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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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villanova back home and a celebration hasn't stopped. what you need to know about the big party and parade on friday. >> a turn too re limbing us? why some are saying this sign is unconstitutional. >> wild toned police chase. and this is only half the story. what the overside next to the man behind the wheel. same i schumer labeled, why the comedian is saying it is not cool after she shows up in a popular magazine. >> and, went to bed early last night, you may not know there is the philadelphia 76ers, basketball team. >> yes? >> what's going on? >> what's going on? they won their tenth game of the year in celebration, let's do one of the famous balloon drops. >> yes.
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>> sixers. >> they played the pelicans last nightment and they beat them. >> they led the whole way, great victory. so they will not make history. sixers still hold the record, the 1972-73, sixers only went nine and 73. now we have that tent one. >> there is our one balloon. >> double digits in the win column at last. >> congratulations. 7:01, another six, 26's? >> not double digits for our numbers today so cold again to start the day. >> anywhere from the teens to the #'s this morning, but at least we are starting off with some sunshine freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m. again, just like yesterday, for most of area. as leave we have the sun. just roast 6:36 off richly, look at the temperature, three; feels like 25.
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once again dress for the temps in the 20's, maybe lower 30's, but almost everybody's below freezing this morning. we did manage 45 degrees, yesterday. which was february high temperature, not april. should have been at 60. will be little closer today with a high of 55. call it the speed limit bob kelly. >> there go. sue, 7:02, that's why we do traffic and weather together, good morning, live look at the westbound schuylkill expressway. i think this guy smashed a deer here on the westbound lanes approaching conshohocken. look at the front end, all smashed up here, the only car, that is involved in this accident. it is off to the shoulder, but causing delay on the westbound side. sun glare coming our way today. as you head out the front door, grab your shades, north on 995 mike here is the picture i was telling you were looking for,. >> love it. >> here is the nova plane coming in yesterday. and getting the firetrucks at the airport to give them the water gun cannon salute kind of driving underneath the
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water arch. >> never saw that. >> i think once in awhile. once in a blue moon they wind up doing it. maybe for -- i don't know whether the pope got that or not. >> i don't -- >> i don't think the pope did. >> i don't think did he. we probably would have shown it. >> they squirted him with holy water. >> that's it. exactly,. >> big old holy firetrucks down there. >> that's a lot of holy water. >> north on 95, disable school bus up near the woodhaven road interchange, every kid's dream to have the bus not come this morning. it is off to the side. don't worry. we will get the kids to school somehow, some way, and repaving the kelly drive, that project began this week. so just watch for uneven pavement during the rush hours, mike and alex back over to you. >> so donald trump and hillary clinton did not score victories in wisconsin last night. >> it was ted cruz, ted cruz won over trump and cruz.
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we have momentum. sanders now won seven out of the last eight caucuses and primaries, both he and hillary clinton are turning their focus to the upcoming pennsylvania primary tend of this month. >> that's why they're both hitting philadelphia today, and dave's all over it, hi, dave. >> reporter: that's right, just shows how important the keystone state is here. very key, if you will, security and nationals media here at the sheridan in center city as the candidates come into town, and campaign hillary clinton will address the philadelphia actually the pennsylvania afl-cio convention at 11:15 this morning here at the sheridan hotel. secretary clinton's campaign says that she will talk about her plans to raise wages, and breakdown barriers for families, the former first lady looking to smith her lead over vermont senator bernie sanders, the lead here in pa, a harm err polling survey that came out tuesday shows clinton leading sanders here in pennsylvania, 55% to 33% with
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12% undecided, three weeks out from the democratic primary here in the state many she as already taking aim at the gop frontrunner donald trump. >> donald trump has said that wages are too i high up. >> an at love members of his party agree. >> they understand that real change never, ever takes place from the top on down it always takes place from the bottom on up. >> south broad street at 3:00 later at temple university where sand letters talk about getting big money out of politics, free college tuition, sharing universal healthcare, cold to go his
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campaign, doors open at 5:00 it start at 8:00 at the liacouras center. sanders will be here to address the afl-cio tomorrow morning. >> 7:06. we will will watch for that. >> let's get to lauren, more top stories. >> scary shooting in the city logan section overnight, stray bullet end upgoing into a home filled with children, the shooting happened on the 1,000 block of wagner avenue, one man shot in the arm, outside a nearby home, police say two bullet ended up inside the home, four young kids, and several adult, were inside, thankfully no one was hit. no word on any arrest. police on the look-out foreman who walk up behind a woman, put his hand over her eyes, and then threatened to shoot her. this all happened few weeks ago on the 700 block of south fourth street in queen village. investigators say, there was struggle after the man put his hands on the victim, and the suspect was able to run away with her laptop, it, $10 in cash. surveillance cameras caught glimpse of the suspect approach her. >> put the video out there hoping that somebody can recognize this individual.
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and perhaps give us a tip before it can lead to pattern before this guy strikes again. >> police say the victim escaped without any serious injuries, they want the public to call police if they recognize this man. >> delaware state police, asking for help tracking down an accused cereal bang robber, trying to find 19 year old tamara ziegel. police think she is behind two bank robberies in new castle county, most recent monday at the pnc bank in claymont. police say she hands a note to the bank teller demanding money, but then left empty-handed. >> federal investigators continue, deadly amtrak crash sunday interviews, workers being interviewed what happened leading to the up your honor to the collision between a train and back hoe that was on the tracks, two construction worse remembers killed. dozen every people on board the train were injured. officials now trying to determine why the equipment was on the track in the first flames. nfsb says the train was planning within the seen limit. emergency brakes were applied 52nd before the accident happened. governor christie taking
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big steps to remove lead based paints from homes throughout new jersey, government nor says, he is adding $10 million to help tackle removing the paint from homes owned or rented by lower moderate income families. that resulted in $20,000 per unit to get rid of that lead. >> we will continue to dot programs we've done before. what i am announcing today, we have located another $10 million in funds that are available within the current fiscal year budget, and we will make those available on ton of the funds we're already spending. >> the governor addressed recent proposals to test all water in state schools for lead. he says the full scope of the problem still unknown. >> a great place to live and play, work and pray. those are the words written on a gloucester county borough seal. but some say the motto needs to go. some say the clayton new jersey slogan violates separation of church and state. the seal is all over municipal hall and towns website. national eighties group says the picture after cross, pray, violate the constitution, people who lived there says it
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has been there since the 60s. if you don't like it you should leave. >> i don't see how overall these years it somehow now becomes a fish ooh. >> it is our privilege to have on our logo what we have. we don't -- if you don't like it, you live here, then leave the town. >> at recent counsel meeting clayton decided they'll not remove the seal. we reached out to the mayor and council prep. they refused to comment. back to you guys. >> wow. champs are back in town. champs are back in town. >> so thousands of student and fans welcomed the individual nova wildcats back to campus when they returned from houston yesterday. people lined the street. they were stopping in their cars. and they fill up this football field and the players and coaches thanked everyone for their support. >> something they'll ever, ever be able to take away from us, so go cats. >> no one deserves a national championship more than our student and our fans. >> what i say nova you say nation. ready? >> nova. >> nation.
