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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  April 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this morning on "good day philadelphia", v or nil so much n fans ecstatic wildcats there was play north carolina for the national championship. >> plus take a look at this video. there's the baby climbing out of the his crib and on to the rails. is this real? or is it a hoax? >> what the parents have to say and what you think. >> did i see snow flurries this morning? is this the return of winter? cold temperatures and wicked winds gripping the regi region. how long is it expected to last? >> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. and a good look right there on the our control room on this sunday morning. we're getting ready. they're queuing us saying, time to go. waving to us. villanova last night v for victory.
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amazing. it was a blow out. >> it was over early. they looked really really good. that was impressive game and dare we say national championship? >> all right. we'll celebrate like it's 1985. because that's the last time that villanova won. we had a blow out like that so exciting. your 1985 favorite songs, let us know. >> songs, dances. anything you can do to flashback to '85. >> v for villanova. >> come on. >> 44 points, dave? >> they didn't even show up. i called them to tell them where the game was. i think they got lost on the w way. >> we'll get to the weather. let's talk about how windy it was last name we had power outages. windy city waking up to wicked gusts. this is some video from overnight from the avenue of the arts south broad street right there in center city. then let's go to bensalem bucks county crews called out after tree fell on power lines along haunted lane. peco working to get one that cleaned up as well. we have a number of outages right now.
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we've got thousands of outages, 20,000 according to peco also ac electric has us tajing and pse&g as well the crews are very busy this morning, dave. >> yes, they are. that wind will continue to gust this morning. so strongest winds happening pitch tee much over the next few hours. it will rapidly diminish afternoon today. so a lot going on today. bundle up before you step outside but it's also a different type of day. here's sue. >> weekend wendy ask here to tell that you today is find a rainbow day. now, of course, if you can't find a rainbow, you can easily make one your own. you can make one much your own by using your crayons like weekend wendy today. of course, dave, we can't have a rainbow without the rain. is the wind going blow our rainbow away? >> well the wind is bringing in the cold air. we don't have rain, we have snow along with gusty wind everywhe everywhere. maybe you'll see a passing snow shower this morning. not amounting to anything but they are moving through.
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you can see these gusty northwest winds continuing to bring in the cold air and if a few flurries just passed through the lehigh valley. live picture. let's show you what's going on here. 38 degrees. temperatures dropped. wind chill of 26. wind gust of 41 miles an hour. they've been gusting 40 to over 50 miles an hour everywhere. 40 to close to 50. 52 miles an hour wind gust the past hour so this make it feel like it's into the teens and tenting. teens 20ing what it feels like on your skin when you factor in the cold air and the gusty winds. so grab that coat, maybe the scarf before you step outside this morning. temperatures into the 30s down close to the freezing mark. in fact 32 in lancaster. wind dies down. warm air comes back. quickly. that's in the seven day forecast. i'll show when you coming up. >> good sunday morning everybody. if you'll be out and about today maybe taking the kids to tee ball, soccer, coming into the city, both the kelly and the
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martin luther king drives will be closed. martin luther king drive shut it down for recreational activities they have a regatta set on the kelly drive. keep that in mine. all that extra volume will be using the schuylkill expressway and shuttle buses are going replace the trains along a portion of the warminster regional rail line plus those buses will run on some adjust the times versus the train schedule. a big concert in south philly rihanna in town tonight, 7:30 at the wells fargo center. so that will leave a lot of volume heading into and out of the stadium area later on this evening. have a great rest of the day. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia". >> rihanna. excited about that and we are excited about what happened last night. v for villanova and victory. wildcats are heading to the national title game. so much excitement. nova easily beat oklahoma. did anyone think it was going to be that easy? so now the team plays north carolina tomorrow night for the championship. the excitement and the spirit
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all around the entire delaware valley. look at the skyline i saw this on my drive in. the sirius center is check out. they've got -- i can't even say the blue we're looking at right there for villanova all over the city. >> let's get out to jenny right now who is in ardmore with more on this exciting game. jenny, good morning. where are you? >> reporter: good morning. we are live at a wawa catching up with people running in we met kelly martin. i said did you watch the game? she said it was so exciting. kelly, you're a big fan. you grew up in this area and guess what, her dad and her brother were at the game last night. >> they were texting. >> hi, keith, brian, dad glad you had an awesome time. way to go villanova. >> how were you feeling last night watching this game. >> so excited. boys work really hard. jay wright is fantastic and really happy for villanova for the whole community for everyone. it was an awesome game. they played really well and they're just classy guys. >> what were your dad and brother saying last night? >> just thrilled. better than the super bowl they said. awesome.
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>> kelly said you watched as a child 1985. you watched that game and were back there again this is the first time we've gotten to the championship game. >> absolutely. so really exciting. i'm so happy for the team and for jay and the '85 crew and 2016 job archie, chef and the whole time. >> you ready for monday. >> can't wait. >> you'll be watching. >> absolute we'll be watching. >> brother and dad will be at that game again. >> at the game, yes. absolutelabsolutely. keeping martin and brine keith, jr. have a great time. we'll be thinking of you. >> kelly, thank thank you very much. she has to catch a flight. we'll let you go. >> last night not only did they win but they said a record they won by the most points in history that was 44 points against oklahoma. take a look at this video we were at a watch party with villanova students last night. unbelievable moment when they won. so so excited and it was just -- just unbelievable because i don't think anybody expected
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this blow out. we were talking that villanova was favored by only two points. so to win by 44 points with a final of 95-51 i don't think anybody expected that. so, of course, villanova on fire. can't wait for the game monday night, of course, we'll all be watching, karen and bill. >> absolutely. thank you jenny. >> i don't think anybody sane thought they would win by 44. we thought they would win but not by that much. it's crazy. all right. >> yeah, absolutely. >> it continues. the villanova excitement. did you hear how crazy the storms were last night. >> wind. it was so intense. hail even. >> woke me up out of a sound sleep. overnight storm leads to lightning hitting the sign of a marriott hotel in bensalem. police say at around 12:30 lightning struck at the 3200 block of tillman drive knocking out power on the fourth floor. they say there was also smoke but a fire never started. crews thankfully say that no one there was injured. and we also know more about a man who was hit by a bus and
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killed in montgomery county yesterday afternoon. they've now identified him 93 years old senior citizen edward hill, sr. police say he was just trying to cross the crosswalk on the lime kiln pike in glenside as september pa bus was making a left turn. the bus hit hill and he died after being pinned underneath it. some neighbors question the safety of the traffic in the area. >> always like crowded, um, a lot of foot traffic and stuff, a lot of kids from arcadia and stuff coming down to go to wawa and stuff. >> reporter: is it safe? >> not really. it's like a little dangerous like once in awhile. >> police say no passengers were on the bus. and crews battling a fire in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood on saturday make a horrifying discovery. firefighters were called to the 1900 block of west bristol street for fire. but behind the smoke emergency responders found a woman dead in
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the basement with a head wound and blood on the wall behind her. neighbors say they didn't hear or see anything out of the ordinary but say the woman was in her 50s known as friendly and caring person. >> you just thinking like, wow, i was just talking to this lady a few hours ago arc couple hours later, this happens. >> we need a block captain. she ran this block. my sisters know her and met her and everybody. she was that kind of person. >> police have not said how the woman died or who may be responsible. but they do believe someone set a fire in her home to try to cover up the murder. 7:09. nearly two weeks after the deadly terror attacks officials are preparing to reopen the airport in brussels. american airlines says they're expected to resume flights to brussels from philadelphia in mid april. officials said operations will resume today with flights from brussels leaving for greece, italy and portugal. authorities hope to be operating
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at 20% by tomorrow. at least 16 of the terror attack victims were killed at the airport. now officials say new security measures are in place including spot checks of vehicles and more restrictions at terminals. >> we start of the operations even only partially as quick as this is a sign of hope that shows our shared will and our strengths to resurface and not to let our heads down. >> airport officials do hope to be back in full operation mode by the summer. and police say one person has died, five others injured when a small plane made an emergency landing on a california highway and it struck a parked car. they say there were four people inside the car and they stopped to sing their blue tooth system pulled over to be safe and then that happened. they were struck by a plane. a woman who was sitting in the back seat was killed. the plane's pilot was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the passenger inside the plane and three other people inside the car suffered non-life threatening injuries.
