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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now, first rain and now possibly snow on the way? a live look now at trenton tonight. we never get out of the 50s today. plus, that rain on and off did not help. most people still with their coats on this late afternoon near the art museum, and you should keep those coats with you for the rest of the weekend. good idea, joyce. taking a live look at the philadelphia airport. the wind mixed with temperatures dropping even lower. not making it very spring like out there later tonight and those cold temperatures as you mentioned may mean snow flurries believe it or not. >> the weather is crazy. >> it is. >> good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. meteorologist dave warren is tracking this roller coaster weather. come on, dave. >> we're on our way up right now. don't worry about that.
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we have big changes here coming on the way here first of all look at these first three headlines. high wind warning, freezing temperatures and wind chills near 20 degrees. don't worry about going out tonight. it happens after midnight tonight that's where we see the big change happening. you step outsider right now sunshine out there temperatures have climbed up to 58 degrees. light breeze about 5 miles an hour relative humidity at 49%. look where this change is. not really happening here. the rain is gone. we're rain free for awhile. but it's this area of rain and snow will be pushing east here. that is this cold arctic front and the passage of this looks like it's right about midnight. we can actually show you what time this will -- change changel actually occur. 9:00 o'clock cloud dear here comes this line approaching the western suburbs by 11:00. philadelphia by midnight, and then south jersey and delaware by about 1:00 a.m. so between 11:00 and 1:00, get a brief period of rain, maybe mixing with some snow and then that wind picks up, cold air comes in.
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there's brief light snow but it's the bitter cold wind chills that you'll feel tomorrow morning. light right now these temperatures nice and comfortable. trying to see 60s out there but we're close. up to the north and west. tonight 47. showers thunderstorm then windy. 50 in philadelphia along 95. then a big drop in temperatures and down south and east we're looking at 48 degrees with some light rain. wait until you see the numbers when you wake up tomorrow morning. tracking all of that i'll have the latest update and the seven day forecast coming up. >> all right, thank you so much, dave. let's take live look now at blue mountain in the poconos. the weather authority you can take it with you with the fox 29 weather app. the live radar and get alerts sent to your phone. you can fine it in the apple and google play stores. >> a little colder up there. marched inness that hit a fever pitch around our region wildcats fighting for their first national championship in more than 30 years. >> unbelievable. we have live team coverage for you. tom does he do srendenschek is live in houston but let's start
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with sabina kuriakose on villanova campus. >> i'm right in the thick of things. we're in wildcat territory just a sea of blue and white. excitement is taking over. they are dancing, partying... fans have been making their plans where to be for this game. this is it. villanova hasn't won the ncaa championship since 1985. getting closer and close they're back on the college basketball grand -- this is nova nation. >> what is it like right now. >> people are going crazy. everyone is so excited much this is the first time since 1985 we've been here. it's like insane. >> the energy is amazing right now. everyone is so excited as you can see. everyone is going insane. it's so amazing. >> reporter: back live here. take a look at the sign. we believe. that's what nova is saying. we believe tonight.
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now, again... (inaudible). >> thank you so much is that correct, sir bean in a. well, it's not just around here that nova fans are pumped up. many people traveling to houston to see the wildcats and fox 29's tom srendenschek is live in houston tonight where the energy has to be through the roof. tom? >> reporter: it is through the roof. we've got the astrodome right next door. if they were playing signed the roof would be off that right now. it's a little quieter outside right now because the sea of villanova fans have made it inside getting ready tour tap off. among that group, the 1985 team that sabina mentioned. probably villanova's biggest supporters to night. we caught up with some of the players on that '85 team this morning when they looked back 31 years ago to that championship team, well, one word still comes
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to mind. >> the primary word that comes to mind is magical. >> 31 years later and the memories are still fresh. >> just euphoria afterwards, you know, of actually being brought to tears out of pure joy, and getting together with all these guys and getting on the plane and going through the city of philadelphia and that ticker tape parade and meeting the president and everything that followed from them. >> they are still rock stars this '85 team. nova fans still want pictures and autographs. >> 31 years later to come out here and people still walk up to you and talk about the memories and everything that happened back then. looking forward to another championship hopefully this weekend. it's a great feeling. >> reporter: but this is not their party. they're here for another reason. to watch this 2016 team win a national championship of their own. >> these kids have the same closeness a lot of similarities of team of '85. the team today the closeness, how they play together. these are great kids, down to
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earth, they love the game. >> harold presley had more than one obstacle to overcome to get here. that includes a four hour car ride from dallas. >> yesterday we stopped at bucky's and i'm just going back and forthwith all the oklahoma people. it took an hour to get out of there i'm telling them how good villanova is and how we going to kick their butts and, you know, it's going to be magical game. >> you keep bringing up that word magical. >> this is going to be phenomenal day. >> phenomenal weekend would end with a national championship t thers first one for villanova in 31 years film we're way past due for championship. i would love to seat torch passed on we've been holding it so long getting a little tired. it's time to pass it on to the young kids and let them enjoy the same experience we enjoyed. >> reporter: all the players say dawn three we talked to, yes, it is time to pass the torch. it is time to win another championship and they said they have the best chance to do so in the last 31 years. dawn? >> all right. >> tom, thanks.
