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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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definitely would not want your kids to have it. it just popped up at one school. >> who would have thought have you had to say no to candy. >> the startling find that was anything but sweet. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. right now at 5:00 we are tracking rain and some big changes for some of you the rain has stop but we're still trac tracking showers and along with that rain today came some strong damaging winds. good evening i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we're getting look at some of the damage done by some of those winds. check out the football field at objection tow rare row high school in chester county. the scoreboard was blown over an tree fell on two cars. officials say the roof was also blown off the softball dug out thankfully no one was hurt. let's get straight over to red meteorologist kathy orr now for a look at what happened. kathy. >> we saw it on radar. you wouldn't believe it. we were looking at more showers and storms moving our way but this was big band of rain that
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moved through you may have been caught in it in parts of pennsylvania and south jersey. if you look really close, when this band moved through with a few severe thunderstorms, it was a little bit of what we call a bow echo, a bend in the precipitation on the radar showing in western chester county ackland some damaging winds. that is a signature when you see that bowing on a radar. we did see the damage. these are the report that is you're talking about, iain. the large scoreboard down and trees down on a car near the school as well. now, that is long gone but we still have a few showers. the sun came out and now it's fueling the atmosphere again. we're seeing showers popping up in chester county, one with some rising air right there in atlantic city so we're looking at some spotty showers perhaps few downpours now that the atmosphere has warmed back up. up to 62 degrees again in philadelphia and wilmington. cooler in reading and the poconos it is 47 degrees. looking ahead, we're going to be talking about some wind for the wildcats because behind this front it is cool and it is windy
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for your friday. another freeze coming our way. it looks more like until we will be seeing snow over the weekend. more on that coming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy. thank you. stay prepared for the weather by downloading the fox 29 app it's like having our meteorologists at your fingertips. it's available in the apple store or on google play. happening now in philadelphia, the search for vandals. smashed glass busted windshields and angry car owners you can find all of those in a local body shop this morning. police say vandals hit noorly two dozen cars and tonight authorities are working hard to try and find them. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in bustleton tonight with the story. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, iain. well the owner of this body shop tells thus they have started calling some of the owners of these smashed vehicles letting them know their cars won't be ready for pick up much it's frustrating to the car owners and also frustrating to some of the dealership that is own these vehicles. lastly frustrating for the
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owners of the body shop. now force to do foot the bill. >> you got a footprint there. >> reporter: smashed, smashed, smashed, 21 cars in may company's body shop on bustleton avenue fell victims to vandals overnight. >> look like they walk along each car and stuck their foot through every windshield. >> reporter: shattered glass and footprints left behind. >> footprint is air jordan footprint. >> reporter: demarco brothers own the shop. they noticed the damage this morning and called police. >> in the future we'll increase patrol in the area. also, back here it's kind of dark. >> reporter: the shop has an extensive surveillance system but for some reason last night's mischief makers evade the motion sensor and cameras never clicked on. next time the cameras detected motion was around 12:30 this morning. that's when the vandalism is unveiled. >> we'll find out who did this. >> reporter: the dee marcos and neighboring business owners arthur gall say teenage vandals have been a problem on their property throughout the last year.
