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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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just standing there a innocent bystander a child hit by a stray bullet, what officials say the rick tim was doing, right before shots were fired. and it looks like the suspect being sought by belgium police connected to tuesday's terrorist attacks, continues to grow. the new image of the man accused of helping carry out the attack in brussels. i'm concerned about being a celebrity group i for donald trump, then serving the citizens of atlantic city. >> well, we will talk about that man's comments. plus new jersey governor chris christie, some say should be under fire for money problems down the shore. the fiscal storm is rolling in, the one promise officials in atlantic city are making to people, in that area. and nova, in the elite eight. >> yes. >> sound great to me. villanova making it look easy too.
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what this blow out win over miami. what they will have to do for a chance to the final four. >> i will tell what you they have to face, my alma matter. i will just keep my mouth shut. >> how will you handle. >> all nova. >> yes. >> i know where i get the my paycheck. >> yes good good day, everybody, it is a good friday. >> yes. >> march 25th, 2016. welcome to the show. >> you had something else to say. >> i'm not sure what i was going to say. >> is this later, um. >> i thought it was going to rain by the way. >> it is a little bit. >> it is spitting on me as i walk in. >> let's go to the window. >> isn't it a beautiful day. >> well, it is really mild. >> it really is. >> sixty's already this. >> that is a great shot of our city, isn't it. >> it is wonderful.
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>> we're like a well oil machine, here. >> it will be one of those days. >> i'm well oiled. >> there is in doubt about that. >> is that the smell. >> stop it. >> we have two, ten's in a row. today we have a seven because we are hoping to see sunshine again. rain is on the way, have the rain gear with you, bus stop buddy is here, most schools are off today. temperatures in the 50's and 60's and he is wearing his villanova cap this morning. is there the rain that is indeed moving through the area it the is just not every single place in our area. widely scattered showers, right now. we have 63 degrees already in philadelphia we are heading to 70. if we get enough sunshine this afternoon. and then tonight we will clear out and cooler with a low of 43. that is your good friday forecast. rest of the holiday weekend coming up. hi there bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. 60:00 two. a live look at 422, in problems or delays at all heading in from trooper road. that overnight construction,
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pick up, and gone, we're good to go there. forty-two freeway looking good, coming in toward the city working your way up toward that walt whitman bridge. the it is opened, the bridge is opened, the falls bridge. >> yes. >> we were there. >> falls bridge. >> when the light turned green and here we go, little short cut for folks between the kelly drive and martin luther king drive. not only opened for vehicles but for bicyclers, roller bladers, joggers. we're good to go. we're ready for regatta season now out there on the falls bridge. otherwise we're in good shape on the schuylkill and 95. no delays on mass transit. mike and alex, back to you. that was a week early on the falls bridge. >> yes. >> good job out there. >> gunfire. shots fired hitting an innocent bystander. this happened in hunting park. >> if you feel like you heard this situation before this is second time it has happened in a matter of day. a teenage girl sitting on her porch and she gets shot. >> teenage girls watching the news every day may wand fur being outside on their front
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porch puts them front and center for a stray bullet. because for the second time in just 12 days we have a teenage girl, minding her own business, right by her own front door and then she gets rush to the hospital. so, this 16 year-old last night, again at 11:30 just like the last case talking to her sister here on their front steps, and they hear gunfire. they run in the house. the 16 year-old realizes she's bleeding and she has been hit in the thigh. she will be okay, fortunately, meaning that she survived. i don't know if being shot the in the face is something that you would describe is okay, the larger bone in the body. certainly okay compared to what happened to the lovely 18 year-old west philadelphia girl who was on her front porch at 11:30 on a saturday night, just shot and killed, by a stray bullet. so, neither of them had any idea where bullets came from. the gun fire, in where near them. so, no arrestness either case,
