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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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u.s. pledging hour support. >> we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. >> tonight, the aftermath, the response and the first clues about who could have done this. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. first at 5:00 terror in bus selves it happened while most americans were still asleep. explosions ripping through the brussels airport and the city's subway. dozens of people are dead and dozens more are hurt and now the heartbreaking question, who could have done this and how could this have happened again? good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in for iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. new information has been coming in minute by minute today. here's what we know right now. bombs exploded this morning at the brussels airport and in the city's subway killing at least 31 people. wounding close to 190. isis has claimed responsibility
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for the attacks. belgium is now diverting plains and trains and the brussels airport is staying closed through tomorrow. authorities also released a photo taken from closed circuit tv. three men pushing luggage carts. they say two of them apparently were the suicide bombers and that the third dressed in a light colored coat a black hat and glasses is on the run tonight. authorities say raids are underway right now to catch that third man. and we have live team coverage tonight. sabina kuriakose is the philadelphia international airport following local response security measures but we begin with joyce evans in our newsroom with the very latest. joyce. >> lucy it has all the markings of those mull pell terror attack carried out in paris last fall. but investigators have not officially confirmed any connection to the horrific attack on civilians in november. still tonight european capitol is on lock down. a chaotic scene in brussels after a pair of suicide bombers
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unleashed a deadly attack shortly before 8:00 a.m. local time. authorities asking people to shelter in place as the country raised it's terror alert to its highest level. speaking from cuba this morning president obama addressed the attacks. >> we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. >> reporter: all flights in and out of brussels were canceled after the blasts and arriving trains and planes diverted away from the city. >> we realize we face tragic moment. at this dark moment for our country now more than ever i would like to appeal to all to be calm and show solidarity. >> reporter: tax come four days aft the main suspect in the november faris attacks was arrested in brussels. after his arrest, he told authorities new attacks were already in the works. although he offered no specifics. however, in the immediate aftermath of the bombings, airport security was also diet
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tightened in paris, london and other european cities. >> this is a strategic strike not just against brussels but against the western world. you have two capitols. you have washington and then you have brussels. >> reporter: police say at least one suicide vest that did not explode was found at the airport and they're looking into whether a suitcase bomb packed with nails was also used. as of now, there have been at least nine americans known to be injured in the attacks. they include a u.s. service member and his family and three mormon missionaries from utah. lucy? >> meanwhile the u.s. homeland security department has no credible threat here at home. but officials have increased security and local law enforcement is also remaining ever vigilant. sabina kuriakose sped to the local agencies live at philadelphia international airport now. sabina. >> reporter: lucy, transit authorities throughout our area are on alert but passengers here at philadelphia international airport tell me that they think
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terrorists are changing tactics and they want law enforcement to adapt. >> it peak me think they should do the same thing here. this time they didn't go through security they did it in the front of the airport. >> reporter: packed philadelphia international airport spring breakers and holiday travelers queuing up at the tsa checkpoint airline passenger craig roberts says he is not seeing enough security following coordinated terror tax in brussels in the airport and subway. killing 31 people and injuring at least 150 more. roberts says reports showing the brussels attackers blue themselves up in the airport departure lounge convinced him terrorists are finding new strategies. and it's shane his sense of security. >> we're not immune for that here. they can come right here right now stand next to us don the same thing they did in brussels. >> reporter: officials tell fox 29 there is a more visible philadelphia police and homeland security presence at the airpo airport. american airlines flight 751 from brussels to philadelphia canceled as a result of the
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attack. it is the only regular flight from brussels into phl4 to five days week. plain and train passengers are being asked to remain vigilant. >> if you see something suspicious and the hairs of bar i don't care of your neck stand up we want to know. >> reporter: septa police say there's been no threat to the city but the chief says even commuters will see many more uniform officers on mass transit as precaution is taken. amtrak says it's deploying additional officers as well. for linda thornton the extra security is enough to calm her fear. >> i was a little nervous when i heard it on the news this morning. but then you have to just go on don the things that you have to do. and just pray that all this en ends. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00 we'll talk to a prospective west chester university student she was planning to travel from her home in brussels here to philadelphia sometime this week. we'll talk to her about how her plans have now changed.
