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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 23, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. thirty-four people killed during terror attacks in brussels. the search is on for who ever is responsible, the new information we just learned about two of the suspected attackers. that will terror attack in brussels is having big impact here at home, security measures in place to help keep us safe. breaking overnight one man gunned down in lawncrest fighting for his life this morning. now police are looking for two suspect. what they found near the victim that may help lead to arrests. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. thanks so much for joining us. sue serio? a warm up in store today, if i remember correctly? >> yes, already starting off a lot milder than we were yesterday at this time. so that puts us a little bit ahead of the game, part of what's responsible for that, cloud cover. remember, yesterday, was clear, and that's why
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temperatures plunged, with a clear skies, we have rain, but far to our north in up-state new york. so none that far is expected to make its way here today or tomorrow. so, just dealing with cloud cover to start the day, in some places, but i think here in the city we will probably see sunshine, but in the until 6:59. that's your official sunrise time. but look where we're starting, 50 degrees, it was mid 30's, yesterday, with a windchill in the 20's. don't have to worry about the windchill today. it is 43 in mount pocono, it is a chilly 39 in lancaster, pottstown has 40 degrees, we see 49 in atlantic city and 46 degrees in wilmington. so, you still need a jacket at least in the beginning of the day but you probably won't when the day is through. you see our winds changing to a southwesterly direction there. that's another sign that it will be milder today. so here it is. plan on sunshine today. it is a milder start with some clouds around. but most of that should clear up. have breezes around, and there
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is our high temperature in the super 70s. 70 degrees, sunset, 7:17. so lot of seven's going on here. maybe that's the number to play today, bob kelly. hope it is. >> that could be. you know what? i would have to put my platform shoes on then today. >> can't wait. >> with my powder blue suit. got that ready? 4:02, what's today? wednesday, live look at crews working along 422. actually is the blue route, 476, right near bathe i rode, crews have been out there in the overnight, got the big white bright spotlights rolling on through delaware county, but the lanes are open. just watch the speeds. remember, when you come up on the construction crews, whether it be overnight or during the midday, live look at the benny, no problems at all coming into downtown philadelphia. forty-two, work crews still out along the stretch between 55 and 295, as you head into bellmawr, then also holds true for anyone headed south on 295
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into the 42 freeway this morning. otherwise, the schuylkill coming into downtown, no problems or delays at all, looking good, cup old of troopers are out making some car stops right near city avenue. i passed that coming in. westbound on pa turnpike looking good from philly over to valley forge. if you are leaving town at the moment no problems at all from center city all the way out through conshohocken. lauren, back out to you. >> terror in brussels, one day later all eyes on belgium as the world watches and waits to see what happens next. this just in. belgium broadcaster, identifies two of the attackers, as brothers khalid and brahin elbraku. search on for another man investigators think helped pull off that attack. authorities say the two men pictured on the left are dead, but they are searching for the man on the right side, wearing that lighter color clothing. while authorities search for the possible suspect, more information continues to be released, here is what we do know. thirty-four people were killed during the terror attacks
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yesterday. there were two explosions at the brussels airport, one in the city subway station. isis claiming responsibility for those attacks. many leaders across the world offering their support to belgium. president barack obama ordering all american flags be flown at half staff. >> this is just one more example of why the entire world has to unite against these terrorists, the notion that any political agenda, of innocent killing of people like this something beyond the pail. >> in light every yesterday's terror attacks, security at all time high across the globe. back here at home measures already in place to ensure all of our safety. fox 29's dave kinchen live at philadelphia international airport with a look at security measures there. hi, dave. >> good morning to you, it is quiet at this time here, not a lot of international travelers making their way in or out of the philadelphia area. now, but when they do, when
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they come to the international terminal, really the whole airport, they'll see more uniformed officers, and a greater security presence specially with the us state department issuing an overall travel warning to people heading to europe, that warning lasting through june. bomb snitching dogs can be seen even at 30th street station, looking at people on and off the trains, also armed with high powered weapons as well. septa police officers were out in full force at stations across the city, too. knowing the attacks in brussels also target add metro station, where several people were killed there in the central part of the city. some travelers we talked with were certainly on edge. >> they think they can do the same thing here, this time they didn't do it at security, this did it in front. airport. >> if you see something suspicious, the hairs of the back of your neck stand up, we want to know. >> sometimes they come in bunches. so business got to go on. >> what a tragedy.