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cause is still under investigation. all right. time right now clicking over to 7:11. donald trump and the war of the wives continues. >> find out why the republican frontrunner says he may have made a big mistake. >> and are you sneezing? do you have itchy, watery eyes? the burning. it's allergy season. coming up though we've got help. the simple things that you can do to feel some relief right now. ♪ and we are partying like it's 1985. taking a look back to the last time villanova won the championship. massimino, edny pinckney the whole team. what do we want? >> we're going to celebrate haven't a big party because we're remembering those days jumping up and down. let's pick up the songs from 1985. like this one. we bill this city. tweet us your favorite songs from that year. you can use our hash tag we're doing good day 20 because it is our 20th year of good day. >> i don't remember the dances
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from back then. >> we have a lot of madonna coming up. share with us as we continue to celebrate and we can see the wind there, whipping the winds. ♪
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♪ >> 7:15. more on the story that everyone is talking about, villanova in the national championship game. nova really couldn't be stopped last night. early in the first half, nova up nine.
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chris jenkins gets the lay in. notify up 11 under a minute to go josh hart seems like he was doing that all night. drills the three ball. then it was all nova in the second half. jenkins off balance three-point. basically to cement up they blew oklahoma out of the gym. to advance to the championship game. here's coach jay wright. >> that was -- that was just one of those games that could happen to anybody and i feel bad for oklahoma that it happened to them in the final four. i'm happy we have one of those games we just make every shot. we had end of shot shot clocks. we through up and went in. >> you're classy guy, coach. i don't feel bad for oklahoma at all. >> i feel good for villanova. sean from inn >> good morning. >> this is how it started. >> here's where my bracket was destroyed. michigan state. we move and then boom. >> look at this. >> this was yesterday.
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>> let's do the honors. >> break it down. >> villanova is there. north carolina there. >> yup. >> now let's recap. surprised how well they've been playing. >> stunned. number one let's put this in proper perspective. the second time jay wright has apologized in this tournament to the opposing coach. >> first fran mccaffery local connections with iowa. last night oklahoma. i feel jay. he's a classy guy. at the end of the day he wanted that explosion to happen. unbelievable performance. the fact that they won by 44, shot 71%, they missed 14 total shots. seven from behind the arc and seven inside the paint just incredible performance from top to bottom by villanova and right now, i'm sorry to say this, i don't know if villanova fans want to hear this but they are absolutely the best team playing right now. >> they are. if you have to look at we talk about the fact they barely missed. they shot 70 plus% they also held an explosive team to 54, 51 points. >> yeah. >> so put aside their shooting they're defense is winning games
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right now. >> buddy hield player of the year, averaging 29 points per game in this tournament they held him to nine points last night. i mean that's all you got to say right there. you're exactly right comes down to defense. clutch shoot fog villanova is difference right now what's been consistent this whole tournament for villanova at the defense. blowing up ball screens, loose balls getting on the floor. winding down the shot clock exactly what jay wright just said incredible performance. i mean just -- speechless last night. 44-point victory. biggest blow out in tournament history. >> sean saw me looking down i'm trying to figure out where the button so i can circle villanova as the champion and move them on. villanova fans don't want to hear that. they have to be the favorite to win this now. yes? >> actually they're not. las vegas just came outwit odds last. unc 2. favorite as we speak. however that could change. i don't see how you take unc in this game. i don't. obviously we have the local ties, local connections we're a bill biased here but bottom line like i said with the defense hitting the shots from the offense -- from the outside,
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villanova has been consistent this whole tournament. they don't miss and they play great d. they're scrappy. they'll come out on top on monday night win a national championship. >> all right. i can't figure out this. so let's frame it out. put it down, boom. >> we got it done. gentlemen. >> thank you so much. >> always a pleasure, sir. >> sean brace karen is fired up, too. how is the weather looking? >> we can see that camera bouncing around and dave warren, i believe my eye balls saw snow squalls on my drive in. >> yes, a few snow showers came through the area this morning. big story though is that shaking camera right now. high wind warning remains in effect. so that will be the big story throughout the morning. the afternoon it gets a little better but it's also bringing in cold air and what does that mean for our temperatures over the next few days. here's somebody who is pretty concerned. good morning, fox 29 good day. i'm nate wolf i think going to mount misery in browns mills on tuesday. can you physical me if i'm going to need a sweatshirt. how cold is it going to be?
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>> sweatshirt, winter coat maybe. lock at these temperatures here over the next few mornings. these are the morning low temperatures. 29 down to 27 on tuesday. it gets even colder but by wednesday we're starting to get a little warmer. so that chill is in the area each morning. snow showers one or two came through the area and just one or two flurries coming down now. around the lehigh valley this will continue to push south. don't be surprised to see a few snowflakes falling. windy these morning tears the actual air temperatures dropped down to freezing in lancaster that freeze warning in effect there for areas to the west. right about freezing but when you factor in the wind it feels like it's about 10 to 15 degrees colder and that's the story pretty much everywhere so subtract 10 from these numbers. upper 20, mid to low 20s across south jersey and delaware. that's what it feels like on your skin. it won't be feel like this all day. temperatures warm up just a bit. these are the wind gusts. look how they start to diminish around 2:00 o'clock, and they're gone by tonight. so this is just windy this
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morning. by tonight, fairly calm but the temperatures get colder. no cold wind chills but cold start tomorrow morning. warming up tomorrow with that south wind a brief warmup it's a roller coaster here this week. we'll see a 60-degree temperature tomorrow. then cold temperatures tuesday and wednesday morning. by thursday we're back up to 66 but right back down to 39 degrees on friday. each one of these warmups comes with some rain. i'll look at that in the seven day forecast coming up little bit later. >> dave, thank you. beans beans they're good for your heart, the more -- yeah. but we know they're good source of fiber. but when we -- what are you doing? >> good. >> go ahead. >> what do you got. >> i'm trying to show i'm not completely incompetent. you want to help me. >> we figured out how to do it. boom. >> there you go. >> well thank goodness. because you were so worried. >> circle that. >> i know how to work technolo technology. >> let me get back to my beans. you're full of beans. >> don't hate. boom. >> a pile of beans there, bill anderson. when we come back, you should be eating more. in fact, the experts now say they're going to make you see
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how eating more beans can make you thin? lose some weight? we'll explain that one. ♪ actor johnny depp could be considered mysterious by some. find out what he shockingly revealed during a fan q and a. you're not going to want to miss this. >> we're partying like it's 1985. listening to the music from that time. we hope you have these lottery numbers much
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when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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♪ the boss, 1985. we're partying like it is 1985 because they're going to bring back those memories and celebrate bring back another win for villanova. >> can we bring back the behind the scenes camera from yesterday that was here in studio? people can see how you treat me during commercial breaks. i'm a victim here in the studio. >> inside -- baseball season tomorrow. snow up there in the poconos. flurries on our heads. >> added about an inch there. >> all right. >> we never made it there. >> burning itchy trending right now the basic question barbara
7:25 am
walters, barbara wawa used to say, what kind of sandwich would you be? >> that's right. facebook user took the phrase ask me anything to whole new level during an online chat. act johnny depp was asked that question, what kind of sandwich would he be and the answer amazing. >> well, my family being on the hill billy side i'd be a would nonni sandwich. >> i didn't know hicks liked boloney. >> no one knows. ba log in a is they can't use -- >> road kill. >> yes. so yeah, i'd be a boloney sandwich. a white trash sandwich. wonder bread, peace of boloney. >> fancy pants saying like port bella mushroom. he talk about some of his favorite songs. bobby darrin's rendition of
7:26 am
beyond the sea. we want to so what sandwich would you be? dave warren? >> i would have to go with egg salad. >> why? >> because i love eggs. you cook them for while. takes long to prepare and it's just great when it's done. >> i would think you would be like -- a cheese sandwich. >> come on. >> meatball sandwich. >> you're a meaty guy. i'll go with meet ball. >> eggs have protein film wow. what would you be? >> i think something with scrapple on it. there's a reason behind it. you don't really know in it. you don't know it's background how crazy it got here. he kind of works and it's authentic philly. >> and half the people like it and half the people don't says our keith in our ears. one of our folks. >> and you? >> i like a turkey special it's my favorite zapped witch. you can let us know what favorite sandwiches you have and you would be if you were a sandwich. if you were a tree washington tree would you be? you're fully beans, bill. >> maybe you should be. maybe i should be if you want to
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lose weight. that's what they tell us. why doctors are saying you should be eating more of certain foods. eat more to weigh less? >> and the sneezing, the itchy, the burning, it must be allergy season. simple things that you can do to feel relief right now. >> and this is really cute. dave warren this one is for you. >> look at he isn't happy to hear about the temperature drop and wind gusts. that's kaiya. >> this one with wick weather joe sending that this picture one of his buddies took this one. the lightning right there and continue to send us what's napping your neck of the woods. what you're doing today. >> and the poise 85 song, the boys of summer. >> authentic. >> that's don henley, right? >> good stuff. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ welcome back at 7:30. we begin with break news at the bottom of this half hour. this is something that's happening right now in the city of philadelphia. 49 hun dead block of warrington avenue. one person taken to the hospital because as you can see we got a whole pile of bricks that came down on that vehicle in the street. this is a partial building collapse and right in that neighborhood. wow! look at that. it just filled that street with bricks. it is shut down in that 5,000 block of warrington avenue. police say the building fell on to that car with a person insi
7:31 am
inside. they are investigating. we're taking a look at some of our top stories. the excitement continues. you now know villanova easily beat, they crushed oklahoma and now we'll play north carolina tomorrow night for the national nam i don't know ship. >> new castle county four people needed to be taken to the hospital after this crash on u.s. 13. state police tell thus one driver was in the middle of making a u-turn -- would you you can see what happened to that car when that you were struck by another vehicle. one person was trapped for a time. troopers say no one had life threatening injuries. amazing to see the air bags going off in that other vehicle right there. they're still investigating. we have new information about a deadly crash that we told you about on good day saturday morning. you can see what happened after the car slammed into this pole along main street in marlboro township. police say officers tried to stop the car just after midnight when the driver took off and then they say they backed off the chase. when the driver hit speeds of more than 100 miles an hour.
