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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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guys. they can't smile. >> we're tough when we're wearing a big hat and tails. >> white suits. my mom would not allow my prom date, she said you will not wear a white suit to prom. i will not have it. because he wanted to wear a white suit too. >> why not? >> just didn't like it, so towed wear a black suit. >> what a pushy woman. >> don't be talking about my mama like that. >> you will not bewaring -- >> she didn't say, you know, making it a little more dramatic. >> well, she said that to you? >> this is more her. she is like i would prefer if you didn't have a white suit. i think would look better if you had black. >> listen to there is alex, you're not going to prom with this kid if he wears a white tux. >> that's not what she said. >> poor kid, just wanted to wear a white tux. and this woman -- >> my prom had a white tux on. >> really? >> yes, with the piping. >> i have never worn a white tux. >> did you know that sally field will be on our show today? she is staring in the new movie hello my name is doris. and get this, she has an
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affair with this guy. >> hey, the guy from the new girl. >> watch this. oh, ya. >> hilarious. plus, bathroom date disaster. you think you have got a bad first date? oh, my gosh. one woman gets real on social media about an embarrassing moment. i can't believe she put herself out there like this, what she put in her purse before she left her date's bathroom, oh, my gosh, i can't wait to reveal this. >> you know, now that i thought about it, we probably shouldn't even do that story. >> mike? already tees philadelphia now. >> we have tonight you already -- >> we have to go there. too late. >> get your breakfast finish, all right? hey, quincy. are you going to go for the full monte now so to speak on this one? >> yes, yes, i'm stretching out right now with the cherry hill police. going to do their physical fitness test. coming up later on this hour, can i beat the time? i think i can. what is your fastest time?
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>> 120. >> what's your fastest time? >> 120. >> you? you don't want to say? okay, that's all right. 120 is the time to beat. i think i can do it. >> 120. >> no, no, no, no, sue, i'm cocky, i'm kick, there is a difference, very cock. >> i specially after the last run he had. >> so you probably have all seen this by now. >> did. >> but i want to show it again, because i think it is remarkable, and i couldn't believe it. who is that? a guy sent me this yesterday. and coy not come up with t i thought it was a guy that used to be an anchorman in new york. and i can't remember his name. he worked for cbs. >> i thought it was santa claus. >> santa? >> the give away is the t-shirt. >> right. if you know where this person went to school. >> yes. >> my alma matter. that will is david letterman. >> yes? >> that. >> here's what i want to know. did you see him? because that picture was taken saint bart's. >> he certainly was there the same week, but i was not on that beach apparently, because i never saw him.
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he is there all the time. he has a great life. >> if you if he walked past me i wouldn't think anything. >> in fact, i may have seen him. and i never would have known it. >> what do you any? hey i want to grow out my beard? >> i think -- >> he's been on television most of his life. >> yes. >> he just said the more people get put off by this look, the more i want to grow the beard. >> sure. >> that's so letterman, isn't it? >> it should be about him. it is not about us. >> he's through with tv now. he can do whatever he want. >> mike when you're done with tv? >> i new you would bring it up because it is getting close. it is getting close. >> i said when. i didn't say soon. whenever, whenever that happens, so far off in the future, decades from now. >> i can tell i am almost done with this business because i am starting to let myself go. but if i do quit, i will just look down to my stomach. >> would it look like this with the beard? >> wait. so, would you grow out a beard? can you grow the beards? >> yes, i can grow a beard. but i will tell you what i
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will do. i'll sit probably not shave, or bathe, and i'm going to eat myself to death with cheese. >> oh, gosh. >> just big rounds wheels of cheese. >> yes? >> all day long, sit out on the porch. look at dogs and stuff. >> sound like a lovely life. >> you will be very happy, i think. >> it sounds great. not unlike this show. eating big wheels of cheese and sitting around. >> let's talk about argument, because i am getting so many tweets about the stupid arguments that people have with their loved ones. >> how did you come up with this? >> recent threat. some of the dumb he is fights they've ever got mean with their partner, so far, more than 5,000 people have commented. so we're fighting over silly things apparently. so things like an exboyfriend got mad at me for ignoring him while i was sleeping. i was asleep. apparently i roll over to the other side facing away from him, he was offended by. that will so offended he got up and left in the middle of the night. >> my goodness. >> here is another one, eating
