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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 25, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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another violent night in the city of philadelphia while were you sleeping two shootings both happening within hours of each other, more on the victims and suspects police are searching for this morning. and bombings in brussels, several arrests made days after suicide bomber hit the airport and subway station. who officials say they have had behind bars and new information on some victims of the deadly terror attacks. no matter who you put on the floor for villanova, they execute to perfection and tremendous finish. >> now they are heading to the elite eight, wild the cats fans going wild this morning after last night's big win, who they will take on next in the march madness march up. good day it is finally friday, march 25th, 2016. sue serio, we're entering on a
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high thanks to villanova we will get to watch them play saturday night. >> i think there will be lots of watch part thinks weekend plus it is the holiday weekend. this is good friday for some who observe that and we have got some rain as predict. we told you would it role in the morning and through see it on ultimate doppler radar. zooming in closer it shows lancaster county, berks county, parts of the montgomery and chester counties are being affected along with the lehigh valley and poconos, it is generally light rain but umbrella worthy so you can grab yours before you leave today. we are dry for the moment in olde city, this isn't going to last long and boy, is it mild out there. 64 degrees our current temperature, windy, 16 miles an hour sustained wind, you saw breezes outside and hopefully you were, pick up quite a bit yesterday. sunrise 6:56 this morning, we will not start out with sunshine though but here are more mild temperatures in the poconos mountain, trenton 56.
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fifty-five wildwood. sixty-four in dover. this is a cold front. the these mild temperatures for the early morning, will be going away for the weekend. i'm thinking about sunrise services on easter sunday, it will not be that mild early in the morning. the here's what we got, showers around, rain tapering off around lunchtime and then cooling down after that. we will top off with a high of around 68 degrees. sunset time 6:19. so that takes care of good friday. we will talk about the the rest of the who will take weekend, bob kelly, it is here. >> it is here, happy easter, everybody. the easter weekend. crews are still working out here on 422. this is a a live look westbound working your way from king of prussia through trooper, out towards the collegeville interchange. down to one lane so just be prepared to ride the brakes and take it the slow past the construction crew. here we are, we are opened for business, falls bridge opened up yesterday and a day early, let's roll video outer news
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van was right there when they pulled away barriers, the light turned green and there you go, first couple of cars, that pulled through, the bridge short cut between the kelly drive and the martin luther king drive. that is great news. the not only for motorist but for the roller bladers, the joggers and bikes, just like keith, our floor director, he is excited he can ride his book over that falls bridge. lets go back to the jam campaign other situations we are watching at the pennsylvania turnpike, closed right now, eastbound, from downingtown over to valley forge. all because of an overnight tractor trailer accident and fire. so all traffic diverted off at 100, follow 100 down to 202, and then take 202 north up to king of prussia, trying to get an eta whether this will be for the whole morning rush hour or it is on the tail end of the clean up but it is eastbound lanes. coming over bet thecy ross bridge from south injuries any
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toward philadelphia, the richmond street off ramps remain block here. just use i-95 over to bridge. otherwise mass transit, airport looking g. we will start with breaking news this morning out of hunting park. innocent bystander hit by a stray bullet abe now a teenage girl is recovering in the hospital. steve keeley standing by at police headquarters with more, hi there, steve. >> reporter: lauren, this is second time in 13 days that a teenage girl here in philadelphia is minding her own business, on her own family's front porch when she gets shot. last girl got shot and killed, fortunately for this girl she was only shot in the leg. this 16 year-old female was standing on the front steps of her property where she lives, talking to her sister when they heard several shots, and then the 16 year-old realize that had she was shot in the thigh. he immediately ran into her house and that is where family members, treated her, and 911
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was called. we do not have any description of the shooter or shooters, however, fortunately we found several businesses, at least four separate businesses, in the immediate area that do have exterior surveillance cameras, so east detectives is on location, processing the scene and attempting to identify who the owners of the properties are in order to get a copy of these recordings. so hopefully these recordings can help us with this investigation. >> more amazing coincidences in both cases, lauren, both around 11:30 at night, you know, probably a 16 year-old girl hud not be outside on a porch that time of the night but even if you are, that doesn't mean you get shot in the leg. this one in hunting park, other case in west philadelphia by the way, lauren, she was shot in the femur, the largest bone in the human body so it will take some healing for her but at
