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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 4, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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another deadly train derailment in our area, what went wrong on a local train track that left two men dead. the train is coming. i mean everybody should know when there is a a train coming, they are on schedule it ain't hard to figure out. >> investigators working through the scene, and what they have pulled from the wreckage. game night villanova a fans are getting ready for ncaa championship game tonight, what they are saying and how they are preparing for the biggest stage in all of college basketball, perhaps biggest stage in all of sports, arguablably, final four, lauren dawn johnson. >> it is monday april 4th, 2016. speaking of hoops that game saturday night was like a blow out. >> unbelievable. we were up by nearly 50 points at one point in the game.
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>> i was at a watch party a and we stopped watching. >> nothing to watch, another steel, another three. >> let's go to sue serio. we're all excited. >> i think everybody is a villanova fan today, more of the fan of villanova then of the weather that you see on ultimate doppler radar. the what is going on here. yes, is there snow to the north of us and frozen precipitation out to the west of us but we don't really see much, except a few flurries up in the poconos mountains maybe a tiny bit of freezing rain in berks county. we're expecting rain here in philadelphia. but by the time we get to the precipitation it should just be rain. we are above freezing in the city with 42 degrees, easterly wind at 8 miles an hour. 6:40 your sunrise time. temperatures are cold this morning. you know how cold and windy it was yesterday. could not help but hear that wind. 27 degrees in mount pocono right now. thirty-nine in trenton. forty-two as we said here in
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the city. forty in wilmington. forty-six in wildwood. wind although they are calmer, then they were over the weekend they are still out there at 8 miles an hour here, 14 miles an hour in mount pocono, 9 miles an hour southeasterly wind, coming in. so we will warm up into the 60's today, this is the roller coaster ride we were telling but last week. now we're going up the hill and back down by tomorrow. once this cold front comes through and brings this rain, and so anytime after lunchtime we expect that rain to begin. we will time it the out in the fox future cast, sunset time 7:29. we will get in the 60's today but don't get used to that because it will get cold again. we will tell you how cold in a few minutes. ready for that roller coaster ride again, you again are using your weather items over there all in one day. good morning, everybody. back at it, how fast does that weekend fly by. here's a live look at the blue route 476, watch for some debris that is still out there
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along the shoulders of the roadway. i pasted down branches along that schuylkill expressway on the the way in this morning but roads are quiet, no problems here on the 42 freeway looking good as you work your way in towards philadelphia. again our top story also involved the mass transit system this morning. here's the latest from septa there are only two track as veilable past the accident scene from yesterday just south of the commodore barry bridge to give you a an idea of exactly where this train accident happened. instead of four tracks, there were only two. so the wilmington newark line on septa's system, inbound, expect 30 minute delays. outbound trains are going to leave center city and go express all the way down from marcus hook. they will bypass, the accident scene and not start until marcus hook on down. that will get the trains back into delaware so they can flip around and continue to bring folks, into philadelphia a, which is where we see the most
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volume during the morning rush hour. so expect delays there on the wilmington line. amtrak's northeast corridor, same deal, only two tracks, one south, one north instead of the normal four, so expect delays on the squeeze here between philadelphia, and wilmington. although you probably won't see mass delays from new york to washing top but that squeeze just like an hour glass there is going to happen between philadelphia and wilmington on amtrak's northeast corridor. otherwise this morning, we're in good shape no problems as i showed you on the blue route, schuylkill expressway looking good, from conshohocken all the way into downtown. no problems or delays. they are still working near passyunk avenue, until about 5:00 or 5:30 or so. out of northeast philadelphia a we're looking good between a contacted my down through bridge street and then down again through girard. old penndot shuffle where the work zone took up most of the weekend. now in warrington, county line road remains closed on the
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bridge over little neshaminy creek so that detours back into effect and with today, everybody is back to school. spring break is over, so come on, buses will join us, in every school district. we had hit and misses over last couple weeks but today everyone is back to school, and whenever that happens, we usually have that first grid lock, on that first monday for everybody going back. all of the bridges are fine, and no problems, currently at the airport. the chris and lauren, back over to you. >> there was a lot of smoke. everybody was late. >> smoke started to come in the train. it was scary. >> reporter: deadly train crash killing two long time amtrak workers and hurting dozens more. federal and local investigators worked throughout the night to figure out how this all happen. why exactly was that backhoe on the track, at the same time as a moving train? >> this morning we have the latest from the 30th street station, with how this may affect commuters this morning. steve keeley has the latest on the investigation.
