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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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(young churning seen spitting hit cents passengers on a septa train. what you didn't see adds insult to injury. >> fourteen year old fighting for his life this morning. the crime that police are now trying to piece together. >> and the madness continues for the villanova wildcats. we're just days away from the big final four match up. how they're getting set for today's big departure. >> good day everyone, it is march 30th, 2016. thank you so much for waking up with us. >> your brackets still looking good. you had been going all the way. >> yes, left side of the brackets, good, sue. on the right side, seton hall and villanova? seton hall eliminate dollars in the first bracket. >> i had villanova going all the way, too, but i haven't looked at anything else.
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so i have to check, that see how great i probably was. right? anyway, we're going with another # out every ten today. yesterday wasn't bad. but it was chilly all day, with those winds, and today, because of the lack of cloud cover, you can see, it is cloudy where the rain is, out in the midwest, but we had radiational cooling overnight, which means we hell on, we couldn't hold on to the heat of the day, however much we got, and temperatures did plunge overnight. so, right now in philadelphia, we're at only 39 degrees, and it feels like 35. so this is winter coat weather for you and for the kids later on. 6:47 is your sunrise time. other temperatures, and these are at the actual temperatures, we're in the 20's lancaster, reading, allentown, mount pocono, and pottstown, freezing in trenton, 27 degrees in millville. factor in these wind, which aren't as high as they were for the past two days. it is still a windchill that's in the 20's and three's, just about everywhere this morning. so, today, get ready for high
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temperature of 60 degrees, sunshine, this is a seasonable high temperature, little colder than average this morning. tonight it, won't be quite as cold. we will have overnight low of 45 degrees in the city, with just few clouds here and there. we will talk about temperature roller coaster ride in our seven day forecast, as we get little bit closer to the weekend. it is hump day, bob kelly. >> hump, hump, hump day, mike, mike, mike. 5:02. good morning, everybody, almost gave you a heart attack saying it was 6:00. live look at the schuylkill expressway, no delays coming into downtown, we got all of the skies all lit up there with all of the high-rises in the background, boathouse row lit up, look good, art museum, no problems at all on the drivers, like here the martin luther king drive, looking good this morning, curbside on the 42 freeway, construction crews have headed on home, but we still have that, those patterns there, new patterns along 42, 295, where the construction is continuing there in bellmawr.
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295 south, again, just watch yourself, for that new pattern as you head southbound in toward the freeway. they're going to be back at it later on today as well after the rush hour for the gang in warrington, detours around this county line road closure, shutdown on the bridge over little neshaminy creek. so even the school buses are delayed getting through the detour, and yesterday's hot mess, of a truck fire, that shutdown turnpike connector bridge, everything back to normal this morning, somewhat normal, two of the three lanes are open, coming into pennsylvania. so if you leave new jersey, and use that connector bridge, you're good to go coming into pa. mass transit looking good with no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> man returned to the hospital after being shot three times, philadelphia police tell fox 29 that the 26 year old was dropped off at mercy hospital with gunshot wounds to his head, chest, and arm. he was then taken to presbyterian hospital in critical condition. police say that shooting actually took place at a home
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on the 800 block every south cecil street in the city cobbs creek section. there, police found the trail of blood coming from that home and police are now interviewing family members to figure out exactly what happened. a 14 year old boy rushed to the hospital in critical condition after police tell us, he was shot in the back. this happened about 9:30 last night along the 300 block of north 60 street in west philadelphia. police are not sure if the teen was the intended target or the victim after stray bullet. the reason there were eight shell casings found at the scene, one bullet hit the teen. right now investigators are still looking for that sheeter. >> young children causing mass chaos on septa train, tossing, teasing, abusing passengers, now police say they tracked those kids and their parents down. >> video of the kids was seen all over facebook. dave kinchen live in center city with the details on this. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris, lauren, the biggest thing from investigators, they say, that these kids are now getting the help they needed, at least from social services, since police make contact with the parent, but still, it is
