time steve jobs, you you could actual a tack sd card and new things to the new ipad a lot of people seem to love it, the camera. ipad has a 12 mega pixel camera on a ipad. that is out of control.
8:16 am
your bloggers, podcasters, they love it and just can't get enough of it. >> here's mize issue, we talk about the smaller phones starting at $399. >> yes good that is a little will bit of money. we talk about the ipad that can get as high as $900. >> a thousand with the wifi and full stuff. it gets up there. but other one is 900. >> talking about that much money. is it all about the size, and convenience. call than get a full blown computers, lap top, tablets and what have you for same price. >> what apple is basically saying you don't need a computer. they are saying post p.c. era is done. the most people have computers over five years old. junk your computer, get this thing, and you will live happy. that is what they are banking on and they are make ago lot have money. they are doing something right. >> there is my other pet peeve. i said i'm a hater do we know had se stand for. some say it could mean strong encryption, some say special
8:17 am
edition. apple never answered what it means. >> we are expecting the ieven if seven to come out before the end of the year. so with these changes, more powerful, better camera, and all these different things, is it worth it if you have the next one coming out shortly. >> it is so tough, i would say no. i like bigger phones which is my preference. in september this will be such old nooses specially six months ago they will have new chips, new you flash, new everything and we will talk about how awesome the new phonies. if you really like 4-inch model there will no be a smaller one like this for year or two. but if you want latest, greatest, wait until president is. >> okay, all right. do you think neither of us will do it but we will see people lining up for this. >> i think so. i don't understand the apple folks. they are always lining up. there will be a line on where and it will be long. >> it took a while but i'm a convert. i do have apple stuff. i just wait until it comes down in price. >> i love it but i will in the
8:18 am
wait in line for it good always a pleasure to see you, appreciate it. >> lets find out is what going on with the weather. looking good, sue. >> yes, it is, it is looking great. we have forecast for 55 degrees to take. we got to 51 yesterday and certainly felt chilly, especially in the morning. you may not have realized, or remember that we had snow to start the day yesterday. so, we're looking now at a look at your allergy report because that will be a big problem with fine weather on the way, folks who suffer from seasonal allergies, tree pollen right now. thank you bob kelly for sound effect there high pressure is in control for the next couple of days and as you look at the seven day forecast next chance of rain is not until friday morning. we have showers in the morning, that will take temperatures down from the 70's, we will get on wednesday, and thursday, and for saturday and sunday we have upper 50's for saturday, excellent weather, hopefully on sunday, we will have
8:19 am
increasing cloud later in the day we are saving the rain for egg salad day on monday because day after easter is always egg salad day. >> that bunny better not bring that mud from the front yard into my house, sue. >> yeah, right. >> good morning, everybody. >> if you are traveling today i think everybody will be a little bit nervous. just allow extra time to get through security, international flights especially down there at philly international. there are no delays on the tote board so give yourself extra time to go through check in line. live look from roosevelt boulevard traffic moving again after an earlier accident. accidents south on the northeast extension right here near mid county that is hit and run. police are on the scene there investigating. we are also dealing with wicked sun glare. 38 miles an hour, jammed up from the conshohocken curve in towards downtown. put 21 minutes on the clock coming into the city. turnpike on the westbound side from philly all the way over to valley forge about a 40 minute trip, again, volume and sun glare and right after the
8:20 am
rush hour about 9:00 o'clock penndot will set up shop and work westbound on the schuylkill, between montgomery drive and the lincoln drive. if you are leaving town after 9:00 you will want to use the kelly or martin luther king drives. bill and alex, back over to you. destroying your diet, three mistakes thaw are making and why, take a look at your plate, the color of your plate is affecting how much you are eating. but first a local little boy in the bat of hits life gets to live out his dream, seven year-old new member of the police force, the day this little guy says he will never forget.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
call it a dream of the lifetime a very sick little boy becomes an honorary police officer in his hometown. our own bruce gordon introduces us to the extraordinary young boy who enjoyed a wish coming true in the community that made it all