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we will begin this morning with steve live at the scene of the derailment. steve, have you heard why this happened yesterday. >> reporter: well, they have got data a recorders and they have video recorded from two cameras, the one pointing out showing the impact, and the camera that is inside, showing the engineers both before and during their windshields being smashed and front of their engine car derailing. so with all that it comes down to the question, human error or equipment computer malfunction. weekend mornings are prime track maintenance time when there are far less commuter runs on the track so with the train going 100, 120 miles through this stretch here just outside philadelphia, which was it the supposed to be on that particular track at that specific time? very experienced maintenance workers killed or that train. >> we have recovered the event data recorder, the forward facing video and inward facing
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video from the location mote turf send to our laboratory in washington d.c. >> there was a lot of smoke and everybody was very scared. >> smack started to come in the train. it was scary. >> we got off track i guess and then just a bunch of dust. the dust every where. >> reporter: so from yesterday's video to our live picture here, right now, just after 4:00 in the morning you can see lots of construction lights, so that means lots of work still going on 20 hours after this crash happened. two amtrak workers culled supervisor and backhoe operator had 40 years and 20 years experience, as their death and this derailment are less than one year and less than 20 miles from last may amtrak accident in philadelphia a that killed eight. >> sixty years combined experience and so many people scratched their heads asking how could this possibly have happened. all right steve, thank you. this this wasn't the only deadly amtrak train crash this weekend one man is dead after a train struck a vehicle in
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northern illinois. >> officials say accident happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police say gates were down and man drove his car around them. train was traveling from union station in chicago to chicago. >> and another amtrak accident in bensalem last night, police say train hit a person near cornwells heights station around 7:30. victim's leg was partially suffered. police investigating the circumstances of that accident. train services have resume in that area. of course, we are a few weeks away from the anniversary of that tragic derailment in port richmond, eight people died, 200 hurt when amtrak train headed from d.c. to new york careened off the track last may 12th. ntsb says the train was going 108 miles an hour, well above the posted 50 miles an hour speed limit, amtrak just finish installed positive train control on tracks, the ntsb says could have helped prevent that accident. over the last three years amtrak has reported about 1800 derailments, collisions and other accidents according to
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the federal railroad administration. as this story develops we continue to stay on top of it. stick with fox 29 both on air and on line at fox or down load our fox 29 news app at itunes or google play. let's lighten mood a little bit. the villanova wildcats just one win away from the national championship. >> that team, laser focused on defeating number one seed, north carolina. >> laser focused. >> yes. >> laser folk he used. >> they have to beat north carolina tonight in houston. >> you're too much. dave kinchen, he raced out the door for fun story of the morning and all of the excitement. it is quiet there on campus now but man, later tonight all eyes are on houston man. >> reporter: and that mood will change on campus by the time night falls once again. how about this extra credit for anyone who can guess how many villanova students are not here or on campus but in houston for the national title
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game tonight. extra credit that probably don't want to get the because i don't have those numbers but maybe university does. one of the villanova's best shots saturday in the final four in this inbound a begins oak, part of the package of aggressive, inspired hooping and one of the many ways wildcats, lowered that boom on the sooners, taking a 95-51 victory over oklahoma. no team has ever won a final four game by 44 points before and it sent nova up nicely for north carolina tonight. coach jay wright talked about why he feels this team feels he is playing at his best. >> everything younger guys that are continuing to get better, and still hungry to learn. we have two seniors that are kind of putting up with me. i have heard this for four years. young guys are still listening and getting better. there is a hung inner this team to continue to grow. i think that chemistry has
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really helped us. >> it also makes for a great party on at day night. the always a good night for party anyway. why not converge in the center of the campus to celebrate the big victory and party like 1985. of course, students did just had that in villanova and on campus and that 1985 was last time nova won a national championship. so, they would love to see that happen again. tip off is at the precise time of 9:19. >> oh, so late. >> i know, it is always late. >> the whole country is watching, so california would be after dinner time, right. >> true, true. all right. caught on camera. >> too late for us to watch. we kind of to don't we. >> this is huge. >> are you staying up. >> i don't know. scary moments for fans at a flyers game as something happened to the escalate or they were riding on. what officials were saying
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went wrong. and abby wamback in trouble with the law, what police say she did right in front of the sergeant that land heard in handcuffs.