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in idea who was shooting or why which means mike and alex, the same people with these same guns, and the same bad aim are still out here on the streets of philadelphia, and innocent people likely still in danger, maybe just outside of their own front door. >> i know, it is just ridiculous. >> all right, steve. we have breaking news to tell but on this friday morning. >> media outlets are report ago this two americans are among the dead in the brussels explosions. >> sascha alexander and another person were killed in the airport blasts. the brother and sister were from new york. there are two other americans still missing this morning. a husband and wife from tennessee, 31 people were killed, and more than 200 wounded in the airport and subway blasts on tuesday. >> more on that in a little bit. a man has been arrested near paris and suspected of plotting, an attack on france and was convicted in belgium in july, along with, many other people. the ring leader of the
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november 13th attacks on the french capitol, yes, now under arrest. >> this is as a sketch of the man seen in surveillance video from tuesday's metro attack in brussels has been released. authorities believe he is the second person alongside the main bomber, carrying a large bag, possibly full of explosives. >> it the is now believed that there are at least two suspects, at large, connected to these deadly bombings. >> this is through senior members of the belgium government offer their resignations over country's failure to prevent this massacre despite warning from other nations. >> because one of these guys were on watch lists and had been in trouble with the the law even shooting at police. >> but so many people wonder how could they let this happen, you have more on this. >> belgium's prime minister refusing to accept resignations of his justice and interior ministers. despite increasing evidence of intelligence and law enforcement, failing to prevent this weeks suicide bombing bias lamb i can militants. with at least one attacker at large and unknown number of accomplices, police after
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rested six people in raids around the belgium capitol last night. and a paris suburb, a man suspect of plotting an attack was also detained but the interior minister reported no apparent link with the brussels airport and subway bombings, or the november 13th attacks on paris. >> the government and authorities will do their utmost to shed light on both of these attacks and related events. >> still, as bad as brussels attack was rampage is called just a scaled down version, all this as more criticism is aimed at belgium, law enforcement officials for sloppy police work and missed chances. for example, one of the metro attackers had been sought for months on another terror charge, helping those paris attackers. the casualties toll is over 30 dead and now some 300 injured, including 12 americans, several other americans are still missing and unaccounted for, dozens of people remain in critical condition, mike and alex. my goodness. 6:07.
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well, authorities have lowered belgium's terror threat level unexplainably to me, by one number, although, they said the situation remained grave and another attach is likely and possible. for updates as they come in, check our web site, 24 hours a day, fox but again i'm's not sure why the terror level went down but it did yesterday. >> 6:08. as fiscal storm cloud is rolling in, the one promise that officialness atlantic city are make to go people in the the area. >> boy it is getting heated in atlantic city.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry.
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get a free quote at 6:11. what will happen to atlantic city. >> there has been finger point ago monkey electric officials and it is heating up. people who work and visit atlantic city, they want to know what will happen to their lives. >> yes, this cash strapped city of atlantic city is heading enclose tore a fiscal cliff. but leaders there are urging calm. >> the mayor announced the city will run out of money april 8th and face reductions in city services but trying to assure residents that official services like police, schools, casinos, will remain up and running. >> but what you will see is the streets will be cleaned and the trash is going to be picked up and the police are going to be in full service, all over the city and the fire department will get stand ready whether you need emergency services, or you need narcan or you your house
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is burning. >> those workers will not get paid until may, so that means police officers, fire fighters, they will be working without getting paid. when city receives next payment of taxes that is when they will get their checks. marries working on i plan to keep non-essential services running as well, and, once again, our police officers and fire fighters are still willing to serve the community without getting paid at all. >> we will stay on this story until it gets resolved if it ever is. well, it has happened again, another data breach at a major phone company. why customers of verizon may not have to worry. bob. good morning on this good friday. no problems yet on i-95 but work crews coming our way later today and we will check with philly international getting ready to head out of town for this easter holiday weekend, we will check in with the airport. sue has easter bunny forecast when we come right back.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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still dry here in our neighborhood but that won't last because there is rain on the way. your weather headlines, some showers for good friday and excellent easter still in the out look rain returns on monday and we will have a warm up by middle of next week. we have rain rolling through, not much right the now but you can see looking out to the west there is much more on the way, and so we're talking about light showers, around