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my heart goes out to all of the victims who died, even the ones who survived it all. i can't imagine the tram a -- trauma they must be feeling right now. my hearts and prayers go out to them, believe me. >> i was a little nervous when i heard it on the news this morning, but then you have to just go on. and do the things that you have to do and just pray that all of this ends. >> back here live at philadelphia international airport, and the international terminal, no flights to or from brussels are expected at least until thursday, and security hyatt airports all around the worlds, again, the us state department issuing a travel warning for americans heading over to europe, that warning lasting until june. so everyone around the world specially the intelligence communities on high alert. back to you. >> you're right, dave, we all are. thank you so much. speaking of airport, former philadelphia sixers new tom bo was inside the brussels airport during yesterday's deadly attacks. he quickly took to facebook
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and twitter letting all of his followers know, quote, i am safe. i am fine. he was in brussels wait to go fly back to the u.s. after visiting one of his foundations hospitals in his native kongo. in new york city one of the buildings paying tribute to yesterday's horrific terror attacks. usually lit up in the night sky went dark to honor the belgium victims, one way america shows its support. take a look at the worlds trade center, the spire glowing in black, yellow, developed, country's colors there in belgium. new york city joins the list of cities around the world paying their respects. paris the site of deadly attacks back in november also showing support. the eiffel tower lit up in bull jump's colors. our coverage continues on our website we have flag shows from yesterday's terror attack as well as breaking information on the investigation. back here at home, little girl being held at children's hospital this morning after police say she tested positive for cocaine at the day care
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she attends. steve keeley liver at children's hospital with more on how exactly this happened. hi, steve. >> reporter: well, here the question is obvious: where she got it. we don't know. that's the unanswered question and the unknown. how she got it into her system, we do know, she was chewing on little plastic baggy of it the way it is packaged tore sold on the street. staff at this day care center, the early learning day care, wisely noticed the little girl chewing and chomping down on something other than the breakfast being served to her and the rest of the kids yesterday morning, and the staff immediately suspected heroin or cocaine and then immediately called 911, the little three year old girl taken here to the hospital, the girl and the baggy then both tested positive for cocaine, police tell us, her condition unknown, but it is thought by police on the case she is going to be okay, and held here overnight, just to be sure, just to be safe, as they say, lauren, in the hospital business, for
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observation. so, still, a lot of investigating to go and figure out how she pick this up, where she picked it up, and if she got it at home, if she got it on the way to the day care or even at the day care, and maybe some other little kid gave it to her. but we just don't have the answer just yet. >> all right, steve keeley, thank you for that update. following breaking news this morning out of lawncrest, a 27 year old man shot in the back just after midnight on the 1100 block of rosalie street. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police tell fox 29 they did finds one shell casing, and what they believe to be marijuana near that man. authorities now searching for two suspects. results are in for last night's primaries and caucuses bernie saunders won the presidential caucuses in both utah and idaho. >> this campaign is doing as well as it is generating the casino of energy and excitementment we're seeing here at san diego and all over
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this country. >> unfortunately, sanders victory does not give him enough delegates to make up for his lost to hillary clinton. clinton won the arizona democratic primary which was the big prize of the evening. >> on the republican side, frontrunner donald trump one primary, ted cruz, won the presidential caucuses in utah. cruz is on pace to take all of the state's delegates boy finishing with more than 50% of the vote. the name of the sanitation work here died after falling off the back after garbage truck in delaware county has not yet been released. skyfox over ridley park 4:30 yesterday afternoon, officials tell us the worker was running behind the truck apparently got into the truck's blind spot when it turned down a side street, and hit him. that 28 year old victim has been on that job for nine years. say err ville police now saying an off-duty officer found shot in the car took his own life. found the car in the parking lot of old a.m. boy cinema
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yesterday morning. the officer was in his personal vehicle. four have 11:00, two people busted over a donut? what these two tried to smuggle inside a local high school. we can tell if you was not pot. plus: watch as this woman reaches up her skirt, grabs a gun, and then shoots a man inside a car. why the good samaritan trying to intervene was the one arrested.
