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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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high wind warning is in effect for much of the area. plus villanova wildcat fans are ecstatic tonight after their team belows out oklahoma. what a game. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ happening right now, what a difference 24 hours makes. high winds have it feeling like cold right outside right now as you header out.
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the colder air is still yet to come. dave warren is going to explain it all for us just coming up in a bit. but first big congratulations to villanova university the wildcats simply dominate thed oklahoma sooners tonight in the final four. it was the largest margin of victory ever in a final four game. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. it really was domination from the start to finish, wasn't it tonight in houston. >> it was. it was almost as if villanova just couldn't miss. here's a look at the final score the cats beat the oklahoma sooners by incredible 44 points. (cheers). >> wildcat fans on fire. they're watching their team take apart oklahoma. it comes down to one game now for villanova. >> we've live team coverage. sabina kuriakose spent the night on the campus of villanova a mid
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all the excitement but let's start with tom srendenchek who's in houston writ all went down. tom? >> reporter: dawn, good evening. it was simply a staggering night here in sports as you guys said the largest margin ever in a final four game. the best player in college basketball buddy hield was turned into a nobody night as you said the wildcats now one win away from their first championship since 1985 and as the fans streamed out of the nrg stadium tonight they were ready to party like it's 1985, all over again. >> we're going to the national championship! >> let's go, cats?! >> therefore a doubt. we knew they were going to win. it was eyes see. >> does it matter playing in the championship. >> not at all. cats can't be stopped. bobby hield shut down. >> we're cheering for nova in the championship. how cool would it be to go out senior year with a national championship.
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>> it would be the greatest thing in the world. like the cherry on top to amazing time at nova. >> best part about this is i'm here compliments of my son. >> you picked up the tab? >> i did. i did. all the eagles tickets on this guy's tab. i had to bring him to the final 4100%. >> happened to little league last saturday night as soon as the game ended against kansas he showed me his smart phone and said dad i'm taking you to the final four. >> reporter: the best reaction tonight was an oklahoma fan who held up an oreo cookie to knee and said i spent $330 and this is the only enjoyment i got all night. we'll hear from josh hart and chris jenkins when we joined you later in sports. dawn. >> thank you so much, tom. of course, it's nothing but cheers tonight around the villanova campus. students turning out in big numbers for watch parties to seat wildcats get that huge win. fox 29's sabina cure rows is live in the middle of all that excitement.
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sabina? >> reporter: what a night like coach wright said it was just one of those nights. we can still hear every now and then the roar from the students from campus and a* some crowds of students even passed everybody still cheering everybody still with their adrenaline going from this win. we were inside the center here for a watch party and then we spilled out on to campus running with the students when they found out that their team had won and watched it on the big screens my photographer define were so caught up in all of the excitement. we didn't want to come back and work on our story. it was hard not to catch that nova spirit. villanova roaring with the thrill of victory from the hundreds of students packing the campus watch parties with their war paint on. a sea of blue and white the moment these freshmen and sophomores watch the wildcats secure their return to the men's ncaa championship with rushing win over oklahoma.
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>> cheers and screams and even tears. moments later it was the running of the bulls as students raced for the center of campus. >> wow, yeah. >> adrenaline pushing the crowd from one end of campus to the other. >> we're here for history. >> nova everything you ever wanted from a school. serve into the game. everybody cheers for the statement team to support everybody. it's a great feeling of community. >> reporter: sophomore judson is from houston. he thought he knew what spirit was until he caught the real thing at nova nation. >> in texas they have football at villanova we have basketball and there's nothing like it anywhere in the country. we're going to the championshi championships! >> whoo! >> the cats ruled for most of the game but as we all know it ain't over till it's over.
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and then it's pandemonium. >> you get to know for most of the game you're going to win. you have to wait in the end and get to celebrate with everybody. >> reporter: and everybody is still celebrating. we can hear echoes of cheers coming throughout campus. what night to be a wildcat. now, guys, on to the next title game happening monday all eyes on monday night. guys? >> all right. you got that right. thank you sabina, and as villanova marches on towards its first national championship in 31 years, you can wish the cats luck. just go to and click on the link to our facebook page where you can post your commen comments. well our other top story the weather. it's nearly a 20-degree temperature difference from last night at this time. >> it feels even colder when you factor in the winds of the wind gusts could reach 60 miles an hour overnight live look now into trenton, new jersey, right now.
