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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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a philly cop killed in the line of duty. the one thing lee did after the loss of his father that helped him become a hollywood mogul. >> the moment a news crew saves a man's live. your news is next.
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>> fox 29 news. >> right now the search for the guy who sucker punched a trolley driver behind the wheel. surveillancsurveillance camerase surprise attack the man leans in, hits the driver right in the head before running away. good evening, i'm iain. >> i'm dawn tim feature the reason behind the punch is stunning. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to that trolley driver. he's live at septa headquarters in center city tonight. dave? >> reporter: dawn, that trolley operator took quite a shot to the face, but he shook it off and he returned to work. tonight delaware county investigators and police here at septa are actively looking for the suspect after the sneak attack was caught on camera. >> i don't know the details of it. >> reporter: for the driver of
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septa's 101 trolley getting punched in the face by a passenger was a real shocker but he shook it off and returned to work. >> i'm fine. i'm great. >> reporter: surveillance video released by septa shows the attack unfold as the passenger made his way to the front of the trolley and then suddenly unloaded a punch to the driver's face as he pulled into the springfield mall stop on his way to media. >> unprovoked attack that was unnecessary. it appears to be irate passeng passengers in disagreement with the trolley operator. >> reporter: the trolley driver was stunned as he recovered from the shot to the face and called septa police to report the incident. septa officials were stunned when they found out why the passenger punched the driver. >> appears to be he's upset because he slept through this station stop and the average person would just simply say, i slept through my stop. i cross street and get on the next trolley going backwards. they get irate and once in a blue moon they as all the our operator. >> nobody deserves that the. >> suspect fleeing the trolley and running up this hill during
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the springfield mall to make his get away. passengers on the route 101 trolley were upset about the attack and the motive behind it. >> that's not the driver's responsibility. if he dosed off, well, that's on him. >> i don't think nobody should get punched in the face. you know just because, you know, it wasn't the driver's fault. >> reporter: septa officials meanwhile have a strong warning for riders about attacking septa personnel. >> we have almost 100% video and we'll get a good picture of the suspect. we'll download that video and get that picture out. >> you want to see this guy get caught? >> yes. you're okay? >> i'm okay. >> reporter: good to hear that. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: now septa actual has an initiative to drive down attacks on septa employees and those numbers are going down. but they could use your help tonight. if you recognize this guy you should call septa police. iain? >> dave, thank you. we're following breaking news tonight. the 76ers general manager has stepped down. howard eskin in the newsroom with details.
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howard i guess the process over. (laughter). >> i'm not trusting the process. now there's new process. always changes. sixers as we all know are a real mess. they started tanking the seasons when sam hinkie got to the sixers as the general manager in 2012 tonight i've confirmed from two team sources that hinkie had stepped down as the team's general manager. i had also been told he was going to be fired. i had heard he didn't want to share the power when the nba asked the sixers to bring jerry cole angelo who's chairman of operations. he had planned to hire a new gm. since sam hinkie has been here witness sixers they have a 47 47-195 record set many losing streak records over the last three years. the sixers under hinkie asked the fans to trust the process. well, the process was a joke and almost set a record this year for the worst record in the season. so to confirm, sam hinkie no longer with the 76ers as their
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general manager. no longer witness 76ers and now there's another report that former phoenix suns gm brian coangelo is the 76ers new general manager. they didn't waste any time. he is the son of jerry coangelo. i'll have more coming up in sports. the oh sixers and big game for the flyers. back to you guys. >> howard, thanks. on your radar tonight get ready for some rain it does not look like april out in center city tonight. most people wearing warm coats and layered up with sweatshirts. >> moving live to reading to night, it has been cold but at least we've stayed dry for the past few days but come tomorrow, that all changes. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking the rain and when exactly it starts to move in we'll be needing those em bum less tomorrow, kathy. >> absolutely but not the heavy coats. warming up but you pay the close much the rain moving close in the western part of the state and it will be moving very close very quickly. on our current temperature map you can see it's cold in the poconos, philadelphia 48 degrees
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and wrightstown 43. and in millville it is 47. so cold but not as cold as it's been the past several nights. the clouds roll in during the early morning hours and for the morning rush it should be mainly dry and the heavy rain moves in by the time we hit the lunch hour it will be pouring. coming up we'll talk more about the storm details which doin' conclude some rain and also some thunderstorms we'll prep you for the parade we have major changes coming in the forecast also some weekend rain and possible snow. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thank you. developing to night a young man shot and killed in the middle of the street. police in upper darby say a group of men got out of a car on atlantic avenue just after 4:00 this afte afternoon and opd fire. they then got back in the car and sped off. police tell us a man in his 20s who lives in that neighborhood was hit oh died at the scene right there in the street. my hope is that there had to be a lot of people that saw th this. we're hoping the people in the neighborhood come forward and tell us what we need to know.