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philadelphia, and a little bit to the north of us, so you will to have grab umbrella, just don't need it necessarily right away. if you are in abington or great northeast. mild air is with us right now, ones this cold front comes through though and high pressure builds in for saturday and sunday it will be cooler. we will not see 70's over weekend, but it still will be very beautiful today, tommy should say and then on easter sunday. chance of the thunderstorm on monday, and there you can see by middle of next week by thursday anyway, it looks like we will be back to 70 degrees. so sunny bunny, on sunday, bob kelly. >> yeah. >> kids are all excited there, easter bunny coming. 6:16. a live look at the schuylkill expressway here. no problems or delays at all, headlights coming around the curve at belmont avenue. i think we will have a lighter than normal rush hour with it being good friday, all of the schools are off, folks have already started on their easter holiday weekend. live look at the headlights
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here coming northbound on the 42 freeway in towards philadelphia so we have some volume starting to pop but we will not have major jams like we typically would. in south jersey here royal and read off of route 55, watch out for an accident. good news for the folks that use parking kiosk is here in philadelphia, they are working this morning, there was a little glitch yesterday that knocked out transmission signals, so they were only accepting cash but they are accepting credit cards, business, as usual, for the meters here in philadelphia. a special schedule this weekend for the septa media elwyn and chestnut hill east regional will rail lines, both of those rail lines running with the special schedule this weekend, mike and alex. >> bob, nicely done. lauren, are you ready. >> i am. lets talk about the national headlines. hackers has stolen contact information of verizon business customers in the latest breach of the big company organization. it was verizon enterprise solutions unit which provides it services to big companies.
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they recently discovered and fixed a security vulnerability in the client portal. verizon is notifying customers right now of the security hack. the it also says no data about consumer customers was involved in that breach. people on social media and public rallies are dismissing in north caroline just one day after a governor signed a bill preventing cities and counties from passing their own anti discrimination rules. legislators have said into a bill in charlotte that would allow for transgendered individuals to use public rest rooms aligned with their gender identity. big companies in the the state, drug apple, pay pal, american airlines have issued statements critical of that new law. apple says our future of americans should be focused on inclusion, prosperity not discrimination and division. we were disappoint todd see the governor sign this legislation. in georgia, lots of drama there with sports abe entertainment, hit show the walking dead, threatened to stop filming in that state. nfl might sack atlanta for
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future super bowl as well along with disney. a growing list of entertainment company and big league sports speaking out about a new law that supporters say promotes religious liberty, opponents say makes it legal to discriminate against gay people in the state. it is awaiting the governor's signature. the that is your national headlines. >> lauren, did you such a good job i will buy you a ring. >> die machines please. >> alex? >> this is in the the just any ring, lauren, it is a one of a kind ruby and diamond ring. >> yes. >> and it is set to get millions of dollars when it goes up for auction in new york. >> split is. >> my goodness, nice. >> how much is this worth. >> it is worth 15 million-dollar. >> wow. >> is that just stupid. >> i want to see it on the hand to see how bigot is. >> i understand you want to see it on. >> i guess lauren, you said would i give to it lauren. >> what do i get. >> what about keith. >> yes. >> what do i get.
6:20 am
>> squat. >> the jubilee ruby is what it is called, jubilee ruby is a 16 carat, gem. it is in that unique gold diamond setting. the did you want to put it backup. it has got to be more interest nothing my face. >> yes. >> it will go on the auction block at christie's the famous auction house, on april the 20th. and so, start saving up, seriously you've got until the 20th. ring is expect to go between 12 and probably highest, 15 million-dollar, the ruby is presented among over 250 other pieces of jewelry in the new magnificent jewels auction, that is what they are calling it. the new magnificent jewels auction. >> just beautiful. >> yes. >> hey, the flyers. >> stare at it. >> well, go ahead if you want. >> i will. >> i want to see how bigot is on a hand. you can really see, is it just - >> just dumb looking. >> is it a ring pop.