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chips and bean dip, kept taking the biggest chips and breaking them in half. i got mad because i like the big chips so i can get a nice big scoop of dip. there are plenty of smaller chips. he argue not quite the right size. only way she could get the perfect size by breaking the big ones. oh, my goodness. >> good lord? >> and finally, this one: well we're going to ikea tomorrow to buy a shelf. so ask me again in 24 hours. >> oh, that must and good story. they have to buy a chef. >> somebody broke something. >> ya, ya. >> i've got one. from last week. >> last weekend? >> we have a powder room in our house on the first floor, right? it is just, you know, little commode, sing and all, and i put hand towels in there for when you are washing hands. >> sure. >> and my husband said they're hand towels, decent size, he said too small. so i walk in and there is a giant bath towel in the powder room. and we proceed to have this
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humungous argument about why that is not proper for the powder room, but a big giant bath towel. >> there is no shower or nub there? >> , no bath towel for when you take an about bath or shower, the hand towels are just for drying your hand after you wash them. and he says they're not big enough. this is a nice -- why can't i put it in there? i said because you just can't. and then -- >> is this the edited version? oh, okay. >> cussing? >> , no just like why don't you get this? why? it was the -- this qualifies as the dumb he is argument i've ever had. >> but actually, it is to your benefit, isn't it? he must have really big hands. >> oh, mike, oh, my gosh. >> with a about you, mike? >> just the dumb he is stuffy argue with people about. >> like? >> like your fiancee, what do you all argue about? >> this is really dumb. >> okay? >> the other day, she was joking about how, you know, i
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wasn't paying enough attention to her. she said i should just get another guy. i should date somebody else. i say well do you have friends after you? do you? and she goes yeah, of course she is joking. >> is she? >> yes, she is. >> and she goes, i said, well, what are their names? john. her ex-boyfriends' name. >> oh,. >> this doesn't sound like a stupid argument t sounds like it must and necessary one. >> no, just came up with a name. what's the most common name in america? >> john. >> john doe. >> were you like are you talking to your next. >> oh, yes it, went on all night. >> oh, then you got upset? >> i got upset. >> over something she was trying to make up. so were you calling her bluff. >> a name burst out of her mouth. she hasn't seen this guy in six, seven years. i of course accused her it, went on all night. >> all night? >> isn't that amazing? >> it just takes on a life of its own after a while. sometimes you even forget what you were, ago about in the first place. >> want to hear another dumb thing she said when we first
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started dating? >> i thought it was my turn. >> hold on. >> okay? >> so this is like one of the first nights we were together. >> oh, gosh. >> next morning she goes: what's your type, you know, talking about women? >> oh, no. >> what's your type? >> i hope you described her. >> i did of course that's the thing to say. you know, somebody just like you. >> yes? >> and it is the truth. what's your type? >> i'm like mediterranian men. and she was dating a greek guy. she had just -- her last boyfriend, the same -- >> john? >> yes. >> is from grease. >> there might and trend here, mike, something about john. >> so i got mad about that. >> you get mad. >> poor ban and a.m. is getting thrown around. >> and the same darn day she goes to a birthday party. >> oh, we talk about this yesterday. >> because she new some of his friends so she became friends, because they dated couple of years, said you're going to the birthday party? well is john going to be
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there? ya. really. they're that important of friends now, that you met through him, that you're going to go, and then she didn't ask the question that you need to say, would you like to go along? >> oh, boy. >> so then it went on and on and on. i said, well, and then she finally said do you want to go along after 20 minutes of argument, no, i don't want to go. >> i don't want you to ask you because i wanted to you ask me, now i don't want you to get up and g but she got up and went. >> but now you're engaged. >> to heck with her. >> have you ever met john? >> no. >> okay. >> i don't want to meet him. >> now the producers are telling us to wrap and i don't get to tell my dumb argue. >> that's a blessing. no real quickly, ladies, me and the guy, this guy we dated and he used to always get on my nerves we get into argument he would say sorry but he said it too fast, then we start arguing again, you can't just say story. you didn't take time to think about it or know what you apologized for. are you really arguing with me because i said soree? no, it is not because you said sorry, it is how you said