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>> investigators are also hoping that surveillance cameras in that area show something. at this point, there are no arrests. skyfox over a serious accident in gloucester county. this evening. this is inter state 295 in logan township. a van carrying six people left the highway near mile marker 11 and flipped over. you can see the contents of that van scattered in the grassy area. police say two people are seriously injured. the other four had minor injuries. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. uber passenger who took the wheel from his driver is facing charges after crashing the car following a police chase. the wild ride started here in philadelphia. police say 20-year-old juan carlos hired an uber driver to take him to new york. on the way, the driver asked carlos to take the wheel so he could take a nap. police began chasing carlos for speeding and eventually he crashed. authorities say both men suffered minor injuries. temple university officials have had enough. the college says it's about to crack down big time on how to
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control party's and underaged drinking around the north philadelphia campus. fox 29's chris o'connell live on temple's campus tonight with what the university has in mind. chris? >> reporter: iain, it is a bold new step by temple university to try to curb underaged drinking, and the problems drinking have been reported on and off campus. >> it's just the drinking. >> reporter: right. >> leaving the debris. >> reporter: cornell vinnie doesn't have to look at a calendar to know it's the weekend. he just listens out his back door. >> they're hanging on roofs. they're out in the mill of the street and then when they go inside all the beer cans and beer bottles is outside. >> reporter: vinnie lives a couple blocks off of temple university's campus. he and and many others who live nearby say weekends at temple have become one big frat party. >> it's pretty loud, and it's filled with whole bunch of people like everybody. it's like everybody from around the neighborhood. like everybody that go to temple. >> reporter: trash loud music
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till all hours of the night and public urination some of the complaints from local residents. it's just the reasons why temple university is laying down new ground rules. >> because these houses are having parties every single weekend with hundreds of students and very loud noise and destructive behaviors. >> dean students stephanie ives tells us about phone about the new rules of student conduct. off campus renters could be find up to $1,500 for housing nuisance parties or giving alcohol to minors. students could also face an expulsion and teams of graduate students will be patrolling off campus housing on weekends looking for violators. the hope is to turn perceptions around. >> that to me would tell me our students are become more respect full, more responsible, understanding the impact of their behaviors and not feeling entitled to act as they please if there were no consequences. >> reporter: many students we spoke with say problems aren't that bad.
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>> this is a university and this caps at every campus like a part of it. >> i've been out on the streets and stuff. nothing bad really happens. it happens at every college like we're 20 years old we're just trying to have fun. >> reporter: and the university's relationship with the community is very important right now. since temple is planning to build a 35,000 seat football stadium right over my left shoulder. we can tell you those new alcohol policies go into effect starting tomorrow night. dawn? >> all right, thank you, chris. surveillance cameras capture a burglary attempt in bridesburg. two men pull up to the pantry one food market on torresdale avenue last week right in the middle of the night. they pry open the door and head straight for an atm. police say they planned to steal it but something went wrong. the thieves ran away empty handed. if you have any information or you recognize these guys give police a call. scary outburst of violence raising some puzzling questions. bullets and then police lights disrupt the night in philadelphia's logan neighborhood when a man is shot.