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you can see the flags there just whipping about. meteorologist dave warren tracking the winds and those colder temperatures. dave? >> what a difference a few hours make. >> mother nature will be how long just like villanova students were here. gusting 50 to 60 miles an hour. high wind warning in effect. freezing temperatures and wind chills near 20. here's the key though it begins soon. very very soon. about one or two hours away as this cold air comes rushing in. right now, still not a bad night. people outside, 54 degrees. light breeze. it's 14 miles an hour. the p.m. high was 58 degrees. few showers have developed they're out there. little heavier ones especially across delaware. they're right through dover and moving into southern new jersey. one or two lightning strikes there. that's one very in new castle county. brief gusty wind and heavy with these storms moving through. here's the front approaching you can see that rain mixing with snow into the western suburbs right now. now ahead of that temperatures are into the 50s. but behind this the wind really
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starts to pick up. the front will be moving through shortly within the next hour here comes the line right through philadelphia by about midnight. 2:00 o'clock in the morning it's off the coast then the wind picks up by the time you wake up tomorrow morning wind gusting 40, 50 close to 60 miles an hour and wind chills in the teens. look at those numbers and see how long that will last. we could have a series of these here in the seven day forecast. i'll time it all coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, dave. you can stay ahead of any weather with your fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar and get alerts sent right to your own phone. you can find it in the apple and google play stores. ton night, we know more about a man who was hit by a bus and killed in in montgomery county this afternoon that man is identified as 93-year-old edward hill, sr. police say he was trying to cross a crosswalk on lime kiln pike in glenside as a septa bus was making a left turn this afternoon. the bus hit hill and he died
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after becoming pinned underneath it. some neighbors are questioning the safety of traffic in that area. >> always like crowded, um, a lot of foot traffic and stuff. like a lot of kids -- i mean coming down to go to wawa and stuff. >> reporter: is it safe? >> not really. a hill dangerous. like once in awhile. >> no passengers were on the bus. it's unclear if the bus or hill had the right of way. police in newark, delaware, looking for a woman who they say robbed a wsfs bank at college square yesterday at 4:00 o'clock. the woman walked into the bank and handed a note to the teller demanding money. the teller handed over an unknown amount of cash. she got away in a maroon buick. crews battling a fire in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood make a gruesome discovery. a woman's body is found in the
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basement. fox 29's jennifer joyce tells us investigators don't think it was the fire that killed her. >> she's a good woman. she had a good heart, you know, she, like, just messed up. >> richard scott says he's heart broken this morning learning that his neighbor two doors down was killed last night. firefighters were call to the 1900 block of west bristol street in nicetown for the report of a fire a mid the smoke emergency responders found a woman dead in the basement with a head wound and blood on the wall behind her. >> you just wow i was just talking to this lady a few hours ago. a couple hours later, this happened. >> reporter: neighbors we spoke with say they didn't hear or see anything out of the ordinary. many returned home after 7:00 p.m. to the commotion of police cars, fire trucks and alarming yellow tape. saturday morning, l and i crews worked to board up the smoke filled home. word spread quickly about the victim. a woman in her 50s who was well
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known on the block as a friendly and caring person. >> we need a block captain. she ran this block. my sisters know her and met her and everybody. she was that kind of perp. >> reporter: police say the victim pronounced dead just after 7:30 last night. homicide is now investigating this case and neighbors are hoping for justice. police have not said how the woman died or who may be responsible but they do believe someone set a fire in her home to cover up the murder. neighbors say they're sad and confused. >> she was beautiful gal. it's unbelievable. we're still shocked. >> reporter: in nicetown, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. a camden man is under arrest tonight accused of shooting and killing his mother. police found 38-year-old iris sanchez shot inside a home on north 18th street earlier last night. she died at the hospital a little later. investigators say her son, 22-year-old pedro mercado, shot
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her. camden county sheriff's officers arrested him last night. investigators have not released any possible motive behind the deadly shooting. developing to night in brussel nearly two weeks after the deadly terror tack officials are preparing to reopen the airport. airport officials announcing details about that reopening in a news conference today. operations will resume slowly within flights leaving for greece, it the and portugal tomorrow. officials hope to be operating by 20% by monday. at least 16 of the terror attack victims were kill at the airpo airport. officials say new security measures are now in place including spot checks of vehicles and more restrictions at terminals. restart of the operations even only partially as quick as this is a sign of hope that shows our shared will and our strength to resurface and not to let our heads down. >> airport officials hope to be back to full operations by the summertime. it was a shocking diagnosis.
