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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 1, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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a new born snatched at king of prussia mall yesterday this morning the baby is safe and police say kidnaped that baby from its mother. i got in. >> a dream come true for one local teen, this young girl's amazing story that will make inspire, others. good day everybody. it is friday. april 1st. it is april fools day. >> no joke. >> no joke. >> april 1st. >> good day celebrating 20 years today and, of course, whether he we celebrate we need help, right. >> correct. >> we need people to come town to fourth and market between 7:00 and 10:00 to party with us, we are having a huge kick
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off party to celebrate month of april. then at 1:00 after partying is over, there is an after party mike and alex will be streaming at 20 hours, and then an announcement that no one will tell us what it is, do you know. >> no. >> okay. the ball will get to villanova. >> ville know of has done it. >> on this day, the wildcats, in 1985, won the ncaa championship in a shocking upset over georgetown hoyas, hopefully a good sign for big game tomorrow with the oklahoma sooners, we will have much more on the final four in houston texas, later in the show. >> i'm hoping. my fingers are crossed.
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>> yeah. >> sue, it will get chilly for the weekend, right. >> we have so many weather changing copping over next couple days it is crazy but at least mother nature decided no to the play a cruel april fools joke. we have had showers, then are storms in the forecast and the showers are around, and we will probably see some before the morning is through but it looks like thunderstorm threat is not going to be with us. we are in the dry slot right now. we could end up not seeing too much in the way of showers but there a few stray showers moving through philadelphia a we will see heavier rain in dover. you will need your umbrella we will have tents set up outside and we will see you later on. be prepared for rain but look at how mild it is. 67 degrees with a 7-mile an hour wind out of the south. sunrise time 6:44. but we expect to be socked in with clouds and really not seeing any sunshine to take with that rain in the forecast. we have temperatures in the
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60's, pretty much every where this morning. all ready close to 07 degrees, this time of the year, it is kind of of crazy but wind are picking up. we had gusty wind yesterday and they are still around. we have got wind as high as 17, 15 miles an hour sustained and wind gusts in the 31 miles an hour range in mount pocono, 24 miles an hour wind gustness wilmington delaware. we may see sunshine before the day is through but generally a chance of the showers and thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and we will pick up that high to 76 degrees before the end of the day, sunset time is 7:26. either you would think this is a fake forecast, bob kelly or a april fools day but it is not. >> we will take it. >> yes. >> sun and clouds, we like to shuffle that around like a shell game. 4:03. tgif, happy april fools day and happy 20th anniversary, it will be a nice day here we
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have lah balloons ready to go and some cake is coming. we need cake for a party. here's a live look at northbound i-95 at bristol interchange off ramp just one of the left over work crews that are out here this morning. some other roads are a little damp as well, no problems, up and over ben franklin working your way in to to downtown. an accident in cinnaminson, new jersey route 130 north bound at taylors lane. police are still on the scene investigating here. heading north on route 130, look out, also work crew is still outside on the northeast extension of the pennsy turnpike. they are working at quakertown interchange in both directions, the replacing the water, the pipes from an earlier water main break, so walnut street is still closed, forty-ninth over to 50th, traffic using market or locust as the two alternates and until 5:00 o'clock both market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle buses again until 5:00. chris and lauren over to you. coming up a at 40:00
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56789 investigators have a murder mystery on their hand right now. police have identified the woman found dead in the bathtub of her apartment. >> the apartment itself is in total disarray, blood on the walls, feces on the floor, some writing on the walls. >> investigators won't say what that message said, authorities say a friend and co-worker found 36 year old markia benson dead inside of her new orleans park apartment on tuesday. police say there are signs of the struggle inside of her apartment. neighbors say that they did not hear a thing. >> it is scary because i live right next door and i have children. so it is unbelievable it was my next door neighbor. >> i'm sorry for would the man. the that is horrible. a lot of people are scared around here. >> as you can imagine it the one scary.
