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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> you guys stick with us every year. no one deserves national championship more than our student and our fans. >> i agree, coach. and i also love a parade. philadelphia gearing up to celebrate villanova's championship win. as fans gave coach wright and the rest of the wildcats a heroes welcome yesterday afternoon. looks like a lot of that. >> real change never, ever takes place from the top on down, it always takes place from the bottom on up. >> he was on fire last night. sanders victory proving he's still in the running for the white house. where you can see him, and hillary clinton, later today, and it will be right here in town, in philadelphia. >> and a morning commute turns to an intense case of road rage. is that bob kelly? what the man on a motorcycle did to cause such a violent
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reaction. wow look out. hi everybody, it is wednesday, april the six, 2016. welcome to "good day" philadelphia. >> good morning. >> this show's going to be great. >> i have a feeling it will be. >> oh, i got a fell. >> and i had coffee to today. >> oh, look out. >> i know. >> oops here we go. >> coffee? you're on the coffee wagon? >> ever. >> let's get started. it is not the best number ever, but it is cold again this morning. we go with a six out of ten for today. bus stop buddy is bundled up again. but have you noticed his cap? it is a 76ers cap. >> yes. >> what could it be? oh, a win? yes. >> ♪ we are the champions ♪ >> still has the price tag on it? >> double dick its in the win column for the sixers, as lodge as you wear a hat and gloves and everything, because temperatures are mostly in the 20's this morning. our freeze warning continues until 9:00 a.m. we will probably get to high of 55 degrees, which is a little better than yesterday.
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with a mix of sun and clouds, and that's your wednesday, bob kelly, in the wet r authority. >> i thought he left that sixers hat on a bus couple of weeks ago. it is back. hello to 95, right near the airport, no problems at all up and down the i-95 corridor, looking good coming in on the 42 freeway, ya, little bit of volume here, but nothing out of the ordinary. one little accident, north on 295, coming up through the construction zone. as you head into that 42 freeway there, in bellmawr, new jersey. they're paving the kelly drive all this week, you'll find that uneven pavement. and you want to watch out for the big old manhole covers. they knock your alignment out of wack there, two big events in town, visitors today, hillary clinton will be making a speech at the sheraton at 17th and race. that time, 11:15. lunchtime crowd be aware. then bernie sanders coming to temple tonight on the -- at the liacouras certain. that will event starts at 5:00. he speaks at 8:00. watch for the motorcade madness, all day today, mike
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and alex back to you. >> big time politicians in town. all right, it is almost 6:03, in fact, it is now 03:00. look at. that will they made the cover of si. >> they sure d super nova, this is the 2016ncaa national cram john villanova willet cats of course, there is the shot. buzzer beater jenkins. >> via long shot. chris jenkins. well, also, the daily news says it, giant double cover. i like these double covers. was that fun yesterday afternoon or what? >> it was a lot of fun, and it is such a great crowd to welcome them back home. they look so excited. >> bring it home, babe. >> i and jay wright write he should do all of the pep rally, great, getting the crowd pumped up. >> that's right. the villanova university teamed up with the city of philadelphia to announce their there will be a parade for the champions and it will be friday at 1:00. >> it will be in philly. so, steve, you're where the parade is going to end, right, at city hall?
