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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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crash, which amtrak trains are running, and not running this morning. which septa a trains are running and in the running this morning. bobbies a all over this. and then tonight... >> the wildcats the largest margin of victory in any final four game. >> as to their history making win on saturday, the villanova wildcats, they are just one game away. >> yesterday blew us all away, more extreme weather is coming our way after a dangerously winnie weekend. look at that damage in the region and what you can expect to take. also, on this monday we will start our 21st year in the business. >> wow. >> waking you up in the morning. >> crazy. >> you know what we need after that long weekend. >> a big hug. >> guess what today is. >> national cardboard day. >> no.
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>> national hug a news person day. >> a after you hug us all weekend we want to hug you back. >> that is great. >> come by fourth and market and we will give you a hug. >> will that stand up throughout the day. >> it might get wet. >> sue helped me with this. >> i had to adjust a letters a little bit. >> lets go from letters to numbers. our number of the day is only a five, because even though it will be a mild day, yesterday it was cold to day is mild, you have to keep track of going up and down, we have some rain in the forecast, buddy has his phillies cap on because it is opening day of the season. they are out in senate toy day. next week they will be at home. showers and cloud, temperatures in the 30's and 40's this morning, it is chilly out there, some precipitation but we do expect to get in the 60's today with some rain later on this afternoon and some are around this morning. we will talk bit a all coming up, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 6:01 on this monday morning. the just completed an opening
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at burlington bristol bridge, traffic still heavy, on both sides of the river there, an accident northbound boulevard outer drive at ninth street involving an overturned vehicle, and here's the deal with mass transit this morning. septa's wilmington line inbound to center city expect at least a 30 minute delays. outbound service from center city to wilmington will go express to marcus hook and then make stops into wilmington. amtrak, bottom line they are only using two of the four tracks through that accident scene. expect delays. sort of like an hour glass. right here is crunch between philadelphia and wilmington where they are going to have delays and that will impact the entire northeast corridor for the morning rush hour. mike and alex back over to you. 6:02 on this monday. >> terrifying ride on the tracks when an amtrak train slams in heavy construction equipment. >> but it happened 8:00 o'clock yesterday morning. steve keeley, i keep hearing these conflicting reports.
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was the backhoe which the train hit on a live track or adjacent track, do you know. >> reporter: that is the question. i don't know. i don't know if investigators know f they do know they are not saying. look at our lights. look at our live picture. just like you you see on the picture they have red lights and green lights and you can see a train coming. this is the slowest, i have seen any vehicle will if this is indeed a train coming here and it is. we have seen trains race through here without blowing their horn. as you see that train going by that is a septa train that is going fairly fast but no where near as fast as train that cam back here that hit that backhoe a at 120 miles an hour. you can see there are plenty of police, plenty of investigators and repair crews where you see those big heavy construction lights ahead at the crash site. these trains are back on a busy monday morning schedule and racing by here not all blowing their horns. you can see why it is very important to know what trains are on what traction what
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time. question here is bob brady the congressman thinks this was definitely a communications failure. the question was it human error in communication or was it a technical equipment malfunction in communication. >> it is workweek, workday. it isn't like they were doing overtime. they were working on something. they were supposed to be working then. they are in the new guys. you a said, 40 year employee and 20 year employee. probably in my pin it must have been some kind of a communication problem because this train on this track was 120 miles an hour. it is probably a quarter mile or more before it even stopped after it hit the backhoe. the train is coming. everybody should know when a train is coming. they are on schedule. it ain't hard to figure out. if i'm working on that track i want to know when the train is coming. it is straight track but it is coming the at 120 miles an hour. >> reporter: as we learned in the may 12th crash that killed eight, less than 20 miles and
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less than 11 months ago from this accident, mike, you have to figure that the ntsb already know the answer tour question. we have learn last year they looked at that video right away. we have learn last year they have a forward facing camera going out on all trains and a camera inside looking at the engineers. with that forward facing camera that would tell you where backhoe was right before the impact and during the impact, and it would tell you engineer's reaction to it. we will find out soon likely because ntsb doesn't hold back any answers on what their initial findings are. we will come back live. another train going by a very busy crash site. even know you can see it is a a very busy scene with a lot of people on the track but the tracks are getting very busy too because it is a monday morning verse yesterday sunday morning. >> one hit you saw now septa and amtrak going by. you know there was also another amtrak accident in bensalem yesterday. police say train hit a person near the corn wells heights station around 7:30 yesterday
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morning just before the other amtrak crash. victim's leg was severed. police are investigating the circumstances of this accident. train services has resumed in the area. we will still go northbound now out of philadelphia. in the northern illinois suburb one man is dead after an amtrak train hit a car. according to police it happened 3:00 p.m. 60 miles west of chicago. police say gates were down when a man drove his car around the train, traveling from chicago to california, struck the car killing a 28 year-old driver at the scene. this accident is also being investigated. >> bad dad yesterday for amtrak. >> dave kinchen is live at villanova because that is a huge story in our area are we going to be national champs this time tomorrow morning. >> campus is quiet now but it will get louder and louder throughout the day, coming up we will talk to coach wright and fans about the big game tonight.