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sorry. and now quickly you said sorry. and then we do another argument. i feel like there should be nice little grace period, someone, if you get into an argument okay, when you think about it, hum. okay? you know what? i'm sorry. that makes sense. i'm sorry. you don't say hey you did and this, and the guy is like i'm sore. >> i we get your point. >> ya, ya. well, we will talk later. >> oh. mike? >> (laughing). >> seriously. how does this happen to me? >> i'm sorry. >> do you have to do it so hard though? like what are you trying say? >> hey, welcome back. martha sanchez, fantastic artist? thank you for having us. >> is that your son? >> that's my son, that's my little baby boy. not so little any more. >> who is his friends? >> lewis, philip and lou us. >> hey, describe to us what you have? do you this every year for us, and i love it, this is a tradition. these are eggs, that you painted? >> we have a community paint them, yes, schools, senior
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centers, and students from all over, paint them for us, as well as our friends. >> you blow the yolks out? >> all of the egg product goes to shelters throughout the city, to families, that are homeless. so, we zip lock the eggs in a bag, and they can use them on that day or they can freeze them. >> now, you paint them with magic markers or sharp east? >> we use anything we can, t. mpra a crick ill, sarg east, anything we have around. >> let's talk more about this. but i'm doing the right tradition here cracking these open? >> doing a smashing job. >> thank you. >> smashing, i get it. >> oh, ya, smashing. >> aren't you cute? >> seriously. >> oh, yeah. i got one too. >> yeah, thank you. >> oh! >> it was just fun to break. >> i think this is a realing. >> this will be a mess. >> that's enough. >> thank you. >> okay? >> that is enough. >> oh, okay, okay.
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>> we can do this for hours. >> oh, there is some in my clevage. >> oh, sorry. did i say that out loud? >> mike? >> it must be a lot of it. >> iron in the going to get it. >> glitter on the boobs. >> oh. >> okay. ya. >> this show has been on the air as of april the first, 20 years. and i believe, well, i'm shock that we've survived almost 20 years, but this next story may get us all fired, or put off the air by the fcc. >> really? that bad? >> ready? a woman's embarrassing story about her first date with a gentleman, the date was going well enough that she ended up at the man's house. >> okay? >> uh-huh. then -- >> after dinner drink or something? >> ya, come on back to my place and look at my etching. >> come on over to my place ♪
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>> ya. >> anyway, it was going well, back at his place, then disaster struck when she had to go relieve herself in the bathroom. >> oh, no. >> not number one. >> oh,. >> but number two. >> oh, no. >> now, we have all been over to people's houses, you know, and hope for the best when you flush? >> it didn't. is what you are saying? >> it did not go down. it was lodged, i apologize, yes. >> mike, do you have to be so descriptive? seriously, we death it? >> in a series every tweets, mikhail an explained what happened. she said she panic, because she was already embarrased for being in the bathroom for so long trying to get the darn thing to go down. >> oh,. >> she did the first thing that came to minds. she got toilet paper, pulled the poop out of the toilet, but she didn't know what to do with it, that's when she made another horrible decision. she put it in her purse and
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left his house. >> oh, my goodness. >> i've -- so again making another horrible de circumstances did i the only thing coy think of, i wrapped it, ya. she got in her car, and she went home. >> then disposed of -- >> ya. >> now, i don't know, i know what you're asking. did they ever go out on another date? >> we don't know? >> i don't know. >> if scott would move his head i could read the thing. >> our executive producer. >> what's worse? you. >> told what was on there. >> i can't imagine which one is worse though, having him come in and, you know -- unclog the toilet or just sucking it up and putting in your purse and no one knows anything. >> if i were her, i think she made the right decision. >> oh, ya, ya, ya. >> i hate to admit it but i think she did too. >> i think i would have done the same thing but i don't
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know that i would have tweeted about it, right? >> oh, no. >> all right. we still on? >> you know what, honestly what i probably would have done? >> what? >> i one time -- >> oh, i just got a phonecall, emergency, so sorry, i have to go. and then do your business at home? >> a lot of times visiting friends and family, i'll finds a close gas station and won't poo in people's homes. >> you can't do it at a gas station, not comfortable, not clean. >> i would rather do it at a gas station. >> but you want to spend that much time at a time that is, you know? >> i went one time longrun, superbowl sunday. >> yes? >> sunday morning, this is up in nyak new york, way out, 7 miles out, oh, oh. here we go. i got to go. i tried to make it back, walking, and for the grace of god i saw this little restaurant in this small town, i saw a guy inside.