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least she will be healed unlike the 18 year-old killed in west philadelphia. so, even being on your front porch does not guarantee anything in this town these days with so much violence. >> that is so sad, we will wish her well, steve keeley, thanks very much. 4:06. we have more breaking news this morning. another teenager is in the hospital after being shot two times. it happened just before midnight on the 1300 block of south 16th in point breeze. young man was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition and he is expected to be okay, in word on any arrests. in paris, a french the national is in custody suspect of belong to go a network planning an attack in france, word of this comes asbell gum authorities take half dozen suspects in custody in their probe of those deadly bombings in brussels on tuesday. "fox news" correspondent mike tobin has more. >> there are two very different faces of terrorism in europe right now this woman has been horribly burned during the the attacks in belgium. this is the face of an alleged terrorist still on the lose
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lose. texas representative michael mccall is head of the house home land security committee. he said european security forces are overwhelmed. >> there are so many people on the radar screen had that they cannot pay attention to all of them. it is not only belgium but it is france, germany in the uk. >> reporter: right now belgium police have six people in custody linked to raid around that country. investigators found a large amount of explosives and bomb making material at what is believed to be a isis safe house earlier this week. the perhaps more troubling isis may be plotting to be nuclear. >> there is another plot where they are looking into break nothing to a nuclear facility, to steel radioactive material. >> reporter: mccall has written a book called failures of imagination deadliest threats to the home land and how to stop them. >> in my book i talk about the use of radioactive material being brought across in the western hemisphere, across the u.s./mexico border and dirty bomb explosion going off in the houston shipping channel
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will. these are all very real scenarios that we need to be on top of as policy makers. >> reporter: french authorities say they have arrested a man they described in the advanced stages of planning an attack for northwest of paris. the at this stage, french authorities do not the see a direct link between a man arrested in paris and the attacks in brussels. in brussels, "fox news". mike tobin. raid continue for more updates check out our web site at fox back here at home a new information on the hit and run that left the man dead this happened at delaware state police say they have released surveillance pictures of the suv that hit jeremiah mccarthey on the night of the february twenty-eighth. it happened around 9:30 on route 41. suv is believed to be a ford, chevy with damage to the right front side. if you have any information you are asked to give police a call. cash strapped atlantic city heading closer to a fiscal cliff but city leaders urging the pun to stay calm. mayor guardian announced yesterday that the city will
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run out of money april 8th, that will force three weeks of reduced city services but he is trying to assure people who live in his town, and visitors to the area that essential services like police, schools, and casinos will remain up and running. >> the streets will be cleaned and the trash will be pick up and the police will be in full service, all over the city and the fire department will be standing ready if you need emergency services or your house is burning. >> those workers which in the get paid until may when the the city receives the next payment of taxes. mayor says they are working on a plan to keep non-essential services running as well. >> that is textbook by villanova a, execution to perfection. >> it was more than perfection
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for wildcats last night, villanova fans waking up with smiles after the wildcats beat the the miami hurricanes, this advances the team to the next round in the ncaa tournament, now heading to the elite eight. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from villanova's campus where they are gearing up to take on top seeded kansas, dave kinchen. >> reporter: that is right, you could say, good lord watching over villanova on this good friday. they played with with intensity in a big, big win in the sweet 16. let take a look at it the right now. of course, both teams were on fire last night but nova junior point guard ryan arcidiacono who kept popping shots, whipping up a perfect storm against the miami hurricanes. nova was great defensively but on offense they were top notch. wildcats shot 60 per event is, 95 from the foul line, ten, three's, nova wins 92-69 and feeling good, talking to the
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media afterwards. >> i wanted to a aggressive from the start and base line out of bound play to get me going. i was just being a aggressive for plays called for me and just read defense and i think i was making the right play at that time. >> daniel, arch, the seniors but everybody else buying in and we're definitely playing our best basketball right now. we have not played this well in any game this season but that is your goal. >> reporter: jay wright calling it is best performance yesterday. nova battles kansas tomorrow night at 8:49, and we will have to watch out for. big scorer perry ellis as they put up points and they ran past maryland. you know anything about this players, they make play. so an exciting round tonight, as well as in the elite eight. back to you. >> dave kinchen we cannot wait to see them play tomorrow.
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group stole money right out of the vault of the local bank why police are calling this trio bonnie and clyde plus one. a moment you will never for get couple's reunion with their children that took years to happen. what the family had to go through to finally get back together.
