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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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another deadly train, amtrak derailment in our area, two workers killed, 30 passengers injured. >> smoke started to come in the train, it was scary. >> investigators working overnight to find out what went wrong. what they pulled from that wreckage that may have the answers they are looking for. and the stage is set villanova looking to win a national championship tonight, how wildcats are preparing for this steep competition they are facing. after tonight everyone will know the name ryan arcidiacono. >> and how to say it. >> all right. good morning everyone. it is april 4th, 2016. >> yes. >> thanks for waking up with us. >> he had an amazing game a saturday night. everything he put up, he made. >> yes. we've got such a good team this year. the defense is relentless. it will be so much fun to tune in tonight. wait a minute, sue, the game
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is at 9:19. the it is so late. >> that is so past my bedtime. >> i know. >> unless i sleep all day and stay up all night, you know what it wouldn't be different from over the weekend. we will show highlights over the weekend of that crazy 20 hour marathon friday into saturday. but weather by the numbers, lets see what we got. we will go with a five out of ten. we will get kind of of mild but we will have on and off rain and as you can see on ultimate doppler there are a few areas with wintry precipitation mostly north and west of the city. you may be seeing flurries in parts of the bucks county and montgomery county as well as lehigh valley and poconos. the it is widely scattered, it is not a lot but it seems a little late for this to be happening, but still it is, 43 r wind, that is good news, wind diminished and sunrise is at 6:40 this morning. temperatures are in the 20's to the north of us, 39 in trenton. thirty-five in lancaster, that is pretty close to freezing,
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so aloft it could be frozen precipitation. forty-seven in atlantic city. forty-three in dover. again, wind are in the as high as they were over the weekend so that is a good thing. here's the deal. some showers arriving, and it may be a little bit of sunshine here and there but it looks like a rainy afternoon but a early high of 62 degrees. we will see what happens after. that lets just say roller coaster ride, we have been saying ate lot but it will happen all week long. the let's talk about that in the seven day forecast coming up. there is a lot to talk about in traffic, is there not. >> i like roller coaster. the let's go sit up front and lets getting. good morning everybody. tractor trailer pulled over here, maybe to take a cat nap right the here near saint david/villanova interchange. otherwise northeast philadelphia is looking good between cottman avenue and girard avenue. got another bridge opening this second one this morning, two and v for villanova notice i have my jay wright custom
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suit on this morning. >> the blue. >> we're good to go. burlington bristol will bridge this time around, any minute new getting ready for a bridge opening. you want to use that bet thecy ross bridge as the alternate. over in medford route 70 at maine we have a jug handle will closed from the storm on at day night. here's the situation for mass transit this morning there are two of the normal will will four tracks opened past the crash scene just south of philadelphia, so for the septa wilmington line all inbound trains you can expect at least 30 minutes, inbound into philadelphia. outbound, leaving philadelphia, on the wilmington line they will go express past the scene the first stop will be marcus hook. from there they will further their trip into wilmington. most inbound traffic for the morning rush hour. i should say most traffic for the morning does come into philadelphia. amtrak's northeast corridor same situation, only two track is a available past that scene
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and expect delays to crunch right the here like an hour glass. they will to have slow it the down and only two of the four tracks between philadelphia and wilmington this morning. the airport is looking good. the chris and lauren, back to you. developing this morning ntsb trying to figure out why a back ho was on the track at the same time as oncoming train. >> two workers were killed when amtrak train collided with that equipment, in delaware county. impact caused derailment end ising 30 passengers to the hospital. >> we got on track and there was a big explosion, then a fire, and then window bursted out. some people were cut up. >> investigators have data recorders from that train to help figure out how this all happened. we have an update on the investigation, lets go to steve keeley live at the scene. we understand they will have basically video looking forward in front of them and also from inside of the train, so two different vantage points. >> reporter: yeah, we have learn that was standard in the last accident that we record
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may 12th last year where they still don't have a cause by the way. this happened 18 minutes after this train left 30th street station and began to hit top speed through chester, when it collided with that backhoe killing two very experienced amtrak maintenance men with 60 years between them, combined experience. the less than 11 months and less than 20 miles from that may crash in philadelphia that killed eight last year. local congressman bob brady raced out here, made calls too get answers and came a way thinking human error has to be to blame here. >> it is a workweek workday it is in the like they were doing overtime. they were working on something. they were working. you know, he said 40 year employees and 20 year employees, probably in my opinion there must have been some kind of a communication problem because this track was only 20 miles an hour. it is probably a quarter mile or more before it even stopped after it hit the backhoe.