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>> like that. >> so the flyers looking to get a ring this year. but flyers took to the ice last night in the push to make it to the playoffs. where they now stand in the standings. lottery.
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i thought last night was a tough game but wildcats made it look reallies i. villanova did everything wells. they played good defense. offensively unbelievable. villanova wins 92-69 to louisville. chris jenkins, are you kidding me, shot clock running down so just puts it up. he had 21. villanova had ten, three's in the game, within here by arcidiacono. he had 21. villanova wins 92-69. on to the elite eight. >> daniel and arch, the seniors but everybody else buying in. we're definitely playing our best basketball right now. we have not played this well in any game this season. that is your goal. >> they really did play well. sad day for eagles fans and anybody that ever met, and new kevin turner. former eagles signed in 1995, lost his six year battle with
6:25 am
als. passed away at 46. hard to have known a nicer human being. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> so sad, i loved kevin, friend of this show for sure. flyers continue, what are we saying with this. a tough road trip verse colorado last night. every remaining game is crucial, because the flyers want to make the playoffs. they are this close. come on. colorado would score first in this, in this one in the second period. but minutes later, the the flyers answered, tying it up at one-one. game tied at two late in the third period when captain claude giroux, claude, scores, what would be the game winner. flyers get on to win the game four-two. i have to say flyers still tied with detroit for final playoff spot in the east. they finish up their road trip tomorrow, against those coyoties.
6:26 am
>> yes. >> in arizona. >> is that how a coyote sound. >> yes. >> i'm a's not sure. >> okay. >> so what do you think of this, go to the sporting event. corporate logos could be on nba jersey is very soon. >> the nba, yeah, nba previously allowed sponsors of some on shooting competition. they put their legos in front of the competing players. this year they why used during the all-star game this year they are considering a more permanent role all year long. >> all year long. >> proposal could be approved as soon as next month at nba's board of governor's meeting. by the way, sponsors of the league next season is nike. >> can you just see a just do it across them. >> a big slash. >> yes. >> wonder if it is, yes. >> there you go. >> a swosh. >> it would look weird fit was an odd product.
6:27 am
>> yeah. >> tide, draino, metamucil, summer's eve. >> within of my favorite is philadelphia union. i know it is a bakery called bimbo but for everybody else that word is bimbo and these guys run around with bill he on their shirt. >> it the takes away from being sixers and something like that. >> true. >> you're looking at logo and to this is my team. >> i'll tell what you, i don't even mine it for schools, like pepsi newman goretti. if that is what it will take to pay for the schools. we should have logos across our foreheads. >> prune juice. >> metamucil. >> okay. >> i was so sad yesterday afternoon when i heard this because i loved this guy.
6:28 am
comedians, and fans of the comedy are reeling for the death of one of their own, out in hollywood. gary shandling died. we will tell you more about that.