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>> well, fresh off your 20-hour show, week ago, this friday. you'll be doing another long show. >> that's right. >> you guys will be hosting our coverage of this parade for those who can't get down here, can't get off, who have mean bosses, or mean teachers. but if you are coming, here is the route, the map, and it is not real complicated. it is five blocks long. twentieth street, at market, five blocks down to market, to 15th, that's the big clothespin at city hall and dilworth park. why a parade in philadelphia well here's mayor kenney. >> awful lot of suburbanites coming in on the regional rail, probably spending most of the day in philadelphia, having lunch and dinner and drinks and, you know, and parking or driving in on the train. so we're, look, we're regional sit. we're the biggest city in the southeast region. and they're all our citizens in some way. villanova's got a rigorous
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academic program, all every those young men, and women, in the women's program, and all of the athletes have to maintain their grades to be eligible. so i give them a lot of yesterday the for a lot of hard work. >> so the mayor trying to say hey we'll benefit from this parade. and the reason why, there is critics for information this town. and a lot of people say hey you can't spend a dime on a parade when we have a soda tax that you're thinking about because you don't have any money for anything else. so what the deal is it is $22,000 estimated cost for all of the extra cops, garbage collectors and so for the. anbar kade rental and 15 grand will be particular up by villanova, the other seven grand maybe by donations or by the sit at this self. but he said they'll make that up in profits. so, get ready for another long day on the air friday, it is the good day team, and mike, the highlight of the 20 hour show, which i watched every minute of it. >> oh, sure did you. >> i took off that day. was your dance, with those drummers, and if you're wondering how i celebrated the
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20th anniversary, i slept 20 hours. >> oh? okay. >> i celebrated. >> yes. >> twenty hours straight. >> we were waiting for to you come visit us steve during our 20 hours, thought you might stop by. >> he was there in spirit. >> 6:06. lauren, what's up? >> hey there, mike. democratic presidential hoe fells bernie clinton schedule address the afl-cio convention after she will head to pit burying for evening event at carnegie melon university. sanders at the liacouras center at temple university. bernie sanders, his which is win in wisconsin, will give him handful of delegates, still lags hillary clinton by big number with 86 delegates at steakment sand letters pick up at least 44, clinton will gain at least 28. he still must win 67% of the remaining delegates and uncommitted super delegates in order to win the democratic presidential nomination. good news sanders is on winning streak, so far he's won seven out of the last eight caucuses, in primaries.
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senator ted cruz is looking ahead to november saying he wants to deliver wisconsin, for republicans for the first time in 32 years, cruz won the state and talk to supporters in milwaukee. >> cruz. three weeks ago, the media said with wisconsin was perfect state for donald trump. but the hard-working men and women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure that tonight was a victory for every american. >> well he is ending his victory speech with a warning to democratic frontrunner hillary clinton, cruz says, quote, hillary, get ready. here we come. sounds like some fighting words there, mike analling. >> so hillary clinton will be in our sit you few blocks from here, 17th and race at the is her ton, right? >> that will be this morning. >> yes, 11:00. and sanders will be here this gleaning over at temple. so watch out for the motorcades. this can't be good. fortune magazine has named the
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world's most disappointing leaders in the world, and you won't believe there is a local politician making this list, huge national list. >> but first, villanova. oh, my gosh. all of the paraphernalia just flying off of shelves. the outrageous amount of money the university spends. >> stands to make. >> oh, stands to make. >> they'll make a lot of money off the shirts. >> makes sense. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania.
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so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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>> university fans. the first 5,000 national champions t-shirts were delivered before dawn yesterday. and, by midday, most of them were already gone. the t-shirts sold for $30 apiece. >> hello. >> listen to there is the shop expect $1 million worth of products to hit the store shelves, by the end of the week. just having that v on, gives you so much pride, and it makes you so energetic to be a part of this whole villanova family. >> more stuff is coming in. so in the days ahead, ladies, you might want to pay attention, they'll have women's loin of championship gear. plus more of the unusual t-shirts, ball caps, and i'm glad they're going to bring in more stuff. remember the v shirt, party like it is 198 a? on line, i saw that they have one, and now that we've won, has confetti on it, partying like we are it is 198 a.
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so now it is like we've won so let's party. >> probably wondering what's that door behind al next surprise guests come in through there all through the monday of april because celebrating 20 years of doing this show for you. >> so whenever the doorbell rings, you know something special is about to happen. >> we have a good one today too. bernie sanders and senator ted cruz bringing home wins last night, the challengers came through. >> yep. both got op and frontrunners are defeat in the wisconsin. what's it all mean? we'll look into it after the break
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> two front round ers at the white house did not have a good night last night. pretty good blows to both trap and hillary clinton. >> and cruz and saunders say hey, we like the way this is going. hey, doug. >> big night in wisconsin last night. we'll run through the numbers, republican side, ted cruz, 13 points over donald trump. that's beyond what most polls suggested the margin would be. and also out performing the polls, bernie sanders, look at that margin, 57 to 43 over clinton. it just may not be enough, though, to really change the math much for sanders. ted cruz, and bernie sanders, will each start the day with a new dose of momentum. hillary clinton, get ready, here we come.