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costing both businesses a lot of money and major headaches. enough is enough. i mean we have a police station literally down the street, and this is, you know, happening right under their eyes. >> reporter: and the shop plans to adjust all of its security cameras to make sure it captures all activity all of the time. may company body shop plans to hire a security guard to watch this lot overnight to try to catch these vandals. dawn? >> all right, jenn, thank you. police in cherry hill are looking for a man they say harassed two girls. this happened just after 5:00 yesterday near the wawa along cooper landing road. police say the two girls were walking home when the man who believed to be in these surveillance pictures drove up to them and asked them if they needed a ride home. the girls made run 40. the man drove away. police believe he was driving a blue four door sedan possible al buick. the woman accused of of abduct agnew born baby from the king of prussia mall is out of jail tonight. montgomery county district attorney's office confirming
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32-year-old cherry a more posted bail. she was held on half a million dollars. she snatched a seven week old boy from his mom in the mall food court last week. police issued an amber alert and later found a more in her tredyffrin township apartment she's facing kidnapping charges. philadelphia police are trying to track down three teenagers accused of robbing a dunkin' donuts at gun point. investigators releasing this surveillance video of the march 26th incident. according to police, three teens walk into the store along north 52nd street in parkside. one pulls a gun while the other two act as a look ran off after worker handed over some cash. fortunately no one was hurt. >> new jersey governor kris tee will not consider supporting a bill to help atlantic city. today a state assembly committee approved a measure that would give atlantic city financial assistance. allow the state to control the city's finances but only if atlantic city fails to meet
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performance targets. governor christie says he will not support it because it's an effort to protect unions and political patrons. now you decide 2016. round to have battle for the democratic presidential nomination. yesterday hillary clinton addressed the pennsylvania afl-cio convention dan bernie sanders made his pitch. this with the pennsylvania fry mary less than three weeks away. bruce gordon covering politics fours. he's live in our newsroom with the latest. bruce, do you the two speeches compare? >> reporter: well, i think it's fair to say the sanders crowd was bit more enthusiastic at least by the measure of standing ovations, if you want to count those, but the vermont senator frankly has some catch up to do in pennsylvania where he can ill afford a big loss on april 26th. >> bernie sander! >> reporter: union leaders greet the senator sanders way standing ovation a move they would repeat more than half a dozen times during his 40 minute speech. sanders stuck to familiar themes including his signature claim. >> we are going rebuild the
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american middle class. we have got to understand that we are living in a rigged economy. >> reporter: sanders promised to these perspective voters includes universal health care, pre public college tuition and rebuilt roads, bridges and water supplies to be paid for in part by lifting the cap on social security contributions and taxing wall street speculation. >> to stand up and say to the billionaire class, sorry, you are not going to have it all, sorry, we are not going to allow your agreed to continue to destroy the working families of this country. >> reporter: to those who consider this promises so much pie in the sky, sanders reminded his audience of the fight to more than double the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> this idea five years ago would have been thought to be radical and unthinkable it's happening today because people stood up and fought for it.
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>> reporter: latest polling from franklin and marshall shows hillary clinton with a 25 percentage point lead over sanders in pennsylvania. already trailing in the overall delegate count, he can ill afford a big loss here. sanders largely avoided mentioning clinton by name, but did get in a few thinly veiled shots. >> i will not leave here this morning and go to a wall street fundraiser. >> reporter: it's not clear sander which is catch clinton in the delegate race to capture the democratic nomination but local union leaders seem happy their addresseaddressed are by both candidates. >> it's about the labor move for all intents and purposes. i'll take that kind of fight any day of the week. >> reporter: sanders victory in new york on the 19th of this month or pennsylvania on the 26th would certainly bolster his under dog campaign but losses in both states would make it very hard for him to come from behind and capture the democratic nomination. iain. >> bruce, thank you.
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we are less than four months away from the democratic national convention and plans are already in place to make sure everyone stays connected during the big week. mayor jim kenney joining dnc officials as well as leaders from at&t to announce the wireless network will be the convention's official communications and technology provider. the convention of course being held in july at the wells fargo center. officials say thalamic sure everyone has got the cell service they need during the busy event. we're going to double the lte capabilities within the wells fargo center itself and in downtown philadelphia we're going to have small cell solutions in all the hotels where delegates will be residing during the convention and at other facilities and locations throughout the city. >> officials say most of the communication improvements will remain in place even after the convention leaves. president barack obama called to congratulate the villanova wildcats for victory what he called quote a particularly exciting championship game.
