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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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the amazing finish to an amazing season. >> wildcats, and, any mascot you you can name, kissing v's this morning. all around the delaware valley. >> get this. >> it is worth it. >> yes. >> we have to lay in a v. >> here it comes. >> here we go. >> how does it look, sue. >> fantastic we are all fans this morning. >> i could take a nap i was up so late. >> they will be sleeping while we look at number of the day. wish it was higher but we will go with six out of ten because it is unbelievably cold out there this morning. we have snow flurries around, wind chills in the teens and 20's bus stop buddy, villanova cap with the winter coat on and this is why. freeze warning in effect for today until 10:00 o'clock and
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there is the line of snow flurries moving through, including philadelphia a maybe a squall here and there and you can see as you get into gloucester county, salem county, cumberland county new jersey there are some snow flurries as well. don't be surprised if you see them outside. did you see the flurries. there is one, is there out one outside our window right now. 31 degrees on april the fifth. it feels like 19, out there, that is your wind chill, wind chills in the teens mostly, 20-r delaware. look at today's high only 45 degrees, unseasonably cold for sure. tonight, we are back down into the 20's, too cold again, wind chills in the teens once again, that is your fox cast for tuesday, wednesday we will be different so will thursday, lots of changes coming in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, what is going on right now. >> sue, good morning. coming up almost at 7:02 on
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this tuesday morning. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway. they have pushed that disabled tractor trailer off to the side at conshohocken but already some delays here coming in the city, some snow showers all throughout the a area little burst of snow showers comes across the schuylkill, right here near montgomery drive. we have had snow out along 202, 309, montgomery and bucks county, so watch it, temperatures are right at that freezing mark and the wind chill at 20. there is no brine or salt down. if it looks wet it could be slippery. delays coming on the freeway in toward philadelphia north on i-95 a a disabled school bus between bridge and cottman avenue in that construction zone. you'll feel unevenness on the kelly drive all this week as we begin that paving project, they will be working during the off peak hours but during rush hours, you will hit those potholes hard. back here, good news on both wilmington line and amtrak acela express services through the crash scene from the other
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day, and mass transit looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. >> villanova wildcats national champions, read all about it. read all about it. 7:03 in the morning after the game. >> i like this. >> thank you you. >> i feel like a little cheerleader. >> i like the way they put villanova v's in the w there. we win. we win. >> this is my favorite, thrillanova. >> that is what it felt like. >> lets go to new york, their daily news says holy shot. it left his finger tips at .6. >> so close. >> fantastic. >> new york post lets see what they did, they are normally pretty good, christmas miracle. kris jenkins you don't like that one as much.
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>> it is all right. >> he is a man everybody is talking about this morning. >> that is true. >> buzzer beater jenkins. >> lets go a game recap because i cannot see it enough. >> north carolina came back. this is where everybody i was with said oh, they were up by ten points and nova was, now comes down to this. tied. you cannot really lose here, you can only win. >> man. >> i thought for sure archie would take that shot. here's kris describing what happened during that play that they practiced. >> ryan, ryan. coach said he made the perfect pass. every time i 12 step it is definitely going up. >> did you know when it left your hand that it was good. >> i think every time i'm going up and that one was no
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different. >> every shot is going in. >> when i put it up, it is going in. >> davis on the scene. we have steve keeley covering the story. lets go to houston first, what do you say. >> alex and mike, good morning from houston where it is still dark, it is still we hearst but party is still going on at the villanova hotel i guarantee it. i want to take you back inside nrg center last night and tell what you happened. 5:44 to go, villanova up by ten. this game is over. carolina makes one of these great runs. when marcus page hit the shotty thought he was fouled as well. i thought it would be a four-point play. then these seat cushions handed out to the fans, all of the carolina fans start throwing things around. guys are, 4.7 seconds left here. let's relax, calm it down here. jay wright, calmy calls time out as you say run the play they have run over and over again and chris jenkins nails it. you are national champions.
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we have talked about how self less this team is, how about villanova's leading scorer last night was phil booth, he missed one shot last night, and we talk to him after the game about this self lessville know of basketball team. >> we believe in each other, we have confidence in each other. no matter what is going on, we all stick together. we will get down and go down to go. if we weren't take that show we would go down together. we have so much confidence in each other. >> if you are a national chapel beyond, you're up there with the greats and this team will be. i think there will be interest nothingville know of because we will have a magical team always the 85 team. not just what they did the on the court but how they stayed connected. he was a president of the a alumni association. our guys to have emulate what they did after their championship too. staying connect and staying a part of villanova basketball.
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that will be the neck challenge for us. >> reporter: i talk to connolly brown who was a member of the 85 team. he said people will remember where they were when we beat georgetown. people will now remember, where they were, when chris jenkins hit a that shot. one last big thing bill roar who has done a great job covering this as our ace photographer he might have workman's comp. i threw that so high in the air it just landed and took out part of the bill's shoulder. my shot starting to get crooked here, it is because, of his shoulder. but i'm telling you these fans are throwing these things up, and it is like maybe in north caroline awe cannot tell time. maybe you cannot see that 4.7 still up there i'm like kids are you under grads or grads there. are they teaching you how to count because there is still time on the clock, you know guys. >> 4.7 seconds. >> shredder, nice job, we will see you next hour.
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>> 4.7. >> almost better then the whole celebration in jennies the reaction. >> i will tell you this he mentioned 1985, rollie massimino was running all over the place. do you remember jim val van owe, he was running, trying to hug somebody. >> you just got to some somebody. >> you win you go wild, crazy. unless you are jay wright. >> watch this. >> coach. >> okay. >> let's go back to the locker room. >> yes. >> mr. cool. >> he is too smooth. >> i can't believe that. >> there is rollie massimino. >> yes. >> look at jay, where are we. >> maybe he thought there was time left or the shot didn't get off in time. >> maybe mike, he is just mr. cool and just like you know what act like you have been here before. >> do you want to see how i
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reacted? i reacted like a security guard in houston. >> this is a a security guard in the game. >> look at his face, i have to turnaround for this. >> wow. >> that face is priceless. my goodness. >> he is looking at the big monitor because he has to keep his back to the court. >> he turned around for that. >> michael jordan was there, how will he react. did he cry? were there tears. >> instead he said good game. just nodding his head. very disappointed but nodded his head in appreciation. >> even though he didn't cry, michael jordan meme's were still out there and there were a lot of them. >> yes. >> we will show you those in a little bit. >> check out quincy harris, he was at the university. >> he went to the pavilion. look at the this.
