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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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minutes after what's being called one of the best ncaa championship games in history. >> we all watched it in -- in the history make last night as wildcats beat north carolina in that buzzer beater winning their first ncaa title in 31 years. celebrations spilled into the streets and they lasted long into the night. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. the celebrations started late last night and they're about to kick up a knowledge with the arrival of the players back home. we have live team coverage for you tonight. shawnette wilson on campus where the players will eventually arrive. whole lot of fanfare. chris o'connell in the football stadium where a big celebration is planned but let's begin with our bruce gordon at atlantic aviation where the plane will land any minute now. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. things are a little behind schedule but we do expect the chartered 737 carrying the wildcats team and the band we should say any minute here at atlantic aviation. we'll kind of pan out here and show you the tarmac where some
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of the activity will take place. if we keep pulling to the right you'll see a couple of yellow fire trucks. those are airport fire trucks that are going to be spraying an arc of water through which the chartered aircraft the 737 will taxi as it arrives here luggage will be taken off the players will get off. dozen -- couple dozen fans out here for this pre-rival festivities out here they are due in about five after five. that could be little bit. we'll bring it to you when it happens. i spent part of my day on nova' canvass where the squish of the basketball through the net was followed by the sound of cheering fans and then by the sound of the sinking cash register. >> one large. >> university store at villanova wasn't big enough for the crowds of fans eager to buy a piece of college basketball history. you might say these were some motivated customers. >> nova! >> this is the best day of melee
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whole life. >> i have the final four shirt. skeet 16 shirt. now have i this shirt. i got all of them. >> you got the whole election. >> yup. >> you got to have it show your pride and something we'll remember forever. i love it. >> first 5,000 t-shirts at 30 bucks a pop driven over from a new jersey print shop before dawn. by midday, these were gone. >> got to have villanova on. can't go without it now. i want all new stuff. 2016 shirts and everything just so exciting. >> reporter: basketball like most sports is a game of inches. >> seconds to jenkins for the championship! >> a missed jenkins jump shot and overtime loss and the school store would have been empty on this day. instead the place is packed this is just the beginning. >> we had slated over a million dollars worth of product to hit the store between as the week progress. >> million dollars. >> over million dollars worth of product. >> you expect to sell all of it. >> oh, yeah. at the rate they're buying the
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t-shirts today i don't think we have enough. >> reporter: in the days ahead you'll see a women's line of championship gear, plus the usual array of pennants and caps and hats if it can be worn, held or stared at slip a wildcat logo on it watch it fly off the shelves. >> just having that v on gives you so much pride and it makes you so energetic to be a part of this whole villanova family. >> reporter: well, that villanova family is set for big reunion on campus in just little while. but first, of course, the rival here at atlantic aviation. we will bring it to you as it happens. until then, iain and dawn, we'll throw it back to you. >> all right, bruce, thanks. see you in a little bit. people are already waiting on the campus ofville notify v they are ready to welcome home their national championship team. fox 29's chris oh o'connel o'con campus. you were there last night when the crowds were going crazy. i'm sure it will be just razz crazy later. >> i don't think they left from last night, dawn. thousands of villanova stadium
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right now all eyes will be on that stage, the banner already up there. men's 2016ncaa basketball champions. most of the people, the students that are here today were here last night. take a listen. >> reporter: that was the pavilion last night as the final seconds ticked off the clock. of course, 5,000 of them strong spilling out in the streets on lancaster avenue. the party has not stopped. let's bring you back out here live with a couple of the students. what was it like last night? >> it was the most unbelievable night of my entire life. there was so much energy. so much excitement.