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>> reporter: investigators immediately will find out was the train on the correct shot. look at the live picture in the dark you can see several tracks through here and amtrak train was on the right track then the next question, chris and lauren why would maintenance work being done on is what called a live track. >> that is the big question this morning. steve keeley, thanks very much. of course, we are few weeks away from the one year anniversary of the tragic derailment in port richmond. >> steve just mentioned this. you will remember eight people died, 200 were hurt when amtrak train heading from d.c. up to new york careened off the track last may 12th in philadelphia. ntsb says the train was going 108 miles an hour, well above the posted 50 miles an hour speed limit. >> amtrak just finished installing positive train control on the track. ntsb says it could have helped prevent the accident. in the last three years amtrak has reported about 1800 derailments, collisions and other accidents, according to the federal railroad
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administration. >> as this story continues to develop we will have, of course, on air and on line just go to fox for very latest. also down load our fox 29 news app at i thetunes and google play. yesterday's deadly amtrak accident wasn't the only one, another took place in bensalem last night, police say a train hit a person near cornwells heights station around 7:30. victim's legs partially severed. police investigating circumstances on have that accident. the train services have resume in that area. a man was sitting in his car when a bunch of bricks fell on it yesterday morning. he was not seriously hurt but number of cars were damaged badly. check out the scene there bricks came from an unusual warehouse on warrington avenue in the squirrel hill neighborhood. cities licenses and inspections department has been sent out to that area around the collapse. officials say wind, and condition of the building were a bad combination. the owner of the property will tear down that entire structure. fans cheering on the flyers during a big win get quite a scare as they tried to
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leave the wells fargo center saturday. take a look, as fans go flying when an escalate or malfunctioned suddenly speeding down. the this is video shared by a flyers fan at that game. people there say that some were hurt and that older fans were taken away in wheelchairs. well, comcast spectacor operates wells fargo center and a spokesperson sent thus statement saying quote the comfort and savetive of our guests is our number one concern and immediately following today's game, an incident did occur involving one of our escalators. we immediately closed it down to protect our patrons and notified the operator. we are working with the operator on investigating this incident. again, that from saturday, unfortunately, the flyers lost yesterday in pittsburgh. all right. we are going to win tonight, in houston, villanova wildcats just one win away from the national championship game. >> the team is laser focused on defeating number one seed north carolina tonight in houston. dave kinchen is on campus
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where fans cannot get enough of march madness, hi there, dave. >> reporter: you know they cannot get enough. you have to wonder if you are a team like this in this day and age in the age of social media, some coaches like to keep their teams off of social media but that just doesn't happen because they are students. they will be celebrating here i am will's sure tonight and elated all across campus because of the national title game this evening, now one of villanova's best shots saturday in the final four this one and inbound shot begins oklahoma, part of the over overall package of aggressive and inspired basketball that helped wildcats lower the boom on the sooners taking a 59-51 victory, a massive score there and no team has ever won a final four game by 44 points before. great the defense as well in setting up nova nicely for north carolina tonight. it noise secret wildcats struggle old begins the tar heels in the past and coach jay wright talk about that and he sized up this team.
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>> is there a style of play they have,tories a talent level they have that has been consistent over the years that has given us trouble, we know. that each time we play we try to learn something from it, you know. that is really how we look at it, what can we do better against them. we even lost to them in the the first round of the ncaa tournament a few years ago and did some really good things and some things lou at probably not that good. so it is more we have learn a lot from playing them and we have learned from our failures and hopefully it can pay off for us. >> fans hoping it pays off for them. students hoping it pays off in terms of the party much like the one you see there from saturday night. why not converge to the center of the campus to celebrate that victory and party like it is 1985. that was last time wildcats have a national championship and it could be a party like 1985 all over again tonight with the tip off at 9:19. such a precise but late time,
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back to you guys. >> i like how you used that prince song reference party like it is 1999. >> see all kind of villanova t-shirts if they win tonight. hopefully for weeks. villanova fans sent thus video wye the way, close to 1,000 fans in houston praying for the team and head coach jay wright. villanova university president father peter donahue led yesterday's prayer. >> here in philadelphia support for wildcats lit up center city, c ira center is shining with the villanova v to cheer on the wild cat and their quest for a national championship. saturday was so fun, going to watch party. you went to a separate watch party. afterward just funneling in the streets of philadelphia to see everyone dressed in their villanova clothes, a all of the alumni excited. presidential hopefuls are looking ahead to the next primary, latest from the campaign trail as they set their sights on wisconsin. flights are finally taking
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off from brussels again following recent terror attacks and security measures in place to make sure everyone stays safe.