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lucy? >> we'll talk to you then sabi sabina. across the country leaders are also responding to the tragedy. in a statement pennsylvania governor tom wolf says in part, we stand united against those who seek to harm innocent people and instill fear in our daily lives. my top priority safety of the people of pennsylvania. and we will continue to work with federal and local partners to ensure the commonwealth is safe and prepared. and taking a live look right now at brussels where there is a growing memorial, flowers and cards people are holding candles standing vigil for those killed today and those recovering from their injuries. and a bittersweet image from paris tonight. showing it's solidarity with its neighbors blighting the eiffel tower in the colors of the belgium flag. similar signs of support happening around the globe tonight. our coverage continues all night long. keep checking fo for e latest brecking information. we'll post updates right on our home page. well it turns out the fbi might
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not need apple's help after all. federal prosecutors asking a judge to halt a hearing which would try to force apple to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. the fbi may have found an outside party that can access the locked phone. 14 people died in that decembe december 2015 attack. the two attackers were killed in a police shootout. two men are in the hospital after this car crash in burlington county. skyfox over rancocas road around 2:30 where people tell us a sedan crossed over into oncoming traffic and hit a pick up head on. choppers took both drivers to hospitals. we don't know their conditions. we are waiting for the warmup in your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look at allentown. we had another morning of bundling up but it looks like those days are coming to an end. let's check in now with meteorologist kathy orr for first check of your weather. kathy? >> what a beautiful picture with the mountains in the background. you can see behind me plenty of blue sky in philadelphia seeing across the river to south
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jersey. right now in philadelphia, 58 degrees. it's 56 in trenton. 49 in the poconos. and to the west in reading looking good at 58. and also a nice number in lancaster checking in at 57 degrees. now, we do have some winds gusting out of the southwest at about 22 miles an hour in philadelphia. gusting to 25 miles an hour in the poconos. but look at this. it's a southwesterly wind that is a warm wind for us so the warming will begin during the day tomorrow. still breezy at 7:00 p.m. need a lyle jacket at 9:00 with a few clouds at 51 and then moonlit skies tonight. tomorrow is the full moon. the temperature 49 degrees. coming up, we'll take look at that seven day forecast and in it we'll talk about back to back 70s, rain returning, easter forecast and the april outlook. what to expect for next month. remember that begins next week. i'll see you later in the broadcast with that seven day. ♪ march madness is here and the villanova wildcats are
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getting ready for the sweet 16 thursday against miami. today the community coming together to see their departure to louisville, kentucky. and our howard he is skin live in the newsroom with more on this. excitement building, howard. >> yeah. now there are 16. only 16 teams left and villanova is one of them. thursday night they are the favorites by four points against miami. if they win, likely will play the number one seed in that region and that would be kansas on saturday. all right. this morning the wildcats got the send off on campus. their trip to the airport then to louisville, kentucky miami is a really good team but when you get to 16, those are the teams that are remaining in the tournament. good ones obviously jay wright happy with all the happy people on campus. >> i want to thank everybody for their support sticking with us through the years and all through this season and we take great pride in representing philadelphia basketball. we're going to -- we'll play hard, you know, like the city of philadelphia and like villanova
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basketball always does. >> they all -- listen you're at 16 you better be playing hard. all right, coming up later in sports eagles owner jeff frue lurie spoke today at the owners meetings in boca rah ton, florida and addressed a lot of thing. everything from chip kelly, what howie roseman's role is now with the team and his feelings on winning the division all coming up later in sports. back to you. lucy. >> thank you very much, how war. police really want to find this guy right now. after something he did in a local casino. the victim he's accused of choosing in very vulnerable state. >> customers at a store get a surprise delivery something they did not ask for or want. >> that is so rude, disgusting. >> worker accused of of exposing himself to them but not in a way you might suspect. we'll explain this. military trying out new weapon to help our wounded warriors heal from the horrors of war. >> he was drowning in his own
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thoughts even couldn't save him. he couldn't save himself. >> how making masks is breaking down barriers and saving lives. and coming up all new at 6:00 police say a group of thieves followed young man outside a local store. they roughed him up but what they said to him made things even worse. ♪ i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell
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and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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♪ terror tack left dozens of people dead in belgium. two bombs exploded this morning at the brussels airport. another blast went off in city subway. at least 31 people are dead. scores of others are injured. authorities are warning people in the area to stay inside and
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they are diverting planes and trains from that blast zone. police are already conducting raids in the city searching for anyone who may be behind the terror. the islamic state is claiming responsibility. in delaware, authorities want your help to find the man they say exposed himself inside a casino. the delaware department of safety and homeland security says the man pictured here exposed himself to someone who was disabled, it happened on march 10th inside a restroom at the delaware park raceway and casino. authorities haven't shared the gender of the 21-year-old vict victim. if you know who this person is, give police a call. philadelphia police are looking for a man they say mugged a woman at gun point investigators say this surveillance video shows the man following the woman then pulling her purse away from her. it happen last thursday in northern liberties on brown street. police say the man also demanded the woman hand over her cell phone. but when she refused, that's when he pull out a gun. she refused again and the guy
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ran off jumping into waiting c car. a new report finds evidence of a continued bias in the philadelphia's use of stop and frisk. report comes five years after court decree called for a in the city's policy. the report by the aclu shows a third or more of stop and frisk by philadelphia police in the first half of this year were made without residential suspicion and it says majority of those who were stopped or frisked were african-american even though the report found that frisks of african-americans are considerably less likely to turn up anything than compared with those of white people. mayor jim kenney and the philadelphia police commissioner were in court today to go over the fineings. >> it is not a crime fighting strategy like people suggest. it is a tool that we use to detect criminal will the ton keep people safe. >> we're into using the ability to someone stop someone, question them and perhaps pat them down as way to keep citizens police and police officers safe.
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not as some, um, um, process where we identify people based on a profile. >> the mayor says the goal and the court's requirement is to show that in six months the constitutional will the of these stops have improve. the toll workers who were working last week during a high speed crash at the i-9 i-95 toll plaza in newark, delaware, are getting recognition for their quick response. wednesday night police say a speeding driver slammed into several cars and two toll booths you saw the impact there. today state officials think the 10 workers who all jumped into action to make sure their co-workers and the other drivers were okay. >> it's a very dangerous situation out there every day wondering and worrying what's going to happen to us. i'm just glad everything work out. no one got hurt. and thank you -- i'm glad i had the co-workers i have. they're excellent. >> she said it. incredibly the crash did not seriously hurt anyone. prosecutors have charged the
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driver with dui. fox 29 working to get results in east germantown. residents say they've been living without an operating elevator in their four-story apartment building for weeks now. >> the building is for seniors and those with dissables and they're now asking to us help get things fixed. fox 29's bruce gordon has been digging for answers all day long. he joins us live from east germantown now. bruce? >> reporter: it seems like such a simple thing. the idea of walking up several flights of stairs in the absence of a functioning elevator but what if you were elderly or disabled and you needed a walker or wheelchair to get around? we bumped into 70-year-old arthur thomas sitting outside the hamil mill apartments. he was just back from the doctor's office with a badly broken foot. why was he sitting there? >> so you're resting up. >> resting up for the journey up to the third floor. >> reporter: with no elevator. >> no elevator. >> reporter: you'll slide yourself up the stairs. >> how else am i going to get there? you got any super powers? >> reporter: just inside this sign on the elevator of building
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one explains, saying it will be out of service for the next 48 to 72 hours. residents of this building seniors and those with disabilities are asked to use the elevator in the next building over. >> how long has that sign been there? >> that's been at least about three weeks. >> reporter: three weeks? >> at least three,. >> reporter: diana corbin provides daily health care for 65-year-old joseph bryant he lives on the second floor at hamil mill and painful leg swelling make it tough for them walk without cane or walker or wheelchair. >> you don't feel like you can get around at all without that elevator. >> no. i can't really. i can't do the steps. if i do, i'm scared that i might tumble over he is special will this walker. >> reporter: residents tell us the elevator in building one was vandalized, malfunctioning for several months, before going completely out of commission several weeks ago. a note from the folks in charge here germantown housing and land holding corporation says the elevator is being repaired. that note was sent out last wednesday says some parts of