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i never -- it was incredible. >> you're going to see the team show up. >> yes. >> what are you hoping to hear from the team and the coach right now? >> just that they're -- they love the university and wildcats and great year for villanova. >> what was it like last night being a part of this. >> it was unreal. it was the best night of my life so far. i'm so glad i came in state. it was crazy. >> tell you guys i was here as you said last night. it was absolutely crazy in that celebration continues as the word is trickling down the villanova wildcats national champions are on their way to campus. we'll see them win the hour. guys, back to you. >> all right, chris. shawnette wilson is also on campus tonight where she's waiting for the team to arrive near the stadium. hey, shawnette. >> reporter: hello. we are live outside of gate nine. take look behind me. this is where the team is scheduled to arrive sometime this evening. the bus will pull up here. of course, the team will get
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off. they will walk right through that tunnel and on to a field to a huge celebration. so many people as you can imagine are trying to soak up every minute of this victory that they can. we caught up with the family camping out in the parking lot here hoping to get a glimpse of the team's first foot back on campus. >> we're going to try and see if we can see all the guys getting off the bus and cheer for them, right? >> and we're going to run around and run into the stadium and watch all of the pomp and circumstance. >> my mom says, let me stay out for the whole -- up for the whole game but -- >> my head hit the pillow i was out cold. >> reporter: all right. he says he was out cold during the game. the middle of the game but they're making up for it. take a look at these shots of the kids. they are throwing their vs in the area doing the dab and they were yelling out names. they were screaming for coach jay wright. so again a lot of screams. we'll be hearing today as we are standing on stand by here at gate nine waiting for the team
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dawn to pull up on that bus. huge excitement all across this campus. quiet frankly really all over town. all over the city. right? back to you. >> it's electric. it's amazing. thanks shawnette. we'll check in with you in a little bit. after last night's incredible win at the buzzer it was time to celebrate. sky fox over the campus of villanova university last night where thousands just spilled into the streets. look at that. police had to close down lancaster avenue for a couple of hours just to keep everyone safe as students waived their villanova flags and cheered for their team. radnor police do tell us they made five arrests. three for disorderly conduct. one for dui. and one for assaulting a police horse. celebrating won't end tonight. that's for sure. >> exactly much the university has teamed up with philadelphia to throw a parade for the champions it will be this friday in center city. the fun will start at 1:00 o'clock at 20th and market. the parade will work its way to dilworth park and philadelphia mayor jim kenney says the city of philadelphia is happy to offer place for the parade although the school is outside
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the city limits. >> the original big five always included villanova. villanova, temple, st. joe's, lasalle and penn that's part of the family. we're looking forward to being the host of this fine group of young men and young athletes. >> kenney says villanova will pick up most of the tab for the parade but he also says the parade is a win for the city. because people will spend money at city businesses while they're in town. there are so many moments to see from last night' championship game. head to our website, there you can find interviews as well photo gallery as the entire delaware valley celebrates villanova's big win. ♪ >> turning now to your weather authority, a winter chill in spring. a live look at the ben franklin parkway. some of you saw snowflakes when you were driving to work or school this morning. the temperatures are certainly taking a dive tonight. hopefully, there is a warmup in sight. let's get right over now to meteorologist kathy orr to find out what's going on. kathy? >> eventually, dawn. eventually there will be a
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warmup. you can see this morning's lows in the teens in the poconos. philadelphia 30. did you mention a few scattered snow showers and we could have a few more in the seven day forecast. but right now, temperatures are warming up somewhat in the 40s still well below average in the poconos only 32 degrees and with clear skies and the winds falling off tonight we're talking about another freeze. this one will be more intense and damaging than last night. temperatures will fall into the 20s overnight throughout most of the region. freeze warning goes into effect at 10:00 p.m. and continues through early tomorrow morning. currently we're seeing a wind gusting to only 20 miles an hour in philadelphia. a good sign that these winds will fall off recent lacks overnight as we look at the future temperatures here's a look how they'll be dipping down and by 7am it will be 27, 28 in philadelphia. only 19 in the poconos. the good news is, we will not be dealing with a wind chill. coming up, we'll talk about more rain in the seven day with a chance of thunderstorms, of course, we have to have the parade forecast for your friday for the villanova wildcats and a
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chance of a few more snow showers in the seven day before we finally see a little bit of a warmup. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thank you. controversy swirling in new jersey over a word and a picture on sign. the word pray and a picture of a church may seem harmless to lot of people. the group taking a big issue. >> crews trying to pull a child out of a well in china. what they final hal to do to get this little guy to safety. >> a shocking mistake by a funeral home. they cream mated the wrong man. how something like this happened and what the family is doing about it. >> and we are currently awaiting the arrival of the villanova men's basketball team back here on their home turf. this is live look at atlantic aviation as we await the team's rival any minute now. the new national champions. ♪ >> arcidiacono to jenkins for the win. yes! yes! jenkins for three and
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♪ and welcome back. as we continue to celebrate villanova university the new national champions. we're taking live right now at atlantic aviation as we await the arrival of the villanova men's basketball team. >> of course our bruce gordon is out there live for us standing by. what's going on there now, bruce. >> reporter: we assume that the plane carrying the team and band is going to be pulling up on the tarmac any minute now.