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all right. starting off, most of us are dry this morning. we have got frontal system nearby and this one coming through that will change our weather entirely. we went from mild to cold over the weekend. we're kind of mild right now, or will be before the end of the day and then we will get
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cold again by tomorrow morning. it is crazy, i know. here's cincinnati, ohio where phillies are playing later on today. checking their forecast, is there just some few scattered showers around. that is what they expect during the game. not a lot of sunshine but should be 65 degrees in cincinnati. we will get well in the 60's today for us as well. we have a tiny bit of precipitation around north and west of the city. you can see easton, probably some snow showers there, and in allentown there is some stuff going on as well and we have scattered showers and lots of distractions in the studio right now. if i seem a little offer then off which is every day, that is why. now we have the future cast showing cloud cover around, and that continued frozen precipitation to the north but milder temperatures will be here and everything eventually will change over to rain but it is very spotty, and scattered this morning. later on today when the actual cold front comes through then we will see heavier showers
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and then we will get some thunderstorms and possibility of heavy downpours and that is anytime after three or four or 5:00 in the afternoon. by six or 7:00 most of it is out of here. lets get to that roller coaster seven day forecast, 67 y 47 tomorrow. we have a freeze warning in effect for tomorrow morning with temperatures this will be in the 20's and wind chills that will be in the teens and then up and down, up and down as we get into the weekend. we will start off cold on saturday with a high in the 40's. we will be here with you bob kelly every day because every day will be different. >> there you go, lit built of something different. good morning everybody. 56:00 on this monday, live look at 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia, light volume right now, nothing major on any of our major roadways, as we roll out of the driveway this morning except here on the boulevard. northbound boulevard at ninth street in the outer drive police tend to go an accident involving an overturn vehicle
5:17 am
will. look out heading out that way. an opening in the burlington bristol they have just completed the opening so that is good news, traffic moving again in both directions and hopefully that is it for the morning. here's the latest for september, wilmington line will be impact this morning inbound from wilmington into philadelphia, expect 30 minute delays because the of the accident yesterday in chester, delaware county. outbound services down to marcus hook, will also be seeing delays but they will go express from philly to marcus hook and amtrak northeast corridor only two tracks opened past that accident scene. expect delays between philly and wilmington, and that should impact the entire north east corridor at some point during both of our morning and afternoon rush hours. otherwise turnpike and 202 looking good, in problems at the airport, chris and lauren back to you. today a sad day in history. on then date back in 1968, civil rights leader doctor martin luther king junior was
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assassinated in memphis, tennessee. doctor king and other civil rights activist went to memphis to support a sanitation worker strike. it was just after 6:00 p.m. he was standing on the second floor balcony of that lorraine motel where he and associates were staying when a snipper's bullet struck him in the neck. he was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. night before doctor king gave a speech at mason temple where his talk seemed to fore theshadow his own untimely passing. >> let us move on, in these powerful days, these days of challenge, to make america what it out to be. we have an opportunity to make america a better nation. i want to thank god once more for allowing me to be here with you. >> doctor king was just 39 years old. coming up on 5:18. lets look at world news on
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this monday morning. the flights once again taking off from brussels, airport partially reopened for the first time since deadly terror attacks nearly two weeks ago. small crowd was on hand after emotional moments as first plane took off. the as you can expect security was extremely tight. all passengers had to go through extra screenings and were told to arrive three hours early at the airport. >> it is an emotional moment for all of us, me personally, of course, we all workday and night over the last two days to make this moment possible. >> isis claim responsibility for that suicide bombing that killed 32 people and hurt hundreds more. it will be a while before the airport is fully operational. a lot of repair work is need ward these bombs went off. let's talk politics. the presidential candidates are fighting for votes in wisconsin, both democratic and republican primaries set to be held there tomorrow. fox's john roberts has the latest from the campaign trail. >> if they bin...
