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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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family. to night the troubled clues about what happened and the tough questions yet to be answ answered. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. new developments to night in a story that shocked the entire region. the woman accused of of taking a newborn from inside the king of prussia mall in court in montgomery county today. the 32-year-old now facing several charges including kidnapping. g evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. authorities found that seven week old baby safe late last night. tonight we are learning more about the woman as new questions develop. we have live team coverage tonight. karen hepp gathering more information about that accused of kidnapper but we begin bruce gordon. he's live outside of district corter in king of prussia. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, chris. as you well know court documents tend to be dry and formal. they lay out the criminal case the legal case against a defendant but the documents in this case.
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baby snatching story that rivetted this region very simply will break your heart. sherri, anything to say to anyone? >> 32-year-old sherri moore struggled to hold back tears as she was lead in to court to face the kidnapping charge that is have shattered her famous fami family. on hand for support, her mother renee', a long-time top official in the state republican party left the family pastor represent her feelings. >> tough time for these folks. >> just want to keep everything and let god have his way in this situation. >> police say a more snatched seven week old baby from his stroller while his mother was distracted at the king of prussia mall food court thursday evening. am more struck up a conversation with the boy's mother hadn't followed her for awhile before snatching the child. a frantic essential aided by tips and witness accounts led police to am more's home several hours later. >> she did not deny anything right away. immediately told the investigators that she had taken the baby. and they were able to see the baby pretty quickly and determine that he was healthy.
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>> she has told our investigators that she did not go to the mall with the intention to steal a baby. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, am more told authorities she had given birth to baby boy on february 11th but that he had died hours later. she's quoted as saying i held himly all those feelings rushed babb. i just wanted my baby. it felt like i was holding my son again. it felt so good. i didn't want to lose that feeling. i was crazy. >> it's a very difficult day for everyone. difficult for her. it's difficult for her family. i mean, you saw her in the courtroom. she was -- she was shaking. >> reporter: chief nolan says the information about this kidnapping reached other police jurisdictions within minutes last night. but does he acknowledge that the amber alert to the broader public took quite awhile at least a couple of hours. they are looking into that. am morey mains behind bars in the county jail at this hour unable to post a half million dollars cash bond. chris? >> okay, bruce, renee' am more who you saw in court in support
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of her daughter does appear frequently as a political guest on "good day philadelphia". meanwhile, police are looking into whether sherri am more what she was doing into the months leading up to the abduction. investigators say she had been preparing for baby. fox 29's karen hepp live in the newsroom with this angle. karen, what have you learned? >> reporter: sherri am more certainly was showing and telling the whole world she was preparing to have a baby. she had at least two registries on the bump website. it shows there's list right there for sherri am more and biggers requesting and receiving a whole number of items there. there were nursery organizers, car seat toys, diapers, tummy time mats along with numerous safety devices. see the date december 19th. that was the due date for the baby as listed. you can see on pottery barn kids you can see that beautiful baby blue blanket and throw along with the gray one there. they were marked as purchased. there was even a name request for that item you can see on the left. that's a first cheer calendar and they had request to have that personalized with the name
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ma teen which is the name leu listed at baby's mother joseph for sherri's father biggers those items were purchased and they had a baby shower in fact on december 5th. now, that is where the couple lived. we've just spoken with the mother of sherri's boyfriend and she says her son ma teen was in a relationship for sherri 42 years and he was excited to be a father. until last night he'd never seen any baby according to his mother he came home from work last night and there was sherri sitting there with the baby which she put in his arms and told him was his son. then according to his mother, the news came on. they're watching with surveillance video there. eye he suspected the woman on that video was the woman next to him on the couch. his mom says he started shaking, god up, left the apartment and went to sherri's parents home where he confronted them and together they notified authorities. the boyfriend mother last night she got texts of the baby pictures she ended up deleting them. it has been emotional roller coaster she says for her family
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and we'll be speaking some more with her coming up later. dawn? >> all right. thank you so much, karen. right now we are tracking a chance for storms. many of you saw rain today. some of you heard rumbles of thunder and the system that's caused all of it, well, it's not done yet. let's get straight over to chief meteorologist scott williams. scott? >> that's certainly right, dawn. right now we are looking at scattered showers even severe thunderstorms in our area. you can see severe thunderstorm warning until 6:00 o'clock for land cost county looking at heavy rain/small hail and winds with this particular cell gusting up to 60 miles per hour. so we'll zoom in a little closer it's moving on off to the north and east at about 55 miles per hour. so you can see just moving to the east of the lancaster area around the bearville region, paradise looking at moderate to heavy rain also this will be moving toward honey brook over the next 15 minutes or so. dumping some heavy rain. we're dry, quiet and warm really in the philadelphia area i mean look at the temperatures right now. 80 degrees.