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all right nova we are one win a away from the national championship. >> the team laser focused on defeating, a really good team, the number one seed, those north carolina tar heels. it the will happen in houston tonight. here's dave over on campus. >> but think about the shooting villanova has been putting up. those buckets and sinking them pretty g i think this will be a really good game tonight against two matched teams here and, you know, big question,
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how many students are not on campus and actually in houston getting ready for this big game on a national title effort tonight. of course, let's show what you happened last time around. one of of villanova's best shots on saturday was this one in the final four, this inbound boom i call it against oklahoma part of the overall package of aggressive inspiring hoops. wildcats lured them, and sooners taking a 95-55 victory a and in team ever won a final four game by 44 points before. it sets nova up nicely for north carolina tonight. coach jay wright talked about why he feels this team is at its best having younger guys that continue to get better and still hungry to learn. we have two seniors that are kind of putting up with me. i have heard this for four years. young guys are still listening and getting better. there is a hung inner this team to continue to grow.
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i think that chemistry has helped us. >> that chemistry is hoping for a party saturday night. always a good night for a party y not converge on the center of campus to celebrate that victory and party like 1985. that is last time villanova won a national title and we will talk to some student here as they come on campus here and get their thoughts throughout the morning but what an exciting, exciting day. >> it sure is, man. it is fun to be routeing for the wildcats. >> yes, philly sports need this. we need a championship. opening day for phillies, the team plays, their first regular season game, cincinnati, 4:10 this afternoon, jeremy hellicsson will be pitching for the phillies. the get to know the new team. the team starts saturday with the six-five win over phillies future team. they play their first home opener a week from today against padres that is april the 11th.
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well, more extreme weather is coming our way after a dangerously windy weekend, a look at damage along the region and what you can expect today. >> look, there is bob. >> good morning everybody. a lot of branches you will find in the neighborhood from that wind in the weekend. the southbound i-95 we are seeing delays and brakes tap from cottman avenue into girard and let's go for a ride to the airport good morning to philly international, we will check with the airport, jam cams and sue has got your monday forecast he we come right back.
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the national weather service issued a high wind warning, power outages were reported in just under 10,000 homes. wind shattered windows in some new jersey homes and really just pieces of the fence sent flying around a yard. a man was sitting in his car when a bunch of bricks felon to that car. a number of cars were damaged. bricks came from an used warehouse on warrington avenue in the squirrel hill section of the city. city's l and i department has since fenced off the area around the collapse. officials say high wind, and a condition of the building were a bad mix. the owner of the property will tear down the entire structure, very soon. very windy. >> 60 miles an hour. >> i remember i was in bed and
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i could hear the wind hitting against the window. >> bed starts slide ago cross the room like a horror film. >> sue, how high did it get. >> in philadelphia, 52 miles an hour wind gusts, and there was some places in the 60's and 07-mile an hour range. >> and, lots of ups and downs on the way but today is baseball opening day, phillies forecast, for cincinnati, at the 4:10 when they begin their season. it is for a few rain showers, not enough to cancel the game, or even postpone it, and a pretty mild high temperature of 65 degrees. that is what is happening in cincinnati right the now. we have widely scattered showers. shouldn't be a big deal. looking around here we will see frozen precipitation to the north, a few snow showers around pocono mountains around the lehigh valley and then a few rain showers, to our north in montgomery and bucks county. we're still dry here in philadelphia. but we have got a lot of
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problems with temperatures coming because the growing season has already started, a lot of people have already planted a few things outside, is there a freeze warning for tonight into tomorrow morning but for temperatures in the 20's and wind chills in the teens and then tuesday night into wednesday morning, there is a freeze watch for temps in the 30's and wind chills in the 20's. we have a couple really cold mornings ahead. i hope you didn't take that winter coat to the cleaners. you will need it. you kind of need it this morning with temperatures in the 30's and 40's. so today is a mild one. we will get in the mid 60's. tomorrow we will lose to degrees, high in the mid 40's. wednesday, mid 50's, backup, on thursday, with some showers and 62 degrees, back down on friday with 52 degrees and cloud, and then even colder on saturday with a high of 47, back to the mid 50's by sunday. so each and every day isn't it, bob kelly an adventure. >> little bit of something for everything. sue. >> good thing to know that is everybody is going back to