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lightening hit the top of this building. mother nature knocked good sized hole in the property this happened over the weekend the mar why the hotel on tillman drive. some smoke filled the fourth floor but luckily there was no fire, and no one was hurt.
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sue serio, yesterday i had to hold my door on my car so it wouldn't blow away. >> it was weather drama because first we had thunderstorms followed by these wind gusts and highest wind gust we saw throughout the metro area 52 miles an hour in philadelphia. keep in mind tropical storm force wind are 41 miles an hour. this is well above that. allentown 48. 53 miles an hour in wilmington. it was a windy day yesterday. well, we had a storm system move to our north and high pressure is in control today but we're awaiting this cold front and that is what will chill things out, really a lot, tonight, into tomorrow. so we will have cold, cold weather, coming back, right the now we are looking at precipitation to our north and west. there is a little bit of snow in allentown coming in along ahead of that front i should say and the possibility of some rain, maybe freezing rain around the reading area, dry here in philadelphia a right now but have that rain gear with you before the morning is through, we will see a few
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showers around and also by 11:00 we will zoom up to the 60's today. it does look like we will get in the lower 60's, and we will see some rain rolling through. for us it should only be rain but then by the time we will get in the early hours of tomorrow we will see temperatures in the 20's. we have a freeze warning in effect, late tonight, into tomorrow morning with temperatures in the lower 20's, and wind chills in the teens at this time tomorrow morning. hopefully you didn't take that winter coat to the cleaners because you will still need it. we have 41 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-six in lancaster. twenty-seven in mount pocono. cold morning up there. only 39 degrees in trenton. wind are coming out of the west or the the south east, east or south east i should say and they are in the as extreme as they were over the weekend. we are up to 60 degrees. talk about that roller coaster ride 80 degrees on friday. sixty-five on early high on saturday, and only 47 degrees with all that wind, yesterday.