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we'llly unheard of for this time of year. the average for this time of year is in the upper 50s. winds gusting close to 30 miles an hour. so we have upper 70s in trenton. 78 in wilmington right now. 77 in dover along with millville and look at those winds right now generally out of the south and west 15 to 20 miles an hour. so out ahead of this cold front we're looking at the warm conditionconditions that brokenf scattered showers and thunderstorms moving through the area over the neck several hours. so be on the look out for some gusty thunderstorms. otherwise, it's mild, breezy it stays kind of cloudy. temperatures by 11:00 o'clock 62 degrees. coming up we'll talk about the colder air moving in behind that system for the weekend and, yes, we have a couple of chances believe it or not for some snow in that seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you. you can always stay ahead of any weather by downloading the fox 29 app it's like having our meteorologists at your fingertips available in the apple store and on google play. inmate in delaware is
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missing tonight after the department of corrections says he failed to return after leaving on a pass. 22-year-old charles sturgeon want the back at the morristown correction center in dover. offenders at the facility are allowed to leave the center to -- for work or to find jobs but sturgeon never returned. big mess in a mt. laurel wawa after a car slams into the front door. a crash happened at the store on church road early this morning. the driver only has minor injuries. no one else was hurt. the cause of the crash under investigation. nova nation is still going crazy for their wildcats. we are a little more than 24 hours away from the national semi finals between the villanova wildcats and the oklahoma sooners. it's a proud moment for student athletes but an even prouder moment for the parents and alumni of the university. fox 29's tom srendenschek in life in houston texas with more on the story for us. hey, tom. >> reporter: good evening to you, dawn. the party is kind of shifted
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from the mainline here to houston. the wildcats went through one final practice here at nrg stadium today trying to get used to this football stadium that has a basketball court for tomorrow night. it's unfamiliar surrounding for these wildcats but one thing that will help tomorrow night is when they look out and see a sea of villanova blue. there are fans of the wildcats and then there are fans. everybody has their favorite player, right? how about ryan arcidiacono? role model child. i mean jay wright made him a captain as freshman at villanova which was unheralded. i made him a captain in fourth grade at the house. he was that good of a kid. >> joe arcidiacono is a proud dad this weekend. ryan is the star of the court. dad is the boss off of the court. the last time that joe had to discipline ryan -- >> i think his freshman year he came home he won big east rook coast year didn't want to cut the lawn. i worked him over pretty good on that. >> did the lawn get mow. >> absolutely got mowed.
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>> i think i have picture of it somewhere. i want the to keep him balance and grounde grounded. >> not all fans are graduated. 191955 graduate jerry clinic man from florida witness wildcats in 1985 when they won it all. this year, well he's already been to the big east tournament, brooklyn, new york, louisville, kentucky, and now he's here in houston. >> i think this is the year. i really believe it. i mean this is a great team. i mean, this is a team. >> if you ask jerry, he'll give you a scouting report. >> no individuals on this team. you take arf he can score 20, 25 a game but he doesn't. he makes sure everybody else scores and he's got such a will to win i think it's tollly incredible. >> what's incredible is his passion and devotion to his alma mater. so what would a title this weekend mean? my life is complete. i tell was i told jerry. when i was 80, i said, jay, 80 and waiting, and 81 this is the one. nothing rhymes with 82.