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how long at the moon, do you feel like it? why not? skies are clear enough to feel that beautiful moon this morning. we'll look it up and make sure it is officially full today. i could just gaze at that for hours. but we have to tell you about the weather. we're going to still gaze at the moon while i get my act together here. yes, the seven day forecast is definitely has some miler temperatures in it. and we will show you that, i'm so sorry. let's take a look now, then we will look again. it is 70 degrees for today, and 74 for tomorrow. we may even get into the 70s on friday. but here are your weather headlines, diana, i owe you a lot of money. back-to-back 70s today, and
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tomorrow, maybe even friday. good friday, showers, probably in the morning, easter sunday, sun or will we have clouds? regardless it, does look like it will be dry. so that's a good thing. now, you see plenty of precipitation in the northeast. but it is well to the north of where we are. so it is nothing for us to worry about, the rain, just east of lake erie and ontario, and snow to the north of that, again, not our problem, because we have dry conditions, and it is a little cloudier. so temperatures aren't as chill chilly as they were, ooh in philadelphia, cold nerve atlanta, georgia than it is here this morning. miami is at 71. right now, our other temperatures, our local temperatures, 40 pottstown, 43 mount pocono, 43 reading, 39 degrees in lancaster, 48 in wildwood. so not a bad morning compared to yesterday when it was windchills in the two's. not a lot of winds either. about 12 miles an hour in wildwood. and here is your average hi, 55 degrees, we've been below average since the weekends, but yesterday we made it to 58
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for our official high temperature. let's check that seven day forecast, again, and let's gave you a ten for today and tomorrow. we go down to maybe a six or 57 for friday. it depends on how long that rain lasts in the morning. and then, on saturday, it is cooler, but really nice for easter weekend. 60 degrees on saturday, yes, we kept the excellent forecast for sunday, you're going to see it again, and again, and again, up until we get to the weekend, because you can never wear out a good pun, bob kelly. >> that's right. >> remember, back in the day, we would dye the eggs, and then the easter bunny would hide the real eggs. >> yes, then just left them out. >> he can actually, never refrigerated them. then have them for breakfast, and dinner, and the next day we had them. >> and you had egg salad all different colors. >> or the easter bunny hid 24, you only found 226789 okay, sometimes before the end of the week we'll finds the other two underneath the sofa and the sofa cushion?
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good morning, everybody, the good old days, 4:16 on a wednesday, up and out, 95 southbound, right near route one up here in bucks county, street road, crews are picking up the cones, but again, these early morning hours, overnight crews still out. so if you are one of the early risers be aware of that. coming into downtown, looking good, no problems on the vine street expressway. the market frankford and the broad street subway still using shuttle buses until the 5:00 hours, as they tim i cannily do, the bus, trains, will roll from there. otherwise coming in from say downingtown, west chester, up through malvern, looking good, no problems coming down 422 from collegeville on in. this construction project, all of this week along 252, at howellville road just off lancaster avenue there, route 30, in paoli, and get ready, warrington, again, we have the weight limit on the bridge, over to little neshaminy creek, all along county line road. coming up in a couple of days, they'll close that stretch, to make permanent repairs to that
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bridge. so, you'll see the detour signs going up in place. south on 95, no problems at the moment. but, they're coming back, right after the rush hour from 9:00 to 3:00. they'll be working between cottman avenue and bridge street, on i-95 in both directions, it is all part of that reconstruction of that stretch there. otherwise, looking good at the airport, and no problems on mass transit. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. man in burlington county facing charges after police say they were busted trying to smuggle drugs into a school. here is how they did t police say 21 year old brian perry pictured there, walked into the main office of bordentown regional high school. he had a paper bag and drink claim to go drop off lunch for a senior student. well, school administrators were us suspicious, they opened the bag when perry left, inside a donut with six xanax pills stuffed in the center hole all package in the sandwich bags. parent praising the school for foiling the plan. >> they noticed something and took the opportunity to look
4:19 am