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this woman will die without a live-saving transplant. how her devoted husband is pulling out all the stops to save the woman he loves. new research reveals a surprising trend when it comes to women and online shopping. what makes women more likely to click by on friday nights. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families.
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i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. ♪ four people taken to the hospital in new castle county after this crash on u.s. 13. state police tell us one driver was in the middle of a u-turn when they were hit by another car. one person was trapped for time. troopers say no one had life threatening injuries but they
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are still investigating. a high speed police chase in montgomery county ends in a deadly crash. you can see what happened after the car slammed into this pole along main street in mull worry township. police say officers tried to stop the car just after midnight when the driver took off. and then they say they had to back off a chase when the driver hit speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. that car slammed into a pole as you see and caught fire. the driver was trapped inside and died right there at the scene. his name has not yet been released. officers are still investigati investigating. a man in north carolina was absolutely devastated when he found out that his wife needed a kidney transplant. >> but instead of letting it get him down this devoted husband is doing everything he can to find a match for this wife. fox's robin kennedy has the story. (laughter). >> reporter: phyllis pinto's face lights up when she's around her groom of 25 years. and that vow in sickness and in health he really take it
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seriously. >> she's my soulmate and i'll do whatever it takes to help her find a dope nor. >> reporter: phyllis has polycystic kidney disease of her father and grandfather both died from the condition. she was diagnosed about three years ago while being tested as a possible donor for her younger sister. >> it hit me like a ton of bricks, and it -- i just started getting sick and sicker, and eventually my kidneys just shut down. >> reporter: phyllis is about to start dialysis. she's on a transplant waiting list. but time is working against her. she says she just found out this week she's in the final stage of kidney failure. >> i'm just thankful that god has sent me such a loving -- a loving man that cares about me so much. >> reporter: her husband louis pinto has diabetes so he can't be a donor. but there is something he's doing for his wife. >> i decided to do display on
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the back of the car. >> reporter: he drives around town to work and running errands with a simple clear message on his car. one to save phyllis' life. >> he's trying to do everything he can to help me. i just want to let everyone know that's correct you know, kidney disease is something that a lot of people are living with every day. >> reporter: just one phone call, one match and one person willing to donate will give this wife and grandmother a reason to keep smiling and living. back here at home penn students having great time for holly 2016 the festival inspired by holiday in the hindu religion. holly mark the beginning of spring and revelers cover themselves in colored powder as part of the holidays tradition. the color represents the changing of the seasons. "good day philadelphia" is celebrating a major milestone. 20 years on the air.
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>> yeah, part of the big celebration mike jerrick and alex holley broadcast for 20 straight hours right here in this studio on our youtube channel. so here's a look at some of the craziness. ♪ (laughter). >> i'm going to count. one works, hey,. >> stop. >> huh? >> stop. >> did you just say that. >> who did it. >> mike. >> tell mike to be quiet. >> shut up mike. >> don't say shut up. it's rude. >> i'm sorry i said shut up. >> hold on, hold on. i got to get this on snap chat. >> ♪ >> you're the birthday girl. >> yes. >> what's your name. >> marie. >> marie. >> where did you go to dinner?
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>> anita hall. rosy brown. janet jackson. >> janet jackson. ♪ >> oh, no. >> how many people are watching us right now about? >> no! oh, no. oh, no. i got it. >> what's up? >> what's up, man? >> how are you. >> what's up? >> what are we doing here? >> oh, my gosh. >> bmx, what are you doing? >> happy birthday to you, fox news. happy birthday to you. can you believe it? happy
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birthday dear beautiful, happy birthday to you! >> let's give it up for sue serio. (applause). >> whoo!? >> sue! >> sue do you know who bmx is? >> no. >> he's a rapper. quincy face time another rapper and bmx was with him so we were face timing with rapper. >> fantastic. >> we are having a huge anniversary party and you're all invited. sugarhouse casino helping "good day philadelphia" celebrate our 20th anniversary by throwing a free party you won't want to miss. come celebrate with the good day team on friday, april 29th from 7 until 9 at night in the all new event center at sugarhouse casino. space is limited. log on to contest page to enter so you can be part of all the fun.