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school today. spring break is over, pack your book bags, grab your lunch a and get out the front door. boulevard north bound an accident at ninth street in the outer drive, buckle your seat belt, lets go for a ride, sky fox over the scene of the early morning jam out of northeast philadelphia, we are looking live over the cottman avenue construction zone where all this week they will be working on the northbound off ramps to cottman avenue. we are starting to see beginning of the rush hour from academy on into cottman and then further down into girard. as we go back to the maps in medford route 70, a down pole at main street jug handle that is closed for the morning. warminster line this morning running with 20 minute delays due you to septa equipment problems. they will repave the kelly drive this week talk about a hot mess, expect delays all day, every day, on the kelly drive in and out of town. now you today's rain on the way could delay that paving
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project and update on septa's wilmington line inbound expect 30 minute delays with again slower speed going past that crash scene from yesterday. then there is only two of the four tracks with reduced speeds past that accident scene and expect delays on amtrak as well. mike? >> what are they doing around city hall it looks like they are repaving city hall. >> that whole area around city hall, lot of streets under, on that list for repaving, this week, so that will be a rough go here in town. >> that is for sure. >> this just in, 14 people are dead and 27 are hurt after a sue you side attack in iraq. it happened inside of a restaurant just south of the baghdad. this happened an an hour ago. >> this attack comes hours after two separate you site bombs outside baghdad killed at least ten troops. >> iraqi troops. >> we will continue to keep you updated with more information becoming available. g.o.p. front runner donald trump he was talking all day yesterday still trying to clarify those abortion
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comments he made last week. five different positionness three days. instead he may have created more controversy for himself, yesterday morning. >> you think it is murder, a borings. >> i have my opinions on it but i would rather not comment >> you are very pro life. >> but i mean i do have my opinions on it, i would rather, i just don't think it is a an appropriate forum. >> you don't disagree with that proposition that it is murder. >> no, i don't disagree with it. >> well, through go. >> donald trump is trailing cruz in the polls in wisconsin but not by much. as for ohio governor john kasich trump is arguing he should be forced to drop out all together since trump says nomination is out of his reach and it is. john kasich is hoping that the race is still undecided by the time they get to a convention in cleveland. he is looking informed to the brokered convention. we shall see. candidates from both parties taking shots at trump,
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aren't they, chris murphy. >> they continue to, right as mike said, wisconsin primary is tomorrow. republicans continue to fight over who should be able to beat hillary clinton in the general election. >> it is possible for republicans to throw the election away and i think nominating donald trump would do just that. poll after poll shows donald doesn't just lose to hillary, he loses terribly. >> i'm leading cruz, who would be a terrible candidate by the way. >> senator ted cruz leading in the polls in wisconsin over trump. the donald has more than 200 delegate lead over cruz at this point making it hard for the texas senator cruz to catch up. >> democrats want to make sure that a donald trump does not end up in the white house which would be a unmitigated disaster for our country. you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate. >> on the democratic side senator bernie sanders is polling slightly a head of hill willry clinton in
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wisconsin. he is hoping to continue his winning streak and believes he is only candidate that can beat donald trump. both campaigns continue negotiations in debate in insuring before that state's primary, later this month. clinton has already focused her campaign on the general election with her husband, of course, former president bill clinton on the campaign trail in california over the weekend taking a shot at who else, donald trump. after tomorrow's wisconsin primary the major contest isn't until april 19th in new york. and then we can after that, it is the primary for both pennsylvania and delaware, guys. >> oh, yeah. >> big time. >> chris, thank you you for that. 6:22. it is biggest game in years, decade for villanova wildcats, what the team has learn from the past that may help them tonight against a very tough tar heels team.
