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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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march 21st, 2016. sue serio. >> yes. >> i'm still learning how to say gerber, and sonica. >> but i know how to say villanova. victory. >> yes. wildcats. so, now we have another game to root for them over the weekend. by the time the weekend gets here, it will be cooler and won't be raining any more but that is thanks to the cold front that is coming through right now. all right. now, we have got an issue, there we go, they are messing with me this morning. seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. is there ultimate doppler radar. by the end of the day we will see some sunshine but we have rain and clouds rolling through. we have rain moving into new castle county, delaware, a little bit up in bucks county, berks county, lancaster county this morning. the it is still will dry here in the city but you better have that umbrella with you. you will need it, if you are going to be out. 64 degrees. 13 miles an hour wind. it is warm, windy, to start
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the day, and sunrise at 6:56. keep in mind, a normal high temperature for march 25th is 56 degrees. we are well above that, already. so starting off in the 60's and 50's. it won't take much to get close to 07 today, as soon as the sun comes out and that won't happen until rain end. let's just go with 72 for now. we will tweak this throughout the morning but sunset is 7:19. good news is some rain will end, we will have sunshine for both days of easter weekend. at least saturday and sunday. bob kelly, something to look forward to. >> that is great, good for visiting family there for all of the easter egg hunts. good morning, everybody. five -- 501 on a easter good friday. we are ready for morning rush hour. in problems from collegeville in toward king of prussia interchange. looking good out of northeast philadelphia, i-95, nice and quiet rolling southbound, in through the construction zone. good news for anybody who uses
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the turnpike they have just reopened the eastbound lanes, and they have been closed for most of the overnight with the tractor trailer accident. so eastbound lanes opened up at downingtown, no problems, between downingtown, and valley forge, this morning. they have just reopened the falls bridge last night. come on let's roll video. our news van on the scene there bam, when the light flipped green and is there first couple of cars going across the bridge which, of course, connects the kelly drive to the martin luther king drive and that is going to be good news for not just motorist with you also, for the bicyclers, the roller bladers and the joggers out there, we are good to go, and then great time of the the year as all of those 5k races, and regatta's start to show up there on the the schuylkill. northbound on the freeway coming in toward philadelphia, is there one left over work crew right here near route 130, right before you hit the upside of the walt whitman bridge, coming in towards philadelphia. they should be out of there in the next half an hour or so. big event down in south philadelphia, ncaa basketball
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tournament tonight, first tip off not until 7:25. however this broad street subway sports express trains will start running at 6:00 o'clock, great opportunity to park in the city, grab something to eat and then take the train dunn to the basketball games later on tonight, lauren, back over to you. okay, bob. happening right now an innocent bystander hit by a stray bullet in hunting park. new a teenage girl is a victim and she's recovering in the hospital. steve keeley is standing by at police headquarters with more on this story, hi there, steve. >> reporter: sadly lauren, stray bull nets this town seem to find people easier then a stray dog does and this is second time in 12 days that a lovely teenage girl outside on her family's own front porch is shot by a stray bullet. it was just two saturday as ago that a girl was killed by a stray bullet on her front important inch west philadelphia now last night at the same exact time of the day, right around 11:30, a 16 year-old girl out talking with her sister on their steps and porch in the hunting park
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section of north philadelphia, here on north seventh street was hit by a stray bullet. they are out there chatting. they here gunfire, and then they go to run in the the house. that is when the 16 year-old realizes she has been shot as she's bleeding on her thigh. >> this 16 year-old female was standing on the front steps of her property where she lives, talking to her sister, when they heard several shots. then the 16 year-old realized that he was shot in the the thigh. she immediately ran into her house, and that is where family members treated her, and 911 was called. we do not the of any description of the shooter or shooters. >> and, they do have some surveillance, cameras and they are hoping that once those business owners get in, that they have some kind of a video, because the two sisters didn't see anybody firing guns. they only heard the gun fire and then they ran for cover understandably. so there is in witnesses as is
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the case with n ajay seedily. that bullet came from a block away as well. when guns are fired from far away and nobody sees hoist firing them because it is in where near them, that is a problem with finding whoever did it, and why they dit in the the first place because it is in the like there was a robbery anywhere around there. it is just people trying to shoot each other and they are not hitting the people they want to hit, they are hitting little girls on their front porch. >> so sad, steve keeley, thanks so much. developing this morning a teenager is in the the hospital after being shot, two times this happened before midnight on the 1300 block of south 16th street in point breeze. the young man was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition. he is expect to be okay. in word on any arrests. new information on a hit and run that left a man dead, delaware state police have released surveillance pictures of the suv that they say hit 34 year-old, jeremiah mccarthey on the night of february 28th. it was around 1:30 on route