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the gunfire also ripped through a house full of people including four small children. the shooting victim is in the hospital tonight. whoever pull the trigger is still on the run. fox 29's brad sattin spoke to some neighbors who are pretty upset tonight. >> it sounded like firecrackers. >> reporter: they weren't firecrackers but gunshots at the tenth of tenth and wagner streets in logan section of philadelphia. eight shots fired, maybe more. two of them into this house. broken glass littering the land landing after bullet went through the are front door. a dozen people were eon in the house at the time. >> it's ridiculous. it's crazy. >> reporter: two of this woman's children were inside she asked not to be identified. police say among those in the house were four children under the age of six including a baby. police believe there was an intended target, a 24-year-old man arriving here from a restaurant when he was shot. police are not sure if the gunman was driving or walking by. >> i heard a couple little
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gunshots and i ain't -- i hear gunshots every day, so i ain't know somebody shooting in the air or not but then i came to the corner i seen somebody laying down. >> reporter: police say the man hit did not wait around for an ambulance. >> it turns out that this shooting victim ran about three blocks from where he was shot to einstein hospital. >> reporter: he was conscious after being shot twice in the right arm. but police still unsure of a motive say the victim is not cooperating. >> i came to check to see how everybody was doing. >> reporter: neighbors say gunfire in this area is not unusual, but this woman can't believe her friends home appears to have been a target. >> it is all family. don't bother nobody. we just sit out here all of us talking together walk past and say hi to nobody. brad sattin fox 29 news. police in montgomery county are in the on the hunt for a man who shot a convenience store worker. investigators say the man here shown on surveillance walked into the abington 7eleven early yesterday morning and pulled a gun on the worker. police say when the
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sketch-year-old employee tried to knock the gun out of the man's hands the gunman shot the worker and ran away. that worker now recovering in the hospital. you decide 2016. presidential candidates come to philadelphia democratic arrivals hillary clinton and bernie sanders both in town firing up crowds ahead of this month's presidential primary. clinton hold as substantial lead in the delegate count but sans has string of recent victories that keeps this a close contest. clinton spoke at a afl-cio meeting. she turned her attention to sanders. clinton says they agree on lot of issues but says sanders solutions are often unworkable, impractical and lacking specif specifics. >> it would be like negotiating a contract and you walk in and you say to the employer, we want a really good deal so do it. that's not the way i've ever seen it work. >> crowds lined up tonight wait
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to go again inside the liacouras center at temple university where a sanders rally just end ended. he explained to a rowdy crowd why he doesn't believe clinton is qualified to be president. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your super pac. >> tomorrow morning sanders will make his pitch to the afl-cio. >> it's supposed to be a place where neighborhood children can play and learn safely. but neighbors say the rec center in this area of west philadelphia is falling apart. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live there tonight and shawnette, now the community is trying to get it fixed. >> reporter: yeah, dawn. so the doors here closed at 6:00 and some say that will be a problem with summer coming. the kids here will be out on the streets. one man says, though, even when the center is open, the children are limited because of the condition the center is in. >> we got computers that we can't set up, because of the
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building. you see all the cracks in the wall coming down the wall. >> reporter: keith coleman is frustrated over the condition of the west mill creek rec center at 51 is the and parish street in west philly. he takes us inside of what he calls an empty run down building plagued with problems. >> in the bathroom we got cracks in the walls. got a refrigerator sitting hyped you. we can't put refreshments in it because the will he fridge freighter don't work. >> reporter: coleman is the president of the advisory council. neighborhood kids deserve bett better. >> they flush the toilet in the girl's bathroom, it comes up outside on the grass. report roar this room is like a storage closet with computers. kill ins for ceramics, floor mats even a piano coleman says there's no staff or programs for the kids. >> if you look around this place right here, there's no activities. >> reporter: outside, annal at the time tick fields and playgrounds. >> we have no swings for the bigger kids to play on. no swings. they got the poles and everything and the make up. they just put the sprinkler system in two years ago. and the sprinkler system don't
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even work. >> reporter: catherine ott level is a commissioner for the department of parks and recreation. >> we just have had, you know, a band-aid approach to fixing things. we fix them as best we can. >> reporter: she says many rec centers have similar problems. and says it comes down to money. >> we have a great skill trade team and operations team to do their best to fix the facilities but we haven't made the capital invest many we've needed to ma make. >> reporter: commissioner lovell says that mayor kenney's rebuild initiative could help centers like this. it would invest $500 million into parks and recs and libraries around the city but of course that 2017 budget along with the controversial soda tax still has to get through city council. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. ground-breaking ceremony is hell this morning at scene of deadly market street collapse. six people were killed on jun june 5th, 2013 when a building being demolished collapsed on to the salvation army thrift store. the mother of a victim says she and her husband learned that
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plans for parking lot were being discussed days after the collapse and them just could not let that happen. >> we were appalled and we vowed to do everything possible to make sure this site would only be developed as a living perpetual memorial to those who perished. >> the salvation army donated the land and committee was formed to raise the money needed to build and maintain the memorial park. new tonight, cash strapped atlantic city has avoided a government shut down. city council approving a move to pay city employees monthly instead of every two weeks sta starting this friday when the city will run out of money for three weeks. according to published reports officials say the new plan should allow the city to stretch funds until june once they receive their quarterly taxes. governor kris tee blasting mayor don guardian today for not supporting a state takeover of the resort town. >> more than a dozen people including a teacher, a schoolbus driver and a high school student facing child porn charges.