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the kind of video that makes you think about the next generation coming up, and makes you wonder what's going on in today's world. we have taken up the numerous f bombs and n words used by these kids in this minute and a half video, as they scream, curse even spit on the other septa passengers. now, the person recording this is actually punched in the groin by one of the miss behaving youth, and it is likely that the person who recorded this also posted this on social media, septa officials say an adult caregiver board dollars the market frankford el with several young people at second and market streets thursday night, around 7:30 in the evening, norm lip, we blur the faces of minors, but here is septa police asking the media to show the faces hoping someone recognizes them, still we edited the video slightly to protect the kids, due to their age, but we showed the unedited version to people who can't believe what they saw. >> that's very disappoint to go see that in the kids,
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that's not something that i would want my child to be involved in at all. >> oh, wow. wow, that's just -- that's just not right. that's -- i would say that's bad parenting. >> or any parenting at all? >> right. absolutely. >> i don't think you have to be a truth say tear say these kids are headed down a bad path. >> septa police say that this video involved four boys and one girl, they have found the parents, and are helping them with social services, and what also makes this more timely is that philadelphia city council actually just had a hearing on youth violence, in the city, and here we have something like this taking place with kids between the ages of five and apparently seven years old. just terrible. >> shocking based on their ages, dave kinchen live in center city, thank you. meantime 5:07. candles anteriores, family and friend gather to remember a
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local teen killed by a hit-and-run driver, vigil was held last night, for the pennsauken high sophomore. we broke this story yesterday morning. such a sad story, as dozens gathered at mcgraw park in camden to remember kayson turner. they held candles anibal ons in his memory. killed trying to cross route 130 monday night, police later arrest suits and highland, her 19 year old neice, passenger in the car, called 911 and turned in her aunt. police say hi land was hiding out at her home near 29th and clinton in camden when police tried to arrest her, she tried to run, and kayson's brother led that vigil. >> on the ground crying, i mean, why, why did this happen, that was my earlier. but i can't see myself doing it now because that's my brother. he wouldn't want that. why, why would he want someone to cry when he's not in pain? he's not down there. he's up in heaven next to god. >> the victim's family says
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they're grateful for the teen who turned in her aunt. police say the suspect was driving on a suspended license when she hit the teen. >> new information in the death of four people who lived in a wilmington apartment building, investigators say exhaust pipes designed to let the carbon monoxide out were arrested and -- were rusted and collapsed. made that discovery when investigators toured the evergreen apartment, on monday. on friday, police officers doing a welfare check fawn four people in two apartments, all dead. authority have yet to release official cause of death, but suspect carbon monoxide poisoning. >> well the police motto: if you see something say something, definitely applied two times on septa last night. transit police got a tip that a man riding the el train had a gun. when the train pulled into the spring garden station, police arrested the man after they found the suspected handgun. police say a few hours later philadelphia and septa police teamed up to get another gun at the summerset septa station. arrested three people, who investigators say, moment
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before robbed a woman inside a home on east orleans street. >> giving those tips, that little bit of information, can go a long way. >> quick response by 24th district offers earls, good communication with the septa police, and good response to be able to get these guys and get another weapon off the street. >> septa riders say of course they're glad to hear that the suspect and their guns for that matter are off the streets, lauren. >> new castle county investigators trying to track down who ever is setting trailer homes on fire. the latest happening in a newark trailer park it, started just before 5:00 last night, damaged nine vacant trailers, one fire fight her to be taken to the hospital. this is the fifth fire since january of last year. investigators have ruled all arson and say the people behind them are also damaging fire hydrant in the area, so crews can't get the water they need to fight the flames. >> coming up on a 10:00, on this wednesday morning, the villanova wildcats just days away from their big final four match up. the team hoping to clinch a
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win against oak home al this saturday night. >> jennifer joyce is at villanova where the team will take off for houston at some point today. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, chris, yes, we are expect that to happen later this afternoon it, has been seven years since the villanova wildcats have been in this position headed to the final four. they could not be more excited. we were all able to watch last weekends, the celebration happened after the underdogs knocked number one seed kansas out of the tournament. it happened to be lead guard ryan ash. -- arch birthday, now preparing to leave philly for houston to play oklahoma in final four match up. the last time coach wright led the team it was in 2009. coach wright reflected on his past experiences at the final four, said the biggest challenge may be maintaining focus on basketball a mid all of the distractions off the court. >> there is nothing like this week. nothing. and it just builds, and builds, by the time you get to the game saturday, and