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>> he is hugging quincy. >> i love it. >> i wish i was there. >> he texted me about an hour before game time and said let's go to the pavilion. >> yes. >> i was like i will go find a place to watch. i will just watch in someone's house. i was in my pajamas. >> 9:20 start time, come on, that is for west coast people. >> east coast problems. >> all right, dave. have you been picking up beer cans. >> kid may not be on campus because they are off campus. >> that is right, i say got to wear the colors, right. proud member of the nova nation right there. t-shirt and in snowing conditions anyway, a championship warms everybody up. i want to show you these beer cans. big mess, by the main sign on lancaster avenue but i'm's sure crews will clean it up
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here. the school is canceled for the day. so much energy on campus and it started even at the buzzer. villanova, reaching in full excitement, watching ncaa title game at campus pavilion screaming and jumping around like it was 1985, except in better fashion this time around. they, of course, were partying a all across campus with the beer cans there, and across bryn mawr and radnor, and so many people, excited about this but this victory was special, extra special for one life long villanova fan who just lost his father on sunday. >> my father was a 57 alumni, okay. unfortunately he passed away yesterday. a all of the family is in tack. we're all fine. he had cancer. he was diminishing. we're trying to get him to hold on for the game. he knew what was going on and
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my brother, guy if you are out there, the camera found me i didn't look for the the camera but this this is for you, you are a world champion again. >> reporter: no doubt, god bless his family and so many people, celebrating on campus. these images were tweeted out by villanova athletics, you can see pavilion reaction, so much fun here and for so many i'm sure still yet to sink in, back to you good that is for sure. >> nice job. >> lets get out to steve keeley now. >> of course, when is there celebrations sometimes they can get out offhanded when you get too excited. >> hi there steve. >> reporter: you asked me what i saw and i started to pick up garbage just for good of villanova these kid are catholic kid. maybe that is why a lot of the drinks are soft drinks. >> yes good a coke. >> no, i actually took a smell of this, thinks coca cola. this will be $2 more in the city. if you drink coke drink it out
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here in the suburbs. by the way, irish cider we have found and then a nice big 25-ounce can of rolling rock. reason i bring all these things up we had five a rests and even though you see crosses and campus building and steep also, it is a catholic school which means way less a rests then any other school in the championship game. thirty arrests at u-conn, years ago, 23 at louisville year before that and just five here, 22 people hurt, only two serious enough to go to the hospital. mike, i will indulge and shout out to my friend from south jersey if we can come back and show a tweet that i did. patty riley a classmate of mine, i was at the end of the 150, she was, of course, toward the top of the class at 150, cheer liter at eustace and villanova. as i write on my tweet one woman who definitely found mr. . jay was asked what was your reaction what were you doing
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after the game. i was looking for my wife. she was on the court where she spent time as cheerleader hugging all the players. patty riley was busy hugging all of the players. that is why he could not find her. congratulations to a good girl from south jersey a and eustace class of 79. >> wow. >> that is cool, steve. >> yes, very cool. >> even though her head was photo shopped. just kidding. >> mike? >> clean up, the trash behind you, look out. someone said are classes canceled. it does that mean all of the students are going to spend their time cleaning. >> of course. >> sure they will. >> there isn't one student from villanova upright now. what is going on at 7:14. >> seth williams office decided not to charge lesean mccoy for his involvement in the bar brawl earlier this year. brawl happened in recess lounge back in february that left two off-duty police officers in the hospital. prosecutors say that the fight happened over liquor, with the
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officers ordering four bottles of expensive champagne but after interviewing, 27, different witnesses, prosecutors say that the story got, fuzzy. the decision in the to press charges didn't sit well with fop president john mcnesby who said seth, is what the kiehl n a separate statement mcnesby called williams a season ticket hunting district attorney who refusing to his job. police union will ask state attorney general kathleen kane to look into the case and possibly take some civil action. federal investigators releasing more information about the moments leading up to the deadly amtrak derailment in chester. on sunday morning. the ntsb says train was going 106 miles an hour in a 110 miles an hour zone. cameras on the train show a back hoe on the track and emergency brake five seconds before that collision happened. the impact killed backhoe operator 61 year-old joseph carter junior of wilmington and 59 year-old worker peter adamowitch and injured more
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than 30 others. now the big question is why was the backhoe on the track as the train was scheduled to pass through. big question they want to get answers, mike ape alex. lets get to sue serio, ladies and gentlemen. >> we will start off with a twitter picture this morning. hello mary beth she had said buddy's coat was good luck. she remembered yesterday when we put villanova v on bus stop buddy's rain coat and it has done the trick. they have big smiles out there this morning. lets see what we have, we have snow flakes out there this morning, yeah, eventually, there we go look at this line of snow showers going right through philadelphia, north of us, moving south of us, as well. there is radnor, you saw flakes flying around steve keeley and dave this morning. lower gwynedd, doylestown seeing snow showers, west goshen in chester and moving further south bridgeton looks like maybe a little snow squall down there as well. so yeah, just that cold that
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we forgot about springtime. feels like winter to day with cold high pressure building in for today and tomorrow and another storm system moves through with another cold front on thursday. before that happens it will get warmer. it will be rain then. cold, warm, cold, warm that is what we have this week. we need all outer wear this morning because it is so cold that we have a freeze watch in effect for tomorrow morning. freeze warning still in effect today. 31 degrees in philadelphia all temperatures at or below freezing, all of our wind chills almost are in the teens right now this morning. forget about the sunshine. it will not warm up very much. these wind will be 24, 29, 20 miles an her range, wind gusts, so roller coaster ride went up on friday, went down over weekend to 47 degrees on sunday. we rebound todd 65 yesterday. today only 45 and then 55 tomorrow, backup on thursday,
7:18 am
back down by saturday, we will be on the upswing by the time we get to the phillies home opener, on monday. bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 7:18. live look at philly international, look close, there is the plane, sitting on the tarmac there, and now when i, there were no delays recorded. with you i can bet you in the next and heavy pocket of snow showers moving across our area will cause delays down there at philly international. here's an example of the schuylkill expressway right here near roosevelt boulevard we have snow showers coming across the screen just lighting up, there was in brine and salt trucks. we will will go from snow showers, to look at this sun glare on i-95 in northeast philadelphia. a crazy start, only by difference of 5 miles depending upon where you begin
7:19 am
and end your trip. we have got snow showers to sun glare as you step outside. 422 east heavy oaks to king of prussia, northbound i-95 that disabled bus just cleared out of the way at bridge street. back to normal on both septa's wilmington line and amtrak through delaware county, so that is good news so if you use kelly drive beginning yesterday, they will start that repaving project they will work off peak hours but watch for that uneven pavement for next month or two. >> we have been showing you video over and over again. lets see it one more time. coach's react in different ways when someone hits a buzzer beater. to win a national championship. jay wright kept his cool. walk ago long the court there. look at him. just after the shot. >> but, this seems his leg ace a monk greatest coaches in philadelphia abbass death ball history and one of the names he will always be mentioning, a long side, this big win is
7:20 am
his mentor in a way, rollie massimino who happened to be in the stand last night. >> he led wildcats to the championship in 1985, hence the shirt party like it is 1985 as we have been seeing every where. having him in the stand last tonight jay wright says that was something really special. >> to share this with him, our villanova a people love him. he is a magical figure. so to be able to share this with him we did a westward one interview with john thompson. it was awesome with those two. i love that stuff. i still remember days when they wering ago begins each other. it was really rewarding for me. >> it was interesting too westward one is a radio network and they were broadcasting the game last night. do you know who did the analysis on that game? john thompson. >> look at that. >> from 1985, coach of the hoyas back then. well, mcdonald's, a big
7:21 am
mac, right. they will make it three times the size? why? i don't know. we will ask lauren, next.