and find out what it was and stopped it from getting circulated throughout the school. >> both perry and student were arrested and now being charged. philadelphia police hope this video can lead them to the guy accused of robbing a woman in northern liberties last thursday. investigators say, this surveillance video shows the man follows the woman then grabs her purse. police say he tried to get her phone but when the woman refused he pulled out a gun. police say the man eventually ran off down brown street then jumped into a waiting car. police have just released new video in a cash register theft in montgomery county. they say a guy took off with the register, from the china king restaurant on york road in jenkintown. >> this was two weeks ago. $70 was inside that register. but police say that wasn't it. he also snatched several gift cards. they're hoping you might recognize the man from this video. >> delaware department of natural resources trying to figure out what's been killing bald eagles in our state. another was found dead sunday
4:20 am
in dads dags borough sussex county, about a mile from where the first bird was located. it bridges the total number of dead eagles in the state to five. officials waiting for the result of lab tests, they hope may point to the cause of death. controversial former toronto mayor bob ford has died, lost his battle with cancer yesterday. ford's drug use and drinking problems marched his time in office, his term as mayor included slurs against minorities, leud remarks about his sex life, and his admission of crack cocaine and alcohol abuse. doctors diagnosed him with cancer in september of 2014 forcing him to withdraw hirst bid for re-election as mayor, ran instead for city council seat winning in a landslide. >> wild scene outside detroit gas station when man gets shot and his brother who stepped in to help him now behind bars. take a look at this surveillance video. you can see the woman standing by the car, she lips out
4:21 am
really large gun from under her skirt, she then shoots at the driver, and another car. that drivers brother jumps in and wrestles the gun away, he then took his brother to the hospital, turned the woman's gun into police. he was cleared at the police station, but his family says, his parole officer showed up later and arrested him claiming it was a violation of his parole. >> i don't understanded, he's in jail on his way to prison for saving his brother's life. and i can't digest that. >> well, relatives say he was convicted of armed robbery previously served five years in prison, but they say he has been turning his life around. his parole officer not yet commenting. no more questions, eagles owner jeffrey lurie making it clear where howie roseman stands in the front office and on personnel issues. and he's now looks at letting chip kelly have personnel
4:22 am
control last year. i don't know what that means, but howard has more on sports next.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. flyers playing on the road, playoff push continues, flyers won nine out of 12. last night they blew it, to columbus. flyers up two-nothing, minute left. score now at eight seconds left against mason, who had 51 saves, so it is two-two, no one scores in the over time in the shoot-out. this is the only go against mason. he had great game. flyers lose it three-two, nfl, head into the final game today. still rule proposals to be voted on, eagles owner jeffrey lurie spoke yesterday, was asked if there was any regrets in giving chip kelly full authority over personnel. >> i think it was a necessary way to go, to find out if chip was the right guy, let him be responsible for all of the decisions that he wanted to inject and make, and no matter, no question i have, that it was the right way to dissect whether chip was going to be the right guy going forward or not.
4:26 am
>> it is interesting. that was an experiment with chip kelly, i guess. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. if you or someone you know loves to zip on a little wine every once in a while, you might want to listen up. the reason you're moderate drinking may not really be all that healthy. he will back back blank
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>> terror in brussels, new information just in, about two of the suspects in yesterday's deadly terror attacks. and, developing overnight, a little girl rushed to the hospital. now, police are investigating what she was chewing on at a local day care. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. the best news of the day, sue serio says, we're going to have a ten when it comes to the weather outside. >> that's right. we're not off to nearly as cold a start as we were yesterday when just about all of the windchills at this time in the 20's. it is still chilly, or let's just say, cool outside. but thanks to some cloud cover, we didn't get too cool. plus we've got the winds coming in from the southwest, that's where the warmer air s so you see plenty of rain to the north, none that far will make it way down here. we don't have any rain in the forecast until late on thursday night. so, there, you might be seeing a few more clouds, down in southern delaware, southern new jersey, after sunrise,
4:30 am