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it felt so wintry. we're up and down again as we get into this week. sixty-seven today. only 47 tomorrow. we will lose 20 degrees tomorrow. we are in the mid 50's, on wednesday, 62 degrees on thursday with some more rain and then again, it gets cold gannon friday, back into the 40's, as we head into the weekend, maybe mid 50's by sunday, so, this change of season, bob kelly is really changeable. >> definitely. you have everything in there and what a crazy weekend that thunderstorm that came through on saturday night, bam, had the house a rocking. good morning, 4:17. live look at i-95 no problems at the moment. major roadways are quiet at least right now. however we have an early morning opening at that coney palmyra bridge, opening underway as traffic stopped on both sides, use that betsy ross as the alternate. left over from the weekend route 07 eastbound the jug handle at main street is
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closed because of the down pole and crews are still working, out on 422 between 202 and trooper road. they should be out there until 5:30. here's the latest from septa on the situation this morning. first of all there are only two of the four tracks passed that accident scene here in delaware county. so in bound wilmington trains are going to run with at least 30 minute delays coming into philadelphia a. the outbound services, will run express from center city, past the accident scene first stop will be marcus hook and then further south, into delaware. that is in order to get the trains back into delaware and quickly turn them around to bring the most volume occurring during the morning rush hour coming into philadelphia. expect delays there. amtrak northeast corridor, same deal. instead of four tracks, both amtrak and september air sharing the two tracks that are opened through the accident scene. the just like an hour glass here you will expect delays,
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on that northeast corridor mainly crunch between philadelphia and wilmington. or wise we're in good shape across the board on all major roadways and so far so good at the airport. chris and lauren, back over to you. 4:19. upper darby the fire department is remembering one of the fire fighters lost a battle with cancer. funeral services was held from today from byron evans. officials say he develop cancer because of the on the job hazards, he leaves behind a wife and three kids who will receive a medal of valor in his honor. sitting in his car when a bunch of bricks fell on it yesterday morning. he wasn't another justly hurt but a number of cars were damaged. take a look, the bricks came from than a unused warehouse on warrington avenue in the neighborhood. cities licenses and inspections department has signed, they have had fences around to this area of the collapse. officials say wind, the condition of the building were in really bad combination
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here. the owner of the property will tear down the entire structure. 4:20. fans cheering on the flyers saturday got quite a scare as they tried to leave the wells fargo center. did you see this? if you haven't, take a look. fans going down an escalate or after a malfunction. suddenly speeding down. so this video was shared with us by flyers fan at the game. people there say some were hurt as that older fans were taken away in wheelchairs. comcast spectacor sports operates the wells fargo center and spokesmen says that the comfort and safety of our guests is our number one concern. immediately following the game an incident did occur involving one of our escalators. we immediately closed it down to protect our patrons and notify the operator. we are working with the operator on investigating this incident. flights once again taking off from brussels, airport partially reopened for first time since the deadly terror
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attacks two weeks ago. small crowd was on hand for that emotional moment as first plane took off. the as you can expect, security was extremely tight, all passengers had to go through extra screenings and were told to arrive three hours earlier. massive sink hole opened up in the neighborhood in the tampa area crews working around the enclose being to assure this does in the grow in the bigger problem. sink hole has damaged a sue are line and filled with sewage water. crews have drained the hole but the hole just continues to grow. wild chase on the bay bridge in san francisco as officers chased down, a chihuahua. look at that little guy. that is a california highway patrol officer, following the dog, yesterday. they finally caught the little guy and looking for his owner right the now. he is with the san francisco county animal care. >> that is a a jammo, 250 commuters a day use the bay bridge. >> wow. >> add one more. >> tonight of course is the
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the big game, biggest, one in three decades. thirty-one years since they won the whole thing, for the wildcats. the team is preparing for the ncaa championship game. what the team has learned from the past that may help them beat the tar heels tonight next in sports. but first your winning lottery numbers.
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the only thing to talk about today is, of course, villanova wildcats. they take on north carolina for national championship but tar heels are a team that they have always struggled w coach jay wright hopes they have learn from their past experience. >> there is a style of play they have, there is a talent level that they have that has been consistent over the years that has given us trouble. we know that. each time we play we try to learn something from it. that is how we look at. what can we do bet's against them. >> the flyers, they battled for eighth seed in yesterday's game against penguins it didn't help. on the fast break they get some great passing, two on one and then bow bennet finishes.
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the flyers lose six-two. they are within point ahead of the boston bruins for the final wild card spot. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. let's not forget, it is the phillies opening day. >> wow. >> yes. >> they play in cincinnati, first pitch at 4:10 p.m., our time. jeremy hellickson will be on the mound. the team closed their preseason saturday with a six-five win over phillies future team. phillies play their first home opener, that will be on the 11th of april against san diego padres. let's hope we will see not only these caps around philadelphia today but everybody will have blue villanova hat on as well. >> you got your blue on too. >> oh, yeah. >> absolutely. >> if you are looking for a job why you might need to head over tie site that helps you
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find love. okay, i will explain how a love, and a job are connected. >> you could never love a man who doesn't have a job is that what you are saying. >> amen to that. >> "good day philadelphia" is celebrating its 20th anniversary all month long, we are throwing a party for you, our fans at the sugar house casino, come celebrate with us friday april 29th from saturday 9:00 p.m. the space is limited. so sign up at fox, contest page, by the way, you have to be 21 years old and have a job to date lauren dawn johnson.