7:32 am
that car slammed into a pole and caught fire. the driver was trapped inside and tragically died at the scene. his name has not yet been released and investigators are still investigating. ♪ weekend wendy just told me that one man's trash is another man's treasure and that's where you'll find your treasures in upper darby this weekend. the rotary club is having this giant flea market at upper darby high school. it gross 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. but you know how these things go. you got get there early to get the best stuff. i think dave, we've got good weather for being indoors at the flea market. right? >> be careful that wind out there. tents and wind don't go well together and the wind warning in effect until noon today. this is the high whipped warning. afternoon that wind will diminish a bit but it will still be gusty. maybe not quiet this high but this is what we're dealing with between now and about noon. it's dropping these temperatures down to 38 degrees.
7:33 am
wind chill 26. got a few wind chills into the teens subtract 10 degrees from the actual air temperature with that wind gusting now at 41 miles an hour. a few upper 30s, mid to low fourfours there's a 52 in atlanc city. so that wind continuing to gust. this strong for the next few hours. cold air coming in, maybe a few snowflakes falling. that's what we're seeing now across the lehigh valley and the temperatures today only into the mid 40s. but that wind will diminish this afternoon. we'll see warmer weather returns in the seven day. that's coming up. ♪ in your health this morning we're talking about something a lot of people can relate to over the past few weeks, spring means longer days and warmer temperatures but it can also mean a lot of sniff sniffling, sneezing and just bad allergies the pollen counts have been extremely high lately what can you do to ease your symptoms? the fox medical team's beth galvin joins us with quick fixes for allergies. beth you say most of us don't even need to go to the doctor
7:34 am
just go to the drugstore? >> reporter: exactly, lauren, because there are a couple things you can pick up at the drugstore that can make a big difference if you just have mild allergies. so one thing you want to pick sup an anti his mean that is medication non drowsy medication like claritin or zyrtech or allegra. i use the store brand which is cheaper. and that can help block you from having some of the symptoms that you're having and then the other medication if you've got those nasal symptoms that lot of people have right now, nasal spray like over the counter kind of flonase type spray which is really go a long way in helping with those symptoms. is he between the two, the anti-histamine and the nasal spray most of us will be good to go if they're more severe you may want torque you know, seek some help for it. lauren? >> let me ask you this question. you know a lot of times our weather personalities give us this pollen count each morning. sometimes we're not paying attention until we hear the temperature. should we actual be checking and listening in on that? does it really help to know? >> reporter: i think it does
7:35 am
he is special physical do you have those seasonal allergies because then you have an indication of oh, my gosh, it's through the roof today the pollen count. i've got to take precautions. i've got to take my med sane. maybe i'll limit my time outdoors and my exposure to pollen and even i would say on the days were the pollen count seems to drop it goes up and down and up and down if you watch it, on those days while we're in this high seasonal allergy spring allergy season i would go ahead and take your medication kind of on a daily basis for a couple of weeks until things sort of settle down because you may stop and not take your medication because you see the pollen count is low and it goes through the roof in the afternoon. just a good idea as a precaution to go ahead and take your medication. >> makes total sense much here's one thing that i did, beth. i got the prick test so i found out some of the things that i was allergic to and it helps me know maybe when i clean those dust mites are going to be all over the place put a mask on. is there anything else we can do to sort of limb the exposure? >> reporter: yes. once you find out kind of what
7:36 am
you're allergic to and if you're watching the pollen counts a lot things do you care. we know the poll length count is highest in the morning. so if you're person who likes to run in the morning maybe you post pope your run until the afternoon. if you're going to be outdoors wear some sunglasses or glasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes. another thing that you may want to do is wear, f you'll be doing like yard work, mowing the lawn n kind of thing and maybe you're allergic to grass pollen of those masks that you can pick up at your local hardware store and i would also when you come back inside from being outside i would take off the clothes, throw them in the wash, jump in the shower. watch off your hair to get that pollen off of your body you're to the going to bed at night but the whole key lauren is really like kind of knowing as you know what you're sensitive to and trying limit your exposure to whatever that allergen is that is, you know, making your body react, and that may be i stay indoors a little bit, i shut the
7:37 am
windows and turn on the air-conditioning, replace the filter in the house to kind of cut down on the dust and the pollen in the air. lauren. >> a lot of little things that can add up t relief. beth galvin thank you so much. absolutely. thank you for having me. >> of course. bill, karen? >> thank you lauren. eat more, really? usually doctors are telling us to eat less in order to lose weight but there's a new study that says you should eat more beans that is. here's what they want you to do. put your finger on the pulse. it turns out pulls are the dried legumes basically peas, beans, chick peas, lentils. more you eat you feel fuller longer and they help to you lose weight. this is was a study publish in the american journal of clinical nutrition reveals a daily serving of other beans and other pulse which is contribute to a modest weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels. >> and fewer friends. (laughter). >> how much can you bench? how much can you dead lift? >> i have no idea. i know how much i can bench.
7:38 am
>> how much is that? >> about 260. >> wait until you see this woman. this is impressive much she's a grandma, we're not going show her. that's why it's a tease. she's putting people all over the country to shame. even our bill anderson. >> me, too. outspoken donald trump usually sticks by his convictions but why some of his recent comments on social media actually have him saying he's sorry? >> ooh! >> these are some of our comments about what kind of sandwich would you be our carla says, that she would be a bobby because christmas her favorite time of year and she loves the sweet and savory. let us know what kind of sandwich would you be. >> keep the '85 coming. >> sue, sue serio. >> that's what we always say. they shut it was about her. sue, sue serio. of course it is. ♪
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell. the flyers are trying to copy villanova and make a post season run of their own but first they'll have to get there. they continue their hot streak against the senators and they did that on the back of wayne simmonds on the power play right here simmonds getting a shot and making it count. this goal right there then later simmonds would get another one.