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>> ted cruz vested draw, frontrunners miss steps, and self inflicted wounds in recent days. exit polls show cruz won evangelicals, even those who feel betrayed by the republican party. and by denying trump the lion share of wisconsin delegates, cruz's victory makes it much more likely that this will go down to contested gop convention this summer. trump prepares anticipating the loss gets low apply file last night with his campaign calling cruz a trojan horse for the establishment. but don't count him out. >> trump wins new york then goes through the mid-atlantic, goes indianna, more than wisconsin, will do nebraska, new mexico. >> this campaign is giving energy and entheusiasm to millions of americans. >> bernie sanders gave his victory speech in wyoming, the next tape up. he may win, there as well.
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possibly making it a seven state sweep for him. but clinton, who spent last night attending high dollar fundraise nerves new york, still has a big perhaps insurmountable delegate and super delegate lead. she is leading in new york which could be a pivotal contest coming up on april 19th. >> and that really casino every underscores the difficulty for bernie sanders. yep, he had this big win overhill hill last night with his massive margin. but he's only going to get maybe about 14 more delegates out that far state than clinton. and when you look at the rest of the delegates in play for democrats, they're just may not be enough therefore bernie sand tears ultimately defeat hillary clinton in the overall race for the nomination. >> and they're both in philadelphia today. hillary clinton, 11:00 this morning, then bernie sanders in afternoon, this evening, over at temple. hey, doug, see you tomorrow. thanks. >> 6:17. let's get a check with soup, because sue, it is pretty cold. >> yes. it really s and we are being look forward to the parade on friday.
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so we start with. that will cut to the chase with that. and then we get back to how cold it is today. because who wants to really talk about it? anyway. by 1:00 in the afternoon, on friday, i think we'll have mix of sun and clouds, i think at about 48 degrees. it is jacket weather for the parade in short on friday, with temps rising into the lower 50's, and that mix every sunday and cloud throughout the rest of the afternoon. so, looks like it is not going to rain, best news of all, rain or anything else you see on our radar map, we do have some snow enough michigan, but that's not what we are expecting here. by the time this precipitation gets here tomorrow morning, it will be mild enough, that it is only rain t won't be as cold as it is right now. not even close. so, rain continues on and off throughout the rest of the morning, by lunchtime we could be seeing some pop up thunder storms in some places tomorrow. and then the scattered showers continue through the evening, everything out of here, by about midnight and friday does look dry, few, so looks good
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for the parade. so let's put it altogether. a five today. sixty-one tomorrow. our ups and downs continue, because after mid 50's on friday, we are back in the 40's, cold weekend, looks like maybe we could start off probably rain for most of us, on saturday morning with sunshine in the afternoon. it does get little milder in time for the phillies opening day, on monday. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning shall everybody, 6:19 on this wednesday morning. a live look, at the schuylkill expressway, right near gladwynn, no problems or delays, major delays, starting to see the beginning of rush hour, and nothing like difference, what a difference ten minutes can make here head west out toward conshohocken, same deal here south on 95, heavy cottman, through the construction zone, at girard avenue. coming in from new jersey, northbound on the 42 freeway, look out for disable vehicle, right near the black horse pike, but otherwise, looking good as you work your way in toward philadelphia. no problems on 295, southbound, on the blue route, coming out of saint david's
6:20 am