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developing to night in montgomery county, investigators are trying to figure out what led up to a deadly septa bus accident. septa spokesperson says a man was trying to cross lime kiln pike when a bus was making a left turn. that bus hit him. the man died right there at the scene. some neighbors questioned the safety of the traffic in that area. >> always crowded, um, a lot of foot traffic and stuff a lot of kids coming down to go to wawa and stuff. >> is it safe? >> not really. a little dangerous. once in awhile. >> no passengers were op the bus at the time and investigation is underway into what went wrong. in new castle county, four people taken to the hospital after this crash on u.s. 13. state police tell us that one driver was in the middle of a u-turn when they were hit by another car.
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one person was trapped for a time. state police say no one was hurt amazingly or no one had life threatening injuries. one person was hurt. they're still investigating what happened here. a high speed police chase in montgomery county ends in a deadly crash. you can see what happened here. after that car slammed into this pole along main street in marlboro township. police say that officers tried to stop the car just after midnight when the driver took off. and then they say they had to back off the chase when the driver hit speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. that car slammed into a pole and caught fire. the driver was trapped inside and died right there at the scene. his name has not been release. officers are still investigating this one. crews bad battling a fire in nicetown neighborhood of philadelphia make a gruesome discovery. a woman's body is found in the basement but investigators don't think it was the fire that killed her. fox 29's jennifer joyce explai explains. she's a good woman.
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she had a good heart, you know, she, like, just messed up. >> reporter: richard scott says he's heart broken this morning learning that his neighbor two doors down was killed last night. firefighters were called to the 1900 block of west bristol street in nicetown for the report of a fire a mid the smoke emergency responders found a woman dead in the basement with a head wound and blood on the wall behind her. >> you just thinking like wow i was just talking to this lady a few hours ago. a couple hours later, this happened. report roar neighbors we spoke with say they didn't hear or see anything out of the ordinary. many returned home after 7:00 p.m. to the commotion of police cars, fire trucks and alarming yellow tape. saturday morning, l and i crews worked to board up the smoke filled home. word spread quickly about the victim. a woman in her 50s who was well known on the block as a friendly and caring person. >> we need a block captain. she ran this block. my sisters know her and met her
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and everybody. she was that kind of person. >> reporter: police say the victim pronounced dead just after 7:30 last night. homicide is now investigating this case and neighbors are hoping for justice. police have not said how the woman died or who may be responsible, but they do believe someone set a fire in her home to cover up the murder. neighbors say they're sad and confused. >> she was a beautiful gal. it's unbelievable. we're still shocked. >> reporter: nicetown, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> camden man under arrest accused of shoo shooting and kig his mother. police found 38-year-old iris sanchez shot inside a home on the 1100 block of north 18th street. that was early last night. she later died at the hospital. her son 22-year-old pedro mercado shot his mother. camden county sheriff's officers arrested him last night. investigators have not released a motive behind this deadly shooting.
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developing story in brussels two weeks after the deadly terror attacks. officials are preparing to reopen the airport. officials announced details about the reopening in a news conference today. operations will resume slowly with flights leaving for grease, italy and portugal tomorrow and officials are hoping to be operating at 20% by monday. at least 16 of the terror attack victims were killed at the airport. now, officials say new security measures are in place including spot checks of vehicles and more restrictions at terminals. a judge in big trouble tonight for what he was caught on camera doing inside his courtroom. what he ordered a deputy to do that got him kick off the bench. plus a mom gets into a crash with four young children in the car and takes off. leaving them all behind. what police said she did right before she abandoned them on the side of the road. sean? dawn, villanova is about to tip off in the final four. we'll update you on that game. flyers about to make post season magic of their own.
