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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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mystery you may be able to uncover. >> panic in the nation's capitol after shooting. what police recovered tonight from the area. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ right now temperatures are falling fast. here's live look in reading to night after reaching the 60s today. it's going to be down into the 30s when you walk out of the door in the morning. a lot of you out in sweaters and
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coats some still carrying umbrellas as they walk over the schuylkill river in university city tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. going to be chilly, it's going to be windy let's head on over to chief meteorologist scott williams track wagon you need to know to walk out that door. >> we're locking at blustery conditions. temperatures by tomorrow morning 30s and 40s feels like temperatures around freezing look at the current winds right now. in pottstown gusting to 41 miles an hour. 46 miles per hour gusts in the pocono mountains. philadelphia winds gusting well over 30 miles per hour. until midnight most of the area we still have that wind advisory at play. winds gusting to 50 miles per hour not out of the question. take look across the area. you can see numerous high wind reports also reports of some wind damage as we move in a little closer here. burlington county around delran some trees and wires down on haines mill road. we'll continue to follow that. but otherwise, look at midnight. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour so it will stay pretty blustery overnight.
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tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour for much of the area but during the day the winds will start to diminish. a live look right now look at that camera at the philadelphia international airport. it is gusty. 56 degrees is the current temperature but look at future feels like temperatures. by tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., the teens in the pocono mountains. there degrees what it will feel like in philadelphia so we'll see a loft sunshine but cooler conditions it will stay windy for tomorrow. can you coming up we'll talk a rebound in temperatures plus when to expect more rain witness seven day. back to you. >> all right, scott, thanks an important night for local high school in the middle of a hazing investigation involving football players inside the boys locker room. officials at conestoga high school meeting with parents on a scandal that has rocked the community. let's get right out to shawnette wilson. she's life outside cone stoga high school tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, this meet walk actually closed to the media but people we spoke to say
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it was a good open dialogue. they just wish a meeting like this would have happened sooner. a packed crowd at cone stoga high school auditor rum filled with parents. school officials held what they called a community meeting for an open discussion about a hazing investigation allegedly involving members of the school's football team. >> until they actually find out the full details and everything i really just don't think to jump top conclusions. so for me it's about the kids. it's about the program. it's about cone stoga. >> reporter: the incident was reported last october. district attorney tom hogan said then that three seniors held down a 14-year-old freshman in the locker room and sexually assaulted him with a broomstick when he refused to be hazed. the investigation has led to head coach john bow began stepping down and district release evidence loot and tire viewers are the and jv staff irrelevant their duties saying there was insufficient add dull presence in the locker room. >> sometimes we're coming down two hard on the administrators
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and at the same time something happens so we got to find out what's happening. >> i think they were judged too early. and i think if this meeting happened before it would have been really good for the community. >> reporter: our cameras were not allowed in inside. john filled us in wahoo spoke during the meet hemoglobin to say. >> most it was supportive of the players, you know, because not not everybody was involved in the hazing. i think a lot of the support for the coaches. there was talk about the administration, you know, roll in this that they really didn't do a good job, and creating the policies and the procedures for the coaches to follow. >> reporter: others believe there's a lot more to the incident that's not being reported by officials. >> i think eventually you'll see that everything was false. regarding the incident. i think it's complete fabrication. it's a hoax. >> reporter: and back here live, school officials did not address the media about what happened during the meeting. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. developing to night the fbi
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hacked into the iphone of one of the the san bernardino terrorists and it did without the help of apple. the fbi finally broke into the lock phone used by gunman sacred farook but they're not sharing how they did it, and now that agents are in they're asking federal judge to throw out the order forcing apple to help fbi do what it just did. apple is vehemently opposed to the order saying that by helping the government hack into the phone it would be creating a back door to all apple devices. no comment tonight from apple. it's not clear whether the fbi will reveal the technique it used to get into that phone. meanwhile a scare at the us capitol complex sends tourists scrambling. a man pull out gun and the whole area went on lock down along with the white house. it happened this afternoon. that man has been identified as 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee. he was injured when capitol police officer fired back. a woman was hurt. police have not said how. fortunately though her injuries
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are not serious. visitors and staff were told to shelter in place. the white house was briefly put on lock down. that was soon lifted. people around the complex noticeably shaken. >> they were pretty much screaming get out, get out. trying to keep us safe. they were pretty loud and kind of pushing us out. you're concerned that the shooter is outside. so the guns were drawn. they were out, you know, making sure we were safe but it was pretty -- it was pretty anxiety producing. >> late tonight, police towed await suss peck's pick up from the capitol grounds. police have not confirmed whether the suspect is the same man who ordered to stay away from the capitol after shouting something in the gally last fall. an american airlines co-pilot suspected of being drunk before scheduled flight to philadelphia faces charges to night. prosecutors in detroit charged 50-year-old john mcguire with operatinoperating under the inf. he lives in pennsylvania. authorities say he was in the cockpit saturday morning before the plane was set to take off for philadelphia.