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>> game because it wasn't like north carolina gave it away. congratulate all of them and tell jenkins that he look pretty cool out there taking that shot. (laughter). >> i'm looking forward to welcoming you guys to the white house. >> thanks for calling. very nice you. >> congratulations, coach. bye-bye. >> thank you. take care. >> that was the president calling head coach jay wright following the team's victory in the ncaa tournament championship game on monday. the president pointed out that victory came at the end of an impressive year for the team and as you heard president obama also inviting the villanova men's basketball team to the white house for a ceremony to honor their big win. jay wright didn't get to say much in that call. this man said to overcome a lot and working hard to one day walk again. >> knocked down you got to get back up. so that's what we do. that's what i do every day. >> someone just stole the special van he needs to get around. why this crime was even harder than it might seem. howard? >> sam hinkie he's gone as the
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sixers general manager. and today how the head coach feels about a new boss which could change his career path. hear from brett brown coming up in sports. and you're doing everything to look good, eating right, working out more there's still something in your food that's aging you from the inside out. what's sucking the life out of your skin. kathy? >> coming up all new at 6:00 a local teen with autism relies on his beloved dog for so much. tonight the dog is missing. the desperate search to find him. vo: president obama endorses
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> change is ahead for the sixers after their general manager stepped down during the building of a process. >> sam chinky submitted his resignation. >> someone will have to lead the rebuilding off the court. howard eskin is here with more. howard? >> do you think 47 and 195 is awful? it sure s end of an era for the seventy six certification a bad era with sam minute key he resigned as the team's general manager. i'm told hinkie was told brian colangelo will be the new general manage are you hinkie would be reassigned to a minor position so hinkie abruptly said, goodbye. now the way this went down with hinkie was very strathe. he called last night to tell the owners he was resigning.
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it then got real strange when sam hinkie sending a 13 page letter with his resignation in the letter he quoted a famous surgeon, authors, a physicist, the founder of tesla and the quote hinkie uses you should take the approach that you are wrong. your goal to be less wrong he quoted abraham lincoln but the abe lincoln quote turns out both quotes turn out to be incorrect. very strange way to say i'm do done. >> i respect it in some ways i understand it. but it doesn't diminish my personal disappointment of not seeing this through with him. >> well, he's going to have to see it threw with him. unless -- more from the head coach and the players including how brett brown views his job status now with the team that will be coming up. dawn? >> all right, we'll see in you a bit, thanks howard. pennsylvania governor tom wolf today signing an executive order barring state contractors and grant recipients from
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discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity. the democratic governor says he cannot wait any longer for republican lawmakers to move on legislation that would ban this type of discrimination in employment, howing and public services. the rules apply to entities had receive potentially tens of billions of dollars a year. members of the camden county police department getting some invaluable training today so they can better serve their community. bancroft providing officers with training in crisis inter vince. for both kids and adults with autism. the non-profit group will be training police departments across the area during april which is autism awareness month. camden county was the first police force to receive the training. >> when our first responders are responding to a situation, they need to be aware of not just the physical conditions that may alter or the medical conditions that may alter but the psychological conditions as well in which people will not respond
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in a traditional way. >> police say they're newly learned skills can help them recognize autism behaviors and the use of proper d escalation techniques. we know you just can't get enough of cookie, lucious and empire now the season two is back. well, you probably know shows create lee daniels is from philadelphia. so we wanted to trace the roots of the man who makes the magic. >> fox 29's dave kinchen sat down with lee daniels mother for look at the man behind the empire and the tragedy that shaped his future. ♪ >> reporter: lucious will stop at nothing to regain his thrown but cookie still the boss lady. >> as long as my momma got something to do with it -- >> the lions deal with life changing tragedies. just some of the many plot twists and turns coming your way now that empire is back on fox 29. arguably the hottest show on tv
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made by one of the coolest guys from philly. hollywood king maker lee danie daniels. >> who would know better than clara may daniels his mother and perhaps the only other boss in the family. >> it has to be his way. he's going to make it right. >> reporter: true hit maker with a keen eye at work from the director's chair making sure every cast and crew member is on point. >> they do anything. they'll do flips just to -- because they know there's something there and something good going to come out. everybody is going to have a little piece of the pie. >> reporter: mom says daniels had his eye on the prize since day one. >> from an infant he had a flare about him. >> even getting what he wanted with friends. >> no, no. he had to be the boss. tell them how to act, what to say, how to say it, um, and it was just a charm. it was fun. >> reporter: some of those
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names you know. >> will smith lived right around the corner. jazzy jeff. >> reporter: daniels the old defendant of five kids almost lost that flare when his father, a philly cop, was killed in the line of duty. >> that's when god stepped in, really stepped in. >> reporter: and daniels stepped in to god's house the african episcopal surge s church of saint thomas located in overbrook farms. >> god moves in funny ways. he's at the right place at the right time. it's like a shield was over my family. >> reporter: cornerstone institution the first black episcopal church in the nation became a cornerstone for danie daniels. >> he guy up here at saint thomas. this is where he was baptized. this is where he was confirmed. this is where he actually went through his childhood into adulthood. >> he prays if i'm there around him, he does devotion ales. he reads the bible and i think that gives him the energy to
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stay focused on what it is he is trying to do. >> reporter: using theater and entertainment to take on tough issues like race -- >> i did not want my name to be -- i know a black man in america you can't be like that. >> and love in his oscar winning production monsters ball. >> these are today's issues. a lot of people don't like issues of today but they are real and things that happen on that show are for real. >> i love you. you're in love with your music. >> it's empire that has lee daniels tackling tough conditions like gay relationsh relationships often considered at a boo in the black community. he has america talking about family violence, too. >> a lot of little incidents are true. i'm not going to tell you which ones they are.
