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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ wildcats are home and they have brought back a national championship. the team just landed at the airport win the last half hour. carrying the championship trophy in their hands and that's the basketball net from houston draped around one of the player's next. >> and here are the team buses they are on 95 headed back to campus. they're getting a police escort in parts of 95 have been shut down. when they get to campus they'll have arousing celebration with about 6,000 students and fans. >> is that all? >> yeah, that's all. >> good evening i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off tonight. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. you can feel the scheme around area. we have live team coverage for you tonight. bruce gordon in atlantic aviation where the team land add few moments ago. shawnette wilson is on campus with excited students.
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let's begin tonight with chris o'connell life and side villanova stadium. chris? >> reporter: guys, if you can hear the pep band of villanova university playing behind me. we go the baton twirlers anticipation continues to build. word trickling down through the student body at villanova stadium that the team is on its way. they are -- should be arriving here within 20 minutes or so. some of these folks have been out here since 3:30 when the doors opened and of course the student body here has been partying through the night. classes here on the campus of villanova were canceled today because many of them, well, you got to listen to where we were last night at the pavilion when the last seconds ticked off the clock. take a listen.
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(cheers and applause). >> there you saw it. it was magical night at the pavilion. 5500 students in there watching on life feed and of course most of them just made it out to lancaster avenue where it was shut down for quite a few hours last night. several arrests but nothing too serious. some drunkenness and some disorderly conduct but nothing you wouldn't expect from a national championship celebration. let me bring you,, what is your name. >> steve. >> you're an alumni. >> i am. '81. >> so you were here. you saw '85. >> i saw '85. absolutely. >> which one is better '85 or this one. >> this is great. they're both awesome but this is great. i have a son in school now. it's now. it's current. it's great for philadelphia. it's great for the university. >> take me back to '85. what was it like back then and what did it do for university to win a national championship? >> i think it helps the university in terms of reputation. everybody getting to know what
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villanova is all about. it's great for collegiate athletics but the exposure that you get nationally is tremendo tremendous. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you. >> wildcats. they'll be here in about 20 minutes. they are on the road wait until you hear this crowd erupt when they get here, guys, back to you. >> thank you chris. it certainly has been a long day for eager students waiting for their while cats heroes to arrive home. especially since classes were canceled today which i think was a very good idea. >> good decision. let's get tout shawnette wilson she's at the back of the stadium waiting for the team buses. shawnette? >> reporter: yeah, that was a gooded when to cancel classes, dawn, i can tell you they burned the midnight oil last night. but in the meantime, it could be any minute now when the team arrives here and take a look you can see quite a crowd has gathered to greet the team hoping to give them a cheer and greet them as soon as they step foot here. this crowd is gathered just outside of gate nine at the back of the stadium where the bus will pull up, the team will get off and of course go right
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through that tunnel on to the field for a huge celebration. in the meantime, let's hear from some people who are waiting for the team's arrival. >> waiting for the team. absolutely. we have been following them for -- >> years. >> years and years. >> over a decade. >> yeah. we're ready for this win. it's the best. >> we are ecstatic and i think that explains the feeling of everybody in this villanova community. yeah. >> they're like hometown heroes much a long time coming, too. >> reporter: yes, sebastian is definitely ready you can see decked out in a villanova sweater. so everybody out here just a lot of excitement and the cold weather doesn't appear to be bothering most people. they are running high on excitement. you're looking just at the top of the stadium here. you can see that fans are lined up. the ones who are inside leaning over hoping to get a good glimpse of the buses that pulls up with the team and on here -- i'm here on the ground again quite a crowd that assembled
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they have the villanova paraphernalia out around gate nine where that bus will pull up momentarily. all of these people willing to wait the night out. they want to be here not miss any part of this celebration. much like us dawn and iain we'll be here when that bus arrives as well. back to you. >> exactly. part of history, right. >> absolutely. all right. of course the national champion villanova wildcats flew from houston win the last hour. >> the team receiving a warm welcome as soon as they stepped off of airplane. bruce gordon is live at atlantic aviation and bruce, you were there as they got off the plane. >> reporter: yeah, we sure were, behind me the 737 charter jet that took the team home from houston not only the team but the championship trophy as well. when the wildcats returned to campus, they will undoubtedly be surprised and hopefully very happy with the size of the crowd and the enthusiasm but they also may notice a new fashion statement on campus the usual villanova t shirts with a couple of extra words im play son on the front. national champions.