then we will here in philadelphia, but for everybody, it is going to be a pretty decent day. we're already starting off with 50 degrees, relative humidity at 54%, 9-mile per hour winds, sunrise time is now 6:59, days still getting longer. right now, we have 40 degrees in pottstown, 43 mount pocono, 50 as we said in philadelphia, 48 in wildwood. so, big difference from yesterday. and those southwesterly winds are at 9 miles an hour in the city, 10 miles an hour atlantic city, 13 in wildwood. so plenty of sunshine for today. this is good looking day, super 70s, at least hit 07 degrees, maybe more, sunset time is 7:17. so, we're getting closer to the holiday weekends, we will break it all down for you, coming up in just a few, bob kelly, what you got going snob. >> you got t4:30 on this wednesday morning. here is a live look at 4:22. the last of the work crews out there, with only one lane open, right near trooper road, again, all part of the
4:31 am
overnight construction as you head out there between king of prussia and collegeville. live look at the boulevard, no problems at all from northeast philly all the way down through the schuylkill expressway. crews are still working on the jersey side, 42, as you work your way in toward 295, every night they shuffle the pattern around just a little bit. there is a lot of temporary lines as you roll into 295 over there in bellmawr. otherwise, we're goo good to go on the schuylkill expressway, no problems on 476. yellow springs road, still closed where that comes over the turnpike, they demolished that bridge couple of weeks ago right at route 252, if you are watching us down the shore, lbi, toms river area, there is a downed pole along atlantic city boulevard, right at butler boulevard. so you want to use princeton avenue for at least first part of our morning rush hour, no problems on the schuylkill, or the turnpike. philly international looking good on the tote board. the incident yesterday in brussels of course will come with some added security, so
4:32 am
give yourselves some extra time if you do head down to the airport today. mass transit, market frankford and the subway using buses until 5:00. otherwise mass transit looking good. lauren, over to you. >> thanks so much. at the nor brussels as you just mentioned, one day later all eyes on belgium as the wormed watches and waits to see what happens next. this just in. belgium broadcaster identifies two of the attackers, as brothers, call ad and brahim el-bakraoui. search on for another man investigators think helped pull off the attack. authorities say the two men pictured on the left are dead, but they are searching for the man on the right side that far picture, wearing that lighter colored clothing. and in light of yesterday's terror attacks, security at all time hi, all across the globe, back here at home, measures already in place tone sure safety. dave kinchen is live at the airport with more on what's happening here. hype, dave. >> reporter: lauren, good morning to you. much more secure environment here at the philadelphia international airport. even though there aren't a lot of people here at this early hour just yet, those people
4:33 am
who will be traveling into philadelphia, or leaving philadelphia, will see many more uniform police officers here at the airport, and the state department of course issued a travel warning for europe, through june. so that specially has people on edge. now, it is not just the airports of course, bomb sniffing dogs could be seen at 30th street station, they were checking passengers, look to go get on the trains, and off the trains there, some lines may be a little bit longer at times, because of the added security, law enforcement officers were armed with high-powered weapons, as well. septa police officers also out in full force, knowing the attacks in brussels, also, target add metro station in the central part of the city, and some travelers we've been talking with were certainly on edge. >> sometimes things come in bunches, you know? so little bit leary, but business got to go on. >> we want to make sure that our riders here in philadelphia feel safe and secure. >> i got to live my life. got to work. i got to do, enjoy my life while i'm here. don't know how long of a ride
4:34 am
you've got. >> i was little nervous when i heard it on the news this morning. but then do you have just go on and do the things that you have to do. >> and just pray that all of this ends. >> we're not immune for that here. they could come here right now stands next to us and dot same things they did in brussels. >> reporter: back here at the international terminal at phl, some travelers leaving the terminal here. we can tell that you there aren't any flights in or out of brussels from philadelphia until at least thursday. security is high of course at airports, not just here, but all across the country, and really many around the world. and again, the state department issuing that travel warning for people warning them of possible attacks, planned attacks, people traveling from america to europe. so certainly, be on edge, because that is a warning that could place until at least june. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much for the update. >> she was eating more than lunch and smacks at her day
4:35 am
care. local girl chewing on something else that police are now investigating, live report from children's hospital after the break.
4:36 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise.
