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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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look at that confetti. what is better than a buzzer beater three to win a national championship? maybe nothing. the villanova wildcats are your national champions, of basketball. >> and then there was dancing in the streets. there was partying on the university campus as villanova a student got unrulely and they were up late in the night, celebrating this huge victory. and huge victory, indeed, alex holley, villanova wildcats bringing home their first national championship title in 31 years. what the confetti fly. good day, everybody. it is tuesday, april 5th, 2016. north carolina they would use the same conn if they we're all wearing blue for a reason. >> yes. >> is it for a reason.
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>> yes. >> really is. >> yes. >> well, wow. what a night. and i guess we will go to bed at half time. you could in the get to bed. >> yes, aren't you glad you witnessed that. >> i put the may blue on last night so i was ready for this morning. >> you slept in your suit. >> yes. >> only couple hours ago it feels like. >> good thing those people were partying together all last tonight because it was so cold. it is so cold outside. we are only giving you a six because of this cold. buddy has got his villanova a hat on and also his blanket coat is back. we have hat a freeze warning in effect for counties highlighted there. the cold front has now moved south of us, but it is still trying to snow on the eastern shore of maryland. 32 degrees. feels like 20.
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sunrise at 6:38. unlike yesterday we will see some sunshine but this is what it feels like outside right now, folks. eight in mount pocono. wind chill of 14 in reading. wind chill of 21 degrees in wildwood. plan on sunshine but we call it deceiving sunshine on a day like today where it stays chill which high temperatures only in the 40's, bob kelly, it is supposed to be a high of 60 degrees later. >> this morning when i was getting my coffee i got back in the car and some flakes hitting the windshield, i did a double take and sure enough, some snow flakes. we still got them floating around. big old ones here, this is a live look at 202 and bristol road. look the a the intersection. i guarantee you there was no brine, no salt trucks out this morning. so watch it in the area where we are getting flakes things could be slippery this morning. we are seeing the beginning of the morning rush hour, 42 come on into downtown, in problems at all coming up 202 or 422 but montgomery county, bucks
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county we are seeing some snow squals roll through the area work coming today 452 and mount road. i wonder if i had homework last night, do you do your homework. >> no. >> do you do your homework if you are a a villanova student. if you are a professor and you have had a test planned. >> chris jenkins ate my homework. chris jenkins burr that i had buzzer beating three, leading villanova to a 77, good. >> then north carolina shot. >> and now it is tied up. here we go, archie, he brings it up, will he shoot it. no. boom. >> this they can play that over and over and you cannot play that enough. >> in. >> exciting, every inning is will time. >> put it on my phone. >> final score 77-74, victory over north carolina tar heels.
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>> after the game jenkins and ryan arcidiacono they shared what happens in the last five seconds what they were thinking leading up to that shot. >> they practice it all the time. >> that is true in, houston. >> last five seconds, marcus page shot, unbelievable shot. daniel went for a loose ball but to make a double clutch shot was unbelievable. we knew what play we were going to at the end of the game. we work on it every single day in practice. i heard someone screaming in the the back of my head, and it was chris, i gave to it him and let it go with confidence. >> we put a lot of work in, this team, and everybody has the confidence to catch and shoot. when arch threw you me the ball i went two step and shoot them up in the street. >> speaking of archie's back of the head, that is piece of the nets sticking off the back of his head. >> i would wear it on me too. >> wear it as a necklace. >> well, victory gave the
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philadelphia area, the area, university a second national title. >> important you you say area. >> area good you go back to 1985, 31 years ago when villanova upset georgetown. look at this a couple guys, three people, we have dave kinchen, steve keeley but first lets go to shred inner houston, this guy has in the been to bed yet, hi shred. >> alex and mike, sleep was a rumor here in houston/this morning. we have brought you confetti. i promised to bring it back in the office. it is still flying away here but i want to set the scene what happened at nrg stadium last night. this was a heavyweight fight. back and forth. you felt like carolina up five at the half, they were going to pull away. it is villanova, by ten. carolina makes the run and when they tied that game on marcus pagee with 4.7 left you figured if the cats don't win it here, they go to overtime they are in trouble. there was complete calm there
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as they hit game winning shot as you guys talked about the players never panic. there was complete calm, jay wright pulled them in, drew up the play and here's chris jenkins in the locker room on the game winner. >> i knew i would have to get the shot off because when i threw through the ball up i knew my defender usually follows the ball. all i had to do was get in his vision. arch is unselfish he always makes the right play and he flip it back. >> when chris let the shot go did you know it was in. >> no, i don't think so. i hoped it was. but i'll tell you what he takes those shots a lot. he took some deep in the second half, i wanted to kill him, but he does take those and make those a lot. i was confidence with him shooting it but still even of the game i was than the positive it was going in. >> watch the bench though three guys told me have afterward they started off the court immediately because when chris let it go they say they