5:20 am
>> g.o.p. front runner campaigning ahead of the primary here in wisconsin on tuesday. sunday night at a "fox news" town hall he clarified his nuclear important even tollcy. >> we go to japan, we go to japan and say you have to pay more. we want to defend you. i don't want them to have nooks. but look, at some point, we cannot continue to do this. we cannot continue. we have 19 trillion in debt. >> reporter: trump predicting success despite polls showing ted cruz lead nothing wisconsin. >> those polls are getting about even. i think we will do very well. >> this as cruz claimed he is paying attention to trump's latest jabs. >> i'm glad donald realized it is a mistake to attack other peoples lives. i'm not worried about donald or to his latest tweet or noise. >> reporter: john kasich admits he is hoping for an open republican convention. >> we just to have keep going and we will have a open convention. >> reporter: this is as republican chairman admits it is possible someone other than current g.o.p. candidates could be the nominee at
5:21 am
convention. >> i think they can be, but that would be annex stream hypothetical, i think, and highly unlikely. >> reporter: democratic front runner hillary clinton is reminding voters that she's a democrat and that bernie sanders identifies as a inn. >> i would be so humbled and honor to earn your support to make sure that we have a democrat in the white house. >> reporter: but sanders is keeping up his fight, he is ahead of the polls in wisconsin and fighting for every delegate ahead of new york's april 19th primary. >> secretary clinton has supported virtually everyone of these disastrous trade agreements good donald trump again issuing calling for ohio governor john kasich saying he has in business continuing in the primary process, if he has in hope of getting the nomination. still ahead we will continue to follow another deadly train derailment, what we're learning about why a train carrying hundreds of passengers suddenly derailed. in the sports world the
5:22 am
flyers continue to fight the for a spot the in the playoffs, how their game with the penguins really didn't help. >> no, in the yesterday. talk about blow outs. this he were doing so well. lets go from losing to winning. >> lottery. >> wouldn't that be nice. >> yeah.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. the reasonville know of has a chance to win it all is because of those seniors. they are the best they have ever had, yesterday some guys talk about finishing their college careers in the national championship game. >> when you think about it, we have been talking about it coach wright hasn't been bringing it up, coaches are in the bringing it up. just keeping focus on the team, and taking everything away from ourselves. we all know it is our last game. >> in matter what happens in this game we just wanting to down playing the way basketball, we have learn to love and grow, and play these last three or four years. >> the flyers looking for their own post season magic, trying to make the playoffs, yesterday. they took on penguins and it didn't go too well. the fast break right here. and bow bennet finishing with the goal. they lose six-two. that is sports in a minute.
5:26 am
i'm sean bell. chris is so stoked, because it is opening day for phillies and team is ready to start the regular season. >> are you going to get all philliesed up. >> look at you. >> i'm proud of you that is how we roll. >> last year we went to the home opener. it was a bad look at things to come, worst record in all of baseball this year a new beginning. they did good in spring training. they will open up today in cincinnati game time 4:10. jeremy hellicson will be on the mound. what difficult say? team closed preseason saturday with the six-five win over phillies future team. they play their first home game with the padres april 11th. but this is first game of the season, 162. >> today good okay. still ahead country stars out in full force for 51st academy of country music award. a look at the took home the top prize. we have to turn to this
5:27 am
big news from over the weekend. investigators work throughout the night to figure out what caused a deadly amtrak train tea rail. , what they have pulled from the wreckage that may lead them to some answers, we will be right back.
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this morning another deadly amtrak derailment, what we're learning about why a train carrying hundreds of passengers derailed killing two people over the weekend. brilliant performance by the wildcats. largest margin of victory in any final four game all time. >> way to make history. they are making their way to a national championship game, but can a victory tonight might not be easy what coach wright says about the competition that the wildcats are facing. good day, everybody it is monday april 4th, 2016. big day in sports for philadelphia. >> in the only villanova game in houston but the phillies in cincinnati, for the season opener. bus stop buddy is all ready to go. i love buddy's cap. >> he is wearing his phillies hat today. of course, he will be rooting for nova but that will happen after his bedtime tonight, and yeah, we're number one. they is.
