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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 7, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> i'm on team la porche tonight. >> i love her from the beginning of the season, she is genuine. >> i loved you from the beginning. >> i think she will win t we have to see, though. >> more importantly, who will win anchor idol? that's what i want to know. >> anchor idol? >> we'll find out later. >> we'll sing this hour, bob and me. >> number of day, not high number, rain on the the way, don't see it outside your window, no you like bus stop buddy you need your umbrella with you, he is using his american idol cap today because it is a last day of the show after 15 years. sigh the -- see the rain starting to edge in. south jersey, delaware, winds
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today gusting as high as 45 miles an hour, especially along the coast. so, for right now, we've got 56 degrees. expect to get to up 06 degrees, not only will we get the rain and the win, we might just get a thunderstorm, as well. >> leverage, what are we looking at here? i believe i95, northbound right at the allegheny, watch, out, one, two, three, four cars all bunch up together here, this is north 95 allegheny avenue off ramp headed into northeast philadelphia, so look out as you are leaving center city this morning. north on the freeway coming in toward philadelphia, nothing out of the ordinary pork et cetera builds, southbound, 95, coming up and over the scutters falls, watch it, an accident right at the newtown
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yardley interchange. accident on the boulevard, northbound, at tyson, blocking the outer drive, there is also fuel spill there, along with it, and then in trenton, new jersey, route 29, at sullivan way, watch for a crash. that's kind of squeezed there between 95 and route one. as you work your way in toward the capitol. now, a lot of political event and visitors in town today. first event, bernie sanders, 9:00, at the penn's landing hilton, right after that we take motorcade, up the street, to the sheraton in center city, at 17th and race for a 10:00 o'clock speech, with the convention that's in town there. >> 70:00 it, lined up around the block and down broad street, bernie sanders, waited for hours, to see him. the turn out so big, the
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presidential hopeful now campaigning here for a second day. at penn's landing, dave kinchen there wait willing for him. dave? >> that's right, bernie sanders will be all over philadelphia. in fact, he will be here at the hilton on penn's landing, we're told by campaign sources, he'll be meeting with members of the cwa, the communications workers of america, over a contract dispute, labor dispute with verizon, you can see here, security actually in place at the hilton, as this will take place later today. we're told this morning, now, also, he will be addressing the pennsylvania afl-cio convention at the sheraton in center city right after this event here. he drew massive crowds, as you said at temple university yesterday evening where he talked about headliner targeting rival secretary
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hillary clinton. >> i don't think you are qualified if you're supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement which has cost us millions of decent paying jobs. >> of course former president belching ton will be campaigning in philadelphia at noon, and he's here, we're told, by hillary clinton campaign, to endorse her qualifications, for president. so, you can understand certain back and forth between the former president and bernie sanders, over the former secretary of state, qualifications for the presidency and interesting political dynamic un fowl willing here, in the city of brotherly love. back to you. >> for sure, of course all eyes are on philly and pennsylvania because we have that primary coming up at the end of the month, dave. hillary clinton was also in our area campaigning yesterday. and she holds a substantial lead in the delegate count. she made a 30 minute speech to state labor leaders at afl-cio meeting in center city quickly turned her attention to sanders. she says they agree on a lot
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of issues but says sanders solutions are often unworkable, impractical, lacking specifics. >> it would be like negotiate ago contract, and you walk in and you say to the employer: we want a really good deal so do it, not the way i've severe seen it work. >> both turned their attention to next rounds of primaries, april 19th, then of course the one in pennsylvania is one week later. >> mr. is searching for the man who sucker punched trolley driver behind the wheel. surveillance cameras show the surprise attack in center city as passenger getting off the trolley, he leans in and hits the driver in the head. see it right there. this happened when the driver pulls into the springfield mall stop on his way it media. seen running from the mall, trolley driver said he was stunned, which shook it off, then called septa playing. >> it appears to be irate pass
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inning their is in disagreement with the trolley operator. so why would the passenger do this? authority say the passenger was upset, because he missed his stop after falling asleep during the ride. >> facing charges after crashing cash following police chase. the wild ride started in philadelphia, police say 20 year old juan carlos hired uber driver to take him to new york. on the way, the driver asked carlos to take the wheel, so he could take a nap. police chasing carlos for speeding and he eventually crashed, authorities say both men suffered minor injuries. >> temple university says it will start cracking done on under age drinking and excessive partying around the north philadelphia campus this weekend. starting tonight new student conduct rules and septa patrols go into full force in teams of graduate student will be going off campus housing looking for violators. trash, loud music, drinking, some of the complaints from local residents in the area. they say weekends around temple have become, well, like
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a big frat party. >> hanging on roofs, when they go inside all of the beer cans and booth also outside. >> it is pretty loud. it is like still with whole bun of of people, like it is like everything from around the neighborhood, like everybody, that go to temple. >> so with this effort in getting the grad student don't help out, university officials hope to turn perceptions around, off campus renters could be fined up to $1,500 for housing nuisance parties giving alcohol to minors, and student there is can he also face expulsion. >> new jersey assembly committee will consider a new atlantic city take over bill today. revised version of the bill approved by the state senate was introduced by speaker last night. his version of the bill would not allow the state to cancel union contract. something governor christie and senate president, steve sweeney, are demanding. last night, restructure how it paid city workers.
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council president marty small going to join us? just a now minute to he will us what this means for the city's immediate financial future. >> did you hear about this? this happened late last night, led one of the worse tenures in nba history there is morning, we get a look at sam hinkie's bizarre resignation rant to join the 76ers, the reason why we are calling it a resignation rant, that's because he sent out letter and it is pretty long. so wait until you hear why the general manager says he quit, because stove keeley you have red through all of these page, haven't you? >> let's run some video of him, as we see, scott doll executive producer leaving through the 13 page letter there is now national news story, because it is 13 pages, single space, 7,000 plus words, it is a rambling odd weird wacky way to say i quit. and i was hesitant to even make fun of this all day today, because i questioned whether hinkie was having a
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mental breakdown. i guess you could wonder, but pretty -- he seems pretty secure in his identify yo sing rasi, i guess how i would want to put it, i mean, if you're consistently like, that i don't think he did go off the rales personally. i mean, that's who he is. at least he's been honest to himself. he's that strange a bird. >> we always find the craziest people. thank god they kept me in business. hello. >> i didn't make the duet segment so he came to do a duet live shot, jack nicholson batman suit. >> thank you. we won't sing. but i pick out some favorite part of the sam hinkie manifesto here. thirteen pages. 7,000 words. could you do that one paragraph there i love? >> yes. by the way, mike, not only did you pick it out, pre-produced it so we can put it on the screen as i as i read into the johnny carson mike you stole
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off his desk from the smithsonian. here is our highlight, page seven, new zealand's flight less bird the mow a measuring in at 10 feet 400 pounds had the life. ramming around the south island for a great longrun. then the first explorers watched ashore in can canoes and that was that. >> then he says i quit. >> but why now, steve? the season is almost over. and there are people in this city that kind of agree with his plan. if it pauls into place, might have 41st rounds draft picks for the sixers. >> i found out y he is quit that job, to become fox 29 general manager, and we're all being replaced by 18 year old who have, in his mind, great future in broadcasting. so, this -- >> already happening. do you want to sing a song real quickly? if you had to? >> i was going to sing ebony and ivory or kitchen was pushing for three dog night black and white, the whole racial thing. all right, now is queen. and david bowie, right in the.