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all right. you mentioned earl willer there that is will holiday coming up on sunday. i smelled some vinegar. oh, that is right, it is easter. this is happening, if it seems
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several ill well, because it kind office an early easter this year. we will break down the day for you, because the morning services, with sunrise happening at about 7:21 in the morning, it the will be chilly. 42 degrees. but you will see sunshine have after 7:21. 65 degrees is our high temperature coming around midday if you are having that egg hunt outside on the lawn, it should be just fine. we don't expect any rain until monday, but it will be clouding up by the time you are having your evening feast. here's a look at the rain coming in. at least we're not further north where they are seeing freezing rain and snow up around canada for us, it the is just rain because it has been so mild around here. so we have got pottsville with some rain this morning, lancaster county getting rain, it looks like berks county getting some steady rain, pottstown, with some rain, in upper southford and montgomery county as well. a few light showers around chester county but that is all moving east. it won't be long before we get it here in the philadelphia
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area as well and around bushkill falls and places in the poconos where they are seeing only rain. so that will probably wash away is what left of the snow on the mountains up there. as we look the at the future cast we will see the rest of the weekend looks pretty dry. it is not until monday, that we will get that rain in here. so, plenty of sunshine for both saturday and sunday, if you have outdoor plans, and we will have plenty to tell you about over the weekend, on good day weekend because weekend wendy is breaking the down for you as she always does. as you can see next chance of rain does not come until after midnight on monday. let's get to our temperatures right now. very mild this morning. 64 degrees already. fifty-one mount pocono. sixty-four down in dover. the as far as average high is 56 degrees, last two days we were above average but we did not make it to 70. those clouds kind of rolled in. we didn't even get close to that record high. we may make it there today, 68 ,
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so mild. sixty-one tomorrow and mid 60's for easter sunday with those thunderstorms on monday, so it is a sunny, bunny, i get rid of exciting because i was bored with. that we went with sunny bunny on sunday. >> what size shoe does he wear. >> it is pretty big. >> it is floppy. >> yes. >> good morning, everybody. 4:17. getting ready for the easter holiday weekend, but we will begin with the closure of the pennsylvania turnpike, all eastbound lanes are blocked at downingtown at an overnight accident and tractor trailer fire, closed eastbound between downingtown and king of prussia all traffic coming out of say, reading, morgan town, once you get to downingtown you are push off on to 100. take that down to route 30, 30 over to 202 and then 202 will take you north up to king of prussia a otherwise, good news for anyone who parks in and around the city, the pp a
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kiosks are working once again accepting your credit card payments as well as the cash, and that new meter up program. we had a glitch in the system yesterday for about four or five hours in which the kiosks were not accepting the cards. big night in south philadelphia a, ncaa basketball, of course, tip off first game i believe is like 7:27 tonight. you will see a lot of volume heading in to the sold out event down there in south philadelphia. that will add extra jams to our evening rush hour. otherwise schuylkill expressway looking good, no problems from conshohocken into downtown. north on 202, some extra volume because of that turnpike closure, and if you are heading to the airport to fly out of town for the who will take weekend just give yourself extra time for the security, tsa checkpoints not just at the airport but we have seen increased security down at 30th street station. lauren, back over to you. fbi is on the hunt for three robbers behind a brazen bank hold up in west deptford.