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initial plane had arrived that is not the actual team and band plane we are told. there actually as many as three planes as part of the group traveling down there quite a large contingent of team members, band members alums, friends, family, you name it. so the plane carrying the team and the band looks like it's about ready to come on through here in just a moment. when it does, when that 737 the chartered extra airplane comes through in between those two airport fire trucks, we expect an arc of water spraying from the water cannons from these fire trucks to give them a very special welcome. of course, the police escort is all on hand. motorcycles at the ready. the police have been here for much of the afternoon staging and getting ready for what they have to do to get these guys safely and ceremonially to campus. i would say there are probably... again, it looks like
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it could be at least a few more seconds before the plane carrying the team actually arrives through that special little entryway. there's been created by the two fire trucks out here. >> pretty exciting that's for sure. so many people awaiting the arrival of these men who just really had a magical performance at the ncaa. >> they certainly did. >> of course this plane was supposed to get around for clock. a little bit of delay and of course there could have been weather issues or maybe some wind. plenty of people there at atlantic aviation. >> here we go, guys. >> all right. here we go. >> here comes the extra airways plane. let's see if the water cannons do their thing for that special welcome. this is the plane carrying the wildcats ncaa men's basketball champions for the first time since 1985. those of us have been around long enough remember i don't say five team spectacular upset. big underdog beating that
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spectacular georgetown team with a future hall of famer patrick ewing it didn't matter the philadelphia team prevailed. there's the water guns in the air the water cannons as the plane travels in between them. kind of a nice little flare but together bite folk here at atlantic aviation. >> very cool. >> yeah. cold. hope it doesn't freeze out there. >> fortunately we are not within range of the water cannons. it is a little brisk out here and the breeze has been blowing steadily. the mobile stairway is in place so the plane will come up right up to n of course, and the players will deplane from the 737 and once we got a site of that trophy i think you'll probably see hip hip hooray go up among the crowd here. we mentioned earlier that 85 team it was really a nice touch to see rolly massimino the coach of that team on hand last night in houston for the championship game and the look on his face when that game winning shot went in was really priceless. really a nice moment, of course,
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jay wright the head coach for this new championship squad was a former staff on the villanova men's basketball team. he's now of course in charge and is every has really done wonderful things with this program. this was a team that is not a parentally powerhouse. they've had plenty of good seasons. as recently as 11, 2012 they were 13-19 and had to retool and get itself together and of course the arrival of freshman ryan arcidiacono was a huge step in the right direction. arcidiacono of course had a great game last night, one of several wildcats with a great performance. he's the one who brought the ball up court dished to chris jenkins for that now famous and living forever in our memories jump shot the three pointer that gave the wildcats that 77-74 lead. it's funny the last time i was out ann airport fort spectacular send off or rival like this was last fall when the pope, pope francis, was coming and going from new york and coming and
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going from philadelphia. this is the same kind of a vibe not quite the crowds because this was never supposed to be an official event so to speak for the fans. but here we go. the doors opened. several tour buses are at the ready. and let's see who we can see our camera can zoom all the way in probably has a slightly better view of the action than i do with my plane old eye balls and my glasses but we'll do the best we can. the door is open. the buses are at the ready. and i think you'll hear a cheer go up as soon as we lay eyes on this championship team and hopefully the trophy will be one of the first thing out the door. it was just a wonderful sight to see the players up on that riser last night accepting the trophy all of them well spoken, all of them wonderful representatives of the city of philadelphia. there are those who will tell you that villanova is not a true city school because it doesn't lie literally within the boundaries of philadelphia. to that i stay bologna this is a team that represents