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they hadn't opened yet. i really got to go, please. so i go into the bathroom. same thing. it. >> it won't flush? >> the worse. >> even when you're not using the rest room, someone you don't really know. i always hate to be in the rest room long, i don't want them to think, so i'm rushing. >> and toilet paper hanging snout. >> and children's book, everybody poops. >> true. >> we just -- >> everybody poops. >> and here go singing. >> sometimes ♪ >> anyway, so i left, and i ran, and so he had to deal with it later. >> a lot of stories ends with you just running. >> that's my life. hey, do you remember your prom? sure you do. the hair, the shoes, the date? but for all of the ladies out there, it was all about the quest for the perfect dress. wouldn't that be right? you got to get the perfect dress? >> sometimes that can be really hard. lauren johnson you found abu
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teak in bensalem that specialize in the all things prom. >> hey! >> yes, it is like the headquarters for a girl searching for anything that they need for prom. i did it all wrong back in like 1998-99. i wore a plane back dress twice. boring. we're going to talk about prom trends dave knee here with us at golden, family business, you guys have been running since whether? >> 1969. >> you decided we'll evolve focus on all things prom. open seasonally? >> january through june. >> and your focused just on prom? >> only prom. >> let's start -- >> basically prom. >> let's talk trends. first model will come out. you tell us what we're seeing. >> we are seeing betsy wearing a dramatic red mermaid gown. >> drama. >> very, very dramatic. beautiful flared skirt. >> and you say red is the color this season? >> red is very, very hot. we get a lot of request for red, a lot of request for black, too. >> okay. >> who is next? >> now we have summer.
9:18 am
>> summer. >> looking good, i like the bling. >> yes, a lot of bling, a lot of bling. beautiful back. we have the illusion fabric on the bodies, jersey skirt, very, very classic, very elegant. >> so she is covered up but it gives the illusion in the back there maybe there is something more to see? >> yes, that's right. >> okay, who is next? >> my favorite i think. >> yes, a lot of bling. we have lauren, lawyer send wearing a very fun, very flirty fully beaded gown with a keyhole back, and high slit. yes, it is a beautiful bubble gum pink color. >> so for the girls who want bright and bling that's the dress you are looking for? >> bright, blip a -- bling and fun. >> next? >> neck weaver nicky. nicky wearing very elegant mermaid dress but a lot of fun too because it has the i have descent sequins. so little bit of pink, little bit of white. and it also has the illusion fabric to create a nude lining, very subtle feeling. >> this next one surprised me, the two piece prom dress. >> yes. two pieces are right on trends. very, very popular.