8:24 am
happen. >> have fun. >> reporter: gloucester township patrolman head off to their first day on the job on the booster seat but few new cops are seven year-old and even fewer, are battling leukemia. why did you want to become a police officer. >> it is my favorite job. >> why is that. >> because you they get villains. >> reporter: gloucester township police lindh of liam lindsey's love of law enforcement a at his school where he goes to kindergarten. they pulled out all of the stops to make him an honorary officer at their department. got his own uniform. he was sworn in by the mayor himself. >> i, liam lindsey... >> under the watchful of his mom, lauren. >> this is a a dream come true. he's gone through a lot of treatment, which is difficult, and it makes him real sick. he has been a trooper and i really feel like he deserves, you know, some special events in his life. >> reporter: police showed l iam how to work with k-9 officers and they gave him a
8:25 am
tour of and a ride in their armored swat vehicle. he even got to handle the robot, from the department. liam's grandmother was there is to take pictures and soak it all in. >> it is just unbelievable, what they did for him. and what they are doing for him. it made me so happy. i'm close to tears. >> the department could have given this sick little boy a plaque, badge and sent him on his way. instead they spent time showing him what they do and why. encouraging his love of helping others. >> we're not always protect in the best way and people that look up to us in the best way and we're a hero it is a good feeling for us. >> reporter: when his first day on jos what the a end, the seven year-old boy with the medical mountain to climb was asked what he wanted to do when he was all grown up. >> to be a police man. >> because it is coolest job in the world. >> reporter: he says his latest run of treatment are scheduled to wrap up at the end of the year.
8:26 am
then they wait to see whether officer lindsey has arrested his cancer. the go fund me page has been set up to help defray medical costs go to fox, click seen on tv, we will link you to it. in the news room i'm brought gordon for fox 29 news. >> special story, special little boy. it is so great that for his wish he wants to help others, and great in the community. >> good stuff. >> bruce does those stories very well too. >> he does. >> 8:26. >> destroying your diet, three mistakes you are making and why the color of your plate affects how much you eat. if you are eating breakfast take a look the at your plate and tell me what color it the is. >> i'm happy to hear only three mistakes. >> there may be a problem.
8:27 am
8:28 am
i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! in pennsylvania? second most famous groundhog i don't have enough fingers ben! ok gus, make a wish! that was some blowout. thanks, so are these! wow, the new blowout instant games
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from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?! keep on scratchin'! brussels is on high leather this morning after a terrorist attack. really terror attacks.
8:30 am
a at least 28 people are considered dead and american 100 injured after three explosions, tear through the belgium capitol. this story has been breaking since 3:00 a.m. our time and 8:00 a.m. their time. it started with two blast that is ripped through brussels airport, and the third explosion, at the subway there, which is near european union. >> outpouring of support all around the world, bill. >> this is tomorrow's front page of the le mans newspaper in paris. you see devastation of the bomb explosion in the airport. also the drawing of the person draped in a french flag hugging a person in the belgium flag. below that you see have november 13th and today march between the second. both of those days referring to the recent terror attacks in each country. we will continue to update you this morning and have the latest on our web site, fox >> president obama has been briefed on the situation. he is in cuba he is expect to speak later this morning. so we are expected that he will address this situation
8:31 am
because it is not only affecting brussels and europe but also the world. >> 8:31. all right. am i just eating or we losing weight. >> we are supposed to be losing weight. you should look at your food. that should make difference when it comes to the diet. >> we are talking about three diet mistakes you are making. it involves size, color and type of bowl that you eat the food out of. >> it is all about the color according to josephine a registered dietition from cooper university health care. >> yes, it definitely is, good morning. we try to tell all of our patients at cooper not just think about what you are eating but how you are eating and what you are placing your food on. >> so what colors should i avoid then. >> we want to think about contrasting colors but first we would start off with the size of your plate, too. >> yes. >> i just get alex a little plate, i will get this play and we call it even. >> you would say where myself other small plate for myself, that is what we want everybody