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that's my age. i'll be 82 april 7th. >> reporter: happy birthday from all of us to jerry. sure hope the wildcats get the win and that's an early birthday present for him. we join you live back here at 6:00 o'clock we will hear from the scene yours who jay wright calls his one and donees and a freshman who might be the key to villanova win tomorrow night. chris? >> all right, tom, thanks. go wildcats! police chase in miami, flor comes to a wild end after the driver nearly runs over officers. take look at this. it's not clear why officers started the chase but it led them throughout the city of miami. eventually a man turns into an alley and through a fence but he didn't get far. there was a wall right behind it then the man backs up, narrowly missing officers. he is then taken into police custody. it look like a normal proposal but these two have an unbelievable history. the connection they've shared from the moment they were born. a transgender man walks into a barbershop for a haircut but
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gets turned away. the he can change that sparked a lawsuit and some national headlines. and two dogs tangle with a rattle snake and get bitten but this story don't worry it has a happy ending. how these guys lived to bark another day. and coming up all new at 6:00 lessons in love and kindness. one school is doing an amazing job of teaching these values to its young students. you won't believe what these young people are actually pulling off. and in honor of good day's 20th anniversary mike jerrick and alex holey are broadcasting for 20 straight hours. >> and couple other dee jenn rats. >> steve morally prison is here and matt -- >> yeah. >> what they said.
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elmo's got the moves have you got the moves? all new sesame street live let's dance liacouras center april 14th through 17th tickets on sale now! ♪ lead has didn't detected in drinking water in newark, new jersey. led levels were above the federally recommended threshold in eight buildings. samples were taken from several drinking water sources. newark schools already turned off sinks and fountains in 30 buildings last month because of lead contamination. a local taxi driver's union says drivers are not planning to strike during democratic national convention this summer. drivers had been putting treasure on philadelphia city leaders to ensure that uber x, lyft and other ride sharing services are required to operate within the same rules and the
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same fees. recent rallies over the issue sparked fears the drivers might strike during the dnc to get their message across but the union says that is just a rumor more. no one came to the taxi drivers to ask us our opinion or for to us take vote. it was a few -- a few handful of lube we are drivers and taxi medallion calling themselves speak fog the tax drivers. we're the tax drivers will speak ourselves and we're not striking through the democratic national convention. >> the union says while they do not agree with the strike they do hope the democratic party supports them on the issue. in you decide tonight four days out the wisconsin primary is quickly taking on more importance. it could be the last chance republicans have rooting against donald um trump could have to stop the billionaire from becoming the party pots festival of families knee. for bernie sanders the badger state win could make or break him. joel waldman has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton in new york looking ahead to the
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april 19th primary 291 democratic delegates are on the line. but the former first lady could burst -- first have a big problem in wisconsin. clinton trailing bernie sanders in the badger state by five points according to a fox business poll. concentrating her efforts in the empire state. >> my opponent joined with republicans to vote against authorizing the bank ton me this was a no brainer. >> reporter: it was a tough week for donald trump the republican frontrunner be sieged by a series of problems from his campaign manager being charged with a misdemeanor crime to trump's own controversial comments about punishing women who would have abortions if made illegal. and while the billionaire later walk back those remarks, ted cruz and john kasich keep piling on the man they insist is unfit to be president. >> here's why i'm going to become the candidate. firstly all, i'm the only one that beats hillary. reporter report yesterday trump making time to meet with the head of the rnc hoping to patch up some of the negative numbers surrounding his cam pin.
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a recent gallup poll, for example, showing 70% of women view trump unfavorably. >> it's not a small demographic group. this is not latino voters. republicans can win these days even if they don't do well among latino voters. they can't win if they're getting destroyed among women voters the. >> reporter: it's no april fools joke former presidential candidate and senator rand paul saying he'll support whoever the republican nominee is even if it is donald trump. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. dozens of children with autism in the city of philadelphia now have a brand new device to help them communicate and it's all thanks to a philadelphia police offic officer. officer seam sanchez raising over $15,000 to purchase i pads for 76 children with autism who attend schools throughout the city. the i pads come equipped with special software that helps the children with language development. sanchez says he saw what a help the software was for his son who has autism and he wanted other children to have the same tools.