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41, the suv is believed to be a ford or a chef which damage to the right front side. if you have have any information, you you are asked to give police a call. belgium authorities take half dozen suspects into custody in connection to this weeks terror attacks in brussels but they are still searching for others who might be still out there. this is the face of an alleged terrorist. authorities believe that he is still on the loose. but this morning belgium police do have six people in custody and linked to raid that took place around the country. investigators found a large amount of explosives and other bomb-making material and it is believed to be an isis safe house, earlier. texas representative, michael mccall is the head of the house home land security committee and he said european security forces are likely overwhelmed. >> there is so many people on the radar screen that they cannot pay attention to all of them, it is in the only belgium but it the is france, germany and uk. >> french authorities say they have arrested a man was in the advanced stages of a plot
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to attack an area in the northwest of paris, at this point, french authorities say they do not see a direct link between belgium attacks and this late's rest in paris. let's go back close tore home, cash strapped atlantic city heading closer to a city cliff but mayor don guardian announced yesterday that the city will run out of money april 8th. that will force three weeks of reduced city services but he is trying to assure people who live in and around his town and visitors to the area that official services like police, schools, casinos will remain up and running. >> what you will see is streets will be cleaned and the trash is going to be picked up and the police will be in full service all over the city and the fire department will get stand ready whether you need emergency services or you need narcan or your house is burning. >> those workers will in the get paid until may when the city receives the next payment of taxes. mayor says they are working on a plan to keep non-essential
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services running as well. fbi on the hunt for three robbers behind a brazen bank hold up in west deptford. security cameras captured the crime at bb and c bank on kings highway just before 11:00 he clock on wednesday morning. crooks come in armed with handguns, forcing employees into a back room. you can see one of the men jumped over the counter a and heads straight for the vault to steel the money. one robber wore a dress and another carried what appears to be a purse. >> it takes all kinds, that is all i got to say. now a woman carrying the gun, you know who wears the pants in that family. >> you have to know someone who has pants. you just don't getaway with stuff like that. >> cameras recorded their getaway, trio sped away in a champagne colored 2006 chevrolet equinox. a delaware teacher is in trouble after police say she was sexting with a 13 year-old. nicole veneroso is a music teacher at everette mar death
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middle school. according to police, victim's mother found nude pictures, and videos of the teacher, and then alerted the school district this was back in january. she was immediately removed from the classroom. parents were notified of the alleged misconduct but they didn't know the details, until she was arrested on wednesday. >> i'm a mom. of course, my first instinct is to protect my kids f that were my child i cannot even imagine. >> i was surprised here because i never heard anything bad. my teacher is great. the boys love it. >> the safety is a top priority and urges anyone with more information to call delaware state police. veneroso faces several charges. the team, villanova you know them. and they advance the to the next round of the ncaa tournament now heading to the elite eight. dave kinchen joins us live from the campus this morning wherever one is smiling big. >> reporter: yeah, march madness hopefully will continue into april, if, of course, villanova gets that far. right now they are going to
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the elite eight after an stunning performance in the sweet 16. they played an up tempo game and it led to a big, big win last night. both teams were on fire in that first half but nova junior point guard ryan arcidiacono kept popping upshots, whipping up a perfect blend and perfect storm against miami hurricanes. neff a was great defensively and on offense they were top notch as well. wildcats shot over 60 percent. the 95 percent from the foul line. ten, three's which is awesome. you need three's to win in college basketball. sometimes you drive it, and sometimes you have to take those three. nova wins it 92-69. they are feeling good, talking to media afterwards. >> it is just a mind set. i wanted to be aggressive from the start and we do great base line out of bound play to get me going and i was just being a aggressive for plays called for me and just read the defense and i think i was making the right play at the time. >> when guys have an offensive
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games like today, it doesn't surprise us because we have a lot of talented offensive players but i think guys stepping up on defensive end getting those turnovers, getting easy buckets the in transition, making them run more on defense was definitely big for us. >> no doubt, nova battling cans as in the elite eight tomorrow night. coach jay wright calling his villanova's team performance the best basketball yet of their season. so, survive and advance, they will. they will take on jayhawks. jay hawks better watch out. villanova has ballers and shot callers if you remember that song, was that skill a back in the day. a girl with the car and i will call her. >> dave kinchen. >> reporter: it the just sort of came to me. >> still ahead this morning, a college professor does more than teach lesson plans during his lecture, story behind why he is rocking a baby in class. the rolling stones, touched down in cuba, a free
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concert they plan to put on today, a first of its kind.