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knew it was in. jay wright said after the game he thought there was time left he didn't think game was over and then he see roy williams coming to talk to him and roy says i'm disappointed for my kids but i'm happy for you. one last note, bought i about this shot, they talk bit, they practice it all the time. simplity, get the ball in, arch the floor, chris jenkins wide open, every kid dreams of income that spot light and making that shot and chris jenkins now is right up there with the greats of college basketball, you will remember where you were when chris jenkins hit that shot. >> that is true you. >> he has been thinking bit since a little will kid. >> and to deliver. >> in the backyard, boom, last second shot. >> everybody wants that ball at that moment. >> he did it. >> let's get to campus. >> student were celebrating. >> hey, dave.
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>> yeah, what a moment here. would you think jay wright would have excitement on his face but so stoic, right after that ball went in, and while he was stoic, the fans were jumping for joy instantly at the buzzer. villanova, widespread reaction, react to go this whole thing, watching it, the ncaa pavilion, screaming and jumping around, just like in 1985, last time wildcats brought home college basketball championship and partying all across campus around bryn mawr last night. victory was extra special for life longville know of fan who just lost his father on sunday. >> my father was a 57 a alumni, okay. unfortunately he passed away yesterday. all of the family is in tack, we're all fine. he had cancer. he was diminishing.
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we are asking him to hold on for the game. he knew what was going on. and my brother guy if you are out there the camera found me i didn't look for the camera. but this is for you you dad. you are a world ncaa champ again dad. >> no doubt, look the at the pavilion there. the university also tweeted they coulde campus reaction instantly. back to you. wow. >> just shows that this championship means so much to so many people in different ways. >> i know, they are not in philadelphia, but man, we're so starved for something good to happen. something good happen. so something good happened. >> that is why it is important to say philadelphia area. >> what do you got have after the break. >> got hit with the confetti and when they come back from houston they will be hit with different confetti on campus, snow flurries and hopefully people arrested will be out on bail to welcome team back when they arrive in court.
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in the last eight years,
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♪ so many fans after the game were out celebrating the huge win. >> yes, that is for sure. >> i wish i had gone from the pavilion but i watched at a friend's house. it got rowdy. not surprising. steve, what are you seeing. >> mike, that is perfect phrase, a little will rowdy because look i compared it to other ncaa mens basketball championships. game is always late on a
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monday, always in late march, early april. how about u-conn 30 arrests last couple years ago. year before that louisville, 23 arrests. villanova just five arrests. so when chris murphy said, everybody will remember where you were when villanova won. five people will remember they were in jail but that is a relatively low number and probably warmer here then it is on campus where we have snow flurries. so what will the forecast be for the few kids that are actually going to walk on campus and go to college classes today? sue serio will have a weather forecast when we're back. vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement
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obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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here's evidence of the cold front coming through, in fact, is there still a little bit of snow, and it was snowing when we got here this morning in delaware, now down to the eastern shore of the del marva peninsula there. looking to the north there is radnor where villanova is and it is snow there. very light snow, squall or two and flurries, all that cold air that was out there this morning. kind of crazy, there is snow on the ground in ocean city, maryland. this is cold front out of here high pressure building in today we have cold high pressure today, in the so bad tomorrow, thursday, we will have more rain. it is that kind of an unsettled very active weather week ahead with the freeze warning in effect until 10:00 o'clock this morning. the freeze watch in effect for the entire area for tomorrow
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morning. it will be another cold one. you'll need your winter coat two days in a row. thirty-two in philadelphia 20's to the north of us. these are important numbers. this is what it feels like outside. feels like the teens to the north, 20's to the south, and 20's and 30's and be prepared for your hair to blow around because we have wind gusts in the 20, 30 miles an hour rake. 45 degrees today, five tomorrow, we are backup to 60 on thursday. back down into the 40's by saturday. then we will look ahead to monday the home opener of the phillies. well, they quiet looked lost yesterday. we're hoping for a better result when they are back at home at citizens bank park with 61 degrees, on monday. that is your seven day forecast. >> off a lot more phillies game to worry about right now. we have more flakes in the cameras. this is a shot as a school