9:19 am
>> do moms cringe when the daughters go for those though? >> sometimes they do. but they can be -- they can still be very elegant and somewhat conservative even though it is a two piece. >> was that it? last but not least? i love her lipstick. >> yes, very bright t matches the flowers on her beautiful satin skirt. we have mattie wearing a beautiful ball gown, lays bodies, and lot of embellishment on the neck line. >> ladies look good six different trends, where can people finds you? >> we are in bensalem. golden, the boulevard. >> talk price range real quickly. how much are we talking here. >> in. >> between three to 500. >> affordable for prom. >> not bad. ladies thank you, alex and mike, we set the stage for some trends for prom for the girls to know what to wear. >> nice job there, beautiful dresses, my daughter jessica, we look for a prom dress for probably six months. >> yes? >> went to three, four different cities, argued the entire time. >> some people are giving me
9:20 am
some flack about the argument thing, about the i'm sorry. they're call stupid argument for a reason. i didn't say they made sense. >> one person said he gets into a fight with his wife, doesn't like the way pronounce tilapia. yes, my wife got so mad at me, i didn't remember what exit 14 was on 295. jersey. >> ya? >> ya. >> hey, real quickly here, i have a new job. at this stopped one of those philly flash downtown buses, you know, one outside, i said i kind of want to do. >> this i would like to be a driver. but looped down. listen to this. three rides, free rides, free prep pretzels, philly mascot. oh, you should see the bus, it travels in a kin us loop delaware river, waterfront, one step every 15, one stop every 15 minutes. from 10:00 in the morning, to 6:00 p.m. usually rides are $2. or you can pay $5 to ride all day long. >> isn't that fan that is
9:21 am
snuck. >> make yourself crazy. but today all visitors and locals will be able to ride the tplash free of charge to celebrate opening day. >> we are free. >> hop on it. >> if you see the bus, just get on it, free. hey it is fox fursday. easter of course is sunday. you better believe it. >> but you could. >> keep them away from the easter basket, they can't eat all the chocolate. >> say hi to dana. >> high, dana. >> who is this? >> this is angel. >> you're just an angel. you're just a -- is he a weeny?
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we consider all of the dining that's are out there, dana humphrey, the pet lady,
9:25 am
welcome back. we have eugene here saying adopt me, adopt me. >> right? >> delaware county spca. >> our senior buddy. he is look to go spend his last couple of years in his new forever home. and this is miss angel girl. she is from k9 rescue inning, check her out on line. >> she is being an angel, too. >> she really is an angel. she in err older years, also look to go celebrate easter with a new home. >> great to adopt a senior pet. you don't have to potty train them, all of that like do you with a pip. have some fun. they're mellow. >> just tell me, this time of year a loft people are trying to adopt a bunny. adopt a dog, senior dog it, can be great edition. >> i like your advice. now, let's get to the dangers, because we're having company over. we have the easter stuff all over the place, what should we keep our pets away from? >> sews ear hazards, we all know, stick away from the chocolate, poisonous to dogs. one you might in the think
9:26 am
about are the flowers, when your aunt comes over, grand no, ma'am comes over, nice big bouquet, nice easter lillies. you get corsage at church. definitely keep it a which from the pith, especially dogs and cats. it can be extremely poisonous to them if they digest it, or chew on it, never know what they'll get into, so keep it out of reach for them. >> one did i not know was ham. i thought any casino of meat was okay for a dog? >> well, it is really better to give them, you know, their own food, and their own treat. you don't want to give them table scraps. it prevents having bad behavior. and ham is fatty, has a lot of fatty ingredients in it. >> no ham for you. >> again, you don't want to spend your easter holiday at the vet. >> no. >> avoid that one. of course, you know, no alcohol. you know. >> sorry. >> save the champagne brunch for you and your friends, but keep it away from the dogs. >> no champagne for you. >> nice little water bowl. if you are having easter egg hunt, real important to count the number of plastic eggs. so if you're doing easter egg
9:27 am
hunt with your kids, and you have 20 eggs out, make sure they get 20 eggs back. >> because could you leave one in the yard and then eugene could come and get. >> and then they're exposed to the chocolate, right, or, you know, if you have, you know, regular eggs out, maybe boil eggs, do easter eggs outside, don't want any rotten eggs too, or outside, or precious eugene to be munching on that. >> dana just about out of time. >> go to yes, that's it, we actually most. sally field is on good day, she's starring in a new movie called hello, my name is doris. yep, i lover sally field, too. she will be with us coming up next.