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everybody's in town, everybody's there, the hype is just off the charts. challenge is to really keep focused, just playing simple basketball game. >> definitely told us what he did wrong the first time he went to the final four. and none of just been there. owe so we put all of our trust in him like we've been doing all season. we know the final four, tons of distractions, but once on the floor we have to know we're going to play villanova basketball. >> reporter: in a press conference sunday coach wright said his team has gotten so much better as time has gone on, and his played are prepared to play oak home al in what's going to be a very good game. cheerleaders will be arriving on campus between 6:30 and 7:00. we'll bring it to you live, again, watching as the wildcats head to houston later this afternoon. lauren, chris? >> thank you, jennifer joyce, you temple owl you, smiling still. scam, police are all over our area are investigating. >> what those behind it are
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doing in hopes that you pay up, the big bucks. >> and the five remaining presidential candidates, set their sites on wisconsin, with gop's taking part in a town hall. much more straight ahead.
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>> high levels of pollen, today, tomorrow, rainy day, take the level down little bit, right back up on saturday, primal err gentlemen season for the spring tree pollen, allergies. so take your medication. if that's your problem. >> the rain for thursday evening into friday is not here yet. it is way out in the midwest. so today, it is clear skies. but also, colder temperatures. when will that rain arrive? well, it seemed like maybe it would be in the afternoon on thursday, but now it looks like it is in the overnight hours, into friday morning. so, it will affect our morning rush hour, and a program here, good day philadelphia, on friday morning. soap, by 2:00 you're seeing some scattered showers around, by 6:00 the rain might be a little bit heavier, everything rolls out throughout the afternoon on and off. we get the backlash from the exiting system, by 4:00, and it looks like most of it is out of here by midnight. so that we can have some sunshine saturday, it will be cooler by then, and the warm up not expected until really tomorrow. so we have a cold start to the morning. these are actual temperatures
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in the 20's, 30's, it is 39 in the city, and it feels like 35, so, windchills being in the two's, and three's, that's what you are dress for this morning, make sure the kids also have enough on. wind speeds are not as high as they were but it does take a couple of miles an hour for it to feel a lot chillier. we went from 70 on monday to 59 yesterday. today will be around the same. 60 degrees, so we give you another eight out of ten, rain arrives as we said at night on thursday. and then it is on and off rain on friday, thunderstorms, are possible, late in the day on friday, as well. and boy are we going to cool off for the second half of the weekend. temps starting out below freezing in many places, on sunday morning, and not getting out of the 40's during the day. bob kelly? >> yesterday, stores, all they have is the summer stuff out now. don't put those sweatshirt away yet. good morning, everybody, 5:16 this wednesday morning, hello north philadelphia, live look at woodhaven road up by
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philadelphia mills, the outlets up there, in northeast philadelphia. here is a live look at i-95, brake lights here on the right, headed southbound, from cottman avenue in to girard, kind of quiet so far this morning. but most of the construction crews have pick up and they've headed on home. nova fans, get ready to toot the horn as the caravan of buses pull out of the campus, here along lancaster avenue. they will work their way up to the blue route then head south. this is all later on this afternoon, probably, right before the evening rush hour. as the buses head south, down on the blue route, down to the airport, so cheer on our nova team and toot the horn as you see the buses rolling later this afternoon. 422, coming in from collegeville, no problems south on 202, as you work your way from king of prussia down into west chester. ninety-five, now, later on this morning, right after the rush hour, about 9:00, crews will start working here, some bridge inspections between the
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blue route and the commodore barry bridge, and if you are headed out the front door south jersey good to go on 295. and looking good on all of the area bridges. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> local police warning about speeding ticket scam that's asking to you pay up police bliss hackers are responsible using traffic and navigation apps to send fake speeding tickets to people's emails, so far at least three drivers in tredyffrin township got messages using real names, and accurate information and speed where they were driving. police say a lick-able attachment that comes with that e-mail, actually a virus, that's automatically installed on your computer. >> it is crazy. and like people watch us all time, all the time. >> i would like to know who is you? how did you get to me? why did you get to me? >> and investigators say the emails have come from the address citation app, police want to remind people they do not send traffic citations through the e-mail. >> the presidential campaign heat up in wisconsin, days