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busings on by. 202 at bristol road, again we're looking at areas that are receiving some like just a lot of flurries but actually just enough to make things slippery. you can see here difference in the road surface, there was in brine, in reports of the salt trucks out here. you are on your own gang in a an area receiving the snow flurries. just be careful, slippery spots are out there, 42 freeway as sunrisees over bellmawr, new jersey. volume popping coming into town. good news i just talk to septa they are back to normal on both wilmington line as well as amtrak back to normal through sunday's crash zone, all four tracks are open, normal speed, so we are good to go for the rush hour. here's the latest, team set to return today at 4:00 o'clock at the airport. you know there will be a big old motorcade, i-95 and up the blue route in the villanova campus right around the evening rush hour. mike and alex, back to you. >> where should i meet them on
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airport or on campus. would i say on campus. >> wonder what the candidates think about the villanova wildcats. >> everybody is talking about it. >> big day in wisconsin. >> voters heading to the polls in another key primary state in wisconsin. >> race for the white house, there, it is all about the under dog, chris. >> yes, scott walker the governor was an under dog and he jumped out of the race and put his support behind ted cruz. all eyes are on republican ted cruz and democrat bernie sanders. here's y sanders is leading in the polls in wisconsin of donald trump and hillary clinton, donald trump campaigning with his wife by his side, melania and he and cruz have something they finally agree on that john kasich should drop out. but ohio governor kasich says he is not budging. >> there will be an opened convention. delegates will decide who can win in the fall. i'm the only candidates that wins all of the polls against hillary clinton. >> so losses could be a
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problem with the next big contest and delegate rich new york state, april 19th. meantime clinton and sanders have a greed on another debate, next week, in new york. we will see how that plays out. >> they will do it in brooklyn. >> they both have laid claim on new york, it will be interesting to go see which way it goes. >> she was senator from new york. >> yeah. >> shady mccoy, thanks chris, off the hook won't face charges a after a fight at a philadelphia nightclub. now the d.a. seth williams is in a fight of his own. who is claiming he knows the real reason, mccoy isn't going to be charged.
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villanova wins national championship. they get out rebounded but defense won for them. they blew a ten-point lead but then they came back after what you thought would be the heart breaker. lets go to houston and take a look. marcus page with north carolina down by three. double pumps. but there is 4.7 second left. what happens, villanova runs a play they run at practice all the time, arcidiacono, chris jenkins, villanova wins it, 77-74. let's hear from ryan arcidiacono. >> we knew what play we were
6:24 am
going to because we work on it every single will day in practice. i wanted to be aggressive. if i could get a shotty would shoot it. i heard someone screaming in the back of my ear and head and it was chris, i gave to it him and let it go with confidence. >> thirty-one years later, villanova national championship. allen iverson elect in the basketball hall of fame. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. big day for philly sports. >> we will talk bit all, shady, sixers, flyers, nova. >> by the way, they have just canceled, classes on the campus of villanova university. >> more celebrations. >> yes. >> kid don't have to go to class. >> not that they were going. >> true. >> let's talk about other stories. the district attorney seth williams says his office decided no to the charge former eagle lesean mccoy for his involvement in the bar brawl earlier this year. brawl happened inside recess lounge back in february, and left two off-duty police officers injured and hospitalized. prosecutors say that the fight happened over liquor, but
6:25 am
officers ordering four bottles of $350 champagne. after interviewing 27 witnesses, prosecutors say that the details became fuzzy. decision not to press charge december not sit well with fop president john mcnesby. he sent out this tweet saying seth, is what the deal n a separate statement he calls williams a season ticket hunting district attorney who refuses to do his job. the police union says it will ask state attorney general katherine kane to look in the the case and possibly take civil action. federal investigators releasing more information about the moments leading up to that deadly am trach derailment in chester on sunday. ntsb says train was going 106 miles an hour, in a 110-mile an hour zone, and emergency brakes were applied, five seconds before the train collided with a backhoe. the impact killed backhoe operator 61 year-old joseph carter junior of wilmington and 59 year-old worker peter
6:26 am
adamowitch of chester county. thirty others were injured. the big question is why was the backhoe on the track as the train was scheduled to pass through. democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be campaigning in pennsylvania. clinton is scheduled to dress path afl-cio convention in philadelphia today. she will head to pittsburgh for an evening event at carnegie melon university. sanders plans to hold a rally tomorrow night at liacouras center at temple university. that is a look at your top stories, now mike and alex, back to you. 6:26. hey, is what up. >> we heard from howard eskin talking with ryan arcidiacono about that game winning shot. how about emotions of cutting down a net in houston and that ape perhaps other emotional moment for ryan after the game. we will share what it was, live, from the stadium.