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>> i was going to ask you. >> they're very true. i mean these are some experiences that he experienced growing up. >> even though they may be hard for some to actually acknowledge and view on television, it's real. >> reporter: but there's plenty of excitement that goes along with the drama and like a good reporter, i had to get the latest scoop. >> as season two comes back is there anything you can tell. >> nope. (laughter). ♪ >> you must watch it. because he's twisted. (laughter). >> in west philadelphia, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. philadelphia city officials get a chance to learn about the importance of mentoring and during a special lunch earlier today, big brothers big sisters hosted the event at city hall. more than 50 people including council members and representative from the police, school district and department of human services got together to learn about big brothers, big sisters and ask questions about
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how the organization serves the community. >> honda owners across the nation not too happy after mak making their monthly payments. they're watching their bank accounts very closely today. what went wrong. and parents and staff at a school shane to their core. they say a kid came to class with what looked like candy but they soon discovered it was anything but sweet and could be deadly. and sometimes all it takes to unwind is a balloon. that certainly was the case for this police dog and despite his playful nature nature you wouldn't want to mess with this guy. we'll explain. ♪
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when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world?
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whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. remember dee plate gate. it's back in the news as some new england patriots fans are now suing the nfl. the seven fans they say the nfl made a quote arbitrary and today pressures decision when he revoke the team's first round draft pick as punish many for the dee plate gate scandal. the complaint says the decision should be overturned because there's no proof the patriots deliberately dee plated footballs in the 2015anc championship game. now among other things the
5:26 pm
plaintiffs 11 common law fraud, negligence emotional distress and racketeering. nfl commissioner goodell and team owner robert craft are named as defendants. patriots in the league have not yet commented on the lawsuit. honda drivers across the nation outraged tonight after some people were charged twice for their monthly car payments. thousands of people claiming to having the same problem. they make one payment but they're charged again for the same amount for at least one person that put her checking account in the red. >> i don't get paid until next friday. like, i have no money. >> honda blames it on a processing error. the company says it's in the process of issuing refunds. this man had to overcome a lot working hard to one day walk again. but someone just stole the special van he needs to get around. why this crime was even harder than it might seem. >> you're doing everything you can to look good, you're eating less, working out more, but there's still something in your food that's aging from you the
5:27 pm
inside out. what exactly is suck the life out of your skin? >> kathy? >> the return of cold air to the delaware valley during the day tomorrow and then watching a clipper. so what can this do to our weekend weather? well, some rain and even some wet snow for some of us it will stick. details when we come back.