8:32 am
to doggies using a small are plate. serve yourself less and feel just as full. >> because we have bigger plate the we think we need to fill up so we pile up more. >> we think we need to finish this plate too. >> yes. >> the big plate club. >> yes. >> you have to clean your plate. >> we are taught that as kid. >> right. >> psychologically that works. if i grab this after that i would feel like i was full. >> you have cleaned your plate but cleaned a small are amount off your mate good can we talk about color. i have purple plates, brown ones, green ones which one should we be throwing out. >> we want to think about contrast to a how your brain to have a split second to look at your food and say like wait, is there food there. i am not mind leslie shoveling it in. >> yes. >> so we will use, more like a conn race continuing color like the green, and white instead of the white on white. >> white on white we cannot tell how much is really in there. >> it is a lot of our
8:33 am
peripheral vision but. >> does it really work. >> it does. >> it is more scientific mum bow jumbo what we think about is, you you know, just seeing actual portions. just not blending in with our plate. >> for example this red plate i would want to get spaghetti with sauce on it. >> yes. >> it just looks all like red. >> yes, exactly. >> how do you see it also apply over here as well. so apparently the clear is bad. >> if anyone has a work place where they have food sitting out, where you can see it and you are always, walking past it. >> food, yeah. >> you have a clear container like this here you will eat it whether you're hungry or not. >> once you see how much you you are eating, you can say this was at this level today, and then tomorrow it will be here, yes. >> i don't know, i have never done that. i don't think anyone really thinks about it, how much i'm picking up and putting in my mouth. keep it in a opaque container so you are the not seeing it
8:34 am
all the time. >> then i will eat more. >> this will work for me, if i can see what is going on. >> yes. >> alex and i mess it up. if it is wide opened like that, i am like i ate the entire contain are. >> yes. >> you walk by and seafood it makes you want to eat it. walking by and it is purple container, i don't know what is in there i will just walk past. >> if you are that guy i would say put it a way. at least put all of your young food away, and, people who have boxes on have serial, cookies, tend to gain ten to 20-pound more. >> you know what i do, i walk around with my candy dish and give to it my co-workers. then is there not as much sitting than my desk. i share with everybody else. >> yes. >> generous. >> that is a whole other topic, that is sabotage, we will not get into that today. >> thanks, josephine. >> sometimes smallest things that will make big difference.
8:35 am
>> we appreciate it. >> yes. >> i'm a guy, i got all kind of plates. >> yes. >> none of them match. >> there is no way to match. >> yes. >> it makes it very easy to implement for me. >> within of the mismatched, contrasting plates. >> there we go. >> okay, invite me over. 8:35. sue? >> do you have colored plates at your house? i know i'm's not alone here. >> absolutely, patterns, colors and everything to drive myself crazy. there is a look at bus stop buddy. his lunch is packed in his backpack. he is ready for that cold morning when we are still seeing wind chills in the 20's and don't forget your shade. look at how bright, 37 degrees but it feels below freezing. 8-mile an hour breeze. it is coming out of the west southwest. wind chills still not to's in pottstown, trenton, millville, dover and atlantic city with all that sunshine this morning
8:36 am
but we will get to the mid 50's and that is seasonal for this time of the year leading up to easter on sunday. we will that have holiday weekend forecast coming up. bill and alex. >> we just want you to be happy, how about that. >> i'm happy. >> how about get up, get out and get happy. new survey find happiest people are movers and shakers. so exactly how much time do you need to spend outside of your house and between the sheets, to put a smile on your face. >> yes. >> okay. >> there you go. >> i'm looking forward to that one, as well as motown philly back again. you have seen it. the boys two men, he impressed the crowd on dancing with the stars. big way he took it back to his philly roots. see it coming up. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet.
8:37 am
fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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i know that's like my grandma the cooked, my mom cooked... ...i cook. chocolate bread pudding, and soufflés, and... ...banana bread. i make a lot of banana bread because the baby likes bananas. so, we always have bananas in the house. (laughs) whatever home means to you, we'll help you find it. zillow.