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airport officials say he failed two sobriety tests and a breathalyzer. drivers get ready. police have their sites set on you if your eyes are not on the road. officers are getting ready for a crack down on distracted drives in new jersey. our jennifer joyce hop flood a squad car today and saw some of those drivers bad habits first hasn't. >> reporter: it's easy to get distracted behind the wheel. playing with the radio, perfecting your makeup and that big one, talking, texting, actively using your cell phone while driving. >> definitely my phone. i've even gotten a ticket for being on my phone. >> the ticket was for $237. >> reporter: hefty fine for the first offense and the cost goes up from there. drivers beware. throughout month of april threes departments throughout new jersey are cracking down on these dangerous distractions as part of a national campaign to combat tracked driving called you drive, you text, you pay. earlier in the day -- >> we are headed to kings highway.
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>> reporter: our fox 29 cameras road along with members of the cherry hill police department's traffic unit. officers are looking for offenders on their phones. >> your license, registration and insurance car. >> reporter: using warnings to educate drivers and spread the word about the upcoming campaign. >> not about issuing the summons. it's about making sure they're behavior changes going forward. >> reporter: within 10 minutes anniversary issued their first warning then another and then another. >> we're trying to get the word out it's really dangerous. >> reporter: if you swerve, speed or slam on your brakes and police say you're distracted by something other than a cell phone you can still get pulled over for careless driving. >> i've seen people getting dressed while driving. and you know driving with their knees. i mean it's crazy some of the things you see. >> reporter: this batch of violators was luck dee drive off today with only a warning. >> my suggestion is put the phone a way. >> now that the warning is out there future violators may not be so lucky. >> okay. you're welcome. all right. that was fox 29's jenn for joyce
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reporting. prosecutors have now filed charges in a case we first told you about last week that set facebook on fire. paul, is charged with aggravated assault. police in west deptford, new jersey say he's the guy pump link a teenaged boy in a video that came up surfaced on facebook and after the video was posted several people came forward claiming he trained in mixed martial arts. he is free on bail tonight. the maryland police officer who died in the line of duty earlier this month is now laid to rest in delaware county where he was raised. prince george's county detective jacai colson died on marc march 13th in an ambush at a police station involving three men. officers returned fire and police say friendly fire killed colson. his family laid him to rest today at lawn croft cemetery in linwood. a wild scene in east germantown when this gunman opens fire with some major fire power. police say the gunman targeted victim hitting him four times and then left him for dead on a sidewalk. he did survive but four days
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later, he's still unable to talk to police or trying to figure out why he was targeted. fox 29's bruce gordon talked to some neighbors who are concern. sometimes it's unnerving. >> reporter: 68-year-old lillian, she'd rather we not use her last name, has been sitting on her front porch overlooking the 5600 block of chew avenue for the past 30 years. these days, though, she keeps a close eye on the traffic passing by. >> not that you watching for something, but it's better to do it that way, that way if something happens, you can get out the way. >> reporter: just released security cam footage shows what happened just across the street from lillian's home around 1:00 o'clock last thursday morning. a slender man in light colored hoodie strides down the sidewalk then opens fire on his victim with an assault rifle from a range of 15 to 20 feet. neighbors heard the attack. >> one shot and then brrr after that. because it was seconds and then the next bullet report rot the
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victim 47-year-old byron johnson was hit at least four times including twice in the torso. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. as for the shooter, well he ca calmly turns away then hop noose a dark colored sedan with out of the state or vanity license plate in front and whisked away. >> definitely appears to be targeted. i mean the suspect walks right up to the individual, and just aims the gun at him and fires rapid succession. >> reporter: police say this block has in reply years become overrun by drug dealers and street gangs. making life dangerous for those older residents who would like to move away. but can't. >> so you put up with it? >> yeah. you can put that it way. >> reporter: lillian won't give up her seat on the porch but these days she keeps a watchful eye out for trouble. you going to stay alert? >> yeah, people get shot every day and it ain't meant for them. bullets don't have no names. >> reporter: as you might have notice the from the security camera not a whole lot to go in army to of description of the shooter just a splendor build an