5:31 am
isn't that cute. >> yes. >> we will just hold it there until we go to the next graphic. there are clouds and showers around, thanks chris murphy, what a cool guy. >> we've got, ic ky precipitation to the north and some seeping in our area it looks like, some showers popping up in berks county. that is probably rain because it ace above freezing there but do you see snow showers in the pocono mountains and lehigh valley this morning. it is dry here in philadelphia we are well above freezing 43 degrees. when we do get precipitation it will be rain. sunrise 6:40 this morning. these are other temperatures. forty-one in reading as we mentioned. twenty-eight in mount pocono. thirty-nine in trenton. forty-eight in wildwood. forty-two in wilmington. there will be some showers around this morning. it may be a few peaks of sunshine and rainy afternoon as a coal front comes through. temperatures will get in the 60's but don't get used to it because we have more ups and downs with temperatures as we go through the week. we will keep track of it the all for you you right here
5:32 am
every day, and bob kelly is here to tell us about some of the changes that have happened over the weekend especially with mass transit. >> you got it, sue, good morning. 5:32. hello to delco live look at i-95, no problems at all through delaware county, however, mass transit through delaware county might be different story with yesterday's train accident, here's the latest from septa a will mink ton line this morning. there are only two of the four track is available past the crash scene which is right near the commodore barry bridge to give you a location. inbound commuters on the wilmington line, expected at least 30 minute delays coming into philadelphia outbound trains will go express to marcus hook and then make stops there down into wilmington. amtrak's northeast corridor same deal, only dealing with two of the four tracks past the scene. that tight squeeze is right here between philadelphia a and wilmington. expect delays throughout the day on amtrak, opening scheduled a at any minute now
5:33 am
at burlington bristol bridge, expect delays, maybe use tacony or betsy ross, otherwise, no problems on i-95 or schuylkill and we are looking good at the airport, chris and lauren back over to you. you spoke of terror on the tracks. amtrak train carrying hundreds of passengers slam in the the back ho and goes off the rails. >> killed two people. dozens were hurt. ntsb is investigating what was a backhoe doing in the path of the on coming train? steve keeley live with the very latest on this, steve good morning. >> reporter: even now with lots of police, investigators, repair crews, all of these construction lights, several runs on these tracks we are seeing from both amtrak and septa as we get back to a very early morning busier monday morning, schedule of train schedules. railroad track maintenance crews need permission to work on tracks. so their work, place, time and
5:34 am
track coordinated and communicated with any scheduled trains. now weekend mornings are prime track maintenance times and because there are far fewer trains running with far less commuters, but there are still scheduled trains then the one that crash that left 30th street station at 7:32 yesterday morning hitting chester and hitting top speed just 18 minutes later when it also hit that back ho and two men who knew what they were doing. one had 40 years experience, the other 20. >> something like this, you know, you are hitting a backhoe on the track. don't they know a train is coming by here? there had to be some type of a communication failure. somebody had gone on that track when they do that they have to let everybody necessity there is workers there you get the out of the train when a train is coming at 120 miles an hour. >> reporter: so with the standard forward facing camera and inside engineer room camera investigators will see
5:35 am
the approach and impact. they will also see engineers reaction to realizing they are about to hit a yellow construction backhoe that ended up as you can see smashing their windshields, their front end and their first passenger cars and they will check the track, the signals, computers and dispatch communication to learn the simple answer, was it human error or equipment malfunction, chris and lauren. >> all right, steve keeley, thanks very much. as this story continues to develop, be hure to stay with fox 29 both on air and on line for very latest updates. head to fox or down load our app in the itune or google will play stores. jump ball situation ball will get to villanova. >> that is it.