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securities cameras captured the crime at bb and t bank on kings avenue just before 11:00 . the the crooks forced employees in the back room. one of them jumping the counter and heading straight the for the vault to steel the money. one robber wore a dress, another carried what appears to be a purse, and a female robber carried a silver revolver. >> it takes all kinds, that is all i got to say. women carrying the gun, you you know who wears the pants in that family. >> i just don't think you getaway with stuff like that. >> reporter: trio left in the waiting suv is a champagne colored 2006, chevy equinox. in new castle county authorities trying to capture this man wanted for credit card fraud, they say he used a stolen credit card number to make a bunch of purchases at the a convenient store in new castle. surveillance grabbed this picture of him, if you know who he is you are asked to give police a call. man is in stable condition at a local hospital after he
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somehow got his legs pinned under a bail of paper. sky fox over newman paper recycling plant on tacony street around noon time yesterday. authorities have not said whether the man is an employee at the plant or not. problems for the pp a as bob just mentioned are over, you can pay for parking with plastic again this morning. yesterday a wireless transmission problem prevented people from using credit card at those parking kiosks. problem was fixed last night. you can pull out the plastic. no word what cause that had issue. local group desperate to find within of its dogs missing right now, an irish wolf hound named leo, he was just one day away from getting adopted with his sister. boy does he have a story to tell. the rescue dogs, rock saved him and sister from a shelter in iran. leo has been missing since february 18th. he is timid but not at all aggressive. day before he and his sister were to meet his forever family he got spooked and took
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off. if you see him, head to fox and find the link in as seen on tv. investigators uncovered a massive drug continue until california. this is a tunnel inside a home in california which shares a boarder with mexico. federal authorities say that the tunnel runs all the way to the restaurant in mexico and used to transport illegal drugs. house was built last year, only to hide that tunnel. meanwhile, agents confiscated at least 3,000-pound of marijuana and arrested four people. a man in florida proved age is just a number when it comes to defending your home, the eight five-year old has a few bumps and bruises after fighting off a man trying to rob him at gunpoint. >> when he says, get the l hell out of here. >> he goes by the name bob, bob and his wife say three men followed them as they left the grocery store. once home, bob asked if they were lost. that is when two men got out
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of the car with guns. bob says he wasn't backing down. >> i'm 85 years old and thinking i will go all through life for some guy to come steel what i got. >> i know. >> bob was left with a few bruises and blood stained shirt after fighting off one of the men. while he was fighting his wife called police and spite a bad guys cars. the guess where they are? they are in jail. emotional reunion for a you to family years in the making. family reunited after three years of waiting... >> so emotional jennifer and james grover adopted their boys from the democratic republic of conngo in 202, while they were waiting the nation suspended all
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international adoptions, finally, three years in the making the boys now 14 and seven were able to fly to the u.s., the family reunited at salt lake city airport. couple has four other biological children and had adopted three others from other countries before adopting joseph and brownson. flyers took to the ice last night with the push to make it the two playoffs, where they now stand in the ranking, howard has that answer next up in sports.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. i thought last nightes game would have been a tough one but wildcats made it look reallies i. villanova did everything wells, good defense but villanova wins it 92-69. to louisville. chris jenkins, are you kidding me, shot clock is running he just puts it up. he had 21. villanova had ten, three's, within by arcidiacono, he had 21. villanova wins 92-69, on to the elite eight.
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>> it is daniel, arch the seniors but everybody else buying in. we are playing our best basketball right now. we have in the played this well in any game this season. that is your goal. >> they really did play well. sad day yesterday for eagles fans and anybody that ever met and knew kevin turner. former eagle signed in 1995 lost his six year battle with als and passed away at 46. hard to have known a nicer human being. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. the flyers, continue a tough road trip begins colorado last night. every remaining game is crucial if the flyers want to make the playoffs. colorado which scored first in this would be in the second period but minutes later, flyers answered, tying it up at one. game tied at two late in the third period when captain claude giroux scores what would have been the game winner. flyers get on to win four -two. flyers still tied with detroit for final playoff spot the in the east. they finish up their red trip tomorrow against coyoties in
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arizona. well, march isn't so mad for some local fans, villanova bringing home big win last night, this morning, not only did we talk to the players but we also talk to the fans about the teams chances, at maybe winning the big dance.