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winners, winners everywhere! play today! >> reporter: chewing on little baggy of crack cocaine soon after her parents who dropped her off at early learning day
4:38 am
care. shear video of the place, on haverford avenue, and the award of the week goes to the staff there, who noticed little girl chewing on something other than her cereal because it was breakfast time. she was one of 15 kids all eating breakfast, one to nine years old, and somehow that staffer there, early learning day care, really put out the early warning, which you could call that police. place, she noticed it was a little baggy of either crack or heroin. she immediately took the baggy out of her mouth, immediately tried to get the residue off her tongue, and immediately instantly called 911 all at the same time. >> through year old female was in the center, center of not serving breakfast, 15 up aging one to nine years old. the employee of the business saw the child chewing on something, immediately asked the child what e was clueing on, immediately pulled a
4:39 am
glassine bag, of crack cocaine, saw the white residue and realized that the rock usually inside that bag is missing. so she took immediate action, put the kid in the car, ran the kid over to children's hospital, to be treated, called the parents, notified them. so it worked according to what they're taught in the programs that they go through. >> well the police do not believe the little girl somehow got it at the day care from, say, some of the other kids there. so not only are police investigating this case, so is dhs, the department of human services, as they're both now looking into the parents. police tell us little girl should be okay, thanks to both the hospital staff here at children's, and more importantly, that staffer at early learning day care. lauren, how bad could this have been? well, people who have been arrested by police tried to swallow rocks of crack cocaine in the past, and have died from it. >> yep, and she's just a little girl. man, i can't imagine. steve keeley, thank you so much. starbucks doing more than waking you up at that cup of
4:40 am
coffee. the company now trying to help millions of people in need. what their new goal is this morning. >> and, adele pays contribute use to the victims every yesterday's brussels terror attacks, the song she sang at her final concert in london last night. >> ♪
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dog lovers, it is your day, today national puppy day, not only do we celebrate puppies, but also a day to help encourage with adoptions
4:43 am
all across the country so in honor of national puppy day, we're going to take a look at some of our precious pups this morning. we opportunity see yours too. you guys might recognize this cute little face. this is diamond. this was taken on sunday when she was at the airport in atlanta. she was scared. i was like get on here girl. and then this next picture, our other little fur, rufus. >> there is this one area of beach in wildwood called the doggy beach, where you can bring your dog on the beach, one block, we took him down there. and doesn't he look serene? >> sunbathing. >> yes,. >> very z. n right there. >> we want to see pictures every your puppies post them on our fox 29 goodday page, or tweet them, instagram. today is a good day to go to the beach maybe? >> well, yes. >> for a walk? >> absolutely, there will be a little bit after breeze. you want to wear a sweater shit or something, but nothing like the restore tiff powers
4:44 am
of the ocean, right? plenty of precipitation. it is far to our north. so, yes, it is a good day to go at the beach. because we are dry. here in philadelphia, we expect to stay dry, throughout the rest of the day. that's what we've got going on, nothing, high pressure in control actually. warmfront to the warmth. mild air moving in now that the high is off shore. next system way out to the west, that is not going to get here until late tomorrow night, into friday morning, so our friday morning rush hour, we could see some showers then. but i don't think the rain will last the entire day on friday. and then we should be dry for easter weekend. so there are some temperatures a lot milder than yesterday. 50 degrees in philadelphia. we have 35 in allentown, four # three mount pocono, 46 in wilmington, 48 degrees in wildwood. winds, the direction of the wind, southwesterly, that means, the air is coming in from the warmer places, instead of the northwesterly winds, which are usually the chilly ones.
4:45 am
we do expect breezes to pick up a little bit later today t should stay dry. we should beat yesterday's high of 58. boy will we beat yesterday's high, 70 today, maybe mid 70s for tomorrow. could even inch into the 70s on friday, depends on how early the sun comes out. but, it will be cooler over the weekends, upper 50's to around 606 on saturday, by eager sus dane 65 degrees, sunshine, could you ask for better weather for easter sunday? we are still holding off the rain, until monday, which, as we learned yesterday, is egg salad day, the day after easter, is always egg salad day, bob kelly. >> you agree? yesterday you mentioned that and i was dying for egg salad. all day yesterday. i'll be ready for an egg salad sandwich here today. good morning, ready for a puppy pick? come on, national puppy day here is my puppy, this is little charlie. >> oh, punk up. >> is that the new baby? >> that's the new baby. she six months old, little
4:46 am
charlie the bulldog, having fun in the backyard there. >> what's the hashtag? >> fox 29 goodday. >> my other dog is a lab, jackson is seven years old. >> show jackson some love. >> jackson's birthday saint patrick's day. >> coming into city no problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, from philly over toward valley forge, if you are headed down to the airport as you heard dave mention. >> just spoke with my daughter, left and landed, florence italy, went to paris, did lay over in par ills, just
4:47 am
landed in morning in florence, made it there safe. thanks for all of the messages i received yesterday, too, on facebook and twitter. >> using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning, then the trains start the run for the rush hour. these guys, running a little late. this is westbound. 422 out near trooper road. it is okay. because, down to one lane, and most of the volume for the morning rush hour, heads eastbound, in toward king of prussia. here is a live look at the boulevard, looking good this morning, off to good start on this wednesday. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. drinking in moderation might not add any years to your life. see if you can keep up with this one, moderate drinkers may not have survival benefit. compared to people who don't drink at all. miss important limitation. people often hold off from drinking, because they're sick. as a result, people who on stain are more likely to die earlier, facts that can throw off findings about the influence of alcohol consumption on life span.