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>> no, i like -- >> ebony and ivory, that's the way to go. you and dave kinchen. >> we'll get that on. >> he is talk nothing that mike like he thinks that mike actually works. >> yes? not plugged in, mike. >> i want to see you be part of anchor idol. don't let us down. >> you got it. >> there is never a dull moment on the show, sue. sue, you're next, i hope you're warming up your vocal cords. >> ♪ >> that will gave you a clue, not as to what song we will sing. >> cold front coming through, it will be chillier tomorrow than it is today, but i think we're getting used to the weather being different every single day. so this is on our doorstep right now as we check our live look at ultimate doppler radar. we see that there is rain starting to move in to lancaster county right now, heavy rain west of harrisburg, that is in our weather future. don't forget the umbrella even though you don't need it right now. by ten you will.
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by 11:00 you will, by noon, between noon and 3:00 expect the heaviest rain to fall, then not finished. left over showers throughout the evening. so the evening commute, we may not get the downpours, but we will still have some rain around. friday at least it looks dry for the villanova parade here in the city, which starts at 1:00. saturday, do we even want to show you this? we have to. because it is something you need to be prepared for. snow saturday. some folks rain. some snow. wet snow. don't expect accumulation really. but it might make a mess on saturday, and who needs this? april? it is just crazy. now, back to today. rain around an inch. heaviest between noon and 3:00 p.m. we mentioned. possible thunderstorms, here it is, your seven day forecast, almost every day is different at least through the weekend. 06 degrees today. fifty's, dry, breezy, tomorrow. rain and snow on saturday, i know. by sunday, we are talking 49 degrees, and sunny skies.
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by monday, it is back to seasonable temperatures. but we also have to be concerned about slight chance of rain monday, but better chance on tuesday, as the phillies come back home. hopefully they'll do better than they have the first two games, bob kelly? >> we will wash your mouth out with soap? >> i'm so bad. >> seventy-three hole onto your coffee cup. little windy and four car pile up here on i95. this is 95 northbound, at the allegheny avenue off ramp. so we're bumper to bumper from center city headed north into allegheny, ben franklin, looking good at the moment. you come up and over into downtown. here's the parade plan for tomorrow. if you want to use mass transit, especially the student from villanova, because we have the day off from school tomorrow. they put extra service on the norristown high-speed line, extra trains on the market frankford, and the broad street subway, and for the gang coming in from the suburbs, paoli thorndale line from the campus there, is the train to use and those trains will be running every 30
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minute, into downtown. then of course along the parade route, goes from 20th and market, down to city hall, the buses will be detoured along that parade route. and as the parade walks by, we are going to have cross-traffic, will be permitted, until the parade starts, but all of the buses will be detoured, there as well. and we got two big political event today. bernie sanders in town, 9:00, the penn's landing hilton, them we go up the street, to the sheraton, for another event at 10:00. and with both of these events, will come the police, the detours, and motorcade madness. sal ex back over to you. >> oh, the doorbell is ringing. >> get the door? >> hold on. >> oh. it is just mike. >> we're back. >> but we are supposed to have a surprise guest. >> hey. hello. >> congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> is your voice from screaming? >> screaming, late nights. >> go nova. >> there we go. >> and of course talking about
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ryan arcidiacono dad's. >> is it -- >> either way. >> no clear it up. >> ryan arcidiacono. >> that's what i've been doing. >> i'm sure a lot of people have been butchering it of course. what's the pro nuns that you've heard? come on, do you have say t tell us. >> i think early on in his career, probably his freshman year, we had all kinds of zany pronunciations of it. nothing too bad. nothing too bad. >> i'm sure everyone knows how to say it now. >> i think they do. it might be the best thing about this whole process. >> never have to worry about that. what did you say earlier in his career as a freshman. when did he pick up a basketball and you new this kid was specials? >> we had little fisher net price in the house, three years old, bouncing that, dribbling that all throughout his toddler years. then as we signed him up, probably as a five year old. with seven year old, then at that point he was doing so well, hey, this kid has a pretty good handle on basketball. >> may be.
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>> he had inch ate skills, progression from the, there i was involved with early on, and casino of training him if you will. we just had so much fun together. he just couldn't get enough of it. it just kind of led to this. >> this, did you ever think when he took that fisher price basket that he could be a national champion? >> never in my wildest dreams could you imagine that kind of fitting end for what ville november and his teammates accomplished. still stunned over it. >> i think all of us are, but so happy about t how about the way we won? one thing to be national champion, another to have a game that exciting, down to the last second. less than a second. >> yes, i talk to gust johnson who does the fox games for the biggies. i talk to him and big rafferty yesterday. both of them were saying it is probably the greatest final game national championship game ever. it had such emotion to it, we are down five at half time. >> yep. >> to come back. >> here is he last moment here, unc. >> yes. >> here is the ball now watch
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were you thinking when ryan was dribbling? >> thinking he was going to take the shot as he always has, he makes the pass, and chris is wide open. so ryan made the right play, made the right reason. he came over after the game, we have this deep embrace, toll him i loved him, all that sort of stuff. i said the same. i said with a was the game plan? >> said i wag going to take the shot, i was going to take the shot but he goes i made the right read, gave little softball toss over to chris, just great look, in rhythm, caught it, shot it, amazing ending, you can see the paneled moan yum there. >> hasn't stopped since that moment? >> i still scant believe it happened. i watched him on youtube 20 times a day, yes. >> what has he been saying so far since this happened snap. >> he's solo key, just well bald kid -- balled kid, very grounded about it, so i haven't seen a whole lot of him. went right back to campus. we had to make three connections. >> really? oh, what time cup get back to filly?
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>> we got about 2:30, then by the time, we got home about 2:30, stayed up and watched the game of course until 3:15, 3:30, then the kids woke up at 6:00. >> what do you mean watch the game. weren't you there? >> dvr it. >> today watch it again. >> of course. >> did you have a big family? >> yes go get all of the family together? >> there was probably two, three of us still awake. trying to keep our eyes open. but it was just adrenyline fix for whatever. >> will this be a new family tradition at thanksgiving, can we watch this game again. >> i don't think we have to wait until thanksgiving, it will be dale any my world. >> do you have big plans for the parade then? are you going to have a flood, get big sign? >> i hope we're part of it, like we went to the phillies parade in 2008, with ryan, and we stood around city hall, just complete mayhem. >> now they are having a parade for him and his teammate. >> just ridiculous. i can even fathom it. i can't even fathom it. >> sign?