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we have several breaking news stories, two shootings involving teens. whom police are look for and latest on the victim's conditions. two local navy bases raising red flags about their drinking water. officials speaking out for the first time for what they plan to do to fix the problem. if you have not heard, villanova, certainly dancing in the right direction, during the ncaa tournament pulling off a big win last night, even surprising some of the analyst. good day everybody it is friday march 25th, 2016. sue, i have to say i'm proud of villanova because my bracket still looks good. mine has them going all the way so keep going villanova nation. so we have got a lot of rain on the the way. you see leading edge is moving in right now but rain stretches back to pittsburgh. so this is, an event, that is going to be with us with on
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and off rain throughout the morning rush, grab the rain gear before you leave, you'll need it this morning. we will look at the future cast next time but we see rain in chester county, montgomery and part of the bucks and heavier in berks county as well. live look at our neighborhood it is still dry at the moment but it is mild out there we are at 64 degrees which is why we're thinking we may end up inching backup in the 70's today before colder air settles in. 16 miles an hour winds. it is breezy out there sunrise at 6:56 this morning. but we will not be starting out at least with any sunshine today. fifty-six in trenton. sixty-four here. fifty-five wildwood. 65 degrees in wilmington. very mild start to the day. showers around this morning through at least lunchtime, cooling down eventually but not the until after we have reached a high of 72 degrees. sunset time is 7:19, this morning. so, this afternoon i should say and that is good friday,
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for those who commemorate that and then we will talk about the rest of the holiday weekend coming up in a few minutes. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning. we have big easter bunny coming this weekend. the kids are excited for that. 4:33 on a friday morning. crew is still out here penndot working west on 422, west of will valley forge, same spot as this time yesterday. down to one lane, just be ready to slow her down as we roll that way. curb side in new jersey we are in good shape. in problems at all coming in on the 42 freeway. let's roll video of the news van was bam, smack dab in the middle of the falls bridge when they reopened it one day early yesterday, the falls bridge has been closed, the vehicle traffic last couple months. the not just to vehicle traffic but pedestrians, roller bladers, bicyclist. falls bridge, of course, connecting kelly drive to the martin luther king drive. that is opened and great news for folks this morning in the neighborhood.
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now some bad news for folks that use the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound lanes are closed this morning at the downingtown interchange. all because of an overnight tractor trailer accident and fire. all traffic detoured off at 100. take 100 down to route 30, lancaster avenue taking you you over to 202, 202 will take you up to king of prussia that is a detour, probably adding ten or 15 minutes easy into your trip if you are leaving that reading, morgan town area and heading eastbound in toward king of prussia this morning. big games tonight, basketball in south philadelphia, the first game i believe is slated for 7:27 but we will see volume heading in the sold out wells far get center. the subway running sports express trains that start at 6:00 o'clock. so you may want to park in the the city, grab something to eat and take broad street subway down to catch the game in the game stadium later tonight. i-95 looking g in problems at all. but during midday they will work between cottman avenue and bridge street.
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lauren, back over to you. okay, bob. breaking news in hunting park. innocent bystander hit the by a stray bullet. she happens to be a teenage girl recovering from the hospital. steve keeley is standing by with more on this sad story, hi, steve. >> reporter: our daily viewers will say not again. it it was just 13 days ago when another lovely teenager girl, najay seedily was killed hit by a stray bullet fired a half block away while she was standing on her family's front important inch west philadelphia at 11:30. that was two, saturday nights ago. last night same thing, same time another teenage girl on her family's front porch too. this time in north philadelphia, hunting park on north seventh the street and this time the girl just 16. she was hit in her thigh. she has survived. that is the biggest difference this time. she was just outside talking to her sister on their front porch and steps and they hear gunshots. she looks down, sees blood, they scream and smartly run for cover and call for help
4:36 am
once they get in the house. >> fortunate thely we found several businesses, at least four in the eat mediate area that do have exterior surveillance camera. so east detectives is on the location processing the scene, and attempting to identify who the owners of the properties are in order to get a copy of these recordings. so hopefully these recordings, can help us with this investigation. >> reporter: you heard scott small say fortunately because two sisters had no idea anybody was even outside. they didn't see anybody. they just heard gunshots. so, no identification or description who was firing a gun or guns from her, her sister or any of the neighbors. this is again at 11:30 at night. the 16 year-old shot in her left femur, biggest bone in the human body there in the left leg now at temple hospital and she will be alive probably having a tough time walking for a while, no permanent damage but boy, being on your front porch, you know, detectives say here
4:37 am
lauren, that a lot of these kid with guns they think they are tough but they could not hit the the side have the barn when they fire a gun. here they are hitting a front porch twice and hitting two little teenage girls, innocent bystanders, who cannot feel safe outside on their front porch. >> so sad for those girls. let's hope she recovers nicely this time. steve, thanks very much. more breaking news this morning as a teenager is in the hospital after being shot two times. this is a different situation. to this one happening just before midnight in the 13 hundred block of south 16th street in the point breeze area. the man was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition, he is expect to be okay, in word on any arrests there. the u.s. navy says it is taking aggressive actions after several congressman raised concerns about the the safety of drinking water near one former bases in our area lawmakers say fire fighting foams used at the naval air stations joint reserve base willow grove, and the naval air warfare center in warminster, could be the source of cancer causing
4:38 am
chemicals, found in nearly 100 public and private wells near the properties. the wells were found to have elevated levels of the chemicals, pfoa and os. villanova keeps dancing after a big win in the sweet 16, coming up we will take a look at who they will play in the elite eight.