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>> nova. >> nation. >> i love it. >> nova. they should, steve keeley, at city hall. >> mike, we showed the sport illustrated cover. and i knew this would happenment look at my latest tweet. the profit ears are at it already. this thing is available on news stands, starting this morning, for 4.99. however there is guy already has one. selling it for 14.89, plus dollar 99 shipping. if you are too lays toy get your own, or if every news stands is sold out. three times the news stand cover. by the way, that is three times as much as you can get the original 85 edition with ed pinkney on the cover when they first won the championship in eight a. that's just 4.89 on ebay. i am thought it was quite interesting. thirty-one year old magazine cheaper than that. all right, by the way, mike, we got the plan for the villanova parade. no plans released yet by mayor kenney for the sixers ten game winning parade i'll let you know as soon as weight go up a
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date from the mayor's office. >> i think in behind fox 29. >> i don't nope, i don't think they de is her that far much. anyway. maybe just they can stand by the trash dumpster since they're a garbage team, all right? all right, let's get back to the good team. villanova the parade plan, the map and the route. by the way, mike and alex, we should have their faces on there, because after a 20 hour show, last friday, this friday, another double digit shift. and mike's very fun. if you think he is fun in that 9:00 and 10:00 hour, always fun when mike is around extra time, especially on a friday right around happy hour. so tune into our coverage of the parade, because you never know what extras mike will add to the show, since it will be festive atmosphere. by the way micah lot of the people partake g in the parade likely will also have some adult beverages, as well. >> jim kenney, a beer drinker
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and diet pepsi drinker, talk about the parade. and justifying why there is a parade for a main line team, here in the city. >> i think they're paying lion share of the cost, under $10,000, but do you have remember, that regional rail will be filled with suburbanite, coming into philadelphia, to have a good time, to probably stay around after the parade, and visit our restaurant, and do little retail shopping that's not a mall. and we are happy to host large events, you know, cities are about many things, but also about large event, and a lot of fun. we have of course we had the pope, now we have the national champions, dnc in july. so we're looking forward to being the host of this fine group of young men. >> a source provided us the actual number, the estimated official cost, 22 grand for this parade, villanova getting build 15 grand, so 7,000 picked up by the taxpayers, or maybe by some rich person
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donating $7,000. as for the police, the barricades, the trash pick up, et cetera, basilica of saints peter and paul the way asked those questions because he is trying to jam this 3 cents soda tax through. we showed you the kids at villanova yesterday drink too long liter diet coax, coke a colas, hey, kids, if you are going to drink coca-cola at the parade, no soda tax yes, ma'am, still relatively inexpensive to partake in code. >> okay, steve, let me talk to history with you just for a second here. you know, the ticker tape parade. how did that name get started? >> well, when they have new york city parades down in the canyon of the lower manhattan, broadway. >> who cents with a the first one? >> who was the first person? >> the first one for? an astronaut. >> yes. >> well, i don't know if it was john glenn, i think the guy before john glenn. >> allen shepherd?
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>> it is not my -- >> i gave you the ring last time. >> i know it was for an astronaut. >> so the point -- >> my point is, in the age of computers, there is no ticker tape any more. and you can't open windows in downtown buildings. >> all right. >> so there is no ticker tape parades any more. because all we have is this stuff. let's just take our phones and throw them down. >> someone can just step on a ladder. >> it will be good. >> and fans, big fans have, blowing -- >> i want to see some some type of con fit. >> i you will never see it again. >> maybe dropping it off the top of the building? >> is not going to happen. it is almost 7:50. >> we'll finds a way. >> i can tell ryan irritated, our producer. >> yes. >> well, i just want a place for all of the other people
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mad at us. >> only you could take this joyous occasion and turn it into total crankiness. i can't believe it. we're all happy about villanova. at least i thought we were. temperatures for the parade, we have the parade that he's so cranky about. 48 degrees when it starts at 1:00. he is ripping up papers over, there sun, clouds, 53 by 5:00 p.m. when everything should be happily over with. freeze warning still in effect until nine #. here are your temperatures. outside right now, 31 degrees, in philadelphia, right now. we're below freezing in dover, at freezing in wilmington, only 15 degrees in mount pocono. it is really colds again. we should have been at 60 degrees yesterday. you know where we were? forty-five. little better today. with high of 55 degrees. zero six tomorrow, 54 friday. then cold weaken, with temperatures in the 40's. both saturday and sunday. phillies home opener monday.
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should only be cloudy. we may get some rain for the tuesday game. at least temperatures little miler in the 60s, that's a look at your weather. here is a look at a jammo with bob kelly. >> clean up aisle one, 7:16. good morning, an accident, on the vine expressway westbound vine expressway ramp to the westbound schuylkill expressway. it is all right here, where that merge comes together. and that's causing a jammo all the way back to 95, and for folks coming over the ben franklin bridge, so bumper to bumper from eighth and vine all the way over to the ramps to that westbound schuylkill expressway. thorn further west on the schuylkill, right at the conshy curve there is an accident, one vehicle, hit a deer, all of that is off to the shoulder but all of the police and fire activity that responded casino of attracting some attention. north on 95, we got disable school bus, right before the woodhaven road off ramp there, again, off to the shoulder,
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and two presidential candidates coming to town today. hillary clinton, september to speak at the afl-cio convention at this sheridan in center sit ate 17th and race, will cause back up during the lunchtime hour, aim sure that will good for folks trying to get votes. then later on tonight, along broad street on the campus of temple university, bernie sanders set to speak at 8:00 at the liacouras center. that will will impact our evening rush hour. and then south on 995 during the midday, here come the penndot crews, they're working from the airport all the way down it the state line. starting at around 9:00 a.m. mike and alex back over to you. >> okay, so the boston bruins lost last night, good news, flyers continue their push for the playoffs tonight. big game, against one of the two teams they'd tied with for the final playoff spot in the eastern conference. >> detroit red wings so the flyers red wings, bruin, all have 91-point. the last time the flyers played the red wins they won four to three. after tonight there was three
7:18 am
game plus for the flyers. >> blue it it is over there in detroit? in detroit. we have to watch that, alex, then tomorrow night there is a game theater wells fargo center. maybe we can do go to that? >> jay wright, now among the greatest coaches in philadelphia's sports his trip. that's according to me. >> well, plus he got the award "coach of the year". >> now the question is, who is coming after him? big time college programs will look to him. what about the pros? what about staying in philadelphia? for the 76ers? >> is there talk that far? >> any time coach wins national clam chronic chips, always speculation the bigger schools will be offering contract, big money. it is going to happen. >> already stories out there, circulate that there have been offers for jay wright. but fresh off this win, i seems pretty happen which where he is. >> i love what we do here. i love that we can graduate players, and that we can win
7:19 am
basketball games, and that we have a culture that people are into more than just winning. i'm real happy. and i think i have learned over the years i don't know if the way we do it works in many other places. so yes. so it seems very simple to me right now. >> right now. deposition just say right now? >> he left that door open didn't he? >> he left that door open. , we allot to have jay wright walk through that door. >> then it wouldn't be a surprise. >> that's true. >> watching sports on got will soon be much easier. finds out which leagues are partnering with yahoo and other on line services so you can watch the game while you're on the the go. >> new jersey chris christie among the most disappoint willing lied ers in the world? one magazine thinks so. we'll tell you why. find fantasy shows.
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>> of watch a football game, hockey game or whatever on your phone? >> i've tried. >> i have too. well it, will happen in a much easier way, according to lauren. >> so should i just tweet about it? >> okay, well, we all have expensive cable bills, flight. >> right. >> we are looking for ways to cut the cord, decrease the monthly bills a loft us keep cable because we love espn, all of the sport stations out, there now, seeing more sports, live stream. mean, digitally you can watch what is going on on the big screen. yahoo sport, will live stream 1mlb game a day this season, so 180 in total. and twitter will also live stream ten thursday night nfl games. >> hey, lauren? >> football and baseball increase inningly streaming. >> do they just give you like 152nd of each game?