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investigators believe that she knew her killer. we will keep an eye on that story for you. a baby boy returns home after being kidnaped from the king of prussia mall. >> police say the abductor is in jail. dave kinchen joins us from the upper merion police headquarters with more on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris and lauren, good morning to you. we cab tell through is a suspect in custody. we can also tell you that kidnapping related charges are pending, and we were expecting an arraignment at some point overnight, but still checking to see if that has taken place. the we can also say that this story thankfully has a happy but emotional reunion, the baby was reunited with family seven week old ahsir simmons reunited with his grandfather. the baby was also taken to the hospital just to be check out because authorities want to make sure that little ahsir was in good condition. it was just after 5:30 thursday evening when this
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woman was captured on surveillance camera leaving the king of prussia a mall with the child in her arms. upper merion police immediately launched an extensive search on the ground of the gigantic kop mall campus stopping all cars and buses leaving the mall and searching them. we talked to shoppers who were stunned to see all of this happening before their eyes. >> absolutely devastated, can't even believe while we were here something like this would happen. >> very frightening. this is usually very safe area, mall is always safe and well maintain. scar that i something like that would happen here. >> reporter: investigators arrested the suspect and believe she was bee friending the baby's family for 30 minutes while sitting in the food court. at some point the mother of littal seer went to check on the other kids and that is when things went horribly wrong for that time, and this kidnapping had taken place but again, the baby ahsir is okay, and reunited with family and
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suspect in custody. charges pending. we are waiting to get more information on that suspect, at this time. back to you. >> wow, happy ending dave, thanks very much. a former villanova professor is in big trouble just days before nova's final four appearance. an associate professor is facing child porn charges. radnor police say more than 400 images of child porn are on a computer tied to a associate professor christopher haas. villanova public safety officials discover haas had been accessing child porn images from a campus computer. it turns out a federal home land security official raided his home in 2012 and discovered 415 child porn images there but feds never notified radnor police or villanova a because this is an ongoing federal investigation. warriors watch members and motorcycle club standing in formation holding flags in memory of one of their own. a viewing was held last night at this moorestown funeral home for 59 year-old tom
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o'brien. warriors watch rider and navy veteran died in the crash over the weekend. the members of the warriors watch wanted to honor o'brien by showing up in large numbers as they do when's arrive to honor fallen heroes. they say that is what o'brien loved to do. >> a a lot of sadness. he was well loved by everybody. he was a great, fantastic guy. >> he will never be forgotten and he was loved by many people. >> fellow riders say o'brien was preparing to welcome home a veteran saturday when he was involved in an accident with a koran south black horse pike in haddon heights. his funeral will be held at 10:00 o'clock this morning in cherry hill. it is the moment wildcats have been waiting for, the final four just a day away. >> exactly. twenty-four hours to that big moment getting ready to head to houston. we all are through our tv's. jennifer joyce from where it all started on the campus of villanova, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning chris and lauren.
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villanova received 700 student tickets for this weekend, gone within three hours, i'm not surprised. these students want to see their team play in houston. students are amped up but players are excited. of course, they have been in houston for about a day and a half and quickly they came across those distractions. they were concerned b of course there is a lot going on at the tournament but these players say they are hyped up to play the game saturday night, ryan arcidiacono says it is even better than christmas morning as a kid. it is kind of crazy. is this over board or is this what every final four is like? >> special players, every time you watch, at the end, everyone just waits for that one shining moment song. it is something you dream about as a little kid. to be in it, it is crazy. >> if we win, then we will enjoy it. >> christmas growing up was pretty sweet but final four
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definitely a little bit better and year with the guys and know the struggles we went through and to be here to beat oklahoma a and to play in the final four is unbelievable. >> reporter: certainly gratifying. the as these players prior to play oklahoma tomorrow just after 6:00 p.m. their classmates are getting ready to join them and support them in texas. the buses will gather on campus around 10:00 o'clock this morning to transport the students to the airport. the excitement continues, to build, lauren and chris. >> especially since we're now favorites to win this game, which i hope that does not change. >> reporter: two-point favorites. >> exactly. >> reporter: it will be close. >> let's hope it is not and we kill them. thanks, jennifer. now all nova students heading to houston and hit the court. we will catch up with a young woman whose face and voice you will become very familiar with. >> it looks like a normal proposal but these 26 an unbelievable history the connection they have shared from the moment they were born. these two, straight ahead.