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hit by a stray bullet, what officials say the victim was doing right before shots were ringing out and unfortunately thinks something that has happened before. well, did you watch the game last night. villanova makes it look easy with a blow out win over the hurricanes. well, they are in the eight. they have to face a pretty tough team tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, kansas jaya hawks. listen to this. >> everything from grass, to eggs, to candy, to the baskets, themselves. >> how does it sound, here comes peter cotton tail. >> hopping down the bunny trail. >> yes. >> peter, yes. we will spend more than ever when it comes to easter. >> really. >> yes. >> so he is happening on that money trail. >> it is good friday. march 25th, 2016. here's our little favorite
6:32 am
bunny. >> hi sue. >> hopping into your heart on a friday morning. no school buses here as you can see. school is not in session today but bus stop buddy is working anyway to let you know is there rain coming and that temperatures are very mild this morning. we're seeing temperatures in the 50's and 60's to get started and we're seeing just a few showers, right now, but there is more coming in and it is not even going to take too long to get here. we will see another round of rain, moving in berks and lancaster county. light showers, just spitty as we said earlier out there this morning. 63 degrees, 11 miles an hour wind. 6:56 is your sunrise time. there's bus stop buddy with the temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we may make it to 07 degrees. now that is a look the your weather authority forecast. we've got the seven day forecast, coming up and that includes the entire holiday weekend, and egg salad day on monday, bob kelly. >> we cannot forget the about that easter egg hunt at mike's house tomorrow as well. >> yes. >> kids are excited, austin is excited to go to uncle mike
6:33 am
you keep that little brat away from my house. >> mike. >> it is a good friday morning. we have a disabled here north on 202 right at valley hill road up there in malvern. we are starting to see volume pop on the freeway here northbound headlights coming in towards the city. i think we will see a lighter than normal morning rush hour because of good friday. we've got a bridge opening for you, the falls bridge, let's role video, our news van on the scene, bam, when that light turned green and cars started to role, of course, falls bridge has been closed for the last couple of months between kelly drive and martin luther king drive. it opened a week early for bicyclers, joggers and roller bladers like keith, and they are getting ready for regattas on the river. we have a crash in south jersey at royal and reid over here just off of route 55. otherwise, the schuylkill, kind of quiet looking good. no problems on 202 or 422 and mass transit running with no delays, mike and alex, back
6:34 am
over to you. well, bullets hitting an innocent bystander. >> this morning a 16 year-old girl is hospitalized, police are looking for the shooter. steve keeley is on the scene at the round house. >> this has happened again, steve, this is what, the second time in 12 days where a girl, teenage girl, has been hit by bullets. >> reporter: yeah, we have used this line before on this show, sadly and we will use it again. stray bullet often have an easier time finding people, then a stay dog does accounts looking for a home, and that is a sad commentary here in philadelphia. and, as commissioner ramsey used to say bullets just don't drop and die off after they miss their target, they can travel for up to a mile and still kill with the same power they do, when they are fired at somebody point blank. here's a case where a couple of sisters are outside on their front porch in the north seventh street in hunting park section of philadelphia they are out having a conversation, nice warm spring night, and they hear gunfire, they never see anybody shooting guns,
6:35 am
just hear gunfire and then they run for cover in the house. and the younger one, sees that she's bleeding badly, and she's shot, and they start screaming and calling for help. >> fortunately, we have found several businesses, at least four separate businesses in thee meade yah ate use that do have surveillance camera. each detective is on the location processing the seen and attempting to identify who the owners of the property are in order to get a copy of these recordingses. hopefully these recordings can help with us these investigations. one advantage of the being right at your front doorway is to get help right away. even though that she is shot in the leg she was hit in the femur, the larger bone on the human body. alex and mike, you know this as well, it is also home to one of the largest arteries. we have had people bleed to go death after being shot in the leg. luckily she will be okay because she got help quick but again this send a signal that
6:36 am
even in your living room, we have had people shot while they are in bed, while sitting on the couch. these stray bullets are flying all over the streets and sometimes in and at peoples houses and hitting these people hoff nothing to do with whatever the gun fire was about. >> just senseless. >> all right, steve. 6:36. we are following breaking news, this this morning. media outlets are reporting that two americans air monk the dead, in the brussels explosions. report say that the sascha anal sandra, were killed in the airport blast. the brother and sister, they were from new york, there are two other americans that are still missing this morning, the husband and wife from tennessee. thirty-one people were killed and more than 200 wounded in the airport and subway blasts on tuesday. due to the extent of the injuries and damage, they are having trouble identifying everyone. they are saying this could be a couple of weeks. >> just people so still looking for their loved ones because the blast was so strong that some of the bodies were torn apart. >> it was a nail bomb.