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big win for villanova. they are heading to the elite eight. dave kinchen joins us life from villanova a, dave, my bracket is still looking good. >> reporter: well, that makes sense, mine isn't looking so good it is great when you see pur house like villanova moving on, survive and advance. that is key phrase you had hear in the big dance. villanova is doing just. that last night they played with intensity and a up tempo and it led to a big, big win. the lets look at the highlights the right now. the both teams were on fire in the first half and nova junior point guard ryan arcidiacono kept popping upshots, whipping up a perfect storm begins hurricane. nova was great defensively but even berth on the offense. the wildcats shot over 60 percent which is huge, and, 95 percent from the foul line, ten, three's, nova wins it
4:42 am
92-69. they were feeling good afterward talking to the media. >> we're thrilled against an outstanding miami team. you could tell by that first half both teams could not stop each other. both of those, just went zone because we could not guard each other and i just thought we kept it going. look at the offensive numbers. miami shout 53 percent, 58 percent from three. so it was just two very good teams. i just thought defensively in the second half, we really, stepped up. >> they keep rolling. villanova battles kansas in the elite eight tomorrow night. jay wright calling his teams basketball performance the best yet but they have to watch out for jayhawks and their bigs and their big scorees but now we can use nova and #elite eight because they have that little picture that goes with it. new we can say elite eight nova and then that cool
4:43 am
picture on twit eras well. nice thing march madness is doing, changing up hash tags a little bit good i like that. >> good news for villanova, dave kinchen, thanks much. a college proves offer goes above and beyond, inspiring story behind these images and why he is carrying a baby in class. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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4:45 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. high pressure has been in control the past couple days,
4:46 am
taking to us very mild heights with our temperature, all they we didn't make it to 07 yesterday. cloud cover got in the way, and anyway we have rain moving in the rest of the morning. we have rain with us through noon, first it is warm front and then cold front. so two systems actually coming our way today and then once this cold front clears the coast tonight, and depending how much sunshine we will get, we will get to 72 degrees, maybe 70 degrees before end of the day and then cools off over easter weekend. we have got rain to get out of the way before all that happens and just starting to edge in the area this morning. so you are seeing tonight montgomery county, berks county, lehigh valley and poconos mountains right now. it looks like it is drying out in pottstown but upper south forward and part of the northeast extension getting some of that rain this morning here in philadelphia and down in wilmington delaware, in rain just yet but as we mentioned pocono mountains have some. we have just looked at future
4:47 am
cast, lets get to the seven day forecast, because you got to plan out your weekend, right. we will start off with today and it is going to be i think about a seven out of ten if we get that sunshine after the rain ends. then tomorrow we are cooler but still above average with a high in the lower 60's, sunny bunny on sunday and by end of the the day we could see some cloud, chance of the thunderstorm on monday, cannot even rule out thunderstorm today, sunny and cool on tuesday, wednesday, and clouds and maybe some rain on thursday but i think the saturday and sunday portion of our holiday weekend is just about ideal bob kelly, i say ideal. >> ideal, i say, i say ideal and that is good for all of the easter egg hunts, the one at lauren's house saturday morning. kid are excited about. that let me go to this side. 422, crews are still out here on the westbound side working from king of prussia, all the way out to collegeville.