down to the airport, good to go, turnpike looking good, as well, but they're paving the kelly drive. we about five, six cars yesterday, that had flat tires in the paving project, those manhole covers are raised couple of inches. and you hit that, and at little too fast after speed, not only probably lose your hubcap, but knock your alignment out of washing there. so we had cars, flat tires yesterday, and of course as we mention, hillary clinton coming to downtown philly today with speed set at the sheridan, just off of the vine street expressway here 17th and race, lorn many time. and then been i sanders tonight, at the liacouras center at temple university. that will leave us with some evening jams, along broad street, for the folks heading that way. mike and alex back over to you. >> all right, it is tough at the top, isn't it? >> but for one local state leader it is about to get a lot tougher. fortune magazine released its list of the world's most disappointing political and business bosses. >> yep, about negative, well, negative messages, negative
6:21 am
news about these people. governor christie made the cut for his support of done add trull up this year after previously saying politics did not need reality tv in the oval office while running for president, himself. governor changed his tune sharply once he dropped out of the rales, he saw donald trump was in the lead. >> magazine which is famous for its fortune 500 list every america's biggest companies based its list on lead here spent the past year or so like experiencing the negative press. >> the heroes are back in town after tonight on top of the college basketball world. >> the chances of villanova coach jay wright going to the nba, though, because a lot of people are wondering weighing going to happen next? he is so good. everyone is in the g him, he got coach of the year. >> will he go to a bigger college program (could he go to the pros? he address that topic. and we'll play his response.
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>> good morning, villanova came back from the national championship win monday night got back, but total reality. jay wright says when you block off route 95 with a police escort during rush hour, it is not reality. but they finally arrived back on campus yesterday. thousands of people at villanova stadium. they are champions of college basketball, what made this villanova team better, and it
6:25 am
says a lot about players staying in college, for their senior year, so with success is opportunity; jay wright going to the nba? >> i love what we do here. i love we have a culture in just more than winning. i'm happy, i learned over the years, also, don't know villanova works like many other places, so ya. it seem very simple to me right now. >> he's if the going anywhere. and the sixers screwed up the worse record in the nba they win their tenth last night. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> way to mess it up, sixers. you know scott newcomb comes in here all the time, he went to villanova. he was all excited yesterday. >> and he is good in basketball. >> he is. >> knows how to really play, we playing on the 76ers court, he was like the mvp. >> he got game? >> got game. >> he should put himself in. uconn did it again, just roll tape from last year, the year
6:26 am
before. >> the national championship goes to connecticut for the fourth year in a row. and the dynasty fulfills its destiny. >> uconn made history after beating syracuse, 82 to 516789 another blow out. during the women's ncaa tournament championship. there is gino oriema. gino, gino. last night's win allowed the team to become the first women's program to clinch a fourth consecutive championship. it is also coach gino's 11th overall title. >> why you why laughing? >> eleventh. >> i thought were you laughing at the sad faces of syracuse. >> they knew it was coming when they took the court. that's the most for a men's or women's program. this is the sixth time gino has hoisted the championship trophy, in the last ten years. and of course, he's from norristown, pennsylvania.
6:27 am
>> another philly success story. well, you know, philly area. >> let's not do another debate. >> everybody calm down. >> a loft people are saying aren't they killing the game of basketball until no longer interesting. you know how it will turn out. because they within every time. >> ucla did it in the 60s, what did they win, seven, eight, nine straight. >> i mean, if you're good, you're good. >> you can count, mike. >> and early morning commute turns to intense case of road rage. what the guy on this motorcycle did because such a commotion.