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the only thing to talk about today is, of course, villanova wildcats. they take on north carolina for national championship but tar heels are a team they have always struggled w jay wright hopes they have learn from their past experiences. >> there is a style of play that they have, but there is a talent level that they have, that has been consistent over the years that has given us trouble, we know that, and it
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is each time we play we try to learn something from it, but that is really how we look the ate. what can we do better against them. >> the flyers in a battle for eighth seed and in yesterday's game, against penguins, it didn't really help. the fast break they get some great passing, and then they finish. flyers lose six-two. one point ahead for boston brewers for the final wild card spot. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. tiger wood just announced he will in the the play in the masters which starts this week in augusta georgia. forty years old. still hurting. talk about a fashion statement on the red carpet i was watching iheart radio a warts last night. >> people were watching rapper iggy azalea seeing if she was wearing a particular something on that red carpet. >> what is that. >> she's causing a stir this morning.
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it was a big explosion. another deadly crash, two amtrak workers are dead, following this train derailment just south of philadelphia, how yesterday's accident could a affect your morning commute. and then this... >> the wildcats, the largest margin of victory in any final four game. >> what a blow out, after that history making win on saturday
6:30 am
night, villanova wildcats one game away from i am mortality, yes. did you see the flyers game over weekend? scary moments if you did at least for fans at the game. something happened to the escalate or as they were riding on it. what officials are saying went wrong. >> it sped way up, how scary is that. >> good day it is monday april . number one scared of elevators in the world is next up on "good day philadelphia". >> that is me. i was just trying to push through fear and maybe try escalate or once in a while. not anymore, no thanks. so upon demand we have added villanova v to bus stop buddy's ensemble today, also the phillies, because they start their season in cincinnati today, temperatures are chilly in the 30's and 40's to start. we have showers around to the north and west of the city and some clouds, and even some snow showers up in the poconos but for most of us, temperatures are too mild for anything but rain or
6:31 am
42 degrees, sunrise official at 6:40, or may see tiny bit of sunshine here or mostly cloudy day with showers on and off, chilly in the poconos mountains, 28 degrees, 38 in allentown, pottstown, feels more like february then april. forty-nine in dover. fifty-two in april. so for your morning commute there will be showers around, temperatures will stay in the 40's and by 9:00 we will be inching in the 50's getting milder in the 60's, by this afternoon, and we will see heavier rain moving in. ponding possible, for your evening commute, and then it gets cold, i'll tell you how cold coming up in a few. >> look at your dashboard there, we have coffee brewing, and good morning, everybody. 6:31. live look at 422, jammed solid east bound into king of prussia, we also have an accident on the southbound side of 295, as we head in toward route 73. lets go for a ride, sky fox
6:32 am
over the scene of i-95, where southbound i-95 an off ramp to girard avenue will close during midday, we will be doing bridge inspections and that will cause havoc for everybody getting in that fishtown interchange, and that will happen around noon time today, through 3:00 o'clock. lets go back to the maps for an update on some of the other scenario. will in mink ton line only two tracks for septa a inbound expect 30 minute delays and of course that will go past that accident scene from the weekend, outbound trains leaving center city will be express down from marcus hook and amtrak's northeast corridor also reducing speed and expect delays up and down the northeast corridor today, mike and alex, back to you. there are still many questions, and ntsb investigates what led up to that deadly amtrak train derailment yesterday in delaware county. >> focus, the backhoe on the
6:33 am
tracks, trying to figure out which track it was on, steve keeley at the scene just south of philly. hey. >> reporter: for those unfamiliar, there are plenty of tracks, too many to count on this angle here from the side but we are seeing trains on different tracks, and there are traffic lights red and green as would you see on your street to tell you which track are open. here comes a train now. even though we have least pair work, investigation, you can see how fast these amtrak trains run through here and that is not even an acela but that is kind of train that ran through yesterday morning when it hit that backhoe. congressman bob brady who is now dealing with the second fatal crash within 11 months in his own district here in the philadelphia area, figure is it is a communication failure on one hand. the question is, is it human error or some kind of a computer glitch. >> it is workweek, workday, it isn't like they were doing overtime. they were working on something. they were supposed to be
6:34 am