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philadelphia and has represented philadelphia in high class way for an awfully long time and the grit and determination they showed last night was really spectacular. (cheers and applause). >> reporter: first folks off the plane here a little bit of a cheer. hopefully we'll come off sort of as a group in a moment here. this is about a two and a half hour flight from houston of course the final four setting was down in houston this year. about two and a half hour flight. we're toll things got off the ground a little bit late there because of all the hoopla going on there. but the flight we expect in around 4:00 now we see around 5:15 or thereabouts. certainly worth the wait. >> some of the folks getting off the plane. i think that trophy is going to be what really stands out when they hold that up. i'm assuming that it's being held by somebody perhaps coach wright, perhaps one of the players. this is again a team -- charter plane that holds both the team
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and members of the band that went down to houston with the team. so this is not just a dozen or so players and a handful of coaches and so forth. to reset the scene we're in atlantic aviation where several dozen fans are up against the fence. there's jay wright. >> whoo! >> witness sunglasses on and the v for victory sign. again, this is not an official formal event for the fans so they'll be no interaction with the fans. simply off the plane on to the tour buses. as jay wright right there. just a wonderful scene as we look around perhaps out of camera view but all kinds of airport officials here taking pictures with their cameras kind of soaking in the scene. this kind of thing obviously doesn't happen real often in the
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philadelphia area. i don't have to tell you folks. the last championship of any kind in terms of one of the big four sports or college or -- college basketball or football was of course the phillies back in 2008. the championships have been few and far between. there's some of the players embracing the bus driver there. more folks coming off the plane. >> we still haven't seen the trophy, bruce, yet, have we. >> i know. that's what everyone is waiting for. >> reporter: we have not. i don't know whether it got its own seat or went into a luggage compartment. i don't know how they handle that thing i'm sorry to say. it was -- one of the more memorable moments last night was ryan arcidiacono giving a big kiss to the trophy when he% got it in his hands. and it was wonderful to see just the emotion on the faces of some of these players. here's some of the players coming out now. here we go. i think that's jenkins there coming down --
5:22 pm
>> in the gray? >> big wave there. fans cheering them on. again, it gives you some sense on a rather cold and not overly pleasant day out here with this whipped it says something for the several dozen fans who came out here. again, not an official fan event by any means they wanted to come out and make sure that these players were greeted in the best way possible before they make the trek with the police escort to the villanova campus. but they're getting an eye full right now. some of the players wave to them as they've come off the plane. >> you see this player coming back -- i can't recognize who he is you can tell he's been in houston he's got shorts on. (laughter). >> a lot of the guys have shorts on. i don't think they were ready for these cold temperatures. >> exactly. >> this is not exactly houston weather but i think they're happy to be home it's one thing to celebrate in houston but to get back home i have a feeling when these folks see the greeting that awaits them at the
5:23 pm
campus, they're going to be blown away. this is something that is just very special, obviously, the way they won the championship, beyond belief. just a spectacular performance. the kind of game where everyon everyone's throat was a little choked up there wildcats with a 10-point lead less than five minutes to go, gave it all back on a miracle shot from north carolina with about five seconds to go. and then to be able to pull it out like that, really shows the guts and determination of this club. they were just spectacular team from start to finish. still underdog of sorts. >> here we government there's arcidiacono. >> that looks like ryan right there. >> big left handed wave another wave to the crowd. >> he's beaming. >> he was the most -- most thed -- vote the of the most outstanding player. what way to go out as senior, bruce, for him. >> reporter: it's funny. ryan of course both of his parents were villanova grads. he's the suburban philadelphia kid. so for him to be able to take this program where it was four years ago and to go out imagine
5:24 pm
that your final game you take the ball down court, you dish it to a teammate, he hits the game winning shot and you're the world champions at least you're the national collegiate champions let's say that. i can't think of a better way to end a career than that way. this is almost unchartered territory to within championship in the fashion they did. back in 1983 north carolina state won their championship in similar fashion and air ball that gets caught by the player and dunked at the buzzer. this was a design play. and looks like -- do we see the trophy? in see the trophy, bruce. >> there it is. >> josh hart has got the trophy. >> here we go. >> josh hart a junior player who had great game against oklahoma he's got the trophy. >> there we go. >> i wonder whether it's sort of a stanley cup kind of scenario. everybody gets to hang on it to for awhile. >> a little bit. >> as long as they don't damage it i guess everything is fair if you get a few minutes with it to just sit there and pose with it and do whatever you want with