7:24 am
>> no, the whole thing. >> twitter? >> the whole thing, okay. >> the whole thing. >> get new users in, and engaged, and yahoo needs money, clearly, and it is free for us to live stream, but they can charge the advertisers, who want all of those sport fans eyeballs, so they can charge the advertisers monday. >> i well, thanks a lot lauren for about the g us out of business, out after job here in television. >> no, her house, too, then. >> i don't think cable is going anywhere. so the sports here, live streams, are free, but not everything you want, it is some games. but say you have the stars app or show time on demand, and spending $9 a month, $15 a month, whatever. it all adds up. might as well just keep cable, right? >> more to that story. let's move on to the biggest starbucks store i've ever heard of. where is it? >> right here in new york, two years time. okay, think ninth and ' 15th street.
7:25 am
what's that, chilly/meat packing, really cool down there. starbucks going rosary, two floors, 20,000 square feet, biggest, like wine tasting, you coffee taste, you can talk to the barista. why are they doing this in new york? i think i glow why? >> saw guys been to new york recently? up might have seen it in philly too. always small real cool coffee shops popping up. >> true. >> think coffee, blue bottle. >> cool. >> have to stay fresh again. >> get there, hang out. tighten your little laptop, ipad. >> like chatting people up. >> i went to starbucks yesterday for the first time in a while, i got their new drink. >> oh? >> carmel honey latte. >> oh,. >> it sounds discussingly sweet. i loved it. >> was it really sweet? >> just the right amount of sweet t wasn't too sweet. >> you know what? that's what i call alex, carmel hon. >> i oh, too sweet. >> carmel honey. even better.
7:26 am
>> did you go to the one, the starbucks at 47th and sixth, attached to a hockey store? >> yes, dow. >> i love that plows. >> kind of weirds. >> you love that one? i don't like that one. >> you don't like it? all of the hockey stuff. >> no. >> okay. >> do you even watch who canny? >> i love hockey. >> never open on time. >> that's another thing. >> supposed to open at 6:00. and they don't have coffee ready at 6:00 many we'll on tight schedule over here. >> no time to wait. >> i used to run over there in the commercial break. >> how long were the commercial breaks that could you run over and get coffee. >> literally across the street. bye, lauren, see you tomorrow. is it a turning point in the political race for the white house, hear how some last night result in the wisconsin making little bit after game changer for at least one of the candidates. >> plus, colleger basketball history last night. uconn wins it fourth straight title. >> no kidding? >> not everyone thinks it is good support sport. is this really killing basketball?
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>> good for coach gino from norristown pa. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> i think amy assume is her funny and quite attractive. but she is nothing laughing about her latest magazine
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cover. what has her lashing out at glamour magazine. and, a high speed chase, would have turned deadly, if it wasn't for some hero irk officers. what they did the moments right after the crash to come to the rest cue. >> well, it is clock 30, and the frontrunners for both parties in the race for the white house, they hit bump in the road in wisconsin, for democrats been i sanders got 57% of the vote beating out hillary clinton. for the republicans ted cruz, he scored another victory over dawn, cruz says last night's victory has noun changed the race. >> to the people of america, we have a choice. a real choice. >> joining with us their take on the wisconsin primary joe difelice, philadelphia director republican party of
7:31 am
pennsylvania, and democratic strategies, mike and bronstein. so i start with you, joe, would you agree with ted cruz, this is a turning point? >> i look more a little bump in the road for the frontrunner, mine, i was able to score decent amount of delegates, trump still able to gratz three, with you with new york looming on the horizon, nor'easter primaries april 26, think it looks like a bump. we'll continue the way we stand. >> cruz hasn't had this big after win since iowa. would you agree this is turning point, mike. >> i do believe it is a turning point, i think ted cruz has probably run the best funds mental campaign on the republican side. in wisconsin, reps, real turning point. and i think that we will look back at wisconsin, and specially with potentially broker convention, and say that wisconsin may have we well been a turning point in this race. so, i think that it really does kind of change the dynamics of the race, drum company not get to the delegate count that he needs, and we may very well wind up with broker convention here. >> lets that's talk about the convention, joe, you said, just bump in the road.
7:32 am
this bump might lead us to contested convention. >> that's what the democrats would love. right? that's what the democrats want. they want to see us fight with each other. realistically we have new york, next week, and we have the nor'easter primaries. we have a lot going on over the next couple of weeks, really be able to determine what the outcome of this race is. >> wait a minute joe. when you say that's what the democrats will love fighting with each other, sounds like you already did you see trump's press release? according to his press release, he said some things called out lion's head cruz, red in part, he with stood the onslaught of the establishment yet again. lions had the governor of wisconsin, and entire party behind him. >> what do you have to say about that, joe? >> i mean, that is interesting race. it is definitely fuel our registrations here in philadelphia. we registered tens of thousands every new registration cents southeastern pennsylvania alone, so people are interested in in what republicans have to say, show more they don't trust hillary clinton they don't want bernie sanders to be their next president, more people joining the republicans party.
7:33 am
>> let's turn and talk about sanders, 'd lot to say last night about momentum. >> with our victory tonight, in wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries. >> and we have won almost all every them with overwhelming landslide numbers. >> so, michael, would you agree, would you say he has that momentum that he needs? >> i think he's captured some of the heart of the democratic party, reality is that the math just does not work for bernie sanders campaign. so there is a lot of inside the party, certainly, amongst many people who are clinton supporters, who are wondering why bernie sanders is still sticking around, but i think that this is only going to last kim of more weeks, won't see the type of antics we see on the republicans side, and we will see much more traditional outcome on the democratic side, this time
7:34 am
around. >> when you say couple more weeks, of course, primary here in pennsylvania is going to be at the end of april. and both candidate, they are in pennsylvania today. how important is pennsylvania to them? >> pennsylvania is extremely important. and the fact that they've changed their travel schedules, their ' out campaigning in pennsylvania, i don't think anybody would have thought the democratic primary was going to make it to pennsylvania and the fact that it has, just goes to show you, how contested this primary season has been i -- i think ultimately pennsylvania could be the end of the sang he is campaign, when we look back at that, it could be one of this is moments. but very interesting race. i know democrats are very excited about both candidate. i think bodes well for the party. >> thank you so much, michael. thank you joe. of course we'll keep you you updated on hillary clinton will be speak nearing philly at around 11:00 a.m. then bernie sanders will be speaking little later this evening. so stay tuned for the laters new for recaps of that. coming up on clock 35.
7:35 am
sue in. >> rare siting of bus stop budd nay sixers cam. they went into double digit wins last night. see how much else he has on? the winter coat, the mittens and the sunglasses, because it is bright out there. temperatures range from the teens in the mountains to the 30's and in a few places, but mostly still in the 20's, that's why we had this freeze washing continuing until 9:00. right now it is 31 degrees, but it feels like 25 despite the bright sunshine in the city right now other temperatures, 22 allentown and pottstown, 23 lancaster, and wrightstown, 32 in wilmington and 28 degrees in wildwood. yesterday, felt like february out there, with a high of only 45 degrees. today we will beat that bit with a high of 55. so not quite as cold. then tonight, the rain rolls in, probably watch midnight, with a low of 45 degrees. at least it will only be rain. we will talk about the rest of the seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly, what's up? >> good morning, sue be, and everybody, 7:35, on this thursday.
