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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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a deadly amtrak derailment in delaware county. two killed, many others hurt. >> we got off track and there was a big explosion and fire. >> almost one year after tragedy at port richmond, federal investigators are once again trying to figure out what's behind a deadly incident in our are area. >> good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm joyce evansings lucy is off tonight tamtrak train 89 traveling from new york to savannah slammed into a construction vehicle around 8:00 a.m. >> team coverage now, obscene if a kuriakose was in philadelphia where she caught up with
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passengers, jennifer joyce was on the scene after it happened. let's start out. >> iain investigators with the national transportation safety board finished up their very first briefing in this fatal amtrak derailment that killed two rail workers, injured 30 amtrak passengers, and the locomotives engineer as this amtrak train was headed for savannah georgia. that derailed locomotive still standing upright at this hour after it slammed into a massive on track piece of rail equipment shortly before 8:00 this morning, just what that piece of machinery was doing on live tracks is the subject of the ntsb investigation as well as the federal railroad administration, who have now taken over. amtrak passengers thrown from their seats after impact. the smoke filled the train 340 passengers on board. seven crew members, 30 taken to
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crozer in riddle hospitals, nonlife-threatening injuries, you can see investigators swarming the scene. the ntsb say they've started their investigation and they've already recovered major clues that may provide answers. >> we're still gathering the facts at this time. as of now we have recovered the event data recorder. the forward facing video and the inward facing video from the locomotive to send to our laboratory in washington, dc. most of our team has arrived on scene and we will be looking at mechanical operations, signal, track, human performance and survival factors. >> we are told by congressman bobby brady who was out hear is the sent a who incidentally had had two major train derailments in his very district in the same
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year, he tells us he wants answers. as for those two employees, we're not sure who they work for but congressman brady tells us they're long time rail employees. we can tell you amtrak service between philadelphia and wilmington has been restored tonight. >> chris o'connell. these are pictures of first responders helping get passengers to safety. not too long after the crash. you can see them helping passengers. you can imagine some not dress to do hike in high grass and mud. jennifer joyce has breakdown of how the day started for those passengers. >> 6:05 a.m. amtrak train 89 scheduled to leave new york city on it's way to savannah george scheduled to hit newark and trenton until pulling into philadelphia 30th street station about 7:32 this morning. 341 people along with seven crew members pulled out of 30th street and approach delaware
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county. 7:55. impact, train 89 hits a backhoe on adjacent trackses off of booth street in chester. >> we got off track and there was a big explosion and a fire. then a window bursted out. and some people were dot up. >> reporter: the wreck itch was knocked about half mile down the road. alex a student at valley forge military academy described the moments after the train partially derailed. >> we stopped. you know, they didn't say anything. 30 minutes later, they came on and said, do you know what happened yet? stay seated and stay calm. 30 minutes after that, they say they're going to get us a new train. about 15 minutes later evacuated us. >> by noon, the nbc 10 is on scene taking over the having trying to figure out what went wrong. and what could have prevented the crash so it never happens again. in trainer, delaware county, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> as they mentioned, more than
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300 people were on that train and those who were not hurt were brought back to 30th street after the accident. sabina kuriakose is there live where she spoke to travelers about the scary experience. i'll bet it was. >> reporter: absolutely. joyce, now, i just spoke with amtrak and they say the last of their passengers just got their luggage here at 30th street station. now, they are on their way. but today, we spoke with people who survived smoke and flames and had very long day trying to figure out how to get home. >> a day of chaos inside 30th street. hundreds of passengers from partially derailed train 89 shuttled here to gather belongings and new travel plans, many still draped in the red cross blankets. >> we were sitting on the first car and suddenly it shake and there's flames and then the windows popped open and then. >> reporter: high school seniors
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on their way to a school visit at washington when officials say amtrak 89 hit a backhoe on the tracks. the two friends covered their heads as smoke filled the train car ca. hours later, they were still trying to get back to bucks county. >> just go back. >> reporter: amtrak says it's working with passenger to say find alternate trains or transport. more than seven hours after the derailment, a handful of travelers sat waiting, this mother and son called it quits and told amtrak to send their son home. meantime sheave sheet hopeful she'll be back to south carolina soon. >> hopefully i can get another train and count my blessings that i'm ok. >>reporter: and septa stepped in. they shuttled 150 passengers from 30th street installation to wilmington where you can catch alternate amtrak trains. right now, amtrak says it is operating limited service between 30th street and wilmington. iain, back to you. >> of course, we are just a few