4:48 am
>> up load your pictures then the site offers awe price. >> you get the money electronically and the bet part movers come pick up the furniture, for you, for free. the website cut is about 30%. starbucks, giving back this morning. >> feeding america it start new program called food share. they'll donate millions of ready to eat meals, to food banks all across the country. and those food items would normally be thrown away at the end of each work day. well starbucks hopes by doing this, they can donate 50 million meals by the year 2021.
4:49 am
>> classic movies like hook, 101 dalmations, among others leaving the streaming service, however, original netflix series are on the way, like, girl meets world season two, unbreakable kimmy schmidt and steve jobs, the man in the machine. >> i love netflix. >> all right, adele using her voice to pay tribute to the victims in yesterday's deadly brussels attack. the song she sang that moved her audience to tears.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
>> you are taking a live look at the ben franklin parkway. . >> a tribute by adele to the victims of the attack. take a listen♪ ♪ ♪
4:53 am
during the final night of her 6-show london appearance the pop star asked the audience to turn on their phones to light up and she belted out a sti stirring rendition of bob dillon's make me feel your love which she recorded for her debut album 19. >> one of the husband's of real house wives of new jersey heads to prison. joe gaduche is expected to serve a 41-month sentence for bankruptcy sixt he's the husband of theresa. she served 15 months behind bars. the judge staggered their sentences so she could care for their four daughters. the two pleaded guilty in 2014 and admitted they hid assets from creditors and submitted phone loan applications to get $5 million in mortgage and construction loans. move over judge judy.
4:54 am
sarah pallin may preside over a tv courtroom. pallin has been on the campaign trail with gop presidential candidate donald trump and tmz reports she's doing a pilot for a courtroom show of the man that put judge judy is behind the pilot and if it makes it you can see her on the air in the fall of 2017. >> fox's hit tv show empire returns to tv march 30. you can watch the second half of season two in style by joining some of the fox 29 crew along with power 99 personalities for a viewing parties at harrah's casino. head to our web site at to make rsvp. you have until noon on march 29 to make your reservations. >> all right. next stop, louisville fans ready to seat villanova wildcats hit the hardwood agai again. [ cheers and applause ].
4:55 am
>> big crowds cheering on the players outside of the pavilion yesterday. the team boarding a bus for kentucky for the sweet 16. players and fans, of course, are hoping for a big win over miami thursday night. so inova can advance to the elite 8. fingers crossed. okay. a big win for a popular sportch the move, state of new york made, when it comes to mixed martial arts. and robot on a mission. bringing stuff right to your door making sure it winds up right in your hands. what the robot does if someone right in your hands. what the robot does if someone tries to snatch it
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. >> this morning the death toll claims in the wake of brussels
4:59 am
terror attacks and search for those responsible is underway. what we're now learn about two of the suspected attackers. >> and security securityed up all around the world. measures in place back at home to ensure our safety. >> and little girl hospitalized for something she chewed on at her daycare center and why police are involved and investigating that childcare facility. good day, everybody, it's wednesday, march 23, 2016 and we have really good news when it comes to weather today. >> we try not to over do the double digits when it's worth it. so it's worth it. we'll go with a 10 out of 10 and today we're not nearly as cold this morning as we were yesterday and part of that reason is because of the cloud cover you see especially to the south and east of the city no precipitation and none expected at all today. 50 is current temperature with 57% relative humidity. sunriseing now at 6:59 this
5:00 am
morning and temperatures all above freezing and in the case of mount pocono 44. 39 in lancaster and still chilly there and in allentown 40. pottstown 50 and wildwood and 50 in atlantic city as well. so we're only going up from here. it is a case where the winds are not a big issue and they're coming out of the southwest. now it's been very dry the past couple days and there has been some problems or at least few advisories about fire weather danger. you need to watch that because it's been breezy and dry the past couple days. once again, it is 10 out of 10 and we are look ago head to a high temperature of 07 degrees later on today. so, i think that is 10 worthy down the bob barnard. >> definitely 10 worthy let's have a party. cupcake worthy. there 5:00 straight up on wednesday morning. good morning, everybody, we're in good shape this morning given the schuylkill at 10 as far as travel times. no delays at all


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