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all right. weekend is almost here. and by the time we get to sunday, the landscape should look like this as far as blue skies and sunshine, and maybe easter eggs on your lawn if you are having some fun on sunday. the forecast for sunday is pretty good. six three, 65 degrees,
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mostly sunny skies, by the time we get there but we have to get this rain out of here first and we will have a cool trend as we get in the weekend. it is mild right new but cooler behind behind this front, warm front right now, cold front right behind it, and depending on when that cold front clears out, that is, that will determine how higher temperature will go today. we have potential if this front moves through of getting to an early high in the 70's before things cool off tonight and over weekend. where is rain right now? it looks like they are still in berks county. we have been escaping it so far in the city, but around reading, we are seeing steady rain, very spotty showers around salem, new jersey, middletown delaware, maryland, and there you can see a few areas of green on the radar. we are not seeing any green outside our window just yet. but we will according to the fox future cast this computer model does have rain lasting through morning rush on and off, possibility of a pop up
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thunderstorm, but don't let that surprise you if it happens, through about ten or 11:00 o'clock still spotty showers, still possibility of the pop up storm. you see orange right there by noon. now after 12:00 noon it looks like things will clear out and we will get some sunshine, and we have potential to get to a high of perhaps in the 70's because we are starting out in the 70's this morning. and then things clear out for saturday and for easter sunday. so, guess the timing is good. we have 64 degrees right now. sixty's and plenty of our other areas this morning, and we will look back before we look ahead, we didn't even make it to 70 yesterday. we got to 69 degrees, holiday weekend forecast though is looking good, though. today we will get to around 70. sixty tomorrow, with sunshine. sixty-five for easter sunday, and then by monday we will get thunderstorms back in the forecast, and that is your holiday weekend. hopping good. most of it anyway, bob kelly.
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>> easter is on its way. you got it. 5:17. good morning everybody on a friday. live look at the schuylkill expressway. all of the schools are off. catholic schools are off. public schools are on easter break. that means mom and dad could be on a break this morning as well n problems in or out of the city. bennie lag good up a and over into downtown. no problems there. good news kiosks are working again here in center city. they are accepting your credit cards, and graciously, so it is time to pay it up today as well coming into downtown. turnpike was closed a at downingtown, all lanes are opened eastbound so we are good to go for beginning of the morning rush hour, no problems, as i mentioned on the schuylkill. fifteen minutes to make it from conshohocken to center sit the eye. 202, watch out for new traffic patterns there from route 30 up to 401, in the construction zone. one left over crew right here northbound on the freeway as
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you work your way toward the walt whitman bridge right at upside there, crew is still out there hopefully they will be out of there by 5:30. if you are flying out of philly international for the holiday weekend just allow some extra time for the tsa checkpoints to do security. planes are taking off on time. you need to have the few extra minutes to to work yourself through that line. there is also some extra beefed up security down at 30th street station. keep that in mind traveling, via amtrak. lauren, back over to you. swat officers rescued a hostage following a shooting at office depot in redmond, california. that suspect is dead but we don't know if he killed himself or if he was shot by police. san bernardino county sheriff's office says suspect had taken his ex-girlfriend hostage after shooting and injuring another person inside that store. the suspect believed to be a 20 year-old man, the person whos is shot does not have life threatening injuries. investigators discover a massive drug tunnel in california.