6:37 am
>> yes. >> what else is going on. >> teen is in the hospital after being shot two times, this happened just before midnight in the 300 block of south sift 16th street in the. young man was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition no word on any arrests. the fbi on the hunt for three robbers behind a brazen bank hold up in west deptford. security cameras captured the crime as bb and t bank on kings highway just before 11:00 o'clock wednesday morning. crook armed with handguns forcing employees in the back room. one of them you will see here jumps the counter, head straight for the vault to steel that money. one robber, for a dress. another carried what appears to be a purse. a female robber, well, she was carrying that big silver revolver. >> it takes all kind, that is all i got the to say. man wearing a dress, come on. women carrying the gun, you know who wears the pants in that family. you have to know someone. you just don't getaway with stuff like that. >> well, trio left in the waiting suv, champagne colored
6:38 am
2006, chevrolet equinox. a emmy winning actor best known for mr. sandford on sesame street. he died tuesday at a medical center outside philadelphia that is according to his wife, small started his television career in, new york in the 07's, from 1990 to 1998, he played the smiling singing store owner on sesame street. he was 80 years old, and his funeral is now scheduled for monday. mike and alex. >> i didn't realize, he was living in our area. >> i didn't either. >> he was great. nail biting moments lead to sweet victory, for the wildcats of villanova so we were leading, for pretty much the entire game. >> well, in the the first 60 seconds and that was just because i was trimming my nails. >> i was still biting my nails. i said lets not let this lead go down. let's keep it. finish strong. i was still worried. but now we're in the elite eight. >> they blew off miami.
6:39 am
miami is a darn good team. now they have to take on kansas jay hawks. >> we will blow them off too. >> they are rang the number one seed in the entire tournament. >> that doesn't matter. >> it is march madness, dave, you never know what will happen, upset, upset, upset, i'm ready. >> reporter: you you never know what can happen. big moment, big momentum forville know of, they played with intensity last night and, of course, they played with an up tempo game and it gave them a big, big win. we have highlights but lets take a look at them right now. both teams are on fire especially in the the first half and nova junior point guard ryan arcidiacono cooperate popping shots, begins miami hurricanes. nova was great defensively but on offense they were top notch. wildcats shot over 60 percent there. ten, three's. nova wins this 92-69. they are feeling pretty good
6:40 am
when they talk to the media afterwards. >> i wanted to be aggressive from the the start. we drew a base line out of bound play to get me going. i was just being a yeahs i have for the plays called for me and just read the defense and i was, thinking i was making the right play at that time. >> it is daniel, the arch, and seniors and everybody else buying in. we're definitely playing our best basketball right now. we have not played this well in any game, this season, and that is your goal. >> of course, villanova battling kansas in the east let eight tomorrow night. jay wright as you heard there calling his teams performance last night the best basketball performance yet but turf watch out, kansas, has perry ellis, top scorer. i don't know how do you feel that being an kansas alumni. >> you better not root for kansas. >> well, what am i supposed to do. i went to kansas. >> extra pressure from alex. >> i went to missou.
6:41 am
>> it is my favorite college team, what am i supposed to do. >> where do you live? where do you sleep at night. you better sleep at night. we know where you are. you cannot root for campus and come walking up. >> i'm just saying. >> you cannot walk among us, really. >> root for the home team, man. >> is that right. >> give me some advice on this get on twitter and facebook. what should i do tomorrow. >> do what is right. >> but what is the right thing. do you root for your alma matter? i mean to this is where i'm from. to this is who i am. >> but i love watching this team, they are so good. >> you have been rooting for them up to this point but why stop now. >> we don't need to talk about kansas. >> i will do whatever you tell me to do viewers of good day philadelphia here comes peter cotton tail. >> walking down the money trail good yes, that is true.
6:42 am
>> why experts say easter spending could be through the roof this year. back to the sad news gary shandling die more about his career after the break.