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all right. our temperature roller coaster ride will continue today. you will notice as soon as you walk outside the door how mild it is and depending on where you you are you will be experiencing some rain drops, as well. you like that? experiencing rain drops, it is a little more poetic way of putting it i guess. most of the rain we are seeing right now is town to the south in the southern two counties
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of delaware, southern new jersey, as we zoom in here in philadelphia we're still dry outside our window because cross the river we are seeing a few showers. one heavy downpour around the maurice river in cumberland county, bridgeton, we are getting heavy rain in millville. we will move to atlantic city and we see light rain down there and all the way down to sea isle city and then we're waiting for the rain at most of the delaware beach these morning. future cast has us sock in with clouds for the most part, maybe a little break of sunshine later on in the afternoon and then the chance of spotty showers, this morning. with the break in the action here and there, we will get, probably some very isolated pop up thunderstorms, later on in the day especially if we will get some sunshine that will increase daytime heating and instability around and possibility is there around 2:00 o'clock. then we will see isolated thunderstorms at five or 6:00 o'clock this is probably during drive home when you could encounter a thunderstorm and some could be strong to
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severe later in the day. we just don't think there is a good chance of that happening this morning. that bodes well for our party outside. by 1:00 in the morning into tomorrow morning we are still seeing action down the shore. right now we have temperatures that are close to 70 degrees in many places, including here in philadelphia where it is 67, and wind gusts right now are in the 20's, 24, 25 miles an hour range, even windier, up in mount pocono. our average high is now up to 59 degrees and we were there on tuesday and wednesday but look where we were yesterday with 73. i think we will even beat that today with 76 degrees. and then thunderstorms rolling in, no fooling, later on in the day. cooler with some sunshine on saturday, and then look at sunday, that high only 48 degrees. windy. it will feel colder. brief rebound. we will go up to 67 on monday, down to 45 on tuesday, and then maybe some flurries on wednesday morning, we will
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wake up, would i love to shut up. >> i know. >> put something in your coffee. >> they are going to kick me out of this building good friday morning everybody, she said flurries and we will work on. that a live look here at 422, out near route 23, the left over construction crews are in the process of picking up cones, we have got some rain drops on the camera lens here in south jersey. we are starting to see the rain, not only impact our camera but also the roadways. we are starting to get, again, the green on the doppler screen there will impact our morning commute. hopefully it stays clear at fourth and market for our big birthday anniversary party here. philly international no problems at the moment but as weather changes throughout the day we will see delays there. good news for the turnpike commuters, the turnpike connection bridge, two of the three lanes are still opened. i came through here yesterday
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and you can see just charred ruble in the far right toll booth from that tractor trailer accident earlier in the week n warrington, county line road remains closed over the little neshaminy creek as they make repairs to the bridge. baseball is back. phillies preseason game tonight at 6:05. so that will throw some extra jams into our afternoon rush hour, septa is also running sports express trains for the phillies fans later on this afternoon. chris and lauren, back over to you. 4:18. shot on duty a virginia state trooper has died following a shooting a at a greyhound station in richmond. four people, trooper, two civilians and suspect in the shot at the bus station just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. state police were conducting a training exercise at the bus station when a man approached a trooper, pulled out a gun and shot him in the chest. two troopers return fire and that man later died at the hospital. >> we were at the parking lot
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and it was so scary. i didn't even want to get up from where i was hiding and squatting. >> authorities say they have recovered a gun from the scene but they have yet to release motive. family says they are still seeking justice after one of their own died in police custody 32. year-old philip white died on this day last year, vineland police arrested him responding to a disorderly person call. his family says police beat him and k-9 a tacked him, they say through it all white had trouble breathing. investigators say he became unresponsive in an ambulance and later died. big day for local teenager with dreams of going to college. >> your acceptance ace proved. i got in. i got into college. i got in. >> that is so exciting. the inspirational. her dream was to go to college and she learn she is going to
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east stroudsburg university. she has been north penn basketball manager and will help out with the team at esu. big congratulations. we will try to catch up with her at some point next week. twist of fate has brought two people together and wedding bells are going to chime. >> it is like the script from a hollywood movie. woman initial to labor at home 30 years ago, and now that baby is marrying the stepson of the paramedic who responded. fox 29's chris o'connell has more on this surprising love story. >> reporter: story book fairy tail began way back on october r of this home in aston, delaware county. >> the baby was crowning. >> reporter: it was coming. >> crowning. >> reporter: giving birth to her third child marie never made it to the hospital, it was a paramedic got the to the home first to deliver the baby girl named natalie. >> i didn't know who he was but he certainly was a god send.