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in delaware county, boeing kicked off its month of service by packing meals for people who are home bound in the area. the packages will go to aid for friends. the goal to make at least 500 packages here, meanwhile boeing employees will participate in 30 other volunteer projects throughout the month. officials there say it's important the company gives back and helps build reeling ships with its workers. a twist of fate brings two people together and now wedding bells are going to chime. it's like a script from hollywood movie. >> it sure is. a woman goes into labor at home 30 years ago. now that baby, well, she's marrying the stepson of the paramedic who responded. here's their amazing story. >> the storybook fairy tale began way back on october 9th, 1984 in the foyer of this home in aston, delaware county. >> water broke and the baby was crowning. >> it was coming. >> crowning. >> giving birth to her third
5:19 pm
child louise never made it to the hospital. it was a paramedic who got to the home first to deliver the baby girl named natalie. >> i didn't know who he was. but he certainly was god send. >> fast forward 30 years. that god send, that paramedic, he's still in natalie's life. >> people have asked me how long were you there. >> that's baby natalie and paramedic ben ash the two have never lost touch. >> it was nice to have him a part of my life, because not many people even talk to the doctors that delivered them. >> now a police chief for bethel township, ash has delivered 11 babies in his long career. but the bond he began with this infant in 1984 has last add lifetime. >> she stayed in touch with me. she sent pictures. invited me to everything that natalie was involved in. i cannot tell you how important that was in my life. >> he's been there for her birthdays, school plays,
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graduations and now her wedding day. and guess who she's tying the knot with? the paramedic's stepson, david. >> never realized after all these years she'd be the one i'd marry. >> after hearing his dad talk about this little girl he delivered all these years, he finally met her. their parents set them on a date, the rest is history. >> he called me up, we set up a date. everything like that and we just hit it off. >> the couple will have a real life fairy tale wedding even the invitations say so. the perfect storybook beginning for a new couple. >> i'm so excited to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. >> another coincidence. david the groom worked alongside his future father-in-law at a lowes store four years before making that connection. explosives left a schoolbus on -- left on a schoolbus by the cia. this isn't a movie not. it really happened and the explanations from officials. it may look like a phone but it is actually a deadly weapon.
5:21 pm
the new gun that looks like a gad you may using right now and why its maker says people will buy it. >> need snack ideas for the nova came tomorrow. there's a beer flavor you will either love or it may make you feel a little queasy. you decide. ♪
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welcome back. we want to get you to some bre breaking news. right now in north philadelphia that is where skyfox is live over the 2200 block of west indiana avenue. what you're looking at there, police telling us a 20-year-old man has been shot and killed. this happened around 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. medics rushing to the scene. taking that man to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead. police are looking for the shooter as we speak. of course, we will bring you updates as they come in. families picking up the pieces of their homes which were destroyed as tornadoes swept through the south. tornadoes confirmed in louisiana, mississippi, alabama and oklahoma today and yesterday. strong winds knocking down power lines and tossing debris everywhere. one oklahoma resident lost his home but is thankful, of course, that his family survived. i'm glad of that. nobody got hurt.
5:25 pm
my house -- you can see it. it's pretty much gone. >> at least 10 people were injured in the storms. meanwhile thousands were left without power and flooding is also an issue in some areas. state police in virginia say they don't know why a gunman opened fire on a bus station killing a trooper. state police were conducting a training exercise at that station when the gunman just approached the trooper and shot him in the chest yesterday. another troopers then shot back at the suspect and hit him. he later died. the suspect has been identified as james brown iii. investigators say he had a long criminal history including charges of attempted murder. meanwhile works bystanders were also hurt in the shooting but they are expected to be all right. teachers in chicago hitting the picket lines today for one-day strike. walk out resulted in closing schools for the nearly 400,000 kids in the district. teachers calling on lawmakers to increase funding for schools they say they don't have enough textbooks and technology
5:26 pm
throughout schools is outdated or not working. a group of virginia parents are trying to understand how the cia managed to leave explosive material on their children's schoolbus. the material was found on allow down county, virginia public schoolbus during a routine maintenance check on wednesday. here's what happened. officials say the cia was training a k9 unit at one of the district's high schools while the students were on spring break last week and left the explosive material behind by mistake. >> the state that it's in you'd have to have a blasting cap or something to actually make it explode. that was not the case. we partner with law enforcement to allow them to train first of all to get to know our schools in case we have an active shooter or some kind of emergency like that. >> the cia released a statement saying the training material did not pose a danger to any passengers on the bus. a transgender man walks into a barbershop for haircut and gets turned away. the exchange that sparked a lawsuit and national headlines.