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weeks away from the one-year anniversary of that tragic derailment in port richmond. eight people died. 200 people hurt. when the amtrak train heading from washington, dc to new york careened off the track on may 12th last year. the ntsb said the train was going 108 miles an hour. that is above the posted 50 miles an hour speed limit. >> amtrak just finisheded installing positive train control on tracks. the ntsb says it could have helped prevent that day accident. in the first three years amtrak reported about 1800 derailments, collisions and other accidents according to the federal railroad administration. >> be sure to stay with fox 29. both on air and on line for any new information and all your updates. just led to or you can download or fox 29 news ap at i tunes or google play. i know you had to notice those winds whipping last night and early today. >> you couldn't miss it. powerful wind caused damage and
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power outages all around the tri-state area. a high wind warning was issued for much of the region. check out some d-here rareton new jersey. power outages were reported in about 10,000 homes. some residents say the wind shattered the windows and sent debris flying all over the place. in new york city, all crane operations where there had been troubles in past, were suspended because of the intense conditions. everyone is ok in a bensalem hotel after lightening hit the tum of the building, mother mother nature knock add good size hole into the property. this happened overnight at the marriott on tillman drive. smoke filled the fourth floor but luckily there was not a fire and no one hurt. it's a different story out there this evening as we take a live look into new jersey's capital city trenton new jersey, it's still pretty chilly right now but warm air will be returning. when is the question. meteorologist kathy orr here now
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to break it all down for us. welcome back, kathy. >> thank you very much. it's great to be back. that wind is so strong and the air so cold. look at this, these are lake effect snow in buffalo low new york and guess what? they have a winter weather advisory, winter storm warning now until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. even though we got the wind, they're going to get inches, if not a foot of snow. take a look at the peak wind gusts from early this morning, wilmington up 53 miles an hour gust, atlantic city 52, that's at the airport. philadelphia the same, mount pocono 51 and line gusting to 48 miles an hour. these are strong tropical storm force gusts. many of us 10 see that kind of wind even with sandy. this was pretty significant. you can see in the poconos right now 31 in philadelphia, 46. it will be warming up. right now, the winds have diminished somewhat. gusting to only 26 miles an hour in philadelphia. good news is by late tonight, you'll see the wind very light. guess what happens tomorrow? we boost the wind up again.
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gusting to 32 miles an hour. by tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. but a warm wind. overnight lows in the 30's, temperatures will be rising. here's a look at what we expect in the seven-day forecast. more wet weather then freeze watch and even a chance of snow showers. more on this coming up later in the broadcast. it is april. isn't it? i thought it was. kathy, thank you. after the villanova lit set up a the oklahoma sooners. showing support for the wildcats and their quest for that national championship. villanova advances to that championship monday night because they blew out oklahoma 95-51. >> what game; right? and one win away from national champions is pretty important for the team members but their parents are fire you wanted too. tom sredenschek is live in houston tonight. how proud are they. >> reporter: mighty proud because the wildcats a win away
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from edging their name in basketball luhr forever. the proud dad are here ready to root on a national championship. their bond cemented even further in houston by the game of basketball. >> arcidiacono knows his son is one win away from immortality. >> he's on the highest level doing what he wants to do we've been watching him do this since gosh five years old playing for langhorne teams and cyo. seeing how well he's done so far, it's amazing and difficult to characterize and put into words. >> reporter: any father son advice. >> i stay away from all of that. i just text him before the game just to, i say be a beast, play hard, be good team mate. he'll hit me back, you got it pops. >> reporter: the family atmosphere jay wright created at villanova is perfect for booth senior. >> the family atmosphere, academics, great basketball. when my wife and i come down
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about two other children and see a lot of games and tour philly. it's just a great experience in my family and myself. >> reporter: it has to be a little overwhelming seeing your son playing larger than life. >> when i pulled up thursday, i couldn't believe that picture. it was awesome. that's something we'll have in our basement forever. he'll be linked to a final four team. that's a perfect for him. >> reporter: the father son bond that houston is alive and well off the court as well. meet jim and and pierce. >> i picked up the talk about, all the eagles ticket on this guy's talk about, i had to bring him to the final 400 percent. >> reporter: coming up later in sports, two brothers one from villanova, one from for youring will compete fruity national championship tomorrow night. and there are more than a title on the line, how about bragging rights as well? iain? >> sound good. 12 days after terrorists blow-up part of brussels airport, flights once again are
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taking off, should that attack be a warning. new research find half of all teenagers treated at emergency rooms suffer from the same problem, but it's not contagious. what is affects so many young people. we're following another deadly amtrak train derailment in our area. ntsb just told us they're gathering evidence taking the train's recording device into work has just begun. vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage.