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>> reporter: well, fast forward 30 years, that god send, that paramedic, he is still in that natalie's life. >> people asked me how old were you there. >> reporter: matt's baby natalie and paramedic ben ash, they have never lost touch. >> it was nice to have him as part of my life because not many people talk to the doctors that delivered them. >> reporter: now a police chief for bethel township ash has delivered 11 babe is in his long career but bond he began with this infant in 1984 has lasted a lifetime. >> she stayed in touch with me. she sent pictures, invited me to everything that natalie was involved in and i cannot tell you how important it was in my life. >> reporter: he has been there for her birthdays, school plays, graduations, and now her wedding day. and guess who she is tying the knot with? the paramedic's stepson david. >> never realized after all these years she would be the
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one i would marry. >> reporter: after hearing his dad talk about this little girl he delivered all these years he finally met her, their parents sent them on a date, the rest is history. >> he called me up, set up a date and we hit it off. >> reporter: the couple will have a real life fairy tail welding even invitations say so, perfect story book beginning for a new couple. >> i'm so excited to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. >> isn't that a sweet story. villanova independent footing out how different the final four is from any other games or tournament they have played in thus far. we have talked to the players from houston on how they are handling distractions off the court up next. let's hope they win. speaking of winning, here's your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. villanova one day away from the biggest game of the season against home a in the semis of the final 46789 wildcats are facing the world of college basketball media and many other distractions. >> to see all these photos and to be out on the floor when it hits you, all right, we have a game to play. we cannot just get caught up in all this other things around us, we have to be on the that florida 94 pie 50 feet and take it. >> game time when you go out there and see all of the fans,
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and all of the people, and a little bit and hopefully in the too much good phillies, have competition they can win, to reading pennsylvania, these are their future stars, a dudel home run in the first, darren ruf home run in the second. with the score 16-four ryan howard against mark apeel who is a a minor leaguer. oh, man a big hit for ryan howard. phillies win nine-four in seven innings, the mercy rule. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. villanova junior will play a special role in saturday's big game. >> she will sing the national anthem. >> while i'm very excited there is that little bubble in the back of my head reminding me there will be a lot of people but i just think this is an incredible opportunity and i'm very excited. >> carli crispin is university's represent turf sing the national anthem.
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each school in the final four will have a singer, each singing part of the star spangled banner. carli heads to hughes ton today. we are hoping for a big win, win, win, win this weekend, right. >> yes, yes, yes good coca cola speaking of the winning they are doing more than just that, this morning, why the drink company is leaning on a new look.
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a baby reunited after being taken from the mall where authorities caught up with that new born and the person who took him. all eyes are on villanova as wildcats prepare for their big final four game but will they be ready or have they been distract by the week's event. the players answered those questions. good day everyone finally friday, it is april fools day april 12,016th. >> i have seen on twitter people are saying mike and alex will stay up for 20 straight hours. that is april fools joke. >> no, they will do it. >> but seriously they will do it. but they will sit in the middle of our studio like a fish bowl. you can come look and see them. >> not only that but they will do the show and go home, and get some rest and come here at
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1:00 and do it for 20 straight hours. yes, they will join karen and bill on the fox 29 good day weekend. >> they are bigger men and women than i, braver at. that sue serio, good morning. we have a big party here, right. come down and help us celebrate at fourth and market, between 7:00 and 10:00 . you can see there. see mention they make of mike and alex for 20 straight hours. >> pressure has been on all week. we have been talking about the chance of rain all week. there is rain in the area. you can see more on the way but you cab see a cry slot. now if the weather gods are smiling on us most of our show will happen during that dry period of time but we have a couple areas of heavy downpours right now in atlantic county, cumberland county heavy rain we are not seeing much in philadelphia at the moment but that have rain gear with you but don't bundle
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up. 67 degrees with 7 miles an hour wind out of the south and sunrise at 6:44. there will be times when wind are gusty like it was yesterday: most of the the temperatures are in the 60's today in, case of philadelphia and wilmington we are close to 70. 70 degrees with those wind out of the south. but please do not get used to this. wait until you see roller coaster ride we have in the seven day forecast. meanwhile wind gusts, 31, 23, 24 miles an hour depending where you are. here's our chance of the thunderstorms, slight chance of sunshine today but high temperature of 76 degrees, before that cold front comes through. sunset time is 7:26. then we will start to see that roller coaster ride happen over the next couple of days. you will not believe with 76 degrees today how cold it will be on sunday. so that is your planner for your friday from the weather authority. bob kelly, you will not