5:19 am
before voters there head to the polls, republican rivals took to the stage during town hall in miami walky. >> of course the governor of wisconsin, scott walker, was once a candidate for this year's presidential nomination on the gop side. by the way, looks like donald trump may be revisiting is pledge or pledge not to support the republican nominee no matter who is nominated. take a look at this. >> i don't want to make people uncomfortable. i don't need their support. now maybe it will be a negative, maybe it won't. >> so it is null and void? >> i've been supporting who ever the republican nominee is. you say you will no longer agree -- >> i've been treated very unfairly. >> i've been treated very unfairly? texas senator ted cruz has similar answer, and said, he may or may not support trump, if he wins the nomination. but cruz also used last night's opportunity to talk about his ideas to, quote, patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. when it comes to identifying potential terror threats. >> listen, if you want to stop
5:20 am
radical islamic terrorism, the answer is not to go hang out in random neighborhoods, it is instead to focus on communities where radicalizations a risk. i'll tell you what europe has done. europe has followed the path that barack obama and hillary clinton want to put us on. that the tragedy, these terror attacks in europe, are a result of failed immigration policy. >> ohio governor john kasich also on that stage, and sounding off against cruz, saying, increasing surveillance every muslims would not help anti-terrorism efforts. >> if we polarize the entire muslim community how are we going to get the information we want? we want muslims to go to mosque that see radicalization to tell authority about it. >> of course national security and threat of terrorism has become top button recent since attacks in brussels and par us. >> as for the democratic side, also shifting their attention to the state of wisconsin. bernie sanders held town hall
5:21 am
meeting in happen elton, hoping wins in al will did a, hawaii, and meanwhile, clinton focusing on rounding up votes from young voters. yesterday, she told college student at western technical college she believes everyone deserves a good education, regardless of where they live, wisconsin's democratic and republican primaries are next tuesday, april 5th, it is a winner take allstate. >> still ahead, a new music streaming service is hoping to take on the competition. what sound cloud says it can offer you that the other can't. plus your mother's always told to you sit up straight, right? well, her advice about your posture could be paying off in your next date. we'll explain how many the two are related, so you have to have a strong core, right? to have a good strong back posture, by the way, this song is called the core, by eric clapton, and we play this for you this wednesday morning because it is eric clapton's birthday. >> happy birthday.
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>> sound cloud go, in many ways, the same as the other streaming service, for 9.99
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you get access to songs from popular artists, add free streaming, and off-line signing for 9.99, a month, but they have a hook that no others can match. massive library of 125 million songs, most of which are only on sounded cloud, exclusives include a a sort p of freestyles, fan made re mixes, and unofficial singles. casino of cool. >> consumption, of carbonated soft drinks the lowest since 1985. experts say the lower demand for diet sodas are to blame for the decline. many consumers now looking for healthier alternatives like juices, and flavored waters, the 11th straight year overall sales of carbonated soft drinks, drops in the u.s. one way, the industry is trying to lure people back, is with smaller cans and bottles. >> all right, if you're single, you should take your mom's advice and sit up straight. because you may get a second date. >> is that what the problem has been for me? >> no, you typically have very
5:26 am
good posture. >> you know why? i took ballet as a young girl. >> what do they teach in ballet? the strings tied to your head? is that what they teach you? >> you know? pretend someone is pulling on that string. >> new study suggesting good posture and welcoming body language may boost your odds of a romantic spark on on-line dating or the speed dating these kids are doing these days. >> okay. >> all right? so, here is the deal. researchers viewed more than 125 speed date, who went four minutes, talking to one another, so the teen rated participant posture, check their speed dating result, right? finding a person who appeared open, like this, right, not closed off, was more likely to get a yes response from their speed dating partner. what do you think about that? >> i agree, can i not, it is one of my pet peaves, when person like slouches, and slumps over. >> right? >> specially when you are in a table, sitting across, trying talk to someone and their body language is just like it is the most un attractive thing ever. >> when we first got in the
5:27 am
television business you have consultants, first thing they taught me don't do there is you're closed off. you want to be inviting. >> still ahead, more controversy, surroundings donald trump's campaign, why his campaign manager now facing misdemeanor battery charge. >> empire is back, much more on part two of season two straight ahead.