5:25 pm
it. >> he was holding it pretty close. >> exactly. he's a junior from the maryland area but he's got the trophy. doesn't look like he'll give it up. he's clutching that thing pretty good. >> can you blame him. >> no, i can't f i was a senior i might want to get it. maybe bruce said maybe some other guys have already hell the trophy and josh hart will hang on it to until they get to campus. i don't think he'll probably sit along with the trophy on the bus, my guess. >> remember the wildcats were in the final four and actually i think lot of semi final finals m not mistaken in 2009 to north carolina. north carolina one of the storied programs in college basketball and so when you defeat a team like that and of course remember in '85 peteing a classic program like georgetown, those are the memories i think that make it almost even more special because you weren't beating up start, you been beating a second tear kind of a team that happened to get hot. these were classic college basketball power houses in '85 now again in 2016 and so to beat
5:26 pm
those kind of teams really says something about what you've been able to accomplish. jay wright anyone whose ever met him will tell you he is just a fundamentally decent, nice man and a guy who obviously took this team, again f a 13-19 record just about four seasons ago to the top of the college basketball world and he's done it the right way. these kids when you heard them in the interviews the post game interviews last night on television, it was clear they were bright, they were articulate, they were respectful of their opponent and really spoke well represented well their university. >> that's great point, bruce. i mean last year they had an early skit in round two. if we go back to '85 as you know being a sports fan like me, everyone knows where they were in '85 when that moment happened. last night's game was so epic and so spec he can 30 years from now everyone will know where they were at that moment when they were watching this game last night. >> reporter: lawsuitly. that '85 game i was working in austin texas and my wife were watching it -- my new wife at
5:27 pm
the time now long-time wife and i were watching the game with friends and they kept saying, this team has no shot against georgetown they'll never hold it together they'll never hang on. and sure enough they didn't we were walking on clouds for the next couple of weeks. this game last night, i happened to be watching at home alone little under the weather during the course of the day. and so when that last shot from north carolina went in, i screamed and fortunately there were no children around to hear my screams. but few seconds later when the game, i screamed just as loudly. frankly i didn't care. it was a wonderful moment to see and to -- reliving that shot forever. we've already seen it on our newscast a dozen times or so. you never get tired of it. >> no, we were in the studio. >> we scream as well here. >> we were in the studio we hit on big huge screen. and actually couldn't believe when it happened. >> incredible. >> bruce, we'll step aside and take a break. we'll come back to you in just a moment. >> you got it.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ ♪ we continue to celebrate the big win by villanova last night national champions. huge win over north carolina we get a final look here as most of the players are off the plane now atlantic aviation. we've heard from bruce gordon and we saw the trophy being carried by josh hart and most of
5:31 pm
the players and the band members and head coach jay wright are now in those buses and they're going to be heading back to the campus of villanova. >> they'll be a big party for the students athletes when they arrive. i bet they have no idea what is going to be like when they get off the bus there after winning that title. it's probably going to be surreal. >> exactly. you remember when they were -- they got into the final four they came back on easter sunday, they had a huge turnout. jay wright said look at this on easter sunday. imagine today. all right. all night we've been celebrating the new national champs we'll gone to do that villanova wildcats. let's take a look how it all went down. >> it was amazing came down to that final shot and that's what everyone started jumping out of their seats as the buzzer went off on kris jenkins three-point shot howard eskin is live on campus with more on all that excitement. howard, it was an amazing shot. >> reporter: it was and it's a party out here at villanova. i'm surprised the students are
5:32 pm
up. they didn't leave last night until after toll 2:00 in the morning. it's a shot they practiced every time in practice. it's 4ths of your life and the people that saw it they will never forget. let's go to houston. this is a -- villanova works on running the ball up the court with four seconds, with seven seconds, it was 4.7 seconds and it's the senior arcidiacono that makes the great pass to kris jenkins. it was unbelievable to think of those 4.7 seconds and chris jenkins life will never be the same after that shot. >> being gang hugged by my...