7:42 am
he had two goals on the night. and the flyers beat the senators three-two. still holding on to that eighth spot. to the sixers, pacers, sixers in striking distance in the fourth but a sloppy play leads to paul george getting out on the break. dishes it off right here to hill and one. the sixers lose once again 115 115-102. their 12th straight loss still stuck on nine wins on the season the phillies ending spring training with little magic tied at five in the bottom of the ninth. caesar hernandez gets a blooper to fall in perfect spot. they win six to five. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. ♪
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♪ villanova taking on north carolina tomorrow night and bringing home a victory. we are partying like it's 1985. the last time villanova got it done and celebrating. bringing them good luck. good morning to you. >> we all made excuse force not getting to the gym. we all do it but this lady you were telling us about she's not making ex keys cues and made a video proving that there shouldn't be any excuses. >> take a look at this one.
7:46 am
this is 78-year-old woman her name is shirley web. get ready. grandma works 25 pounds she's got on there. >> wow! >> dead lifting that one right there. isn't that impressive. she started working out couple of years ago. bare woman walk up the stairs. just trying improve her life and now look at her go. she's got a personal trainer and she can do that dead lift with her specialty now training for her next power lifting competition on june 4th and hopes to dead lift 260 pounds. >> nice. go grandma. >> ♪ >> dave warren, how much do you think you could lift now a days. >> i used to do 300 something. >> look at you goo go. >> i used to compete in '78. i was 18 in my prime. i'm still if my prime. impressive, good form as well. here's a lot going on outside. not only little league but lacrosse. this question we got lacrosse game 10 and three. what's it going to be like? well we have the scale. it's windy out there now but
7:47 am
look how it goes up a little bit from awful to just blah between 10 and three. the winds dying down little bit. so it's not a great afternoon but it gets a little better tomorrow. it will be cold in the morning, nice in the afternoon but then drops by 4:00 as we have some more rain coming in. here the wind gusts right now they will not be diminishing for at least the next few hours. 40 to close to 50 miles an hour. peaked a little hire. we've seen 52s and 53s it continues to gust and bring in that cold air. it will start to die down around noon. lock at tonight. it's calm. but it's clear and cold. at least briefly because we're getting warm air comin coming bk there it is from the south the wind starts to pick up and that brings in warmer temperatures by tomorrow. 30s right now a few freezing spots. lancaster 32 degrees. 38 in philadelphia. subtract tone 15 wait feels like on your skin. bundle up when you step outside. maybe a passing snow shower one or two flurries in upper montgomery county moved through the lehigh valley and look at
7:48 am
the temperatures tomorrow. warming up into the 60s briefly because another cold shot comes in the seven day forecast. we are back down into the 40s on tuesday. a cold start wednesday. some rain thursday. and another shot of cold air with a few flurries fry and >> philadelphia's penn mew is planning a big party this month and people who grew up in the '90's getting pretty excite. >> there was a tv show and they're doing something based off the legends of the hidden temple. take look. ♪ >> legends of the hidden temple. with your guy -- here he is now. >> do you remember this show? museum of course is over at the university of pennsylvania campus. hosting a legends of the hidden temple penn museum edition on
7:49 am
april 20th. it's sol out in just a minute based on that classic kids show that aired on nickelodeon. this has people competing each other against physical challen challenges. remember joe rock guy talking. people will be dressing up as the guards who asked the trivia questions and if you get them wrong, you're out. we have very own -- >> awesome. >> talking rock or idol with glowing is. >> i am o member the talking head. ask me any question. >> how do you feel about coming to philadelphia. >> i love it. i've been down in in order for awhiles an attraction at the epcot center mexico ride but i'm happy to be here in the city of brotherly love. >> your voice sounds vaguely familiar. what do you think of dave warren as a forecaster? >> he's one of the best forecasters around.
7:50 am
(laughter). >> he's right most of the time, and when he's wrong, he's still a loveable guy. >> if you were sandwich what kind of sandwich would you be. >> i would be a philly cheesesteak of course that was invented here in philadelphia and i have the original spatula buried deep in my tomb. >> all right. thank you so much. all those questions answered correctly. >> wow! >> blue bell ice cream pulled off store shelves because of listeria? >> wow! what's the problem with this one? the company says it does know what the issue is. coming up how blew bell says their plants became contaminated with lifter yes in an outbreak that's actually been deadly. plus, a video this video has gone viral. it's a baby appearing to climb out of his crib on to the rails and balance there. look at this. is this real? is it a hoax? we'll find out what the parents have to say. karen, i'm not buying it. >> and we will be right back with karen, dave and bill, the
7:51 am
best forecaster around coming up. ♪
7:52 am
he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
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♪ all through the night flashback continues cindy lauper segue all through the night. the wind was blowing all through the night. you see it right now.
7:54 am
look at the airport cam. can't stay steady because of those winds went also got an update also because of those winds the get your rear in gear run for colon cancer was actually canceled for this morning because of those winds. we'll keep you moved in they decide to postpone any more information. that's what we know right now. go around the house. for today's oy round the house so glorious outside and we all want to spend some more out there. denise to join us to give us 88 idea to up the anti on our space. let's take look at the before picture here's what the deck looked like before. now here's the after. how did you accomplish this? it looks so cozy. let's sit down. the place i want to sit down and relax. >> it's getting nice out everybody wants to get their outdoor ready. the first thing you want to do is think of it as an outdoor room like outdoor living room or outdoor dining room and think about what you would do for your -- the inside of your hou
7:55 am
house. >> first we wanted to use weatherproof furniture outwent get furniture that's going to be okay outside. so we did comfy sofa this is an outdoor sofa. and then we did an outdoor coffee table. i like to have the biggest coffee table possible because then you can use it for food and for drinks. you don't have to have a separate dining area. so it's kind of like casual seating for eating. >> you had me at drinks. >> exactly. then here's another trick that you're going to need. you want to have storage. so the good thing about this coffee table it lifts up and when it's going rain you can should have all the pillows and throws inside here and protect it. >> i love that you also did an outdoor carpet. how -- why did you do that? >> you want to put a carpet down it define the space and makes it feel more special and my trick is because it hides an old deck. so i don't have the money to fix up the deck but an outdoor rock is perfect way to spruce it up without spending a lot of money. >> how did you pick these colo colors? they're so much fun even love them and they make me think of spring and summer. how did you come up with them.
7:56 am
>> i did fun colors they're brighter than maybe i would doin' side my house that's what makes it fun and cheerful and it adds to little bit more like a festive look outside. >> here's what i did. i found one pillow that i loved. >> okay. >> i pulled all the colors from there. so die the coral which is one of the colors of the year. and the blue and then orange. i never do orange, karen. but i blew this orange throw blanket here and it just livens up the whole space. >> you also added lighting. >> i did keep the christmas lights or don't take them down if you haven't already and i line the outside of the deck with the christmas lights and it adds a little bit of atmosphere to it at night. you can still hang out at night without spending a ton of money on outdoor lighting. >> i love this tip so wonderful. how much do you think it costs to make my outdoor space as wonderful as yours. >> you could spend under a thousand dollars you could have an outdoor living room dining room kind of feel. the biggest expense will be your furniture. >> right. but you're keep that for years. the pillows are easy you can keep them for a season or two it
7:57 am
wasn't a big invest tom think of. amazing tips. thank you very much. >> thank you. that is it for today's around the house. let us know ideas what you may have for decorate your outdoor space as well use our hash tag fox 29 good day. ♪ ♪
7:58 am
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7:59 am
this morning on good day, it's v for villanova. fans ecstatic the wildcats will play north carolina for the national championship. and do donald trump, how about this, too late to say i'm sorry? like justin beiber a rare apology. coming up what the republican presidential frontrunner says he now regrets. and this video that's gone viral it's a baby climbing out of his crib standing up on the rails. now people are asking is it real? is it a hoax? we'll find out what the parents actually had to say. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. good sunday morning.