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already in and they are still waiting for others to arrive. for some that elevator in the next building over is a help but it only goes up to the second floor. that's a little consolation for arthur thomas. >> i'm 70 years old. and i've been pretty active all my life. but to come to something like this to happen -- >> reporter: we went to the leasing office looking for more detailed answers. the property manager was not in. we have e-mailed her and when we hear back, with some information regarding a repair timeline, we'll certainly bring it to you. dawn, folks that live in this apartment building need a way to get upstairs safely and easily. >> they sure do, bruce. some local residents are putting pressure on senator pat toomey of pennsylvania to call for hearing for president obama supreme court nominee. >> demonstrators chanting outside the senator's center city office this morning. they are upset with toomey for joining other state republicans
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who vow not to hold hearing for nominee merrick garland before the presidential election. now republicans are calling for president obama, calling him lake duck and say the neck president should be able to fill the vacancy which become available the death of antonin scalia back in february. >> protesters hit the streets in cleveland ahead of the republican national convention they're worried about something they say the city is buying. what they're calling on officials to be honest about. >> these cats walking around chicago are no strays. in fact they have a very important job. what they have to do with the demolition of a hospital. an robot on a mission. this gadget could soon deliver goods right to your hand. the safeguards in place to make sure this robot keeps on rolling. ♪
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people in parts of louisiana are lining up for food assistance following record flooding that devastated much of the region. the state department of children and family services is stabbing applications sites across the state. meantime the historic floods are impacting communities throughout the region and more rain could
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hit the area later this week. well after a two-day visit president barack obama is wrapping up his historic trip to cuba. the president ending the visit with a rousing speech, a visit to the us embassy and a baseball game with cuban leader raul castro. the president first lady along with daughter mass lea and sasha watching as the tampa bay rays played in exhibition game against the cuban national team. earlier in the day, president obama visiting the us embassy in havana for a meeting with cuban dissidents. >> engagement with cuba is not simply me meeting with president castro or government to government relations, much this is a matter of us being able to hear directly from the cuban people. >> the president will head to arargentina next week as he tous lat tip america. he is expected to meet with argentina's president tomorrow in buenos aires. former toronto mayor rob
5:25 pm
ford has decide. 46-year-old family says he lost his battle with cancer. ford drug use and drinking problems marched his time in office. his term as mayor included slurs against minorities lewd remarks about his sex live and admission of crack cocaine and alcohol abuse. doctors diagnosed him with cancer in september of tent of 2014 forcing thyme withdraw his bid for re-election as mayor. he ranstead for city council seat winning in a landslide. tensions are already building in cleveland months ahead of the republican national convention. protesters are upset about the city's plan to buy riot gear for police officers. the organization cleveland piece action held this protest outside a he have cleveland' cities hall. the city is worried about the city's tran pansy. they're worried about the police department hi following high profile cases of police brutality and excessive force. >> it's an embarrassment to the city of cleveland if they're going to do something like this and not consult with the people
5:26 pm
of the city of cleveland. we've had enough of this and people want to be consulted. >> cleveland wants to buy 2,000 sets of riot gear ahead of republican national convention in july. since political conventioning have in the past been the site of riots. wal*mart customer just got unexpected surprise. a worker accused of exposing himself to them but not in the way you might suspect. we'll explain. the military trying out new weapon to help our wounded warriors heal horrors of war. how making a mask is breaking down barriers and saving lives. >> kathy. >> today started off in the 30s. now in the 50s and watch how that warmth from the south will build over the next couple of days. how about some 70s? we'll take a look the that seven day when we come back.