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but carrie i used to stand here and watch you. >> this is a killer. i go up on stage and jim mccauley is standing back here. he was guardian of the gate. >> so jim says to me, that was so good, how is next tuesday for you on the tonight show. that is what changed my life. >> i loved that show, jerry seinfeld does, you know, driving around in the car. >> yes, driving around, getting coffee. >> yes. >> well, we have that name right, didn't we. >> well, gary shandling died yesterday, in a los angeles hospital after suffering a heart a tack. according to his spokesperson, he had no history of heart trouble. coroner official says gary died from natural causes, and no autopsy is planned.
6:46 am
hollywood is in mourning over this, of course, anybody that knew this is mourning him, anyway, i loved him. that was a great spoof. lena dunham posted this, thank you for redeeming, and redefining the sitcom. thank you for making me laugh myself to sleep instead of crying. >> and thank you for teaching and loving, done so well. >> kevin neilon another comedian says gary, you were so kind, so funny, so smart, you were my mentor, you were family. this is all so sudden and so sad. that is the shocking thing, so sudden. >> jimmy kimmel tweeted. >> gary shandling was as kind and generous as he was funny and that is saying a lot. gary shandling was one of the most brilliant people i have ever known. a shocking huge loss. >> his larry sanders show so good, you know, pretending to be a talk show host, and cool
6:47 am
sitcom. >> sue, was that on hbo. >> the gary shandling show. >> it was one of the first kind of cable sitcoms where they could do a little bit more on cable then they could on broadcast television, right, yeah. >> rip torn was on that. >> yes, his side kick, his ed mcmahonish kind of side kick, if you will. so lets take a look at ultimate doppler radar because you see there is rain, on it, it is just not a lot of rain falling. at least not in the metro area just yet, now we will look out to berks county and see showers around. here in philadelphia, not the yet, but still have the rain gear with you because we have this cold front that has yet to move through our area. but it will displays really mild air in place. it is very warm out there right new for this time in march. high pressure will build in over the weekend but it will be cooler by the time we will get to saturday and sunday. we will go through the fox future cast and we will see there is a lower 60's, mid 60's throughout the rest of the morning.
6:48 am
scattered showers, around, cannot rule out a thunderstorm before the end of the morning, and then through noon time, we're still seeing showers, not everybody, is going to get rain every minute, and on and off throughout the morning. and then we will see us briefly getting in the the lower 70's before things cool off tonight. going to that seven day forecast, well, the four days of the holiday weekend, i mean. 70 degrees today. sixty tomorrow, and we will hop into easter sunday with a high of 65, by monday, thunderstorms back in the forecast, and we're in the lower 60's. but for that saturday and sunday, it is looking pretty, nice, bob kelly. >> so us just don't we don't get a lot of tweets. what am i doing, what are we doing here? >> confusing. >> i'm always confused. >> yes. >> it is just too much jeffery tambor. >> rip torn was the producer the producer of the show. >> you are right, you are right.
6:49 am
>> jeffery tambor. >> don't get on twitter. >> i'm sorry. >> hank, right. >> yes. >> was his name. >> hey bob kelly. >> thank you mike good sure. >> you got it. >> i thought you were going to start hopping like a bunny there. 6:49. we are looking good on the blue route, 476, kind of quiet so far this morning. again, coming past the saint david/villanova interchange at that top of the hill there, they have painted all of those rocks, like easter eggs right at the that saint david, interchange of the blue route, 476, something to look for today out there with the kid. here's a live look the at freeway, northbound headlights coming towards the city. we're starting to see sunrise and volume. no problems coming up from wilmington, delaware as you head up to i-95 or 495, we do have an accident in the northeast, roosevelt boulevard, it is northbound at grant avenue. and up there right by the airport. and then south jersey a crash at royal and reid, which is just off of route 55. otherwise, so far, so good on the schuylkill expressway. no problems on 202, or 422, and if you are coming in from
6:50 am
the suburbs. we're looking good on mass transit, mike and alex, back to you. >> bob kelly, i have a questions for you: how old do you think the mtv movie awards are, when did that start? youyou know, the moon men. >> ahh, 20. >> we don't have all day, bob. >> twenty. >> it is 25. >> it is 25. >> yes, very close. >> very good. they will celebrate with a big show, big willie style now. is big willie a you fan is in many for something else. >> he said that before about something else. >> big will, is that what they call it. >> big willie. >> that is just from something i think. >> yes. >> one of his songs. >> okay. >> the show will honor legacy. >> excuse me, sorry. >> why are you dabbing, are you excited. >> okay. >> the show will honor legacy of our philadelphia native will smith by presenting him with the generation award.