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>> kids young kids seen swearing, hitting passengers on septa train. these little guys doing that bad stuff. it is what you didn't see that adds insult to injury. >> and the madness continues, for the villanova wildcat. we're just days away from the big final four match up. how they're getting ready for today's big departure. good day everybody, it is wednesday, march 30th, 2016. i still have two days to come up with a good april fools joke for you. >> i'm not looking forward to that. i am looking forward to tonight's flyers game, at the wells fargo center, sue serio, we have to win this game. i think we've got what eight games left in the schedule, tied with detroit, the point count? >> this is good team tonight, the capitols. >> yes, one of the best, well, best team in the east. >> yes, there is that.
5:31 am
really good. oh, boy. so bus stop buddy, smiling through it all. but notice, he has his winter coat on. might even need some gloves if you are going to be outside for awhile, because our temperatures this morning are in the 20's, 30's, off to a cold start this morning. the reason? lack of cloud cover. we talk about it all the time. radiational cooling, when skies are clear, temperatures plummet. that rain you see out to the west, not coming here until tomorrow late in the day. so for now deal with 39 degrees in the city feeling like 35, sunrise time, 6:47. these are your actual temperatures, 20's to the north of us, 20's to the south of us, in millville, new jersey, and where it is in the 30's, just enough after breeze to make it feel like it is in the 20's, in dover, delaware, in atlantic city, new jersey, as well. so your planner for today for plenty of sunshine, and we will recover pretty nicely this afternoon, breezes will pick up again right around lunchtime. won't be quite as windy as it was the past two days. but it looks like nice
5:32 am
afternoon with high of 60 degrees. sunset, 7:24. we will talk about temperature roller coaster in the seven day forecast, really going to have to pay attention, because almost each day, bob kelly, things will change. >> and you're right, make sure the kids have that jacket, that winter jacket. i know they'll probably give you hard time with that, put that jacket on this morning. but it is certainly chilly out. hello to fish down. this is a live look, at girard avenue. just off of frankford avenue in the neighborhood here. starting to see some volume pop. folks stepping out, head today work, stepping out and head up and over the bridges, live look here at the ben franklin example of all of the bridges kind of quiet at the moment. no problems on 422, did pick up construction out near route 23, no problems up and down 22 between west chester and king of prussia. good news for everybody that uses the turnpike connector bridge. yesterday right after the rush hour we had tractor-trailer fire. right now, coming into pennsylvania, two of the three lanes are open. so, when you leave new jersey,
5:33 am
and come into pa, be ready to hit the brakes on that down side as you enter the pennsylvania turnpike right there in bucks county. anwar inning ton, county line roadblocked, right at the bridge, over little neshaminy creek. so all part of the reconstruction project. some delays and detours in the neighborhood. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> all right, let's stay with travel of sorts. side note about it. young kids, causing chaos on septa train, taunting and abusing passengers. >> now, police say they've track down those kids and parents, dave kinchen live in center sit which this video. hi, dave! >> hi, lauren, chris. this is one of those videos that really does make you think about the current state the young people, what's really happening in the generation that's coming up. now, we've taken out the numerous f bombs and n words used by these kids in the minute and a half video, as they scream, they cuss at and even spit on other septa passengers, the person
5:34 am
actually recording the video believe it or not is punched in the groin as you may see thereby one of the miss behaving youth in this situation. septa officials say an adult caregiver board the the market frankford el with several young children at second and market in old city thursday night around 7:30 in the evening. normally we typically, we blew the faces of minors -- we below the faces of minors, but they asked to show the media hoping someone recognizes them, still edited slightly due to the kids' ages, but we showed the un it it dollars version to people and they can't believe what they saw. >> oh, obviously a free for all. don't you think? it would just be whatever comes over there, allowed to express it. >> tyne lilly people who are act violently on a train at age, what, five, six, seven? this is not a case where at 6:00 a.m. some day we will be bussing down the door and dragging them out in little handicuffs. it is just not going to happen. we want to get help for them.