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>> fit for king, philadelphia gearing to up celebrate villanova's ncaa championship win innocence give coach jay wright and the rest of the wildcats heroes welcome. my men top starting this campaign 11 month ago, and the media determining that we were a fringe candidacy. >> all can date mention the media. anyway, that guy on the let, bernie san ers, will be in
6:31 am
philadelphia tonight. the woman on the right, hillary clinton, will be in philadelphia this morning. we'll tell but it. >> plus, why searching for higher learning at the university of northern new jersey, may get you in trouble with the police. >> what? >> hey, good day everybody, it is wednesday, april the six, 2016. let's get right to sue serio. >> talk as fast as you can right now. >> bus stop buddy wearing a 6ers cam. they won last night. be sure to bundle up again, temperatures ranking the teens into the lower 30's, still have the freeze warning in effect, for today until 9:00. then you can see, sunrise is starting to happen. it is official at 6:36. few minutes from now. thirty-two, feels like 26. other temperatures, 16, mount pocono, 20's to the north of us, 24 in millville, 30 dover, not much after wind but the actual temperatures are cold enough. it was 45 degrees, yesterday. when we should have been at 60, at least little closer
6:32 am
today. high temperature, 55 degrees, see some sunshine, but will cloud up by the end of the day getting ready for some rain. we'll tell when you that arrives coming up in just a few minutes. so, bob kelly, starting to get that sun glare, won't be long. >> yes, we, are sue. 6:32, good morning, everybody, sun glare, little accident here, this is the southbound lanes of the blue route off to the side, near the saint david's villanova interchange, everybody off to the side, already see the jam in our cam. this is the westbound vine expressway, all stack up here, single file folks trying to work their way around and get into the ramps construction project finished, complete philadelphia international airport looking good. good day to fly this morning, no problems here, so actually starting to see delays on 422, even picking up some volume on the schuylkill expressway.
6:33 am
again, two big event, going to bring us jams, presidential candidates, in town. hillary clinton solt to speak at 11:15, here in center city impact traffic off the vine st. expressway right around that lunch hour. and then, later on tonight for the evening rush hour, bernie sanders set to speak at the liacouras center on the campus of temple university. again, that's right there, on broad street. no problems on the turnpike, mass transit running with no reported delays, mike and alex back over to you. >> national champions are back in town following their big win beginning north carolina. >> the boys are back in town. >> so thousands of student and fans, they welcome the villanova wildcats back to campus, cool, when they go there, people pulled over in their cars they stood up to applause them. >> yep, bob kelly predict that, people on the overpasses, looking down. >> on the blue route. >> blue route. >> amazing. >> it was villanova blue route.
6:34 am
>> so, here they are, at the football field, where they ended up, got a chance, all of the players got chance to speak, and thank them for their support. >> i want to thank you for all of how came out, supported us, you had our back. this is a great team, all sports, so i love these dudes. >> it was so cool to see all of them in this day and age, of their phones out, probably doing tweeting. even jay wright had everybody, everybody in the audience put up their v's, may all of the guys turn around, took the picture, went all over twitter. >> giant selfie. i have not seen the self glee expos philadelphia. >> we'll put it in a matter of seconds. >> i'll show it to you. >> i bet the university and the city of philadelphia decided them ' throw a parade. it will be friday. alex and i get to host our coverage at 1:00 friday. steve will be there. >> hey, steve? >> mike, you're a good catholic kid, alter boy, better known the answer to this question. if you don't know it from the
6:35 am
coverage this week you should know it from your alter boy roots. what does villanova stand for, what's it mean in hat snip. >> a house, villa is house, house of god? >> house of the lord? >> you know what mike, i will give you the fact you said house i will give you the answer, alex tree beck wouldn't, but i will. it stands for new, new home. >> okay. >> and why dow bring up that question? not the stomp the anchor star of the show. >> sure. >> but to tell you the new home of love park's love park sculpture or statue whatever you refer to it as, i call it a sculpture, is dilworth park. mike, it is now dilworth park, remember, they redid it. so, how coincidental is that, love and dilworth park, the new home, temporary home, so let's call it villa love a, because this is where the parade friday ends. how about that? >> i like that long convoluted way to get to that. now, i'm older, i think i am the oldest guy on the show by
6:36 am
far. and i was here, living in margate at the time, but, let me take you back to april 2nd, 198 a,. >> 198 a, cool, breezy, ticker tape blowing day, you're wondering anything to up villanova clock chronic chip parade. the proof, yes, philly does turn out big. ed pinkney with the trophy there, the center, went onto nba career, very nice guy. watch how well dressed everybody is, these kids all in jackets and ties, good catholic kids, duane and, harold presley, harold jensen, all went to the white house with president reagan in the days after this, as well. faces and names, many of us around here, easily remember, 31 years later, much like we will this year's team and parade, images coming up friday. not everybody, though, remembers the parade. including one famous face you see almost every day in the news. >> i don't really remember it that well. i mean, i am getting little
6:37 am
old now, some of my brain cells, my memory brain cells are gone. i remember the excitement of watching on tv. i remember the psychsment of the parade, it was fun, you know, any time you have a national championship like, that people rally around, and want to enjoy it. >> so, i guess my brain cells, mike and alex, little better than jim kenney's, because i did remember it. >> well yes. >> so, steve always remembers. >> here is the thing, steve. did they have a parade or it was a rally there? by city hall? >> reporter: no, they had a parade. they had this glass -- they had this flatbed truck with glass around it, so could you see inside the truck. it was real nice truck they had. and it was a parade, and at the time they said it rifled the phillies 1980 parade. that's how big people turned out for villanova about 100,000 people, just little more than that, they estimated for the phillies parade. not a lot. >> the question is though is the villanova parade five blocks too back then?