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they're holding tight to that wild card spot. we'll have that game agains agat ottawa later in sports. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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♪ one woman is dead after a small plane crash into the highway near san diego. authorities say she was sitting in the rear passenger seat of the car right where the plane hit. the pilot was hurt pretty badly and four passengers in the plane were also treated at the hospital. police near atlanta responded to seen of a car crash want they find even they can't believe.
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four young children including a toddler sitting on the side of the road alone. >> and their mom the driver took off and left them. fox's george franco shows us what happened next. she would have been in the inside lane, taking a left hand done at the green light. >> reporter: police officers respond to do what they described as chaotic scene at the intersection of riverside parkway thursday evening. it was a three-car accident apparently caused when one car took a left against traffic. in that car a mother who police say after the crash placed her four young children on this grass berm then suddenly fled. >> she put the kids down and said, i can't go to jail today. and dropped the kids off and r ran. >> once we continued our investigation found out who the driver was we were able to determine she does did not have a driver's license. >> reporter: police identified her as 26 year odd jasmine kotter a mug shot from previous arrest. police say the children ages two to 63 girls and a youngest a boy were not restrained in the car which had no child safety seats.
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they were taken to the hospital to be checked out with minor injuries. >> mother know her children were injured? >> i don't know. but just by looking at it when i first got on scene you can tell they were injured. >> reporter: these two police officers are thankful strangers were on hand and cuddledly cared for the children inside the nearby kfc. their mother faces four felony charges of child cruelty and various other charges connected to the accident as well as drug charges for marijuana and paraphernalia in the car. police say the children are in protective custody. >> as a father, it absolutely amazes me that somebody would be so self absorbed in their perm preservation that -- that they're willing to drop their children for nothing. and take off. as to have night officers outside atlanta are still looking for that mom and they hope that somebody out there may know where she is and give
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police a call. a two and a half year order florida boy finally home from the hospital in what his family and even doctors are calling a miracle. this is little ethan walker playing on the same driveway where just three months ago he almost lost his life. the family says ethan found a handgun in his grandfather's pickup truck and accidentally shot himself in the head. ethan spent 73 days in the hospital with his mom by his side the entire time. >> it's absolutely a miracle. there's no doubt about it. i've heard from it every doctor, and nurse and anybody that's been at that hospital that saw him the night of or even three days in. they were like we never in our life we didn't expect him to make the 12 hours. he's absolutely my miracle. >> aww ethan's mom did not know his grandfather had begun in his truck. deputes filed charges of not securing a firearm but it's not clear if the state attorney's office will prosecute ethan's parents say they are just
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grateful that he's home. a huge crowd rallies at the liberty bell today to send a message to congress. advocates are calling for fairer elections and they're upset because they say money has corrupted the political process. and this is just the beginning they say active visits plan to march all the way to washington, d.c. to hammer home their message. they will arrive on april 11th where they plan to hold another demonstration at the capitol building. you decide 2016 the focus tonight is on the midwest. candidates on both sides of the aisle are fighting for every single delegate. fox's john roberts reports from for us from wisconsin. >> reporter: ted cruz giving the keynote address at the north dakota state gop convention. it's an event that might not usually get much attention. but now candidates are fighting for every delegate. >> i'm here asking you toe for stand with us because if republicans unite -- >> north dakota's 25 delegates
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are unpledged meaning they can vote for whoever they want at the republican convention this summer. on the democrat side, both bernie sander and hillary clinton are posting up in wisconsin today. 86 delegates are in play in the badger state and sanders is hoping to build momentum after fave rabble polling in wisconsin and recent wins in western states. we have won six out of the last seven caucuses and primaries. >> reporter: new york primary is the next big race on apri april 19th and sanders wants debate with hillary clinton before then. the clinton campaign says it has offered dates but sanders has rejected them. statement released by the clinton campaign this morning said "the sanders campaign needs to stop using the new york primary as a playground for political games and negative attacks against hillary clinto clinton". the voters of new york deserve better. all three gop candidates will be in wisconsin tonight ahead of tuesday's primary. with 42 republican delegates up for grabs, the stakes are high. >> let me tell you something. if you're not going to vote for
6:20 pm
me, don't vote, okay? very simple. >> reporter: big lash for donald trump in wisconsin would make it mathematically impossible for him to achieve majority of delegates before the republican convention. john roberts, fox news. >> some powerful philadelphia women are recognized not only for successful careers but for all the service they give back to the community in including our joyce evans. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> the second annual women of excellence luncheon honored 10 women. the top honoree super star patti labelle. she received a trailblazer awa award. on honorees politicians, mentors, artists you name it those were out there today. and here i am, yes, with a couple of our fabulous fox 29 producers that's belinda and tori williams coming out to represent. radio station wdas puts on this awesome event. thank you very much. almost two dozen people attack outside a mosque but not
6:21 pm
by a person. what had people running for cover. plus war hero's gravestones toed aside near a dumpster. >> it's a shame that it was purple heart veteran that was out there here just on the ground. >> the mystery uncovered on the journey to get this vet the honor he deserves.