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so lauren, can a big mac. >> yes. >> you can put three times the amount of meat on it, and, double the bun. >> that would be really thick. >> double your buns, yeah. >> it is called the gig a math burger. >> giga. >> big mac. >> will, g-i-g-a how would you say that. >> giga, gig amack. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> giga. >> anyway. >> no matter what it is, you can get tonight japan you can only get tonight japan. >> yes. >> the heck with you then. >> it is so interesting because japanese people are very tiny people. >> that is true. >> then they start to eat the american way, i don't know what will happen to their
7:25 am
waist lines. >> that is true, we have ruined other countries why in the japan too. >> vending machines at mcdonald's. >> sort of. >> you remember out in california they were testing the build your own burger bar where you put in a machine or an ipad if you will, what you want the topping you want on your burger, you justify it. they are doing the same where they are headquartered in or near chicago with their coffee bar. so order your latte, calf chin owe the way you want it but plug nothing to a accepting machine, what you want and then it looks like the machinist doing it too. >> yes. >> it makes it faster. >> lauren simon net i, what do you think of the number one story is this morning in philadelphia. >> oh, um, could it be the big win. >> yes. >> for villanova. >> yes. >> and i'm literally looking at like three versions of the game on two of the five
7:26 am
monitors. >> everybody is talking bit. >> if you see peter ducey he went to nova. >> he did. >> yes, i didn't know that. >> okay, i will. >> i think he was class president for a while. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> here's your favorite part. >> what it. >> one shining moment. >> i cry. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> one shining moment. >> yes, please. >> okay the at the end of every season march madness they play one shining moment if you didn't see it last tonight because it wases about 1:00 in the morning we will play it for you. plus, fans were crazy a after the win, can you blame them? did it go too far. could this be bad for you? we will break down risks and benefits of being a super fan. >> that sound like a doctor mike segment. >> listen up guys, blueberries will increase your love life, blueberries. >> is that you why eat them every morning. >> yes.
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well, a bitter sweet night for one villanova mother. we will check with dbriit who saw one son have have the greatest night of his life while other has to deal with defeat. big day in philadelphia a sports, wasn't the it, from crossing over mj to stepping over tyrone lui, everyone said he just captivating. now he is in the hall of fame.
7:30 am
we will relive some allen iverson classic moments as a sixer. we will bring in sixers grates to discuss it. 7:30. after a lengthy investigation philadelphia district attorney seth williams has decided not to charge former eagle lesean mccoy in connection with the bar fight that injured two off-duty police officers. >> we had no sufficient evident to know who initiated it. we had evidence to concludes that people could conclude that people were justified in trying to protect their friends. so for all of those reasons, i'm very satisfied that we did the right thing. >> okay. he is satisfied? but are you. we will bring in ken rottweiler, who wanted to weigh in on this. there was surprise reactions. were you surprised by the fact he wasn't charged. >> i was surprised but when i her seth williams yesterday. he did a thorough investigation. he interviewed 27 witnesses. what he decided was and this
7:31 am
was in the a rush to judgment, they could not tell who started the fight, who acted in self-defense. they decided not to charge anybody. >> two things he said was the evidence, even though there was video and even though we have seen aftermath, it still was not enough. >> well, that is true. it is interesting, you can use force to protect another person. it doesn't only have to be self-defense of yourself. if you see your buddy being attacked you are allowed to protect that person and that is baycally what is said here, that shady mccoy saw his friend on the ground basically in the choke hold with someone on top. he went over. that is what you saw when shady mccoy was throwing a punch. investigation shows that mccoy was trying to get that person off his friend. >> we get in the justified part. because they are saying it is legal to act in self-defense. >> that is exactly right. >> here's the point. maybe he will in the get prosecuted by philadelphia, is there a possibility that attorney general kathleen kane could come in and prosecute because that is what the
7:32 am
president of the fraternal order of police want her to to. >> hes something to say about this, let's play it. >> essentially what d.a. seth williams did here was give every defense attorney in the city of philadelphia a a free pass that has a client, in i bar room brawl. >> reporter: do you think mccoy's celebrity status has anything to do witt. >> of course. if i was a betting man would i bet the house, dog, ranch, the wife, and everything that absolutely positively did. >> i don't agree with that. >> you don't. >> no, because seth williams is a very good district attorney. seth williams took a long time, didn't rush to judgment, interviewed a lot of people and made decision there wasn't enough to prosecute in this case. i don't think it had anything to do with the celebrity status. people believe that, they don't understand what a district attorney does in terms of performing his job. i don't think seth williams did that at all. >> at the end of the day even though there was insufficient evidence, could it be possible
7:33 am
maybe there was more to it. >> you can the not prove it. seth williams said there is not enough evidence to go forward with the criminal charge. is there always possibility for civil lawsuits. these two individuals that were hurt broken nose, broken wrist they can bring a lawsuit begins shady mccoy. >> hey, i was defending myself, let's say if they had started it how can you get a civil trial. >> civil standard are different. criminal standard is beyond a reasonable taught good what is civil. >> subpoena office evidence. you only to have prove it to the tune of 51 percent. they could bring this case in the civil courtroom. they will take depositions. we will find out whether a jury believes whether shady mccoy played a part in this. civil jury may determine there is civil liability or in the the. >> we will see if we will see shade any civil court. nfl has in the done what they have decided, they could still discipline him because it could be a begins personal conduct policy there could be more to this. this is certainly not the even. >> nfl will definitely take a look at this.
7:34 am
>> thank you so much, ken. >> coming up on 7:34. sue, it is snowing. >> it sure is, a lot of place these morning. there is bus stop budd which his villanova cap. his winter coat, the blanket the coat and the gloves with wind chills this morning in the teens and 20's. accompanied by snow flurries. it is crazy. freeze warning continues until 10:00 a.m. there is the flurries moving through. we will look more closely and we can see a few snow flakes in the camera outside this morning. 30 degrees but feels like 18, on april the fifth there are your wind chills that are in the teens this morning. forty-five is all we can hope for, for a high temperature despite sunshine and tonight we're down in the 20's again with wind chills even colder. that is your fox cast for tuesday. we can promise you milder temperatures, but not today. >> definitely not mild and hanging there around 31 degrees. live look at philly international behind me here.