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trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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we re. we continue to follow breaking news, the ntsb is investigating after two workers
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were killed by an amtrak train this morning. train 89 headed for savannah georgia from new york city hit a backhoe killing two workers. there were 341 passengers on the train, 35 had to be taken to a hospital to be treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. the brussels airport was partially reopened at a for the first time since deadly terror attacks. s almost two weeks. the first plane to take off was greeted with applause by small crowd on hand to witness this emotional day. as you might expect. security was extremely tight. all passengers had to go through extra screening and they were also told to arrive three hours early. >> it's an emotional moment. over the last last 12 days to make this moment possible. >> isis claimed responsibility for the suicide bomb things killed 32 people and wounded hundreds more at the airport and
6:17 pm
train station. it will be awhile before the airport is fully operational again. a lot of repair work is civil still needed where those bombs went off. in light of the brussels attacks, other airports all around the world are looking to tighten their security. >> fox has the latest from washington. >> reporter: u.s. officials are concerned that american airports could be vulnerable to so-called insider attacks and the trot bombings in belgium are forcing the u.s. and many other western countries to take a hard look at airport security protocols. this also comes after isis successfully bomb add ruing passenger jet in october killing more than 200 people on board. investigators believe airport insiders were responsible for that attack. u.s. officials believe we'll be seeing more of those kinds of threats as well. >> isis literally has a research and development facility in the middle east and their sole focus
6:18 pm
is in finding way to say get around airport security and blow-up airplanes. >> reporter: belgium police say more insider attacks could be on the way. there are at least 50 isis supporterers working at the brussels airport in low level jobs such as cleaners, caterers and bandage handlers who all have access. global security officials are concerned the problem is much bigger. after the isis recently claimed the terror group has terror sales already in place a eight re airports around the would recall. >> they've succeed in europe and we, the united states logically is the next big target. >> reporter: tsa complimented screenings, though many lawmakers in both parties argued it simply is not enough. in washington, fox news. in upper darby, the fire
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department is remembering one of it's firefighters, who lost the battle with cancer. a funeral service will be held tomorrow for byron evans. officials say he developed cancer because of on the job hazards. evans leaves behind a wife and three children who will receive a metal of valor in his honor. one man recovering after getting hurt when building partially collapsed in philadelphia. it happened along warrington avenue. the man was if his car when bricks fell on to it. officials say he was able to get out of the car on his own. but there's no word tonight on how badlily he was hurt. american soccer star abbey was arrested for dui in portland oregon last night. officials say the 35-year-old had been drinking, a patrol sergeant pulled her over driving her range rover after running a red light. she failed a series of sobriety tests before she was arrested and failed more tests, according to police, at the nearby police
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station. now, police in portland released a statement saying wamback was pilot and cooperative throughout the investigation. . big win for the flyers followed by a confidential informant moment for a lot of fans at the wells fargo center. fans were leaving the wells fargo center, an escalated malfunctioned suddenly speeding sending fans flying to the floor, this video was shared with us by a fan at the game. people that say some were hurt and that older fans had to be taken away in wheelchairs. comcast spectator operates the wells fargo center and a spokesman sent us this statement, the comfort and safety of our guests is our number one concern. immediately following today's game, an spend in the occurred. we immediately closed down to protect the patrons and notified the operator. we're working on the operator on investigating this incident. it should be operational again by tonight's concert. rescuers bring a man in a
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wheelchair for shore. left at sea nine days with in food or water. how did he get there. who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? flying a plane? well, a dog behind the controls of this plane.