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light colored hoodie. remember the get away car was a dark colored sedan with a light colored out of state or vanity license plate. if any of that rings a bell for you, give police a call. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. this guy sprinted into the elevator and immediately started stripping down his hat and shirt came right off. what happened just before he got on that elevator that may have had him take his clothes off so fast. >> racing to a local hospital but this baby would not wait. a grandma forced to deliver her gland child in the car. the history man this family says stepped in just in time. >> a traffic might mayor. what was in the middle of the street that forced cars on both sides to come to a complete st stop. >> plus a war hero's gravestone left forgotten, tossed near a dumpster. >> it's a shame that it was purple heart veteran that was out here just on the ground. >> reporter: the mystery uncovered on the journey to get this vet the honor he deserves. ♪
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♪ >> philadelphia mother and son resting happily after one kind of crazy delivery. little guy came into the world in his grandmother's kia. >> the family has the shoe laces avenue good samaritan to partially thank for keeping that baby safe during the up expected arrival. chris o'connell live in north philadelphia to explain why tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain and lucy, port richmond mother has a homeless man to thank for help delivering her own baby tonight that 13 hour old baby is resting comfortably here tonight at temple university hospital. meanwhile, his mother, his dad, the entire family with quite a
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story to tell. >> we got in the car and started to the hospital, and he did not wait. >> reporter: when maggie clark's water broke nearly two weeks before her due date she thought she'd at least have time to make it to the hospital. >> do i need to pull over? >> she said i think do you. >> reporter: witness hem of her mother who had seven kids of her own, clark gave birth to her new son thomas james in the passenger seat of her mother's kia rio right there at the speedway gas station on broad street in north philly. if that wasn't enough, as the baby was being born, a complete stranger who we have learned is homeless appeared to help. his name is shorty. >> he said, there's not a baby in there, is there. >> blessed day. >> shorty help out in a big way. he called 911 dispatchers and took the laces from his own shoes to tie the cord and waited until an ambulance arrived.
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>> he was very happy, delighted and helpful. >> reporter: we tracked down shorty. we found him windows for cash at the very same gas station he helped deliver thomas just 12 hours earlier. >> they walked to get the baby out and they tie the um, tie the string after umbilical cord. i took my shoe lace off and tied it around the core until 911 came. >> shorty whose real name is ben johnson says it's the first baby he's helped deliver and says he's the one who was blessed. >> the bright of my life. bright of my day, you know. glad just to help. that's what i do around here. i help everybody. >> reporter: shorty cleaned up the car for the family before being taken to item tell university hospital and dad a rail conductor for septa says he's glad someone was there for his new son. >> thank you for shorty. >> reporter: and his shoe laces.
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>> the shoe lace, yeah. >> reporter: thomas james weighed in today at six and a half pounds. doctors and nurses here at temple university hospital saying he's doing very well tonight. the family says some day they're hoping to introduce little thomas james to the man they know as shorty. lucy? >> i love that. chris o'connell, live in north philadelphia. skyfox over an apartment fire in phoenixville. the american red cross is tonight helping people burned out of their apartments. that fire broke out just past 2:00 this afternoon on the 200 block of morgan street. firefighters were able to get the fire under control in about a half hour. radnor police are investigating a case of vandalism at the elementary school. school officials tell us somebody stripped the copper piping off three air-conditioning units on the roof of the building sometime over the weekend march 12th to 13th. they left behind tens of thousands of dollars in damage.