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what went wrong on a train track that left two mens dead. game day for wildcats everything is on the line as they take on the tar heels. this morning we will talk to their coach on what he has to do to prepare the team for the big night. good day everybody. it is april 420th, 16. >> phillies home open inner cincinnati, this a afternoon and sue serio, thank goodness they are not playing here, but how is the cincinnati weather. >> it will be chilly there but i will check that forecast in just a few minutes and then let you know, if you know anybody that went out there for the season opener for the phillies which is always so
4:31 am
exciting because on opening day everybody has the same record, nobody has lost yet. anyway, let's take a look at the precipitation, yeah, get ready for rain for most of us, it gets tricky north and west of the city, where we have seen possibility of a couple flurries. let us know what you cannon twitter and facebook is what going on in your neighborhood and that helps us outs a lot. temperatures we will check them in a second here in philadelphia we are well a above freezing. we're not expecting anything but rain but sunrise at 6:40 it is dry right now, but out in lancaster we are in the 30's. thirty's in pottstown, allentown, even colder a loft which is what we're seeing on the radar picture. forty-six in wildwood. forty-three in dover. so for most of us when we see anything, it will be in the form of the rain, wind are not as extreme as they were over the weekend. all of weather drama with the thunderstorms and then high
4:32 am
wind yesterday. we do have a cold time ahead but today we will get to a high of 62 degrees. we were only in the 40's yesterday and it felt coal with the wind so we are off to a cold are start. sun to showers and rainy after afternoon possible with sunset at 7:29. so we will keep an eye on that situation and on radar, show you on the future cast and seven day forecast what a roller coaster ride we're about to take as we get into the first full week of april. bob kelly, good morning. >> hey sue, good morning. 4:32 on this monday morning, back to work, back to school, spring break, is over. pack your book bag come on we are all going back to the to the schoolhouse and that is good news but bad news for commuters today because all of those school buses will eventually join the party for morning rush hour. right now we're in good shape here on the vine street expressway. no problems coming in or out of philadelphia. tacony palmyra bridge in the
4:33 am
middle of the opening right now. traffic stopped on both side of the river, and in medford, route 70. right at the main street that jughandle is closed from a down pole from yesterday. they are still working on 422 between trooper and 202 until about five or 5:30 or so. here's the latest from mass transit as a result of yesterday's, amtrak, crash, there are only two of the normal will four track as railable past that crash scene which is actually located just south of the commodore barry bridge. so for the septa a, wilmington commuters, inbound, from delaware into philadelphia, expect 30 minute delays this morning. outbound, leaving center city, trains will go express to marcus hook passing the accident scene, and then make all stops south of the marcus hook before they flip around, most volume during the morning rush hour leaving wilmington and comes into philadelphia. the as far as amtrak same deal
4:34 am
only two of the four tracks are opened this morning, so expect delays sort of like an hour glass that squeeze right here between philadelphia and wilmington will will occur with only those two tracks. we are not going to go see huge delays between new york and washington but again they all to have go through this that hour glass from four, down to two, expect delays, especially during this morning's rush hour. no problems on i-95 or schuylkill and we're in good shape at the airport. chris and lauren back to you. we are continuing to follow that deadly story. another deadly train derailment in our area two amtrak workers killed when a train heading from new york city toy georgia hit construction equipment. now many questions as ntsb investigates what led up to this deadly accident. >> the focus at this point the backhoe and why it was right there on the track. steve keeley is live a at the scene, of the derailment with the very latest, steve, good morning. >> reporter: it happened just before 8:00 yesterday morning and now 4:30 in the morning today you can still see the
4:35 am
lights, police, investigators and train itself still on the track is here in the dark. around the clock investigation going on. the answer as to why this happened comes down to whether it was human error or equipment malfunction. signal on the tracks here or computer glitch at dispatch or somewhere else. amtrak workers killed on and close to the the backhoe were very experienced. one with 40 years, the other with 20 years. weekend mornings are prime track maintenance times when far fewer commuter runs are scheduled on these tracks. but still this was a regularly scheduled train going an estimated 100, 120 miles an hour as they normally do through this stretch and with so many tracks here, so close to each other, by the time either the engineers knew that backhoe was on their track or if the workers realized there was no time for that train to stop and for those workers maybe to dive out of the way even if they ever saw this train coming.