5:36 am
>> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> will history repeat itself. >> that was 31 years ago. sorry john thompson. 1985 the year villanova the team, winning the ncaa championship against those georgetown hoy/. rollie massimino with the first big time to put villanova a on the map when it comes to basketball. >> tonight wildcats will take on tar heels of the north carolina for national title. of course, they got there with a major victory this weekend over the sooners. >> crush them. what a game. they had no problem doing it. the final score 95-51. it wasn't that close. as a team they shot 71.4 percent of the field and won by big et cetera margin ever in the final four game. tar heels are a team they always have had trouble with. coach jay wright hopes they have learned a lot from the past. >> there is a style of play that they have, there is a talent level that they have that has been consistent over
5:37 am
the users that has given us trouble. we know that. each time we play we try to learn something from it. that is really how we look at it. what can we do better against them. >> as for players regardless of what happens tonight they are just glad to be part of this journey. >> we don't think bit. we have not talk bit. coach wright hasn't brought it up. our teammates don't bring it up. so i think just keeping focus on the team, taking everything away from ourselves. we all know it is our last game. just blessed it is the championship game. >> no matter what happens in this game we want to play the way basketball we have learn to love, and grow, and play these last three or four years. >> our wildcats take on the tar heels tonight in houston, tip off 9:19. 5:37 is the time this morning. still a head country music's biggest night is in the books. we will take a look at the top honors including the big win american idol judge keith urban pick up.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
rolled out red carpet for country's biggest night, 51st academy country muse ache ward took place in sin city. >> chris stapelton i like this guy. do you ever hear tennessee whiskey no. >> that is good. he took home one of the biggest a wards of the night. >> nobody to blame, chris
5:41 am
stapleton. >> ♪ >> stapleton picked up song of the year for his hit nobody to blame. he also pick up male vocal list of the year. biggest award of the night went to jason aldean, he took home entertainer of the year. >> i'll tell you what i may be rough around the edges a little bit the but i love this business, i love people in it a and fans that support it. thank you you, very, very much. i appreciate it. this is one of the best nights of my professional careery love your hat. jason church, luke brian, miranda lambert were all nominated for that award. >> ♪ >> keith urban doesn't look like a country star to me. all right. he was honored as well, he
5:42 am
took home the mae gamen award. >> you can tell i don't follow country music but you follow basketball, and villanova made getting in the ncaa championship game so easy over weekend. getting a big victory tonight could be more difficult. big daddy graham is in the studio to talk about what he thinks about the big game. >> bring it on big daddy.
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philadelphia a native jill scott turns 44 years old today. she has three grammys including one for this due it, >> she studied education at temple university and original willly plan on becoming a schoolteacher. >> but then she discovered she had some vocals. >> yeah. >> she's make ago lot more money. >> i want to say real quick she is a great actress have you ever seen him in the number one ladies detective agency that series they had for a while on hbo, based on the book, series and books with the same name. number one ladies detective agency it takes place in south africa. would you never know she wasn't from there. she was really good. now, the phillies, forecast,
5:46 am
get it, yes, this is 4:10 when the first pitch is tossed and it will be mild there as it will here. temperatures in the mid 60's. there is a straight shower around but doesn't look like it will be bad enough to delay anything, you can see widely the scattered showers around cincinnati, ohio right now. back to our area, it looks iffy up to the north of us with some snow showers around but temperatures are mostly above freezing, so once this stuff hits the ground it is usually rain and you can see pockets of heavy rain around kutztown, pottstown this morning, but for us in philadelphia it is still dry. as we go through the rest of the morning we will check temperature and precipitation and with everybody rise ago above freezing some milder temperatures, briefly rolling in. anything you see in the morning widely scattered showers, by noon time we are at 62 degrees and we will probably get in the mid to upper 60's later one that heavier rain moving through for the evening rush. then look at tomorrow morning
5:47 am
at 7:00. 28 degrees in philadelphia a, tomorrow. then only 40's, 44 for a high. we have a freeze warning in effect for tomorrow morning. just ridiculous, this late to be this cold but that is how it will be. we're not that cold right now at 43 degrees in the city. wind is not as strong as it was yesterday when it was a lot of weather drama we have got 67 degrees today. forty-seven for tomorrow. and then 54 degrees, for wednesday. backup, on thursday, back down on friday. even colder on saturday back to the mid 50's on sunday. so just like life, bob kelly, ups and downs. >> ups and downs. >> 5:47. good morning, everybody. another one on the up, how about another opening at burlington bristol bridge. this is about the third one this morning happening right now so as we get ready to grab coffee and keys and head out front door go for jumbo coffee or throw a pop tart in the
5:48 am
toaster and hang out for a couple minutes. the roosevelt boulevard north bound an accident at ninth street that is causing a delay in what would be the outer drive. here's the latest from mass transit, septa a's wilmington line inbound from wilmington to philadelphia a, expect 30 minute delays this morning. out bound leaving center city we will go express to marcus hook and then make all stops further south, amtrak's northeast corridor also expect delays right here in the crunch point between philadelphia a and wilmington. otherwise in, medford, route 70 the old jug handle at main street block where the down pole from over the weekend and getting ready for a repaving project that septa begins today on the kelly drive. that is a hot mess during all this week here in and out of the city, however the rain could postpone this project for later on today, chris and lauren, over to you. >> this has not happened since 1958 but tonight it could happen again as wildcats take to the hardwood for nc double a a championship game.