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have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0233 or visit we are staying on top of breaking news tonight on fox 29,
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amtrak service is back on between philadelphia and wilmington. this new information to us. after amtrak 89 train derailed in delaware county this morning, two long-time amtrak employees were killed. we have another live shot coming in just a few minutes. we know more now about a small plain crash that killed one person on a california highway yesterday. the plane landed on it's belly and slid 250 feet before it hit the back of a car that was pulled over on the shoulder near san diego. a passenger was killed. witnesses say it appears the plane was having problems before it came down. >> looked like it was going to try to come in to maybe a belly landing here on the grass. but once he realized the power poles and the people out here, he ended up tipping back away toward the freeway. >> the pilot an plane passenger were seriously hurt.
6:25 pm
three other people in the car have nonlife-threatening injuries. the ntsb is investigating what went wrong. a four-year-old boy makes a potentially dangerous discovery in his own front yard. >> he found an explosive device. yes, he did. it happened in washington state. the boy found it under tree as he was getting off the school bus. the device was a bottle that had wires attacheded to it. some were above ground, some more wires buried under ground of the boy's mom called 911 and the bomb squad came out. . >> i'm interested to know what possible destructive potential that something like that has. i'm just happy that god was watching over us, and it did not. >> the bomb squad took it away. officials say while it appeared to be to be an explosive. a man was stranded at sea nine days without food or water
6:26 pm
of the man was reportedly living on a rented sailboat. he told rescuers he struggled to get help after the person supposed to bring him supplies never showed up. the man did appear to be in good spirits and was thanking the people who game to his rescue. headed back to delaware county the scene of that deadly train derailment. earlier today, the moment passengers new something went wrong. >> this old baseball glove sold at auction for more than wallet disney's original mickey mouse ears. who did it belong to? how much did it go for? . >> right now, we're looking at a clear sky. but the clouds will be rolling in with our next weather system. this front will bring rain maybe a few snow showers in the poconos before we warm it up. also, a freeze watch this week. a lot of crazy weather. we'll be back with the seven-day after this.
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when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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. right now, we continue to follow a developing story. the national transportation safety board is investigating after a workers were killed by
6:30 pm
an amtrak train this morning. and more than 30 others were sent to a hospital after the accident. >> investigators are trying to figure out why that backhoe was on the track the same time that the train was coming. chris o'connell is live at the investigation scene in trainers delaware county. chris any answers. >> reporter: joyce, it's estimated that amtrak train carrying 340 passengers was traveling nearly 100 miles an hour before it struck that maintenance backhoe on the tracks in chester. two male workers were killed. 30 passengers were injured as rail investigators now con verge to figure out what that piece of equipment was doing on the railroad tracks. federal investigators swarming the crushed front end of the derailed amtrak locomotive. this stunned passengers staggered from the wreckage some
6:31 pm
with luggage still in hand. >> smoke started coming in the train. >> this picture from first responders rescuing passengers train 89 minutes after leaving 30th street. two workers we're told with long historys on the railroad were struck and killed as the speeding train slammed into a maintenance vehicle on the tracks. >> i felt like the train hit something and there were three or four really big banks. >> travels were sent to a nearby church to get checked out while shuttle busses took passengers back to 30th street. >> people are being rerouted back to philadelphia. they will be reunited with luggage. >> reporter: as federal investigators from the federal railroad administration can verged to given begin their investigation, congressman bob brady whose district has seen two amtrak derailments in the pasts year wants answers.