7:36 am
what, wednesday morning. just got alert, scared you there, didn'ty? just got alert from septa medical emergency on the market frankford line. at the 46th and 52nd street stations, all passengers neared to boards on the eastbound side. look at this jammo from are from 995 all the way through center city, over to the schuylkill expressway because of earlier accident even back up offer the ben my downtown, then on the opposite side, if you're contractor gets to the house, doesn't have the sheet rock, sends them back to the ramps for the vine street expressway. sheet rock all over the ramp from the vine street expressway to go north on i-95, somebody didn't tie it down tight enough, win off the curve, west on the schuylkill, accident neutral conshy, also dealing with some sun glare coming around your conshy curve for the morning rush hour. then an accident north on 259 tying us up out of south
7:37 am
jersey, back to you. >> footage of bob kelly, let's go to that now. here he is. cruising along. going little too fast. >> going really fast. >> where did you come in from? >> i was up there in the valley hill road. oh. oh, no. >> that's not good. that's why i was late. footage whether we come back. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing,
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higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ >> wow,. >> officers, the guy thrown from the car. and into a ditch. >> yep. >> whether police got to him, he had no pulls, was struggling to breathe, officers performed cpr on him and got the man breathing again before emt's arrived. he was then returned to the hospital, and guess what? he's going to be fine. >> thank goodness this were there to save his life. >> there they are, emt's pulling up. >> 7:40, so new jersey resident have been fed up with governor chris christie over the past if you month, and the
7:41 am
world is starting to take in the. this is according to fortune. >> fortune magazine. >> fortune magazine, that's. >> so they have a list of the 19 most disappointing worlds leaders, the list ranks political leaders spent the last year or so getting bad press. christie makes the list for his surprise support of presidential support donald trump. and for his own presidential run. >> look at him staring at his hair, wow, that's weirds. >> rather in new jersey. >> goes both waits, his hair goes both ways. >> other names on the list include disgraced fifa head seth from bladder, that's the best name. my name is except bladder. >> why would you want that miami? can only man what they said to him when he was in like grade school. >> how is your blooder? how's bladder? also on that list, march ace mayor from yahoo fame. and michigan governor rick
7:42 am
snyder the way he dealt with the water i shall new flint. >> 7:42. amy schumer lashing out, fine out why she is upset with the labels she has been given on the cover of glamour magazine. vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference.
7:43 am
in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> started from the bottom and my whole team's people. started from the bottom now i'm here. started from the bottom now my whole team's here. started from the bottom now i'm here. started from the bottom now my whole team's here. >> ♪ >> living with my month. i try to get it on my own. working all night. traffic all the way home. then my uncle calling me where are you at? >> so great. >> so great. >> what we're doing is playing memories of the last 20 years of this program. >> that's not the only drake song you know. but you can't sing that one. no, you can't do it. >> i just want some. >> okay, we'll keep moving. so funny, mike. >> high, bob kelly. >> why were you eating pizza though? >> how old was that pizza? where it that go. >> actually i just walk top some women walking back to work. >> pizza forlorn snatch. >> you stole it? >> ya. >> oh, always some fun out front here at fourth and
7:46 am
market. good morning, everybody, trying to get into fourth and market. we have some jammos, 422, some sun glare, and backups as you work your way in toward king of prussia. look at this back up. jammo coming into downtown. off of i95, the vine expressway, bumper to bumper all the way over, all because of earlier accident on the schuylkill. septa, has a medical emergency on market frankford line. so at both the 46 and 52nd street stations, all passengers need to board on the eastbound sides. some delays at the conshy curve, sun glare smacking you in the in the forehead. north on 295, watch for an accident approaching the 42 freeway. so far so good coming up and over the bridges. will we have rain? for the parade on friday? sue's got the answer in 152nd.
7:47 am
>> sue, look at this. >> nice. >> you know who took that? >> alyssa. >> that's right. our al list a but it wasn't just in philly, mike. >> wait for. >> this we'll show you another rainbow that might top it. >> we're done. >> i can sing a rainbow. >> but i won't now. more rain coming, and that's going to happen tomorrow. high pressure our weather maker today. yes, cold high pressure though, you know it is still cold outside if you haven't walked out the door. don't let the sunshine deceive you. don't expect this rain to arrive until late late tonight. freeze warning still in effect right now until 9:00. for most of our temperatures still in the 20's, have bee gone into the 30's in dover, wilmington, in philadelphia, now reached whopping 30 degrees in wildwood. >> we don't need to show you the win chill map.
7:48 am
real temperatures are cold, enough. so we went, this is our roller coaster ride. zero eight last friday, 47 on sunday. six a monday, 45 yesterday. tomorrow, 52. rain for thursday, could sneak in to friday morning, but mike and alex it, does look like it will be dry for the parade on friday, cold over the weekend, phillies look good for monday. >> parade at 1:00. that might top alyssa's rainbow. >> might be the best rainbow ever. >> the washington monday ooh minute. >> wow. >> wow. >> i could just stare at that. >> you know what's at the end of the rainbow? pot of gold. maybe goal end trophy. congratulates toss norristown's own gino orie in. a, coach of the uconn huskies. >> he knows about winning. >> for sure. >> and over and over and over,
7:49 am
and over, six in ten years, huskies won their fourth straight national championship beating syracuse, wasn't even close, they are the first women's team ever to win four championships in a row. and last night's win was their 75th, in a row that they won. each of those in double king glitz because gino is native of tours town, now has 11 national titles passing judged won i had end men's or women. husband key so good, some say they're casino of rank the sport, you know, entering the tournament they're going to win. >> that's one guy's opinion of that but shares by -- >> a lot of people, ya. >> they didn't say that, well, i guess they did in the 60s when john wooden won all of those in a row. >> give somebody's chance. >> everybody would go to that
7:50 am
one. anybody that was really good would all go to ucla. any woman really good they'll go tonight con. they used to go to tennessee, now they're all going to uconn. >> keeps it going. >> the best players go to uconn. plus,'s good coach. usually it is considered an honor to be the start after fashion magazine, maybe get cover. >> even a mention. >> bye that's not the case this time for amy schumer, in fact, not happy at all with the way glamor magazine portraying him. now the magazine is saying okay we're sorry. so lauren (are they saying sorry to aimy? she is upset about her latest mention, her name a periods on special edition aimed at women's size 12 and up. alongside the names of actress melissa mccarthy and singer adele. schumer's on line plus sides compared between a 16. she is between a six and a eight. she said thanks to your thought to the people who
7:51 am
didn't tell me how i should feel. bottom line these labels are unnecessary, and reserved for women hashtag much love. glamour magazine he had ton happen chief, posting to be clear, size six to eight is not plus, even ten to 12, still smaller of american women. glamour in all sides, so sorry if the manically kay was otherwise. most upset because glamour didn't ask for her permission to be in that issue. but get this, she says, she hasn't really responded yet to the social media apology. >> well, maybe they had a phonecall or sent an email? instead of doing it in twitter. you're right. should at least respond publicly. >> why does she fine this so offensive. >> size some may say it is a sense to be considered -- >> plus side? kind whatever she is saying? >> just first of all i don't think it really matters.
7:52 am
>> yes. >> no. >> shouldn't be labels period. >> right. >> we're all women. >> i was reading something how women are so hard on other women. >> right. >> get over it. >> i bet that you plus side monday core came from a man. >> right. >> originally. >> i think. >> i think, i just think women are caddy sometimes for no reason. >> true. something we all got to stop. >> they're all models. let's leave it at that. it is like everybody should be an actor. hey, thanks, lauren. >> your welcome. >> a little girl breaks a big story about murder in her neighborhood. look at her. but locals are now criticizing her coverage watch they say she should be doing instead of crime fighting. >> macho macho man. >> why is she sing that? because we found a study, can be ac macho man be bad for you in the love department? >> oh,. >> how a new study says highers testosterone can hurt
7:53 am
men, in the sack. i mean the bed.
7:54 am
this change in attitude brought to you by escape to margaritaville, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. featuring a second chance trip to the fabulous margaritaville beach resort in hollywood beach, florida. the ultimate paradise getaway, offering relaxation, entertainment and adventure. incredible dining and more. escape to margaritaville.