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it is 9:31. hello, my name isidore is stars actress sally field, i love her. sally plays a woman in her 60's, encouraged to have a fling with i a much younger co-worker. this sounds fantastic. here's a clip. >> it just seems impossible. >> hi. >> he is on facebook. >> dating advice from a 13 years old. >> well, would with men comes wealth. >> i'm looking for a model for cover of my new album can you introduce. >> phone number.
9:32 am
>> do you have a pencil. >> no one has pencils anymore. >> it is like somebody stole my friend and replaced her with a wild animal. >> can you be honest. >> this looks so good. sally, welcome to philadelphia. >> i love it already. >> thank you. >> so, let's get into this. the first of all... >> let's get into it. >> oh, yeah. the guy you are kissing on in the role, he is from that show on fox, the the new girl. >> yes, max greenfield, fabulous max, yeah, yeah. >> is he a good kisser. >> well, you know, i have been kissing guys on screen for the last 53 years. i try not to rate them, because they get angry at you. >> okay, but he doesn't need to worry, put it that way. >> this movie you are a cougar, can we call you that.
9:33 am
>> no. >> not in anyway am i a cuter. the it isn't like that at all. it isn't like the conventional sort of love story. it is a coming of age story of a person of age, and it is this fantasy world that she lives in and borderline mental health issues and he is sort of the debate that starts to draw her out of this, you know, tiny little world that she has lived in all of her life and it isn't really like, that kind of a cougar thing at all. >> gotcha. >> go see it. it is very unique store which a unique character. >> unique and it seems kind of sweet to me, i really want to see this. if i remember don't you have three sons? >> i do i do have three sons good have they seen the movie. >> yes, they have, each and everyone of them has seen the movie. >> and, what do they think.
9:34 am
>> not only that, more importantly, mike, my granddaughter, my oldest granddaughter my 18 year-old granddaughter went with me, and that was the first time i actually had a grandchild see, you know, like a little mini premiere of a movie with me and i was just happy to say they all loved it. they all really, really like it a lot. >> does she say grand mom you are so cool you are a movie star, you are sally feel. >> oh, no, oh, my gosh, no, you cannot imagine how little they think of that. basically, mike i don't think my grandchildren has seen anything i have ever done, i'm not sure. >> not forest gump. >> no, maybe they have seen forest gump but i'm not sure. i'm just granny, you know it is just one of the things do you to your grandmother get
9:35 am
the me another glass of water when you are up, granny. >> would they even know anything about the fly nun then. >> no, which might be a good thing. >> right, all right. >> they don't know anything about that. >> but they have a vague idea that, you know, that was around there, literally. >> sally, when people see you on the street what do they say, do they bring up the flying nun, steel magnolia or norma ray. >> sometimes they say pardon me, move up a little bit. it is your turn move in there, lady, that kind of thing. >> quit counting your change. >> exactly. >> it is different things. sometimes is one thing and sometimes it is another and sometimes it is nothing at all. what do they say to you on the street. >> get out of my way, old man. >> well, there i rest my case.
9:36 am
>> sally, before we go here, let's ask a personal question in hero kay. >> personal question, yeah, okay good what is the youngest guy you have ever dated. >> what is youngest guy i have ever dated, let's sigh, well, i don't, how oldy was or how old he was but do i remember he was 18 years young. i won't date anyone who is even a day, younger than my oldest son. >> how oldies your oldest son. >> well, he is getting up there now, i think we're pretty safe. >> yeah. >> but i am too so we're all moving along. it is all fun. >> you look fantastic. >> you do. >> thank you, thank you so much. that is very kind of you you. >> so sweet. >> i wish you were here with us. >> i wish i was too. >> i like philadelphia. my father was born in philadelphia. philadelphia is in my family. very much so.