4:36 am
>> we have recovered the event data recorder, the forward facing video, and the inward facing video from the locomotive to send to our laboratory in washington d.c. >> when it hit the train and i heard people screaming, and yeah, the window opened. >> reporter: owe with both data recorders to tell investigators how fast, what track and what time that train was supposed to be on and video cameras as you heard there pointing both forward, down the track at that backhoe as it crashed into it and inside and engineering reaction before and during the crash those looking for the cause, chris and lauren may not to have look very hard for the answer. >> that is right, it is right there. >> steve, thank you. as this developing story continues to unfold stick with fox 29 both on air and on line for very latest updates. head to fox 29 to the come and down load our app at itunes or google play store. we're witching gears, let's talk basketball villanova wildcats one win
4:37 am
away from a national championship. >> this is it, right. >> yeah. >> they are focused on defeating number one seed north carolina tonight in houston, texas. dave kinchen live at the villanova campus. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is as quiet as it will be on campus for quite sometime because the students, ones who are in town and not going to the game, as they populate the campus here. they are not going to be able to focus on studies or anything like that, of course, but it is a big, big national title game tonight, and it was a huge game even saturday night, one of the villanova's best shots saturday in the final four, look at this inbound shot here, against oklahoma part of the overall aggressive package of inspired hooping as one of the many ways the wildcats lowered that massive boom on the sooners, taking a 95, 51 victory and by the way in team has ever won a final four game by 44 points before and it the set nova up nicely for north carolina tonight.
4:38 am
coaches always talk about keeping their teams focused on the next game. they repeat that over and over but that is hard to do says nova coach jay wright. >> it is challenge, is there much more to this tournament then just a great teams you play against. you have to deal with, you know, all of the media and other responsibilities, and you handle it in a way that doesn't affect your play. we have been doing a good job so far but this is big abe getting to monday night and still keeping our composure and our focus. >> of course, saturday night was big night the for our party tonight night to but to celebrate and they are partying like 1985. that is what t-shirts say because nova took home the nast title. so maybe we will be partying like it is 1985 tonight. hopefully. >> back to you. >> dave kinchen thank you. from basketball to soccer abby wamback in trouble with the law. what police say she did right in front of the sergeant that landed her in handcuffs.
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own countries, laundering billions in cash. abby wamback arrested for dui, in port land, oregon. patrol sergeant pulled wamback over driving her range rover after she ran a red light over weekend. investigators say she failed sobriety tests. the she then failed more testing in a nearby police station. portland police released a statement saying wamback was polite and cooperative through the investigation. she was released. warning before you put on that sun screen new study that may affect your health and why, the reason, men need to pay close attention to this.