7:55 am
paradise could be yours in an instant. keep on scratchin'
7:56 am
>> hi, preston and steve. >> may, guys. >> welcome back from vacation. listen to this study that i found. macho man, such as yourselves, are bad at pillow talk. new study finds that people with higher levels of testosterone, like you two, are not as chatty after sex, you guys have a tendency to fall asleep. >> i don't know. i chat in lou of sex, because i really don't do it well. so i try to distract the conversation. >> sure. >> there is no pell owe -- pillow talk. we have three kids in our house,ing it like bang, and then separate them then we get back to work, that's pretty much it. >> i know, you know what? what is your pillow talk? what do you talk about? >> i thought guys didn't even like pillow talk. >> we don't. but we ever want sex again, we cuddle with you and pretends
7:57 am
to enjoy the conversation, right, preston? >> well, there is, yes, there is a little built of give and take in that regard. you need to be planning down the road, so absolutely. >> i talk to the pillow when i want to get romantic with the pillow, that's another whole thing though, right? >> oh, my. >> i think it is discusting but works. >> is pillow talk just a conversation that you have afterward or is it i love you so much, moo moo. >> well, little mushy isn't it? little emotional. >> alex, what do you like to hear after physical -- >> i don't do those thing, what do you mean? >> you don't talk? >> she removes the tape. >> oh, oh, my gosh. >> i would i would think a woman in that situation would, look, laughing already, would want you to oh, kid al little bit. you don't have to talk,
7:58 am
cuddle. >> how wonderful the woman. >> i would rather new my arm off. >> what, get up, get a sandwich or something? >> yes. but i mean the cuddling thing, i don't get. why do we need to have more bod boy body contact when we just did that. >> oh, my gosh. it is soft softer. >> that's discusting, discusting, and you want more of it? now, you know what? we end up laughing and joking and, i know do you that with your wife, dow that with your wife. and that is the best when you can just have fun and the classic doris day rock hudson pillow talk stuff bs. >> i mullet err to myself as i go to another room to sleep. >> because you're by yourself? >> because i'm by myself. i pillow talk with myself. kathy, i know what you like. >> tell me, because i think you'll be surprised. >> , no what about you? do you want to talk? >> no, i don't need pillow talk.
7:59 am
i don't need it at all. good bye. good night. >> good bye? >> your money is on the bureau, take it and leave. >> good bye, my husband is coming home. >> oh, look at that. >> before we go though, we have to say thank to you steve. because steve, oh, my goodness, the fact you came out for 20 hour broadcast. >> so much fun. >> good amount of time? >> i did, couple of hours cents it was great, you guys were streaming for 20 hours straight it, phenominal job. matt cords as well, your celebration still going on being correct? >> full month, awe through april special guest. so thank you for acknowledge that. >> yes. >> congratulations. >> how long have you two been working together? >> probably 20 years. close to it. yes. eighteen years. >> same deal. >> wow. >> so it has been a while. so we're in that ballpark, and it is a loft fun, though, of course action the golden years are now with you two. >> that's right. >> congratulations. >> golden years. >> april got a few hours left. >> see you next week. good day everybody, april the
8:00 am
six, 2016. >> roll it. >> live from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> celebrating 20 years. >> the boys are back in town, boys are back in town, the games are oh, but the celebrations are not. >> no one deserves a national championship more than our fans. >> it may benefit the city of philadelphia actually. little girl breaks a big story about a murder her neighborhood. what they say should be doing instead of following her reporter dreams. >> final two episodes, had will be the next and last?
8:01 am
>> good day philadelphia, selling bathing 20 years. what today's surprise guest, our biggest one yet? >> open this door. >> ♪ >> are they blocking -- locking you snout. >> decided to lock the door. >> national twinkie day. thanks, bob. even thaw i like the tastycakes. >> sure. >> it is twinkie day. >> did you find the dream filling, mike? >> not hard to find. >> jam packed. >> i like a good twinkie. >> yes. >> it was my name in high school. >> really? >> why? >> well, can't get into it. >> you were spongy?
8:02 am
>> spongy. all right. please, let's segway awkwardly to the number of day. six out every ten, bus stop buddy really bundled up, because temperatures range from the teens, through the 30's, this morning. you need your gloves, the winter coat, look at the sixers cap there. they won last night. freeze warnings still in effect until 9:00 this morning. for those cold temperatures here in philadelphia, to up 35 degrees now, wean don't have much after breeze, what's it feel like too, 20's allentown, pottstown, trenton, 34 in wildwood, 34 in wilmington, so getting little better out there. after 45 degrees yesterday, when we should have been at 60, today, five not quite as combed. tonight low in the 40's, rain rolling in probably after midnight. that's your foxcast, we talk about the parade forecast, bob kelly, in just a few. >> big parade will be a part that far on friday. here in philadelphia, 8:02, good morning, everybody, live look at i-95 bumper to bumper
8:03 am
northeast philly headed south down in toward girard. the construction squeeze here, between girard and downtown, backed up on the benny, coming out of south jersey here, up and over the benny from the tolls into downtown philly. >> this all got started because of an earlier accident on the vine street expressway ramps to the schuylkill. that accident is gone. but like a domino effect it is rolling traffic back into new jersey. now, for the gang who uses the market frank for lined, the 46 and 52nd street stations, those passengers need to board on the eastbound side, because after medical emergency. we had earlier accident, west on the schuylkill, at conshy, this morning, now, dealing with sun glare, coming around the curve eastbound, and no problems at the airport, mike and alex, back to you. >> 8: 03. >> bernie sanders won the primary, fish finishing ahead of hillary clinton. now try to win over voters in philadelphia, both going to be in town today. the former first laidly address the pennsylvania afl-cio convention later this
8:04 am
morning at the sheraton hotel downtown, and bernie sanders, church at south broad street later this evening will be at temple at the liacouras center doors open 5:00 p.m. >> republican side, senator dez crud is projected winner. pulling out ahead, he beat donald trump. ted cruz had been hoping to slow down the frontrunners momentum. and he got what he wished for. now, onto new york state. where voters will hit the polls on april the 19th. nova. >> nova. >> nova. >> nation. >> nova. >> nation. >> we love you, novanation. >> and we will have parade on friday, steve has the details near city hall, steve? >> well, mike, jfk boulevard is named after that president from the early 60s, and back before there was love park, it
8:05 am
was called jfk plaza, and let me show you some pictures of jfk plaza known back in april of 1985, look at this, cool breezy, ticker tape blowing around with a crowd size of about 100,000 celebrating the first villanova ncaa title parade through center city for those of house are around here then, and senator ed pinkney probably the best known of the players, well known trophy bye-bye now, jay wright, holding it up right now. they'll have another parade here. will end up before the love start ooh is now as we company back to live picture, what's called dilworth park. five block long parade, and here is mayor jim kenney talking more about it. >> awful lot of suburbanites coming in on the regional rail, probably spending most of the day in philadelphia, having lunch, dinner, and drinks, and, you know, and parking or driving in on the train. so, we're look a regional city. we're the biggest city in the southeast region. and they are all our citizens
8:06 am
in some way. villanova has rigorous academic program. all every those young men and women in the women's program and all of the athletes have to maintain their grades to be eligible. so i give them a lot of credit for a lot of hard work. >> and the mayor pointed out villanova i can being up estimated $15,000 of the total 22,000 estimated cost, and police, and trash pick up and so for the after a parade. if you can't be here, you can be there, by warning our live coverage of it either on line or on the air at 1:00 friday. mike and alex, putting in another long friday. mike this will make two consecutive weeks we will put off our every friday afternoon guys day out bass fishing together on the mullica river. bad news for us, but good news for the bass, good news for the bass i guess. so you two friday's, from no. >> see you then, really wonderful tradition, the last ten years now. >> sick of me because it is two weekends in a row, two
8:07 am
friday's in a row where you have had to put up with me for longer hours. >> somehow i'll get through it? a nine year old girl the target of nasty on line compliment. >> people are telling hershey should be playing with dolls and having tea parties, not running an on line news site and reporting on murders. >> lauren, explain, please. >> so the little girl's newspaper started out as family newspaper. written in crayon. but then she gained some confidence, now the nine year old from pennsylvania is reporting on bigger issues. her name is hilda kate, she along with her family runs a website, orange street news. com. sam saturday the young journalist got a tip. murder stilling grief snyder county about 150 miles northwest of philadelphia. so went to the scene, gather the information, the details, then posted the story. soon after here come the neck comment of people questioning her parent, for letting her gather gruesome news.