working then. yeah, they are not new guys. as you said, 40 year employee and 20 year employee. probably in my pin it must have been some kind of a communication problem because you this train on this track was 120 miles an hour. the it is probably maybe quarter mile or more before it needed to stop after it hit a backhoe. >> reporter: how did they get the answer? well, several ways, they have data recorders to tell you the time, place, track, speed, everything about the the train and a then video cameras both one looking out, forward from the train, which will show you the backhoe and will show you impact and will also show you inside camera and engineer's reaction to seeing something on the track. mike and alex, look at this, right below those traffic lights you you can see workmen on another piece of yellow construction amtrak equipment that went by real slow but that is sitting on the track as well and you just saw that other train speed by and you can tell difference between
6:35 am
that track and this track and can you imagine the speed of that train that you watched live hitting anything like that just sitting there on the track. you can see why this accident was so devastating yesterday. >> unreal. >> all right steve. 6:35. chairman and editor and chief of forbes media, steve forbes, was among passengers on that train. steve says that he was on the train that derailed near philadelphia a. he was in the next to last car, when the train made sudden jerks as it was about to make impact with that backhoe. steve forbes on that train. >> we are just a few weeks away from the one year anniversary of the traffic derailment in port richmond. >> eight people died and over two hundred were hurt when amtrak train headed from d.c. to new york careened off the track on may 12th, the ntsb a says train was going 108 miles an hour, well above the posted 50-mile an hour limit in that curve there in port richmond.
6:36 am
amtrak just finished installing positive train control on those tracks, ntsb says it could have prevent that had accident back in may. in the last three years, amtrak has reported about 1800 derailments, collision, and other accidents, according to the federal railroad administration. dave kinchen is on campus, hi, dave. >> how about a math quiz here, how many students are actually, in houston right now, how many villanova students? well, we will have the answer to that of course but we do know there is a lot of excitement here. it has been in place, since that big game saturday night, a title game, of course, one of villanova's a best shots saturday was in the final four. this inbound shot here,
6:37 am
against oak, part of the package of aggressive inspired basketball and one of the many ways wildcats lowered that massive boom on the sooners taking 59-55 victory no team ever winning a final four game by 44-point like that setting up nova for a nice match up tonight against north carolina the question we have here is just who can study on campus today. we have talk with some students heading to class this morning. >> it is early in the morning. you cannot think about school. >> no, we can't. literally i was studying for an anatomy and physiology exam and me and my roommate were like my gosh game is tomorrow, we cannot even study. it was insane. >> reporter: tell me what the team has to do tonight. >> i think they have to play how they played on saturday. i mean they blew out oklahoma which was amazing. if they do that again we're golden. >> reporter: is what the mood on campus. >> it is insane. they can't wait for the game. the doors of the pavilion open
6:38 am
up at 8:00 but line will be there from 12:00 o'clock on. we are excited. we can't wait. go cats, wow. >> reporter: and they were doing the wow, go cats thing on the saturday night, of course, and that is probably what campus will look like tonight, of course, with the the big win, and we're pulling for them. go know of, go cats. >> indeed, we will be watching tonight. well, flyers fans were sent flying as one of the escalators malfunctioned after saturday's game at the wells fargo center. look at that. >> look at this video fans are thrown to the ground. than an "s" late or went speeding down this was shared with a flyers fan at the game. people there say some were hurt and that older fans were taken away in wheelchairs. >> some of them? wow. >> well, comcast spectacor operates the wells fargo center as you know and a spokesperson sent thus statement saying comfort and safety of our guests is our number one concern, immediately following today's game an incident did occur involving one of our
6:39 am
escalators. we have immediately closed it down to protect our patrons and notified operator. we are working on investigating this incident. they did fix it because it was up and running or down and running for the rihanna concert last night. >> that is right this that was last night. >> people were getting on it gingerly, lauren. >> all right. top stories, in up are darby the fire department is remembering one of fire fighters who lost a battle with cancer. funeral services will be held today for byron evans, officials say he developed cancer as a result of on the job hazard. evans leaves behind a wife and three children who receive a medal of valor in his honor. law makers in new jersey holding a hearing in new jersey later today to discuss the state's aging infrastructure and roll it played in the discovery of lead contamination in the drinking water. it comes after elevated levels of lead caused officials in the new washing school district to shut off water fountains at 30 school buildings last month and to see more tests conduct.