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>> $30. >> reporter: this is the sound of victory. >> nova nation is on top of the world. >> nova! >> this is the best day of my live! >> i think people are still in shock to be honest because it was such a crazy -- one of the best games i ever watched. everyone is trying to soak it in. >> just absolutely insane. i don't think it's hit all of us yet. it's just a surreal moment. >> reporter: university store brought in its first shipment of 5,000 championship t-shirts from a new jersey print shop before dawn. by midday, mediums were already sold out. with another shipment on the w way. >> i have to have it on right now or i don't feel like a fan. >> i'm not dressed without it. why am i walking a campus without this hat on of the. i needed something. >> reporter: monday night championship game was an all-time classic. >> three seconds. gives it to jenkins for the championship. >> but for wildcats merchandise spenders, it was an even sweeter
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victory a missed jenkins jumper and an overtime loss would have left the school store empty on this day. instead it's pack to the rafters with crash register singing. >> we've been saying all week when we win, when we win, when we win. >> reporter: you have your fingers crossed as the store manager. >> i did. >> the store expecting to threw more than million dollars in merchandise over the next week or so. with a women's line of clothing plus the usual caps and cups and glass wear. that blue and white v, that stands for volume. some fans can't wait for a wider selection of swag. >> the problem these are little cold out for a t-shirt. but -- >> you can deal with it. >> we'll have to deal with it. >> reporter: i hope so. if the players got off that plane wearing shorts in this weather, they'll deal with a t-shirt in this weather. dawn? >> they sure will, bruce. v for victory as well, right? well incredible ending to a championship game led to some big celebrations last night in villanova. sky fox over the campus where
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thousands and thousands of students poured into the streets take a look. police did close down lancaster avenue for a couple of hours. students waived their villanova flags and celebrated radnor police do tell us they made a couple of arrests. five exactly. one for dui, one for assaulting a police horse and three for disorderly conduct. and friday the players will be in center city where they will be honored with parade all the fun starts at 1:00 o'clock at 20th and mark streets. the parade will then work its way to dilworth park. right now the team buses are working their way back to the mainline campus from atlantic aviation. they are getting a police escort parts of 95 have been shut down. as the team, the band members and the coaches and family on their way back to what will be a rousing celebration at -- this is on the blue route actually right now. >> beautiful sight, iain. >> eighths beautiful sight. look at the three buses cruising along. no traffic for them because they're champions they're on their way back. >> they are getting the star treatment. >> they are. they should. there are so many moments to see from last night's champion shim
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game. head to our website there you can find all the interviews as well a photo gallery as the entire delaware valley celebrates villanova's big win. >> we are suffering through some bone-chilling cold although all the fans out at villanova don't seem to mine it in your fox 29 weather authority. here's life look at philadelphia international airport. we only made it into the 40 today's, kathy. and that wind is making it seem a lot worse out there. >> wind chills this morning in the teens now they're in the 20s and the 30s. we have a clear sky. the winds will really lighten up during the overnight hours and that will help temperatures plunge. right now in philadelphia, we're looking at 45. that's the high for the day. 31 in the poconos. 41 degrees in lancaster. winds are still gusting to 45 miles per hour -- i should say 25 miles per hour in philadelphia and that creates the chill. but that wind gust will go away tonight and we'll have a freeze warning again it starts at 10:00 o'clock tonight continues through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. low temperatures will be in the 20s. so if you have tender plants or
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tulips popped they could really suffer from a killer freeze overnight tonight. with those colder temperatures. also, we are challenging record cold believe it or not come tomorrow morning. the record is 24 degrees in philadelphia. set in 1982. not '85. '82 the morning low forecasting is 28 degrees. coming up a lot more weather to talk about. we'll talk about rain returning maybe a few thunderstorms parade weather forecast for friday and even a chance of a rain or wet snow shower this weekend. i know it's almost mid april. we'll talk about warmup as well coming up later in the broadcast each see you then. >> kathy, thank you very much. as we take a live look again at the buses carrying the villanova men's basketball team and the band back to villanova university campus where a huge crowd has gathered to welcome home their heroes after an ama amazing game last night against unc winning at the buzzer. that three pointer by kris jenkins that everyone is still talking about, iain. >> all right. our coverage will continue right
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after this. ♪
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>> wildcats are home and they brought back a national championship. you can see the players on these buses on the blue route headed back to the villanova campus to what will be a wild celebration to say the least. >> at least 6,000 students waiting there and they've been partying all last night. classes were canceled today and it will be a rousing celebration when they do get back they're on the blue route now with a police escort they won't be taking that much longer. >> about seven minutes so. >> we hope to bring that to you when it happens. this is where they will be unloading when they get to campus and you can see these people are bundled up. these people are feeling the cold much this is where the team buses will unload when they arrive on campus and those people will be ready to greet them there. >> they bought their villanova university swag all bundled up and waiting for the team a lot of excitement building inside the stadium take a look at this.