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we are following breaking news in los angeles for you right now. we have a car chase out in los angeles. we don't know why this car is being chased but obviously you
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can see from the chopper that is flying overhead this car is a in residential area. it's convertible as you can see here sort of speeding through a residential area plenty of other cars looks likes almost a residential area with houses and businesses through there. so if we gotten reports this car was doing doughnuts on highway and now you can see it's kind of disappeared behind the trees some other cars are slowing do down. now he's kind of stuck he or she. let's see if he'll go up on the sidewalk. up on the sidewalk here. over the right coming back in. so this is -- wow looks like a really residential area where there are plenty of cars there. there's a left turn lane noun the right lane is clear so the convertible is back on the move again. zipping through this area. this is -- >> whoa! >> almost gets a truck. we of course will stay on top of this and keep you updated as we can. let's stay with it for a little while longer as this continues to wind its way through what -- what i think is a residential area. now, the convertible behind some
5:31 pm
trees there. you can see a schoolbus on the left. so a lot of times on these chases are going on other cars have no idea that this is -- this is happening either behind next to or in front of them. now we've got lot of site of it. there it goes. >> yup. >> kind of on -- looks almost like an auxiliary road running parallel to the road these other cars are on. you can see there are other cars on that road as well. but this chopper has got that car -- >> got a good view of the guy. hahn hollywood boulevard. >> it's going to be hard to lose him. now you lose him behind the trees as the chopper pulls out. you can definitely see it look like there's some homes there. you know, residential area where people live. so that's, you know, you don't want to be going fast through there. >> very bold, too, driving up on the sidewalk to get around cars and march roll missing a truck at that intersection. >> yeah exactly. a lot of times these people, okay, there it is.
5:32 pm
yup. we can see it now. now it looks like he or she is almost stuck in the car because -- >> there's nowhere to go. >> there's nowhere to go. park cars on the side there. and now reall really just kind f crawling along it looks leak another intersection there. >> nowhere to go. >> and, yeah, so now we've lost it behind these trees. we'll of course keep you updated on this when we can. stay with us. a michigan man who is paralyzed under going rig us of russ therapy hoping one day he'll be able to walk again. >> during a recent session a thief stole his customized van from the parking lot. a crime that's even more difficult than it sounds. fox's erika erickson has the story. >> knocked down you got to get back up. that's what we do. that's what i do every day. >> reporter: keeping his go to positive attitude wean 45-year-old jeff gross pontiac can't get around because he says his brand new wheelchair accessible van was stolen. >> without it i'm stuck. >> reporter: after car
5:33 pm
accident nearly 17 years ago gross says he became paralyzed but work for years to walk making it to 300 steps. but gross said back again a year and a half ago. >> the hospital where they cross the legs and made a mistake and left them crossed ending up cutting the circulation off, and so they had to amputate the leg. >> reporter: for the last 15 months, gross has been working hard to learn to walk for the second time. >> it's a challenge every day work as hard as we can to get up and, um, and get back to doing it. >> reporter: waiting 10 months and holding fundraisers in november gross finally receiving this, a $100,000 ben 14 ford custom made van lowered 4-inches and raced six with a ramp. gross even able to drive himself to physical therapy in south feel. >> i brake with it. throttle with it and then because i'm a quad my hands
5:34 pm
don't work so the hands lock into the steering wheel so that i can drive. >> reporter: spending three hours a day learning to walk, gross heading to therapy. noticing his new van usually parked near his home in downtown pontiac gone monday morning. >> whoever stole this had to stand up because there's no seat in the van and then drive it with, um, hand controls. >> reporter: after learning it hadn't been towed, gross calling police now trying to get rides to physical therapy. >> to take something that i use to get to therapy and to, you know, learn to walk again is pretty unbelievable. >> reporter: gross disappointed hoping the person who stole his van realizes they also stole his sense of freedom. >> shame on you, and we need it back desperately. >> reporter: in pontiac erika erickson, fox news. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. a lot of us get strong storms today. the rest saw rain.
5:35 pm
>> what exactly is next? meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. in the wake of the heavy rain the sun came out right now we're seeing some of our warmest temperatures of the day. a few more showers popping up one in south jersey moving right across lbi and right here near the wilmington area through parts of southern chester county, delaware county and northern new castle we have some pockets of heavy rain along 202, route 1 and also heading toward wilmington and i-95. please be aware of that moving toward the northeast heading toward marple newtown, chester and possibly making it into places like glassboro. right now we're looking at dry conditions an deep blue sky in philadelphia. look at the rainfall today. half an inch in reading. close to half an inch in wilmington. we're looking at allentown .45. philadelphia not much.