5:33 pm
>> it hasn't sunken in. i'm still looking at my responsibilities here. i want to make sure i do everything i'm supposed to do. and, um, i'm really looking forward to get back to the hotel with my family. have a glass of wine and then i think maybe it will sink in. right now it is surreal. >> reporter: well, what's amazing is his responsibilityies were that basketball game last night and now all the things that come with it. and his life jay wright's life will never be same either. when the team gets here, obviously, we'll have the celebration here at villanova stadium but it's cold but it's a happy bunch of people out here. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. howard, thanks. most of the students are like last night are warm. >> they were up last night in shorts and t-shirts. they don't even feel it as we take live look right now at atlantic aviation.
5:34 pm
the villanova wildcats men's basketball team just arriving minutes ago after that championship win against university of north carolina. >> we're back with more right after this.
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♪ >> back to our big story tonight. we are of course celebrating the new ncaa national champ champs e villanova wildcats we take live look at the football stadium where villanova students are gathering to welcome home the
5:37 pm
basketball team. they are heroes winning that championship game iain at the buzzer. a three pointer that everyone is talking about and will be for years to come. >> exactly they'll be on the cover of sports illustrate i saw preview of today jenkins shooting the shot saying super nova by a long shot. what great game last night. but these students are waiting for this. they're waiting for them their team who's still all of them are off that plane and getting on to buses and they'll be heading to the campus of villanova. we saw head coach jay white, we saw ryan arcidiacono, we saw kris jenkins and josh hart. they'll be greeted by all those students and we'll of course cover all of that throughout the rest of this broadcast but it is chilly out there. >> you noticed some of the getting off the plane in their authorities kathy orr coming from houston they didn't realize that you're talking tepp hers in the 20s. >> yeah. 60-degree temperature swing. i don't know if i like this.
5:38 pm
take the victory and once they see that warm welcome on campus, i think they'll forget all about the cold. temperatures are going to be falling big time over the course of the evening and overnight hours. you can see at the airport looking life our camera shaking a little bit. winds gusting to about 20 miles an hour but that will change later on tonight. 44 degrees temperature excellent visibility winds out of the northwest sustain at 10 miles an hour. it is freezing in the poconos already. 44 in the city and 43 at trenton. when the winds lighten up and the skies clear, we'll have the perfect ingredients for radiational cooling that means any warm in this build up during the day just escapes into the atmosphere and gets colder and colder. that's what will happen tonight. right now you can see ottawa 32. syracuse only 28. and that will be our morning low. believe it or not. high pressure builds in. a dome of high pressure bringing the clear skies but some sunshine during the day tomorrow. in the morning we're talking about near record cold as well. temperatures slowly warming. thursday looking like a decent day early but then the rain will
5:39 pm
be moving in with some milder temperatures as we go hour by hour, you can see clear tonight and during the day tomorrow morning sun, some afternoon clouds rolling in. and then by thursday, we see the rain getting really close at about 10, 11:00 o'clock in the morning it moves in. some showers maybe even a few thunderstorms towards the end of the week. the pattern will stay cold at least for the next seven days and then things will be warming up. overnight in the city, 28 in the suburbs 23. freeze warning goes into effect and temperatures will be near the records many challenging the record in philadelphia of 24. we're going for a low of 28. that old record was set back in 1982. during the day tomorrow, the high 54. some afternoon clouds. a temperature of 54 in the city. but in the suburbs a little bit cooler, about 50, winds will gust to 20 miles an hour. of course, we have to talk about the parade weather on friday for, of course, the wildcats. the 1:00 o'clock start time mostly cloudy, 48. by 3:00 o'clock, 51.