8:00 am
thank you so much for waking up. it is 8:00 o'clock and what bill is watchin watching and waftinge smells of this delicious pizzas because we are celebrat celebrae it's 1985. villanova from the collegeville bakery they're making all kinds of special pizzas and cakes. we'll have pig parties tomorrow night. >> somebody needs to invent smell vision. the entire room is just lit up with the wonderful aroma of that pizza. >> let us know what you'll be doing for your party if's you'll be celebrating and watching. the big game tomorrow because we're all caught up in this enthusiastic excitement. we also have some weather to talk about. >> exciting weather to talk about. pretty exciting last night. we had that wind pick up, the storms roll through. >> let me take look at the video that came in from overnight down obviously on broad street, dave, absolutely where we have the flags that were waving in the wind. then look what happened in bensalem bucks county. crews were called out because a tree fell on to the power lines and we are seeing a lot of problems with power outages right now. this specific system on haunted
8:01 am
lane. peco was working to get that one cleaned up and take look at the most recent numbers. we've got 47,000 folks that are just peco customers in our area that are without power right n now. pse&g is reporting nearly 22,000 people. down the shore ac electric reporting another 6,000. so that's well over -- 66,000 folk without power. more than that. >> yes, this is all as you're getting this cold arctic air that came through leading edge of that last night and it is here now. the wind will stick a round for awhile here's a look at center city despite the sunshine it's cold. grab the coat before you step outside. if you are going outside, here's something you might want to check out. >> weekend wendy is here to tell you in case you missed it last month that the first sunday of every month is pay what you wish day at the philadelphia museum of art. that's right. they like to you start at a dollar but after that, anything you want is a donation to the museum. and you can enjoy all their treasures including their
8:02 am
current exhibit which is international pups v a good time at the museum. will it be cold enough for to us want to stay indoors, dave. >> that wind making it out there. you may want to run from the car to get inside you might even pass through a snowflake or two. one or two flurries coming down across upper montgomery county moving through the blee high county. light flurries possible. big story the wind. 37 now it's dropped. wind chill 25. wind gust 44 miles an hour. and wind gusting everywhere from 40 to maybe close to 50 seeing some -- one or two times it climbs above fife like now it's wilmington's turn up to a 53-mile an hour wind gust that. makes it feel like it's into the teens and 20s. coldest part of the day is right now. because the wind dice down tonight and we're looking at a warmup it's in the seven day forecast. we'll see how long it lasts coming up little bit later. >> thank you, dave. we are so excited. v for villanova the wildcats heading to the national title
8:03 am
game and bill just making fun of me in the break because my math skills are terrible. if i was calling the game they had they could have won about 160. so much excitement they easily just creamed oklahoma. so paying north carolina tomorrow night for the championship. >> the excitement and spirit can be seep all around philly after their 1,000,000-point victory. even the sirius center is deck out in blue showing its v love for villanova and fox 29's jennifer joyce live in ardmore. more on the blow out. >> reporter: good morning, jenny. good morning, karen and bill. i'm assuming that you guys watched the game. what was going through your minds because i couldn't believe that it was such a blow out. it was not supposed to be that big of a disparity between those two teams. >> so exciting. i got distracted by some of the crazy colors on the floor. i don't know if you had the problem on your tv. i started to watch the colors. they were up by so much. >> and defense. they shut down one of the best players in the entire country.
8:04 am
that was impressive. >> reporter: unbelievable. it was buddy hield' second lowest scoring game of the season. really really hard to believe that. this far in the tournament that's what took place. a loss by 44 points. 44, that's also villanova setting a record for the largest victory margin ever in the ncaa finals. a lot of excitement at villanova last night we were there for a watch party. lots of students out and about cheering on and again i don't think anybody expected it to be so close. a lot of students were there. we know that they had at least 700 student tickets. a lot of people from this area went to houston for the game. and a lot of them are of course now staying for monday night's game against north carolina. it's going to be big. it's going to be exciting. in the last hour we talk to woman here was at wawa and both her dad and her brother went to houston for that game. her sister was nova grad. we're waiting for more nova fans here at wawa to show up. we'll head to campus later and
8:05 am
of course talk to the students once they wake up. but i think they had a big night of celebrating last night. karen? >> absolutely. i'll take it, jenny. hang out there. i'm sure you'll find people as they wake up from a night of partying. >> reporter: yes. >> thank you. >> it is 8:05 exactly right now. we know a lot more about man who wipeout hit by a bus and killed in montgomery county. it happened yesterday afternoon. the man is identified as 93-year-old edward hill, sr. police say he was trying cross at a crosswalk on lyle kill in pike in glenside as a september bus was making a left turn. the bus hit hill and he died aft being pinned underneath it. some neighbors question the safety of the traffic in that area. >> always like crowded, um, like a lot of foot traffic. a lot of kids from arcadia and stuff coming down to go to wawa and stuff. >> reporter: is it safe? >> not really.
8:06 am
like a lynch dangerous like once in awhile. >> police say that no passengers were on the bus. somebody set a fire to cover up a murder? crews battling a fire in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood on saturday made a gruesome discovery. firefighters were called out to this scene 1900 block of west bristol street for fire. but behind the smoke emergency responders found a woman in the basement with a big wound on her head, blood on the wall behind her. neighbors say they didn't hear or see anything out of the ordinary. they say the woman the victim was in her 50s very friendly, kind and caring person. >> you just thinking like, wow, i was just talking to this lady a few hours ago. a couple hours later, this happened. >> we need a block captain. she ran this block. my sisters know her and met her and everybody. she was that kind of person. >> investigators do believe that someone set that fire in her home to cover up the murder. the type of story you hope
8:07 am
to never hear. a camden man is under arrest accused of shooting and killing his own mother. pleases found 38-year-old iris sanchez shot inside a home on the 1100 block of north 18th streetly friday night. she later died at the hospital. investigators say her son, 22-year-old pedro mercado shot her in cam county sheriff's officers arrested him last night. investigators have not released a motive behind this deadly shooting. 8:07. we take look in delaware. where police are looking for the man who robbed a bank friday. that happened at the college square branch of psfs in newark around 4:00 friday afternoon. police say the woman walked into the bank and wrote note demanding money. there is the surveillance video. she handed it to teller who gave her an undisclosed amount of cash. the woman then ran to awaiting get away car. now take look. anyone with any information should immediately call the police. 8:08, some of the first
8:08 am
flights are beginning to take off now nearly two weeks after the deadly terror attacks in brussels. officials are getting -- resume some of the flights right now from the airports there. american airlines says they're expected to resume flights to brussels from philadelphia in mid april. officials say operations will resume today with flights from brussels leaving for greece, italy and portugal. and in fact the very first flight took off just moments ago. authorities hope to be operating at about 20% by tomorrow. at least 16 of the terror attack victims were killed at the airport. now officials say new security measures are in place including spot checks of vehicles and more restrictions at terminals. >> restart of the operations even only partially as quick as this is a sign of hope that shows our shared will and our strength to resurface and not to let our heads down. >> and they're going to be slowly beginning this again because the officials hope to be back in full operation mode by the summer. ♪
8:09 am
on to you decide political coverage now. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump now admits that retweeting unflattering photo of heidi cruz, ted cruz wife, was probably a mistake. in annd view with the new york times, maureen do you do, trump said if he had to do it again, he wouldn't have sent it. trump was also asked if he was ever involved with a woman who had an abortion though he refused to answer that question. trump made waves last week after telling ns inform bc chris matthews there should be some kind of punishment for women who get abortions if the procedure is made illegal. >> some powerful philadelphia women recognized not only for their successful careers but for all the service they give back to our community including our own joyce evans. this was second annual women of excellence luncheon honored 10 women. the top honoree there she is super star patti lapel receiving the trailblazer award. other honorees included politicians look who is there. that's tori. berlin today with good day for
8:10 am
20 years and joyce evans looking fabulous. these are women who just give back to our community. their mentors. they're artists. and joyce is there. she's done so much. giving our medical reports and helping out folks. radio station wdas put on this event. >> congratulations, joyce. much deserved honor. >> blue bell ice cream cooled off store shelves because of listeria. >> the company says it does know what the problem is. how they're plant became contaminated with the listeria outbreak and in fact three people have died. concerning. hey, shredder. >> reporter: good morning, the party still going on here in houston. we'll talk to the villanova players about what it was like last night to absolutely demoralize the game last night and destroy oklahoma and the fans partying like it's 1985 all over again. we'll hear from them when we come back live from houston. >> i love it. demoralizing. we got katrina partying like
8:11 am
it's 1985 right now. you know how good it feels. >> how good. >> like we're walking on sunshine. >> nice segue. >> amy points out if you're a san witch she'd be italian hoagie, vinegar and oil new york mayo. no explanation for why. >> because she's showing johnny depp he was talking about what kind of sandwich he would be. what kind of sand would kathy be. >> an ice cream sandwich. good one kathy. nice twist on that. >> linda says the association windy. >> oh, the song. >> i didn't know that one. can we pull that one out. >> everyone knows it's windy. >> you are smart. there we go. >> duh? i'm not too smart. ♪ vo: president obama endorses