8:08 am
>> i'm discussed that thinks real derelict right after a tea party. nine year old girls should be playing with dolls, not trying to be reporters. i know several of you want me to sit down and be quiet because i am nine. but if you want me to stop offering news, then if you, there, is that enough for you? i'm hilda. >> heard that shoe she said she will continue to report the news and when asked if she has a follow up story in the works, like any good journalist, mike and alex, guess what she said? >> what? >> stay tuned. >> stay tuned. >> and can't reveal her sourcings. >> leave the kid alone. >> let her do what she mantes. make she doesn't like tea or dolls.
8:09 am
>> right. >> if this is what she wants to do, pretty cool she is getting started, and will take one of our jobs one day. >> no question, tell her we have a chair right here waiting for her. well, same size. >> thanks, mike. >> sure. >> don't label me. amy schumer says glamour magazine is labeling her as a plus size mod nel their special edition issue. why does she have trouble with that? we'll talk about it, but first. >> great food for great cause. why dining out for life is specially important to people in philadelphia. and do you smell that, mike? >> it is coming up few days from now.
8:10 am
fact. there's an advil specially made for fast relief that goes to work in minutes. the only advil with a rapid release formula for rapid relief of tough pain. look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil.
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8:12 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> big parade in town on friday, novanation, it looks like we will keep the rain away, there may be little bit in the morning. but i think we'll have mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. you will need a jacket, though, temperatures will be in the four's, at the start of the parade. upper 40's, and inching into the lower 50's, by the time all is said and done, but, it should be at least the way it
8:13 am
looks now, pretty decent weather, we don't have any precipitation to show you on radar, freeze warning does continue until 9:00. here's your seven day forecast, with 55 degrees, today, 52 tomorrow, and some rain, it will at least be miler, we cool down again, a we showed you on friday. saturday could be interesting in the morning. north and wets of the city we could see little wintery mix, but for most of it is will just be rain. sunday, it is chilly with high of only 49. but it does get milder just in time for the phillies home opener on monday, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 8:13, on this wednesday, sun glare causing a jam on the schuylkill, coming toward our camera, that's eastbound, comber to bumper from the conshy curve pretty much all the way into downtown. pack your patience go, for the jumbo dunkin coffee, ben franklin backed up from the to the into downtown at eighth and vine. get ready for lunch time, guess who is coming for lunch. little hill is coming to town today speaking at the
8:14 am
sheraton. right here in center city at 17th and race. that will event starting at 11:15, so that's right off the vine expressway. motorcade madness. and then later on for dinner, bernie sanders is in town. 's going to be speaking at the liacouras center on the campus every temple university, so traffic jam this afternoon along broad street around the 8:00 appearance, mike and alex back to you. >> if you want to see the biggest bake potato in your life, haj around. >> more than a potato. if you opportunity eat great food while helping a great cause, pay pay attention, dining out for life. >> annual fund raising event helps to raise much needed money for aids service organizations likings aids. and in case you're not familiar with the work they do, here is a look. >> today action aids serves more than 5,000 individuals, every year. our focus is on removing barriers to care, including homelessness, or risk of homelessness, poverty, hunger,
8:15 am
isolation, and stigma. the most significant barrier we face is the false belief that hiv is over, and that treatments for the disease are easily accessible. we provide health system navigation, medical case management, housing assistance, and support to our clients. we work to develop relationships, that allow us to identify and remove potential barriers. we build healthy relationships, one at a time, with attention to detail and compassion. in the history of hiv, there has never been a time that has held more hope and promise, with proper care, people living with hiv can realistically expect to achieve the goal of an undetectable viral load in a normal life expectancy. >> and so we have kevin burns here. you were speaking. >> high. >> then we have chef jeff here, right.
8:16 am
>> and from yard. >> so, the great thing about this event, in this video it, shows all of the things, the great things that action aids does here, paid for in big part with dining out for life. >> absolutely, biggest fund raiser, than fundraiser raises $200,000 every year. >> what? >> which really fills the gap for us, unrestricted monday that i funding for service. >> what's the deal in philadelphia? what is the rated? how many people have hiv? >> yes, about four times the national average. >> any reason why? >> i think it is about how we're doing outreach. and the city has shows coming up, outreach, to end getting people tested for hiv. so the number has come down, so making some progress, just have to keep at it. >> and because of the work that you guys are doing. >> absolutely. >> well you need money for that research, something like, that so let's make money on april 13th? >> ape 13th. get two together. and that evening, restaurant give us 33% whatever they bring in in food.
8:17 am
>> where the heck? what building can handle 200 restaurants, where have youing this this thing? >> at 200 different restaurant throughout the city. >> no wondered,. >> what do you think? do we have to say anything? off the top they take everything? >> absolutely. >> all right, let's get to the biggest baked potato i've ever seen. the size of my head. look at that thing. is that from butcher and singer? >> yep, making our stuffed hash browns here. >> you guys are known for hash browns. >> one of the signatures. so we start with a man dough lynn here. yes, very careful f you are doing this at home definitely use the guard. because you don't want to lose some fingers, that's what we get right here, nice shredded potatoes. put those in lemon water, so they don't objection died on you. take our bake potato here. say we cook it, chilled it, then diced it, and we add that to the bowl. other ingredient for the stuff, onions that we lightly sauted. some sour cream. >> that's the part that's a surprise. >> right.
8:18 am
>> little bit of salt. >> of course some pepper. >> and this is real certainly, basic, potato salad. soy we will mick that up. >> then you mix that with the thing -- >> what we do, add our butter to pan of about medium high heat. we will an ad some of the shredded potatoes, want to put those around. >> that looks good. >> so like potatoes on top of potatoes. >> perfect for a steak house. >> can't get enough of potatoes. >> take more filling. >> what you have one potato two potatoes, three poe tate. >> one, two, three. >> so you can remember the recipe. >> thank you. >> you know we have that all filled up. top it with more of the shredded potatoes. >> why wouldn't you? >> it doesn't look as beautiful as these yet, as it is cooking, you just kind of keep going like this putting down. >> jeff do you bake that. >> do it in a fry pan just
8:19 am
like this, medium high heat. will take eight to men oints on each side. >> pretty thick. how do you make sure it is cooked all the way through. >> little testers, we can put in, there make sure the ton and center, where the what the fin problem looks like, 20 minute process, like to do it slow and comes out all right. then weep heat it up for you guys for service. >> here it the thing, if i ask to brit catsup to the table? >> well, think, if you are using using it for your hear breaking absolutely catsup. it is for your steak, you will get a look. >> we actually do have special beer for action aid, action ipa. it will be vein at all of these restaurant doing dining out. for the whole month of april. >> gentlemen. >> we did special beer, playing around with our made a special hoppyipa. >> and the other one. >> there go. >> beautiful. >> that's what we're serving. >> i like my beer to be hop i.
