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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00 rain and damaging winds start to move out of the area. check out what happened at objection at a rare rah high school in chester county today. the wind blue over the scoreboard. knocked a tree on to cars and then blew the roof off the softball dug out. thankfully no one was hurt. >> things are much calmer tonight but we're already tracking the changes to come and among those change changes the possibility, yes, for snow. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. i'm iain page. a busy few days fort tuck 29 weather authority. let's get trite chief meteorologist scott williams. >> busy indeed. right now as we look at ultimate doppler you can see all that nasty weather that moved through earlier in the afternoon most of us lifting into new england but look off to the west. moving out of maryland, back toward the delaware area we'll have to keep tabs on more rumbles of thunder. possibly even some gusty winds imbedded in this moving out of the baltimore area. but earlier in around the chester county area, look at that bow echo causing some
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damage. trees down, also, that scoreboard around the football field there in act land but pretty quiet right now for most of the area just watching that activity off to the west and look at the temperatures. they have been climbing a little bit but big changes ahead. 60 right now in philadelphia. some colder air off to the north and west. coming up, believe it or not we'll talk about a windy forecast for the victory parade tomorrow. another freeze in the forecast and, yes, the possibility of some weekend snow as another arctic blast and colder air heads in our direction. all of the details on that plus snowfall potential totals coming up. back to you. >> totals? stay prepared for the weather by downloading the fox 29 app it's like having our meteorologists at your fingertips. it's available in the apple store or on google play. a west chester university student is under arrest tonight accused of sexually assaulting another student inside a campus parking garage. austin he had economy police custody tonight according to a
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police affidavit female student says she was attacked inside the new street garage on april 1s april 1st. investigators say a witness ran over to help and that's when the man jumped out of a parking garage window. police say surveillance video helped them to identify eddie. now you decide 2016. the battle for the democratic presidential nomination heating up in pennsylvania. yesterday hillary clinton addressed the state convention of afl-cio. today it was bernie sanders turn to make his pitch to labor leaders and our bruce gordon live in the newsroom. bruce, hillary clinton leads both the overall delegate count and the polling in pennsylvania. so that leaves sander it's with an uphill battle to say the least. >> reporter: it sure does. in these public speeches at least he's largely rejec rejectg direct campaign attacks sticking most toll populous and he hopes popular message to organized labor. senator sanders was well received by labor leaders i counseled more than a a half dozen standing ovations during
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his 40 minute speech. sanders gave his audience exactly what it expected. including his signature characterization of the us economy. >> the middle class of this country of ours, the great middle class once the envy of the entire world has been disappearing. >> reporter: self described socialist promised universal health care, free public college tuition, and a rebuild of the nation's crumbling roads and bridges. to be paid for in part by taxing the wealthy and the speculators. >> everybody here remembers that eight years ago you helped bail out wall street after their greed and illegal behavior nearly destroyed this economy. i feel very comfortable about saying to them now it is their time to help the working families of this country. >> reporter: to those who doubt such things can be accomplished, sanders pointed to the fight gun five years ago ooh to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> you want to more than double the minimum wage? you're nuts.
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you got to be more conservative. gout to be more realistic. don't be so radical. >> reporter: today $15 an hour is reality. in several cities and states. >> it can happen if we are prepared to stand up together, not let the donald trumps of the world divide us up. >> reporter: secretary clinton leads sanders in the overall delegate count and has a huge lead in pennsylvania's pre primary polling. sanders largely avoided direct attacks on the frontrunner, but did slide in a reference to clinton's support from wall street. >> i'll not be hustling money from the wealthy and the powerful. >> reporter: it's not clear sanders can catch clinton for the nomination but this labor crowd seemed excited about the idea of the middle class at the center of the national political debate. >> bernie, i believe, is -- has been the catalyst to really generate serious, serious discussion and considerations. >> reporter: about the issues you care about. >> about the issues that working people care about. >> reporter: bernie sanders
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badly of course needs upset victory in new york on the 19th of this month or in pennsylvania on the 26th. without either, his climb to the democratic nomination gets almost impossibly steep. dawn? >> bruce, thank you. a new jersey state assembly committee as approved that measure that would avoid a complete state takeover of atlantic city but it won't get very far. governor christie already says he will not support the move. the measure introduced by speaker vincent priota would give the state control over the shore town's and ifs if the city fails to meet targets set by the state. governor christie calls the move... >> local boy with autism needs your help finding his best friend. >> it's his beloved dog. buns got out earlier this week and hasn't been seen since. fox 29's karen hepp has the family's heart-breaking plea. report roar this is the area where they're searching for the dog right now in pennsauken. somehow the dog slipped out of the door of this home on tuesday
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morning and ran off like a shot but to to young teenager 15 years old this dog is his hero. to his mom, the dog is a miracle worker. 15-year-old desean williams best friend has four legs. when he got buns last year, the dog changed his life. they're two peas in a pod snuggling, playing and communicating in their own special way. and now for the first time desean who's autistic is opening up to the outside world as well. >> his dog is like a sibling to him. maybe little brother to him because he bosses him around. come here, you don't do that. and all those things that he was never really saying before. >> reporter: just talking samira kell for years desean was non verbal. but this dog helped bring hem out of his shell. doctors told his mother gloria shelter never hear those precious words i love you but buns changed that. now they're all worried. somehow guns slipped out of the -- buns slipped out of the tuesday morning and ran away much he's still missing and the whole family is devastated.