5:49 am
>> a huge win over the weekend, yes. >> so do they have momentum or are they just exhausted. >> they absolutely have momentum. let me tell you something, i think nova over oklahoma when i was with you on friday. we're wearing the same lucky blue shirt. i will not have to wear tomorrow even if they win. i won't need it. >> you can finally get that cleaned. >> yes. >> lauren can't wait for me to do that. >> no, i would be nuts to pick against villanova after that win on saturday. that win was insane they cull not miss. one of the the greatest basketball games ever not for closeness or drama but what a game. >> when butt i hield, and when he makes his three pointers and here we go, it is just a bad day for villanova and then he makes another. the his first and only. >> yes. >> unheard of for him.
5:50 am
>> that is a guy i wouldn't mine having sixers having. >> he talk about his mom by concession stand because she's so nervous, but, of course that game played out, she was glad she was out. >> so what is it about this team where they can kind of hone in on your strength and derail it. >> they have the best coach in the country at the moment. i believe jay wright is that coach and class act on top of it. don't forget this north carolina team business to face sanctions, all right. they are. they are in a little heat the just like jim boeheim missed first nine games. in of that with jay wright. he has good players, great players, they are better than people think they are. he has great players. he has class acts. >> i was watching back and forth between tru tv and cbs and someone said jay wright believes everybody has a role on the team but they have the same status. he treats everyone the same but lets them have their specific rolls and that is kind of empowering to the players.
5:51 am
>> it certainly is. you are right on the monday which that. they don't have one player hoist overwhelmingly better than anyone else on the team like buddy hield was in oak a anyway i pick oklahoma to win the whole thing before the whole tournament started. we adjusted that pick after nova beat kansas, all right. i readjusted that pick. now i have to readjust it again. i had no idea they were going to beat oklahoma by this much. they are on a role. expect nova to cut down nets tonight. >> what is their biggest challenge tonight, verse tar heels. >> they are a bigger team, their height. people want to say they post bad match ups, for know of, i look at it the other way, it is also bad match ups for north carolina. bryce johnson is much better than daniel ochefu but bryce johnson is going to be a top ten nba pick. >> we have one minute left, lets do 30 seconds on flyers and 30 on phillies; flyers big
5:52 am
loss, and you know why, it wouldn't even matter, and if they were in the playoff hunt you ain't losing to the penguins. >> six-two. mason, he has a right to be tired. he has played every second of every game he is tired. boy they have a big game tired legs or in the in two days wednesday up in detroit against red wings. >> every game is big now n boston wins now and they are all playing each out they will get in. >> look at that. >> yes. >> cannot wait for today the at 4:00 o'clock begins cincinnati. the only drag about today's opener the phillies by the time they have on the home opener here will have played six games. that makes me nervous. i like opener to be very optimistic, right. i love that. but they could be two-four.
5:53 am
>> how with six-zero when they take on padres on 11th of april. >> thanks for coming in, man. >> we will be right back. @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
5:54 am
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5:55. the late great buddy walters. case of paying it for is easing pain of the cleveland family who lost their precious, pets. 2b loved dogs, a masstive and yellow lab died after somehow eating rat poison. their owners were devastated and faced with huge vet bills trying to save their lives, a complete stranger heard this story and gave them $500 to cover the expenses. >> the little fate, i guess maybe but i read story and knew immediately i have to do something. >> it won't take pain and everything away but it is very much appreciated: i cannot thank them enough. >> we became friends and it has change my life. >> look at how cute those dogs are. would you believe that authorities think someone may have intentionally poison those two dogs. they are investigating that. next up on good day investigators work throughout the night to figure out what caused the deadly train derailment.
5:57 am
what they pull from the wreckage that may lead to some answers. "good day philadelphia" celebrating its 20th anniversary all in long. we are throwing a party for you our fans at sugar house casino. come celebrate with us april 29th, 7 to 9:00 p.m. space is limited. sign up at fox 29 contest page. you must be 21 years or older.
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another deadly amtrak crash, which amtrak trains are running, and not running this morning. which septa a trains are running and in the running this morning. bobbies a all over this. and then tonight... >> the wildcats the largest margin of victory in any final four game. >> as to their history making win on saturday, the villanova wildcats, they are just one game away. >> yesterday blew us all away, more extreme weather is coming our way after a dangerously winnie weekend. look at that damage in the region and what you can expect to take. also, on this monday we will start our 21st year in the business. >> wow. >> waking you up in the morning. >> crazy. >> you know what we need after that long weekend. >> a big hug. >> guess what today is. >> national cardboard day. >> no.


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