6:32 pm
>> everybody should know when a train is coming. they're on schedule. it ain't hard to figure out. >> nobody was panicked. there were people who were at the front of the car were injured. people who were very --. >> reporter: amtrak service al it's northeast was restored about 2:30 this afternoon. we're told only one injured passenger remains hospitalized tonight. joyce. >> thank you, chris, as we continue to learn more about this deadly train crash, be sure to stay with for all the latest on this story. at the wind keep you up last night? gusts of up to 60 miles an hour were felt all over the delaware valley, thousands lost power as the wind brought down trees and power lines. little bit of a breeze out there now, take a live look into allentown. you definitely want to have a jacket if you're headed out tonight. to your fox 29 weather authority. we're looking at people walking outside the studio, they're bundled up. >> it's like winter all over again. >> where is spring zk i don't
6:33 pm
know. we have to go back to march. my windows were shaking, i couldn't sleep. >> i got caught in the hail that was incredible. >> i heard about that. just crazy. it's going to get crazeier. deep blue sky. lot of dry air, some wind, nothing like we saw earlier this morning, in philadelphia, we gusted to 52 miles an hour. right now, it's 46, winds out west northwest about 18 miles an hour, gusting to 26. the winds will pick up again tomorrow, believe it or not. right now, cold temperatures but a big improvement from this morning, 46 in the city, 31 in the poconos and trenton it's 43 in atlantic city at the airport, 46 degrees. we'll have a brief warmup on monday. it's going to be a little wet. watch how these temperatures actually begin to rise overnight. bottom out in the 30's. by 7:00 a.m., we're up to 49 until. 50 in millville. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, it's going to
6:34 pm
be comfortable. by the afternoon, in the 60's. in the city, not so bad. but we will have some rain moving in. as you can on the satellite radar showers moving through the region, especially in the afternoon. then colder air on the back side with another arctic high. do you believe it? not one but two this week, and maybe a third. now, as we look at the fox futurecast, you can see the wind direction out of the northwest tonight out of the south tomorrow way milder wind. most of us at 5:00 a.m. seeing dry conditions for your monday, look at this, a little bit of a mix with that front through the poconos. maybe a few snow showers early monday morning. no big deal. changes over to rain. we see rain showers. possibly a few sprinkles in philadelphia early but main event will come through in the afternoon then we see the cold air behind it, the wind back out of the north by monday night. and here we go again, tomorrow night will be cold. so cold, that the national weather service has already issued a freeze watch for most
6:35 pm
of us for monday night into tuesday morning. temperatures falling below 32. so you know those beautiful pair trees and tulips that we saw from phil if chestnut hill. they could be that jeopardy. those powers that have already pop could wilt. they're sensitive flowers because of the cold. cover up those sensitive plants. overnight tonight in the city, 38. suburbs 32. temperatures will be rising overnight. tomorrow 62 with showers especially south and east in the afternoon. as we look ahead at your seven-day forecast. tuesday morning, only 28 degrees. that's when we have the freeze watch. could become a freeze warning as we get closer. mild wednesday. more rain thursday with another front. friday, 54. colder saturday and back up sunday. so it is just up and down all week. there's one thing about this seven-day, there's absolutely no consistency. >> thank you.
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continuing to follow a developing story. busy night ahead as investigators try to get to the bottom of why amtrak train 89 hit backhoe in delaware county this morning kill two workers. some were injured. train service should be eventually returning to normal. a chaotic scene in miami follow a police chase friday. the suspect was swarmed by officers after they say keith michael crashed into cars and property during the chase. michael was tasered then taken into custody. police came after him. at first they say on suspicion that he had stabbed had us girlfriend. >> he took every chance he possibly could. unfortunately, police officers in conjunction with police were
6:40 pm
able to take the subject into custody and thank god nobody else was hurt. >> two officers were hurt during the chaos, police say michael has long criminal history. a landmark vote in california means the minimum wage is about to go up to $15 an hour. the state assembly and senate both passed the bill after a three-year campaign. the raise will be phased in over the next six years. it could be delayed if the economy has any hick cup cans. supporters say that's to all. opponents say it will hurt small businesses. >> the very people who are supposed to benefit from a wage increase will informal have access to child care and allows them to work in the first place. >> i would love to go to the movies or dinners, lunches with my daughter, enjoy things that i can't do right now. >> california governor jerry brown is expected to sign the bill into law tomorrow. a new study finds more people worldwide are now obese
6:41 pm
than those under weight. the number rose from 105 million to 601 million in 2014. risen from three to to 11 percent among men and from six percent to 15 percent among women. researchers added that about one fifth of all adults could be owe obeys by 2025. >> this old baseball glove sold at an auction for more than walt disney's mickey mouse ears. he don't did it belong to? how much did it go for?