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before you grab that hoagie is your favorite deli doing what it needs to keep you safe. the new national study that suggests maybe not. scott? >> chris, 80-degree highs in philadelphia but get ready for some showers and thunderstorms moving in from the west. the timing of the system plus when to expect temperatures below freezing.
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♪ welcome back this friday night live look at reading. we are tracking some storm
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chances and some chances of cooler temperatures. chief meteorologist scott williams having the details coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. the the woman accused of of snatch agnew born baby from the king of prussia mall last night is facing kidnapping charges to night. authorities issued an amber alert after a seven week old baby boy was taken near the mall food court. police were later led to 32-year-old cherie amoore she was with the baby inside her tredyffrin township apartment. amoore is being held on half million dollars bond. disturbing story out of chester county brand wine valley spca and state police are trying to figure out who killed two dogs. officials tell us it appears the dogs were shot. according to the spca a downing ton resident noticed her two dogs oliver and budha were missing from their yard. search team later found the dogs dead along saw mill road. $1,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.
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republican candidate john kasich talks fighting isis at a campaign event here in his home state of pennsylvania. the governor made a stop in hershey today. kasich called on other nations in the gulf to help fight the war on terror. >> these radicals want to destroy those muslims. they want to take those countries down. okay. so we need to have them in a coalition. because we don't want just us going to destroy isis. >> the presidential -- pennsylvania presidential primary is april 26th. a transgender man taking legal action after claiming a barbershop refused him service saying they don't cut women's hair. >> fox's sore recent adam gee tonight on the he can change that lasted a matter of seconds but is making headlines all across the country. >> reporter: this rainbow colored crosswalk in long beach shows the support many feel for the lgbt community but blocks away is a barbershop one transgender man says wouldn't
5:32 pm
serve him. >> i felt very upset. discriminated against. >> rose interest voss says hollywood barber shot said they don't cut woman's hair. >> after i enter the i was greeted denied services due to my gender and on account what the barbers perceived to be my gender. >> rose says when he pointed out hollywood policy was illegal discrimination he says the barber said they don't care. gloria allred believes this one a one-90 and read this from hollywood's web page. >> one thing you won't see at hollywood is women. you although how distracting a woman can be and who wants a straight razor shave with a bucks psalm blond in the joint. >> allred is seeking a court order main dating the barbershop eliminating its policy and practice of illegally discriminating on the basis of gender and perceived gender and refusing to provide services. people in the area says it's known barbershop discriminates
5:33 pm
and it's not okay. >> you go inside there and you want to go in to like wait for your boyfriend to get his haircut they won't let girls in there. males only. >> i think he should should get their haircut wherever they want. it shouldn't matter. >> we spoke to one person who got his haircut here. he wasn't aware of the discrimination but it wouldn't bother him either. >> honeshonestly best haircuts e ever gotten. i really don't care too much about politics or anything like that. they say a lot of women would still get haircuts if they decided something happens they'll change it, i don't care. >> for the sign you see over there, we have the right to refuse service to anyone. gloria allred says it does not apply when it's on the basis of discrimination. reporting in long beach, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. rain and some rumbles of thunder tonight followed by cooler temperatures tomorrow. >> chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds.
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all right. get ready for big changes ahead right now as we look at ultimate doppler we're looking at some moderate to heavy rainfall moving out of lancaster county into chester county right now. so watch out for some penny sized hail potentially and also winds gusting over 40 miles per hour. so as we put a frack kerr on this moving on off to the northeast about 50 to 60 miles per hour it should arrive toward lower merion by 5:52 moving around upper darby around 6:00. philadelphia around 6:06. so just be on the look out for some downpours and some heavy rain. so that could impact the phillies game as well with potential delays. we're dry, twenty eight in south jersey along with parts of delaware. your weather headlines watching those scattered showers and thunderstorms this evening.