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>> i'm his dad or something, i'm with him with a bigar owe? you like that? >> no, no. >> so what will he do now? i know probably not thinking that far ahead, still set balancing, what's next? >> probably take week or two off. at some point he'll begin training, possibly for the nba. he'll begin training for his next level, where ever that takes him, nba or into europe basketball, should be able to make a nice living playing basketball somewhere. >> six coaster probably use him. >> yes. >> would you want him playing for the sixers? >> they have their own problems right now as we all know. >> it will be cleared up by then. >> we hope. unbelievable, another imagine being moment so to speak. >> really. >> before we let you go, if you can pick one moment from the whole experience say when we new we were in the torn tonight winning, and you can't pick when he won. is there another point when you are like wow this is something i want to always remember? >> maybe at the end of the kansas game, made nice defensive play at the end of the game there, casino every doing a dual hand off. ryan red the screen real well and early. it comes from his game
7:20 am
preparation just coordinated knowledge. he knew we 13. we had a foul to give. went after the ball, slapped the ball away from mason of kansas, we got the ball, time out. boom, end of game. amazing run. couldn't be happier for them, jay, and the whole university. >> we are certainly happy for you guys too. you must be so proud. >> we are. >> thank you so much. we'll see you at the air pardon. >> we'll be there. 7:20. so well now it will be awkward doing this piece. >> what is it? you want me to do it? >> yes, more deserving than nova? have you heard about this, joe? >> don't leave. we all want to talk to you some more. >> very good. >> you want it road this one mike becomes this parade? >> cover your ears. >> i'm like this is awkward. >> more deserving than villanova? more deserving than joe's son? >> who is standing right here, joe? >> find out which philadelphia sport legends, one local writer, should get a parade instead of joe's son.
7:21 am
>> oh. drama. >> joe's big too. >> i want to talk to this guy. i need to talk to this guy. >> he is our next guest. >> you can meet him outside if you want. >> plus, this is a weird story. scarfs are meant to keep you warm right? >> yes. >> but could they make too warm though? >> and they could be harmful to your health? those are the scarfs we're talking about, you have one of them, i bet you do, and we have some lottery numbers, don't hurt me.
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>> scarfs, could keep you too warm. >> too warm? >> could heat you up too much. >> lauren, explain this one? >> not that type of burn risk, but casino of, i suppose. so, thee scarfs, the material, flammable. so, oh, if there is a cigarette by you.
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>> or something that heats up the scarf it could burn you, too warm. bring them back to lord and taylor shall century 21, marshals, tj max, contact them, you will get a refund i have and did a interest trump scarfs were made in china. i don't think her dad would be too happy about that. >> make china great again, thanks, i have ankle a. >> anybody hurt from these? >> not that we know of. >> but really long scarfs, like i said, they're several colors, sold for anywhere, if you want to know if you have them, i know we're showing pictures, but sold for between what was it 12 and $68. depending on the exact one. >> okay. >> does it have a name? i mean, does it have her name on it? >> yes. the label has ivanka trump on t may i add, her shoes, have you seen her shoes? they're really nice.
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talk about hot steps, right? >> i've -- i didn't know she had a line. well, lauren, see you tomorrow. thanks. watch out for ivanka's scarfs. >> shutdown avoided. at least for now, atlantic city moves the to keep the government openment the governor not happy with the folks in ac. here is some his harsh, and i mean, harsh criticism. we will show you his comment, you'll even hear from the governor next. >> last episode ever of american idol, it is tonight. so to get you ready we've been giving our own performances, doing anchor idol. so, we had chris murphy and lauren johnson, they did their duet. next up, bob kelly, and sue serio. and then of course after we do these, we want you to vote. make sure to stay tuned so you can watch them all. bob kelly is next. >> ♪ for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. >> why one philadelphia sports legends one man says deserves a parade instead of the wildcats. plus, before he created a empire on tv, lee daniels was a philly kid of course. his dad, a philly cop killed in the line of duty. hear what daniels did after his father's death. that helped him become a hollywood mogel. >> it is such a good story,
7:30 am
look forward to. that will atlantic city, the city council, has vote today avoid a government shutdown. it was going to take place, tomorrow. cash strapped city waits for the state of new jersey to figure out how it will step in to help if it can. last night council decided city work letters get paid every 28 days instead of every 14 days. mayor guardian over there had warned that city hall would shutdown tomorrow, without the change. governor chris christie continues to blame the mayor, and city leadership, for the city's financial troubles. the people of atlantic city abandoned by their local officials a long time ago. you don't get in this casino of shape with $100 million deficit, annually, and half billion dollars in debt, if you are representing the interest of the people who pay the bills. >> you know, that man right there is talking to you, marty small, council president, good to see you.
7:31 am
>> thanks for having me. >> he is talking right at you, right at the mayor. >> well, governor christie's quote, you know, he has never met a sounds bite he didn't like, save to say, truth of the mat is her governor christie has been abandoned atlantic city. we're in a situation because the state had instructed us to put $33.5 million in our budget. now the governor had the bill on his desk for months. but the governor instead of signing it and doing the right thing by the taxpayers in the city of atlantic city by giving us the $33 million, instead he wanted to play politics, and now he said he wasn't going to give us the 33 and a half million dollars unless the take over bill came with it. >> he says you guys are lying to him. here's what he said yesterday. there is no purpose in meeting with the mayor because he's a liar. the mayor's math and his understanding matches management ability. what say you? >> well, that's a false statement. he is saying the mayor is a liar because he renigged on the deal. the truth of the matter is the mayor couldn't make a deal without city council even if
7:32 am
he wanted to. we're in this together. as far as, you know, we both run the city. but as far as governor christie, i mean, i say that he is a liar. because he had told the legislature, cents assembly, and the senate, he put conditions on the bill, he said certain conditions were met, that he would sign the bill to give us 33 and a half million. >> i feel badly for the people who lived in atlantic city all of these years, and you guys are sniping at each other like kids instead of getting the job -- >> he is supposed to be the leader. he is supposed to be the chief executive officer for the state of new jersey but he is the within running around like a child calling names, and when he don't get his way, you see these actions. >> listen to you, quoting, words that christie used i guess against the united states, pet ooh lent child. >> i didn't see. that will that's what came to mind. truth of the matter is he promised the senate and assembly if they signed the bill, put those conditions in, that he would approve t they put those conditions in, they did the due diligence, and what did chris christie do?
7:33 am
he vetoed his own bill. >> it seems like the state -- what's wrong with the state taking over and helping you out? >> well, listen, make no mistake about it, we need the money. we welcome the state of new jersey to come in. we cannot put that burden to raise taxes again, but the bottom line is this, we need the money but we need to to do it in a partnership form not dictatorship form. >> take over the city? >> that's it, offered no plane today, or when i leave here many a going to trenton, assemblyman speaker of the as a.m. policemen, introducing our version every take over bill, which produces benchmarks, it says okay, if the city doesn't get to certain point by certain date, then the state can step n that's accountability. but, i have warned everyone out there to shut the state's track record. look at what they did in public schools, look what they did in camden, look no further than our own tourism district where the governor came in at 2010, promise the the world and delivered nothing. and four keens closed un his watch.