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>> no buns, i miss buns and bring him back home. >> for a mother to hear their child never be able to tell them they love them is heartbreaking. so to have a dog that brings out all the this emotion and love out of him, we need him back. we need buns back. my son needs him back. >> we were hoping someone has heart and if this was your child, if this was your grandchild, what would you do? we're hoping someone really does the right thing. >> reporter: this mom and grandmom they are sharing on facebook calling everybody they know they're desperate to find this animal. if you happen to find buns we put the information on our website. the phone number call. come to fox they are offering a $300 reward as well. from pennsauken, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. happening now the search for vandals and costly repairs. someone smashed through nearly two dozen windshields at his local body shop and as you might imagine there are some pretty upset car owners tonight. investigators are trying to peace some clues together and
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hoping to make an arrest. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in bustleton tonight with the story. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, iain. windshield after windshield smashed and something that's really interesting even though the rain came through this afternoon you can still see footprints on most of the hoods of these vehicles with various shoe imprints including an air jordan logo the thought is these vandals from car to car to car jumping on the hood and smashing these windshields. >> this is dave at may company. >> dave demarco co opener of may company auto body on bustleton in northeast philadelphia broke the news to customers today that their cars won't be ready for pick up this morning. >> last night we had a little mischief here and someone has broken your windshield. >> overnight windshields on 21 vehicles were shattered by vandals who stormed the back lot of the body shop. leaving their mark and $10,000 in damages. >> it looks like they walked
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along each car and stuck their foot through every windshield. >> demarco and neighboring business owner arthur gall say the persistent and maddening mischief makers have been hitting their properties hard throughout the last year. >> once a month we get something happens to one of the vehicles. whether it gets broken into, scratched, tires are popped. it's on-going thing around here. >> brothers dave and angelo have an extensive surveillance system on the may company lot but for some reason last night's vandals evaded the motion sensory and the cameras never clicked on. >> you got a footprint there. owners are working with police to increase patrols in the area. >> we'll find out who did this. >> businesses on the block say they are tired of footing the bill for the bad guys. this is how i feed my family. how i make money and it's terrible that kids now a days come in and just take it away from everybody. >> reporter: that bill continues to grow. may company tells us that they plan to hire an overnight security guard to keep watch over this lot in the overnight hours to try to stop these vandals.
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iain? >> jennifer, thank you. people across our area have rallied behind horse named lilly found abandoned and shot more than 100 times with paint balls. we just got great news about her we can't wait to share with you. howard. >> sam hinkie is gone as the sixers general manager. that's good news. so how does the coach feel about a new boss which could change his career path? we'll hear from brett brown. that will be coming up in sports. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop.
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mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ great news tonight for horse who's been through sorry terrible ordeal. 20-year-old horse named lilly abandoned in the new holland stables in lancaster last month. shot with paint balls 130 times. she was nursed back to health at penn vet's new bolten center where she also had surgery to remove her right eye.