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arcidiacono, for the win, yes. >> villanova wins. >> my gosh, the scott graham. >> it is being called the shot. >> nova nation comes out on top, after a nail biting buzzer beater, win, you just can't believe it happened.
6:30 am
so excited, dave? >> go, brother. >> yes. >> i'll tell you what, people here are absolutely pumped up. there is so much energy, so muche lacing and we wanted to tell you it all started right from the buzzer. >> you know, after spring break it is supposed to get warmer, not colder. and the cold out here, and the snow flurries on the villanova campus, likely kept celebration to a minimum but now if you celebrated to a maximum you can sleep in, they just canceled all classes today. >> all classes canceled. i'm going home. star of the hour that dude right there chris jenkins getting a victory hug from his
6:31 am
mother. that is sweet. >> god is good, god is good. >> god is good. what has happened next between the two will melt your heart. >> my hearties already melting, are you kidding me. >> i started crying last night. >> it is something to see a mother's love. >> she was raising him for the last eight years or so, she has one kid, in one, the other kid lost. >> we will talk to her hopefully later. >> she will be with shred inner houston. >> it is tuesday, april 5th the day after big game 2016. >> i'm kind of feeling like a champion. >> what do you say. >> we had nothing to to with it. >> we were cheering them on. >> i was sweating. >> take a look at at the daily news, we win. isn't that cool. the news, villanova v there in the w's, there look at that. that is great. >> thrillanova on the back
6:32 am
cover. >> holy shot, that is the new york daily news. >> they called it a miracle three. >> yes. >> former mayor michael nutter, ed rendell, cole hamels, everybody weighing in. >> he said boom villanova never gave up philly style. congrats coach jay wright and buzzer beater jenkins. great game, tar heels. much heart. >> is that a new, bbyy like it. >> and then ed rendell, former governor, wow, awesome win for wildcats. definitely parade worthy. >> that will start a parade now good cole hamels even though in dallas now, congratulations to villanova on the national championship. doing a selfie there with his tv. >> cole hamels. >> nicely done. >> yes, shaving cream. >> but how about those phillies. >> a little miss spelling there. >> he dropped an s. >> there. >> my sister is an english
6:33 am
teacher. >> sorry. >> we've got bus stop budd which one word. cold. it is so cold out there. there are some snow flurries around, wind chills are in the teens and 20's. we have a freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. and it is freeze warning worthy out there. there is a cold front that came through and gave us these freezing temperatures. 31 degrees, but it feels like 20 outside. we're moments from sunrise but the sun isn't going to go help that much, so dress for these wind chills, teens and 20's. feels like 20 here. feels like 19 in allentown. twenty in millville. twenty-one in wilmington. we're only going to get to 45 degrees. that is a winter time will high. it is supposed to be around 60 this time of the year. we will get to 60. then go back and get cold again. it is all part of the roller coaster ride we promised all this week. hopefully you bundled up. >> got my villanova long johns and we are ready to go.
6:34 am
6:33. we have some big old flakes, snow showers, kind of passing through our area, what is concerning is that temperatures are at 32. feels like temperature is at 20. there is no brine or salt trucks out there. if you are in an area with snow flakes like right here, it is leaving that find outing on the road surface. wet and slippery in the suburbs, jammo on i-95, heavy from cottman into girard avenue, west on the schuylkill expressway, watch out for disabled vehicle out near conshohocken curve. a curve check there good news we are back to normal on both septa's wilmington line and amtrak, acela express and regional up and down that northeast corridor all four tracks are opened and mass transit running with no reported delays. >> look at jay wright.