6:40 am
assembly environment committee is set to meet this afternoon to consider safe drinking water pipes and whether there is a a threat of lead contamination, to people who live there. democrats in the new jersey assembly urging speaker vincent preit o to a how a vote on the atlantic city take over bills. it was sent to him over the weekend, inside the danger of in the pasting the legislation such as city workers not getting paid and see side gambling resort moves closer to bankruptcy. city government scheduled to shut down later this month. preit o opposes measure because would it allow the state to end collective bargaining agreements. state senate has approved that measure. that is your top stories, mike and alex. well, dolly parton was out last night lauren johnson and katie perry they both performed and i have to say as a an fcc regulation, country music's biggest night we have the biggest winner of the award last night. plus another award show in the world of music.
6:41 am
>> that is true, iheart radio music awards, iggy azalea a lot of people looking at her because they wanted to see if she was wearing a certain something on the red carpet. >> did she wear it? >> i'm not sure what that is. ♪
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there it is, national a hug a news person day, lauren is taking the first trip down to fourth and market. >> that is true. >> yes, somebody stopped by to say hello in the car. >> you have to go where the people are, they are at fourth and market, the other bus stop. you have to search out folks sometimes. last night was 51st annual academy of country music award, fun night. >> country star. >> hold on. >> is there a hug. >> she may be refused. nicely down. >> last night country star and american idol judge keith urban performed. >> it was great, so lets take a look at it.
6:45 am
>> ♪ some big winners of the night include jason aldean for entertainer of the year. miranda ram berth won female vocal list and chris stapleton won with three other performers. >> also, a big night, in los angeles, california, in holy, hollywood at iheart radio music awards. >> now, with bragging rights as best performance of the night. >> well, i guess. >> ♪ >> there are some other good performers too. this just in taylor swift won
6:46 am
a muse ache ward. >> really. >> is that news. >> her 251st of her life. >> wow. >> that is best tour, best album of the year, for that her cd 989. >> yeah. >> and song of the year went to adele for hello. >> adele. >> drake hot line bling won hip-hop song of the year and best new artist goes to fedy wap. >> i g gy azalea is standing by herman, darn it, and she did it with a simple gesture. >> she was wearing her engagement ring to nick young, swaggyp. she was spotted wearing the diamond ring on the red carpet at iheart music radio a ward last night. you may remember her fiance was caught, admit to go cheating when talking to deangelo russell. people are like are they done, maybe she just likes the ring. >> it could be. i think she's in the buying the whole thing. >> well, really on twitter, they have a question and
6:47 am
answer session and she told someone well, i don't want to marry a cheater. she did say. that she says she is's just chillin right now. >> just chillin. >> whatever that means. >> chillin. >> yes. 6:47. bob? >> good morning everybody. 6:47. right on a monday morning we have a live look the at feet way for the gang coming in from south jersey starting to see volume pop, expect delays every where today, spring break is over, all of the kid are back to will school for a monday morning, so that is going to throw all of the school buses on all districts back on the roads, so pack your patients, this morning. southbound lanes of 295, watch for an accident at route 37, mount laurel interchange, and here's the latest on the mass transit system. wilmington septa line only two of the four tracks are opened past the crash scene so all in bound from wilmington into center city expect at least 30 minute delays. the outbound leaving center sit the eye those trains will
6:48 am
go express to marcus hook and then make stops down into wilmington. is there a speed restriction on all trains passing the accident scene, which is just south of the commodore barry bridge. as far as amtrak, same deal only two of the four tracks they have to reduce speed and expect delays. sort of lining that hour glass the crunch is right here between philly and wilmington during morning and afternoon rush hours. expect 20 minute delays on the warminster line this morning right out of the gate with equipment problems. in medford, new jersey route 70 eastbound right at main street there is a down pole blocking that jug handle will, otherwise, turnpike looking good, no problems on 202, and right now roads are dry but when will that rain hit us sue has the answer coming up in 152nd.