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in new jersey, police stopped to honor though officers who made the ultimate sacrifice in a sniper attack four decades ago. mt. holly police hold a tribute each year to remember the three patrol men shot on this day in 1975. patrolman donald hill shire and what patrolman burst both died that day and patrolman john hal holme was wounded and paralyzed and died 17 years later from his injuries. vietnam veteran james carhart filed his as assault rifle at cars and people passing by his apartment during the attack. he was later found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to a psychiatric institution. new jersey lawmakers very concerned about the safety of water in public schools. so much so, they want the water in the schools all the schools tested. schools in the state had to shut off their water found dense because of lead. fox 29's bill ant son has what's going on. we're not a third world nation. this is the united states of america and we live in new
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jersey which is probably one of the most wealthiest and healthiest states in the count country. so why wouldn't we do the things that we need to do right now? >> reporter: today in new jersey, the concern sparked by the water crisis in flint, michigan made their way to our area as legislators introduced man at a today tower water testing for all new jersey schools. >> the bill that we introduce today is a proactive measure that will require that all schools test immediately for lead in the water, and then at least twice a year thereafter. if lead is detected in the water the school would be required to take immediate action to provide alternate drinking water supply. >> reporter: the senate president acknowledged that the intense national scrutiny influenced local act. why they're acting isn't important as long as they're acting. >> you know there's a lot of public attention to this esche right now, and kids are being poisoned. so most importantly what we needed to fix it. >> reporter: it's clear that the on-going divide between governor christie and democratic
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politicians exists on this bill as well but today they committed to just getting the bill in his hands and hope he science it. >> our job is to get it over there. that's what the couldn't stewing says. we'll get it over there. that's what the president and i are committed and our colleagu colleagues. >> democratic leaders again said this bill is necessary and they'll take the fight to the public if that's wait takes. >> the public pressure should be enough to get the governor to recognize. he said it's not a crisis. it's absolute al crisis. >> reporter: as you can hear all the discussion about public fights indicate they don't believe that they're going to have governor christie's support for this bill but a spokesperson in the governor's office told me simply it's premature to even be discussing a bill and whether or not the governor will support it when hasn't even passed yet. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. surprise from behind. a guy walked behind the counter of a local gym and right up to the woman working. what he said just before
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demanding cash. howard? >> villanova getting ready for the biggest weekend of their season. the final four and jay wright talks about what they have to overcome more than their opponent, oklahoma and that a big overtime game for the flyers coming up in sports. >> howard thanks. one company says they're changing doughnuts forever. why they're now suing their competition. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. a brand new shut down in warrington county line road now closed indefinitely here over the bridge -- bridge that goes over little neshaminy creek. so watch for delays dean tours and a rough go through warrington and then tomorrow, two spots work crews coming to 95. they'll be working southbound at broad street and then another crew working from 9:00 to 3:00 further south down near the commodore barry bridge. what you need to know before you get on the go. i'll have it for you bright and
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errly tomorrow at 4:00 for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ number of people killed last week's terrorist attacks in brussels is now up to 35. as authorities launch more than a dozen raids in belgium. three more people have now been ordered helder on charges of participating in terrorist activities. still no passenger flights are going in and out of the airport
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but officials will be testing tomorrow to see if it's safe to start flying again. one big bust by the coast guard off the coast of panama. it just released video of guards men stopping that boat on board they found 13,000 pounds of cocaine. the estimated street value about $203 million. coast guard got the alert from customs and border protection but had no idea how much they were about to fine. in tennessee, an easter sunday mass could have ended in tragedy. >> police say a man carrying several guns tried to walk into a packed church. investigators say 31-year-old marcus donald walked into the bellevue baptist church in the town of core dove have a sunday morning armed with assault rifle a pistol and plenty of ammo. luckily someone saw the gun hanging out of his pocket and security stopped donald and called police. this happened while more than 4500 people were attending mass. >> i heard disruption in the church. didn't hear anything about, you know, anyone being armed.