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8:40 am
this the new empire song have they have been releasing new songs because we're getting ready for part two of season two. that is right empire coming back march 30th. why not watch the second half in style. join us, as we will be, fox 29 crew will be with power 99, big viewing party, you know how we did, and going over to our web site fox, you have to rs vp, you have until noon march 29th to make your reservations but i suggest you do it early because we fill up, lot of people have come to these. >> i wish people could see when that music comes on, anything empire related, how you light up. alex is taking notes, throughout the break. empire starts coming on. >> what is it, we have yaz the greatest, lee daniels, anything that supports philly, we are all philly. >> i would like to get you a role on that. >> that won't happen. >> a familiar face from
8:41 am
philadelphia gave the city a special shout out last night, on dancing with the stars. >> how running gray. >> of course, when it comes to philly you have to bring up cheese steaks. take a look at this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> owe h, wow. >> he did it. >> okay. >> check out the foot work. >> that is white, juan more fridays boys two men. he did the cha. he is moving. >> of course, he did the motown philly, with his partner lindsey but background
8:42 am
there is geno's steaks. nice little republican make a nice shout out to geno. >> they gave him 23 points out of the 30. >> just 23. he deserves a lot more. >> it wasn't perfect. >> twenty-three is not too bad. >> it wasn't highest score of the night. >> he did his thing. >> i feel will like dancing with the stars now, you you know. >> i loved it. >> represented philly. he just needed him, flashing it. >> yes, he was moving. >> i can't dance that good. >> i feel like now dancing with the stars has evolve to the point where they have legitimate dancers. they performed for a long time. you would expect them to be able to dance. >> yes. >> i don't usually do that at boys two men concert. >> they with settle you up to look like a clown. they would call me and you could go over there and really dance. >> my gosh, no. >> quincy has some experiencing in this. >> he does. >> he did celebrity dancing with the stars. >> he did, and was very good. >> he raised money.
8:43 am
>> not so good at basketball. >> i am really good at basketball. we are doing tour of champions. my second stop, roman catholic. these guys, back to back state champions. we will talk to them coming up next. hopefully they will wake up, and all of them are smooth. she handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines-- not 21 percent less. so why does she make 21 percent less? for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. and our parents have earned social security and medicare-- i'll protect them. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
clear skies means it is very bright, outside this morning. it looks like a little work going on the top of one of our buildings, you know, we have to keep up, because some of these buildings have been here in a long time. that is the term, olde city, yeah. master of the obvious, that is me. so a look at how sunny it is outside and a look ahead, to your weather headlines. temperatures on the rebound this week as we get toward middle of the week. we will have that 70's hoe but good friday will have, start of the show and that is the way to get in touch with us on social media. there is my facebook and my twitter, sue serio, fox 29. and again, obvious. so we have temperatures in the 20's and 30's this morning. but the wind chillies what you dress for and many of of them are still in the 20's this
8:47 am
morning. so, because of those clear skies overnight, we have got pretty cold, here's where we're going to 55 degrees. seventy tomorrow. seventy-four on thursday. yes, those are two, ten's, heading in the holiday weekend a lot have of kid have off on school on friday and other folks as well so you will start your day with showers but hopefully end with unis shine and be cooler over weekend. so far, so dry for easter sunday. bill and alex. >> that is important, sue because there is a the lot of parades and easter egg hunts. we need to make sure it stays sunny. >> you have a easter egg hunt. >> i love easter stuff especially over here on south street there is a a nice parade. i will be there. >> your imagery friend. >> no, my parents are coming to town. >> that is fun. >> let's go to quincy harris, continuing his tour of area schools that have championship basketball team. >> up next roman catholic high, they have won back to back, q. >> they have a tradition of winning here. we have the coach mcnesby.
8:48 am
tell me all of the championship you guys have won this year. >> they have won three, city title, catholic league title and state championship. we won a preseason tournament, so four. >> wow. how does it feel, you guys, because there was pressure. you know, bulls's eye the entire season. >> expectations were on them. one thing to have it and then to do it, is another. proud of those guys. >> you have a lot of seniors that are leaving, they are playing right now. >> i don't know what is going on but you have a lot of seniors, that are leaving. >> yes. >> talk about the three going to penn state. >> great kid, happy for them, great families around them. you know, they really embraced the program on and off the court. sad to see them go. >> we have one kidding to go brown. >> paul newman, great student, and he will do well. >> wow. >> okay. let me talk to some of these kid. >> hey. okay, all right, wow, okay,
8:49 am
all right. seniors, i need to talk to some seniors. come talk to me. what does this mean for you guys, you know to win back to back your senior year. >> it means everything. just going back to back, and in a league like the catholic league and then just to do it with your brothers and to find out all of the hard work you have put in and all a the of the sweat and determination paid off at the end. >> you guys are going to penn state all three of you guys. >> yeah. >> will you get sick of each other. >> no. >> are you going to be okay with that. >> absolutely. >> let me tell what you happened last year. come on over here. last year, last year. this is dray, i'm sorry. so, dray, last year, i came here and we were playing basketball against each other. you kind have of under estimated my skills. you were embarrassed. you will be a senior next year. do you want to go one on one right now. what do you think. >> now, play defense or offense. >> i play offense. >> okay. >> okay, hold this.