8:12 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ good morning. welcome back. reading glorious picture this is certainly one of sue serio's deceiving sunshines out there. temperatures will be in the 40s but it will feel like the 30s with this wind. man, oman. >> looks good. stay inside and watch good day and look outside and imagine how nice it really is. >> ♪ >> more now on the story we keep talking about. it's excitement this morning. villanova in the national championship game. they couldn't be stop last night. it was so exciting. let's get receipt out tooth's stop and see what it was like if you were actual film when it was
8:15 am
going on much shredder, what was it like as you were watching this? >> reporter: karen and bill it was absolutely surreal you just kept hoping as fan it would become a basketball game you wanted villanova to win but you just wanted it to be game and buddy hield became a nobody and it was fascinating one thing to watch last night. it was 14 points at half time and about two minutes in, oklahoma came out with a lot of energy. krueger giving them the rally cry they cut it to nine points. villanova called time out. villanova went back up by 15 points and guys, literally you could see the oklahoma heads drop. you knew right there this team was done. they packed it up for the night. and villanova just ran away with this thing. buddy hield as jenny mentioned earlier, second lowest game in his college career. so afterwards in the villanova locker room we asked the players inn clueing josh hart and chris jenkins what is it like on the court when you absolutely demoralize undo a basketball team, stifle them defensively
8:16 am
and score at will at the on the end? >> the ball -- the basket, seems like an ocean. the one, three that ryan found at the end of the shot clock i just kind of through up there. luckily it went in. so, you know, obviously, as fan you love being in the zone you feel like, um -- you know, everything is dropping -- everything is falling. and it was just great being able to do that and have guys tag me i was able to find open guys. so it's a great feeling. >> we got one more game. hopefully we can carry our defensive energy and toughness and togetherness into the next game monday and build on that, and offensively we'll be fine. if we, f we make shots it will be like it was today. if we don't we can green it out because we're defensive minded team. >> reporter: chris jenkins mentioning it. the game tomorrow night against north carolina and guys this really is a matchup again the team in the regular season the best team in the regular season and that was north carolina against a team that was the best team in the tournament so far and that is villanova.
8:17 am
the while cats in the national championship game first time since 1985. 31 years ago, of course, when they won it all in lexington, kentucky. sea of fans on the mainline. big crowd here as well in houston and we caught up with some of them as they poured out of nrg stadium last night. >> st. joe's and to a wildcats all this talk about philadelphia whether you're stores team we love dunphy, we love coach wright. >> philly basketball. >> have you ever seen a performance bite wildcats like tonight. >> we haven't. >> but they've playing very consistently the great news for monday night don't change one thing. don't change one thing. >> reporter: you love those fans especially at the beginning this sound is so starved for a winner. it doesn't matter if you went to st. joe's. didn't matter if you went to temple lark sal, pep, drexel. this team is so -- the city is so starved for winner last night, right now, anybody give
8:18 am
us a national championship although my favorite fan last night karen and bill was guy that walk out with oklahoma and he's holding an oreo end says to me, do you want this? it's worth gold. i spent $330 tonight and this is was my only reward. >> aww. >> i don't feel bad for him. >> $330 oreo. come on, guys. >> i don't care. enjoy your oreo, oklahoma, fan. shredder, anybody that can have amazing shooting night like villanova did you got to be confident because forget the shooting night. they won the game because they shut other people down and they can do that to north carolina, too. >> reporter: you know i mentioned it last -- yesterday morning on good day. this team sexy is not a great word but you know what, this all started on the defensive end last night and when buddy hield was taken out of his game last night, it created everything else. yeah villanova shot very well from three but it created so much transition baskets. they played so well in transition last night. it all starts on that end of the floor and watching it live it is a very selfless performance.
8:19 am
and everybody knows what they're supposed to do on the defensive end. jay wright has said all week this is not a loose basketball team. it is just a very confident basketball team. they lost that game to seton hall at the end of the big east tournament. was that the wake up call they needed? they said, no, she's guys just get it. they guys just understand that was a fluke night. well, let's not have any fluke nights tomorrow night against north carolina, because right now, they are the best team in college basketball. >> let's do it. >> so much fun to watch. shredder, thank you so much. we are long suffering philly fans. we need a win, come on. >> party like 1985. they still looking chilly out there. as we take look. little cold today. >> little a lot cold here. when you factor in the win. that wind continues to gust making it feel like it's down into the teens and 20s. now, it's been spring break for a few, and here's this weather question from andrew. >> good morning everyone at fox 29 good day weekend. not to make you guys jealous but
8:20 am
we're down here in florida for spring break. foxie go long. we come back tomorrow so, dave, how is the weather looking when we arrive back at philly international? >> spring break, i know, we're going backwards here. these temperatures feel like more like winter temperatures you factor in the winds it's into the 20s. just this morning where the wind is the strongest because we'll stay breezy about 3:00 o'clock and then not quite as cold overnight tonight. by tomorrow morning 5am, 41 degrees. maybe a few flurries coming do down. this area of snow came through the lehigh valley and now it's right that was montgomery county, right along 30 nip around the montgomery mall just few light showers falling as well. one or two right there in buck county. temperatures windy this morning and it feels like it's a lot colder down below freezing in land cast. freeze warning in effect there with the growing season underw underway. pottstown reading all down to 31 degrees. 20s up in the poconos. philadelphia right at 37. and above freezing but still cold south and east in new
8:21 am
jersey and delaware with temperatures into the upper 30s. here are the wind gusts morning. strong, 40, 50 miles an hour dying down by 2:00 o'clock and calm overnight tonight. maybe a little warmup tomorrow but we're looking at storm after storm here in the seven day forecast. a few late showers on monday. cold on tuesday and wednesday. thursday we have some more rain. friday and saturday there's a little more snow in the foreca forecast. let's go to tech tank. ♪ i'm anthony mongeluzo and this is your texas. we've all remembered that commercial. >> i've fallen and i can get up. >> only one problem though if you're knock out you're not going to be able to hit that button it's been long time and technology has come a long way. with this watch allows you to do is let's say you have an elderly family member that might have little memory loss or might not be fully capable of taking care of themselves. with this watch -- watch does it allows you a circle of people that you truly care including caregivers to actual connect see
8:22 am
where the person is and enter act to make sure medicine scheduled and other things that are needed are going on. now, not just this watch there's other device that is will actually check heart rate, blood pressure and use wi-fi networks alert you and the hospitals hour medical provider if's there's any issues. so technology is has come a long way and it will help you now even when you fall and get can't up and can't help yourself. talk more high texas following reach out to us hash tag tech tank and we can continue the conversation online. ♪
8:23 am
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♪ scientists put everything under the sun under the microscope. some of their work makes sense, some of their studies seem kind of silly. have you ever heard someone say, the look on your face says it all? well, it turns out one suppression in particular comes across in any language and mean the same thing. researchers at ohio state call it the not face. the expression translates as disapproval around the globe. it's known by its furrowed brow, raised chin and thin lips and, yeah, it's pretty clear from the
8:26 am
picture that someone is not happy if they're making the not face. here's where it gets sort of silly. researchers actually went around and quizzed native speakers of english, march dan rin chinese, and sign latch. the not face translates to not. this study is pretty silly but theirs something pretty cool. sign language communicates actually made the face and you've it instead of signing the word not in a sentence. so instead of their hands they're letting their faces dot talking. i guess you can say it's writ den all over their face. ♪
8:27 am
he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
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♪ we are bringing back that magic partying like it's 1985 to bring another victory to the greater delaware valley forville notify valve we're watching our cameras bounce because we have a windy day. about 75,000 folks still without power. we'll stay on top of that story. in other news, dozens every people who would like to have marijuana legalized demonstrated in front of the white house. they came equipped with a props pretty hard to miss. it's a 51-foot inflate add balloon that looks kind of like
8:30 am
a joint with wording that dema demanded president obama work to get cannabis legalized. they say they want him to do more to make this happen. some of the them actually smoked marijuana during the demonstration. and we now know what caused a listeria outbreak that triggered blue bell ice cream company to pull all of its ice cream off shelves. blue bell tells federal inspectors that it believes listeria bacteria spread through a drainage system at the plant in oklahoma. the company says the bacteria was likely then released into the air and then settled on to nearby equipment. the contamination last year is blamed for three deaths and several illnesses. the company has since reintroduced its products back into the stores. stay on top of that one. let's get breakfast with bob on that note. >> good morning everyone. today it's dessert first. today take a look at the table. i'm here at today of vo i don't says in center city with our pate tree chef tom. tom you're the chef here now.