7:34 am
>> marty, what's the solution? we could talk about why the city is so much in trouble, probably too many casinos spread out over this region, is one of the reasons, what's the solution to saving atlantic city? >> well, the solution is the state and the city and everyone coming together in a true partnership form, city of atlantic city get the money, held accountable by the state of new jersey and that's the best solution for our resident, because listen, he say that we spend like drunken sailors, the fact of the mat is her we had state personnel, state monday any sit hall every day, since 2010. we don't even approve our budget any more. we smith it toll local finance board. if they are approving spending approving hiring and firing, who is to blame? >> well, we will stay on it, have camera up in trenton for the meeting today. good to see you. >> here's sue. >> yes, taking a look at bus stop buddy with his american idol cap on. now, it is not going to get wet just yet, but won't be long, because rain is on the wayment temperatures are much
7:35 am
milder this morning. in the four's, 50's, and there you see, some heavy rain bearing down on our area. it is out to the west around harrisburg. and it will be here within the next hour or so. winds advisory, until 6:00 tonight for gusts as high as 45 miles an hour, south jersey, and the state of delaware. right now, in the city, it is 56 degrees. our winds are out of the south at 14 miles an hour. that's what's going to keep us mild. those southerly win. they will be kicking up later this afternoon, high temperature today, bob kelly, of 60 degrees. >> you got it, good morning, everybody, i have an accident here, coming up. just got word. this is i95 northbound. right at columbus boulevard. this is right in the tunnels, as you come out of center city, society hill, again, it is 95 northbound look likes the left lane block, you have couple of vehicles involved, also, looks like this fellow here looks like he smashed into the concrete wall, and then bounced backward. you got two cars here, two tow
7:36 am
trucks on the scene, so leaving center city headed north on i59, you have a crash here, and then i bet this got caused by another accident further north up near allegheny avenue. the parade plan for everybody that's look to go head down to the parade. tomorrow, and you don't want to drive into center city. norristown high-speed line extra service, market broadway, for everybody on the main line, villanova gang, parents, students, all of the teachers since schools closed the pay own i thorndale line is the way to go. those trains will run every 30 minutes, bringing g you into downtown, bus december towards along the parade route. right now no delays, looking at the airport. >> thank you, bob. tonight is the ear zest phialine of american idol. and we're sending offer the show in a big way, because we're having our owner have sean every idols called anchor idol. so bob and sue, i hope you're ready because you're about to
7:37 am
perform. >> ♪
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>> down to trent and la porche, one will be crouds in tonight's final episode of american idol. what's going to take the place of american idol now, after all of these years? i believe we're creating a new show this morning, called anchor idol. that will spread across america. >> really? >> yes, all of the news anchors across the way. >> he why. >> so chris and lawyer den a song. >> yes, did the girl is mine. >> by michael jackson. >> and paul mccartney, now up to bob kelly and sue serio, here's their duet. take it away. >> ♪
7:41 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i think we won. >> we got a ding. >> now, the voting done by you at home. >> here is the thing, i thought it was a lip-syncing contest. >> we didn't cut the mike's, so we actually heard them. which was extra special.
7:42 am
>> it was extra special. >> thank you everybody, thank you. >> remember, it is supposed to be lip-syncing. >> kenny gamble, if you're watching? >> he just shut off the tv, he said. >> it won't go up until everybody performed. >> yes, may be more people. steve and dave kinchen, doing ebony and ivory. >> are they really doing it? i thought it was a joke. >> hey, don't forget you can watch the american idol finale series, at 8:00. jenn fred in hollywood, talking to contestant last night. a here she is. >> we have our final two, we know who they are. we also know that tonight, is the final. finale. >> live from hollywood, i'm going to see you guys at 8:00. you got to tweet me, what your favorite moment is, from last night. vo: president obama endorses
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> welcome back, accident, northbound, right at columbus boulevard. >> right as you come out of the tunnel, taking out what would be the left lane, so leaving south philadelphia, as soon as you hit the whitman, you hit the brakes, it is bumper to bumper all the way up into center city, with that crash. there is also an another
7:46 am
accident south near the lansdale interchange, couple of political event will cause jammos today. bernie sanders, 9:00 event. >> penn's landing along the river, right after, that motorcade madness lunchtime, former president bill clinton speaking at the playgrounds along pickering avenue will come with the police press he is, motor case, back up, keep it in minds throughout your midday. how are the weather for these outdoor event? sue has the forecast coming up in 152nd. >> when you
7:47 am
>> today the rain is coming, we hope to have it out of here by the time it is time for the villanova parade in the city, on friday, so, there is cold front, on the way. and you can see the rain really bearing down on the area now, starting to edge into lancaster county. by that time, we're preparing for heavy downpours, through noon maybe, 1:00, 2:00 as we look at the future cast, cloud cover inbetween, and then, left over showers, throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening. here's friday, it looks great, it looks like we will be dry, all day long. and then here comes a little bit of snow on saturday. we will worry about that little later. >> fifty-three tomorrow. and then, 45 degrees, and feeling just like winter, on saturday, with rain and wet snow around, not kid being, that by sunday still chilly,
7:48 am
we get little better on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. mike and alex? >> allen iverson being inducted into the hall of fame. late their night, allen was there won the national clan cript chip in houston, sitly throw a parade alex and i hosting that here on fox, some a they don't de is her after parade. you new when you wrote this article, the day before yesterday, would you create a stir and you have. first, get to tweet, people tweeting you already? >> unbelievable. i've gotten tons of hate mail, but i've gotten great supportive e-mail that said kiss mike for me. >> you have more fans than dow. >> go ahead.
7:49 am
>> here's your premise, see if i'm right. >> villanova, college team, deserve a parade, but who deserves a parade maybe more than them? one allen iverson, beloved player for philadelphia. why? >> no question a lot happened monday. and i felt that a lot happened for basketball in philadelphia allen iverson, what it means to be a philadelphian, part will smith, part rocky, all heart. congratulations villanova. outstanding team. many of us in philadelphia were temporary, fans of theirs, but temple didn't get in. st. joe's didn't get in. pennsylvania didn't get in, but they're not a team, team in radnor township. >> okay? >> so what do you envision? have we ever had an individual
7:50 am
parade for an individual in the city? >> absolutely, doctor jay, when doctor jay retired, we were going all the way up and down market street. bee should do it again. not to rain on villanova parade. outstanding team. certainly nobody wants to be petty. nobody wants to be -- come on, we're going have a parade for you. >> not philly team. when you go to their campus, people say, i live in the suburbs, of philadelphia. i live in villanova. i live in radnor township. >> okay, who is the most beloved star then in the city?
7:51 am
ai, moses malone? well, doctor jay, like you mentioned, mike schmidt, should we give parades to all of them? >> we should. >> what a great city. >> parade. >> i have a solution for you, john. on a convertible, start the parade, then the villanova double decker bus comes along with all of the players. >> all about working together in philadelphia. >> get it -- get it done. >> i will. >> get it done. mr. mayor. >> somebody get ahold of ai. what's the reaction you've been receiving? >> pretty negative, people have said, you know what? we live in the sub, we support the eagles, the flyers, don't be petty. let villanova have party. so, sure, come on down. but it has not ended the philly drought. we need philly team to win a championship. >> do you want the president to call allen iverson? >> i think that would be great. >> what say we did yesterday, he called jay wright, congratulating the villanova wildcats.