9:37 am
my father was born there, grew up there, went to school. >> do you know what section of the city he grew up. >> i would if i thought about it for a long time but we don't have that much time. >> no. >> next time we talk to you then. >> next time i'll have all that information. day one, day two, i will have it all. >> man, sally, great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> nice talking with you. hello, my name isidore is. i have to see it. >> my sister, susan, when she was younger looked like the flying nun. >> do you have a picture. >> i probably do. >> there she is. >> okay. >> doesn't she kind of. >> i see it. >> she looked like sally field. >> you don't see it at all. >> no, you don't. >> yes, i do. >> let's look at eggs. >> these are not ordinary eggs. >> these are real eggs. >> and then we will go to the the other eggs. >> breakfast with bob. >> good eggs.
9:38 am
we were just talking about, you know, talking about the flying nun here with the gang. we are coming to you live this morning from the rand's diner on the campus of west chester university. we have the cheerleader here. everybody is ready to eat. everybody give a wave. it is breakfast with bob on this thursday morning from west chester when we come right back.
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♪ >> okay, martha. >> yes. >> martha, tell people just joined the show why do you color these eggs every year. >> we make these eggs to share them, mexican foulke lure of smash confetti filled eggs with your friend.
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>> show. >> my friend. >> yes, lewis here. >> we are selling them at reading terminal market from 9:00 o'clock today friday and saturday and money goes to a... speaking spanish. fund at philadelphia foundation and that will allow artists and community to assist families affected with hiv and aids. >> wonderful. >> how much are the eggs. >> the eggs are a dollar each. so we hope to see everybody over there. >> yes. >> so, please come by and our eggs and share with your family. >> yes. >> reading terminal market, today, tomorrow and the at day. >> yes, thank you, thank you. >> there are two things to do with eggs, crack them. >> every time or you can consume them. >> breakfast with bob. >> hey, good morning everybody. we are coming to you live this morning from the rand's diner on the campus of west chester university. good morning, rand's diner.
9:43 am
whole gang is here this morning. we have cheerleaders here but our youngest viewer. hi, is what your name. >> jamison. >> what did you order. >> i ordered fries. >> fries. >> i mean not fries but bacon and pancakes. >> you wanted to order fries but mom said you had to order the pancakes and the bacon. the west chester cheerleaders in the house. >> hi, i'm samantha. >> i'm julie. >> i'm nicole. >> i'm a lexa. >> is what your big game. >> big spring game on 23rd of june, we scrimmage each other. we will be there, come out and support. go rams. >> look at this fellow's plate, is what your name. >> aaron you are a student teacher. this is how you get prepped for the busy day. >> yes, definitely. >> wow. >> everybody give a wave, we have the whole gang here stacked and pack. this little fellow here what was your first name. >> ti you are out here with grand preponderance for breakfast. >> right. >> is he treating. >> no. >> no.
9:44 am
>> he is going to treat so you make sure you order big extra cake for dessert. there you go. over here are some other young viewers, hi, mom what are their name. >> this is wyat and ava. >> and there you go. >> so we have been huge good day fans. we love our bob kelly and mike, and hi everyone. >> yes, yes. >> so we have a little gift for you that we made for you. >> look at this. >> check this out, gang, my good day book bag from st. agnes. >> yes. >> you need to take anything in. >> you know i will be doing my homework for the nuns over there at st. agnes. come on over here, everybody smiling and happy because they eat so well here. is what your first name. >> jen. >> what do you have. >> we have french toast with the side of scrap will he will. >> got to have philly scrapple. >> we have tomatoes, broccoli, crab meat and sauce with home
9:45 am
fries. >> this is one i'm taking home? what is that. >> that is a banana split pancakes, pancakes with ice cream, bananas, walnuts, sprinkles, check late sauce. >> you have breakfast, dessert all in one. >> yes. >> who want this one right here? everybody raising their hand. okay. >> your basic, eggs over light. >> this is our ram's diner special two eggs, meat, home fries or breakfast. >> all one meal. >> all one meal good okay. this is our stuffed french toast stuffed with cream cheese and strawberry glaze. >> ill will's take that as well you are opened 24/7. >> yes good because feeding students on the campus is a a 24/7 operation. everybody give a wave. thanks for coming out this morning. if you'd like me to come to your favorite hot spot hit me up on facebook and twitter and i can be coming your way next thursday. back to you guys in the studio. >> yes. >> all right. >> it is time, quincy, it is
9:46 am
time, to put you to the test. >> moment of truth, do i have what it takes to be a cherry hill police officer. i will do their physical test coming up next.
