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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 23, 2016 6:00am-6:15am EDT

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brothers blooul themselves up killing over 30 people. solid darty shown all around the worldch the world stands behind belgium aft terror attacks yesterday. >> this is police continuing to investigate the explosions that were killed dozens and injured hundreds in brussels and the one image helping piece together this deadly act. >> and how yesterday's attacks in europe could affect us here at home today. big time. good day, everybody, it's wednesday march 23, 2015 i know how to peck a vacation, ladies and gentlemen, i left when it was in the 80s and i return it's in the 70s. >> welcome back. >> what happened over the weekend while i was gone. >> got really cold.
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>> good time? >> look on wikipedia you knew. >> you did the picks every day. >> you were laughing at us. >> giggling. good to be back. >> nice day. >> i have no tan. >> just a little. >> i can't be in the sun. >> sorry. >> what's up for today? >> what do you think. >> seems like a day that is an 8. >> 10. >> are you out of your mind? >> of course, but i work here. it's also a ten. here's bus stop buddy he ditched the winter coat and mittens he had on yesterday. most temperatures in the 40s. we had wind chills in the 20s yesterday at this time. it doesn't feel like that outside at all. just a sweatshirt should be good. quite a few clouds out there this morning. you see it on satellite and radar. sunrise an hour away and so maybe we'll see clouds. but still it will feel better out there, 52 in the city with
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10 mile an hour breeze. sunrise at minute before 7 officially. 70 the high today. 7:17 sunset. plenty of sunshine. breeze picking up later on. all in all pretty nice for wednesday. we'll see if we can keep it going for easter weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. i'm kelly. >> keep that streak going. good morning, everybody, 6:02 wednesday and starting to see volume. a live look at headlights head twoeb cop hocken and inbound on right headed to center city. folks are up and out and 95 also stacked cottman through girard. so the beginning of morning rush hour starting to shape up. there's delays route one as we work 202 to painters crossing and slide up to warrington where county line road we have weight limit on bridge over the little neshimany creek there. there's a lot of detours and extra volume through the neighborhood. down the shore, toms river or long beach island, atlantic
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city boulevard at butler boulevard downed pole. princeton avenue taking bankrupt of detour. if you head to the airport this morning, dave is standing by live from international terminal. give yourself extra time. extra time to get really through that security line. no delays at all at the airport and 95 even though volume at cottman work crews coming our way after the rush hour today working between 9 and 3 between cottman avenue and bridge street. mike and alex back to you. >> breaking news out of brussels, we knew officials identified two suicide bombers in brussels attack as khalid and brahim el-bakraoui and they looked for the third man and now arrested him. >> they've got him. they're accused of the explosions at the brussel airport and subway system there. right now the search is still on for other people that might be involved here. but so the fwi that was on the run after helping the two brothers blow themselves up ran
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out of the airport. they have now arrested him. >> and we're looking at the picture he's the man believed to be on the right in light colored jacket. >> also the report of a bombing there at the metro station a few miles from the airport yesterday morning still looking for anybody else that might be involved in this. but all three, the two dead men and third person in the ligh light-colored coat was arrested by belgium and brussels police. in light of yesterday's attacks security is at the all time high around the world basicall basically. >> back at home measures are in place to ensure our safety. that's why dave is at the philadelphia international airport. you were there yesterday for updates on the flight to brussels. do you see security changes there today. >> you don't see it in check in areas but the airport, philadelphia international promised there is additional security in terms of uniformed
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officers leading us to believe it's in secured areas making extra secured. although we have seen police cars drive ago around outside, of course, but that's also something typically here. we can tell you there's a state department warning issued for people traveling to europe through june. there's a bomb-sniffing dog there. speaking of the situation there's one right there checking part of tsa unit there checking baggage. anyway, there's bomb-sniffing dogs at 30th street station checking passengers looking to get on to trains as well. law enforcement officers were armed with high powered weapons as well and septa police were in full force knowing attacks in brussels and targeted a metro station. and some travelers we talked with are on edge. >> it makes me think they can do the same thing there. they didn't go to security they
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did it at the front of the airport. >> if you see something suspicious and hairs on the back of your neck stand up we want to know. >> little leery but business has to go on. >> tragedy. my heart goes to the victims that died and even the ones that survived. i can't imagine the trauma they must feel right now. my heart and prayers go out to them, believe me. >> i was nervous when a heard it on the news this morning. then you have to just go on. you have to do the things you have to do. and pray that all this ends. >> speaking of security you may not be able to see them now. there is a k-9 unit making round here as people are checking in for international flights at the international terminal at phl. we can also tell you that there are no flights scheduled to leave or come into -- or go out from brussels or come in from brussels at phl until thursday.
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the airport there closed. that situation still handled as a major, major crime scene and scene of terrorism as well. >> i came out of st. martin yesterday afternoon unbelievable security jfk i was there last night and unreal security. >> everybody on alert. >> rightfully so. >> this former 76er was inside the brussels airport during the deadly attacks and took to facebook and twitter letting followers know "i'm safe, i'm fine" he was in brussels waiting to fly back to the united states after visiting one of his foundations' hospitals in his native congo. he does great work in africa. >> we'll look live in belgium and get to you about the breaking news about the third arrest we have in these explosion explosions belgium immediate yam is saying the third suspect is reported and his name is najim laachraoui,.
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>> najim laachraoui. >> he was wearing the ligh light-colored jacket. we'll bring you updated informing on that. certainly more is coming in. there's been a big hint hunt for him since yesterday. they believe the other two suspect were killed because suicide bombers but this is someone who dropped the bomb and ran off. they were trying to find that third suspect. >> by the way the death toll from deadly attack yesterday in brussels now stands at 34 dwaed over 200 people injured. isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks. and warns of dark days ahead for anybody who does not support them. more after this.
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♪ we tried have fun today, on i wednesday. >> what would make me feel better? >> if you had a puppy in the stud know. it's national puppy day. i don't know if you knew that. it is official -- who comes one this stuff. national puppy day we like to see your four legged family members and other members of the staff said this. send us your picks using facebook or twitter #fox29goodday. look at this one maggie. . >> she thinks she's a human sitting in the backseat. >> prue.
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>> despite the long lines in three states and people wonde wondering where they were so long. results for last night's primaries and caucuses are in. >> there's another one for the front runners bernie sanders won caucuss in utah and idaho. >> and then this. >> this cam spain doing as well as it is generating the kind of energy and excitement we're seeing here at san diego and all over this country. >> he moved on to san diego last night as she did as well. unfortunately for bernie sanders, his victory doesn't give him enough delegates to make up for his loss to hillary clinton because she won. >> the big one. >> the big one in arizona. and that was winner take all battle there. and that was the big prize of the evening. >> on the republican side front runner donald trump won arizona gop prime areay and ted cruz
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won in utah and cruz is on pace to take all the state delegates by finishing with 50% of vote. >> he wanted arizona for sure. >> that was a big twoun get. >> you got it. plus, long lines and lack of ballots did not stop people in arizona, utah and idaho from voting and am i repeating myself. >> i think you are. >> who came out on top of last night's primaries and caucuses, this report was so nice we're going to do it twice. . going to do it twice. . >>
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