7:52 am
do you want to hear it? >> absolutely. >> here it is, president and jay wright. >> wasn't like north carolina gave it away. congratulate all of them, tell never skins he looked pretty cool out there taking that. who i'm looking forward to welcoming you guys to the white house. >> thanks for calling. very nice of you. >> congratulations, coach, thanks you. >> so they'll visit the white house at some point in the next few weeks or months. you know the taney dragons, little league team, they didn't win it but they got parade too. >> i think they should get a parade, that's philly pride. >> you love parades, don't you? how about a parade for you and i? >> great idea. >> and angelo on twitter. >> before there was empire, lee daniels was a philly kid. i think he still is through and through. his dad, a philly police officer, killed in the line of duty. changed his life. what lee's mom said he did after that tragic lost that helped him become a hollywood mogel.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> may know lee daniels is philadelphia, we wanted to trace the roots of the man himself, why he so special. >> fox 29's dave kinchen sat down with lee daniels mother, good look at the man behind this empire, and also, the tragedy that helped shape his future. >> ♪ >> i'll be damned if somebody is going to take me away. >> arguably the hottest show on tv made by one of the coolest guys from philly. hollywood king maker, lee daniels. >> who would know better than claire a may daniels, his mother, and perhaps the only other boss in the family?
7:57 am
>> has to be his way. he's going to make it right. >> a true hit maker joaquin eye at work from the director's chair, making sure, every cast and crew member, is on point. >> they would do anything, they'll do flips, just to, because they know there is something there, and something good going to come out. and everybody's going to have a little peace of the -- piece of the pie. >> daniels said he had his eye on the prize since day one. >> from an infant, he had a flare were him. >> daniels, the old else of five kids, almost lost the flare when his father a philly cop killed in the line of cute. >> i that's when god stepped in. really stepped in. >> and daniels stepped into god's house, the african episcopal house now locate in the overbrook farms. >> god moves ton -- funny, in funny ways, at the right place, at the right time.
7:58 am
it is like a shield was over my family. >> cornerstone institution, the first black episcopal church in the nation, became a cornerstone for daniels. >> if i'm there around him, he does this de verb until from the bible. and i think that it gives him the energy to stay focused on what it is he is trying to do. >> using theater and entertainment to take on tough issues like race -- >> i know a black man, in america, you can't be like that. >> and love in his oscar winning production monster's ball.
7:59 am
>> i mean, these are some experiences that he experienced growing up. >> even though they may be hard to, for some, to actually acknowledge? and view on television? it is real. >> ♪ >> but, there is plenty of excitement that goes along with the drama, like good reporter, i had to get the latest scoop. >> season two comes back, is there anything you can tell us? >> nope. >> ♪ >> you must watch it. because you know, he twists it. >> yes.
8:00 am
>> in is good day philadelphia. >> doing everything to look good. eating less, working out more, but there is still something in your food that is saving you from the inside out. one ingredient making you look old. >> you can't crown any kings or queens here. okay? all of these kids are making big moves. how local student rent turning to an unlikely sport to learn some of life's biggest lessons and then there were two. >> trent. >> daulton eliminated, will la porche or trent be the next and last american idol? our jenn fred has the scoop from la. she is here. >> is this rihanna's biggest
8:01 am
fan? >> ♪ >> a local woman, flies all the way to texas, to do something major. how she changed her look, just to get rihanna's attention. >> ♪ >> and welcome everybody, you're probably wondering what that is. people ask me all the time, what do you do when you're not on the air? i do have a hob that i i've never revealed. >> who will come through, doing good day philadelphia, when it is that door, which is one of the ugliest doors i've
8:02 am
ever seen, or, a door around the delaware vale? >> oh,. >> let me tell you there is special guest that will come out of this story today. i'll gave you a hint. this person, used to be one of the hoses of this show over 20 years. >> oh,. >> we've had many. >> we've had many. >> yes. >> okay, could be a lot of different people. >> some of the original, they can't be with us, because they can't get out of the door. but this person is free. >> okay? >> all right, 8:02. >> let's get to the number of the day, which is a double digits or anything, it is half of that. it is a five out of ten. and, it is bus stop buddy, with his american idol cap on, because, it is the very last night of the show, after 15 years, and now, it is a lot milder out there. you don't have to bundle up like you did yesterday. forty's, ooh, a your temperatures walking out the door. here comes the rain. it is moving in from west to east. and it is raining in lancaster county, part of chester, berks counties, already, it is on your doorstep.
8:03 am
wind advisory, is in effect now, through 6:00 p.m. for possible wind gusts of 45 miles an hour, or more, in southern new jersey, and delaware. here's our neighborhood. 57 degrees, with 21-mile per hour winds, gusting up to 26. that's what i'm talking about. with the winds, rainy day, with a possibility of thunderstorm, and high temperature bob kelly of 60 degrees. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 8:03, this thursday morning. little jammo here on i95. this is i-95, northbound. right before the center city off ramp near columbus boulevard. this fellow here, smashed into the concrete barrier, and bounced back 50 feet. we got about three, four cars all involved, more people pulling up here, this is causing a big jam, north 95, from, say, the walt whitman bridge headed north in toward penn's landing. you want to stay to your right, in order to get off at center city. accident south on the extension at lansdale. then two big event here in center city.