10:18 pm
authorities in new jersey say it's all the result of weeks of investigating. investigators say the evidence is both heartbreaking and disturbing. fox 29's karen hepp breaks down the investigation. >> reporter: massive child pornography bust netted 16 suspects in new jersey including a fifth grade teacher at the john's winslow elementary school in vineland. thomas guzzi, jr., charged with having child pornography on his personal computer. >> he was involved in drama productions, involving children at the school's drama club. >> reporter: he was also a stage manager here at the broadway theater in pitman. just today investigators announced they found a video of him hiding a computer tablet to record performers using a bathroom in one of the private areas of the very popular venue. also arrested in the joint raid by state and local authorities over the past few months, a bus driver from north jersey. >> who alleged woman view child
10:19 pm
pornography during his breaks. >> reporter: investigators call the sweep operation safeguard. they say their team targeted offenders using online file sharing networks to download and share vile videos. >> defendants in this operation all come from various walks of life. but they all share a depraised desire to see children being sexually exploited in the most horrific cases raped. >> reporter: investigators say none of children in the videos are residents of new jersey. from pitman, inform, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. rows vessel boulevard is not working that's according to city leaders and now they want your ideas to help fix it. mayor jim kenney joining leaders from septa, penn did the and other agencies to announce a series of public forums called root for change. the $5 million study will focus on transforming the busy roadway. the city is looking for ways to make it safer and more efficient for everyone. officials say there have been more than 3,000 crashes along roosevelt boulevard in the past five years. for a list of forum locations
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and times head to our website ♪ bleep. >> it's biker versus driver and a few terrifying minutes on the road. the motorcycle is heading right into oncoming traffic. what started this battle? before there was empire, lee daniels was a philadelphia kid. his dad a philly cop killed in the line of duty. >> one thing lee did after the loss of his father that helped him become a hollywood mogul. >> the gap many are calling racist. what little girls are doing in this picture that had so many people talking. gap already pulled the ad. >> plus you're doing everything to look good. eating less, working out more but there's still something in your food that's aging you from the inside out. what is sucking the life out of your skin. >> a deleted scene from empire. one of your favorite characters has a secret boyfriend.
10:21 pm
the relationship shocker you did not see coming. >> now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for road crews out and about along 295 approaching that 42 freeway. they're going to be there most of the day tomorrow. and then through tomorrow morning, at about 5:00, 5:30 the vine expressway will be closed between broad street and the schuylkill expressway, and get ready for motorcade madness. tomorrow bernie sanders set to speak at 10:00 o'clock right here in center city at the sheraton at 17th and race that will certainly bring us some jams right after our morning rush hour. we'll check the jam cams. sue will have the forecast when we see you bright and early starting at 4:00
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ bleep. motorcyclist helmet cam rolling as the drive turns violent. it all started when the motorcyclist stopped at a light between two cars. he and one of the drivers started racing. it quickly escalates into hand gestures the driver the car leaning out the window to occurs and the motorcycle even driving into oncoming traffic. speeds hit up to 90 miles an hour incredibly no one was hurt and so far tonight no charges. an oklahoma tv crew covering fast-moving wildfires in oklahoma comes across a man on road greater in serious trouble. they end up safing his life. take a look.
10:24 pm
>> he can't get out. come on. he needs to get out. >> come, guy, get out. come on, get out. come on. >> get in, hurry up, hurry up! >> come on. get in! >> move! >> good. >> as you can see the farmer jumps in the vehicle just in the nick of time. fortunately no one was hurt. firefighters say that these -- wildfires have been fueled by strong winds and forcing people from their homes not only in oklahoma but in kansas as well. police in missouri go from chasing a suspect to saving his life. dash cam caught the high speed chase. suspect lost control and the suv rolled over several times. you can see a police officer running to help him. the driver was found lying in a ditch and the officer performed c. that suspect is now recovering in the hospital. well, there are two
10:25 pm
contestants left fighting to be america's next and last american idol. >> ♪ ♪ >> you got it down to trent harmon and la porsha renee'. so who will be the next american idol? the two hour finale of american idol is tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. janet jackson right in the middle of her tour has an important message for her fans. >> she posted a video all over social media explaining why she's putting the tour on hold. >> i thought it was important that you be the first to know my husband and i are planning our family, um, so i'm going to have to delay the tour. please if you can try and understand that it's important that i do this now.