5:40 pm
sun and clouds 5:00 p.m. at 53. on your seven day forecast, you can see we warm it up but it's wet on thursday. friday 53. chilly over the weekend and then look. monday and tuesday not so bad. temperatures warm back up into the 60s where they shall be on saturday we could see a chance of a rain or wet snow shower. (laughter). >> had to sneak that in there. >> we can't shake the snow showers. >> no, we can. >> all right, kathy, maybe after next week. thank you. >> some of the students and players are getting ready to go back up to villanova. the team getting off the plane there at atlantic aviation just a short time ago. the villanova men's basketball team boarding the buses there. they'll make their way to villanova university for a huge celebration tons of students are gathering at the football stadium right now for a big, big welcome home. >> we're back right after this. ♪
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♪ back to our big story tonight. we are of course celebrating the new ncaa national champions the
5:44 pm
villanova wildcats. as we take live look right now at atlantic aviation where the team's plane touched down a short time ago. the players boarding buses there to head on over to villanova university. iain you saw the players coming off the young man carrying the trophy -- >> josh hart. >> he's a junior, right. >> he's a junior. he'll be back next year for jay wright h a great game against oklahoma but let's get back out to the campus of villanova where chris o'connell is standing by. chris i know those students will be ready for a big celebration as soon as the team gets back there. >> reporter: are they ready? got 6,000 students wonder wrack these guys are. they've been waiting and waiti waiting. the doors opened here at villanova stadium 3:30 and they were lined up down lancaster avenue to make it here. villanova university stadium the football stadium i am on the 50-yard line right now. they got the scoreboard lit up and look what's on the scoreboard. the score of last night's game.
5:45 pm
77-74 villanova university men's basketball now national champions. take look from above. we have another camera on top of the stadium. look at all the people out here. most of them they tell me were partying all night long waiting the anticipation building for today as they see their team national champions making their way to campus to be welcomed by the student body here. let's talk to couple of them. what is your name? >> christina. >> tell me first of all what does this moment mean for the university here a lot of smiling faces here today. >> i think we're just so incredibly proud of our team. we work really hard for this. i think villanova basketball it's not just about basketball it's about the entire person which is really really here i think that's what made this so special. it's really historical moment for us here. and 2016 the new 1985. >> the second national championship for villanova
5:46 pm
university and look we got the band right up on stage. the villanova pep band much what's going happen here, the team right now on their team buses on the tarmac still at philadelphia international airport. they'll get a police escort here out here to the mainline might be 25 minutes to half hour. the buses will pull into the pavilion and they will have a march right down the red carpet here to the entrance to villanova stadium where they will be greeted by all these people. congratulating them on a national championship. anticipation building. this party has not ended, guys out here on the mainline. >> i think a lot of those kids never went to bed last night, chris. just relishing this victory -- in this victory. >> i think it was great call by the university to cancel classes today. >> yeah. >> all these students and teachers and professors didn't have to worry about all of that. get on with the business of celebrating as there they are on
5:47 pm
the buses now headed to villanova university. they land add short time ago. that is the team in there, the coach, the band members. and again they're all on with the trophy. they'll make that ride to campus of villanova and we'll stay on top and bring you all that celebration but that's what happened. that was the scene of course we heard from bruce gordon they got a couple of buses with all the team members with jay wright the coach, don't worry the trophy is safe on there. last we saw josh hart had that with him. >> and holding on to it very tightly. no one else was getting that trophy from him. >> it was great to seat players getting off the planes big smiles holding up that v for villanova. >> exactly. >> and decent crowd showed up at the airport to welcome them home on rather chilly windy day. >> exactly. >> people cheering for the players and the band members of course were also on the plane and some family. >> what great experience. >> it had to have been a fantastic flight home. >> i'm sure. >> loved to have been on that plane. >> i know. >> but so what a awaits them at villanova university is a huge
5:48 pm
crowd of adoring fans. it's been 31 years in the maki making. what did that young lady say 2016 is the new 1985. >> that was a good phrase. >> we see the buses right here leaving philadelphia international airport leaving aviation atlantic as they head to the mainline to villanova university where thousands and thousands of students are filling the football stadium. >> yeah. you know they've got that police escort they're going to need that and so they are going to bring them up to the campus on the mainline and we'll of course be there for you. we got shawnette wilson there, howard eskin is there, chris o'connell is there. >> i understand 95 has been shut down to clear a path for the team. >> good. >> they're getting the star treatment here. >> exactly. >> they deserve it. i'll tell was. >> that's right. >> but they were supposed to get a little bit earlier. suppose to right after a little after 4:00 they ended arriving a little after 5:00 a lot of hoopla going on in houston. >> imagine that. >> yeah. this is their moment.