5:35 am
>> soap, if there is any good news in all of this, septa police tell us they have found the parent of the boys in this situation and they are helping with social services at this time, and the septa police chief says this is even more timely considering philadelphia city council just heard testimony on youth violence in the city, and here we have violence between young people who as he said are believed to be between five to seven years old, just terrible. >> yes. and the head of septa police, i mean, he's seen it all, but maybe not this. and not kids this young. >> right. >> shocking. dave, thanks. a man returned to the hospital after being shot three times, philadelphia police tell fox 29 the 26 year old was dropped off at mercy hospital, when gunshot wounds to his head, chest and arms, he was transferred to presbyterian hospital in critical condition. police say the shooting actually took place at a home on the 800 block every south cecil street, in the city cobbs creek section. there police found the trail of blood coming from the home. police are interviewing family
5:36 am
members to figure out exactly what happened. no arrest haves been made. 5:35. a 14 year old boy rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police tell us he was shot in the back. this happened around 9:30 last night along the 300 block of north 60th street in west philly. police are not sure if the teen was the intended target or just victim of stray bullet. in fact, there were eight shell casings found at that scene. that's why they think maybe it might have been a stray bullet. of course, one of the bullets did hit that teen right now investigators are still looking for that shooter. >> double the limit. that's the blood alcohol level of the pilot being accused of being intoxicated while at work. prosecutors in detroit have charged this man, 50 year old john mcguire, with operating under the influence. according to newly-released report, his blood alcohol level was .081. the limit for pilots is .04. authorities say a tsa employee was first to report suspicions of mcguire possibly being drunk before his plane was set to take off from detroit to philadelphia mcguire does live
5:37 am
in pennsylvania. >> that means woe have been legally drunk to drive a kareem. wow. how did he get to the airport to report for work even that morning? 5:37. still ahead, the flyers have their site set on the playoffs, and they're brinking in another goaltender possibly give steve mason a break. seven games left in their season. they skate against the capitols at home tonight. preview straight ahead.
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>> sixers are seven losses away from tying own records at the worse in nba history. that will would leave the sixers with nine wins for the season, insult to the fans. another brutal game last night. to the wells fargo center. sixers were awful in the first half. a record low 27% in the first half. it was brick city. clang, clang, clang. sixers lost to charlotte 100 to 85. all right, 27% in the first half. breath brown had misleading stat when the sixers shot a record 44, three-point shot. >> franchise record 16 made three's, really few of them tj had good looks. everybody had some good looks that maybe would have turned the game. >> i had a good look, too, and it was awful, how is that? flyers don't want to wear out steve mason in goal. so they're banking in former flyer goalie ray emory for a try out today. emory played over the season, if he sticks, i'm told back up anthony will go-go.