5:36 pm
in trenton only a tenth of an inch of rain. a few airport delays as well in philadelphia. 40 minute delay in newark, new jersey, 110 minutes nearly two hours and you can see in jfk a half hour delay. we're looking at drier conditions moving in late tonight. right now in philadelphia, we're looking at 62 but in the poconos it's only 47 degrees. look at millville 60. 60 in wrightstown and in dover it is 60 degrees. cold air is to the northwest. but it's not that far it way. so tomorrow we'll be on the windy side for the wildcats parade. make sure you bundle up as you head into philadelphia. our cold front will be moving through tonight. behind it we do have some strong northwest and westerly winds and then watching this. it looks innocent enough this is alberta clipper a fast-moving system with not a lot of moisture moving from canada but it looks like it will be strong enough to give some of us possibly a slushy inch or two of accumulating snow. main the on the grassy surfaces. let's time the out. here's the rain moving through this evening. we dry the out and for tomorrow
5:37 pm
you see that strong westerly wind. we do make it into the 50s during friday afternoon. by early saturday morning, here's some snow in lancaster county at 6am. you see the rain through dover. the low moves through and kind of rotates through the delaware valley strong northwesterly winds behind it and we're looking at saturday night into sunday morning another freeze. so as far as snow is concerned, i think mainly on the grassy surfaces through south jersey and philadelphia possibly an inch north and west and where we see the colder air to the north and west in the lehigh valley and poconos possibly one to 2-inches and of course this may change over the next couple of days as we try to really pinpoint where that rotation will occur and where the heaviest snow will occur. in the city overnight, 42 degrees. in the suburbs 37. a breezy day during the day on friday partly sunny, fifty two 53 with winds gusting to 30 for the victory parade pack the winter coat because we'll need it. gusty winds, 48 at 1:00 p.m. for the parade start by the afternoon, temperatures slowly rising 5:00 p.m. temperature 52
5:38 pm
and on your exclusive fox 29 weather authority seven day forecast, rain or wet snow for your saturday. sunday morning 29. best chance for another freeze. phils home opener looks good after a cold start to the day, iain is laughing here. tuesday and wednesday looking better. >> talking about the home opener nor the phillies. easter already happened. masters weekend. >> i know. usually by now we're in the clear. >> all right. >> well, parents and staff at a school shaken to the core. they say a child came to class with what looked like candy but they soon discovered this was anything but sweets couldn't possibly be even deadly. it's something you may do with your kids tonight. we just got good news about what your children are eating at restaurants but there's some bad news as well. plus coming up all new at 6:00 o'clock people across our area have rallied behind this horse named lilly who was found abandoned and shot more than a hundred times with paint balls. we just got fantastic news about this horse and we can't wait to share it with you.
5:39 pm
vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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5:41 pm
we continue to follow that breaking news for you out of the los angeles where a car chase is going on. that reasonable area we told you
5:42 pm
about. so we check in on this about 10 minutes ago. we understand now as you see that car convertible kind of sipping around that car and going through sort of a again a residential area in hyped some trees. but clearly among some houses. we do understand now that this driver is reportedly wanted for burglary. so that's maybe why the chase is on. but you can see this car has no intention of stopping or slowing down. it's going through another residential area. there's, you can see a pool there, someone's house. just incredible. >> we saw the car up on the sidewalk flying through intersections with cars. so this driver is definitely willing to risk it all to try to get away from police. you see police following -- >> some police cars. >> police following behind the car closing in on this guy. >> all right. we'll continue to stay on top of this and of course keep updated when knew information is available to us. say no drugs is a common lesson for children and teenagers but say no to candy is
5:43 pm
a lesson now being taught at one school in california. >> parents in sacremento say they've been alert to do some pills that look like smart tease candy but they're actually meth. that's got many moms and dads scrambling to talk to their ki kids. >> it is very very scary, and i had to sit down and go through and show not only the seventh grader but i had show the little ones you just can't take candy from anyone any more. >> many parents feel it's isolated case but still wake up call that parents need to teach kids about drugs starting at a young age. a new type of cafe is serving up hedge hogs the customers aren't intereste inten eating them. what they're actually paying for. >> you're doing everything to look good eating less, working out more but there's still something in your food that is aging you from the inside out. what is sucking the life out of your skin.