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♪ trash workers has died after he fell off the back of a garbage truck in delaware coun county. skyfox over lat muss avenue 4:30 this afternoon. officials are being tight lipped about what happened. but so far we're told the worker somehow fell off the truck and on to the road and then a car hit him. the they have not released his department at the. a deadly day in belgium and now isis is claiming responsibility for the explosions there. two blasts ripped through brussels international airport followed by another explosion at at a nearby subway station. at least 31 people are dead and as many as 190 injured. belgium police releasing this image caught on a security camera inside the russ sells
5:30 pm
airport showing three men who are believed to be connected to this morning's dead al tacks. from cuba today, the president vowing to stand by our ally. >> and we stand in solidarity with them in couldn't depthing these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. >> police say at least one undetonated suicide vest was found at the airport, and they are looking into whether a suitcase bomb packed with nails was also used. as we learn new information out of brussels, you can stay updated by visiting our website there you'll also find stories from people inside the airport at the time of the dead al tax. a plane that was -- that left brussels 30 minutes before those deadly terror tax has arrived at airport near orlando. the jet air flight plane was on
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the tarmac while agents searched it passengers were able to get off the plane before that happened. but of course authorities held them in a secure area. officials say the plane landed in a remote lot just as a precaution. a former store clerk in missouri is in jail after police say he used his workplace computer to access women's phone numbers. >> not only that police say the wal*mart employee then sent inappropriate messages to them. fox's catherine, has the story. >> done-year-old is charged with six counts of second degree sexual misconduct. he was a clerk at the wal*mart vision center which customers say is always busy. >> i come here a lot and it's always busy and always packed and always a lot of people the there. just kind of crazy to think about something like that could happen so close to where so many people live. >> reporter: according to court documents he you've the company database to access female customers phone numbers. documents states he would then send women pictures of his genitals. he sent pictures to five women
5:32 pm
over a 10-day span. none of the women could figure out where those pictures were coming from. >> so rude, disgusting and i'm glad i wasn't up here to give my number out. if he would have teched me it would have been a whole different -- i would have did a research phone flip, yeah. >> reporter: that's exactly what the sixth woman did. according to court documents, on july 30 annal woman went into the store to get her glasses fixed. he took the glasses to the back of the store and moments later the woman got a text from a number she didn't know with a picture of male genitals. documents state the woman used search function to figure out who the number belonged to and notified police. customers who used the vision center say they really like the eye doctor and the services but they can't risk their privacy being invaded. >> my wife went there, also, and it kind of concerned me because, you know -- you know, because of what he was doing. >> prosecutors say the man has actually admitted to sending at least one of those pictures.