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you must be 21 years or older. well, a family in texas is calling for the termination of their son's middle schoolteach schoolteacher. what they say that teacher calls him that has them all upset. >> deer broke out of a slaughter house in new york. now a famous comedian is making sure it never has to go back.
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♪ a group of san francisco police officers accused of
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exchanging racist and homophobic techs using the n word making derogatory references to the lgbt community. it's similar to a past texting scandal the department is recovering from. this time the discovery stems from probe into sexual assault allegations made against a specific police officer jason lie. officials believe the messages were sent while off duty but the chief says it's about violating trust. >> it's a be trail. i mean all of us that wear this uniform put it on sworn to service, sworn to help everybody -- every time. so when you have officers that be tray that trust it's not just the public's trust. it's the trust of the men and women that we work alongside of. as many as five police officers are now accused of the quote messages and unknown number of have been suspended authorities are now reportedly reviewing court cases handled buys those accused officers for
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potential bias. dozens of people who want marijuana legalized demonstrated in front of the white house today. they came equipped with a prop that was not hard to miss this. 51 feet tall inflated balloon to look like a joint with woring on it demanding president obama work harder to get cannabis legalized. they want him to do more. some of them smoked pot during this demonstration. we now know what caused listeria outbreak that triggered blue bell to pull all of its ice cream offshore shelves. it believes listeria bacteria spread through a drainage system at its oklahoma plant. the company says the bacteria was likely then released into the air and settled on nearby equipment. the contamination last year
10:26 pm
blamed for three deaths and several illnesses. the company since reintroduced products back into its stores. some people are calling it a miracle. a two-year-old boy is going home after shooting himself in the head. but how did he get the gun? his amazing story is just ahead. some political analysts say this was the worst week of the campaign for donald trump but does the gop frontrunner plan to have any kind of recovery? dave? >> watch out for that within gusting overnight tonight. charge your phones and be ready for power outages. winds 50 to 60 miles an hour by the time you wake up. what does that mean for your temperatures. those numbers are coming your way in the seven day forecast.
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♪ you decide, gop frontrunner donald trump is on the defensive tonight. following one of the worst weeks of his campaign, trump is now
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fighting like he's on the ropes. >> today he kicked off a three hiv day sprint to wisconsin's primary. fox's john roberts has the very latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: north dakota and wisconsin are front and center on the campaign trail for the gop this weekend. ted cruz start the the day in north dakota where about 2,000 top republican officials are gather to go choose 25 of their 28 delegates. these will be unpledged delegates and free to select any candidate. >> it is entirely possible to men and women gathered here will decide this entire primary. >> reporter: at donald trump's first rally at the day he hined he might start his rhetoric on the other candidates. >> they want me to act presidential. they don't want me to call him lying ted. >> he mostly dismissed that plan at his cercarially. >> when cruz, lying tedding when he gets money -- believe me lying ted. >> this comes as kasich continues to push for an open convention this summer. >> here's what's going to happen. we're going to have an open convention. we are going to get a giant
10:31 pm
political -- not political science but a governmental lesson. we'll find out how the works. >> reporter: at democratic side the jabs between bernie sanders and hillary clinton are getting harder as sanders tried tries to get momentum in the western states. >> secretary clinton was saying very nice things about the pipeline under a lot of pressure she eventually opposed it. >> sanders doesn't like it. you know what, because it occasionally helps a big company. those big companies employee a lot of americans or they wouldn't get the help. >> reporter: the latest fox business poll shows hillary clinton losing to bernie sanders in wisconsin by five points. after wisconsin the next big prize is new york state with 95 delegates up for grabs in a contest that is quickly proving that every vote counts. in wisconsin, john roberts, fox news. >> well if you plan on heading outside tonight, hold ton your hat. or anything else that could blow away. high wind warning is in effect as we take a live look at