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ all right. starting off this morning with a bit of a complicated weather pattern, a little mess up in my necklace, we've got it straight. i did it again? okay. doing this in the mirror here. >> i will not move that part. there we go. now we are looking at this cold front that will come through later today but there is a frontal system nearby that is causing some precipitation, so basically have a bit this morning and more later on this afternoon when this killed front comes through and then really cold temperatures tomorrow morning. we will look north and west of the city, a lot of this pinkies not making it to the ground we don't think but you might be seeing snow flurries in easton, pennsylvania, richland, in bucks county, and parts of montgomery and chester county. so, if you may be hearing sleet it wouldn't be out of
4:46 am
the question. i know, it is april and we shouldn't be talking about this but this is what happens. it is dry in philadelphia right now. we will go through future cast hour by hour and we will see cloud cover around and some frozen precipitation to the north but by 7:00 o'clock we could be seeing light, isolated showers in our area, and that continues throughout the morning. what that system is generally to our north and it is not until this afternoon that the actual cold front comes through and that will be with some heavier rain, three or four or 5:00 or 6:00 thunderstorms are not out of the question later on in the day either, maybe getting loud, once again just like what we had over the weekend. everything shouldn't be out of here by about midnight with that secondary cold front and then it gets, cold. the so much so, that we have a freeze warning in effect for tonight. the growing season has already begun, so if you planted anything outside, trees have started to budd this could be a danger to that. it is late tonight in to to tomorrow morning with wind chills in the teens. the right now we're at
4:47 am
42 degrees. thirty-seven pottstown. twenty-seven in mount pocono which is why we're seeing frozen precipitation in the form of snow. wind are not as extreme as they were over the weekend. our average high is 60 degrees. boy, will we go above average by friday. we have an early high of 65. we got colder by friday. by sunday it was 47 degrees for a high temperature. the it felt colder then. that we will be getting to 67 today, just craze which these temperatures. and in the 50's, tomorrow. back down to some rain on thursday. and friday, it is cooler again. then cold gannon saturday. we're back down to the 50's, by the time, we will get down to sunday. so each and every day, bob kelly, it is in the like the day before. >> which one of these days is not like the other. >> that is right, do you remember that one. >> oh, yeah. >> good morning everybody. 4:47. having some fun as we always do on a monday morning, back to work, back to school, spring break is over for all of the kid. thank goodness.
4:48 am
pack your book bags, pack the lunch and let's go. forty-two. light volume coming in toward philadelphia a. no problems there. we have a bridge opening here this morning tacony palmyra, stack up on both sides the betsy ross is going to be your best bet grabbing your coffee and your keys and heading out the front door. good morning to medford, new jersey route 70 jughandle at main street there blocked because of a down pole. they have just pick up the cones on 422, so that is good news for the morning commute and here's the latest on the situation with mass transit, septa's wilmington line, they are only two of the four track is available, past yesterday's crash scene. so, all inbound wilmington trains will run with at least 30 minute delays this morning, outbound, leaving center city, heading south into wilmington they will be express to marcus hook. and amtrak's northeast corridor again only two tracks past that accident scene, which is just south of philadelphia, here, so expect
4:49 am
delays, between philly and wilmington throughout the morning rush hour. otherwise we're in good shape on the turnpike, in problems on 202, and we're looking good at philly international, speaking of looking good. >> hey now. >> here's lauren. >> hey, bob, thanks very much. today a sad day in history. on this date in 1968 civil rights leader doctor martin luther king junior was assassinated in memphis, tennessee. doctor king and other civil rights activist were called for a sanitation strike. just after 6:00 p.m. doctor king was standing on the second floor balcony of the lorraine motel where he and associates were standing when a snipper's bullet struck him in the neck. he was rush to the hospital where he was pronounced dead an hour later. he was just 39. the night before doctor king gave a speech the mason temple church. in that speech he seemed to sort of foreshadow his own untimely passing. the here's a part of the famous mountain top speech. >> like anybody, would i like to live a long life, a
4:50 am
longevity has its place but i'm not concerned about that right now. i just want to do god's will and he has allowed me to go up to the mountains and i look over and i seen the promise land. i may not get there with you but i want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promise land. >> may not get there with you, of course, we have had all kind of death threats. doctor martin luther king junior lost at the age of 39. all right. 4:51. all right, men, before you head to the beach this summer you may want to think twice burr sun screen.