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this is a tunnel inside a home in part of the southern california will that shares a boarder with mexico. federal authorities say tunnel runs to a restaurant in mexico to run illegal drugs. the house, apparently built last year only to hide that tunnel. meanwhile agents confiscated at least 3,000-pound of marijuana, and arrested, four people. the rolling stones have arrived, in had van a legendary rockers landed in, island nation. today history making concert is he can to draw hundreds of thuses on have fans in cuba that will mark the first time a rock and roll ban ever played before a live audience in cuba the country's government wants band groups like their because their music was considered culturally subversive. >> that is what happens. >> you know, time changes everything and we're very excited to be here and i'm sure it will be a great show. >> that show will be free,
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they say they are happy to perform before a cuban audience for the very first time. texas mother has no choice but to bring her baby to her college class after the baby-sitter fell through but someone else stepped in with open arms. three three-year old katie humphrey showed up late to class, her professor said that it was okay to bring her baby. then her four month-old started to fuss a little bit in class when baylor university professor darren willabee walk over to the baby. >> she was sitting in the car seat so i would lean down, to get her out, and the professor comes over and he is just standing over me, and i was like yep, abe he said hand her over, i want to hold her. >> well, the professor cradled that baby in his arms for the next 50 minutes while he continued to teach the class. humphrey says it was no random act of kindness on behalf of the professor, she says he has told her before it is never a problem if you have to bring your child to class.
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that is awfully nice of him. can naps give you a boost or hurt your heart. what doctors are saying about that nap you are taking during the day. only a few games remain for flyers as they chase a spot the in the playoffs, did they keep hope alive last night in their game against colorado? lets hope they are lucky a and we hope you were too, here are your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. i thought last night's game for villanova would have been a tough one but they made it look easy, really easy. villanova did everything well, they played good defense and offensively unbelievable. lets go to louisville. villanova led from start to finish. chris jenkins just put it up, a three. villanova had ten, three's in the game. jenkins had 21. arcidiacono also had 21. villanova shoots 63 percent. villanova wins 92-69. on to the elite eight. i wanted to be aggressive from the start and, we did a great base line out of bound play to get me going and this was just being aggressive for
5:25 am
plays called for me and just read, read the defense, and i think i was making the right play at that time. >> sad day yesterday for eagles fans and anybody that ever met and new kevin turner. former eagle will signed in 1995, lost his six year battle with als, passed away at 46. it was hard to have known a nicer human being. his golf tournament will continue july 11th. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. flyers continue a tough road trip in florida, every remaining game crucial if flyers want to make it to the playoffs. colorado would score first in the second period but minutes later the flyers, answer, tying it up at one. game tied at two, late in the third period, when captain claude giroux, scores what would be the game winner, flyers get on to win four-two. they are still tied with detroit for final playoff spot in the east, and they finish up tomorrow against coyoties. a mix up at philadelphia's parking meters, the parking
5:26 am
kiosk wouldn't let you pay with plastic. an update on the technical glitch as you head out this morning. another violent night in the the city, two shootings, both involving teenagers, how one involved an innocent bystanders.
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this morning what this keep was doing when she was hit by a stray bullet. big win for villanova last night. they pulled off a major victory over miami. we will talk about the big win with big daddy graham later in the the hour. good day, it is friday, march 25th, 2015. sometimes things happen behind the scenes thaw cannot see necessarily but we can hear them. >> right. >> sue serio, she will get it together. >> see, we wear this stuff, and so we can hear things and you can hear us. and, it is very difficult.
5:30 am
>> come on, weekend. >> okay. >> in the meantime, it is looking, villanova had enough. bus stop buddy is happy. we should all alternate that with a flyers cap because they won last night too. yes. it will be a great day for sports fans, at least some of them but rain is on the way for this morning. have that rain gear with you. look at how mild. temperatures in the 50's and 60's to start your day. in more ten's i'm afraid but we will go with the seven because we expect sunshine, before the day is through and it is very, very, mild. you can see rain starting to edge n is there plenty more behind it. then there are clear skies, behind that, and that bode well for rest of the weekend. so, spotty showers, is what we are looking at right now and it will start to happen in the the city, dry at the moment. 64 degrees. 13 miles an hour wind. 6:56 your sunrise time, 51 allentown. fifty-three in mount pocono. sixty-two in trenton. sixty-five in dover delaware. sixty-four in wilmington.