7:35 am
you can see planes lined up probably going to see delays through the morning rush hour. i don't have any word of big delays but as these snow showers roll through that will stack up planes on the runways behind us here. lets go to the maps, if we can other situations, 42 toward city. bumper to bumper from the black horse pike and 295, an accident eastbound on 422, right at limerick interchange where folks coming toward king of prussia, back to normal on the rails both wilmington and amtrak services through delaware county running with no delays. expect bumpy ride over next month or so as they begin repaving i should say kelly drive, mike and alex, back over to you. good possibility you went to bed after the game. did you stay up to watch within shining moment, the song of march madness. well, we will watch, the villanova players, watch that wonderful trin boot, to march madness. you might cry.
7:36 am
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actually, it is a tradition highlights of the tournament, march madness put together in a special segment called one shining moment this years version is extra special for us, and villanova fans, isn't it. >> welcome to the big dance. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> for the championship, yes. villanova, phenomenal, the national chapel beyonds. >> so, that has been going on for 30 years. so look at this, all of the players, they played it not only on their network but on the big monitor. >> they are getting emotional. >> arcidiacono with the kiss. >> it is one of those moments you just have to stop, and let it sink in. >> it is cool. it used to be on tv. other big basketball news for philadelphia, he was often the smallest guy on the court but his game was larger than life, we will look back at some of the memorable moments of the allen iverson's career. he will go in the haul off fame.
7:43 am
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7:45. good morning everybody. take a look at a the snow showers, that are kind of whipping across our camera here. a cross the conshohocken curve. this is a a live look at conshohocken interchange of the schuylkill at 476, but we are at 31 degrees. sue will tell us that the wind chillies at about 20. no brine put down we have not
7:46 am
seen any salt trucks. it is causing a light little coating, just enough to make things slippery. look at this, we have sun glare, less than 3 miles away in northeast philadelphia a, on i-95. so depending upon where you begin and end your trip, sun glare, to snow showers, east on 422, an accident right here inner limerick interchange causing delays and then further delay in toward king of prussia here's game plan for today, wildcats set to return home in philadelphia around 4:00 o'clock. and then you bet we will have a big old motorcade parade from 95, airport, north on the blue route and into villanova right around, that evening rush hour dinner time. is what the forecast like for the motorcade. sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
7:47 am
bundle up for that motor cake and later else you are doing because even though it is 56 yesterday, so much colder. coal front came through last night see the boundary out to sea. look what is happening in the wake of the cold front. all over the map here. there is radnor where villanova is all the way down through delaware county, upper darby, woolwich township, bridgeton with snow showers and woodstown and seeing them in the city. if it is not snowing it is probably sunny where you are. we have cold front gone. cold high pressure for rest of the day to day even with the sunshine don't let it fool you. by thursday when this system gets here it will be rain. by today we will freeze warnings until 10:00 o'clock, and, we will have a free watch in effect. so, it will be a cold morning
7:48 am
tomorrow. wind chills in the teams right now, high of only 45 today. we will go up to 55 tomorrow. up further on thursday but we will get some rain back to sunshine on friday, and 52 degrees. cold gannon saturday. now temperatures backup swing by the time we get to the phillies opening day. do you remember those phillies, mike and alex. >> do i. >> they played yesterday. >> yes, they were playing very well yesterday until the eighth inning. well, allen iverson made big news, yesterday, ai has been elect to the basketball hall of fame. he was as great as he was controversial. sixers compiled this video right after the announce. was made. >> allen iverson, perhaps the most captivating super a star in philadelphia sports history. >> you will in the find 6-foot, 165-pound, to be able to compete every night. >> one of the most captivating sports figures in the history of this city.
7:49 am
>> nobody could have accomplished what he has done. >> he won the game. >> sonny hill is here, matt cord is here. >> yes. >> i like it. >> so what is his legacy, ai. >> one of the most dynamic players, iconic players in the history of the nba a. why do you say that, sunny the impact that he haddon the league, during his playing time is just one of a guy who was referred to by mean as the james brown of basketball. one of the hardest workers i have ever seen and i'm a historian of the game of basketball. >> matt? >> i was on the air yesterday when it went down. there is that kiehl and cheryl swoops and tom iso and all
7:50 am
anybody wants to talk business ai. that kiehl's number is, better, 14 times all-star, three times finals mvp. ai changed the game of basketball. >> how did he change it. >> he change it because of his willingness to lay his body on the line, each and every game and every minute he was on the floor and that is why he was beloved because he really came to play basket because he didn't say i just loved it game of basketball bye i gave my body to the game of basketball. >> he mention that had in the very press conference. for people that don't necessity game of basketball and ai they remember him for this one word, practice. >> we sitting here i am supposed to be a franchise player and we are talking about practice. listen, we're talking about practice. not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice. not a game, not a game.
7:51 am
>> practice. >> he said practice 29 times. >> but you have to remember he just lost his best friend, matt. >> he lost his best friend and lost to boston year after we went to the finals. interesting with that conference room still there when you take people on the tour of the wells fargo center, this is where practice. i had to see lincoln park. thinks where practice happened. >> it is unfair. he was comparing, the tragedy of a, tragedy in his life and losing a big time game. you want to talk about some practice, even though he said practice is very important to him. >> but also the fact that we knew that he laid it on the line each and every game. the fact that he came to play. if you watched the game of basketball in the last five or six years ago, players take off. allen i've some would not take off. he loved the competition. he loved to be able to be in a situation where he could be a part of the game. >> that is why philly loved
7:52 am
him. >> i saw him last night at the game in houston at final four and he hugs michael jordan. michael was there to watch unc. that was a nice moment. >> how great was that to win and michael jordan is in the building. >> yes. >> most fame as you alumni. >> there they are. >> it looks like they are on the same plane. >> lets go to the game last night. >> north carolina ties it up, unbelievable three, right. and is this going into overtime? will this go into overtime look at that shot. >> he wasn't even on balance. >> nope. >> and then chris comes down and hits this shot. >> he hadn't had a good game the entire game. >> nobody on him, here's my theory. do you want my theory on this. >> north carolina throughout back years ago when ucla was playing missouri and edany did this, or this, or that.
7:53 am
>> there it is. >> he wins the game. >> and they thought archie was going to drive the bucket or shoot, don't you think. >> it was understandable. only six seconds to go in the ballgame, 4.7. coming up with the ball, up the court with the ball, would you think you would try to get off a desperate shot but the play was set up so jenkins could trail him, he brings the players over to him, hand the ball back to you, and what do you do. >> i drain it. >> you drain it. >> all right. >> greatest end to go a college basketball game ever, last night? i'm asking a question is it. >> i would say for our region. i think if you go to caroline, they will talk about indiana, los angeles they will talk bit. but there is so much more media today, so much more coverage. jenkins will always be, in
7:54 am
that converse assayings as the greatest shots to ever be made to win a ncaa championship and guess what, and greater philadelphia region and villanova university. >> don't we have to buy a drink in philadelphia. >> good place to be back with you. >> hang around. are those am i shoes. >> yes. >> i started to bring mine. >> only different is those are not the ones off his feet i wear ten and a half. >> yes. >> matt has 18. >> matt you need to listen to this next segment. blueberries. >> stop it good will help with erectile dysfunction. >> doctor mike is next. >> yes, doctor mike brought his blueberries in both of them. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
7:55 am
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now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above what a huge amount of energy there was last night in the delaware valley because we were watchingville neff game.