5:35 pm
shower chances will stick around for your saturday then saturday night into sunday we have high wind watch. winds could gust 50 to 60 miles per hour but look at the extreme temperatures right now. it's 80 degrees currently in philadelphia. we have 78 in wilmington. 77 right now in millville. it's even 71 degrees currently in allentown. so watch the clock, though, temperatures will tumble during the day tomorrow and then look at what happens by sunday morning. temperatures in the low 30s. along the i-95 corridor even 20s showing up far north and west so temperatures are really going to feel like winter as we move toward the second half of the weekend. also, take look at the areas highlighted in gold. that is for those winds gusting 50, 60 miles per hour saturday night into sunday. so as we watch future winds how thing play out with those future wind gusts not that bad tomorr tomorrow. then tomorrow evening and night overnight in particular look at what happens with those winds by
5:36 pm
sunday morning gusting well over 30 even 40 miles per hour in some cases. so we'll time out that rain by 6:00 o'clock right along the i-95 corridor. a rumble of thunder from time to time. that front kind of stalls to the south. a piece of energy will rotate along witness. so by tomorrow morning, we're looking at clouds and we're also still looking at some shower chances across parts of the area and then those temperatures really start to drop and then watch what happens overnight saturday into early sunday morning. we're looking at some snow flurries potentially here moving in as those temperatures continue to drop so don't be surprised to see some flurries on sunday morning. temperatures for tonight, fall into the mid to upper 50s. once again those scattered showers and thunderstorms over the next couple of hours. high temperatures tomorrow around 60 degrees early. and then those temperatures are going to be dropping some leftover showers across the area as well. that seven day forecast shows temperatures dropping i was a*
5:37 pm
couple of flurries early on sunday. 47 degrees for the high temperature. a rebound in temperatures monday. mid to upper 50s for highs. showers around then more cold air rushes in monday night into tuesday. tuesday some early morning flurries. highs only in the mid fours. upper 40s for wednesday. then back to average the latter part of next week with some shower chances. so crazy weather to kick off april. >> time out. time out. >> did he just say flurries. >> snow, yes. >> april fool'. >> no. you're serious? >> oh, boy, all right. it was a beach day to remember with a whale coming right to shore putting on a sh show. experts have a pretty good idea what this big guy was doing. we'll tell you coming up. it may look like a phone but it's actually a deadly weapon. the new gun that looks like a gadget you might be using right now and why its maker say people will in fact buy it. plus coming up all new at 62:00 teams trapped high up on a cliff. they are okay tonight.
5:38 pm
thanks to someone who was nearby and that good samaritan was the exact person they needed. and in honor of good day's 25th anniversary, high, guy guys -- mike jerrick, alex holley broadcasting for 20 hours straight. you can check them out right n now. they're delirious. click on the tab that says watch mike and alex live. if a live
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elmo's got the moves have you got the moves? all new sesame street live let's dance liacouras center april 14th through 17th tickets on sale now!
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♪ a new gun design is sparking controversy. that's because it doesn't look anything like a firearm. kirk shell burg from minnesota building a prototype of the gun that is the size and shape of a smart phone. he says he wanted a firearm that draws less attention when being carried. >> since our culture is very split on gun, anti gun liberal conservative there's some people that really take, work take serious issue in workplace or somewhere else to see i mean a gun on you and i think it gives people an student to avoid that
5:42 pm
conversation. >> some in law enforcement think it's a bad idea and poses a public safety threat. they also say it would make things tougher for officers trying to determine if it's a gun or a phone. interesting beer flavor is headed to the market. it's popcorn beer and two minnesota companies are behind it, boom chick today pop and man cade ya brewery combining forces to deliver the unique product. >> we have a brand that's nationally known if we can do something that can collaborative and innovative with hometown business and support other entrepreneurs we're all about that. >> in case you're dressed the beer will hit the market this month. you grab lunch there several times a week but is your favorite deli doing what it needs to do to keep you safe. the new national study that suggests maybe not. and two dogs tangle with a rattle snake and get bitten but this story, don't worry, it has a happy ending. how these guys lived to bark another day.