9:47 am
9:48 am
perfect music for this challenge, a running challenge, quincy harris is trying to be a cherry hill finest. >> what was the time he was trying to beat.
9:49 am
>> he need to come in at 1:19 to beat the record over there. >> q, are you ready? >> i'm ready, okay. chief. >> yes, sir. >> let me know what is about to happen. you got the to do this every two years. >> every officer has to run a quarter mile obstacle course. your objective is to try to catch him. we will have another officer coming in behind you, two officers will time you and like you said you will break, 1:20. >> welshing we will see. >> good luck. >> we will see. >> okay. are you going to go. >> okay. >> ready? >> yes. >> ready, set, go. we are staggering him. >> set, go.
9:50 am
>> he has good form. >> count down clock here when he gets to one minute. >> this is hard. >> good pace. >> i see stairs. >> where are we in the control room, 24, 23, 21, 20. >> only halfway through it. >> keep it up, quincy, you got this. >> you have got 14 seconds. >> come on, come on. push, push, push. nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> well... >> keep on going. >> you got to finish strong,
9:51 am
quincy. >> the police chief's time he did a couple minutes ago was 1:33. >> is that it. >> one more. >> wow. >> go, go, go, go. >> all right. >> what is the time. >> 1:37. >> the chief had 1:33. >> so you have to beat two minutes. >> i did it. >> yes. >> chief, give me a dab. >> you can dab, quincy.
9:52 am
>> 1:37. >> bam. >> i did that. >> nice job. >> not every police officers do that, you have to do it under two minutes. >> it just shows what they go through. kendell jenner hits the big time i can say jenner, right. >> yes. >> it is your final week. >> you cannot say the k word. >> the honor vogue magazine is giving her that some super models, never get. oh , geese. >> she is pretty though.
9:53 am
♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
9:54 am
9:55 am
eggs, the show. >> and get some more. >> get over to reading terminal market today, tomorrow and saturday. good to see you again.
9:56 am
>> hi, thank you for having us. >> we will see you all weekend. >> yes. >> every saturday growing up as a kiddy used to watch the baseball game saturday baseball on tv. >> go garagiola played and in the tv boot. it lasted 60 years, 30 of them with nbc's game of the week on saturday. joe, occasionally filled in for johnny carson too on the tonight show. >> what a great personality. >> great personality. you are right. he was 90 years old. great life. ken howard died. he is known best for starring in the 1907's tv series white shadow he played the basketball coach. his career spanned decade as he appeared in tv, films, broadway. he was, president of the sag, after the entertainment workers union. he was 71 years of age. >> lets get back to kendell jenner. now, kendell, what is the
9:57 am
name. >> the daughter of. >> caitlin jenner. >> and kris jenner. >> yes, she's older of the two girls they had. >> yes. >> she's a model. >> she is. >> now she's more than just a a model, look at her on the cover of vogue. this is in the just any regular vogue she has an entire issue of vogue magazine dedicated to her what does that mean. you keep flipping those pages you will see jenner on all 54 pages. >> different posts, styles, looks, has anyone had this before. >> not that i know of. >> is it the because of social media. >> she's the queen, 64 million followers, that is a lot of followers. >> she's 20 years old. >> getting vogue. >> that makes me want to just hit myself in the head. >> what am i doing wrong. >> what can i do. >> what did you do wrong.
9:58 am
>> go villanova. go nova.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you for watching.


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