6:35 am
>> he just won a national title. >> he is just too smooth. >> he may have been calm but boy did they pull off that win. all morning long we are celebrating wildcats huge victory over north carolina. >> do you want to see it again. >> yes, indeed. >> there is archie. >> hold your breath, boom. >> there we go good dramatic thriller there, thrillanova wins a national title. chris jenkins, that shot will be played all across america around the world all day long. >> here's what he had to say bit. >> last five seconds, started with marcus page shot, unbelievable shot. daniel went for a loose ball. to make a shot, unbelievable. we have the play we work on every single day i in practice. i heard someone screaming in the back of my ear, back of my head, and it was chris, i gave to it him and let it go with confidence. >> we put a lot of work in, this team. everybody has the confidence
6:36 am
to catch and shoot. so when he arch threw me the ball, i went two step and shoot it up. >> we were just talking he said later, that shot always goes in. >> i will know it will go in. >> you know you are the about when awe zoom it will go in. >> dave kinchen is with us, steve keeley is with us but first there is shred inner houston. >> i can't imagine what it was like, tom to see that happen in person. >> unbelievable, surreal, wondering whether the shot was in time, and streamers were dropping and saying, manny hope that was off in time because if not we have a heck of a clean up job here in houston. quick thought here talking about that shot being played around the country and world. is it may go real well in chapel hill, north carolina? >> we will check their web site there. >> i tend not to think so. ryan arcidiacono and daniel
6:37 am
chevy knew it would be the final time they put on the jersey. it had to be surreal for ryan arcidiacono to bring the ball up the floor to feed chris jenkins to watch jenkins hit that game winner and more importantly for ryan to cut down the net we asked him afterward what was it like standing on that ladder and cutting down victory net at the national champion. >> just thinking about the team, basically, don't mess up cutting down the net and the whole nova nation for coming out here and every one's support. >> i'm giving him that shot ten times out of ten. that is my brother, man. everything is going for him. he had highs, he has had lows, he for the through it, never gave up. that is a tribute to his character, man. >> reporter: character is a big word to thisville know of basketball team and chris jenkins a great, great part of it, guys. other great moment for ryan
6:38 am
arcidiacono last night have after the game, great moment for ryan, playing one shining moment up on the big board, the players stopped, when one shining moment is playing, and ryan arcidiacono was almost in tears. he turned and kissed one of his fellow seniors pat rafferty. a great moment. they are like little kid on christmas morning watching themselves as national champions. i got to be honest with you it is 12 hours after the fact, less than that and i don't think it has fully set in for this team and jay wright what the heck happened. i think it will be a while. i think they will get back to campus and euphoria and they will sit back this week and say we're national champions. i don't think it willful i sit in for a while. it was a surreal moment. >> when were you watching it do you think archie was going to shoot the shot. >> yes. >> i did too. >> totally self less play but
6:39 am
true to fashion every guy said we do this every day in practice, the 4.7 seconds left. he said, jay wright said, the play is designed to work between four and seven seconds. they do it every day. the other boot bye them is, guys, and harold preston one of the former wildcats talk about the offense villanova run. you feed the open guy. it is so simple, you feed the open guy. ryan came up the floor and chris jenkins was the open guy. you run that play over and over from september on, over and over and you feed the open guy, you trust your guy next to you. the here's another thing about villanova in that situation. two senior starter, two junior starters, when you played together three or four years to go and you know tendens sees and you do it every day in practice that thing was like hitting a lay up for chris jennings minutes a lot of ways, guys. >> nice to see one and done school not win it again you you know what i mean.