6:49 am
we're looking at radar this morning, we will start off in ohio because that is where phillies are beginning their 2016 baseball season, for this afternoon. you can see the spotty showers we will see here will continue throughout the rest of the day. that is the case for us too where we are seeing green showing up on ultimate doppler radar but also some white and pink, with some snow showers in the poconos. we may even get an inch of accumulation up in the mountains but scattered showers around in bucks county, parts of the montgomery county and maybe some of this is reaching the ground around delco. after the rain is out the because it is with the cold front we will get a freeze warning tonight into tomorrow morning. we will see wind chills in the teens and then tomorrow night into wednesday morning it is a freeze watch. growing season has already started, trees are budding but with these cold temperatures
6:50 am
it could be a problem. for right the now we are above freezing in philadelphia, pretty much every where except poconos mountains. forty in reading. forty in trenton. fifty-two to start off in wildwood. that mild air will continue to move from the south and south east and wind will pick up a little bit before the end of the day as well. our roller coaster ride has already begun and will continue we have 80 on friday and then 65, early high temperature saturday. only 47 yesterday but then we are backup to 56 today. forty-five tomorrow, back down, mid 50's on wednesday, backup on thursday, back down on friday and then cold gannon saturday. i'm getting dizzy just looking at this seven day forecast. we will be here through it all just bring the umbrella mike and alex, today, you will need it. >> i got witt me. >> i'm ready. in the next hour more flights ara arriving on time, but it doesn't mean travelers are happy, find out other issues that have caused a airline complaints to jump to
6:51 am
the highest level in 15 years. >> what? ]
6:52 am
6:53 am
"good day philadelphia" is celebrating our 20th anniversary and i mean all month long. we are throwing a party you can come to at sugar house casino which will be a blow out. >> we want to you celebrate with us. friday, april 2:97 to 9:00 p.m. space is limited. sign up at fox contest page. you have ton at least 21 years old but i'm telling you do this sooner rather than later because i'm sure it will sellout. >> any invitation last friday, people will come out. >> oh, yeah.
6:54 am
>> okay. so after the show, yesterday, last friday, afternoon at 1:00 r there. >> we never left. >> we sat for 20 straight hours, it felt like 40 straight hours. here are some of the high lights. >> and 20 hours starts right now. >> okay. >> i will count. >> one, two, non-stop. >> did you say that. >> who dit. >> mike. >> shut up, mike. >> okay. >> don't say shut up. >> sorry. >> you guys want to come over with me. >> hi. >> yes. >> ♪ >> you are the birthday girl. >> yes.
6:55 am
>> what is your name. >> marie. >> where did you go to dinner. >> yes. >> and then one of my favorite parts mike dancing. this is when we realized we were halfway through. >> i started to fade was at 1:00 in the morning. my gosh we have eight more hours. that is a full workday. >> i felt it throughout. >> we got hungry at 3:00 in the morning and destroyed the cake. >> someone was saying, you didn't stay awake the whole time so it doesn't count. >> we never said we were going to stay awake. >> we had cots. we knew we might need to take a rest. >> and cots were used. >> mike was taking a nap when he left. >> under my desk upstairs. lets get back. another deadly amtrak crash, which amtrak trains are running right now, which septa trains are running right now,
6:56 am
there is many delays. we will bring you up to date. bob kelly has new information at 7:00 o'clock. elmo's got the moves. sesame street live
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6:59 am
>> big explosion, and then a fire, and then window bursted out and some people were cut up. >> the investigation into what went wrong and what investigators found on the track. flyers fans, sent flying, scare at wells fargo center as an escalate or speeds up, and not your normal easter egg hunt why this group of kid formed an ara owe in the middle will of the field. >> arcidiacono to hart with one to shoot. >> and then here we go, it is all or nothing for villanova. the wildcats playing for a national championship, first time in 31 years, can they beat mighty north carolina tar heels. it is national hug a news person day, chris murphy at fourth and market trying to get a hug. he does that every day whether it is national news person day or not. >> everybody needs a hug.
7:00 am
>> that is right. >> there he is. >> he just got one. >> can i have a hug. >> thanks, guys. >> where do you guys go to school. >> leave the school kid alone. >> study really hard and become a news anchor you can get a hug in the middle of the street. >> lofty goals. >> straight up at 7:00, man was it, 60-mile an hour wind. >> yes, it was crazy. >> we were looking at. >> nope,. >> no we're not. >> we will get to it though. >> little teaser. >> i got the number of the day, let's do it. i know we love monday after a marathon and a villanova game. five out of ten. it will be mild, unlike yesterday but it will also be some showers around as bus stop buddy shows you with his ensemble today, villanova v there. phillies are playing today. we will see some sunshine this morning but again those showers are around and it is chilly, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. to the


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