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
. continuing to follow breaking news, another deadly train derailment in our area. two amtrak workers were killed when a train heading from new york city to georgia hit their construction equipment. congressman bob brady on the scene with federal investigators demanding to know how they can be on the tracks the same the train went by. >> it was a day of activism and celebrating marijuana. in ann arbor michigan. it drew an estimated 8,000 people to the university of michigan campus and surrounding downtown yesterday.
6:45 pm
speakers, smoker, growers and students coming together to protest what they call unjust marijuana laws. they've also pushed voters to sign petitions that could get legal sensation on the blot. victims of violence or cyber bullilying. >> these are numbers really hitting home for one long island family. fox's laura engle has more. >> ♪, . >> reporter: jenna rose is only 10 in this youtube video entitled my jeans despite garnering 15 million views and becoming fast success, jenna's journey has not been easy. this long island teenager received cruel messages in the form of cyber bullying. >> i honestly did if the expect anything like that to ever happen to me. i would just guest comments that
6:46 pm
i should kill myself, that i'm horrible and ugly. and no one wants to hear that. >> reporter: a new study in providence rhode island looked at more than 350 teens treated for any reason at the hospital emergency rooms. it found that half teens reported they had been involved in cyber bullying and 25 had symptoms of ptsd. researchers say the findings are surprising. >> most on the studies say the prevalence of cyber bullying is? around 15 percent of teens. it's around 15 percent. shocked to see it was almost 50 percent megan teens don't receive treatment it lead to depression, poor physical healthy, drug and alcohol abuse and other risky behaviorers, these results should serve as a reminder to parents to schools, parents and physicians to be aware of what is happening on
6:47 pm
line with teenagers and if cyber bullying is going on to address the sways right away. now, she's doing what she can to take her experience and help other kids who may be suffering. >> a piece of advice that i would give them is, not everyone is going to like you. you can't please everyone. >> reporter: jenna tells other teens to try your best to ignore the negativity and can't being ambitious and doing what you love. in new york, laura engle, fox news. this video is hard to believe but a dog is flying that plane. get this shadow, the abandoned pup was hours away from being put down when he was rescued and given his wings. part of a new reality show in the uk called dogs might fly. they teach them new tricks with the goal of eventually training one to become a real pilot. a baseball glove belonging to major league baseball legend
6:48 pm
babe routinely sell for $118,000 at an auction. the top item from a collection included walt disney's mickey mouse ears and john wayne's kwoub has the steve designed the hardware and operating system and what would be call the apple one computer. >> it was steve jobs that came up with the innovative design and strategy for marketing. let's take a look back at the tech giant and how it got it's start. >> reporter: each day the chores come. they want to see the place where apple was born. >> the company was started in a garage. i wanted to to see the garage. >> it was 40 years ago that the company was birthed here. neighbor and family friend remembers it well. steve jobs invited him by to see what they had built. >> this is our first computer. my wife said, well, what can i do with it?