7:58 am
doctor mike, there has got to be benefits and down sides to that. >> yes. >> when you watching that game and i was watching it, you have a all kind of hormones streaming through your blood. >> i know. >> and what leads to people having an increased risk of heart attack is that very thing. now, the good news is that there is more heart attacks in the losing city then there is in the winning city. so we're okay other thing is that people are excited in the winning side but when you, are down there in north carolina what happens is the depression, leads to an increasing risk. >> yes. >> and there is another factor that people do not remember or know it is that how close to see the game will depend and lead to the number of car accidents. it has to do with testosterone. this game was so close, you know, you are driving, whether the winning side or losing
7:59 am
side, you will be driving so aggressively because of all that testosterone. >> mike has been eating blueberries non-stop all morning. i think he knows something non-stop this morning. >> we have talk about, let me explain. >> blueberries, raspberries, any kind of berries like that, we all know can be very, very -- strawberries. a all of them. full of anti oxidants, very healthy for you. new study looking at 25,000 men, found a 20 percent reductions in risk of erectile dysfunction. now why is he eating so many? i will leave that to the viewers to decide. i'm a doctor and i cannot say. >> keep eating them, michael. >> be honest, mike, seriously. >> is there a certain amount every day. >> every day. >> you want to talk about the the perfect food, blueberries, raspberries, all of those are
8:00 am
just wonderful, and full of healthy things and, hey villanova won, keep the oldening inn running. >> good, good, good. >> i got to go. >> i'm sure men all over are thinking the same thing. >> get a cold shower. >> good day to you it is tuesday april 5th, 2016. a dramatic victory. >> up arcidiacono for jennings, for the win. and a screen comes through. national champions, the fans frenzy, and the philadelphia area right now. >> chris jenkins wins the brotherly battle for bragging rights. >> i'm happy that we won, for sure, so i don't to have hear
8:01 am
him talk smack. >> his mommies caught the in the middle. how she plans to house a champion and a competition under her roof. >> it sure doesn't feel like april outside today. so don't spring clean that closet just yet, winter clothes you can wear, well into the warmer months. a surprise for history books, who will walk through our door this morning. a list celebrity helping bring in 20 years of good day philadelphia. >> fun having those guys in yesterday. >> hockey fight. >> who will it be today, behind our good day birthday door. >> there it is. >> we're good good there might be a couple today. >> yes. >> sound good to me. >> let's keep it the nice for everybody. >> what a shock when you walk outside of your door this morning.
8:02 am
>> boom. >> it is so cold. that is only reason why we have this number of the day. >> six. >> for you. >> yes. >> boom. >> six. >> it is just to be sure. cold out there, chills in the teens and 20's and yes, we have snow flurries. along with your villanova cap wear your winter parka a, today because there is a a freeze warning in effect for temperatures in the the 20's and wind chills in the teens and there are your snow flurries showing up on ultimate doppler. where it isn't snowing it is sunny and that is how weird this line of snow is. but it feels like only 18 degrees outside with 23 miles an hour wind. another wind chill 20 in al-zawahiri even town. feels like 14 in wrightstown and 21 in dover, delaware. our planner is for plenty of sunshine but that deceiving sunshine at that because our high temperature bob kelly is only 45 degrees.
8:03 am
>> it is crazy, combines of the snow showers and sun glare a live look at the snow showers that is not sticking to the grass or the road just enough to make the roads wet and slippery there was in brine and no salt put down. just a few miles away we have sun glare on i-95. so a little bit of everything depending upon where you begin and end your trip. weather delays though a at philadelphia international. we showed you last time around, getting hit with heavy snow he showers there here's your game plan for later today, team returns home at 4:00 o'clock at the a airport. you know they will have a police escort coming up i-95 and northbound on the blue route, and what do you think, mike and alex, will they be lined up across overpasses on have the blue route getting a a picture of the team coming on home. >> they will be lined up on campus. >> i think everybody will gather at campus . >> i think we should go, mike good let's get our bed sheets
8:04 am
and hang it across the overpass. >> okay. >> your we so excited because of what happened last night, folks. >> jenkins for the win, yes. that is what happens when you have a buzzer beater. other games you wind down and you kind of know what happens in the last couple minutes. been a long time since we had one of those for a
8:05 am
championship. >> buzzer beater jenkins. >> that was chris, yeah, nailing it. nova a wins 77-74 in dramatic fashion. >> that is how we like it we are covering this victory from all angles. of course we have quincy, we have tom in houston. we have dave kinchen. let's start with quincy. you were there. you saw the madness. but we will start with dave. >> it was insane. i thought i was back in college. nothing could describe last night, i was literally filming what was going on as it was going on and people knocked my even if out of my hand. we start running outside on lancaster avenue. it was a full on party. this is championship shirt. i have it already because shirts are going really really fast. $26 for the shirt right here but well worthy. we will talk to people on line and we will walk in line right new because this is the guy i want to talk to. how are you doing, sir, is what your name.
8:06 am
>> my name is ron, class of 72. >> where were you last night watching the game. >> i was at home watching the game knowing they could win, knowing they are a very good team. i knew they they were ranked number one in the nation a month or two ago. >> villanova, they come down, up by ten. they got it from north caroline, what is his name, who cares. >> he makes a crazy three pointer. >> what were you thinking at that point. >> i was thinking they have a chance to win or we go to overtime. i didn't want overtime. i knew we had a chance to win. i had a feeling they have had a play and they pulled that playoff too win the game. >> how many shirts do you have. >> well, i bought a dozen for my friends. >> wow he is a good friend. >> notice my hat. >> whose hat is this. >> this is my hat when iowas a freshman here in 68. >> wow. >> things have grown. >> it is okay. >> are you proud. >> of course, i'm proud.