8:04 am
politicians at it. penn's landing shall bernie sanders an event at 9:00. and dave kinchen standing by to give us more on. that then right after the first event, bernie's going up the vine street expressway, and going to set up shop at the sheraton for an event at 10:00. so, watch for motorcade madness. during our morning rush hour. mike anal, back over to you. >> speaking every bernie sanders ... the democratic candidate vying for president, continues to set their sites on philadelphia, both in philly yesterday. >> and now, today, bill clinton in town to support hillary clinton. and bernie sanders campaigning here for his second day. >> it's got two locations, dave the first one over near the river. dave? >> that's right, at the hilton on penn's landing, looking out for the senators arrival, senator bernie sanders, will be meeting with the cwa, the communications workers of america, to deal with the dispute, they have with verizon, taking place here at the hilton of course from here the senator will go to the
8:05 am
pennsylvania afl-cio convention at the is her tan in center city. he drew massive crowds at temple university yesterday evening, where he talked about making college tuition free for public colleges and universities along with talking about climate change, with the headline grabber political shot, targeting his rival, former secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> i don't think you are qualified if you supported virtually every dis that is trust trade agreement, which has cost us millions of decent paying jobs. >> so in response former president clinton will be campaigning in philadelphia, talking about why his wife is qualified to be president so little back and forth here. >> liacouras center packed. >> huger. >> and loud. >> and waited for hours to get in. >> long line. dave, thanks a l8:05. sad. country music giant, merle hag
8:06 am
art, has died. he died yesterday on his birthday. seventy-nine. >> his manager said that the country icon died in california of pneumonia. and he was known as a masterful guitarist, singer, songwriter. the country music hall every famer recorded for more than 40 years, releasing dozens every albumns and number one hits. >> instantly on twitter all many, many celebrities, sent messages of condolances, first one i thought of, carrie underwood. people, singers, songwriters of all ages new him, loved him. hey, you work hard to look good watching what you eat, exercising, but something in your food is reaking havoc on your skin. >> apparently, it is to is sugar. karen hepp do i need to cut out all of the candy and sugar in my tea? >> a lot of people have surprising effect, we don't keep about it, turning out sugar does have this effect on our bodies according to doctors. they're working specifically to try to help diabetics, and
8:07 am
they may have uncovered an anti-aging cure for us all. there is apparently something called sugar sag. maybe that's our problem, dermatologists say, sugar may be damaging our skin. >> sugar attacks the protein. then it lodges somewhere in the skin. and it destroys some of these proteins in the skin. >> in addition to speeding up the natural aging process, skin car experts believe the so-called toxic sugar is also promoting skin problems like acne, dark spot, dry, dull, possibly slow healing skin. well obviously a lot of products out there to help us, the sunscreens, toners, and serums, they may not help everyone. but there is a cosmetics products. guage a lot of new attention
8:08 am
created by scientist who stumbled upon an enzyme, well, some really smart person, and here is the thing t has these side effect that are good. can help people diabetic suffering with kidney disease, blindness, other complications like slow healing wounds. >> we are looking for a drug to stop this enzyme. so we don't get these toxic sugars. so, instead, what we did, is found natural ingredients, and little tweaked, and used that in the cream. >> so, her name is doctor annette tobia. she got to work with biochemist partner and did all of these clinical trials on women that were older including herself. that were aged 40 through 87 years old. and she said everyone got better. approved for cosmetic purposes only, the doctor stresses, but some people believe it does more, because if you look good, you feel good. experts say you can fight toxic sugar by eating every day items like cinnamin, ginger, finding right cleanser
8:09 am
and moisturizer could be simple as affordable whale to get the better result. >> we've had two, three people substituting sugar with cinnamin. >> cinnamin on stuff that i want to put salt snob. >> i even talked to doctor joyce, thing called nectar, spelled with a k, ooh use that, it also helps substitute for sugar, as well. >> thanks, karen. >> i love my sugar. >> me too, man. could the end be near? well, possibly. at least according to a top space scientist. >> i saw this i i was like my goodness, any mysterious plan that's wiped out life on earth millions of years ago could apparently do it again, some say it could happen as early as this month. >> oh, well? >> so planet nine, new planet discovered close to the solar system about 25 million years ago, comet showers that bombed the earth surface killing all life, you know that story. this is according to the university of the louisianna. and now they are saying it is time for it to come again i guess. >> what's today? the seventh?
8:10 am
>> yes, april 7th. >> so we might not have our party april 29th. >> we have to have. if it is going to come please come the 30th or something. >> well, let's put this off to the 30th, so we can have our party the 29th. >> think about, that how the deep soars ended, maybe trying to kill us ought? >> shouldn't have that been our lead story the world is coming to an end this month? >> providing you believe it. >> seemed like it would be more important than even the villanova parade? >> depending when it is come, being maybe the villanova parade will happen before this. >> it said this month. >> the villanova parade is tomorrow. let's get through that. >> texas elementary school bans parents from the premises. what you new rule threatening moms and dads with criminal charges, if they common to the school grounds. why? lauren? >> dude, i am learning how to play chess from a pro. jonathan keeping me everything from pawns, rooks, queens and kings. because i'm hanging out with kids in delaware, who are
8:11 am
national chess champions. we'll meet the team and talk to some of the players coming up.
8:12 am
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>> 8:14, and here comes. with a cold front, the rain is almost here, but it, will take a while for this to get through. so, plan on pretty much an entire rainy day, on and off, on and off, throughout the afternoon. here's what we have got going on right now, on ultimate doppler radar, see the rain in lancaster county here, parts of southern chester county, like east nottingham where it looks like pretty steady rain. nothing yet in philadelphia. but, it is on the way. around an inch of rain, worse between noon and 3:00 p.m., possible thunderstorms, that's today. tomorrow likely drying out in time for the villanova parade in the city. and it will be on the cool side. 53 degrees, because it will be breezy, some make sure to wear a jacket, but nothing like saturday, when we're not only specking some rain, but also some snow mixed in. by the end of the weekend, though, we will have temperatures back to seasonable levels, in the lower 60s, on monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
8:15 am
bob kelly, time out, sue. >> 8:15, exactly on a thursday. cleaning up, this accident, northbound lanes of 95, right before the center city offer ramp. this guy smacked head-on into the concrete wall, then bounced back, everybody's push over to the right. and it is causing a huge jammo from pretty much the walt whitman bridge all the way up through the penn's landing tunnels there. access for folks trying to get into center city. so, watch for delays, also, delays south on the extension, just south of lansdale, we talked about some political event, today, penn's landing, bernie sanders an event at 9:00 right after that. we take motorcade, and an escort up to the sheraton, in center city, for a 10:00 event. that's right off the vine street expressway. so both of those event actually motorcade will leave us with some detours, and then, later on at lunchtime, former president bill clinton speaking at the playground there along pickering avenue. so keep those events in mind,
8:16 am
for your midday plan. mike and alex back over to you. >> when i was watching march madness, i saw them playing kless to hone their skills, chess, the game of chess, keeping their mind sharp, hems them on the basketball court. student at one every wilmington, delaware toughest neighborhoods have turned to this unlikely, i guess, well, game, to learn some of life's biggest lessons. >> and lauren has their story. >> you can't crown any kings or queens here. student at thomas edison charter school have earned high marks for their chess schools, the school the first in delaware to win national chess title. hundreds of student learning thousand play the game. and learning patience, critical thinking, and resilience. but only about two dozen are on the official school team, competing on national level.