6:40 am
>> let me give you an example, kentucky lines up seven kid last year when they are all leaving together and they are out early. villanova is a national champion, with kids standing together good everybody thought archie was going to shoot the shot, including north carolina point guard that is why they collapsed on him. >> left chris opened. >> lets get to campus where our dave kinchen is. hi dave. >> reporter: they rehearse that had play over and over again and you have to think when lou at jay wright they showed him right after that victory. so stoic. it didn't hit him what just happened. but it hit students here especially at the buzzer. students watching at the pennsylvaniaville beyond there all deck out in their blue and white, reaching there screaming and jumping around much like they did in 1985 minus bad hair dues back then. last time they brought home the college basketball championship and they were
6:41 am
partying across campus and bryn mawr. their reaction was intense. >> it is a great time to be a wild cat, i love this school an i love this team, go nova. >> kid are great. i knew they were going to win because i seen these kid, two or three hours before the game, prepping, stroking, and the coaching that goes into it, it is unbelievable. >> reporter: as they continue to part there i and part a cross campus. come back out here live look the at the beer cans. this is the lancaster one of the main streets here, lot of beer cans, just a big, big mess left over. good thing classes have been canceled because you know what they will have to do a lot of cleaning and resting up especially when the team comes back later today. >> 4:00 o'clock this afternoon at philly international. >> 6:41. star of the hour chris jenkins, i guess year, getting a victory hug from his mother.
6:42 am
your time i see it. >> we will show what you happens next between the two.
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when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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it is 6:45 on this tuesday morning. >> let's talk more about chris jenkins because we can't stop talking about him. >> buzzer beater jenkins. >> bbj. >> as soon as the game was over he and wild cat nation started to celebrate. chris went in the crowd and found his mother, felicia, hi, felicia. to give her a hug. she jumped into his arms. >> yes, so critics also played against his brother last night and that is his brother, nate. >> so what happens next for these two kids. >> it was something special for our family. i'm happy that we won, for sure. i don't have to have hear him talk smack but, you know, our family was neutral the whole game. i'm pretty sure. they will be there for nate and be there at the same for
6:46 am
me. >> be there for each other. brother a begins brother. not blood brothers but adopted. >> they are brothers in spirit and emotionally. >> they have been together since they were ten years old. cool part of the story. >> very cool part. >> just imagine what it will be like first time they are all together for din are again. >> oh, yeah. >> probably today. >> mom kind of keeping everybody, balancing the emotions. good morning, everybody. 6:46. a live look a disable school bus every kids dream, 95 northbound at the bridge street the in the construction zone between bridge and cottman avenue. so leaving north east philadelphia or heading in to north east philadelphia, watch it, is there only two lanes opened in that work zone northbound between bridge and cottman avenue. otherwise southbound we will see normal delays working your way out of northeast philadelphia into girard. delays on the roosevelt boulevard heading down to the kelly drive there in the schuylkill. as we mentioned earlier team set to arrive back here at philadelphia at 4:00 o'clock
6:47 am
and then they will have have their motorcade from the airport, it will go south on i-95, north on the blue route and probably arrive back on campus, shortly after 5:00 o'clock. typically use this stretch be ready you know they will get big old welcome back to town. the last night they shut down lancaster avenue, they also shut down off ramps, from the blue route, probably going to happen again tonight for the a rifle of the team back on to campus there during that evening rush hour. all this week they are paving the kelly drive, both directions. it will be opened until 9h this morning. they will work during midday, reopen it for the evening and then overnight that paving will last all the way to the end of may. that will put a lot of volume on the martin luther king drive, and, of course, schuylkill expressway. watch for midday work at 452 ain't mound road, midday work that will get started at 9:00 o'clock.