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back to your fox 29 weather authority now. more cold today but we promise, we promise, yay, warmup is coming. meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. we are looking at another beautiful day coming our way tomorrow. plenty of deep blue sky in old city philadelphia with a temperature of 58. winds out of the southwest at 16. so no impact as far as a wind chill is concerned. i think we can retire that term from here on in. let's take look at the warmth to the south. memphis, atlanta, raleigh in the 60s but to the west, we have some warmer temperatures. amazing. 76 degrees right now in dallas. mid land, texas 88. some of this warmth will be moving toward the south east and make it into the delaware valley over the next couple of days. it's not going to be long warmup, but at least we will see
5:34 pm
temperatures on the rise. winds gusting to 22 miles an hour this afternoon out of the south. tomorrow morning look at these numbers. out of the southwest at 29 miles an hour. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour in millville. and tomorrow morning in wildwood winds out of the south at 36 miles an hour. so we know we're going to be warming up very quickly from the morning into the afternoon. by the afternoon, southwesterly winds dying down a little bit but by then, temperatures will already have hit 70 degrees. warming up beg time high pressure builds off the coast in a summer like pattern. we typically call this a bermuda high because that's where it typically hangs out in the summer and all of this warmth building up the coastal plane for wednesday and thursday. by friday this area of low pressure moves through with a cold front and sets off some showers mainly in the morning. then the sum sun comes back by friday afternoon. temperatures warming very nicely over the next couple of days. 50s yesterday. 50s today. tomorrow and thursday expecting
5:35 pm
to make it to at least 70 degrees. so overnight in the city 46. a big improvement from last night. about 13 degrees warmer. suburbs 42. just a few clouds in the quiet as cold tomorrow we have that gusty afternoon wind really gusty in the morning as well. the temperature 70 degrees with winds gusting to 25 even 30 miles an hour. at breakfast freight but look at the lunch time temperature. 62. 68 for some afternoon activities tomorrow and in the evening looking nice at 7:00 p.m. still some sunshine and 63. on the exclusive fox 29 seven day forecast, even warmer for thursday. 74. cooler with a showers friday but then the sun pops back out saturday, sun, dry, easter sunday still looks good with temperatures in the 60s. monday a chance of a few showers. we'll keep an eye on that and then turning cooler next tuesday but still sunny with a temperature near 60 degrees. so no lows in the 30s in that seven day forecast looking pretty good.
5:36 pm
still keep the winter coat. >> i was just going to ask you. can we put our coats away. >> i wouldn't put it away yet. at leave the fleece that cold air isn't that far away. that's canada. >> all right. >> not -- hop, skip and a jump. >> the north pole. >> the shovel i can put away. >> i think so. >> check this out. these ferrell cats walking around chicago they're not strays. they have a very important job. what they have to do with the demolition of a hospital. >> i call them community cats. and this fire is already big enough for to you see it from cities far off but the cloud of smoke and flames got much bigg bigger. what is on board that's making this fire far worse. and coming up all new at 6:00 o'clock another bald e guilty found dead in our area. what some other birds were doing nearby that may offer some clues about just what is going on here.
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. ♪ take a look at this burning truck on an interstate in
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indiana. making the situation even worse, the truck carrying a bunch of cars. you can see how bad it is. as the person shooting this video drives by. no word on just what spark the fire. the good news is though no one was hurt. well the upcoming demolition of a hospital in chicago has some residents concerned about the possibility of a rat probl problem. >> but instead of turning to ex item l terminates officials depend owing an resource they hope to have to be much more efficient community cats some people call them ferrell. the building is set for demolition next month. an organization is working with officials to help establish colonies of kitties to handle any rats that might surface. residents who are enlightened in the know say these coal lon niece are an invaluable resour resource. >> it's really the only 100% effective solution in getting rid of rats permanently. >> there you go. since the hospital has been vacant officials are hoping without trash present a bunch of rodents would be be either.