10:32 pm
wilmington, delaware. winds could gust up to 60 miles per hour. wow! meteorologist dave warren joining us now to tell us how long this is going to last. we don't know what to do this spring. >> hold on to your hats. put rocks in your pockets. boulders to weigh you down. >> it's going to last tonight and errly tomorrow. early tomorrow will be the strongest winds. so watch them move in right now. not quite here yet into the western suburbs now that wind will start to pick up. the temperatures will drop. there could be few showers even a thunderstorm as the colder air moves in. so it's getting closer. 40s and 50s right now. only dropped a few degrees from our afternoon high which was 58 degrees. that front will come racing through tonight really intensify off the coast of massachusetts there. and that will pick up our wind over the next few hours. this high wind warning with gusts 50 to 60 miles an hour pretty much everywhere from delaware, new jersey all the way up through new england. here comes this cold air it's
10:33 pm
into the western suburbs right now. out ahead of it we're seeing a few showers, even a strong thunderstorm. one moved from cape may county right into atlantic county, and one just south of millville. even a few more lightning strikes here in lancaster county but this is the front. it's still to the west of the area timing of this over the next few hours here it comes right through philadelphia by midnight. just off the coast by 1:00 o'clock in the morning. it's really mostly rain. then you're getting cold air coming in from the north and that could change that rain over to snow maybe a little coating in the north and western suburbs but really the big story is this gusty win so that snow will clear out. there's a little bit of a coating here maybe just less than an inch across parts of the lehigh valley but one to two up in the poconos little heavier farther north but everybody seeing wind chills into the teens and 20s. this is the latest information that continues to show that the coldest wind chill will be by tomorrow morning between about 6:00 and 7:00 o'clock.
10:34 pm
then we have to look at our next storm. we will warm up ahead of it, but it's just like this one. so sunday night is a cold night. monday morning there's a chill in the air but by monday afternoon 50s and 60s. that's nice. it warms up quickly. but then you get another shot of cold air coming in behind this that could be with some more showers monday a dry day tomorrow but monday there's more rain showers late in the day. tuesday and wednesday are dry but with cold air in place looking at very cold temperatures with the freeze warnings in effect because we're seeing growing season now likely see that both tuesday morning and wednesday morning. from 37 we go to 60 by monday afternoon. then 27 tuesday. 30 on wednesday. despite bright sunshine we'll see a nice warm up but cold start to each day. rainy and mild day on thursday. and yet another storm coming in friday and saturday. that 60s will be followed by 4 s and 30s with maybe a few rain showers or a snowflake coming
10:35 pm
down by next weekend. you can get out of this pattern. one right aft the other and each comes with a shot of cold air behind it. >> a snowflake. >> few flakes in the forecast. >> all right. thank you, dave. brand new video shows the moments before cruise ship slams into a sea wall. what led to this close call. and family in texas is calling for the termination of their son's middle schoolteacher. what they say that teacher call the boy that has them so upset.
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♪ a family in texas is demanding that a middle schoolteacher be fired after they say she called a seventh grade student a terrorist. 12-year-old boy is an honor student and he says he has no idea why his teacher called him a terrorist in front of the whole class. that happened on thursday. the school has removed the english and language arts teacher from the classroom while it vests he investigates but his family just wants her gone. >> just because my son is a muslim doesn't mean he's a terrorist. he's an american. he's as american as anybody el else. >> i was just laughing at the
10:39 pm
movie, and the teacher said, i wouldn't be laughing if i you. >> i said why? >> she said because we all think you're a terrorist. >> the family says he will stay in enrolled at that middle school. a two and a half-year-old florida boy is finally home from the hospital. >> his family even doctors calling it a miracle. this is little ethan walker playing on the save driveway where three months ago he almost lost his life. ethan found handgun in his grandfather's pickup truck and accidentally shot himself in the head. he spent 73 days in the hospital with his mother by his side the epp door time. >> it's absolutely a miracle. there's no doubt about it. i've heard from it every doctor and nurse and everybody that's been at that hospital that saw him the night of or thee days in. they were like we never in our life we didn't expect him to make it 12 hours. he's absolutely my miracle. >> cutie, too.