8:17 am
something to be proud of, since about 95% of the student body, lives at or below the poverty level. in a sit recently dubbed murder town usa. >> so they're beating the odds, and in many cases, beating out the competition, in a new game, that's also creating champs. >> jonathan is trying to teach me. it is a slow process. how am i doing? he said i'm doing good. leaned all about the kings, queens, pawns, the king, most important. i'm doing well. this is slow. we speed things up. going here, champions, national chess champions in action, right here, i'll talk to my girl mattie while she plays, one of the top 50 chess players in the country. >> yes. >> correct. >> how did you get that tight until. >> well, i've been studying for awhile, and i've been learning how to play to get
8:18 am
better. >> principal says this is teaching you guys life lessons watch have you learned about life through the game of chess? >> think ahead, think of your outcomes, and consequences, from your decision. >> i distracted you, now i'll distract your partner. you are a fifth grader beating the eighth graders. how did you make it happen? >> welshing kept trying harder and harder. >> what's all of this that you guys are doing hitting these buttons, what is this? >> well, hitting, we just hit the clock. it like tells your mind, casino of, we have a time limit. so we have to basically like -- >> you get back to work, like get out of my way. principal, what's happening here? that is changing so many lives? >> these are children learning the game of chess, chess makes, help your character
8:19 am
skills. showing our children that they have character to play chess, teaches to you think moves ahead, to see not only the turns but see around the turns, so we're getting ready to compete for second national championship. villanova won, second, we're proud of them we'll shoot their, and win two in three years. these dudes are state champions, mid-atlantic, weaver girls team, three years, all girls champion. so, these are student that are great student, as well, honor roll student. our goal through our chess program to get student through the state. >> love that line. you guys have lots of hardware to prove how hard you've been working. tell me this. you're going to national. you need little help? >> we sure do. raising money. we don't have ask student for money. they come from tough communities. so we have your viewers have always been supportive, and our coaches, my actually former student in philadelphia. >> oh, wow. >> former chess players, we are trying to raise, trying to raise 20 more thousand dollars to help these student get to indianapolis. they can go right on school
8:20 am
website, you know, edison charter, and also we have a go fund me page set up. if they can donate or send checks right to the school, it will help make a difference in life of our children and help, major achievement gap in america, larger exposure gap as well t makes a difference. >> different for people at home who might want to write a check watch has the game that you have seen a big change in so far? >> taught these students to think, to be logical, to reason, there is also talk, i understand, their consequences and rewards in life, and teaching, building resilient children not about teaching them how to be successful, it is teaching them how to respond when they are not successful. that's good lifeless on for adults, as well. >> thank you, principal. mike, did you hear what i said at the beginning, the queen is the most powerful piece. >> oh, yes. >> the boys, they cannot, cannot, take it when they lose. kings important, but that young lady, and they'll learn that in life, always important, whether it is ma'am, sister, who ever. >> always. thank you. >> queen the most important.
8:21 am
but the game is over when the king is gone. >> i just love watching them. they go so fast. >> oh, the speed chess, chess, regular chess is hard, but speed chess, i don't get it. pressure to lose weight, one of the angels for victoria secret quick quit. >> erin, wanted her to shed some pawn. she had no choice but to walk away. >> we continue to celebrate good day's 20 birthday this morning. >> who is it? >> who is going to come through that door next? here is a hint. this human used to be one of the hoses of this show. so, after many people, probably ten, 20 people. who is it? no not the first guy.
8:23 am
elmo's got the moves. sesame street live let's dance has abby elmo and cookie monster dancing with you and your family! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14-17 tickets on sale now!
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8:25 am
>> all among hospital, in our 20th celebration, weaver guesses coming in. >> you ready? >> hi, everybody, there is no way good day could celebrate 20 years and i not at least sends a message and share in these memories. i have so many five are you moments interviewing ryan lock he with mike. >> my philosophy, if our man at night you have to be a man in the morning. >> what was the question that stumped him? >> what, what, what? what? >> what? >> (laughing). >> the kardashian's. >> when you're home with your baby, you know, can't get a nap. you can just shop on line.
8:26 am
>> the whole time. >> it is hot. can i have some could the on balls or something? >> why don't you like it? you don't like it? >> it's fine. >> dancing beyonce with the sixers dancers. >> ♪ >> meeting wendy williams on halloween, keeping a secret for several month, then announcing pregnant with the twins. >> who is pregnant with twins? >> ahh. >> certainly an adventure, really, for me, good day was all about the every day spontaneous moments that you can't plan. even our morning meetings, the post show meeting, commercial breaks. there will be days where we just had so much fun, and that's what makes good day so great, of course, we hanible day's top stories but you can is her after cup of fun every morning. so congratulations, again, you
8:27 am
will always be like family to me. love you. >> good morning, from the 48th street grill. oh, why are we talking caribbean food? what's it have to do with the penn relays? believe it or not, his name is carl lewis. even that has nothing to do with anything of this. we'll explain, and we're going to make plenty of bananas coming up. let's go. >> good day philadelphia
8:28 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
8:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:30 am
>> developing right now on "fox 29 news" ... >> this has taken me almost five years to roll this much string, into a ball. sit and watch days of our lives. >> bold and beautiful. >> sorry,. >> and then tmz, and i watch the fox line up at night, and he's got to be soothing. >> really is calming. >> like meditation. >> i would like to start it.
8:31 am
>> after an update here. >> avenue new add toyings my ball. >> calming until this happened. >> hey! >> now, we rolled some of this last night while watching empire. >> my new office, so that's great. >> stapler in there? >> you know, corner office also so overrated. >> really. sounds office. so, how was empire? >> empire, was great last night, so, what about hakeem, though, the new guy in town, he's in control. what did you think of some of the moves he made last night? tweet me, we'll discuss everything. >> oh, my gosh. i don't want to fall out. >> okay, seriously? >> so the pen re lays are coming up. love that event. but what did the pen re lays have to do with caribbean food?
8:32 am
>> hussein bolt, he's known as the fastest man on earth. >> for good reason, olympic gold medalist, hussein the first man to hold the 100-meter, 200-meter world records. but what you probably did not know is that the jamaican superstar benefitted from caribbean cuisin week while in high school. hussein, like many other economically disadvantaged student athlete, who attend the pen re lays each year, received help from money raised during this annual event now in its 12th year. so, when you're buying a meal during caribbean cuisin week, remember, you're not only eating some of the most amazing food around, but also helping a young person realize their dream, maybe even become
8:33 am
the next hussein bolt. >> let's eat, with carl lewis. how are you, chef? >> doing wonderful. >> how great is it that your name is carl lewis and helping the pen re lays at loads? >> it is amazing, i'm the original. >> all right. you've been at the eighth street grill for how long? >> the second year. >> you're from jamaica? >> from jamaica. >> so this event is near and dear to your heart. >> near and dear to my heart. >> so, bolt, fueled on your food when he did all of those great things on the track? >> that would be great if i could have had some good -- >> now, if i eat some of this, let me see, if i try this what's this? >> one of the most famous salmon, black ends salmon, with a sweet garlic shrimp, peas, rice, colored greens. >> unbelievable. into are your wings. >> famous island wings.
8:34 am
>> this is we call pasta, make with jerk chicken, tomato jerk marinaded sauce. >> i've been called a jerk but >> our fried plantain, yes, salmon. >> yes? >> real traditional. >> marinaded. >> so if people participate, in the caribbean cuisin week, will they get to try the dishes? >> uma donate monday that i helps the organization what helps 700 athlete from the caribbean? >> definately, worth while cause privilege for them to do that. >> i know you got the bananas, what? fried plantain. >> yes, can we do your version of banana foster? have sure, are you ready?
8:35 am
>> now where is the ice cream? >> ice cream right here. >> brown sugar. >> brown sugar. >> okay? >> look out. >> wow. >> lemon extract. >> lemon juice here. there you go. >> all right? >> will you go to the track? >> amazing? >> finish product. >> check it out guys. >> great cause. food is great, too. >> i love that. >> so good. >> yes, carl lewis, who knew, he ended up being a chef.