5:41 pm
they're calling on neighbors to also do their part to keep trash out of way and prevent rats. confusion and sorrow in belgium tonight after terror attacks killed dozens and injured dozens more. next, what it was like to see the explosion first hand and live to talk about it. the military trying out new weapon to help our wounded warriors heal from the horrors of war. how making a mask is breaking down barriers and safing lives. ♪
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♪ panic at brussels airport today following deadly terror tax. survivors at the brussels airport talk about what it was like to witness the blast first hasn't. >> big bank. everybody crying and saw smoke, you know. the shopkeeper, no, nothing you are jenn. they're work hearing. >> very loud explosion. it was very loud. >> authorities in europe and across the world have tightened security airports, railway stations, government buildings and other key sites after the deadly attacks in brussels. the attacks coming just days after the main suspect in last year's paris attacks was captured alive. military doctors have been trying out a new and unusual way to help our troops suffering from psychological and physical traumas of war. they're getting wounded warriors involved in art therapy. >> joyce evan looks at the emotional journey from the art of war to the art of healing and
5:46 pm
local researchers who may decide the program's future. ♪ >> reporter: did he look like art critics. but they're not judging the artistic skill of these unique masks. >> we are coding for visual elements. >> reporter: she's an art therapist at drexel university. >> she and research coordinator adele gonzaga have been aside a special government mission. >> engaged. >> reporter: to carefully analyze and categorize. >> scroll down. >> reporter: the hundreds and hundreds of torn and tortured souls behind these mask. >> reporter: active duty military service members who suffer traumatic brain injuries. physical trauma and/or deep seeded psychological horrors of
5:47 pm
war. >> i couldn't sleep at night. because the images are so graphic and so intense. >> reporter: so real. this is where the unusual treatment is taking place. >> we focused on people that are active duty and have a good chance of returning to duty with the right kind of care. >> reporter: you might think the ultra secure walter reed national military medical center is all high tech, all starched and pressed but that only gets us so far. >> dr. louis french of the national intrepid center of excellence says art therapy is a bit unconventional. but his first duty is to relieve suffering. >> we shouldn't ignore a potential treatment option just because it's not a traditional kind of thing. ♪ >> reporter: they pour those invisible wounds unspeakable experiences into these agree creations that line the tables, walls and halls at the walter
5:48 pm
reed nico center. >> when i look at these they're beautiful and disturbing at the same time. does that make sense. >> yes, yes, it does. on the outside he doesn't look injured, right, but on the inside he's grappling with quiet bit. >> reporter: melissa walker is the woman behind the walter reed program. >> he said he also wants to show how they're taught to blend in society. >> reporter: she brought in the national endowment for the arts military program. >> the first time the national end do you mean for the arts has partnered with the department of defense specific toll address unique and very big health issue that they're confronting. >> there's an actual shut down in the brain that causes them to have difficulty recounting what occurred. and the art making accesses the same parts of the brain that incurred sensory trauma. >> i have like a strap for it. >> reporter: apparently, the break through treatments with a marine behind this mask. >> this is what i came up with. >> reporter: 32-year-old staff sergeant anthony monino former
5:49 pm
machine gunner. 13 years active. injured twice. stemming from two different blasts in iraq and afghanistan. >> i've got lot of issues open on the table about, about all loss. unfortunately, i've had to deal with a lot of loss over the last few years. >> reporter: his mask relates to the journey of a character in one of his many video games. >> i was very standoff ish didn't want to discuss my issu issues, didn't want to go past the surface. >> reporter: or share with his fiance' diane. >> scary, anger. >> reporter: is how diane says her tony came back to her. >> he had hatred. there was nothing good. he was drowning in his own thoughts, and i couldn't save him. he couldn't save himself. >> i used to find ways to rationale lies things and justify things that are just completely crazy. >> we had to force him to get
5:50 pm
treatment and thank god he went. >> reporter: but this tough marine sergeant was slow to take any of this art stuff seriously. >> kind of frustrating at first. after the war, um, you start different war back at home, it's tough to leave the connick behind. because there's so much that's pend up inside that never comes out. i can't change what's already happened. >> reporter: it all come out here. >> it's a battle. >> reporter: beautifully with the help of therapist jessica got tow. >> transformation since november of this past year has been ama amazing to witness. you can see it in his artwork. you can see it in his face. i've just notice add real sense of peace. >> reporter: anthony actually finish his four week program months ago but he keeps coming back exploring and healing more. >> it's a new mission. i have something that can keep my focus on that won't keep me depressed or in a funk, but understanding, um, some of the triggers that get me to that
5:51 pm
point that way it's not zero to 100 right away. report roar the therapists say they're not just saving soldie soldiers, they're saving families. one mask at a time. >> i get emotional. he's just an amazing guy. i've seen him really do a lot of healing together, in art therapy. >> reporter: you're proud of him. >> i'm incredibly proud of him. my heart can explode with joy with how far he's come and this is just the beginning. >> reporter: marine staff sergeant monino is now interning at nasa. the nea's military arts program just got big new funding from congress and they're now talking about offering the program a round the country, but nico officials at walter reed are waiting. they want to learn more from our drexel university researchers on exactly why and how creating something out of a blank cardboard mask can healing
5:52 pm
hundreds of our heroes. joyce evans, fox 29 news. such an important program. a mission and it could soon be delivering goods right into your hands. the safeguards in place to make sure this robot keeps on rolling. and coming up at 6:00 o'clock, continuing coverage of the terror attacks in belgium. doctors treat victims in hospitals and authorities sift through the rubble at the airport the latest clues about how and why this happened.