10:26 pm
>> that's bad. >> as the pastor said we had disturbance. >> no one was hurt. police arrested him for what's called emergency commitment. he was then admitted to local hospital for mental val weighing. people in one neighborhood are scared to walk outside. they're getting attacked from above. >> all you can do is wear a hat and just, you watch the grounds for a shadow. >> what neighbors say is dropping from the sky and why there's nothing they can do about it. that is guy sprints into the elevator and immediately start stripping down much his hat and shirt come right off. what happened just before he got on the elevator that may have had him taking his clothes off so much as? scott. >> right now pretty blustery. when those winds diminish coming up.
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>> right now 10:30 violent argument in wal*mart has accept a man to jail. the fight broke out late saturday night on the store at ruin 42 in washington township, gloucester county. police say jose, lost his temper and zapped establish another man with a folding 95 near a check out. prosecutors charged him with
10:30 pm
aggravated assault. the victim is at cooper trauma center in camden. we don't know his current condition. in roxborough police are trying to figure out if the men in this car have anything to do with the theft of a loaded gun from an apartment. last wednesday the mitubishi gallant was seen entering the parking lot of the windemere apartments around the same time police think the burglary happened. someone used a crowbar to force an app door open and stole a loaded 9-millimeter handgun the suspects drove off when security officers arrived. cats have been dying within a small neighborhood in south philadelphia. and over the weekend someone shot and killed one. it happened on the 500 block of cantrell street. the pennsylvania spca has put up $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and convict of whoever did it. neighbors in the area say this latest death is one of 16 cats that have died suspiciously since september. they say almost a dozen other animals including possoms and raccoons have also died. if you have any information, call the pspca.
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>> getting around philly during the democratic national convention might be difficult. philadelphia taxi drivers and uber black drivers say they will not provide service during the three days of the democratic national convention if mayor kenney and governor wolf continue to support uber x and lyft. the philadelphia limousine association says the ride sharing companies have been operating illegally in philadelphia because they don't have to pay for licenses to operate in the city and they don't guarantee minimum wage. uber did send a statement to fox 29 reading "uber is proud to serve philadelphia and keep the city moving especially during major events that attract visitors and boost the economy. it's unfortunate that these groups have decided to put their own interests above the needs of the city ". take a look. may seem pretty normal. two people got on an elevator in their apartment complex but what happened next is terrifying. >> police in phoenix arizona say that man was not heading tomorrow. he was following the woman and about attack.
10:32 pm
take another look. you can see the woman gets in first pushes the button for her floor. man walks in next doesn't not push a button. they get off on the same floor. police say he followed her to her apartment and attacked when she open the door. officers say he then tried to drag her into a bedroom but the roommate came out and scared him off. >> you can see in the video he run to the elevator frantically peeling off clothes trying to change his appearance to get out of the area as quick as possible. did he get away but officers are hoping this surveillance video can change that. police are now offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. >> it's a remarkable survival story for family who ended upside down in a plane. a father and his two children passengers in a small aircraft when they had some type of mid air emergency. the pilot tried to land in virginia field but on the way down the plane clipped trees and crashed on to a stretch of highway as you can see upside down. but the dad, his children and
10:33 pm
the pilot only have bumps and bruises. >> just a blessing that someone survived this. this is just incredible to survive this crash. it's an easter blessly something is meant for those people in the future. >> oh yeah. authorities say the plane was on its way from south carolina to maryland when it crash. faa and ntsb are both investigating what went wrong. all right. i can feel those temperatures are dropping out there. here's scott williams with more on that. >> yeah, it's going feel like winter come tomorrow morning, iain, with those winds of change we still have a wind advisory in effect until midnight. we've seen gusts up to 50 miles per hour in a part of the area. so those winds are still how long right now. take look at the current wind gusts. 43 miles per hour wind gusts in the pocono mountains. 41-mile per hour gusts pottsto pottstown. philadelphia right now at about 37 miles per hour out of the north and west. so as we roll the clock ahead 2:00 a.m. we're still looking at winds pretty much area wide gu
10:34 pm
gusting over 30 miles per hour. by tomorrow morning, those winds gusting up to 32 miles per hour in philadelphia. still gusting in the low 40s in the pocono mountains and then by the afternoon, still kind of windy but not quite as gusty as what we're dealing with root now. you can see by tomorrow night, those winds really start to diminish across the area. we saw clouds and showers the first part of the day. then sunshine and blustery conditions as an area of low pressure is pulling away out to sea. kind of up tense feig. high pressure to the midwest and we get that wind tunnel effect in the middle and that's why it has been so blustery this afternoon and this evening across the area. but as that high pressure advances toward our area, tuesday those winds once again will start to relax. the pollen levels that will increase over the neck several days as well. the clouds and showers kind of help thing out today but especially by thursday it will start to peak. take a look at this. the high made it up to 70 degrees today.