6:51 am
does that mean he is old. will, has had a -- >> i used to love this song. >> career featuring big blockbuster like independent day, men in black and bad boys, bad boys, what are you going to to. >> i don't think that was the song. >> yes. >> so, mtv released a statement, it read in part... the voice of a generation. >> that is big. >> yes. >> parents just don't understand. >> the 2016 mtv movie awards, shows, airs, then, sometime. >> mtv move a ward show airs next movement can you tell we were up late last night watchingville know of game. >> then i stayed up to watch the kansas game good that explains everything. >> it was on until after
6:52 am
midnight. why do they start these games at 10:00 o'clock at night on a thursday night, so kids can't watch basketball, and old people. >> maybe because they think people have have day off, we don't but other people do, maybe they will be able to stay off a lot of schools are off today, good friday. >> exactly. >> by the way, in the next hour of this very program a new app is giving dog lovers who cannot own dogs a chance to enjoy man's best friend, find out, if this is the name of the app, do you know what it is, bark and bureau. this will be good to meet the ladies.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
that looks crummy, all that dirt. >> like i said last time, to me it is beautiful because it is showing it is going to go warm up and be beautiful weather. >> that is why i love you, alex holley, you look at the glass as half full, and i look at it as a broken glass, just shards. >> i cannot get past the fact that you love me. >> yes. >> that is great. >> and i knew something was coming. >> i knew it easter holiday has shoppers hitting the stores of course and it could be a record breaking year. i got to tell you, i don't spend any money at easter time. >> you don't buy easter basket for teddy. >> i might buy a hallow egg, check late easter bunny. >> national retail federation says americans predict $17 billion in spending this
6:56 am
year. >> what are we buying. >> that is 146 bucks per person. >> what? >> a considering to the national canned a so, 71 percent of americans they will hunt for real or candy filled eggs, or if you were watching the show yesterday, confetti filled eggs. they also say that to and a half billion dollars will be spent on sweets. >> let me tell you this, i go for the hallow bunny, chocolate bunny, are you a solid or a hallow bunny either. >> i have a confession. >> i'm not big on solid chocolate. >> i like the hallow. >> give me recess egg i will take that. >> eras peck of this question, what do you eat first on the hallow bunny. >> i gor for ears good that makes sense. >> or do you know feet. >> when it comes to spending all this, 140 bucks, my dad gave us sweets. he is a big sweet person for lent. he will expect me to have his big pile of candy. >> is he coming in tomorrow.
6:57 am
>> yes. >> it is easter. >> yes. >> i'm going to the basketball game. does he wanting to to the basketball team. >> are you just trying to show up. >> just tv talk. >> you know my dad watches, you know he will ask. >> here's a story for you glenn, in the next hour, is hugh hefner calling it quits? how old is he? why the playboy owner might be thinking about move on from the magazine he created. will he sell playboy.
6:58 am
since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform
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eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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a brother and sister are confirmed among the dead. where she was when it happened and some people really worried this morning because it just keeps happening. i got to tell you, let's talk politics, a new low, are americans getting tired of this presidential raza monk the republicans? i mean they are talking about each otherwise now. one guy, ted cruz used the word sniffling, has it come to that. john kasich is standing above the fray. >> playing our best basketball right now. we have in the played this well in any game this season. >> boy, that is true. isn't it. >> and they made it look easy. it was a blow out win


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