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marijuana has become a big money maker for businesses in colorado. ever since it was legalized two years ago. now companies that depend on pot for income are preparing for a big day. april 20th. local bakeries are running on overtime making pot infused cookies, candies and brownies. some business owners say 4/20 is like christmas for marijuana dispensaries. >> usually every 4/20 we have a line out the door before we even open up, and that usually lasts until we close the door that d day. >> now business owners say one of the most important parts of 4/20 is educating their customers and making sure those visiting the state upped the laws associated with marijuana. people in washington, d.c. are getting a sneak peek at what could be a wave of the future.
5:57 pm
>> that's right. deliveries right in your hands courtesy of a robot believe it or not. fox's matt ackland shows us mo more. >> reporter: what's that coming down the sidewalk? it could be your take out meal, maybe some fresh groceries. all being delivered by a robot. this one named 6c7 and it is turning heads. >> it's really cool. i mean in the past they had the amazon drones but this is something completely different which i think is awesome. >> reporter: two founder foundef skype creator the company star ship. this delivery robot has been designed to roll down the sidewalk, navigate stop signs and red lights, it even has advanced technology toe so it doesn't hit you. >> it has nine cameras and obstacle detection system say for example a pedestrian was to walk in front of it robot will stop. >> reporter: the process really is easy. order what you want on your cell phone, hit a button, and then the robot comes your way.
5:58 pm
now, once the robot arrives, it stops where you're at, turns around little bit and then you hit a button on your cell phone and watch, it opens up, turns green. there you get your delivery. washington, d.c. has been chosen as the first test project city. that's why the company is trying to get d.c. leaders on board. counsel member mary cheh is chairman of the transportation committee. she'll present robot at the wilson building this week. >> i'm excited about it. i think it's amazing. it's the kind of thing innovation that helps us in so many ways. first of all, it will be environmentally beneficial. >> reporter: the robot can even have a conversation with you. a person at the operations center is able to communicate with the customer or pedestrians along the way. don't think about stealing it. gps technology will notify police if it's taken or damaged. >> i personally a couple
5:59 pm
thousand of people. only positive responses. >> very jetson like here. d.c. council and mayor will need to sign off on this project. currently only electric wheel chairs and segways are permitted on dc sidewalks. the robots are environmentally friendly with no gas emissions and it takes very little power to charge them. first at 6:00, blood, smoke and bodies. once again in the heart of europe. explosions killing and injuring dozens in brussels. >> it's very frightening. >> a continent at war. european leaders saying they will do whatever it takes to fight isis and terror. what we now know about what happened. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. the world is absorbing what happened in brussels. more terror, more death tonight
6:00 pm
more questions. the attacks literally rocked the city during this morning's rush hour. dozens of lives lost at the airport and the city's metro stations. many, many more are recovering from the blast as family and friends try to cope with the tragedy while dealing with the fear of more attacks. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for iain page. new information has been coming in by the minute today. here's what we know right now. bombs exploded this morning at the brussels airport and in the city's subway killing at least 31 people and wounding close to 190 people. isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks. belgium is now diverts planes and trains and the brussels airport is staying closed through tomorrow. authorities have also released photo taken from closed circuit tv of thee men pushing luggage carts. they say two of them the ones on the left apparently were the suicide bombers and the third you see dressed in a light colored coat the black hat and glasses on they think he's on the run.


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