10:40 pm
ethan mosses mom did not know his grandfather had a gun in his truck. deputes child charges of not securing a firearm but it's not clear if the say the attorney's office will prosecute. ethan's parents say they are just grateful their little boy is home and healthy. (horn blaring). look at that dramatic new video shows a cruise ship slamming into a sea wall there near its dock in san diego. you can even see a woman with a cane getting out of the way with just seconds to spare. the 150-foot cruise boat crashed into that wall on thursday. at least three passengers on board were hurt. investigators are blaming a mechanical malfunction. new research reveals that women do the majority of their online shopping late friday name why are so many more women likely to click buy at that time?
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♪ a trim, shave and line it up. the typical regimen for most men but for million of african-american it can be a nightmare ending with painful razor bumps or even worse.
10:44 pm
not enough forgetting help before the damage is permanent leaving scars. >> one doctor' as approach can be all the difference in the world. ♪ >> reporter: beard, a bush, or both. they are fashionable again but for a growing number of african-american men froes and facial fur are absolutely necessary. because close shaves and shape ups produce these kinds of painful -- >> burning, it's hot. >> the worse feeling ever. >> itchy, irritating all day long. >> reporter: scarring. >> how do you maneuver around it without knowing what it's going to do? >> reporter: even disfiguring conditions. >> we don't believe -- >> genetics may have lot to do with it says dermatologist vaughn graves. >> we believe it's a rupture of the hair follicles and the introduction of bacteria into the skin that creates the inflammation and the problems. >> reporter: aggravate that with a little acne or another
10:45 pm
kind of skin condition and you may be in for a lifetime of torture. >> people of color with the hair that curves more into the skin and close shaving sharp pennsylvania those hair follicles and makes the more likely to turn inward. >> which women are suffering, too. >> we do see more and more women coming in with the problem. most of the time for them, though, the plucking of the hair. >> reporter: or constant shaving just like men. but he says unfortunately by the time most men seek help -- >> it can evolve until you get cystic like lesions in the beard area which we have to inject with steroids. >> reporter: now that hurts. >> it can be painful. >> derek white taking action to prevent possibly suffering years of slow, careful, and sometimes unpredictable surgery like this patient. >> this is a improve many, right. >> definitely. >> excellent compared to where
10:46 pm
it was heading about a decade ago. >> wow ! >> showed up in your 20s. >> yes, early 20s. >> reporter: last minute modeling shoot sent derek to a different barber who cut too close and nicked him. >> that changed the whole landscape of things. >> reporter: years of inadequate treatment. >> i think in this area you started to progress even across the back. >> it was a mental battle, emotional battle. it was an overall battle. >> reporter: a battle derek now winning. >> let me check and see how you're progressing. awed couple little flare-ups but that's about it? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: another steroid treatment is necessary. >> the april corrections right in here. >> reporter: three to four times year along with improved prescription topicals and antibiotics, acne meds and laser treatments. >> but speaking from his own personal experience dr. graves says the answer could be much simpler. >> i used to have the problem and i had full beard for a long time. >> reporter: he just stopped close shaving and hair clipping for while.
10:47 pm
>> my hair became more trained and didn't curl in as much. various shaving techniques i use and i try to teach people to do i'm able to now cut down my beard a little bit. >> reporter: patients finesse mixing therapists and shaving techniques is working best for former marine turned medical assistant felder. >> for me, it has to be the clippers, 'cause my face was nestle crunch. >> he still gets crunchy when he takes a risk. >> no more goatee. that's gone. >> reporter: it's full beard or bust for this man. >> dry red and irritated. you got to keep it tight. >> reporter: so bad he has to get a medical waiver to bypass the rules of his civil service job. >> we have a few lesions there on the lower neck. this area is fine. >> i have to let it go to a certain length. >> reporter: it works as long
10:48 pm
as tray maintains his beard and uses his topical meds. derek, he add advises other men not to wait until you may be permanently scarred. >> even if it's not to say something it's not something serious, just go talk to somebody about it. waxing away facial hair may be the best treatment for women and some men. it's much cheaper than laser hair removal that is usually not covered by insurance and there's encouragencouraging news for me. more companies and government agencies like police, fire and military are relaxing the rules analoga shadow of a beard or a quarter inch of facial hair. well, a steer gets loose in queens and it was saved by none other than comedian john stewart knowledge april fool's joke on friday when bull escaped from a slaughter house. the steer was being taken off a truck when it escaped into the streets. he was coralled and taken to an animal care and control facility in brooklyn. the animal named frank lee was later picked up by john stewart