6:38 am
>> no, little longer. >> little longer. >> only give me protest route it sounds like. >> yes, five blocks. 38:00. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, are coming to philadelphia today. >> and they're going head-to-head to win over voters because you know the primary in pennsylvania is coming up, at the end of this month. sanders coming off his primary win in wisconsin though. >> dave kinchen live at the sheraton where hillary clinton will be at 11:00 this morning, hello, dave. >> reporter: that's right, one democratic presidential nominee, but both candidates want to make sure that they're the last ones standing, when the dnc takes place at philadelphia this summer. but, it starts with a effort today of course here, at the sheraton, hillary clinton will address the pennsylvania afl-cio convention at 11:15 this morning, and secretary clinton's campaign said she will talk about her plans to raise wages, breakdown barriers, facing families, the former first lady is looking to keep her lead over the vermont senator, bernie sanders, in pa.
6:39 am
the harper polling is her vai, that came out actuals, shows clinton leading sanders in the keystone state, 55% to 33%. 12% undecided, three weeks out from the democratic primary here, talking about why she is the best person for the job. >> are we going to continue and bill on the progress, or watch it all get ripped away? >> i think it is fair to say, objectively speaking, the democrats want to make sure that draw does not end up in the white house, which will be an unmitigated disaster over our country. you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate . >> senator sanders two event to rally, philly dems the town hall at and at temple university take about getting big money out of politics, talk about other issues like climate change at the
6:40 am
liacouras sent, doors open 5:00, event at 8:00. sanders will be here at the afl-cio convention tomorrow to give his remarks, back to you. >> a loft there is at 17th and race. lauren, what else is going snob. >> let's talk about a demanding rush to the hospital. shot twice outside the home, the shooting happened 1,000 block of wagner avenue late last night is the it i logan section near einstein hospital. philadelphia police tell fox 298 shots fired from semiautomatic weapon two going through the home inside that home four children between the ages of six and six months, no word on any arrests. new controversial bill will be the main topic in the pennsylvania house meeting today. a spokesperson for the house majority says the law would ban abortions after 20 weeks, the bill passed out of the house health committee monday, so vote could take place or be postponed in pennsylvania, women are currently able to get abortions at 24 weeks. the bill would eliminate dismemberment abortions where the fetus is removed from a woman use being vacuum and
6:41 am
surgical tools. >> vice president joe biden made passionate plea at the university of pittsburgh, at times, he appeared down right angry about how sexual assault victims on college campuses are treated. vice president biden, visiting many college campuses as part of its on us campaign, the white house says the initiative is a critical step to raise awareness about the high rate of assault and low number of victims who report the crimes to police. that's a look at your top stories, mike anal next. >> thank you, there is no such thing as the university of northern new jersey. >> apparently the fbi made it all up. >> yes. they used it in a elaborate plot to catch foreigners look to go score fake vees'. >> officials announce the arrest of 21 people on charges of helping more than 1,000 foreigners fraudulently keep or obtain student or work visas, those arrests were described as broke, recruiters, employees, they were charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud, to harbor aliens for profit.