10:26 pm
i have to rest up doctor's orders but, um, i have not forgotten about you. i will continue to tour as soon as i possibly can. >> the 49-year-old pop i i couldn't she and her husband are planning their family. her reps say they're not releasing any more details. she was set to come to atlantic city in june. and before there was empire, lee daniels was a philly kid. his dad a philly cop killed in the line of duty. the one thing lee did after the loss of his father that helped him become a hollywood mogul. plus mom picks her toddler up from daycare and sees this on his back. what doctors say someone used to hit him several times. ♪
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog.
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>> right now at 10:30 a mother demanding answers after she says her toddler was beaten at daycare. >> these pictures may be hard to look at. she says this is what she saw when she put her three-year-old son in the bath and you can see long marks across his back. she raced him to the hospital where doctors say he suffered physical abuse. the doctor told police he thought the marks were from a coiled cord. >> there's never, never a reason to put your hands or an object on child to inflict physical pain. >> the state of georgia is now investigating the atlanta daycare. they say it can take a couple of week. this mom says that's not fast enough and she wants answers as soon as possible. clothing maker gap apologizing for one of its adds
10:30 pm
it caused an uproar after some said it was racially incentive. this is the ad for gap kids. it shows four young girls who are a part of traveling circus that features young boys and girls. some people on social media outraged saying that the african-american girl was being used as some call it like an arm rest. gap has issued an apology to those who were offended. we know you just can't get enough of cookie, lucious and empire now that season two is back. you may know the show's creator lee daniels is from philadelphia, we wanted to trace the roots of the man who makes the magic. >> fox 29's dave kinchen sat down with daniels mother for a look at the man behind an empire and the tragedy that shaped his future. >> i'll be damned if somebody going to take me away. >> lucious will stop at nothing regain his thrown but cookie is still the boss lady. >> as long as my momma got something to do with it -- >> the lions deal with live changes tragedy.
10:31 pm
>> just some of the many plot twists and turns coming your way. now that empire is back on fox 29. arguably the hottest show on tv made by one of the coolest guys from philly. hollywood king maker lee danie daniels. >> who would know better than clara may daniels his mother and perhaps the only on the boss in the family it. >> has to be his way. he's going to make it right. >> a true hit maker with a keen eye at work from the director's chair making sure every cast and crew member is on point. >> they do anything. they'll do flips just to -- because -- they know there's something there and something good going to come out. everybody is going to have little piece of the pie. >> reporter: mom says daniels had his eye on the prize since day one. >> from an infant, he had a flare about him. >> even getting what he wanted
10:32 pm
with friends. >> no, no. >> he had to be the boss. tell them how to act, what to say, how to say it, um, and it was just a charm. it was fun. >> some of those names you know. >> will smith lived right around the corner. jazzy jeff. >> daniels the oldest of five kids almost lost that flare when his father, a philly cop, was killed in the line of duty. >> that's when god stepped in. really stepped in. >> reporter: daniels stepped into god's house the african episcopal church of saint thomas located in overbrook farms. >> god moves funny in funny wa ways. he is at the right place at the right time. it's like a shield was over my family. >> a cornerstone institution the first black episcopal church in the nation became a cornerstone for daniels. >> he grew up here at saint thomas this is where he was ban sized this was where he was confirmed. this is where he actually went through his childhood and into
10:33 pm
adulthood. >> appraisee if i'm there around him. he does devotion ales. he reads the bible, and i think that gives him the energy to stay focused on what it is he is trying to do. >> reporter: using theater and entertainment to take on tough issues like race -- >> i do not my name to be. black man in america you can't be like that. >> and love in his oscar winning production oscar's ball. >> these are today's issue. a lot of people don't like issues of today, but they are real. and things that happen on that show are for real. >> i love you. >> it's empire that has lee daniels tackling issues like gay relationship. he has america talking about family violence, too.
10:34 pm
>> a lot of little incidents are true. i'm not going to tell you which ones they are. but they're very true. i mean these are some experiences that he experienced growing up. >> even though they may be hard to -- for some to actually acknowledge and view on television, it's real. >> but there's plenty of excitement that goes along with the drama and like a good reporter, i had to get the latest scoop. >> as season two comes back is there anything you can tell us? >> nope. (laughter). >> ♪ >> you must watch it. you know he twisted, too. (laughter). >> in west philadelphia, dave kinchen fox 29 news. you're doing everything to look good, eating less, working out more but there's still something in your food that's aging you from the inside out.