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you let's dance it's sesame street live like you've never experienced it before leeeeeeet's dance! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14th through 17th tickets on sale now!
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in your health tonight, a move in the right direction for your children when you eat out. it appears some popular restaurants have cut the calories in their children' meals. researchers looked at online nutrition information for children's meals in 10 most popular fast food outlets in 2014 and nearly three quarters of the fast food meals and about two-thirds of the sit down meals had 600 calories or less. that means they met the recommended calorie guidelines. but the team says these meals were packed with too much salt and fault. the findings appear in journal of nutrition, education and behavior. >> you work hard watch wagon you eat and exercising something in your food is wreaking havoc on your skin and we're talking about sugar. >> joyce evans shows us the surprising effects and how workinworking to help diabeticsy have actually uncovered an anti
5:48 pm
aging cure for all of us. ♪ >> reporter: we crave it. we need it. and who doesn't like it? but how much is too much? where and it goes most people don't know. >> i think people count sugar as waistline. >> we know all about that. >> what they don't realize there's something called sugar sag. >> reporter: sue scharr sag? >> we're damaging the skin. >> dermatologist had a harold farber explains how sugar makes our way blew our blood skins. >> it attacks protein and rises in the skin and destroys proteins in the skin. proteins that are destroyed are collagen fibers and elastic fibers much they give thus radiant look. it gives thus healthy appearance. it gives us that firmness. >> reporter: sucking the life out of our skin and they say
5:49 pm
that's not all. >> what i'm going to do first we're going to start by cleansing your skin. >> reporter: in addition to speeding up the natural aging process, skin care experts also believe this so-called toxic sugar is promoting skin problems like acne, dark spots, dry, dull and possibly slow healing skin. >> here, here and the chin area. >> reporter: german, 42 mother of four has had it with the multiple skin issues she just can't seem to get a handle on. >> on my nose and around the nose area. as you can see this is going downhill fast. >> reporter: she came to jane marie today mat tow for possessions and application direction. >> do you have little bit of sugar in your diet, correct? >> yes. >> reporter: sean ready for diet and nutrition talk. >> we are going to stop the little cupcakes. >> where is she going with this
5:50 pm
why are we asking about my diet? >> reporter: her waistline doesn't show it bought she realized there's plenty of sug sugar, starves, carbs of all kinds that she and her family are still getting way too much of. even though they have cut back. >> oftentimes we end up at fast food chains which is bad for us, we know. i'm sure that has all types of things in it that's not helping my skin. >> no spf. >> jane marie has an arsenal of cosmeceuticals to help. >> we're going start out with your tow nor twice day. okay? >> okay. >> we're going to add in the lightening up age serum and adding in your sunscreen for any uv damage. >> yup. >> and also your serum for inflammation. >> reporter: this sunscreen believes a bit of an ash she tint but she's going to consist up with makeup. jane marie says some people need more product. others far less. >> so what i may prescribe for you or suggest for you would not work for maybe the next person.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: one cosmeceutical product gaining a lot of new attention was created by a scientist who stumbled upon an enzyme and side everybodies. she was actually researching ways to help diabetics suffering forty three kidney disease, blindness and other complications like slow healing wounds. >> we're looking for a drug to stop this enzyme so were don't get tock six sugars. so instead what we did is found natural ingredients and little bit tweaked sob with toll and used that the cream. >> reporter: dr. annette, got to work with a biochemist partner and did multiple clinical trials ages 40 and over. including herself and her 87-year-old mom. >> and everyone got better. >> reporter: approved for cosmetic purposes only the doctor stresses but some may believe it does more. >> because what happens is when you look good, you feel good, and so maybe you don't need so
5:52 pm