5:31 am
check out these wind sustained at 17 miles an hour in wilmington. 15 miles an hour in wildwood. we have wind gusts out there the at 25 miles an hour, down in, wilmington, delaware. 22 miles an hour wind gust. dover vice windy this morning as well. your fox cast has a high today of around 70ish, depending on how early that sun comes out. breezy, throughout the rest of the afternoon and then it calms down tonight but cooler with a low in the mid 40's. that takes care of good friday. let's talk about the rest of the holiday weekend coming up, bob kelly. live lot broad street to ninth street down into the schuylkill expressway. no problems or delays at all. hello, delco, a live look at i-95, brake lights northbound up toward commodore barry bridge. so far light volume. we will will's a light morning rush hour with it being good
5:32 am
friday. a lot of the schools are off, celebrating their spring break getting ready for easter holiday break. good news, falls brick is reopened and we were there. our news van on the scene. car started to roll role across the falls bridge. that is connection between kelly drive and martin luther king drive closed for last couple of months for a tune up. we are good to go forecaster, bikers, roller bladers. there is in excuse, keith to get out there later today and get that exercise program back into gear. forty-two, in problems, coming in towards philadelphia, and there were work crews set up near route 130 gone. we are good to go if you are coming into philadelphia, up and over that walt whitman. southbound i-95 out of the north east so far, so good but right after the rush hour penndot will hit the road from 9:00 to 3:00, weather permitting i think here between cottman and bridge street. mass transit looking good with no delays. lauren back over to you.
5:33 am
innocent bystander hit the by a stray bullet and she's recovering in the hospital. steve keeley standing by with more on this story, hi there, steve. >> reporter: another awful deja vu case because this is second teenage girl in just 12 days, shot while standing on her own front porch by a stray bullet. you will recall it was 18 year-old najay seedily killed with a stray bullet fired from a half block away march 12th on the saturday night at 11:30 as she was standing on her west philadelphia porch again, this is at 11:30 at night both cases. still same similarities in both. and last night, same time, same thing another teenage girl up in north philadelphia in the hunting park section on north seventh street this girl was 16 year-old. the big difference this time is she wasn't killed, she survived, hit in the thigh, while talking to her sister here on the front step, porch, steps. they hear shots.
5:34 am
they see blood. scream. smartly run for cover. then they call for help. no one got any idea who was firing the gun or why. >> we found four separate businesses in the immediate area that do have exterior surveillance cameras. so east detective is on location, processing the scene and attempting to identify who the owners of the properties are in order to, get a copy of these recordings. so, hopefully, these recordings, can help us, with this investigation. >> reporter: the 16 year-old will be hopefully okay. she is still at temple hospital. one good thing about the the weather is, it is that it will keep innocent people, more inside their house, but we hope they will be safe from bullets come from their windows. the last night another nice warm night as we heard sue say and maybe that is why this girl and her sister thought they could enjoy the first night spring night for a while and this is what happened to
5:35 am
them. a teen is in the hospital after being shot two times. it happen just before midnight on the 1300 block of south 16th street in point breeze. young man was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition. he is expect to be okay. no word on any arrest. technical glitch had many people flustered but this this morning all is well and backup and running. there was a wireless transmission problem, preventing people from using credit card, yesterday at those parking kiosks. the problem was fix yesterday evening and you can once again use credit cards, in word on what caused that issue. the u.s. navy says it is taking aggressive actions after several congressman raised concerns, about the safety of drinking water near two former bases right here in our area lawmakers say fire fighting foams used at the naval air station joint reserve base willow grove and the naval air warfare center in warminster could be the source of the cancer causing chemicals found in nearly 100
5:36 am
public and private wells, near those properties. the wells were found to have elevated levels of those dangerous chemicals. and pennsylvania now has access to some federal money to help recover from the blizzard of 2016. president obama has signed a disaster declaration which will send some federal a aid to the keystone state. local government and non-profits hoff the possibility of getting those funds to repair damage, the storm blanketed part of the state in more than 2 feet have of snow, and left hundreds of people strand add long parts of the pennsylvania turnpike. still ahead don't be fooled by those fruit drinks, claiming to be healthy, the ingredient that they may contain too much of.