10:35 pm
what sucking the life out of your skin. kathy. >> in weeder weather we're talking the rain, the clouds moving in right now. the rain not far behind. weight means for your day tomorrow plus prepping for the parade and rain and snow for the weekend coming. >> deleted scene from empire one of your favorite characters has a secret boyfriend. a relationship shocker you didn't see coming up.
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♪ empire prize the loves lives of major characters romantic plots are always a big deal in the show. sex is always thrown in the mix and complicates things. not so different for becky. in this deleted show from the show. >> why do you look like a drag queen. >> please don't hate. my man on his way. >> you got a man. >> he's from the bronx. >> you got a man from the bx. >> it's going date night and we going to see him for the first time. >> be careful because a lot of these dudes be in your face like they love you and really they want to slide you they demo. >> patrick told me he love me full time.
10:39 pm
he go right there. hey, bro. cute, right? >> so i'll see you tomorrow. if i get up. >> is that patrick. >> that's patrick, dummy. >> that's patrick? >> that's patrick. >> cookie' assistant porsche. she says behind the scenes co-star, makes everyone feel comfortable and gives great advice. you work hard to look good watching what you eat, exercising but something in your food is wreaking havoc on your skin. we're talking about sugar. >> our joyce evans shows us the surprising effect and how wor working to help diabetics may have uncovered an anti aging cure for all of us. ♪ >> reporter: we crave it. woe need it. and who doesn't like it? but how much is too much? >> something like 31 teaspoons for sugar per day is the average american much that's way too much. >> reporter: where it goes most people don't know. >> i think people key into sugar
10:40 pm
waistline. >> reporter: we know all about that. >> what they don't realize there's sugar sag. >> reporter: sugar sag? >> we're damaging the skin. >> dermatologist harold farber explains how sugar makes its way through our bloodstream. >> sugar attaches to the protein and then it lodges somewhere in the skin. and it destroys some of these proteins in the skin. the proteins that are destroyed are collagen fibers and elastin fibers. they give thus radiant look and that healthy appearance. it gives us that firmness. >> reporter: sucking the life out of our skin and they say that's not all. >> what i'm going to do first we're going to start by cleansing your skin. >> reporter: in addition to speeding up the natural aging process, skin care experts also believe this so-called toxic sugar is promoting skin problems like acne, dark spots, dry, dull
10:41 pm
and possibly slow healing skin. >> here, here and the chin area. >> reporter: german, 42, mother of four, has had it with the multiple skip issues she just can't seem to get a handle on. >> on my nose and around the nose area. >> as you can see this is going downhill fast. >> reporter: she came to jane marie today mat tow. for possessions and application direction. >> do you have a little bit of sugar in your diet, correct. >> yes. >> sean ready for diet and nutrition talk. >> we are going to stop with all the little cupcakes. >> where she going with this? why are we asking about my diet? >> reporter: her waistline doesn't shout bit she realized there's plenty of sugar, starches, carbs of all kind she and her family are still getting way too much of. even though they have cut back. >> oftentimes we end up at fast food chains which is bad for us, we know. i'm sure that has all types of things in it that's not helping
10:42 pm
my skin. >> reporter: jane marie has an arsenal of cosmea suit calls to help. >> we're going to start out with your toner twice a day. >> okay. >> we're going add in the lightening up serum. we're also adding in your sunscreen for any uv damage. >> yup. >> also your green tea serum for inflammation. >> this sunscreen leads a bit of an ash she tint on her but she's she'll cover it up with make up. jane marine says some people need nor product. others far less. >> what i may prescribe for you or suggest for you will not work for maybe the next person. >> reporter: one cosmea suit cal product gaining a lot of new attention was created by a scientist who stumbled upon an enzyme and side effects. she was actually researching ways to help diabetics suffering with kid knees disease, blindness and other complicati complications like slow healing wounds. >> we're looking for a drug to
10:43 pm
stop this enzyme. so we don't get these toxic shoes garr. show instead what we did is found natural ingredients and and used that in the cream. >> dr. annette, got to work with a bio chem miff partner and did multiple clinical trials ages 40 and older. including herself and her 87-year-old mom. >> and everyone got better. >> reporter: approved for cosmetic purposes only the doctor stresses but some may believe it does more film what happens is when you look good, you feel good. and so maybe you don't seem so many pills. >> reporter: doctors say african-americans in particular they benefit a bit more from these products and healthier eating habits because genetically they have a 50% chance at developing diabetes and historically many maintain diets way too high in fat, sugars, starch and processed foods.