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believe how cold. >> thanks for stretching there kiddo. 4:33, on this friday morning. come on, anniversary party to day, 20th birthday, anniversary we're celebrating. if you have pictures over last to years maybe you met us out and about at some of the events, pose your pictures and use the #good day 20, so we can pass those picks on and show everybody else here at home. good morning to the schuylkill expressway, river drives, no problems at the moment. starting to see the spritz on our camera lens is here, so hopefully it stays clear at fourth and market but don't worry, we have tents, bring your umbrella, in rain will spoil the party to day. live look at the roosevelt boulevard, looking good from northeast philadelphia, all the way down in through center city. northbound lanes of route 130 at tailors lane an accident overnight crews are still out there making repairs to the traffic signal and an
4:34 am
investigation there. turnpike connection bridge is opened, two of the three lanes are good to go as you come into philadelphia no problems a at the moment at philly international however with the weather going to change throughout the day here you may want to check with the airline before you head down to the airport, they are still working out on the turnpike both directions near quakertown interchange and any warrington county line road still closed this would be a couple weeks here on the bridge over little neshaminy creek so they can make some repairs. later on tonight phillies baseball 6:05 and then a busy weekend at the stadium complex. tomorrow the phillies play a 1:05 game, phillies of today against the future phillies stars, flyers play at 1:00 a cross the street at wells fargo center and then they put hardwood down and sixer come into play later in the evening. so a triple in south philadelphia a, tomorrow. chris and lauren, back over to you you. >> are eagles practicing
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today. >> we will throw something up there, yeah. baby boy back in the arms of his moth are after being taken from the kick of prussia mall. >> don't you love when there is good news. the accused abductor is behind bars. dave kinchen joins us from upper merion police headquarters with more. we have seen our phones. we will get amber alerts texted to us. it is sure nice when they were texted. >> i was jolted when i got the alert on my phone. you fear the worst. this turned out to have a happy ending here. we can tell you here that the suspect is in custody and there are kidnapping related charges pending here. we can also thankfully share there is a wonderful ending here with an emotional union. this is video of the family reunited with seven week old ahsir simmons. it was just after 5:30, thursday evening when a with man was captured on video cameras catching her leaving the king of prussia mall with the child in her arms. the investigators say that the
4:36 am
suspect had just befriended the baby a's mother spending 30 minutes with them in the food court and was allowed to hold the baby after he became fuzzy while the mother check on her other kids and probably took a phone call. that is when cops say that the kidnapper, bolted, and left the mall. police launched a massive search at the mall complex checking buses, cars, in the parking lot. we spoke with little will ahsir's grab father after the reunion. >> we kept our head up. we didn't think it would be a big problem but everything came out, good, you know what i mean? we all prayed in there together. so it was great, you know what i mean. everybody is getting their self back together. >> reporter: here's more video of the reunited family. they are trying to immediately rebuild after this happened. the baby was taken to the hospital to be check out briefly april amber alert was issued at 9:30 and it happened
4:37 am
5:30. about four hours in between y dit take so long? we are trying to get those answers as well in addition to finding out more about the suspect. >> hopefully that baby is getting much needed rest. let's turn our attention to the villanova campus where jennifer joyce is as we get ready for the big game tomorrow, hi jenny. >> we are getting ready for the final four face off and excitement continues to build here on campus. i wore my blue jacket we are supporting know of a we will talk bit next.
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moment is here, 24 hours away. wildcats better do it. they will go to the final four. >> jenny joyce you are a temple owl and even you are wearing blue. >> you have got to support, you've got to support. it is so exciting. we have been watching foot able and interviews with the players, now that they are so excited. it is a big smile on your face. now villanova did receive, 700 tickets, for students and those students were lucky enough to score those tickets, will be leaving later this morning headed to houston. ticket will go on in three hours. they want to see them play in houston. the students are amped up but players are excited they been in houston a day and a half and they came across those distractions they were concerned about. coach jay wright has been to the final four, last time was seven universe ago. he had an idea what to expect upon landing in houston but
4:41 am
the players, they have never seen anything like it. >> everything surrounding the final four, you know when you watch on tv, you are waiting a couple days and you just see the game. you don't see all of the behind the scenes stuff that could be distracting. >> as long as i can remember, you know, just growing up watching basketball, i really remember just seeing ncaa and tournament on tv. but to have this opportunity is something special. we don't take it for granted. we will be ready to go on saturday. >> christmas growing up is pretty sweet but i would say final four is definitely better and year with the guys and knowing the struggles we went through and to have this opportunity to beat oklahoma and play in the final four is unbelievable. >> that is right. nova takes to the court tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. to play oklahoma in what is expect to be a close game. there are at least 700 students who will be present at tomorrow night's game thanks to those student tickets that were available.