10:35 pm
the normal for this year right around 57 degrees. temperatures right now 50 degrees a popular number north and west look at the pocono mountains all right in the 30s. 55 degrees in atlantic city. so some of that colder air will continue to funnel in from the west. 42 degrees right now in pittsburgh. 40 degrees in buffalo. into the 30s in syracuse, new york. so for tonight it's mostly clear. blustery and chilly upper 30s. low fours in the city you have to factor in that wind how your body reacts. so tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like winter. feels like temperatures by 7am, around freezing. philadelphia, millville, temperatures feeling like the upper 20s north and we have. look at the pocono mountains it's going feel like the teens tomorrow morning. so a lot of sunshine tomorrow. but once again, it stays windy and temperatures top out around 56 degrees for the high testimony cher in the afternoon. a cold start wednesday morning in the 30s for the city. 60 degrees the afternoon high
10:36 pm
clouds roll in but it's warm on thursday afternoon, evening showers that continue noose friday. friday highs in the upper 60s. um per 50s on saturday then upper 40s on sunday with chilly conditions moving in. a couple of showers around on monday. highs in the low 50s. there could be a few flurries monday in the pocono mountains. so temperatures really all over the map over the neck seven da days. >> good thing about this time of year it does warm up. >> yeah. hike that. >> all right. thank you scott. drivers caught in a traffic nightmare. check this out. what was in the middle of the street that forced cars on both sides to come to a complete stop? >> and surprise from behind. a guy walked behind the counter of this local gym and right up to the first person working. what he said just before demanding cash. one company says it's changing doughnuts forever. why they're now suing suing their competition. find fantasy shows.
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when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports?
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are you looking for a new job because wawa plans to add thousands of jobs over the next three months. the company announced today that it's going higher more than
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5,000 new associates. wawa says it needs mew talented at it's more than 700 stores. throughout the spring some of the stores will hold open houses so you can learn more about the opportunities at wawa. a legal battle could change doughnuts forever. at least in one indiana town. the battle between two bakeries in western indiana family express and square donuts. they're fighting over the shape of their doughnuts. both make them square and square doughnuts has been doing it this way since the '60's. they sent their arrival a cease and desist letter back in 2006. the other bakery is now asking a court they've gone to court over this to let them call their products square doughnuts. so the fight continues tonight. >> can you trademark the shape of a donut? i'm just wondering. >> i guess we'll find out what the decision is. good i guess so. hope they're good. a north carolina trainers work out is going viral tonight. >> because of her growing belly not because of doughnuts emily
10:41 pm
roth watson is nine months pregnant still going strong at the gym. both working out as you can see and training her clients. a lot of weight. she says she decided when she found out she was pregnant she would try to keep up her exercise. she's also got her doctor's blessings and her husband's support but some of her posts on social media are getting backlash. >> people are very supportive and on my side and then you get the he can treatment other where people are pretty nasty and say things that they couldn't say when they don't know me. >> how can i stay at home being lazy on the couch while she working out and pushing herself. i think it's great and irrelevant expiration al for other women down there. >> she's found down her workouts and looking forward to the new challenge of motherhood. >> people in one neighborhood scared to walk outside. they're getting attacked from above. what neighbors say dropping from the sky and why nothing they can do about it. >> a war hero's gravestone left
10:42 pm