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thousands of students waiting to cheer on their heroes after what, you were saying was a really epic game last night. >> maybe one of the best of all time and certainly will be remembered forever and everyone will know exactly where you were. >> right. >> at that iconic moment years after it happened. speaking of the weather let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. well beyond spring chill at this point. temperatures have been bone chilling today. >> they have. meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast and all the details in just 15 seconds. in the forecast this afternoon we have good news and bad news. the good news is the winds will die down. the bad news it means it will get colder. right now we have a deep blue sky low humidity and chilly air over us. the high for the day 45. that's the current temperature. winds out of the north northwest
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sustained at 21 miles an hour. that puts the wind chill at about 30 degrees. it feels little bit colder even in the poconos temperature is 31. wind chills are in the 20 20s. you can see the air to the north upstate new york, buffalo, new york, at 32. syracuse at 28. that is where we will be tomorrow morning. this arctic high will be settling in and as it does, the winds will be calm the skies will stay clear and temperatures will plunge wednesday rebound nicely with temperatures in the 50s then by thursday our next weather maker moves from the west. it will be warm ahead of this front but it will be wet talking about showers even a few rumbles of thunder for your thursday afternoon. between now and then though just dealing with the temperatures. for your wednesday we start off with sunny skies, clouds roll in during the afternoon. thursday morning is pretty quiet. it's thursday by about 10am, 11am the rain moves in from the west. it falls heavy at times with a line of showers or thunderstorms late in the afternoon. then we dry it out again. temperatures continue to go up
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and down over the course of work week. thursday precipitation our american models say close to half an inch a little bit more on european models at least half an inch maybe an inch of rain on thursday especially in those heavier downpours. overnight 28 in the city. challenging record cold. the record is 24 set back in 1982. and the suburbs 23 degrees. the freeze warning goes into effect at 10:00 o'clock tonight. we do have those fruit trees, of course, in jeopardy and tender spring flowers. during the day tomorrow, going for 54. winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. but this is more of southerly wind. shows things are going get little bit better. of course, the parade for the villanova wildcats is on friday. the 1:00 o'clock temperature for the start of the parade 48. mostly cloudy. by 3:00 o'clock, 51. by 5:00 o'clock, 53. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, warm but wet on thursday. cooler for friday but still comfortable. chilly over the weekend rain or wet snow shower on saturday and
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we show some signs of warmth next monday and tuesday. not so bad into the 60s where it actually should be for this time of year. >> it's incredible roller coaster all season. winter, spring. >> what can we do? we wish it were march. >> exactly. it would be 80 degrees. >> then you could golf. >> which i want to do. all right. we continue to follow this story villanova team is heading back to campus and this is where those buses that are on their way now with that police escort will be unloading when they get there and speaking of the weather you can see some people here have have hats and gloves and mittens plus they're not in the sun. probably a little chilly out there. the adults. the kids wear shorts. >> it's incredible. >> these are folks that will get the first look at the basketball players as they pull in to campus. it's got to be very exciting for those who are waiting. people have been up all night into the morning. >> exactly. >> people have been coming out of the wood work. villanova university, students,
6:19 pm
fans here the buses are right now with the players on board making their way to campus just minutes away to an amazing welcome home party in the football stadium and then of course the big parade on friday at 1:00 o'clock. so it's going to be something when these guys get off that b bus. >> stay with us our coverage continues right after this. vo: president obama endorses
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>> wildcats are home. they brought back a national championship title and everyone is just so excited. you can see the buses they look like they are very close to pulling into villanova university campus in just minutes. they closed down 95. they closed down the blue route. they had police escort for these guys after an amazing run and they brought it all home. >> they were supposed to get back around 4:00 o'clock. but as we heard there was little bit of hoopla in houston they left little bit late. landed late. not they were on a time schedule but so now as you can see getting back close to campus here and the players are on that bus. the head coach, family members as well as the band. what a flight it must have been an experience for all of those band members as well. >> yeah they're definitely pulling into campus there. >> so the police escort and thousands of students are waiting for them to get off those buses and welcome them home. they've got the trophy on board. >> exactly. >> one of those buses.