4:42 am
they will be leaving from here on campus later this morning. lauren and chris. >> i'm ready. >> as well will they be and all of houston. move over lulu lemon, the new line that she just launched, and her inspirational message behind it.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. so yes, it is not the most
4:45 am
beautiful weather map we have ever shown you but there is rain around. good news we're not expecting thunderstorm activity until later on in the day, and down here in georgia anal bam a we have a tornado watch with this southern part of the storm. so everything will come through throughout the day with the cold front. we will zoom in closer and show you where rain is, in southern delaware, a atlantic county and burlington county in new jersey. here in the city not much yet, rain in millville looks like it is ending but now around egg harbor and galloway township right along the atlantic city expressway. one isolated downpour that is nature of the storm but now that we are in the spring and now change of the season we could see pop up, more frequent later on in the day, sussex county delaware getting rain as well. you see pop up, continue throughout the morning but a lot of time where it is cloudy and looking like it will rain and that would be throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon. do you see later on out west a
4:46 am
break of sunshine but that increases the possibility of afternoon then are storms with the humidity and the heat and instability in the air. that could happen during evening rush five or six or 7:00 o'clock tonight. just be prepared for an isolated thunderstorm. you may or may not actually see one. as we get into saturday morning and a few showers down to the south of philadelphia walking out the door this morning what a difference from a couple days ago when it felt like the 20's. now we are close to 70 degrees in philadelphia with wind in some places gusting to 25 miles an hour. it was warm, windy yesterday with that high of 73 and we will be even milder then that today. here's your roller coaster ride. seventy-six today. sixty tomorrow. only 48 on sunday. it well feel like wintertime on sunday, because it won't feel like 48. it will feel colder then. that then we will get a
4:47 am
rebound and then we will get into the 60's, on monday, back to the 40's on tuesday, and then look at the morning low on wednesday, 28 degrees with the chance of flurries, that is what i call annex stream roller coaster ride. we can put this in an amuse many park. >> you wanted to use all of your little weather icons, the lot of everything on the big board. good morning. 4:47. tgif. hello delco live look at i-95 in delaware county no problems or delays at all heading up toward philly international. ben franklin a little wet here a sign of the isolated showers that sue just showed us on the doppler screen there. headlights on, wipers on and then road conditions will change as we go through morning rush. northeast philadelphia castor and unruh watch for an accident in problems on the boulevard, i-95 looking good working your way out of northeast philadelphia they are investigating an accident at route 130 northbound at
4:48 am
taylors lane, the police are on the scene so watch for local detours, market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle buses with 5:00 o'clock this morning. turnpike connection bridge toll just watch for delays, in pennsylvania, two of the three lanes are opened and they are packed up the cones and we are ready for rush hour. overnight crews are gone from the work zone in bellmawr but they will be back through the weekend and every night the crews remove the barriers around and paint new lines be ready for new traffic patterns working your way through that area weekend because of the rain on the way we could have delays at philly international. chris and lauren back over to you. equal pay is goal for u.s. women's soccer and they are garnering local support. >> five star players are suing the u.s. soccer players on behalf of the entire team. jersey born, lawsuit claims women players are paid significantly less than their male counterparts despite
4:49 am
three world couple chap beyond ship and higher revenue. the players say they were paid $30,000, for making the world cup roster while the men got almost $69,000. the woman's team received two million-dollar for winning championship, mens team got nine million-dollar and lost. the suit is clawing attention to the the women's ongoing fight for equal pay and how many officials it effects. not just on the soccer field and in sports but across the board, but it is an argument all the time. >> they are one very, very good example of the dynamic here. we have would the men's team which makes more money then mens team, in other word is there more interest in it, the bottom line is money. look at the nba verse wnba. >> yes, correct. >> women cannot draw a crowd so they cannot get paid nearly what you would see from king james or something like that. >> right. >> true. >> the fight continues. >> interesting. >> go carli.