4:51 am
recent study results out of denmark suggests that certain sun screen ingredients may alter how your sperm functions. the study looked at 29 of the 31, ultraviolet filters allowed in sun screen in the u.s., european union and tested them on why healthy human sperm cells. results reveal some filters have potential to affect how sperm moves. findings were significant enough for the city's lead investigators to call for clinical stud toys determine if ultraviolet filters affect human fertility. another reason to protect your skin, now it is not just skin cancer but fertility. >> yes. >> women feel pressure themselves. i can't get pregnant. i can't get pregnant. it could be the man. >> it could be the man. >> according to lauren johnson. >> yes. >> it could be you. >> it could be you. >> if you are the man. villanova wildcats are just one win away from the national championship. >> of course, this is important to the team members but also their parents.
4:52 am
this morning we will talk to some of the guys family members, well, one guy's family members on what this means to them.
4:53 am
4:54 am
let's go nova. all right. the here's the deal, march madness and steaks could not be higher for villanova just one win away, from claiming the title of the best basketball team, in the whole country. >> villanova means victory. >> so second after the teams
4:55 am
big win saturday night students streamed out of the watch party and celebrated really big. >> so, of course, tonight their laser focused. fox 29 tom sredenschek reports from the houston, texas. >> villanova wildcats a win away from their first champion ship in 31 years. there are proud dad here in houston rooting on their sons their relationship cemented further by the game of basketball. joe arcidiacono knows his sonnies one win away from i am mortality. >> he's at the highest level doing what he wants to do we have been watching him do this since he was five years old playing for some of the langhorne teams and cyo with newtown. this team on this stage played as well as he has done so far. it is amazing. difficult to characterize or put into word. >> reporter: any father/son advice. >> i stay away from that. i text him before the game, be a beast, play hard, be a good teammate and he will hit me back you got it pops.
4:56 am
>> the family a atmosphere jay wright has created at villanova is perfect for phil newton senior. >> family atmosphere, academic, great basketball. my wife and i come down with our two other children and see a lot of games and tour philadelphia, it is a great experience for our family and myself. >> reporter: it has to be a little overwhelming seeing your son playing larger than life. >> when i pulled up thursday i could not believe that picture. it was awesome. that is something we will have in our basement forever. he will be linked to the final four team and that is perfect for him. >> reporter: father/son bond is a live and well off the court as well. meet jim and pierce. >> i'm here compliments of my son. >> reporter: you pick up your tab. >> i did, a all of the eagles tickets, on this guys tab, i had to bring him to the final four, 100 percent. >> reporter: coming up later, two brothers one fromville know of, one from north carolina will be competing for
4:57 am
championship tomorrow night. more than just championship, they will be competing for bragging rights n houston i'm tom sredenschek, fox 29 news. >> shredder should smile more. he is there in houston. >> you have to put your game face on. still ahead country stars out in full force for 51st academy of country music award. we will look at who took home the night's top awards, are you ready. >> i have been ready.
4:58 am
4:59 am
narrator: breakfast. dishes. dinner. dishes. marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. sleeping. (snoring) (sputtering) dishes. not sleeping. dishes. life. dishes. death. dishes. existence. dishes. dishes, dishes, dishes... every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything.
5:00 am
another deadly train, amtrak derailment in our area, two workers killed, 30 passengers injured. >> smoke started to come in the train, it was scary. >> investigators working overnight to find out what went wrong. what they pulled from that wreckage that may have the answers they are looking for. and the stage is set villanova looking to win a national championship tonight, how wildcats are preparing for this steep competition they are facing. after tonight everyone will know the name ryan arcidiacono. >> and how to say it. >> all right. good morning everyone. it is april 4th, 2016. >> yes. >> thanks for waking up with us. >> he had an amazing game a saturday night. everything he put up, he made. >> yes. we've got such a good team this year. the defense is relentless. it will be so much fun to tune in tonight. wait a minute, sue, the game


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