forgotten tossed near a dumpst dumpster. the mystery uncovered on the journey to get this vet the honor he deserves. ♪ i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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directions on australian road because of a cool la who apparently taking his time crossing to the other side. as you can see curious drivers stopped got on the you have their cars and watched him run all rover the road. final al local police officer helped the little guy make to the safety of nearby tree. >> good. philadelphia police are looking for a guy that robbed planet fitness in roxborough. happened about 2:30 thursday morning on the 6200 block of ridge avenue. police say the man walked up to an employee from behind and said you know what time it is? then demanded money. when the employee turned he saw the man pointer ago gun and then handed over that money. if you recognize this guy, give police a call. big bird problem flock aig round a florida neighborhood. for the second year in a row hawks have settled in this community in the at a time tampa area. the hawks have been a major nuisance much at least four people in the area say the birds have attacked them. >> one of the gentleman is 88
10:46 pm
years old and he's been hit so hard he had to go to the hospital. get a tetanus shot and now he wears a helmet just to get to his mailbox and back inside his house. >> neighbors cannot do much about the hawks other than steer clear. wildlife officials say they will not disturb them since they are protected. >> authorities in florida are on the hunt for a giraffe after someone took it from a man's front yard. the giraffe is a statue. take a look at the front yard of his orange city home. the homeowner still has a lot of cool statues but that giraffe that towered over all at 7 feet tall is gone. it's worth about 500 bucks or so and the homeowner definitely wants it back. >> you see our animals here and we had a giraffe. and somebody stole the giraffe friday night. they jumped over fence and took the giraffe. >> grandchildren loved that giraffe even named it tilley. deputes somebody stole another statue from nearby home that one
10:47 pm
was an angel that shooter about 3 feet tall. they're now trying to track down both pieces of artwork. a colas sal industrial fire in upstate new york finally under control. the flames broke out last night at a recycling facility in buffalo. trash and recycled material fueled the flames made firefighters job even more difficult. official say the fire was dangerously close to a chemical warehouse. so hazmat teams are also on the scene just in case no word yet on what spark the fire. the gravestone of a vietnam veterans toed aside in a philadelphia neighborhood. neighbors reached out to fox 29 looking for a way to get the stone in the hands of the proper authorities. >> as jeff cole reports officials would very much like to speak to familiar members of the soldier who served his country. >> reporter: tucked behind an apartment building near a dumpster there's a long white stone that marks a life. ♪ >> reporter: it was the life of george allen bryant who served his country in the united
10:48 pm
states army in the long national nightmare that was the vietnam war. this north philly resident says he's actually scene the marker here for years but either because it was covered with debris or had been recently flipped over he'd never noticed the inscription. >> what did you think when you for the first time you saw that this was a military marker? >> i felt really, um, like i had to do something about it because my family served in the marines and the army and the navy. >> reporter: he says once he and others realized it was a veteran's marker they took pictures and posted them on social medial smith called fox 29 seeking help. >> it's a tombstone. >> reporter: when we arrived neighbors quickly gathered around the stone wondering allowed how it could have en end near west 67th and side den ham a few feet from the front of a neighborhood mark. >> it kept yelling out to me to do something about it. like to talk to somebody or to find where it belongs to or
10:49 pm
where it needs to go to or where it needs to go back to. >> reporter: just a few blocks away on arise with philadelphia's skyline in the distance stands philadelphia national cemetery. a veterans administration run final resting place for the nation's warriors. it is a stunning site carefully placed rows of stark white markers. we alerted cemetery managers of george bryant's stone alongside the dumpster. they checked and found no record of bryant being buried in cemeteries they administer but sent a worker to meet us so we could lead them to the stone. weighing 200 pounds it was placed in truck and taken back to the national cemetery where it will be held until it's determined where it longs or what to do with it. >> it's a shame that it was purple heart veteran that was out here just on the ground his tombstone was on the ground. >> reporter: one thing is certain. the stone marking george amount buoyant's time on this earth and his service to his country is no
10:50 pm