4:50 am
4:50 is the time. what happens when you combine your favorite drink with your favorite song. well, you get coca cola's new look. look at this. all i do is win. >> yes, coca cola launching a new campaign called share a cocaine a song beginning april . coca coal, diet comb, coke zero, coca cola light. we will see lyrics all over the plastic beverages. cans and bottles will feature lyrics from 07 pop songs including lean on me, we are the champion, we are the chapel beyond. >> yes. >> and all i do is win. >> all i do is win. >> you try to get that high pitch voice out. >> yes. >> you could not work for coca cola. >> or any other record label. you are good looking. >> beyonce a has a brand new athletic wear line.
4:51 am
>> there are some things i'm still afraid of. when i have to conquer those things i still go back to the park. >> she got the looks and the voice. >> yes. >> wow. in a video posted, beyonce unveiled ivy park is what she's calling athletic leisure wear. you know what, let's be serious, so many woman walk a around with their yoga pants on and athletic gear but they are going to hang out. athletic wear but it is lee sure. so, she's in that commercial video talking about how running played a big role in her life when she was young and she learn the local park and she featured blue ivy in the video. >> i will put on my sweats, my work out outfit and running shoes and all that and i'm going to the gym. but before i do, let me do some errand, and then four hours later i never went to the gym.
4:52 am
>> your leisure wear. >> yes. >> 4:52 is the time. blue and white are colors this weekend. our area roots for wildcats, and look forward from houston and how they are here a day before their huge game against oklahoma. >> huge.
4:53 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
4:54 am
march madness is in a fever pitch for villanova and legions of fans. >> scores of fans will be watching on saturday.
4:55 am
the team is in houston getting ready to take on oklahoma for their chance to move on to the big game national championship game. our own tom sredenschek is in houston with the very latest. >> this is kind of craziness is this over board or is this what every final four is like. >> it will get bigger. they say everything is just a little bit bigger in texas. welcome to the 2016 final four. for some of these guys, well, it is almost bigger than christmas morning. >> i mean christmas growing up is pretty sweet but the final four is definitely a little bit better and a year with the guys and know struggles we went through and to be able to be here to have an opportunity to beat oklahoma and play in the final four it is unbelievable. >> it is like being a kid all over again. >> special moment, special players, every time you are watching the national championship everyone waits for that one shining moment song. something you dream about when you are a little will kid and to be in it is crazy. >> as long as i can remember,
4:56 am
just growing up watching basketball were i just seen the ncaa tournament on tv, but to have this opportunity is something special. we don't take it for granted. we will be ready to go on saturday it can be so overwhelming it can be hard to enjoy. >> everything surrounding the final four, when you watch it on tv, all you see you wait and you just see the game. you don't see all of the behind the scenes stuff that, you know that could be a distraction. >> reporter: so where dozen joint come from here in houston? >> well, enjoyment is in winning. so, if we win, then we will enjoy it. >> reporter: chris jenkins keeping it simple and all of, nova nation might agree. with the wildcats in houston tom sredenschek fox 29 news. >> our producer likes jenkins, he has a nice deep voice. >> speaking of voice is speaking of the final four and voices. >> yes. >> last night, the last four
4:57 am
contestants down to three but not before the song chosen by judges, how they faired in the next hour that is le porsche. >> i can see the name.
4:58 am
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a new born baby snatched from the kick of prussia mall is safe.
5:00 am
the connection police say the kidnapper had to the baby's mother. a touching tribute for a former local veteran, how warriors watch members and motorcycle clubs are honoring one of their own. >> chris, we are inching closer and closer to a win we hope. final four match up against oklahoma tomorrow night who is making a trip to houston today to support the wildcats. well, it is not you and i because we're at work, right. >> right. >> it is april 1st, 2016. we have a big celebration here. we cannot leave. >> this is 20th anniversary of the watch of good day philadelphia on this day in 1996 is when it all began. we want to you help celebrate. come down between 7:00 and ten. we will have a kick off party to celebrate the whole month of april. mike and alex, did you hear about this. they will stream starting 1:59 this afternoon for 20 straight hours and hand over the baton or microphone to karen and bill to start good day weekend. >> alex said we need people in the overnight hou


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