6:42 am
>> university of northern jersey. >> all right, every day morning commute turns to an intense case of road rage. >> what the man on the motorcycle did to cause such a violent reaction.
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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>> is a motorcyclist and a driver of a car, caught up in a dangerous road rage incident, this guy on the motorcycle, really going fast. >> it started monday morning, as ronnie gonzalez was riding his motorcycle to work. look at. that will he says, when the light turned green, intersection, the driver if a ford fuse hit the gas and nearly ran him off the road. then at another light, gonzalez seriously slapped the driver's side mirror, setting offer yet another chase, the driver said he was just look to go take down his license plate. >> is that else? like florida to me. that will would be my guess. i can't see that license plate. looks like florida? yes, yes. i knew it. >> it is florida. >> it is florida. >> of course the palm trees were a give away.
6:46 am
>> you know what i hate with when those motorcycles go up the center of the roadway. >> oh. >> during the traffic jams. >> that's why you have a motorcycle, bob. >> guess what today is? it is national twinkie day. >> really? >> i'll be darn. >> so i brought in some, cream filling, right in there. >> listen, every day that i'm here is a twinkie day. let me get my twinkie. >> tasty take kind of town. who could pass up a twinkie? >> good morning, rush hour, good morning shall everybody. 6:46. and an accident on the schuylkill expressway, here, now, i think this guy wacked the deer, because there is no other car around, and his front end is demolished here. so i'm wondered if we had a deer pop up here son westbound
6:47 am
side approaching the conshy curve. look at the back up here leaving town headed out toward conshy. also disable school bus, on the northbound lanes of i-95, right up near woodhaven road. so, kids, if the buses little late, we'll get you there somehow some way. look at the sun glare popping out this morning, pack your shades, get ready, 95 northbound, as you head up toward the commodore barry bridge. delays on 422, coming into king of prussia. there is the delay on the schuylkill, from that accident i just showed you in the camera. and they're repaving the kelly drive all this week, actually the project began this week, so just watch for that aoun even surface coming into town. how long will that sun stay around? sue's got the answer coming up in 152nd.
6:48 am
>> storm system, this time morning, talking about rain in our area, probably last throughout the day. the nights trade off is it will be warmer than it is today. there you see the fox future cast, and the rain rolling in, by 9:00, or 10:00 at the latest, but earlier than. that will thunderstorms possible about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, and scattered showers, after that. soap, we put it altogether in the seven day forecast. we're still cold this morning. but we will be about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday at least. 55 degrees. up to 60 on thursday. with some rain. and then temperatures go down again, 54 degrees on friday. in the 40's, both days, of the weekend. and then we look ahead to slightly milder temperatures as we start the phillies season at home, the home opener, is monday, and it looks like it will be cloudy, mike and alex, and six is degrees. >> hey, sue? >> yes? >> janet jackson is delaying
6:49 am
her tour again. you know why? >> oh. >> to come through that door. >> really? >> yes. >> ruined the surprise guest? >> it is not janet. >> well, you remember, i mean there is isn't back and forth, already, postponed her tour once, but she was scheduled to come to atlantic city on june 11. now she said she planning a family, and so she's, doctors orders, she needs to rest, needs to get off her feet, relax little bit. >> she is going to have abe bay. i know what you're saying, how old is she? she is 49, soon to be 50. >> nowadays you can have it at any age. >> apparently. who is she having it with? >> probably her billionaire husband. >> oh, that's right. >> yes. >> billionaire guy. what's he do? >> i don't know,'s billionaire. does very to work? >> not really. how did he make his money, making wedge its? beyonce is finally setting the record straight on the controversy surrounding her formation video. and her stands on feminism. and i guess, if you go on down the line here, her performance at the superbowl.