5:41 am
>> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> hopefully he makes the team. good for our fly guys. >> the villanova wildcats just days away from big final four match up. the team hoping to clinch. win against oklahoma saturday night. >> seven years since the villanova wildcats have been to the final four. they could not be more excited. last week they knocked kansas out of the tournament, the team now preparing to leave philadelphia today for houston, texas, to play oklahoma in the final four match up. so, coach jay wright said he learned from the last experience in final four that nothing can prepare you for this kind of match up. >> so i told the guys, look, i made mistakes in certain areas last time, i think we'll be better prepared. the biggest challenge is to fight the urge to think about anything except playing acinal 40 minute basketball game against oklahoma. >> doesn't coach wright seem poised and confident this time around? >> because he's done so much
5:42 am
right. >> well, ya. and last year, i mean, limit nature dollars in the second rounds. so i think just ready for this. come on, guys, last type coach wright led the team to this final four match up was 2009. >> let's go. all right, still ahead, the moment empire fans have been waiting for, part two of season two, we have a sneak peak happen at what you can expect. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks
5:43 am
and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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>> ♪ >> happy birthday to this guy. country music's biggest star really, just 26 years old today. he launched first albumn 2013. already had five number one songs in the country charts. >> i have this albumn. >> okay. >> here's a huge star. how about this guy? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> eric clip ton 71 years old today. slow hands considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time. >> i can't believe 71. >> seventy-one. >> sue serio, where did the time go? >> a lot of people don't realize eric and the dome knows, lala, that was him.
5:46 am
>> probably biggest hit real. >> i we could talk about him for the rest of the show. you know what, we will talk about weather, because that's what we do. the rain that's coming our way for tomorrow night is way out in the midwest. and we are talking temperature, i really think that's weather headline this morning, how cold it is outside. but look how it will warm up by tomorrow. in the mid to upper 60s in the afternoon. timing the arrival of the rain, looks like maybe a little later than we originally thought. we will see the clouds overnight on thursday, but the rain doesn't roll in until friday morning. unfortunately, we have some pockets of heavy downpours, maybe even thunderstorm, so, rains throughout the morning, we had little bit after break in the afternoon, and it is casino of spotty showers, and then another round of showers, thunderstorms, friday afternoon. after we get into the mid 70s, so, it is a cold front. and that means we will cool off on saturday, and even colder with another cold front on sunday, we will break it down in the seven day. right now 39 degrees in philadelphia. twenty's to the north of us, allentown only 29 degrees, 27
5:47 am
mount pocono, and millville, and that's what it feels like. so it is not a loft winds, but just think about wintery start to the day. make sure that you and the kids have a warm enough coat, at least the winds have calmed down from where they were past couple every days. so up to 58 for our average high. now that we are almost into april. and we got to 59 degrees yesterday. i think we may hit 06 a with all of the sunshine today, tomorrow the rain comes late. no fooling for friday's forecast, sorry, it will be mild, but we do have that rain around. maybe even thunderstorm or two popping up. look what happens over the weekends. we get high in the 60s saturday, cooler than friday. and then much colder on sunday, monday is still kind of chilly with a cold start in the 30's. and on tuesday we have a high around ooh degrees. so, up and down with the temperatures, but that's change of season, bob kelly, that's how we roll. >> that's how we roll. rolling this morning, 5:47. hello delco.
5:48 am
live look at i95 here rolling northbound, starting to see some volume pop, the beginning after morning rush hour, folks getting up, getting out, headed up toward the airport, blue route, no problems coming out of mid-county. blue route will be the route for the villanova bus caravan. later on this afternoon, they're going to pull out of campus here, along lancaster avenue. beep the horn, on the blue route or 95 when the buses pass you, with that police escort. headed from villanova, down to philadelphia international airport. they head to houston, it will be later on this afternoon, but give the horn a little toot for the support for the basketball players as they head out to the final four. 422, no problems yet. you work your way eastbound, starting to see the beginning of a morning rush hour, as you head in toward king of prussia there. but the turnpike connector bridge, what a mess yesterday, good news is that it is open if you are coming from new jersey, into pennsylvania, two of the three lanes are open, see the wreckage from the tractor-trailer still out there, they'll be making the
5:49 am
final repairs later on today, mass transit, the airport, looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> donald trump's campaign manager facing misdemeanor battery charge after police say he assault add reporter. police in jupiter, floored have released this security video. they say shows what happens at a trump rally earlier this month. former reporter michelle fields was trying to ask the gop front run area question, when she says campaign manager cory grabbed her and almost made her fall. trump is standing by, saying, he, quote, absolutely is innocent. >> model janice dickinson defemation lawsuit should move forward, that according to los angeles judge, dickinson sued cosby, after he denied her claims that he drugged and raped her in 1982. attorneys argue continue erickson's store had i changed over the years. the judge said she was not affecting the credibility of dickinson or cosby, that will be up to jury. dozen of people have accused cosby of sexual abuse.