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♪ a volcano in mexico spews ash into the sky. this the second tallest volcano in all of mexico. it has registered 110 and five explosions over the last 24 hours. volcano is about 40 miles from mexico city and right now it does not look like anyone is in danger. comedian cat williams indicted on charges of diss o orally conduct in connection with fight he had with a teenager williams was arrested at his home in gainsville, georgia yesterday following a grand jury excitement indictment of disorderly conduct. he was released on $500 bond much incident stems from video william brawling with a 17-year-old boy that boy has also been charged with disorderly conduct. turning to your health now,
5:47 pm
some unsettling information about the places you eat every day. that slicer at your favorite deli, it may not be asleep as you'd like to think. center force disease control and prevention survey of nearly 300 delis across the country discovered about half of them do not clean their slicing equipment every four hours. researchers say leaving machines unsterilized for longer than four hours may raise the odds for potentially deadly listeria bacteria. the cdc says listeria is the third largest cause of death linked to food-borne illnesses in the country. meanwhile the autism rate among school aged children remains stable. >> the federal officials say it's too early to determine whether or not these rates are stabilizing the new cdc report says one out of every 68 children had autism in 2012. that's the same rate as it was in twenty seven 10. experts believe the stable rate could reflect the fact that screening methods are identifying the correct number of children with the disorder.
5:48 pm
the cdc noted autism rates varied widely between communities as african-american and hispanic children are less likely to be identified with autism or receive development evaluations. well you see them at the pharmacy and you may think you're taking dietary supplement can only help you get as you get older, but what you rethink that as dr. oz explains. ♪ the use of dietary supplements is on the rise especially among older adults. in fact over two-thirds of seniors are now taking a slept regularly while your doctor knows what prescriptions you're on he might not be aware of the supplements you're taking. some of these over the counter natural ingredients can have interactions with prescription drug. new study found the number of older adults taking poe then shallly life threatening combination meds has doubled. and the big news much of that is due to drugs supplements interactions. for example, your doctor should foe if you're taking omega three and blood thinners.
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omega are associated with better brain and health help, that's great. taking with blood thinners might increase your risk of bleeding much it's important to tell your dock when you're taking a supplement or over the counter med regularly. >> you can catch dr. oz on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 o'clock. >> a story of survival in california. two dogs came face to face with rattle snake and get bit. the good news neither animal died. fox's jason, has the story. >> i've never heard of a small dog surviving a rattle snake strike let alone two of them. >> reporter: it was a close call last week for laura underwood's two italian greyhound lola and georgie bitten by this rattle snake in the yard of their home. underwood who was on cruise at the time says her dogs were left unattended for about 45 minutes one evening when her pet sitter returned to the house and noticed something was wrong. both dogs were swelling little georgie's face looked like a football and it was having trouble breathing. >> it had to be less than an
5:50 pm
hour before we got the dogs to the vet or they got the dogs to the vet or they would have passed away. >> reporter: dogs were taken to an emergency clinic in that happened to have rattle snake anti venom on hand now the dogs are doing much better. underwood says treatment has cost about $4,000. she also plans to give her dogs a rattle naked vaccine something she wishes she had done earlier. >> only available at certain veterinarians. you have to call around. it doesn't cure the bite but it prolongs the time that the animal has for to you get treatment for it. >> foot long rattler was killed. local animals experts worn this time of year when we start to see more rattle snakes and when they get into yards they're likely looking for food or a place to hide. this snake was found aunt piece of plywood leaning again the house. underwood says she and her dogs will be more careful. >> come out and get in the sun but they're kind of staying away from that side of the yard understandably. in many communities out west
5:51 pm
trainers offer classes for dogs to teach them how to recognize and stay away from rattle snakes. good idea. it was a beach day to remember with a whale coming right up to shore and putting on quite a show. experts say they have pretty good idea what this big guy was doing. we'll explain. coming up at 6:00 we're in the final ramp up before nova's big final four game. we'll take you live to houston for a look at how the team is preparing for the chance of a lifetime. plus, lessons in love and kindness. one school is doing an amazing job of teaching these values to its young students and you won't believe what these young people are pulling off. ♪