10:49 pm
and his wife both animal lovers. comedian says the steer will be taken to his sanctuary farm in watkins glenn. well, when are women more likely to shop online? well one new study suggests, dawn, it's between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. on friday night and the reason for that, alcoh alcohol. fox's baruk explains. >> what are you doing most your online shopping? >> i would say friday night. usually like two, 3:00 o'clock in the morning. >> as we gear up for the weekend new data from e commerce site list shows a specific on women's online shopping late friday night presumably after a drink or two. >> alcohol loosens you up and you come home and you have those things on your mind. you're not so tired and you end up shopping. >> reporter: leading to phenomenon called sip and click. in fact list experiences 48 more
10:50 pm
orders at a 2:00 a.m. on a friday night compared to monday night. the value of each order up 40% versus that same time on the monday night much biggest sell sellers lingerie, dresses and shoes, shoes, shoes. >> i'm notorious for shopping in bed on my phone. >> reporter: after a late night out. >> maybe, yes. >> reporter: guilty. >> don't tell anybody. >> is that a good time to shop. >> not for my wallet. >> reporter: what kind of stuff are you buying? >> probably cocktail dresses, shoes. lingerie. and jeans. >> usually impulse purchases. things that i've been covet fog a little while and i'm like what the hell i've had too much of whatever. >> do you regret purchases you made late at night on fry hey. >> i never regret shopping. >> i have stuff i ordered from guilt i'm taking back right now. >> reporter: but some are able to exercise impressive self control. >> i'll make huge mistakes if i'm shopping after i drink, no. >> reporter: very smart
10:51 pm
decision. saving a lot of money. >> if you want to avoid falling into the sip and click trap. disabling those wick buy buckets and not saving your credit card information on your favorite sight. if all else fails, just remember to keep your receipt. sean bell how about that nova nation. >> how about that? all i can say on twitter was wow! >> okay. >> i think oklahoma still hasn't shown up. they haven't gotten off the bus yet. this game was never in doubt. we'll head down to houston to get post game reaction from villanova and the flyers in a playoff like atmosphere against the senators. they're holding on to that eighth seed by the slimmest of margins. we'll have that next in sports.
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♪ villanova in a final four massacre. this game wasn't open close. nova showed up and oklahoma was nowhere to be found. the sooners buckled under the big game pressure. nova took okay objection' heart knock them out early and they never got back up after that. a 45-point blow out by villano villanova. the most lopsided semi final game i've ever seen in any sport. nova shot 71% from the field led
10:55 pm
with josh hart with 23 points. tom srendenschek is in houston. what in the record happened here? >> reporter: well, there's fans leaving and i think oklahoma left about 10 minutes into the first half as you said simply dominant, simply stagge staggering jay wright said all week it is not a loose team eighths very confident team. not a cocky cats fans are everywhere. not a cocky team. very confident team. i asked josh hart and chris jenkins after the game two of the six cats that scored in double figures what it is truly like to stifle a team one end defensively and score at will at the other? >> it's a great feeling. it's a great feeling. something i'm hoping we can have on monday. but, um, just being so locked in. taking them out of rhythm defensively they coming down getting, you know, a good shot offensively and put -- you know, pogue after possession after
10:56 pm
possession. it's a great feeling. it's something we have to keep building on. >> we don't really focus on the other steam. we stay dialed into each other and keeping each other the course. telling each other, you know, what we preach every day villanova basketball for four minutes until the last seconds tick. >> reporter: now they are only 40 minutes away from national championship monday night here in houston it is not a sexy term. but defense, defense, defense created everything from villanova tonight and now sean one more defensive effort to be national champions for the first time in 31 years. >> all right, thanks, tom. the flyers trying to make a little post season magic of their own. they hold the ac right now. -- eighth seed right now. they tried to keep that way against the senators. wayne simmonds carried the load today for the flyers. right here, he gets the goal off the power play. that make it one to zero. wayne simmonds had two goals on the night. the senators lost the game three-two. they still hold on to that
10:57 pm
eighth spot and really it's all about nova. wow! they'll play north carolina in the championship game. north carolina beat syracuse 8 83-66. >> can wait for that. that will do it for us this saturday night. "good day philadelphia" at 7am. >> your life powerball drawing coming up next follow beside animation dom nation v great night and thanks for watching.
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