5:50 am
5:50 the time. empire fanatic rejoice, hit drama is back right here on fox 29 tonight. >> yep, big cliff hangers from the fall. adam housley what we can expect. >> get out of my office. >> you are going have to drag me out offer. >> the drama resumes in the lion den as fox's hit series empire returns on wednesday night. >> well first things first we have to get our company back. we have to start there. we have to be very strategic about it. >> now time for lucious and cook toy step up, put their differences aside through the drama and, you know, kind of piece their family back together. so it is still sexy. it is still, you know, salacious and dramatic. >> somebody's getting married. and i hear rumors somebody's dying. i don't know. i guess people die when you're trying to build an empire, or keep it. >> you just through away our legacy. and for what? >> after the dramatic fall finale, caitlin, plays rhonda,
5:51 am
reveals her charge is her still alive after being pushed down the stairs. >> if you find somebody that's worth fighting for, then take down anyone that gets in your way. >> we do see in the previews for next season, rhonda sort of scraping her way across the floor. bloodied mess. we know that i'm not dead. and obviously i am area here, i would be at home crying, you know, cursing empire if i was dead. so did i not die. but i mean, sad things do happen. and the way that andre and rhonda sort of go through what has happened is just tim us actual us, crazy, insane, fun stuff to watch. >> this is battle rack. we just going to throw you some substance and you flow. >> knows the show's fans are incredibly excite that cookie is back. >> what makes cookie stand out in the crowd is that she speaks her truth. >> i get it. you know, people just they're tamped to her, so attached to her, they feel like they know her. that doesn't mean you know me. so don't hit me in public.
5:52 am
i love you, hug me, because i might call security. >> in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. a lot more from taraji, she sit down with alex, she gets some behind the scenes scoop for you after the show right here on "fox 29 news" at 10:00. >> adam housley would say this. good day turning 20. adam and i are good friend, back story, worked together in chico california way back when, one of the first markets together. >> okay, so list own n friday april 1st, it is not a joke, having our 20th and verse rip, we want you to help us celebrate. come down to fourth and market between 7:00 and 10:00. huge kick off party to celebrate mike and alex after the show starting 1:00 p.m. we will be living streaming for 20 hours, do you have watch that. and there is going to be a really big announcement. all right, still ahead: some local veterans finally get their celebratory homecoming.
5:53 am
why the honor came decades after the viet nam war.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> 5:55. local veterans finally got their celebratory homecoming. tribute hon orders service members who sacrifices were not always appreciated by their fellow americans because of unpopular war. philadelphia area viet nam veterans were honored in a ceremony at the national armory. friends, family, respectful strangers, gathered to say thank you, after 50 years, and many of the veterans, a show of appreciation that they never felt before. >> they made us feel the ashamed for what we had done. serving our country, and shedding our blood. >> healing process for the amount of pain and anguish that we went through. >> each veteran received a certificate of recognition. the veterans were touched that after 50 years, they finally received a welcome home. next on good day, it is a video leaving many absolutely
5:57 am
discussed. young kids, really young kids, seen swearing, spitting, even hitting passengers on a septa train. but it is what you didn't see that really adds insult to injury. and madness continues for villanova and the wildcat, just days away from their big final four match up against oklahoma. how they're getting set for today's big departure to houston. if i want to go up...
5:58 am
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>> litz ace go november a live all morning at villanova university. as the wildcats gear up ahead of their final four showdown in houston, texas. young children causing chaos on a train, it is what you don't see that will make you angry. and this: >> it is not even worth it to describe how amazing it was. >> a community comes together to remember the life of a beloved local teen. who was killed in a hit-and-run accident. >> good day everyone it is wentz, march 30th, 2016. >> how many days in march? >> thirty-one. >> yep. >> almost done. >> almost to april. >> sue? >> feeling cold out there. >> i'm still getting used to it. >> called california wetter. >>ha


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