6:49 pm
and he said, well, you could put your recipes on it. >> reporter: he was unimpressed but the first computer evolveded and over the years, the make he will two, mctoss, for it's a reference to a steve jobs quote, it's better to be a pirate than join the navy. he says this anniversary makes him wonder what else might have been. >> the thing i feel about this is that i think it's too bad that steve died. because who knows what he would have done. >> the iphone revolution never quite made it across the street to his house. tankers and his wife to have an old cell phone of some sort. >> sometimes remember to to carry it with us when we go away somewhere. >> reporter: he chats with jobs's adopted mom who still lives across the street and today a few relatives did come
6:50 pm
by for a small gathering to mark the anniversary. something which will never cease to amaze jean tankers. >> i don't think we ever took a picture of garage. >> reporter: in recent years, the house has also been featured in two steve job movies. >> maybe he doesn't have an iphone. that guy. >> she just mentioned, of course, the house has been featured in a couple of steve jobs movies. recent the feloniers were flying in berlin for the seven and annual international pillow for it. hundreds of world citizens released their frustrations upon perfect strangers and since there are no rules for this massive pillow fight. some people really let loose. and they say makes them feel better. >> need to hit someone in the face, feels better. that's why i'm doing it. feels good. i do feel good now. >> anger? well, after an hour of
6:51 pm
pummelling each other, feather covered participants packed up their pillows and left. >> a lot of hitting on purpose. >> people have no life. no life. >> certainly a lot of life in sports on this wild weekend. >> it's all about nova and nova nation. lots of excitement waiting for the chance at immortality. we have you covered with 24 hours away from put the biggest game for these players and the coach. we will hear all about it coming up in sports.
6:52 pm
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. . phillies are opening tomorrow, flyers working on making the playoffs but it's all
6:54 pm
about villanova with a chance for history. with headcoach named jay wright, this was set up by last night's amazing win. let's go to houston and take a look. oklahoma. you can say they shot poorly but i know villanova's defense is big part of that, buddy hield had nine points. probably hasn't scored as few points since he was in eighth grade. villanova just played him tough. that's the way they've gotten this far is with the defense. 32 percent shooting for oklahoma. when they tried to press villanova, the villanova found a way that some other coaches in the tournament didn't pass the length of the court, win by 44, villanova scored more points in the second half than oklahoma scored in the game. it's unbelievable. with those wildcats now in houston, with a kind of a special story here's tom sredenschek. >> reporter: it's still stunning here what happened last night and the wildcats quickly had to put it behind. it's over, got to get ready for a very good north carolina team
6:55 pm
tomorrow night. both teams final practice here at nrg's stadium. it's go be to be special for two brothers, chris jenkins of villanova, these parents took in chris when he was 12, became his legal guardian, tomorrow night two brothers, chris jenkins, nae brit. >> we're fortunate to be here, blessed and we don't take it for granted but at the end of the day, north carolina and villanova not, you know, chris and nate. >> i'm super excited about it. who else is there to beat than someone in your household to have permanent bragging rights? if we ever get in an argument or anything, we can look at this game, whoever wins. like i said, it's permanent bragging rights. they're not a better place to be playing than here. >> there's nobody i want to beat more than my put brother. >> reporter: both brothers insists they have not talked
6:56 pm
since the start of yesterday's game. jay wright ironically started his recruiting process by going after nate brigg. >> have fun in houston, party tonight for that game tomorrow. the flyers with a big game for them today. let's go to pittsburgh. they're trying to jockey from position and make the playoffs. but turn overs do no help. flyers, obviously in the dark, turn the puck over. and this is not good because bow bennett will score against steve mason right now after two periods, the flyers trail pittsburgh, starting to play real well at the end over the season, 3-1. a little more than 24 hours. i wonder if those bars on those establishments on lancaster avenue are going to be busy tomorrow night. >> i think so. >> you thinks? lower merion police after the game. >> they will be busy for
6:57 pm
tomorrow. >> especially if they 18. >> villanova has to play their best game of the season and north carolina not their best, because everybody said it going to the tournament. north carolina is the best team. if that happens, listen, i was at that game in '85, and thebe, nobody -- even sue patrick ewing this week, he still mad about that game. >> he should be. >> with charlotte and i said you're still mad? he said you're damn right i am. >> we, of course will continue to follow breaks news out of delaware county. what we know right now, two long-time amtrak employees dead after being hit by a train it happened just after 8:00 this morning in chester, the men were on a backhoe when it was hit by train 89. 35 passengers taken to the hospital. no injuries were serious. the ntsb is still investigating. >> your live lottery drawing is next followed. good night everybody, we're
6:58 pm
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