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drinks, 100 percent natural juice and smooth he is marketed to children. they found nearly half of them had at least a child's entire daily recommended maximum sugar in take of 19 grams, or, 5 teaspoons of sugar. in your monday think morning, a recall impacting many new parents, gerber, right? i got it right. they want you to toss out this baby food. it fridays those popular pouches the parents use. babe of a packaging defect. the company says some packets of their gerber organic second food product, the carrots, apples, and man ghost, could spoil. the company says you should be able to smell in your baby's food ace affect. for more information about those products affected and number to get replacement coupons go to our web site at fox and look in the as seen on tv section. millennials putting off buying their dream home because they think they cannot afford one according to a new
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study by nerd wallet. personal finance company says most young people want to buy new homes but worry they won't qualify for a loan because of debt they have acquired from things like going to college. millennials are those born from 1981 to 1997. age group is expect to represent some 20 million households, by 2025. it looks like the easter bunny will be spending more monday think year according to the national retail federation, easter spending will hit a 13 year high. the holiday, expected to rake in $17.3 billion. that is about $146 per person, most of that money will be spent on food for family dinner, followed by clothes, gifts, and candy. apple customers eager for new iphone can order one right now. tech company started accepting order for iphone se, on wednesday. the smart phonies billed as having most of the the features of the apple's largest iphone success but in a smaller package. the screen on the new i the phone se is just 4 inches.
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it retails for 399. apple will start shipping out order on march 31st. still ahead a major victory forville know of, big daddy graham will join us for a closer look at the players who put some big points on the board.
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>> happy birthday elton john. the rock and roll legend turns 69 years old today. he sold over 250 million albums in a career that spans 50 years. best known for his songs such as, bennie and the jets. >> rocket man. >> tiny dancer, candle the in the wind, and happy birthday to actress sarah jessica parker. she turns 51. she won screen actress guild, award, four golden globe and two emmy award for her role as carry brad shaw on sex and the city. i'm more familiar with her then sir elton. she's known for her rolls in failure to launch, sue serio. >> good bye, yellow brick road just listen to that whole album. >> quiessential album. >> holiday forecast, yes, it is almost here and i do predict better weather for easter then we are having
5:46 am
today because it will be dry. we will see sun, cloud, high of 65 degrees, just about picture perfect day, for sunday. lets see if we can improve things for this morning. at least we can get you ready and tell you to have rain gear. there is not a lot of rain right now but we have more on the way as you look out to the west here. so, let's check in with berks county, it dried out for now, it looks like down in new castle county as well but here in the city, we're maybe seeing widely scattered showers this radar picture is so light some of it may not make it to the ground but be ready there is a cold front coming through. we've got this frontallal system here right now and then another one, so that is what will make the last through rest of the morning. cooler air moving in, behind the rain, so no more 07's, for a while, wait until you see the seven day forecast though. future cast shows possibility of pop up thunderstorms throughout the rest of the morning and the in the early part of the afternoon, now, this front, comes through, fast enough, we probably will have a chance to get to about
5:47 am
70 degrees before the day is through and before colder air moves in. so that is what is going on rest of the day. we will see thunderstorms around three or 4:00 o'clock for shore points and 5:00 o'clock in the evening but then by later on tonight we will have cooler air rolling in, but it will be sunny, for both, days of the weekend, or the rest of the the weekend because a lot of folks are starting their week toned day. 64 degrees in philadelphia right now. fifty's and 60's throughout the rest of the weekend. seven day forecast has 68 or 07 degrees today, around 60 tomorrow, sunny bunny on sunday and then it is cool, on monday, as well but all of these temperatures well above average of 56 degrees, by the time we will get in the middle of the next week we could be back to 07 degrees, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. on a friday, good friday who remembers growing up, catholic, and you weren't allowed to go out between 12:00 and 3:00. not at all. you had to sit, contemplate,
5:48 am
repent, 12 to 3:00. live lot a the blue route, 476, right here near saint david, villanova, it was crazy out there on campus yesterday, and, of course, big games down in south philadelphia, tonight. the first tip off at 7:27. forty-two coming in toward the city, in problems or delays. i think we will have a light morning rush hour wilt being good friday, all of the schools are closed, folks getting an early start, to their easter weekend. the falls bridge is reopened, that is good news for everybody that uses that little short cut there between the kelly and martin luther king drive, special schedules coming this weekend on media elwyn and chest tonight hill east regional rail line. keep that in mind for your easter plans, and if you are looking to get something, something to do on saturday, tomorrow, phillies have a phillies charity 5k that will take over fdr park, and then give you a chance to kind of walk or race around citizens bank park. so that will bring some extra volume. it is 6,000 people who signed up, so far for tomorrow
5:49 am
morning down there in south philadelphia. so right the now eastbound schuylkill looking good, coming into town. no problems up and down, 202, lauren, back over to you. they were favored by four points, they won wye a landslide. villanova makes their way to the elite eight defeating miami 92-69. big daddy graham. >> it wasn't enclose. >> no. >> following last weekend wherever game was amazing, last night was a big disappointment, all of the games were blow out, all four of them were but not a disappointment for nova, okay. they have got that monkey off their back by winning first two last week even. then last night against a very good miami team that i felt like more people nationally were picking miami. but they forgot according to that man right there ryan arcidiacono. >> wow. >> first time i heard it i thought his first name was archie. >> i thought it was archie.