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tourists and locals at southern california's row don dough beach got rare treat here. a pacific great whale swam up close to the shore put on quite the show. a local newspaper capturing the moment the young whale popped its head above the water. began rolling around in the surf. you see quite the crowd there. the whale even scratched itself in the sand feet away from the city's beach and peer. the young mammal is probably making its first my graying without its mom and didn't know any better. gray whales commonly migrate this time of year feeding grounds in alaska to southern california. pretty cool. let's check back in with
5:56 pm
mike and alex a long day and big day for them. they are celebrating the 20th anniversary of good day and to mark the occasion they are broadcasting live for 20 hours straight. and you can check them out on that's how they're celebrating now but the party started very early this morning. >> it's still continuing right over here. let's take look how good day celebrated two decades on tv. >> thanks for being here on our 20th birthday. so our friends over at sweet tea bakery -- sweet tea bakery guess what they prepared. >> let's go, tony. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's a cake so big it has to be rolled in. >> so that's just the bottom? >> that's cake, sue. that's cake. >> wow! >> what's the pole for. >> for to you dance on later. >> really. >> i can't dance with my $11,000 suit on. >> from south park, come on in.
5:57 pm
>> from south philly what's wrong with you. >> kenny from south philly. >> oh, okay. >> mr. mayor g to see you. >> high mayor kenney. >> how long have you been living here. it's not a step it's a stoop. >> philadelphia eagles cheerleaders. swoop is out here too. they what happened to come by and wish us a happy birthday and i believe they have a 20 year anniversary cheer. >> well eagles cheerleaders they'll do that but plus having their final auditions. going to be tuesday night. >> we figured -- >> ut-oh. >> here we go. >> pamela welcome -- >> hi there, april fool's. >> hello. >> wait second. >> i've never met you in person. you look -- you look a little different. are you really pamela anderson. >> i'm pam la anderson. >> show me your id. do you have an id? >> producers took the id. >> it says pam la anderson. >> you are pam la anderson.
5:58 pm
(laughter). >> there we go. i'll just flip my hair. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> here we go. wow! look at that. who are you? >> i love it. hi, everybody. >> that's a shame. they don't have any fun on that show. 20 years of memories once again mike and alec broadcasting live through now through good day tomorrow check them out they're having some fun over there. just click on the tab that says watch mike and alex. cherry, anything to say? >> tonight at 6:00 any comment at all. >> a mob seen outside a local courtroom as we get our first look at the woman police say ran off with a newborn while the mother wasn't looking.
5:59 pm
>> the baby back with his family after a desperate manhunt. what we just learned in court about the case that's grabbing attention across the country. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. the latest thon developing story in a moment but first we are tracking a chance for storms. there's been breaks in the action today but it is not over yet. the potential for rain, the potential for thunder high winds maybe snow flurries still in play right now. >> a live look at ultimate doppler radar shows the system causing all the trouble and we're also watching chances for rain this weekend. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. it's been a busy day for the fox 29 weather authority. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. fill us in on the weekend, scott. >> it certainly has been very crazy a lot of weather to talk about as we move toward your friday evening as well as the upcoming weekend but right now severe thunderstorm warning in
6:00 pm
effect for sections of berks county until 6:15. watching out for some very heavy rainfall around richland toward hilltown gusty winds, quarter sized hail not out of the question with this particular cell and upper berks county. otherwise we're looking at heavy rain moving through montgomery county also down into chester county. this will continue to move into delaware county along with philadelphia county over the next half our or so. but look at the temperature tem. high today in philadelphia right around 80 degrees. right now still mid to upper 70s along that i-95 corridor. but that cold front will be moving through late tonight, dropping the temperatures especially the second half of the upcoming weekend. so grab an umbrella if you're stepping outdoors over the next couple of hours. watching out for some scattered showers and storms. otherwise we keep the clouds around for your saturday. by tomorrow morning, take a look. we're looking at clouds. occasional showers will linger during the day tomorrow.


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