8:50 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> okay, all right. so we have dray with the ball. >> straight up. >> we have post with the ball. >> dray, you win this year. you you guys win championship next year which is a lot of pressure we will see who wins. we will go one on one. >> i will win again. >> i will in the win again. >> i have another stop, i'm going to newman next. the let's give it up to roman. congratulations. >> they came in the studio. there is some great guys there. >> tall guys. >> yes. >> impressive. >> you see, dray, he hacks. he is a fouler. we will talk about that later. >> okay, thanks, quincy.
8:51 am
>> 8:50. >> heading to chipotle instead offhandedding money over to the irs. there are some things people would do at chipotle which meant never having to pay taxes again. >> by people, you mean me. would i do some of these gross things. >> okay, we will see. (vo) when i first took jake home
8:52 am
we ate anything. until i decided we both needed to eat better.
8:53 am
now jake gets purina cat chow naturals indoor a nutritious formula for indoor cats with no artificial flavors. it helps to control hairballs and maintain a healthy weight. so these days, we're both eating better. naturally!! purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives.
8:54 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i love when they are playing this music. >> yes. >> once again, we have music going back and forth in the studio. >> i love this. >> i love the background. >> it takes the lead. >> you see the guy in the back. >> i just want to be a professional lip singer. we know it is time to file your taxes. have you done yours yet. it can be tedious. some people like to push it
8:55 am
off. >> one web site survey of 1,000 american taxpayers feel about the irs, it is a little bit interesting. according to financial web site wallet, 27 percent would rather get a tattoo of the irs if they never had to pay taxes again. you can put me in that 27 percent. 11 percent would spend three years cleaning bathrooms at chipotle. i'm in that also. >> for three years. >> to never pay taxes again. >> i will stop by chipotle on the way home every day and clean their bathroom. 6 percent would rather sell a kidney. well, that is where you lost me. 8 percent would rather name their first born child, taxes. >> well, could it be a middle name, so people wouldn't know. i'm trying to see fit fits. >> i can see why you say tattoo. you already have two tattoos. >> and no taxes. >> what if you did a nick cannon like taxes another mike
8:56 am
jerrick challenge, you come in the challenge and tattoo taxes on my back if i never to have pay them again. >> you can learn from mike, never do that because you never know. >> very comfortable with this decision. >> what would you willing to do. >> 8:56. bigger, not always better. the new iphone and ipad they are shrinking. one tiny part about the new phone that has people really thrown off this morning.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
well, it is tuesday, march . i'm having trouble with this date today. i don't want to admit it is still march. between the 22nd, 2016. good day to you. >> hello sue. >> good morning. >> it is good looking but it is deceiving because it is cold. wind chills in the suburbs are in the 20's.
9:00 am
>> we're playing waiting game because it will warm up. >> when i came in this morning, i didn't have a jacket on. i walk in the studio. i stepped out. i went wow. >> it will fool you. >> pay attention next time. >> cedric the entertainer is on the show this morning. his show soul man is gearing up for final season. how he is dabbling in politics now. >> um-hmm. >> we were talking about this all morning in the news room, friend with x's. chloe kardashian says a break up doesn't mean you have to cut ties. why she says feelings just don't go away. and you get up, and get out happy, a new survey finds that happy people are movers and shakers. new does it mean literally moving and shaking or is that, you know. >> business movers and shakers. >> we will let you know how much time you need to spend out of the house in between the sheets to put a smile on your face. >> sue lights up. >> we were initially think


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