many pills. >> reporter: doctors say african-americans in particular they benefit a bit more from these products and healthier e eating habits because genetically they have a 50% chance at developing diabetes and historically many maintain diets way too high in fat, sugars, starch and processed foods. >> i'll make the rice you pop in the microwave 90 seconds. frozen vegetables that you pop in the microwave. >> healthy eating is expensive eating especially feeding two teens, 220 somethings and a husband. >> this is going to be challen challenge. definitely going to be a challenge. >> reporter: her topicals are a bit pricey but they do last for months and experts say you can eat every day themselves you probably have your kitchen like cinnamon and ginger and finding the right cleanser and moisturizer could be simple and
5:53 pm
affordable. got to be patient for results. joyce evans fox 29 news. villanova wild university will be closed tomorrow and all classes are canceled. >> everyone who wants to check out the big parade in honor of its nca championship basketball team. it's being hosted by the city of philadelphia. it will start at 1:00 and run for five blocks from 20th and market to dilworth plaza at city hall. that's where a rally will be held. the university says it is working with septa to make one day passes available for villanova students and staff and faculty. you can watch the parade live right here on fox 29 starting at 1:00 in the afternoon. well, sometimes all it takes to unwind is a balloon. that was the case for this police dog and despite his playful nature, you wouldn't want to mess with this guy. we'll explain. and coming up at 6:00 nearly two dozen windshields smashed at a shop where cars are supposed to be fixed. the crews investigate it's are working with tonight.
5:54 pm
plus a local teenager with autism relies on his dog so mu much. tonight that dog is missing. the desperate search to find him.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
sometimes it's the simple things in life like a balloon. police in california say one of their k9 social security easily entertained and here's cell phone video to prove it. they posted this video showing one of their dogs having the time of his live knocking around a balloon. this guy's name is rosco he may seem like all play and no work, but rosco and his handler were
5:58 pm
actually crowned best in the west at the recent western state police k9 association trial. the competition tests dogs on how well they can serve their police departments. new craze is taking center stage in japan and the obsession is hedge hox hogs. >> hedge hog cafe is open in tokyo and fans from all over the globe have been lining up at the cafe for chance to get cuddly with the prickly creatures. customers can spend an hour playing with the hedge hogs animal cafes are not rare in tokyo. there are also spaces for a number of other animals including cats, rabbits and even snakes. era comes to an end with the series finale of american idol. >> dim the lights and let's do this. >> with those words for the final time ryan seacrest will crown the new american idol. the remaining contestants gave their final performances last night with trend proving he has a chance to beat frontrunner la'porsha with his stan out
5:59 pm
rendition of sia's chandelier. la'porsha performed rihanna's diamonds. three judges also will perform tonight. >> the song i'm singing is one everybody knows a wonderful world but the person i'm singing with is going to be great surprise for everyone. >> tonight idol will celebrate all 15 seasons with the biggest names coming back to perform. don't miss the final american idol tonight starting at 8:00 here on fox 29. followed by a full wrap of the days, news weather and sports on the fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ tonight at 6:00 the rain moves out and wind and cooler temperatures move in. but that's not all. we're tracking a chance for sn snow. and they're constant companions. a local teenager with autism depends on his dog every day. tonight, they're a part and a desperate search is underway to fine the boy's beloved friend. ♪ >> live from center city in
6:00 pm
philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00 rain and damaging winds start to move out of the area. check out what happened at objection at a rare rah high school in chester county today. the wind blue over the scoreboard. knocked a tree on to cars and then blew the roof off the softball dug out. thankfully no one was hurt. >> things are much calmer tonight but we're already tracking the changes to come and among those change changes the possibility, yes, for snow. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. i'm iain page. a busy few days fort tuck 29 weather authority. let's get trite chief meteorologist scott williams. >> busy indeed. right now as we look at ultimate doppler you can see all that nasty weather that moved through earlier in the afternoon most of us lifting into new england but look off to the west. moving out of maryland, back toward the delaware area we'll have to keep tabs on more rumbles of thunder. possibly even some gusty winds imbedded in this moving out of the baltimore area. but earlier in around the chester county area, look at


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