4:48 am
probably another half an hour or so. lanes open, be ready to slow down past the construction guys. the as we move to the turnpike eastbound lanes remain block at downingtown, overnight accident and tractor trail are fire. all traffic eastbound push off at 100 here. just take 100 to route 30, lancaster avenue and north 202 will put you you back up there in king of prussia northeast philadelphia looking good, no problems at all getting out of the gate heading south on i-95. today will be a lighter morning rush hour, this week has been upside down, a lot of folks have been on spring break. of course, good friday, all of the schools are off today. it is kind of starting a three day who will kay weekend. northbound on the freeway still a work crew here working your way in toward philadelphia work crews right there at route 130 right before you get to the walt whitman bridge. speaking of bridge, falls bridge is reopened, one kay early. so that is good news for everybody that uses that short cut, not just in the vehicles
4:49 am
but all of the bicyclers use it between the falls bridge -- i should say between kelly drive and martin luther king drive. big night in south philadelphia, ncaa basketball tournament, first game slated for 7:27 tonight but the sports express trains will be running on the broad street subway. so folks in center city, take something to eat and take a subway drive. those trains start at 6:00. north carolina governor facing backlash for signing a bill to prevent cities from passing their own anti discrimination rules. pun facilities privacy and security act is in response to the decision made by charlotte city council. ate loud transgender people use public rest rooms based on their gender identity. it requires people to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate. but senate my north leader dan blue says it excludes gays and lesbians from discrimination protection. republican supporters of the bill say the charlotte city ordinance puts women and
4:50 am
children in danger. a texas mother has no choice but to bring her baby to her college class, after her baby-sitting arrangements fell through but someone else stepped in with opened arms. three three-year old katie humphrey showed up late to class, her professor said it was okay to bring her baby, and then her four month-old started to fuss in class, well, that is when baylor university professor darren willabee walk over to scoop the baby up. isn't that nice. speaking of babies, gerber wants to you toss out its baby food from those popular pouches, sit gerber or gerber. you can tell i don't have a baby, sorry. because of the packaging defects, some companies say packets, gerber organic frozen food you can. pairs, carrots, peas, apples, mango, they can spoil. gerber, sue, stop laughing. you should be able to smell if your baby's food is affect. more information information
4:51 am
about the product affected to get replacement coupons on our web site for gerber on fox it seems like the list of things hackers can get into, never ending. cyber security experts say just about every wireless mouse that doesn't use blue tooth is vulnerable. hackers can built a tool for $20 that tricks their compute inner to accepting their mouse. once in they can take control of your computer. experts recommend security updates, before continuing to use your mouse. okay. now there are american idol four, slowly closing in on the end of the hit music show. we will have more, but first, aretha, she turns 74 years old today.
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elton john celebrates is 69th birthday so we are waking up to some of his tunes in
4:55 am
reading, pennsylvania. that is a live look at 4:54. we have sad news to tell but out of los angeles, comedian gary shandling died. l.a. police confirmed his death thursday afternoon. star of the land i sanders show and it's gary shandling show got his start in entertainment as a writer for sanford and sun. by late 70's he was a comedian and regular on late night talk shows. spokesmen for the comedian believes he died from a heart attack. he was 66 years old. it was down to the final five conn decembertents on american -- contestants on american idol last night. >> ♪ the wanted dead or alive ♪ the. >> is that le porsche singing better than me taking on bon jovi, so nika was sent home last night. next week, final four, oh,
4:56 am
brother, thanks, sue. >> i will get it together one day. >> i will not say their name, how aboutment that final four performs for their hometowns. we are getting closer to the big series finally two weeks away. watch idol thursday night right here on fox 29. speaking of hit shows, empire returns march 30th, watch premiere of the second half of the season, by joining some of the fox 29 crew along with power 99 personality for viewing party at harrah's casino. head over to our web site fox to make your rsvp, you have until noon time, on march r reservation. you cannot bring your gerber baby to the party. the rolling stones touched down in cuba, why the free concert they planned to put on today is first of it kind.
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innocent teenager rush to the hospital what she was doing when she was hit by a stray bullet. raid continue in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in brussels, why it might be taking police so long to get those responsible in to custody. and if you are waking up and didn't notice before you went to bed last night a big win forville know of, team pulls off a major victory over miami, who wildcats take on next in the march madness tournament. good day, it is friday,
5:00 am
march 21st, 2016. sue serio. >> yes. >> i'm still learning how to say gerber, and sonica. >> but i know how to say villanova. victory. >> yes. wildcats. so, now we have another game to root for them over the weekend. by the time the weekend gets here, it will be cooler and won't be raining any more but that is thanks to the cold front that is coming through right now. all right. now, we have got an issue, there we go, they are messing with me this morning. seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. is there ultimate doppler radar. by the end of the day we will see some sunshine but we have rain and clouds rolling through. we have rain moving into new castle county, delaware, a little bit up in bucks county, berks county, lancaster county this morning. the it is still will dry here in the city but you better have that umbrella with you. you will need it, if you are going to be out. 64 degrees. 13 miles an hour wind. it is warm,


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