8:07 am
i grew up here my whole life. i would sneak in the field house, and hide in the curtains with my friends and come out when the game starts. >> congratulations. >> so many people here. if you just want a t-shirt you you can come, right in front of the book store and you can get the t-shirt, you don't even have to come in the store. there is so many people in here right now. it 8:00 o'clock in the morning. >> they will be sold out in a couple hours, yes. >> i believe the team comes back at 5:00 p.m. >> yes, 5:00, 5:30 something like that. >> i have your shirts, guys. >> thank you. >> are we going to dave or not? okay, dave? >> hey, mike, they are cleaning up, literally cleaning up getting the shirts there and cleaning up here all of the beer cans and everything that was part of the celebrating last night. here at lancaster and ethan
8:08 am
avenue. crews are cleaning that all up. that came from the excitement and law energy that started at the buzzer. >> reaching forward watching the title game at campus pavilion, screaming and jumping around much like students in 1985, and the wildcats, brought home their champion ship, and they will be bringing it back today. these kids were partying all across campus and bryn mawr last night. their reaction was inn tense. >> i love this school. i love this team. go nova. >> kid are great. i knew this they were going to go win because i have seen these kids, two or three hours before the game, prepping and stroking and the coaching that goes into it, it is unbelievable. >> that gentlemen had a
8:09 am
special connection to the team and is a life long fan. as you saw there celebrations all across campus and villanova athletics tweeted out pavilion celebration so whole world saw it as it was happening. the just incredible. >> thanks, a lot. >> we will get down to houston here in a little bit because we may have the moms coming out. >> and, everybody is looking for woman with two sons playing begins each other. >> one had to lose the game. >> who will walk through the "good day philadelphia" door today. we have doors all over the city as a matter of fact. we have a couple a listers coming through the door in honor of our 20th birthday. then please keep sending us picks. low have this one from michael owens. this is his reaction to the buzzer beater, that is happiness right there. >> use the had #good day 20. we want to see your reaction.
8:11 am
8:12 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
8:13 am
liz, they are a class act, pro fans should take note. >> she might have a good note there. >> university of north carolina team is there a guy named nate brit, and he was playing a begins chris jenkins last night. melony briit became legal guardian of her son's nate best friend at ten years old chris jenkins. >> back in middle school. >> little did she know all these years later this would come face-to-face at the ncaa, national championship game. >> we talk to her yesterday about how she would handle it. >> villanova shirt now. >> yes. >> are you wearing that tonight? are you wearing that tonight. >> i'm not wearing it the tonight. >> look at felicia jenkins, she's being politically correct, she's politically correct. everybody wants to necessity where you are sitting. >> you will not find me because i will not be sitting,
8:14 am
i will be walking the concourse. >> she did that. she knew, one son will lose, other one will lose and come to find out one of of her sons was a hero of the game. >> he talk about playing against his brother. >> nate is my brother. i love him. to play begins each other in the national championship, it was something special for our family. i'm happy that we won for sure, so i don't to have hear him talk smack but our family was neutral the whole game. they are going to be there for nate and be there for me the same, that is it. >> lets get to hughes top texas where shredder is standing by, tom. >> standing by with the two most proud moms in the entire state of texas, texas is a big state. let's start with melony. you said yesterday on "good day philadelphia" that you were not going to sit the entire time. did you keep your promise.
8:15 am
>> i did. i didn't see none of the game i was gone before tip off, walking the concourse. >> even as the game winning shot going in you are telling me you didn't see it live you watched it on the machine for. >> i watched it on the monitor. right after the shotty started running down the stairs trying to push by all of the people to get down there to that court. >> felicia, what is the moment like when you see your son hit a game winning shot and be able to say chris jenkins, what just happened. i was asking what just happened. i was trying to make sense of it because it happened so quickly. i could not believe he was opened. i'm watching ryan and when ryan looked back and he slipped the ball when i realized it was chris my eyes got so big and i saw it and when it went through i took off. >> you made a sprint down to the court and we have great video of you jumping in your
8:16 am
arms. >> i said what just happened. >> what can you say. >> i said what just happened. >> well, what can they say. >> i was at a loss for word. we embraced, and we kissed and just a moment. >> melony, we talk about nate playing against chris and everybody said all of the right things but how tough was it for you as a parent last night to watch the game. >> it was tough to watch the game, that is why i walk the concourse because i knew it was going to be a very emotional game and i knew someone would win and someone would lose. >> will chris be the kind of guy he will remind nate of who the champion was and will he hold to those bragging rights issues. >> and you know, he will let nate get over it for a while but that phone call is coming.
8:17 am
>> ladies, such a unique story. you have done a tremendous job in raising chris. the bond that you two have that will last for the rest of your lives because of chris, is what your relationship with felicia mean to you melony. >> it is another sister, chris is another son so we have a great family relationship. a great bond for two people that didn't know each other from anything to become friends over a basketball game. >> flesh, what has melony meant to you. >> she has meant the entire world to you. when we made this decision and she was able to take my son into her home and raise him as if he was her own and give my son the same she gave her own son that means the world to me. i wanted to let her know you are forever indebated into my life and there is not a dollar
8:18 am
amount that i could ever repay you for what you and nate and your family has done for me and my family. >> great story, guys, and they have a son who is a national champion, guys, and jay wright talks so much about family, it is heart ofville neff basketball team and in better than right here with felony and safe travels home. >> well, i am in tears here. is tom gone yet. do we still have him up. i don't want to ruin that moment. i kind of want to talk. >> he can't hear me. >> i want to necessity how nate is doing. >> that is true. >> the kid that loss the game. >> i can't imagine what he is feeling. >> she had carolina colors on there. >> she did. >> neutral shirt. >> blue and white. >> yes.
8:19 am
>> true. >> what an amazing story. >> what do you say to the other kid, nate, that is other part of the story. >> sue, i don't know what you would say to the kid. i'm sure he is crushed. >> right, you are celebrating with one and consoling the other. >> job for a mom. >> it is true. >> never end. >> here's a smattering of snowfall from grandma, she calls it confetti as many viewers are like conn if the friday mother nature celebrating the villanova win and why not. so, that is what is going on, with that and we still have snow showing up on ultimate doppler radar. radnor where villanova a is down through cumberland county, and new jersey where we are seeing bridgeton and wood town in salem county get something snow, it is in the wake of the cold front that came through yesterday, high pressure in control and this is cold high pressure. another storm in store for thursday. it will be warm by then.
8:20 am
lets sort this out in the seven day forecast, 45 degrees today. 20 degrees colder then yesterday. fifty-five tomorrow, we will warm up to 60 on thursday. trade off with some rain and back to cold temperatures again by saturday and then another warming trend, again by sunday and monday. so it is ups and downs of weather bob kelly, all week long. >> been i crazy morning. 8:20. blue route, again we have lots of snow flakes, snow showers, whatever you want to call it, not so much sticking to the road surface but just enough to make things wet. we are hovering at 31. wind chills in the the 20's. things could be slippery especially on the on and off ramps, because of the snow we're dealing with weather delays down at philly international, good news though both septa and amtrak back to normal, on the main northeast corridor, and, watch for uneven surface and paving crew they started repaving kelly drive and that is a
8:21 am
project that will last through the end of the may, mike and alex, back to you. let the debate begin. i want your feedback on this bob kelly and everybody watching at home. even though villanova is in radnor, right? should the city of brotherly love have a parade this week for the villanova wildcats? that means taxpayer money and stuff like that? should we head down broad street? let's debate. >> weigh in, tweet us, facebook us, let us know what we think. >> later enis near, not of the earth. >> american idol, it is coming to an end this week after 15 seasons. i can't believe it. after all this time who is the number one selling idol. >> i will guess carrie underwood.