8:31 am
but you'll be taking over the king of prussia location. >> exactly. we're going to open new location in town center we have a couple minutes south of the mall and it's going to be fantastic location. we're going to have a take out shop. we're going to be really really busy. >> i can see that from all the great desserts now with a new location means you may need an assistant pastry chef. >> exactly. if you have a resume -- can i look at it. >> i have some of migrate samplings right here. >> you'll have to come in and make a dessert for me so i can see. >> how about jell-o. >> can i do jell-o. >> that's good. >> some of the famous signatures desserts. >> we have several signature desserts. you can get these desserts at any of the our locations. we have a coffee drink with vanilla gelato caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. nice and refreshing we make it with cold brewed coffee. this one here. this is our warm chocolate cake with march sheen know cherries,
8:32 am
chocolate cause and when you break it into it oozes with deliciousness. >> i like the squirrel like a rolling stones kind of sign there. >> exactly this is our figure of signature pan cat cot at a it's vanilla bean. that's the star of the show. >> nice and healthy with the fruits. >> this another cool one. >> this is our lemon cake. several layers of lemon cake soak in lemon syrup with lemon cream inside. topped with cream cheese icing with blackberry sauce. nice light and refreshing much big big seller. >> cool. when what do you have here. >> another signature dessert is our classic tiramisu pick me up pastry cream with lady fingers served in espresso syrup. really really good. >> this looks good. >> classic crem brulet, vanilla bean crem brulet and sos in black berries. >> i've gained a thousand pounds already so far but two more to go.
8:33 am
>> this is our play on smores. so it's a chocolate cake with the graham cracker crumbs and other nuts inside. >> okay. >> we top it with a fresh marshmallow burn it a little caramel sauce over top of it. >> this one here. >> this is a play on red velvet cake a cheesecake instead we serve it with whipped cream icing a fresh macaroon and raspberries gelato. and it's really nice way to finish the day. >> finish the day. >> finish your breakfast, finish your lunch, finish your dinner. >> decisions, decisions. i don't know which one i should go. you ready, cheers! there you go. back to you guys. ♪ dessert force breakfast. sounds pretty good there. monty g wants to be a reporter outside. when will the wild wind be ending? is it this morning. >> maybe not quite this morning but the gusty yesterday strongest win only in effect until noon today with high wind warning.
8:34 am
tee to 60 miles an hour. after that it dice down a little bit to we will see a lighter breeze this afternoon. sunshine does nothing. 37 degrees right now. the temperatures are dropping that wind brings in the colder and colder air and makes the feel like it's in the 20s here with wind chill. the wind continuing to gust 30, 40 close to 50 miles an hour. really not letting that temperature warm up much. but we are seeing a few light snowflakes move through the area many one or two in montgomery county. so the temperatures today once the wind tries down to climbing up into the mid 40s. we're on our way down. we have not started to climb yet. grab the coat before you step outside. it's cold out there. >> all right. speaking of coats we have a new kind of coat. yesterday mike and alex were so tired because they had been up for 20 hours plus up earlier the day before they can have slept anywhere. they did. >> they did. right here in our studio. so this is kind of funny. check it out right there. this is hotel chain over across the pond in britain they found way to sleep virtually anywhere.
8:35 am
explain this one. >> they're calling it the sue veigh. as you can see it look like a giant snow suit but it's actually a combination of a jacket, a pair of pants and a duvet a big blanket. hotel chain says that many british workers couldn't get out of bed in the morning they made suit that acts like a portable bed proking warmth and comfort. the company says the sue veigh is not for sale but it's enough people show interest on social media they will produce a limited number of suits. if it's like a bed if they make a suit you can go the bathroom in, sign me up. >> you guys can have mine. i'm champion of the people. i'm willing to give mine up to you guys. >> that looks ridiculous. >> dave warren takes another little step. why do you have to go down that way? >> you don't between get out of bed. >> just live in it. >> do everything. >> my kids actually -- someone gave them for christmastime a hat that's like a giant pillow it's like a giant pillow with eyes and exactly for when you're on airplane so you can sleep immediately and you look like a
8:36 am
giant octopus head. they're trying suffocate each other with it. not good idea for kids. >> it's children. if i walk down the street in that thing, i'm just going to get smacked around by everybody. >> ridiculous to wear that stupid thing. >> speaking of ridiculous this one is kind of fun. democrats or republicans, who would be more likely to like cats or dogs. >> chocolate or vanilla ice cream. >> we know about their differences in think political philosophies but every day items as you said they have differences as well. >> we can actually predict what kind of beer you would like based upon who you would like when it comes to politic. >> i kind of new you'd take it to beer. >> check out the baby crawling out of the crib. we've been showing you this video throughout the morning. but we will show you why some people on social media are saying it's fake. some people even questioned if the baby is like horror movie was possessed. >> i think it's real. all right. here's some of your comments. this one from michael. nova plays like a 1985 college team probably not 1nba player
8:37 am
but smart team basketball with seniors. it is rare. it is magic and it is exciting. >> that is true. if it's not an nba caliber team at least they'll get a championship rink. >> peanut says my on the baby during the storm last night. doesn't like the thunder. >> nope. >> this. keep your comments coming. we'll be right back. >> power of love. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ closer than i thought i might. >> ♪ >> everybody. >> and i can't fight this feeling any more. >> the windy feeling we're so excited -- winning feeling we're so excited about forville foe v the last time we had wonderful victory like that 1985. threats talk about this video we've been showing of this baby much. >> it's nuts. >> it's a viral video has people wondering if an inter fan is incredibly acrobatic or some say even possessed. take look at it. the video up load to do youtube shows young connor booth pulling himself up on the rail of his
8:41 am
crib, you can see it. and them amazingly wait for it, wait for it, pulls himself all the way up and then balances there. for a full 22 seconds. he stands up there screaming and crying before just a second he tumbles backwards. now, the video has nearly 3 million views having people say everything from the child is possessed to the video is a publicity stunt for an upcoming horror movie. this is real time. >> boom. >> he was there the whole time before falling. some say it's horror movie. young boy' parents say the video is 100% real. they were shocked by it when they saw it on their nanny cam. >> some people were saying maybe he was possessed because the night vision makes his eyes glow that way. >> mike our director i think the rail is bigger. these are people that live in britain. they have a bigger rail he can balance on his child can absolutely do that you have your kids climbing, dave. >> i did not want them to do
8:42 am
this. this was 20 months. >> okay. >> they didn't stand up on the rail but here they government the problem is with this is there's a long period of time between they can do that and they can go to bed in a bed without getting out and running around. so once this happens, our lives were over. i had to take everything out of their bedrooms. we had to get them toddler beds. because they just didn't any more the cribs -- the curtains had to come down. >> you don the strip tent. >> we have -- crib ticket is like baby jail f netting over it. >> that is -- >> netting over top much your kids. >> because they do. they climb up be get it out thereof. do you think that's real? what do you think about that? parents out there folks who don't believe whatever your opinion is, do you think the video is real. you can vote at or you can tweet us your response fox 29 yes is authentic or fox 29 no you do not think it is real. we'll be right back.