8:36 am
>> and owner, he owns the place. >> yes? congratulations. from the track to the kitchen. >> okay, we're going to take a break here now. now, american idol ended up last night, starting new show called anchor idol. and i'm afraid alex, that you and i are up next. >> oh, are we? my gosh, we need to prepare. let's go to break. we need to practice. >> here we go. we'll sing next. >> ♪ if your family outing is magical
8:37 am
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8:39 am
>> in monday or of that, we need to create new show on fox, anchor idol, we believe this will spread across america, so, news anchor people, sing together. >> ii now a.m. playing the part of rick james. you noah wambach stage, i let her know that i'm rick james. no, can't say that. ladies and gentlemen, the love of my life.
8:40 am
tina marie. lady t, common in. just come none. >> i want to come in when i want to come in. >> owe such a diva. all right, three, two, one. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:41 am
>> and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a surprise performance now, the song ebony and ivory, which is one of my favorites. this will be performed by, of course, paul mccartney and steve i wonder. we have to pick up some of the feathers, we lost some feathers. >> okay, can you common in. >> okay. >> let me put the mike in.
8:42 am
>> and we're ready. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:43 am
>> beautiful. beautiful. >> take it to the fridge. >> mike, did you ever see stevie wonder read a tell prompter so good? i can't see the wall. >> i was -- he didn't miss a lyric in the prom tour. >> top, that jenn fred, from hollywood, california. >> i don't think she can. >> american idol, tonight, on fox. >> what the heck is wrong with philadelphia. number one. number it, i want a super
8:44 am
vote. >> snow. hey, coming up after the break, harry connick, jr. he loves philadelphia. he loves american idol. all ' hear from him, again, to vote for keeley, snow. over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
8:45 am
8:46 am
to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog.
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>> 8:47. let's show you where the rain is. it is not in wilmington, delaware yet. but it is on the doorstep. today, by the way, the home opener, of the wilmington blue rocks, at frawley stadium, right there, on the waterfront. all right, let's take a look at where the rain s moving into lancaster, chester counties, and oh, yes, see what i mean? on the doorstep of wilmington, delaware, so get ready for the rain even if you don't have it right now. we have about inch of rain on the way today, then, tomorrow, it is dry, for the villanova parade, rain and snow, i'm not kidding. saturday, worry about that later. sunday still cold, finally warms up to seasonable temperatures, guys, monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. >> nicely done. >> 8:47. i'm going to watch tonight for sure. >> i just can't believe this is, the final night of the american idol.
8:48 am
finale, final night of the finale. >> final night of the finale. jen in hollywood on this, so we're down to la porche and trent. >> she has bank hanging with all of the judges, mike, you know shoe she does. >> she loves harry connick junior. >> he lovers me more, okay? and i would like a recount, because there is video proof. remember how john stamos came up to me and tried to make out with me during the emmies? it was way more than that. and, the producers didn't want to show it to you, apparently jealous of my relationship. hey, i do have little bit of update. simon is going to come to american idol tonight. so brian, pretty exciting, but you want to see harry, so go ahead, listen to harry connick, junior. >> i think what we will look at tonight, did the fan girls from trent call more than the fans for la porche? >> really, that's what it will boil down to, real i i think think were voting, might have
8:49 am
to -- trent really came up strong on the end. some people, oh, we think la porche will win, no guaranteeing anything. they both did remarkably well tonight. >> you know, we've been talking to all justin, guarino, everyone here, and they're excited to see simon. people want to see now room with simon. and see what loose like. >> simon is great guy. >> i know, both of you the critical one. your individual panels, it will be fun to see that. >> i think we were all hired to proceed. you know, simon did it his way, did i it my way, but simon is a great guy. he tries to take my gumbo, it may be different kind of deal. >> oh, heck. >> i'm take him down if he tries to go after my gumbo. >> last thing, you have a show, i hate telling people, you won't miss harry, because he is coming back. >> i'll be in living room, i have a show called harry, entertainment show. all of the fun of late night. that a lot of people in the day don't get chance to watch. have to go to bed too early. bring that right through the middle of the afternoon, have music, comedy, man on the
8:50 am
street, really want, the thing i'm most excited about is celebrating every day folks all across this great country. i love being from america. and i love the people that make up this country. and we're going it really focus on them. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ♪ >> all right, so who do you think will win? will it be la porche? that's who you think. do you think trent? that's what the 12 year old on my nap chat think. speak i of harry, guys, i think it is like ellen meets jimmy fallon, and his bands will be there, as well, mike, i am a little heart broken that the producers didn't show harry connick junior, not only saying i know you, i love you, even in my sweatshirt, because it has been chilly, he said you look cute. so i'm thinking -- >> well, we can find. that will that should have been in the little package that for sure. >> that's what i thought. >> of course. >> i want to say one last thing, coming up, hear from justin guarino in the 9:00 hour, it is the best interview he's ever given us. that's one. number two, you're going to
8:51 am
hear from la porche. >> she is from d town. hear from trent. and who is the american idol favorite that actually voted last night even though she couldn't vote for themselves. who do you think it is? american idol favorite voting for one every these two. who did she vote for. who is it? that's what we call in the business, mike jerrick, are you ready for this? >> yes, what is it? >> a tease. >> oh, look back at it. okay. sure. >> here's the thing that happens, thanks, jen, with american idol, a lot of girls vote. >> oh, so you think it might sway things? >> for trent. >> yes. >> she has that voice. >> i'm rooting for her. weepily have found rihanna's biggest fan. a local woman. yes, she from our area. flies all the way to texas to see her in concert. she changed her appearance to get rihanna's attention. would you ever do that to
8:52 am
anybody? pea past .
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> all kinds of extremes, to get their favorite stars. but would you do this? would you shave off all of your hair? a woman, from philly, she got rihanna's attention after getting rihanna shaved into her head. and not even here in town. >> ♪
8:56 am
>> rihanna's face in the back of her head. guess what? rihanna saw it, and posted it, on instagram. >> even, with that, she didn't get this done in philly. she to go all the way to texas, san antonio, in order to get this done. get on flight, does that, comes back to philly, and was at the concert. >> why do you have to go all the way to texas to get that? >> well, to ask her. we should talk to her. >> all right, she used to be on our show, what's today, this thursday? >> thursday. >> she needs to be on our show tomorrow. i want to see that. >> dow too. plus you don't want it to grow out or anything. >> no, i want to feel it. >> al as andrea, if you know, please tweet us, alex holley fox 29. she wants to talk to you, girl. i think she went to the concert. hope she got to meet her. >> rihanna posted it on video? >> i hope she met her. hey, pressure to lose weight. ex angel erin hitter ton, says victoria secret wanted her to
8:57 am
shed even more weight. she is very thin to begin with. >> shy no long area angel. she dumped her wings.
8:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> this is our news room, they like to warm up like there is then start planning the 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 news. >> good show. >> yes. well, we will watch more of this, behind the scenes, meeting, in just a little bit. >> that's our news director, jim driscoll, doing the split. >> good day everybody, thursday, april the seventh, 2016. a texas elementary school, hi,


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