6:24 pm
the junior player -- >> josh hart has got it. they're going right behind the stadium. directly behind the school board -- scoreboard chris o'connell showed us earlier they have the score from last night's game on the scoreboard 77-74. and 2016ncaa champions. so they are close now to that stadium. they are trying to pull in there and of course this is where the buses are going come in right here. >> you can see the police esco escort. >> move them out of the way. >> stand back. >> this is where they'll get o off. get their first view of the players and the coaches and families as they get off this bus very soon. >> you can see all the fans iain standing there and here come the first bus pulling in. people are waving they're deck out in their villanova university gear to welcome home this championship title team much it's been 31 years. the door opening there as people start to step off. the band was also on the plane. players and family members and coaches. so let's see who steps off the bus first. >> two guys in our shot here
6:25 pm
have their winter hats on. this guy here it's out there. i mean kathy just told us it's in the 30s and wind is out there and here comes some of the players now. there's one of the players with a net around -- >> love that. >> cut down from houston. nrg stadium. >> here they are getting off the bus. >> bus driver is awfully happy, too. he was getting a hug there from jay wright at the airport. he was a happy guy. >> absolutely. >> players getting off. here's arcidiacono right there. >> there's jaelin brunson the freshman his dad played with the sixers. >> there he is. josh hart still got the trophy. >> he didn't get go of that trophy iain. >> he didn't give it up. >> yeah, so exciting moments for the fans as the team gets off the bus. haven't seen jay wright get off yet. >> not yet. >> take videos and pictures. you can hear all the fans and students screaming. the net around his check.
6:26 pm
ochefu was certainly cook last night in houston. >> he had an amazing gape. >> yeah. another great guy. >> we can hear the crowd cheering as the players and their families get off the bus. we've got that villanova vv for victory. >> here's a look inside the stadium where all the students and fans are waiting for the team as they make their way into the crowd. you can see them shaking hands, giving people high fives got to be super exciting iain. >> absolutely. >> there's josh hart with the trophy you saw jaelin brunson hugging somebody on the stage he's got the hat backwards. he was one of the best point guards in the country last year, and was a big coo for villanova to get him he was going to go to temple but decided to go villanova. >> the players making their way on to the stage there at the football stadium. you can see thousands of students. look at how many people have
6:27 pm
poured oh ton that football stadium to welcome this team home. it's just -- it has to be so thrilling for the players, too. >> absolutely. >> to win the way they did. >> exactly. >> and come home to this. >> great program. and a storied program. a lot of pedigree and to win the way they d all the hard work. somebody was dabbing there. i don't know if that was arch or not. somebody got shorts on there, too. one of the players. they're not feeling that cold. they're soaking in all this agile laying right now and -- they're running on adrenaline, iain. you know. they don't know it's cold out. >> that's right. >> they are just enjoying the attention all their hard work paid off and now they are the stars of the show. they can just relax. >> yeah. >> and enjoy being champions. exactly. >> there's jaelin brunson, arcidiacono the starting back court. another really good relationship
6:28 pm
there. arcidiacono used to play point guard when brunson came in he told jay wright, he said, play jaelin at point i'll play off the ball and again just shows was kind of player arcidiacono is, and that back court was one of the reasons they won the whole thing. good to see a local kid arcidiacono from langhorne area and his dad went to villanova. just terrific for him. what a way -- i can't imagine what he must be feeling what a way to go out senior wins the most out staning player award and national championship. >> doesn't get much better than that. >> you go to school where your dad went and wanting to go there all your life and like a movie script. >> exactly. >> there's that trophy. josh hart still got it. >> i tell you what, no one is taking that trophy away from him. ncaa champs. look at the smile on his face. the other player with a net around his neck. people have their cameras out taking pictures and videos. really a historic moment for villanova university. >> exactly.
6:29 pm
>> the guy you saw with the net was ochefu the senior. had another spectacular game. >> a few of the players have nets around their necks. >> i think some of the players had just little piece of the net like ochefu has some in the back of his hat. i saw arcidiacono with little piece in his hat. so all momentos from a thrilling weekend and a final championship game that was just epic and for the ages. hard to remember. >> you mentioned each of the players have a piece of the net tied to the back of their hats, iain. everybody is sharing in this. two of them have the nets but everybody has a little piece of the action. >> exactly. i love that. thousands of students you can see there just at the football stadium bracing these cold temperatures because kathy orr said it's chilly out there to cheer on this team after a magical run and to think they won it with 4.7 seconds left on
6:30 pm
the clock. that three pointer. >> nova nation! >> head coach jay wright. >> we can thank you enough. >> let's listen into this. >> all the way to houston, you guys have been with us each step of the way. thank you so much for being a part of this. (cheers and applause). this grew of athletes, this staff, this community have all rallied behind this team, and have welcomed us every step of the way but it wouldn't be ,2 possible without the greatest coach across any sport at any level. it's your 2016 coach of the year, jay wry. (. (applause). >> thank you, mark. >> let's hear for our new first year and he wins a national championship mark jackson. how we feeling, nova nation!? (applause)


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