8:20 am
>> absolutely. >> okay, thanks. i go guess we'll see you april the 14th, two different websites. >> go to www.dining out for or fast philly. >> that simple. >> thanks. keep us updated who hopes you beat last year's numbers. >> twenty coming up at 9:00 under fire gags catching heat for this ad, by the company is apologizing this morning. >> wait. what's wrong with that. >> more clothing controversy if. >> i've had it. >> we know it can be expect i have. but what baseball stadium has the price yes, sir beer in the country? save your pennies, we will tell you what citizens bank park is on this list. if you know, then hope em opener next week. >> i guess we're in the top five, most expensive beers.
8:21 am
8:22 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:23 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
8:24 am
>> good day philadelphia, we're going to try to have a surprise guest come through that door every day or some door in the delaware val. >> i there will be a loft doors involved. here is the thing, big guest to yes? >> we have a hint. >> yes? >> he's the greatest. >> yes. >> baseball season is underway. but, going to the game is going to cost you, especially, if you want a beer and of course we do. >> so we will look at the most expensive beers, atlanta braves, 7.25. >> four, minnesota twins, seven-point ooh. >> okay? >> number three, the phillies. >> i knew we would be in the top five. >> 7.75. >> tied with chicago cubs at 7.75. and boston at seven opinion 75. >> does that mean we have basically the most expensive then? expense sniff. >> like i said, we're not number three. >> we're number one. we're number one again. >> we will be thinking about that on monday. >> in the hearts and minds every philly fans. playing again tonight. cincinnati of course.
8:25 am
>> i want wait for them to come home. last year perfect, 80 degrees, so blue skies, and sun was out. >> yes. >> man. >> that green grass he? of the crowd. >> sue has the seven day forecast coming up for monday, looks december accident she said miles. >> yes. >> let me give you some more here, least expensive, los angeles, the angels. not the dodgers, the angels at 450. diamond backs arizona, four bucks, cleveland, who want to go to a game in cleveland. >> beer is cheap, it is four bucks. >> all right then. do you know what? this is national popcorn day. not just any popcorn. it has to be carmel or carmel popcorn. >> i say carmel, you say car a mel. >> which one do you say, chris? >> who says caramel? really? you know all that talk of ballpark beer made me think what better flavor for the summer than that and popcorn?
8:26 am
ocean sit, not beach day but will be, this is staple. all of the national carmel popcorn day. going inside johnson's to make it four. they'll put me to work straight ahead, oh, it smells so good in there. vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference.
8:27 am
in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:28 am
8:29 am
amy schumer not happen which glamour magazine for including them had her plus size bonus usual ooh. why she said the issue could hurt young women. oh, come on. >> and the o.j. simpson verdict is in. again. >> it last night relived the g of the trial of the century, but did the episode get it right? we're going to separate fact from fiction. >> we'll check with one harvey levon of "tmz", he covered the
8:30 am
trial, beginning to ends. >> there is the kind of popcorn you eat when you are watching a movie, flight. >> butter i, salty kinds? >> ya, babe. >> i and then there is the popcorn that you eat when you're down the shore. >> right? >> oh, guys, here it is, the popcorn, carmel good stuff. >> so you guys air pop. >> yep. >> you're the air poppy? >> shell so good in here. you have three industrial size the air popper. >> yep. >> tell us about this. >> so, turn it into the poppers, everything pops out hot air. no oils popped with the product. >> so we can feel good about that. >> youth of the gate, already doing well. >> how many colonels do you throw in there for one batch?
8:31 am
>> couple of pounds. >> and you get thousands, right? it comes out here? >> comes out. >> can i make mention every something real quickly? these are huge colonels. these are huge. >> yes. >> since 1974. and we make sure that the crops that we're getting is that big. >> okay. >> so here, glenn, how are you, my man? >> send engaged by the way, and he bridges all of the popcorn to what, your future family, so this stuff smells so good. this is the carmel that is in these bins. this is butter, corn sore up, brown sugar, she did not know about. you can start mixing vug listly? >> you have to. >> there is no time to slow
8:32 am
down here. >> when do you stop? >> no more white. >> mix until no more white. >> this stuff is really hot. could you get really burned? >> yes, absolutely. >> have you ever been burned? >> yes. >> you have been? what happened? you burn a hand. >> or something gets in the way, a lot of safety issues that we take, a and a lot of safety training we do with everybody, to make sure it doesn't happen. >> you've been doing this since were you is years old. you grew up in this place. >> yep. >> once all mixed no more white showing. >> correct. >> you do what? >> move over here. >> tell me this is in big bin? >> big bin that we first, we have to cool our product. so this has been cooling. we made couple of watches this morning. >> so this is just metal. no sort of refrigeration or anything? >> no. >> just cooling bin. >> how long do you cool it? >> cool it, the temperature in here, gets real hot in here, five minutes, ten minutes, 15 minute. what they -- so this is cool. hotted stuff? >> correct.
8:33 am
>> lou dow know it is cooled. >> it will break up like this. >> then if you get one of these, you break it up, keep -- >> , no keep the cruster. >> people love the clusters, flight. >> they love them. what if i try to put this all in my mouth on national popcorn day? >> just go for it. give it a try. >> now what we will do is fill these tubs. actually giving you the way forename until carmel corn day today, stop, see us, we'll make one to you if you're not in the area. we know a lot of people love this stuff, or stop up and see us on the board walk. >> national popcorn day. >> your welcome. >> it must be good. >> sue? i don't know. maybe you didn't get this lesson. but i always thought never
8:34 am
talk with your mouthful? >> unless it is carmel popcorn. >> true. >> one exception. bus stop buddy, he's just smiling, even though it is really cold outside. our temperatures are in the 20's, 30's, with all of that sunshine, our freeze warning is still in effect until 9:00. looks beautiful out there. but it is only 35 degrees. feels like wintertime once again with temperatures 27 in allentown, pottstown, reading, 26 lancaster, 34 in wilmington. at least we end above freezing there in dover, and in wildwood, and we do expect to get to a high about 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. with a wintery 45 degrees yesterday. today, 55. and tonight, we will probably be down in the 40's, so when the precipitation arrives, it will be in the form of rain, showers, any time after midnight. we will tell you how long they'll last, coming up. bob kelly? >> great. you get the big tub of johnson's popcorn, and then you walk along the board walk, and it is overflowing.
8:35 am
seagulls all start circling around you, good stuff. >> 8:34, good morning, live look at the benny up and over into downtown. could you probably eat a whole tub of johnson's popcorn from the time you lever the toll plaza into center city. just stack and pack there accident even, route 29 interchange. dealing with sun grain working your way in toward the saint gabe's curve northbound lanes of the blue route, the same route that our villanova champions took yesterday. about a 43 minute trip from 95, all the way up, to conshohocken, and then south on 95, heavy from woodhaven into downtown, about a half hour delay there. mike and alex, back over to you. >> you better believe it, bob kelly, thank you. let me tell but this, bad news for janet jackson fans. >> she just announced her tour is cancelled. why she says it is for her health. >> well, delayed, let's say. she will be back.
8:36 am
8:37 am
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8:39 am
(so are you going to the janet jackson concert here in philly? >> apparently not. >> apparently not. delaying her unbreakable tour, in video post today her twitter account, she explains why she made the decision. >> there actually has been sudden change. i thought it was important that you be the first to know. my husband and i are planning our family. >> well, she's going to have a baby. >> she said that she needs to rest up, and the doctors orders. >> she didn't say she was pregnant though yet. >> she hasn't said that yet. >> but maybe she is.