10:44 pm
>> i'll make the rice that you pop in the microwave 99 seconds. i dot frozen vegetables that you pop in the microwave. >> healthy eating is expensive. especially feeding two tee teens, two something 20s and a hub. >> this is going to be a challenge. >> her topicals are a bit pricey but they do last for months. and experts say you can eat every day items that you probably already have in your kitchen like cinnamon and ging ginger. and that finding the right cleanser and moisturizer for you could be simple and affordable either way got to be patient for results. joyce evans, fox 29 news. all right. no more swedish fish for me. timing the rain it's going to be moving in quickly. we'll time the heaviest rain and also look ahead to the weekend with rain and a chance of snow when we come back.
10:45 pm
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♪ on your ray door night, how cold is it going to get tonight kathy? >> little bit better than the past couple of nights. we have clouds rolling in and that means temperatures won't be diving like they have been the past couple of nights. in old city philadelphia it is still dry but we do expect a few
10:48 pm
showers come the morning. it is 48 degrees. relative humidity inching up as the rain approaches and winds out of the south at 11:00. that southerly wind is going to keep temperatures up tonight. 45 in pottstown still 39 in the poconos. allentown checking in at 47. the coldest air is staying to the north in canada. ottawa and quebec sitting alt 28 degrees. that's where the cold air supposed to be after all. high pressure moving off the coast. it allows the clouds with this area of low pressure to move in. the rain possibly moving in early. a few scattered showers but the main event comes toward the lunch hour with heavy rain gusty winds and even a few thunderstorms with this cold front and behind that front we are talking about somewhat windy conditions and cooler temperatures unfortunately in time for the villanova parade. you'll have to bundle up for that. as we go hour by hur clouds roll in overnight a few sprinkles possible for the morning rush but no problems with the weather during the morning rush. we see the heavier rain
10:49 pm
continues through by 11, 12:00 o'clock. spotty showers for the evening rush we don't expect anything in the way of downpours at that point. little limiting moisture to the north could mix a little wet snow by late tomorrow night in the poconos. he have mates between a half an inch inch. rain around an inch in philadelphia. that is between noon and thee p.m. and even the chance of a few rumbles of thunder. overnight tonight, 45 in the city. 42 in the suburbs with increasing clouds. 62 tomorrow with occasional showers. gusty winds and storms. behind that, some cooler air for the villanova parade we expect the kick off for the parade to be breezy and cool, 47. still some wind at 3:00 p.m. and sun and clouds at 5:00 o'clock that 52 will feel cooler than the temperature because of the wind. over the weekend chilly, morning lows in the 20s by sunday. a chance or wet snow shower saturday. gets better next week in the 60. >> thank you kathy.
10:50 pm
>> you betterment. >> the 76ers, see ya have a new general manager sam hinkie gone. i'll tell how it all went down and the flyers have a big game for the current push to the playoffs. steve mason trying to keep the flyers in it against detroit. all of that's coming up in flyers in it against detroit. all of that's coming up in sports. to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... flyers in it against detroit. all of that's coming up in sports. you're right. it's time to set this bird free. ♪ hot blooded, check it and see...♪ ♪ got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? ♪ i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! ♪ whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash. rad.
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♪ big game for the flyer play off chase tonight of let's go to detroit. the flyers got to stay in it. detroit a team that right there with them. ut-oh. break away. andres, that make it two to nothing in the second. three to nothing detroit. the phillies blue another game to cincinnati much this is dire -- i don't know who these relievers are. bases loaded one out the phillies up to 21. below another game they lose three-two to cincinnati and. tonight confirmed from two team sources that sam hinkie had stepped down as the team's general manager. the sixers tonight have confirmed that in a statement the nba asked the sixers to bring on jerry coangelo who's now chairman of basketball operations. hinkie knew he would have been fired with 47-195 record over the last three years. sixers asked the fans trust the process. the process was a joke.
10:54 pm
and the sixers have hired jerry's son brian coangelo has the new general manager of the sixers. we'll be right back. sesame street live let's dance it's sesame street live like you've never experienced it before leeeeeeet's dance!
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