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♪ in los angeles a suspect leads police on an hour long chase started late last when officers tried to pull the man over on suspicion he had a gun. police used spikes to try to stop him. that didn't work. he surrendered at a gas station where witnesses say the suspect's family was standing right there and they watched as he was arrested. >> almost two dozen people at a phoenix mosque are attacked this weekend by a swarm of bees. this happened while dozens were leaving the mosque after friday prayers. a board member says they did know about the hive a bee keeper scheduled to come today to remove but something set the swarm off. fire crews had to spray the bees with foam to get a handle on the situation. at least one person was taken to the hospital. a woman pulled over outside of campus knew immediately that something just wasn't right he here. >> this is scary. her instincts were dead on. turns out the so-called officer wasn't a cop at all. she says this man had a little
6:25 pm
red light an few lights on -- the lights on his dashboard all flashing when he walked up to her car and was talking on his head set. it was his iphone really. he told her that she was speeding. he took her license. he went back to his car. she says when he came back he gave her the answer and said she can go with a warning. she went to work and called police. >> so creepy and he was stuttering real bad and he didn't give me any eye contact so i knew everything was suspicious. irenely scared. i don't know his motive. what is he doing? is he trying to kill someone? i have no idea. >> the real police were able to find him and he was arrested and this wasn't the first time this pretender was arrested. he pretended to be an officer, he's been arrested for the same thing four times over the past few weeks. a judge in big trouble tonight for what he was caught on camera doing in his courtroom. what he ordered a deputy to do that got him kicked off the bench.
6:26 pm
and a brand new video shows the moments before a cruise ship slams into a sea wall. what happened seconds before that crash. dave? >> get ready for a big change tomorrow with our weather. we are looking at high wind warning plus temperatures down below freezing and wind chills near 20 it all starts at midnight what it's like when you wake up tomorrow morning? outside your door i'll have the complete forecast coming up.
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♪ live look tonight from allentown. now that the rain has moved out, but get ready, your weather authority is tracking a chance for snow flurries tonight. believe it or not your full forecast is just minutes away. consumers beware. you are already know about how thieves try to skim your credit card getting your personal information at atm's but now authorities say those thieves are trying to scam you at the gas station pump. >> and it is working. a recent operation uncovered
6:30 pm
more than $5 million stolen before the thieves were ever even caught. fox's bryan llenas with more. report according to the most recent data fico says card and pin skimming at bang atm's was up 124% during the first few months of 2015 in comparison to the same period in 2014. skimming is getting more sophisticated and it's a growing problem. crooks are robbing banks around the world with no mess and atm skimming costing the global economy $2 billion a year according to the atm industry association. organized thieves placing card readers on atm's to capture information on a customer's debit card. the entering of pin cards are recorded by small cameras then the bad guys recreate their own cards using stolen store gift cards. they're also targeting combat pumps. >> it's much easier to tamper with the covers of these gas pumps and imbed devices inside. even with an atm you may be able
6:31 pm
to see a skimmer and see something out of the ordinary. with a gas pump many once you put that cover back on there's no evidence anything is happening. >> reporter: the largest usatm scheme uncovered recently took place over 18-month period in new york, new jersey, connecticut, and florida. criminals captured in this surveillance video stole six and a half million dollars from thousands of bank customers. >> they would stand atm machine and literally put the first card in, type in the pin code, take out the max money they could take out. go to the next card, do the same thing until they exhausted all the cards that they have in their stack. >> reporter: 16 were prosecuted by the us attorney's office in new jersey. those convicted now serving up to 10 years in prison. >> federal prosecutors tell us the amount of time between criminals stealing your information to creating a fraudulent card can take months. so it's best to be vigilant and check your bank accounts often. experts also say it's best to use the same atm and gas pumps often so you're aware if anything looks out of the
6:32 pm
ordinary. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. a live look now at wilmington, delaware torque night. a chilly and wet afternoon but it's only going to get colder. and possibly flurries on the w way. that's what our dave warren says. hey, dave. >> big thing though is that win. wind pickin picking up everywhee you'll feel that by tomorrow morning. not really feeling it right now. nice comfortable temperatures. the high of the day is 58 degrees. it was above 60 after midnight but now nice and warm and comfortable with a light breeze. that's about to change. here's the cold air moving through central pennsylvania right now. this is a big storm defined well by this leading edge of showers as soon as these move through they could contain thunderstorm then you look out for that gusty wind developing and much colder temperatures. here the timing. not right now. enjoy a nice comfortable here. not too bad with temperatures into the upper 50s but by about 10 or 11:00 o'clock here comes