6:50 am
>> ♪ >> of course one of the most heated moment of the video, people are talking, but anyone who received her message anti-police is mistaken, said she has a loft respect and add mir fashion for officers and their family but is against police brutality and injustice. >> who isn't? >> she said that she is a feminist, working for sexism and gender inequality. but also says for her, that's an importance of art, supposed to get people talking, and sometimes it is misunderstood. that's why it is art. everyone has their own perspective. >> that's the purpose of art. to push. >> who about that amy assumer? i think she is pretty funny. i love that superbowl commercial she did. >> not laughing now after this latest thing. >> no, she isn't. she talked to glamour
6:51 am
magazine, amy's name appeared on the cover after special edition of glamour. aimed at women, who wear size 12 and up, alongside the names of actress melissa mccarthy and singer adele. >> well here is the thing. i don't think they talked to her about this, they put out this special issue, her featured in it, she is like wait a minute, you guys didn't talk to me about it, am i plus sides? so her on sign plus side is considered size 16 in america, i go between a size six and a eight. >> also said what casino every message is that to girls if you are a size six or eight, that's a plus size. the fact there is a label, line. >> so she takes a picture for glamour magazine, probably excited to be on the cover. >> i don't even know if it went that far, because she wasn't one of the main parts. >> oh,. >> they were just taking pictures of people and quoting them that casino every thing. you know they do in people all that, put them on red carpets, say stuff. so they that but that is a plus sides special edition magazine.
6:52 am
>> why do we have to say plus size? >> a lot of mod rest saying hey let's do away with that. >> yes. >> anyone, yes, true. >> you're a model. >> watching sports on the go will be much easier. >> oh, we will be put out of bills. find out which leagues are partners with on line giants to bring you live sports, no matter where you are.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> up know trenton makes, and the worlds takes. >> head coach jay wright, wanted to make sure to capture the incredible moment of yesterday's celebration, over the football field on villanova campus. >> and also, the fans who cheered them on, all season. >> we want to get the team facing this way. and get all of you behind us, and in a great shot. we will get a gate twitter shot. can you do this with us? >> took a little coordination, but he's the coach, for goodness sake, but he got the fans, there is the selfie. >> there it is. >> isn't that cool? >> see all of the v's, put your v's up. and he said novanation, you are the best. and my favorite yesterday, had great coverage, when the plane landed and they had the salute and everything like that, josh heart, from the moment he got off the plane, hole that trophy, and did he not let it g we saw him hole onto it when he got off the plane, then on the bus, then off the butts, then walked on to the stage, like i'm not letting go.
6:56 am
's junior. he handed it off. >> hey, do we have the footage out at the airport where the firetrucks squirted water on the plane as they came in? i had never seen that before. slow it next hour? cool. then police escort. >> they pulled out the red carpet for them. we have some chance johns in our midst. >> i didn't see any red carpet. oh, you mean figure tiffly? >> i'm sure there is a red carpet somewhere at the school for them. >> i love a parade. >> i got t that was a joke. >> i don't get your joke. >> true. we should just quit. >> what? >> i love a parade. philly gearing up, we have the details now on where the parade will be and whether it will be, and we're going to be a part of it, alex holley.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> real change never takes plaques on the top on down t always takes place from the bottom on up. >> sanders big win in the badger state as he and hillary clinton prepare to come to town and preach to take over philadelphia this week. >> nova. >> nation. >> we love you, novanation. >> the champs are here.
7:00 am
villanova back home and a celebration hasn't stopped. what you need to know about the big party and parade on friday. >> a turn too re limbing us? why some are saying this sign is unconstitutional. >> wild toned police chase. and this is only half the story. what the overside next to the man behind the wheel. same i schumer labeled, why the comedian is saying it is not cool after she shows up in a popular magazine. >> and, went to bed early last night, you may not know there is the philadelphia 76ers, basketball team. >> yes? >> what's going on? >> what's going on? they won their tenth game of the year in celebration, let's do one of the famous balloon drops. >> yes.


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