5:50 am
>> here's the deal, miami coach said we had no way to stop them. >> they are a very, very deep team. they have a ton of points last night from chris jenkins. anybody who can score on this team. you cannot shut down just one guy and expect rest of the team to fall apart. that is not how nova works. dan you'll ochefu last night, he looked like he was really hurt bad but he came back and finish the game. they is limping now. he came back to finish the game and hits a big shot before jay wright could get him out of the game that sets up a huge game saturday night against kansas, the 1/2 seed, it will be a very tough match up for kansas. but you you know what, i would like to think it will be a very tough match up for the other teams too. so nova is just playing absolutely great right now. it will be exciting down there. meanwhile i have to bring up the flyers. >> right. >> who are really taking this town by storm. they were out in colorado last
5:51 am
night. it was a tough game but steve mason my god he is playing off the charts. they have a big goal from claude giroux, and the flyers with a big win last night over colorado. they need every win. i don't think flyers will be able to afford to lose like one game between now and then good they are tied with detroit for the playoff spot. do you think they will make the playoffs. >> absolutely i do. i'm from philly. do you think i will say no good are you being realistic. >> i am. they have a game in hand. they have two games against pittsburgh. game against islanders. they are playing the right teams. they are playing, their best hockey right now, the injuries are goaltender backup goaltender hurts them but mason playing off the charts. if he can stay tough and strong they will make it. they will make it. >> that is good news. so i will have to confess. >> yes. >> i had villanova losing to kansas on saturday.
5:52 am
>> i have to confess, i said before the weekend started that i didn't see villanova winning two games this this weekend, but i was not expecting them to blow out miami the way they did. >> when you look back unc/ashville 85-56. there have been in close games. >> it is what came to my mind about the fact that i think they can beat kansas on saturday night. why not. since you asked me about the flyers, nova wins on saturday night. they will go to the final four, in houston. >> how about that. >> i'll be back. i'm up in new york tonight but i'll be back in time tonight to watch nova game. >> we hope for a win. >> thanks for coming. >> you got it. >> 5:52 this morning. we will talk about idol, cya performs on american idol last night and one more contestant goes home, we will tell you who made the final four. patients across the country have spoken.
5:53 am
5:54 am
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
5:55 am
that is no idol contestant that is cya she performed last night, singer as usual, covered her face with her
5:56 am
hair, while performing her song, she is thrilled, that she was not the only one on hand to perform. she also mentored the final contestants who were all tasked with singing a song she wrote during this week of competition. >> such an amazing whole package for you. >> yes. >> i came out of my comfort zone performed. >> idol saying good bye to another contestant last night 20 year-old contestant got eliminated. that makes her final four, sue serio mckenzie borg, le porsche renee. >> yes. >> and dalton. >> yes. >> boom. >> mike jerrick knows him. >> american idol season finally is now two weeks away. >> yes. >> finally is that right. >> yes. >> i will get gerber get together too. >> and the baby food.
5:57 am
empire returns to tv march f the second half of the season. >> yes. >> join mike jerrick, alex holley, sue and more people long with power 99 personalities for viewing party next friday. >> next up on good day a innocent teenager rush to the hospital, what she was doing when she was hit by a stray bullet. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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just standing there a innocent bystander a child hit by a stray bullet, what officials say the rick tim was doing, right before shots were fired. and it looks like the suspect being sought by belgium police connected to tuesday's terrorist attacks, continues to grow. the new image of the man accused of helping carry out the attack in brussels. i'm concerned about being a celebrity group i for donald trump, then serving the citizens of atlantic city. >> well, we will talk about that man's comments. plus new jersey governor chris christie, some say should be under fire for money problems down the shore. the fiscal storm is rolling in, the one promise officials in atlantic city are making to people, in that area. and nova, in the elite eight. >> yes. >> sound great to me. villanova making it look easy


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