8:40 am
>> oh, maybe she is, she wasn't ready to make that announcement just yet maybe. you need to wait a little bit, make sure everything is fine. >> these chairs make me craze. >> i why are you moving mine though? >> well, i have to move the balls on your chair. >> oh, okay. >> so you can get your room. >> yes, fit in there. >> okay. >> so jen has also told her fans she will continue the tour as soon as possible, see, she is pushing 50, so you got to be little careful now when you get impregnated. >> tours can be strenuous, traveling all the time, late hours. >> darn right. >> kevin hart. >> hilarious. >> he was in town, yes, actually still in town this morning. >> i hope this didn't happen if philly. everyone in philly should know kevin hart. >> was mistaken for another comedian, because all comedians look alike. >> yes, but he went along with it. >> here it is. >> yes, i am. >> okay. >> yes, i am, thank you, pleasure to meet you. >> you too. >> make sure to come to my show tonight. >> right.
8:41 am
>> called rock the world. >> yes, i am. >> what? >> he says these are the moment that keep me humble, yes, i bet. >> she really thought that he was chris rock, and the fact he said he will ' name the tour rock the worldment really? >> that's why i love that guy. he just went with it. >> that's true, and you said people mistake you for who all the time? >> george clooney or brad pitt i get. >> and do you go along with it? >> they ask me how is jamal. >> i just said fine, good kisser, ankle lean, a how are the kids? >> i get that all the time. >> yes ya? >> you know that jenn fred is in holly holly hollywood. >> she is. she is celebrating american idol. hey, jen, what time is it? about 5:30 in the morning? >> i get confused by heidi klume, you know, seal and i are divorced now, the kids are great.
8:42 am
hey, the three finalists, are they nervous? do they have reason to be nervous, and which one of them has a grandmom in doylestown? i'm going to tell in you just a few minutes. come on back, i have my hair and make up people out there. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box. colgate optic white toothbrush
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>> temperatures in the teens all morning long, finally end above freezing in philadelphia, only 34 in wilmington, 39 degrees in wildwood. so it is getting little bert. 55 degrees our high today. sixty-two, tomorrow, with some rain friday. rain gone. time for parade. i don't know jim leaving out the verbs, but 54 degrees on friday's, temperatures in the who's saturday, sunday, monday, the phillies home opener t looks pretty good. they'll start off little chilly in the morning, should make it to six off degrees. >> oh,. >> that's going to be a nice, nice day. >> yes, as long as the sun's out, i think we'll be fine. >> you know, the last week for american idol. we won't say american idol any more after this beak. >> so hard to say good-bye, though. well, tonight night one. they'll have 13th special two
8:46 am
night event to say good-bye. >> jen in is live no in los angeles, hey, jen. >> did you see the special last night? pretty cool, right? they showed simon, and, again, i'm still predict that simon will be here, on thursday, even though no one has any place to rule out the blue carpet for simon. let me tell how is going to be here, all of the judges, the current injuries, and obviously, randy jackson will be here, as well. but, tonight, the focus will be on the final three, and if you don't have a favorite yet, not that i can recommend one, there is one that loves doylestown. >> from doylestown, my dad's mom, don't get to see her because she lives so far away, hi, mimi. i'm happy where ever i end up at this point. i won't be disappointed when myself if i get -- i definately won't be disappointed if i win. so, i'm definitely at peace.
8:47 am
>> i see that you have the justin bieber vote. by that i mean the young ladies. they're on your team. >> i didn't know that. >> this is not the first time you have heard that. it actually is. you know, the songs that i pick, there is always that pressure to sing, you know, you sing, sing the ones doing this, you know, but -- >> the screen agers. >> that's t but i plan on making albumn after. >> this and i'm so glad that i picked songs that i do in my sets back home, because whenever i make that albumn, i'm not going to have to put it it out, oh, that's not anything what he is sing end on idol. who is that? if you like what i have song, you like me. >> what are you going to wear? are you thinking about outfits stuff? i won't ask you about performance, because i know you'll kill t outfit wise, what are you thinking? what do you want to show people? what haven't you showed us? >> i don't know, there is not much. i think it will be a really
8:48 am
formal night. you will see a lot of just sharp dressing, for the finale >> and multibles? you'll have five or six? >> maybe. >> all right. >> maybe. >> so who are you looking most forward to meeting people you haven't met? >> carrie underwood, i haven't met her yet. i am a huge fan. >> baseball bat in to your jeep ♪ >> i don't say i'm scared but that's something, right? >> i want everyone to know if philadelphia i'm not embarrassing anyone. >> tell them you're from cleveland. >> i have to say la poor shea rene had the percent personality, obviously, right? her hair, yes, i know, it was so hot here yesterday. it was like literally it was 91 degrees. but inside the dole bee theater, you know how this;
8:49 am
the tech i guys, they have to keep it at 37 degrees inside the building. >> that's right. >> i don't understand that. >> the lighting. >> that's why trent had on like some casino of i don't know what it was. like going to the arctic or something. >> hey jen. >> take a look where we are. >> where are you? >> holly would wood and highland, in hollywood. the el captain is behind us, this is mini set when the big shot come out. they take them over there. i'm traveling without a photographer, because you wouldn't give me one, mike jerrick, so i get to do stuff on the big set like i'm a big shot. >> say hi, jeff. >> hi, jeff. >> go to saint monica and dot steps, all of the celebrities do the stairs, the 167 stairs, you go up and down them. >> oh,. >> i'll do it, because run john canyon is closed. >> oh, it is, run john is closed? >> yes, they got water main break.
8:50 am
>> oh. too bad. celebrities don't run it. >> water main break, at run john canyon, it is a jammo. >> jammo in run john. jen, see you tomorrow. >> no, in a hour. >> oh, you're going to do another hit. >> we're not done with jen. >> what's it here? >> thirty-five. >> quite lovely. >> she makes us sick. >> serena williams isn't always a serious competitor. the tennis pro knows how to cut loose, un surpassing passerby. pretty funny. lottery numbers. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
8:51 am
developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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8:54 am
>> our birthday all month in april, somebody is trying to get in, let me just say this, this surprise guest, the greatest. >> yes? there is your hint. >> serena williams, showing her funny side no in a funny snap chat videos, teaches her followers how to twerk using unsuspecting volunteers. >> last one. >> that's t winds it down. >> teaching folks how to twerk. serena style. she is actually down in florida for the miami open tennis open.
8:55 am
but she did lose -- >> telling us all in the thighs? is that what she is trying to say. >> all in the thighs. >> all right. >> what's that on her arm. >> to listen to her ipad. don't have pockets when you're working out. >> i got it. >> so i don't know if you heard about this, whole country is watching, o.j. simpson verdict is in. >> again. >> last night, we re lived the end egg of the trial of the century but did this episode, the final episode, get it right? we're fact checking this morning. and one more time. let's talk about amy schumer. because people are weighing in, so to speak, on twitter. >> well, she is saying don't label me. she slam grabbed the magazine for including them in their plus sign bonus issue. why she says the decision could actually hurt young girls. >> come back for the 9:00 hour
8:56 am
when all heck breaks lose. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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8:59 am
>> good day. >> hey. >> great to see both of you. >> you look especially pretty today. >> thank you, is it my lilac shirt or my lipstick? >> i like lilac, but it is your nude lipstick, ya. >> hello. >> hey, thank you. >> like spring. >> thank you. >> all right. i'm going to put up a picture here. >> oh, of me? >> no. >> oh?
9:00 am
>> nervous. >> gap ad. >> oh,. >> why is the gap the clothing company apologizing, for that ad? >> hum. >> hand stand? >> if i had to guess, the little girl shunting doing that, on the right? >> oh, her? >> i don't know. that's a guess. >> she is pretty flexible. >> wow. >> look at that. >> adventure? i don't know. >> okay, we will talk about it. >> big honor. the knot the only one. >> is she a knock out or what? >> the five women being praised by variety magazine and their pour of women issue. >> you know i'm locked out here. can't work in these conditions. >> oh, we're having trouble. >> well, there


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