5:49 pm
>> absolutely. >> and they are enjoying all the attention. it's very well deserve. they work so hard for this, and, you know, 31 years. >> absolutely. a long time coming so maybe this police escort with knife being closed down maybe they'll get back to campus in 15, 20 minutes. who knows? but as soon as they do get back they're going to get a rousing reception. all right. we'll stay on top of this. we are back with more right after this. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number.
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♪ >> back to our big story tonight. we are celebrating the new ncaa national champions the villanova wildcats. and as we take a live look right now, the players on those buses right there. they arrive at philadelphia international airport a short time ago. boarded the buses and they are now headed back to campus to a
5:53 pm
humongous celebration that awaits them. >> absolutely. you can see getting that police escort we heard that parts of 95 have been shut down so the team and that trophy can get back to their campus on the mainline area there. they can begin to celebrate with these folks right here who are on the football field waiting to greet them. chris o'connell told us got at least 6,000 people lining up. they got the band ready and they got the scoreboard on the football stadium reflecting last night's score of 77-74. and 2016 champions so they're going -- they're going to be arousing reception when the team and the band members and coaches and family all get back to campus. and we of course will be there for you much chris o'connell is there. shawnette wilson is there. howard eskin is there and this is a great story. great story for the city of philadelphia as well. >> it certainly is. we don't have a professional team to cheer on. >> unfortunately right. >> but this is just -- i mean everybody was rooting for villanova and they did it. and it was a magical run and as we look at the university campus
5:54 pm
right now, i mean everyone is just bask in the glory of this team. it's exciting. it was a good program. everyone has been really talking about just what a great guy want a good coach jay wright is. so, um, you know, it's wonderful story. >> absolutely. >> of course, we watched it last night here as it unfolded. the star of the hour of course is villanova universities toes kris jenkins. >> we watched him hit the big game winning shot. as soon as the game was over he and wildcat nation of course started celebrating. jenkins goes into the crowd finds his biological mother felicia to give her a huge hug. she of course was in shock. >> awww. >> god is good. god is good. all right good woman. you raised goodson. >> wow. where is melanie and nate? where is melman knee and where is nate? >> you're good. your son just won a national
5:55 pm
championship. >> wow! >> she can't believe it. >> i don't think she realizes what happened. >> no doubt a proud momma. kris adopted by the britt family he also played against his brother nate last night a guard for north carolina. many say without jenkins who was actually an early foul trouble nova's win may not have been possible. of course we were cheering, you were cheering. cheers all around for villanova nation last night after last night's game. >> joining in on the historic celebrations charles barclay himself take a look. >> i love it. barclay was comment at any timing but obviously as you can see he couldn't help himself. he leapt out of his seat after witnessing kris jenkins winning jumpsuit shot. people watching at home were no doubt doing the same very thing as we were here at fox 29. >> yeah.
5:56 pm
i can jump app little higher than barclay, though. >> look at them. he looks like a big -- >> kid. >> streamers coming down. absolutely fantastic. >> it was. let's get another life look at villanova escort the team and the band members and the coaches and they're on 95 headed to chester and wilmington. they are shutting down parts of 95 they're getting escort they are headed back to campus. we'll stay on top of them. coverage continues right after this.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ wildcats are home and they have brought back a national championship. the team just landed at the airport win the last half hour. carrying the championship trophy in their hands and that's the basketball net from houston draped around one of the player's next. >> and here are the team buses they are on 95 headed back to campus. they're getting a police escort in parts of 95 have been shut down. when they get to campus they'll have arousing celebration with about 6,000 students and fans. >> is that all? >> yeah, that's all. >> good evening i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off tonight. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. you can feel the scheme around area. we have live team coverage for you tonight. bruce gordon in atlantic aviation where the team land add few moments ago. shawnette wilson is on campus with excited


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