8:22 am
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six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
8:24 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:25 am
there we go, villanova a wildcats are the national champions. >> yeah. >> ncaa the basketball. >> so, we have another champion. it has been since 2008 when phillies had a parade. so, i know, hey, elliott, before you do that can you show this big x. come on, brother. do you see this x. that x down there stand for radnor. that is where villanova is. should the parade be near the campus of villanova, because it is not in philadelphia a. it is not in philadelphia a. >> lancaster avenue. >> now, bob kelly, alex holley what response do you get on twitter. >> we get a lot. >> no, philadelphia should not have a parade for philadelphia, radnor should
8:26 am
handle: temple, yes. someone else say they reply at wells fargo center so therefore it is philly. or saying there should be two, one down lancaster avenue and one on broad street. >> it is, what we have laid out here. you've got market street over here, right. you have market street. there is city hall right there we will go down, broad street, as we always do with the line of cars. >> just like fill is parade, flyers parade. >> there is a bus, loaded with villanova players. >> yes. >> somebody fell out. >> this is the word i'm getting present a pretty good source. >> okay good that the city has already committed to do this, to parade all the way down broad street and the big v here at sports complex and have a rally, at the football stayed yum or the wells fargo a rena where villanova wildcats play.
8:27 am
>> true. >> they play in philly, some games. >> the bigger games. >> three or four games this year. >> you play more than three you cannot have a home court in the tournament. >> let's just have a a parade good what do you say. >> let's do it. >> hold on. >> where did sky fox go. >> ready. >> start the confetti. >> fire it up. >> here we go. >> where is this parade happening. >> in philly. >> broad street for god sake. >> go nova, nova, nova. >> should we have a real one. >> we should have a real one. >> i heard a source about an hour ago that the city has already committed to a parade, is that the right thing to do? i say yes. >> yes. >> okay.
8:28 am
>> i say we do it friday because then it would be great good what did you say about the big five, villanova is counted as a philly five. >> philly basketball schools is what big five they always mention villanova in terms of the big five. >> think bit, philly, i tweeted yesterday and i said philly needed this win. it is not philly. well, what i have to say if you don't want to claim a national championship title then be my guest but if this is closest thing we will get, i will take it. >> here's another debate too. >> does this count as a philadelphia championship. >> it is philadelphia area. >> philadelphia area. >> yes. >> shut that thing off. >> college not professional sports. >> i say we counties. >> yes. >> we're desperate. >> yes. >> let's take it. >> lets do a fashion she right here on broad street. >> in the middle of the parade. >> why not. >> spring sweaters.
8:29 am
>> it doesn't feel like spring. >> so it is cold. don't move out that closet the just yet we will tell you winter clothes you can wear well in the warm up. >> maybe to the parade. >> yes. >> the conn seventh of this segment is you can wear winter clothes in the spring and um iser. we will tell you and show you how. are you upset. >> yes. scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
8:30 am
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8:32 am
colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. and quite a bit of snow. and, wind a accumulating, wind chills in the the teens and 20's. the bus stop buddy has shade and winter coat on because this continues until 10:00 a.m. you can see the snow and sunshine here. 31 degrees. look at the wind chill it feels like 18, outside and if
8:33 am
you have walked out the door we have wind chill of 14, 19 in millville and to in wilmington delaware. lots of sunshine all day but a a high temperature of only, 45 , bob kelly, it feels even, chillier. all day long. >> yes, it does feel chillier. >> thanks, sue it is supposed to be springtime but it is still chilly and we are reaching for winter clothes. so we brought you in. so, here's the dilemma, i still cannot wear my winter clothes because it is supposed to be spring. how do we make those warmer clothes have that spring feeling. >> we will show you how. >> all of the colors. >> colors are one thing, yes. >> yeah. >> let's start with dresses first. >> wear my spring dresses. >> me too. >> so this is great work this look, it is from smack parlor that great print dress. you can have tights in the winter, your boots and a sweater, but dress really makes it so springy.
8:34 am
>> as long as we have something that is focus that is spring, it is okay to wear tights. >> yes. >> with the tights, isn't that kind of fall and winter. >> as you know this weather has been so crazy. if you have a spring print in the dress you can wear other piecees from winter and it works. this is right here in olde city. >> right up the street. >> let's talk about the fellas. i feel like they have it easier. >> do you think they have it easier. >> they do, right. >> well this lovely model is my boyfriend. i recruited him today. >> honey due. >> you can hear this music on empire. but so with this it is all about unbuttons so that shirt you may have worn in the winter unbutton it like a jacket and do a preponderance of color. the great way to brighten yourself up. great orange shirt on underneath from target. then check out the footwear. so, that is spring. >> yes. >> shoes are totally spring if you can get a shot of those. >> it is great way to infuse
8:35 am
spring. what is cool is you can wear this with anything that makes any look great. >> lots of colors. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> empire is coming up later. >> i didn't know we had music for that. >> for our final look what about denim. i love wearing denim. you cannot go wrong. >> me too. as we get in the warmer months of white denim, always fresh and fun. check out that sweater. that is something you you can have in the winter. same thing with that great top underneath this whole look is from express with the exception of the bag that is from target. >> i love the shoes. >> the shoes, check those out dsw, jessica ciman, under $50 this is work appropriate, spring appropriate but still warm for those cold days. >> this sound like you have to do what you have to do to be warm but keep spring reminder whether it is shoes, accessories or top. >> infuse spring, little infusion. >> maybe if you infuse it, maybe weather will be better. >> yes. >> i'm crossing my fingers. it was snowing this morning.
8:36 am
>> so crazy thanks, jesse. >> we will have to back in when it feels lake spring. >> i would love that. >> warmer fashion segment. >> 8:36. >> you you know that sound, we have a guest, at the door bell, there is an a lister behind the door. i think we will reveal soon. okay. it will be next, we will reveal who is behind the door. you heard the door bell. vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security.
8:37 am
to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ strength is an addiction. you can never get enough of.. now it's time.. to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health
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8:39 am
dingdong. >> hey. >> is what up, mike. >> good to see you. >> yeah. >> we hug. >> how are you, many saw on twitter, you said you might be doing something new. >> yes, i'm always doing something new. >> what is it. >> let's just start from the beginning and say, if i'm
8:40 am
going to do something new i start off at home. i come back home. i feel like home deserves it. so now i'm doing a show and producing for comedy central where i'm creating opportunity for that next generation of comedy yans and i felt what better place to find that next generation then home, you know. >> how much of philly is still in you. >> how much. >> is it is all the way up to hear. >> i'm overwhelmed with philadelphia. i cannot breathe because there is so much philadelphia in me. right now, it is like right below eye level but above my nose and mouth so i'm overwhelmed, i cannot breathe. >> you're not drowning. >> i'm drawning but i can see where so i'm able to grab a rock, take a breath of air and go back underneath. >> even in l.a. there is still philly in you. >> even in philadelphia a. being in l.a. is there more philadelphia in me because there is a pressure of not even ever losing sight of your
8:41 am
foundation. so to stay grounded i'm reminding myself of how i got where i am. i got here basically by upbringing, upbringing of where i'm from. philadelphia. >> is there anything you are afraid to do now. >> anything i'm's afraid to do. >> did you stand up. >> that is ultimate. you conquer that you can do anything. i don't have fear when it comes to this business and building the brand of myself. i think if you are afraid to do things that prohibit you from succeeding. you cannot have the fear. the fear is trying. that toe me is a fear. >> how do you think you over came. that you walk out on the stage and pick up a mike and start making people laugh. >> you know what i did, i told myself this was the only option. there was no other eggs in my basket. that is what i did. i took every other possible egg out of my basket and i left one egg. >> cracked it. >> this had to work. i that is why.