6:33 pm
that front into the western counties first. showers maybe a thunderstorm with a gusty breeze could move through. by midnight, 11:00 o'clock to midnight right through philadelphia. just after midnight it's moving through central new jersey and delaware off the coast by tomorrow morning. so there's no more rain but there will be a gusty wind and bitter cold temperatures. now moisture could change over to snow and little closer to that storm it could accumulate just a little bit. not really talking about. here. mainly north and west. roadways should be fine but you could wake up to across maybe the northern edge of that lehigh valley there or carbon and monroe county just about a coating to an inch on grassy surfaces. the roadways well above freezi freezing. everybody will feel this. this is not the temperature this is what it feels like on your skin in the winter we call this wind chill and we have to talk about it tomorrow because it's into the teens and 20'ss and you wake up in the morning. six, 7:00 o'clock in the morning that's what it will feel like
6:34 pm
when you step outside. now the wind will die down by the afternoon. it will be strongest in the morning by the afternoon the actual air temperature just above 40 degrees. we'll save the brief warm up on monday because we start into the upper 30s, head to the 40s, 50s even could touch 60 by monday afternoon. but this is because it look exactly what we're dealing with right now another storm is coming through. see a repeat monday night to tuesday with these showers moving through again this is now monday. this is not what's happening tonight. this is pretty active weather pattern here so by monday night into tuesday more brief showers. but by tuesday morning, the wind will die down. but high pressure is firmly in control here. so we're talking about some very cold morning temperatures on a bit of roller coaster ride here this week. we'll be at 60 on monday. low temperatures tuesday and wednesday, 27 and 30. growing season is underway. so we could see some freeze warnings in effect both tuesday, wednesday morning. jump up to 66 degrees on
6:35 pm
thursday. back down to 39 friday morning as another storm comes through. wind chills in the morning, still windy at lunch time, dinnertime not as windy by tomorrow night, just a cold night but a little calmer. seven day forecast there's that 60 down to 43 and 49 for high temperature both tuesday and wednesday. with bright sunshine. just nice and comfortable but keep those coats handy in the morning because we are off to a very cold start. and then by thursday, there's some rain with a temperature of 66. followed by a few flurries likely way cold blast friday and saturday. so one right after the other. >> i like the 70s and 80s. >> we like to hit one day near 70 but not quite. >> it will happen soon. >> okay. maybe you'll adjust that. >> i can try. >> you can try? all right, da dave. someone steals an suv and leads police on wild chase. behind the wheel a 13-year-old boy. what police say he did right after he crashed that suv. and beating incredible odds
6:36 pm
diagnosed with rare syndrome this little boy needed eight new organs. why his parents knew just what to do. ♪
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6:38 pm
♪ he's not even old enough to
6:39 pm
drive, but police say in boston this 13-year-old kid stole an suv and then led police on a chase. at one point police say the boy drove the vehicle right at three officers. they had to jump out of the wage the chase ended in a crash but the kid still did not give up. he ran away. k9 officers will to track him down. officials say the boy ran away from a youth welfare home where he had been living. a maryland judge will now have to attend anger management classes after what he was caught on camera doing in his courtroom. we want to warn you it is difficult to watch. the defendant devlin king is standing at the defense table inside judge robert nally's courtroom. this was in july of 2014. he was representing himself. the sheriff's deputes had attached a stun cuff to his leg. depth pee can send 50,000 volts of electricity to the defendant by pushing a button. just minutes into the hearing
6:40 pm
the judge is exasperated with king's behavior so watch what happens neck. >> mr. sheriff, do it! use it! >> ahhh! ahhh! ahhh! >> all right. >> a little more than a month later that judge was removed from the bench. he was charged with violating the man's civil rights. he pleaded guilty and has to attend anger management classes. that victim says the sentence was no justice. eight organ transplant saves a little boys live from texas 14-year-old liam suffers from burr den syndrome which means he could digest food a rare disease but his older sister delilah had it, too, and she had to have a multi organ transplant as well
6:41 pm
just five years ago. both brother and sister were treated at a hospital in south florida without those surgeries those children would have died. >> the infection as well as the bladder they don't contract so they cannot eat because of whatever they eat they're basically going throw it up. >> now although the children will need constant medical care, doctors say both kids would be able to have a relatively normal life. next a war hero's gravestone is left forgotten tosse tossed a dumpster. the mystery uncovered on the journey to get this veteran the honor he deserves. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money?