longer next to dumpster on the corner of west 67th and side den ham. >> i'm just hoping that, you know, it goes back to its rightful owner. >> jeff cole, fox 29 news. so if you know the family of george amount bryant call the philadelphia national cemetery. ask for its director. we have the number on our website just look under scene on tv. all right. howard is here with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> all kinds of sports. villanova, yes, they have a challenge with their first apponte in the pep in the final four but there are other hur dell the wildcats have to overcome. hear from jay wright. it was not the way the flyers wanted the game to go against a team eliminated from the playoffs. no way the game should have gone to overtime. crazy ending coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
♪ those flyers going into tonight have eight games left on
10:54 pm
the schedule and right now they're in the final spot tide in the standings for the playoffs. the flyers again playing a bad hockey team in winnipeg. they have to win these games, right? let's go to the wells fargo center. it looked like it was no problem fort flyers. up one to nothing in the second peer. wayne simmonds the shot and score. up two-one. his 26th goal of the year. early in the third this is where it got ugly. winnipeg is bad team scores the tying goal against mason it's two-two. they go to overtime. and the flyers better win in overtime because they don't like shootouts. all right. 14 seconds left in the overtime. the goalie keeps it in zone gets it to giroux. he scores with 14 seconds left. three-the two flyers win in overtime for the flyers the winning goal was important not getting to that shootout. >> i was pretty tired and tried to get back. they had a two on two. they missed. i was able to get it and get a break away and i was pretty tired to make the pass but did he a good job of recovering the
10:55 pm
puck and -- >> unless it gets in the net. the red wings also in that final push for the playoff spot. end to end riley sheehan red wings go up three to nothing. they beat buffalo three-two. they're still tied. villanova coming down to what they hope are the final two games of the season. win saturday night against oklahoma would give them that final game an chance to play for the national championship. saturday 6:00 p.m. nova plays oklahoma. villanova played great defense to win and get this far in the tournament. they played oklahoma this season and sudden their worst lot. both teams are different at this point. the final four presents other problems for the teams even though jay wright went to the final four in 2009. there are more distractions. >> there's nothing to can prepare you for this and after you go through it, you realize, wow, you know, i should have done some things differently.
10:56 pm
i hope we've learned and we're doing things a little bit better. there's nothing like this week. nothing. >> we'll see. phillies winding down in philadelphia playing toronto. this is vincent have a lasques vying for a starting spot he got the fifth spot. darrin ruf clearly getting better than ryan howard. write the checks for ryan howard saying thanks for the memories. phillies lose two-one. let's go to the uk. west sussex, england the world marble championship. i just hope they don't lose their marbles doing this stuff. it's once a year. once a year and they're playing marbles. now the organizers say it's been going for hundreds of years. who had marbles hundreds of years ago? >> they did. >> no, they didn't. >> where did they get marbles. >> they used golf balls. >> they lost their marbles. >> apparently they have. all righty. >> i used to love playing
10:57 pm
marble. did you ever do that. >> yes, i did. >> did you lose them? >> yeah. always lose your marbles. >> true. >> full hour of entertainment news with tmz, dish nation and then chasing and the simpsons. >> that's right. we've got weather moving in. so bob kelly and sue serio that's their name they've got you covered in the morning. xel .
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
we got the first shot two weeks before he goes back on the road, axl rose -- >> kind of more interesting thing than seeing axl, the band he's with is not guns n' roses, it's ac/dc. >> rumor is he will be singing for ac/dc on the remainder of their to date. >> combining guns n' roses and ac/dc song? >> yes, "sweet child of mine" and "back in black" as one. >> sweet black child of mine? [laughter] >> justin bieber had a camp -- camping weekend. he stripped off all his clothes and stood next to the lake. >> who physically takes this picture? >> the person laying on the blanket. >> the boy takes this picture of you? >> what's the line between bro weekend and brokeback weekend? [laughter] >> hugh jackman at bondi beach. it's total chaos in the water. his son clearly caught in some sort of current riptide. >> how old is he?


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