8:42 am
>> good to see i man mr. wait, happy 20th. >> wait, this is huge. forget me for a second, throw me to the side, you have about 20 years. >> boy, am i tired you can get tired to this is when you get stronger, better. you have to make to it 21. that is when we start drinking. that is when we start drinking. >> this is my only option. >> great option to have. >> thank you, always. >> good luck tonight. >> we always appreciate the love from kevin hart, wondering yes was in continue last night he is doing something cool. he is producing a show with comedy central that showcases, stand up comedians. he will introduce up and coming comedians and looking forward to that. he is a a busy guy, doing everything. thanks for representing philly always. lets get to jen. jen is in l.a. because this is final week, jen of american idol will you be a able to let
8:43 am
it go. >> everybody is very, very excited. we will talk about that in a second. here's my question, kelly clarkson, fantasia, carrie underwood, who is number one selling idol person ever. i'll tell you after the break.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
real quickly here, we have a tweet from blair. >> yes. >> she had a dream about me last night that he we were bar hopping in olde city. >> okay. >> what is the weird part about it, that you were in a bar. >> no, the weird parties she was dreaming with me. nightmare. i cannot believe we will not say here's a recap of american idol next week. so jen is in los angeles. so what is the answer to the question, who has sold more record, more cd's, then anybody else from american idol. >> do you have a guess. >> i said carrie underwood. >> i say kelly clarkson. >> kelly. >> one of you is correct. >> which one. >> the the question is which one of you is correct. look the at these stats. look at these stats. a lot of people say american
8:47 am
idols, it is over, whatever. this is the leg ace that i this show will have. look at these stats. seven number one albums, six of the idols have won a combined 13 grammys and carrie underwood is your winner, 13 million albums, 35 million albums sold, is that ridiculous. to started here at the theater. you will see more of that in the 9:00 o'clock hour. carrie underwood has set the stage for what this is, what it could be, tonight there will be a big 90 minute special. you will see all of your idol past favorites. >> it gave me the opportunity to make this my life, my career, whether like you were saying, i'm topping charts or not i will do this because of the show. >> i have been all over the world with countless legend, i have been singing now into
8:48 am
your in asia, peter sittera, peter bailey. >> and guys that is exactly what it will be, celebrated, tonight, tuesday, wednesday night, and then obviously thursday night as the big, huge, not just idol finally for the year but the series finally is here on fox 29. people are talking about tonight's special, guys, we predict a little bit, and everyone loves her and all of the big powerhouse idols of the past. probably tomorrow night, wednesday night will focus more on the top three for this year. remember guys we have dalton in the top three and mike and alex, you might remember dalton's other grand mom not the one you seen getting her hair done is from doylestown. a lot of people cheering for him, and le porsche, people love her, obviously as well. so we will talk about that. then in the 9:00 o'clock hour i will show you where we are. it is 5:00 o'clock in the morning here.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> i'm in myville know of blue walking streets of hollywood looking for friend but tonight will be a very special night as is tomorrow night and the next night. >> okay. >> jen, we all think alike, we all of your exact color of blue on today. >> we do everyone is wearing blue. >> yes, you you do. >> i packed this blue because i was hoping villanova would win. i was telling guys here a little bit, i had to go to the bar to watch the game last night. of course, only person there is this australian guy who i'm trying to explain this is my town, these are my people, that is rj. he is like, what is the big deal. why aren't you at the game. why are you here? >> i'm like it is not really big in philadelphia unless it is in june or march. >> yes, that is right.
8:50 am
>> way to represent. >> way to represent out there. >> thanks, jen. >> great job out there. >> she had to go to the bar to watch the game. >> how else would you see it. >> she could watch tonight her room. >> well, there is that. you could go to a lobby of the church. >> more eventful at a bar. >> when nova won last night, of course, other team had to lose, unc lost, it was not pretty and event net made it loss. how social media used a famous unc grad to poke fun at the teams hard break. we won't forget that villanova won. look at this one. my little wild cat is so excited, he looks excited. look at that great villanova gear. end is us more picks and use the #good day 20.
8:51 am
8:52 am
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8:54 am
it is windy and snow showers still moving across our area and an accident southbound lanes of i-95 right at commodore barry bridge, only one lane gets by, leaving the house right now and heading south, south of the airport, and south of 476, we are bumper to bumper approaching the blue route all the way down to the commodore barry, again, only one lane opened and that is also causing a gaper delay coming northbound, because of the snow showers, rolling through, and blanketing philly international there are weather delays on both arrivals and departures so check with your airline before you head down to the airport. here's game plan for this a afternoon team returns home touches down 4:00 o'clock at philly international and watch for the buses to take the team
8:55 am
back to villanova and on campus during our evening rush hour, mike and alex, back over to you. >> greatest of all time, michael jordan, is he the greatest of all time? a lot of people think so. >> well, he went to his alma math inner houston at final four last night. and there he is, for the championship game. former nba superstar played for north carolina as part of their championship team in 1982. here's how he looked just as last night's game was just getting started. relaxed and calm. >> but then we know how this end, he lost. social media started, for anything now but michael jordan crying face, look at this one when you are scared to show your face, and here they can't make me cry. it is thing to do anything sad happens you have to put that crying face on. >> oh, lord.
8:56 am
>> when they showed video of him reacting to the buzzer shot happened. >> yes. >> buzzer beater. >> he just said good game. regular face. he a said good game. >> he was shaking his head up a and down acknowledging the great play by chris. >> okay. remember last year when villanova lost before they even got to the final four and this girl cried as she played her pick low. then she became men as piccolo girl. she played her instrument. is there a bobble head doll of her now. >> yes, here's the thing, what is she doing? she has to be happen. >> she tweet that had picture out. >> it is the creativity of people is amazing and obviously, they have those. now she has her own meme with michael jordan. she was in houston and she tweeted before that picture what a a difference a year makes with all of the confetti every where. >> good for her. >> these's crying tears of joy now. >> still playing.
8:57 am
parents, imagine your two children battling it out for national champion ship. that is a reality, reality for mom of villanova's chris jenkins and north carolina's nate brit, how do you handle will the emotions a and what do you say tour sons this morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
for the win, yes. >> wow. >> ♪ >> wow. >> all right. >> that is right. >> yes. >> that is right. >> ♪


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