6:48 am
some areas are still seeing some snow flurries. how long will it last. sue has the answer in 15 seconds. all right. we have a great tweet to show you this morning, about the snow flurries. it is from chef chefdone, just think of it as mother nature confetti for the villanova win. how about that. there is a good way to think about those snow flurries. here they are on ultimate doppler radar in the center of the area even a few in the city, this morning. flurries moving down through doylestown, radnor where villanova a is, west goshen and now across the river as far south as upper pittsgrove and other parts of the salem
6:49 am
county. we have cold front moving off shore as we look at the future cast, high pressure bill nothing and that is cold high pressure. so cold we have freeze warning in effect until 10:00 o'clock, freeze warning for tomorrow warning even though you can expect to see sunshine. these are actual temperatures, at or below freezing, every where. the wind child colder, 20's, teens is what it feels like outside. we told you yesterday don't take that winter coat to the cleaners, not just yet. 31 miles an hour win gust in dover making it feel colder then it is. it should be around 60 degrees for a high temperature today. it was 65 yesterday but not today, 45, 55 tomorrow, up to 60 on thursday with rain, down to 52 on friday and colder on saturday but luckily we are backup on the higher part of the roller coaster guys by the time phillies home opener
6:50 am
which is monday. >> monday, against san diego padres. it is 6:50. villanova is national champions. >> i love the hats. i love how it is glens that is cool. >> hey steve, what are you seeing out there i guess there were a few arrests but i'm glad everybody knows how to party around here. >> reporter: i'm seeing snow flurries. the ones you are talking about from the nice heated studio. by the way if you notice we are on the air more than we ever have doing these teases so it is extra cold. you know my favorite part of this show since you have been here, the entire time practically when you talk burr youth. i'm wondering and you are deadly honest, have you ever spent a night in the lawrence kansas jail, i am will's just curious. >> i would like that too. >> i came close but no. one time in a l.a. jail but it was only for about an hour. the reason i asked that for
6:51 am
you viewers at home he went to college in that town and i was wand fairing he ever got out offhanded celebrating like five kids here did. so five arrests. >> that is not bad. >> to 22 people hurt. if the number five alarms you people watching at home that may be a record for fewest amount of arrests in a college championship celebration. how can we compare? how about big east rivals at u-conn when they won they had 30 arrests on a monday night after the game. year before that louisville had 23. they kept it n'synx will digits. they can get a jail basketball team together barely among villanova kids arrested. hopefully they will get out of jail in time for the team to get back and be part of the celebration when they get here. they won't get arrested twice in 24 hours which we have seen in this news world before, and 22 people hurt, only two seriously enough to have to go to the hospital to get check out. that is good news.
6:52 am
>> it is. >> alex, i thought, mike, you would have a great arrest story how you got out offhanded in your cheerleader days at university of kansas. i thought you had a dark past you were going to tell us about your college days. >> you know, the guys that raise cheerleaders up, with one hand. >> yes. >> cheerleader. >> i did that back in college. >> i am shocked i was ant rested in lawrence kansas. >> we're shock too, trust me. hey, by the way, lets see this picture. >> it makes it better one like this. >> mug shot. >> yes. >> you always look good at those. >> this is what i love, so many with instagram and stuff like. that people were recording the moment when chris hit the shot. if you have one of those moments, still or video send it to you. >> use the #good day 20. >> look at that.
6:53 am
>> love it. >> man, what a shot. >> guess what i just heard? >> what? >> i might celebrate which big hamburger today, mcdonald's may come out with a hamburger, three times the size of what it is right now. >> can you get any bigger than big mac. >> it is a big, big, big mac.
6:54 am
6:55 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ there we go, it is snowing. look at this at the airport. but it is coming down.
6:56 am
so, sue will give us an update but it is pretty cold. coming up at 6:56. so, it was a big moment when they made the call, that villanova, well, they are national champions. >> he made it. >> he made it at the buzzer. cats win it all. cats win it all. thirty-one years later, villanova is the champions of the college basketball once again. >> that was one of the students making a call there. thirty-one years later. excitement every where. always great to see when they make that call and great to hear it. amazing. of course they will keep playing that buzzer beater shot over and over because we cannot get enough. well, it is being called, nova nation when comes out on top after that buzzer beater. we will get more reaction, tweet us, using the #good day 20, we want to see what your reaction was when you saw this moment.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. arcidiacono for jenkins for the win, yes. >> boom. >> a shot that will live forever, villanova is your national champions of college basketball. from celebrations on the court in houston to fans are partying back here at home.
7:00 am
the amazing finish to an amazing season. >> wildcats, and, any mascot you you can name, kissing v's this morning. all around the delaware valley. >> get this. >> it is worth it. >> yes. >> we have to lay in a v. >> here it comes. >> here we go. >> how does it look, sue. >> fantastic we are all fans this morning. >> i could take a nap i was up so late. >> they will be sleeping while we look at number of the day. wish it was higher but we will go with six out of ten because it is unbelievably cold out there this morning. we have snow flurries around, wind chills in the teens and 20's bus stop buddy, villanova cap with the winter coat on and this is why. freeze warning in effect for


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