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♪ gravestone of a vet in many veterans toed aside in a philadelphia neighborhood. neighbors reached out to fox 29 looking for a way to get that stone into the hands of the proper authorities. >> as jeff cole reports official boss very much like to speak to family members of this soldier who served his country. >> reporter: tucked behind an apartment building near a dumpster there's a long white stone that marks a life. ♪ >> reporter: it was the life of george alan bryant who served his country in the united states
6:45 pm
army in the long national nightmare that was the vietnam war. this north philly resident says he's actually seen the marker here for years, but either because it was covered with debris or had been recently flipped over he'd never noticed the inscription. >> what did you think when for the first time you saw that this was a military marker? >> i felt really, um, like i had to do something about it because my family served in the marines and the army and the navy. >> reporter: he says once he and others realized it was a veteran's marker they took pictures and posted them on social media. smith called fox 29 seeking he help. >> it's a tombstone. >> reporter: when we arrived, neighbors quickly gathered around the stone wondering allowed how it could have ended near west 67th and side den ham. a few feet from the front of a neighborhood market. >> it kept on, you know, like yelling out to me to do something about it, you know, like to -- to talk to somebody or to find writ belongs to or
6:46 pm
where it needs to go to or where it needs to go back to. >> reporter: just a few blocks away on arise with philadelphia's skyline in the distance stands philadelphia national cemetery, a veterans administration run final resting place for the nation's warriors. it is a stunning site with its carefully placed rows of stark white markers. we alerted cemetery managers of george bryant's stone alongside the dumpster. they checked and found no record of bryant being buried in cemeteries they administer but sent a worker to meet us so we could lead them to the stone. weighing 200 pounds it was placed in truck and taken back to the national cemetery where it will be held until it's determined where it belongs or what to do with it. >> it's a shame that it was a purple heart veteran that was out here just on the ground, his tombstone was on the ground. >> reporter: one thing is certain. the stone marking george amount bryant's time on this earth and his service to his country is no
6:47 pm
longer next to a dumpster on the corner of west 67th and side den ham. >> i'm just hoping that, you know, it goes back to its rightful owner. >> jeff cole, fox 29 news. ♪ now if you know the family of veteran george a. bryant call the philadelphia national cemetery and ask for its director. we have a number on our website just look under the scene on tv section. dramatic new video shows a cruise ship slamming into a sea wall near its dock in san diego. take look. (horn blaring). >> see that's correct you can even see a woman with cane getting out of the way with only seconds to spare. the 150-foot cruise ship crashed into that wall on thursday at least three passengers on board it were hurt. investigators are blaming a mechanical malfunction.