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8:44 am
8:45 am
to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. ♪ we've got breaking news right now 8:45. a very very serious situation. we have an amtrak train one of the big trains from the northeast corridor that struck a car. this is happened in delaware county and it does look like this is a very very serious crash. >> the details right now are coming in and as we get them, we will tell you more. apparently it happened in
8:46 am
trainor, pennsylvania which is in delaware county. the amtrak northeast corridor crosses booth street in that area and reports right now are indicating that the train may have crashed into a car trying to cross. we're told there may have been somebody trapped in the car. but we don't know the details of any injuries as of the moment. >> our crews of course are on the way. we'll stay on top of this breaking news and bring you some more details as they are just coming in right now. ♪ all right 8:00 frick. let's get another check of the weather. dave. >> looking outside right now. this is pocono mountains and little bit of snow there last night about an inch in monroe county. mainly on the grassy surfaces. the big story now is the wind an few flurries around out the there. wind is setting up to bring in colder air. we're not seeing a bump up in temperatures yet. just continues to go down. so we'll say it's awful this morning until about 10:00 o'clock. then our temperatures might start to climb a bit still pretty windy by 6:00 o'clock we're still pretty blah here with our weather it does get a little better not tomorrow
8:47 am
morning were i was cold morning but by midday tomorrow, still looking okay. maybe open good before that some rain comes in tomorrow night. here are the win gusts and they continue to gust. this is the computer forecast now. 40 to 50 miles an hour gusts but it does start to diminish overnight tonight and look at that change in direct that's a brief warmup coming up tomorrow. that will force the temperatures up into the 60s but we have clouds and some rain coming in. right now, it's into the 30s in fact below freezing suburbs to the north and we have. 37 in philadelphia and millville and atlantic city. few flurries will be moving through the area but our temperatures climb tomorrow. there it is into the 60s by 11:00 o'clock in the morning. but this does come with little bit of rain and this will be followed by another shot of cold air. we're looking at one, not -- not just one more of two more in the seven day forecast. we start off cool tomorrow. a late shower, then it gets co cold. cold day again on tuesday and wednesday. that's for philadelphia. with growing season underway likely we'll see more freeze warnings in effect each morning. tuesday and wednesday.
8:48 am
now, thursday we get little warmer you guessed it. another storm coming in. that will be followed by another shot of cold air. so we bump up to 66. then the cold blast comes in friday and saturday and like today, cold enough where we can see just a passing snow shower each day friday and saturday with lows back down to below freezing next saturday starting off at 28 degrees. dave, thank you so much. we're continuing to follow updates. we know that the amtrak situation that it is definitely the palmetto train 89 expect delays if you know someone taking the northeast corridor that would be cupping in. anywhere from washington, d.c. up through the boston area. we'll stay on top of that situation. >> in terms of timing we know that this happened within the last hour. so the timing of the train coming in would be another way for to you find out if you knew anyone who may be on it. >> 8:48. let's try to switch gears. we'll be coming up on chris wallace and talk about politics and some of the differences between the republicans and the democrats. here's some of the questions. what do you think is more likely that republicans or democrats would like cats or dogs?
8:49 am
>> chocolate or vanilla ice cream? there's lots of differences on these issues as well. last week we learn that when it comes to politics our brains are wired differently. that's not terribly surprising. but there's scientific proof. now we're learning republicans and democrats also have clear preferences when it comes to thing like beer, pets, and even bedroom habits. >> start off with cats. who is more likely to be a cat lover, who do you think? >> democrats. >> yeah it's democrats. the clinton clintons have that t socks. blue states have more cats. red states prefer dogs. >> ice cream apparently republicans like chocolate. democrats tend to order villanova -- see where my head is. vanilla according a harris pole. why is that democrats just plane? >> well, who knows? i don't know. but that is the case. how about when it comes to the bedroom and when it comes to relations? i fine this one fascinating this is according to two sources. binghamton college and
8:50 am they say democrats have more sex but republicans have better sex. >> or republicans lie more. (laughter). >> how do you even measure that. >> they did -- >> measure more. you can't measure better. >> they measured when it came to who had more -- >> liars. >> how about sleep. >> republicans have this one. they apparently sleep more soundly. these aren't terribly surprising to me if you go through analyze the stereotypes republicans. they sleep more soundly after great sex. >> let's go right to happy hour. both liberals and conservatives everybody likes to crack a cold one open. republicans what are they going reach for yes. >> a budweiser and democrats a corona. and both apparently prefer wine to either of those thing. >> let's break it down with music. >> the left wingers democrats love beyonce'. 63 to just 36% of republicans the biebs is actually the great uniter. >> every body hates him. both groups give him unfavorable
8:51 am
rating. too late to say sorry. ♪ we're at classic cake in cherry hill. jeff robert bennett. good to see you sir. >> welcome. good to see you bill. >> i want to impress my friends. >> okay. >> this may be the thing. >> this is so so simple. we're making myhr ring shells. >> okay. here i have four room temperature fresh egg whites put it on the mixer um going to get it going. it's going get foamy. >> these are strands of protein which are now unwinding and trapping the air bubbles. at this point slowly we'll add the sugar. you'll see it will get shiny and more firm. sugar absorbs moisture so it's grabbing the moisture from the
8:52 am
75% water egg white. >> you are a chemist in a previous life. >> my father was a chemist. amazing. >> too ingredients ripping in to -- whipping into delicious treats. >> at this point this is the same meringue you would put on top of a lemon meringue pie. you don't need the extra sugar. >> that's all good. >> that's all meringue is? >> on top of lemon meringue pie. >> yup. i'm going fold and you're just going to grab this. >> all right. >> cradle it and feed it to me. >> say when. >> go ahead. >> owing on your lead. >> i pre sifted the 10x sugar. all right. >> good partnership. >> two chefs opening out here. >> actually i do. >> fold it until you don't see any more dry confectioners sugar in there. >> take our parchment paper.
8:53 am
this is just to give us an idea. this is a template. now obviously flip it over because we don't want the ink getting into our pastry. then i have a pastry bag fitted with around tip. >> we're piping a bowl now? >> yes. >> all right. >> you got to do the base. i start off in the center. i couldn't september trick circle go out to the edge. that's the reason for the template. so you know when to stop. now, we just pipe on top of that. like a little bit of a wall. to make a cup. so die another meringue cup. >> you can do just kisses. >> these are just snacks. >> exactly. >> so contrary to my belief it won't just harden you actually have to bake it some we'll make this very low temperature just drying the out basically. takes about two hours at 225 fahrenheit oven, and the going to puff up.
8:54 am
>> all right. so this is something you've already put together. >> yes. i did it this style. i had the meringue right here i did earlier. got a nice well. it will hold the ice cream or sorbet or whatever. or you can do extra separate rings. you can glue them on and you can even pilled it up as high as you want. >> i like to put sorbet in mine. >> okay. >> dress the one with raspberries if you like and roasted nuts. >> we did a great job. >> good job. you're a good sue chef. >> let's try it. >> little bit of sorbet. little bit of a meringue. >> i'm making a little mess. >> it's very good. >> we're here at classic cake and this is the fox food bite.
8:55 am
8:56 am
when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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♪ welcome back. we are ending the show with this breaking news because we're going to be staying on top of this situation. we know to crews right now are responding to a train versus vehicle situation. we're zooming in to exactly where this is happening right now the line is shut down 89 train. this is where the accident has occurred. this is in trainor area of delaware county. >> till looking for any information confirming injuries. we also know that they are suspending all service. don't expect to use any of those lines until further notice. >> stay on to have of this one. thank you have a wonderful
8:58 am
sunday. go, villanova and take care. see you tomorrow.
8:59 am
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i'm chris wallace, facing more fire than ever before, donald trump sits down with fox news sunday. are you in the process of blowing your campaign for president? we discuss the fallout from his statements on abortion. you offended both the pro-life and pro-choice movement with one statement. his comments on heidi cruz and his defiant support for his campaign manager. and those controversial remarks about letting more countries develop nukes. the growing knock on you is you haven't thought these things through. vunt studied. you wing it too often. donald trump face-to-face on "fox news sunday." then convention chaos. the other gop candidates back out of their loyalty pledges. >> nominating donald trump is a train


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