6:48 pm
on "good day philadelphia" is celebrating a major milesto milestone. 20 years. >> hard to believe. part of the big celebration my jerrick and alex holley broadcast marathon 20 hours straight it ended at 9:00 o'clock this morning they broadcast on our youtube channel. here's a look at just some of the craziness. ♪ >> i'm going to count. >> all right. >> one, two -- hey, stop. >> huh? stop. >> who did it, mike. tell mike to be quiet. shut up mike. >> don't say shut up it's rude. >> sorry. >> sorry i asked to you shut up. >> hi. >> hold on. i got to get this on snap chat. >> ♪
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>> you're the birthday girl. >> yes. >> what's your name. >> marie. >> marie. where did you go to dinner? anita hall. >> rosy brown. >> janet jackson. >> ♪ >> oh, no. >> how many people are watching us right now about? >> no. oh, no. no, no. i got it. >> oh, no. >> what's up? >> what's up? >> what's up? >> what are we doing here? >> oh, my gosh. >> what are you doing? >> happy birthday to you, fox
6:50 pm
news, happy birthday to you, can you believe it? happy birthday deer beautiful, happy birthday to you. >> let's give it up for sue serio. >> whoo! >> sue! >> sue, do you know who bmx is. >> no. >> he's a rapper. quincy face timed another rapper and bmx was with him. >> fantastic. >> it's too bad good day crew doesn't know how to have fun. we're having a huge anniversary party and you're invited sugar house casino hell he helping good day celebrate the anniversary by throwing a free pear. come celebrate with the good day team on friday, april 29th from 7 until 9:00 p.m. in the
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all new event center at sugar house casino. space is limited be sure to log on to's contest page to enter to be part of all the action and you have to be 21 years old. sean? >> the phillies wrap up their spring training with clutch hi hitting. late game heroic from the young guys. the flyers holding down that eight spot. making a play to move up in the conference. that seven seed not too far aw away. sports is coming up next.
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when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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♪ v forville notify va for victory. good luck, villanova. go get them. >> good luck, villanova. >> good luck, nova nation. >> good luck. nova. i got in you my bracket. get it done. the flyers showing some love to
6:54 pm
nova. all that really matter social security your bracket. everyone throwing their support. nova is dominating the oklahoma sooners. this team did not show up. due to ncaa restrictions we can't show you the highlights but we can give you a quick update right now the score is 42-28 at half time. nova is getting whatever they want when they want but buddy hield hasn't done too much yet, you know that guy will explode at some point. so in the second half can nova contain that man inn and win this game. we'll seem the flyers are red hot at the right time. they won seven out of their last 10 games and they're now two-points ahead of the detroit red wings for the eighth seed with six games left. every game is a playoff game and today they treated this one like that against the senators. second period flyers power play turn the puck over sloppy play, poor pass, jacob vorachek there with the steal and wayne
6:55 pm
simmonds puts it n the flyers go up one to zip we head to the third flyers up two-one. another power play off vorachek. wayne simmonds there again for his second goal of the game. flyers within three-two. two points ahead of the red wings and two-point behind the islanders for the seventh seed. the phillies had one more string -- spring training game before that the season opens. in cincinnati on monday. one more tune up game before the real show starts. today playing the phillies futures. bottom ninth phillies two against their future squad. shot to left center. it ties the game at five. cesar hernandez comes up to the plate and hits a blooper right past the short stop. that's a walk off single. the phillies in spring training on a good note winning six-five. eagles have a million needs.
6:56 pm
one of which is wide receiver. they have a bunch of guys really twos and threes no one an instant game changer. they're still looking for that guy but right now they're adding depth. competition for that spot and someone to catch the ball for sam bradford and they added rubin randall last week. they added randall. he played four seasons with the giants. last year he had 57 receptions, 797 yards and eight touchdowns, but he's also i wasn't chief himself a guy who dropped a ton of balls as a giant. he's hoping he can come here with a fresh start and hopefully be a team leader. >> i can come out here and just also help them be better plays. it's not all about me. i'm willing to help me teammates out and get those guys better as well. so with my veteran presence i can kind of lead the group a little bit, and maybe get some -- >> with boxing almost -- floyd
6:57 pm
merry weather retiring. every wants his spot. adrian is one of those guys bickering and arguining and it continued last night. he knock out in the ninth. afterwards he had a message farmery weather. he says you're a fraud, you're broke you're not true and abe responded. >> somebody that i admire took the chance to do an interview and talk all bow me. i'm a man that learns bleep from physical activity. so bleep and floyd i come from the streets of the trevors from the bottom of nothing. i'm talking about water and corn flakes and i will never let a man disrespect me like that. he got to see me. i don't care if we sparse or fight. let's get it on. >> water and cereal. >> life lottery drawing is next. good night, everybody.
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