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police are still trying to figure out who shot her but lilly is now in the care of omega horse and rehabilitation center and is in a recovery barn license soon be placed up for adoption. good news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. with a warmup has come some ra rain. >> chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in just 15 seconds. showers and thunderstorms across the area don't put away the umbrellas just yet but take a look at the temperatures tod today. 62 degrees just about normal the normal is 61. tomorrow will liking be about 10 degrees cooler and it will be blustery as well for the victory parade. as far as what's happening right now, a couple of showers moving back toward philadelphia but i'm keeping tabs on some of the thunderstorms right now moving
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out of maryland back toward the delaware area and some of this will hold together moving back toward the region. in fact as we zoom in little closer right now you can see chester right now moving toward parts of south philly around the airport looking at some light to moderate rain moving back in. but putting a tracker on this activity moving back toward the newark area around 6:21. over the next several minutes. 6:40 arriving toward dover if it holds together moving back toward the philadelphia area by 7:00 o'clock. so we still have a couple more hours to see some showers maybe even that rumble of thunder. look at some of the rainfall totals today. reading almost seven items. allen almost a half an inch. little over tenth of an inch in the philadelphia area and 20-ton about a tenth of an inch of rain. 60 degrees. mild in philadelphia. 60 in wilmington as we move toward places just north and west. 50s and 40s right now. 47 degrees in the pocono mountains but take look at some of the that colder air in cana canada. temperatures are in the 30s and it gets even colder as you move
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toward the northern great lakes. that's some of the air that will provide just enough cold air to produce some of that rain and wet snow as we move toward your weekend. so here's the first system. that gets out of the way tomorrow. should be dry but blustery and colder and then take look at this clipper that's going to be diving toward our area saturday during the day. it looks like we could see some snow during the morning. the afternoon and the early evening time frame. but high temperatures tomorrow a little cooler in the low 50s across the area and them at what happens saturday morning. we're watching that clipper temperatures to start mid to upper 30s. and, yes, we're looking at some snow. not a whole lot because of that april sun angle. mainly on the grassy surfaces. you move north and west up to an inch. the pocono mountains maybe one to 2-inches of snow of course we will be watching that forecast very carefully because iain is just frightened we're using the s word again in the seven day forecast. for the parade chilly and breezy
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temperatures only in the 40s for the weekend another freeze on sunday morning. >> bundle up. >> great. >> thank you scott. well it's of course will be historic night on fox 29. american idol will say final farewell. last american idol ever will be announced tonight during the series finale. >> we're also celebrating all 15 seasons of a show that really changed television. jennaphr frederick is on the red carpet in los angeles tonight where the big night is getting underway. hey, jenn. >> reporter: hey, guys. history is has been made because the red carpet has been moved three or four times and that's because check this out, in southern california on all nights it's pouring rain. that's right. 80 different idols -- 80 different idols scheduled to be here and all of them are looking for place to run and hide and get out of the rain. the load in has gun, remember, even though it's early afternoon here, it's evening where you guys are, right? so we're at this area it's a complex sort of like suburban square in ardmore
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called the hollywood and highland. all the people that kind of go in there and there was scheduled to be a huge outdoor red carpet. they do it in this space so that far one can kind of see what's up. as you can see by the penal around me that have umbrellas, they're trying to figure out where the heck all the famous people are. they're inside the dolby theater which you probably know the name of that because it's where the oscars are held each year. so, yeah, la'porsha renae and trent hoping to be the next american idol. just trying to figure out who will make it to the red carpet. who will be the idol all of it announced tonight and we do know that simon cowell is going to be part of it. so dawn and iain, all kinds of crazy logistical nightmare issues happening which means that this show is only going to be much more exciting. we do know that brine dunkelman who starter it all 15 seasons ago with ryan seacrest is going to open the show. we expect a couple of moments of levity there.
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we also know that ryan seacrest parents have been flown in. originally simon was supposed to surprise ryan but we tmz and all the different outlets, ryan obviously knows that his old buddy sigh upon could you well is here for the last show. dawn and iain back to you guys in philadelphia. >> sounds super exciting. thanks so much, jenn. good don't miss the final american idol tonight on fox 29 followed by a full wrap of the days, news, weather and sports on fox 29 news at 10:00. howard? >> those phillies still find ways to lose baseball games. not pretty again. and sam hinkie decided he didn't want to be told what to do and said i'm done. brett brown looks at what this means for him and how the players felt about hinkie coming up.
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♪ how about us leading with the six certification because it's the end of an err rash for the sixers. bad era with sam hinkie and he resigned as the teams general manager. with the team 47-195 pretty good idea. he was told that brian colangelo was coming in as the general
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manager and that sam hinkie would be reassigned to a minor position. so hinkie said goodbye. the way this went down with hinkie was very strange. so he calls last night to tell one of the owners he was resigning. after meeting with all of those owners on tuesday in new york and said nothing. it then got real strange sam minute key sending a 13-page letter with his resignation. and in the letter, he quotes many including famous surgeons an author, a physicist, the founder of tesla and that quote is priceless. you should -- how this relates to basketball i don't know. you should take the approach that you are wrong. your goal is to be less wrong. he also quoted abraham lincoln. but the abe lincoln quote turn out to be up correct. very strange way to say i'm do done. so brett brown concerned about his job in the future? >> i'm not concerned, you know, i think the discussion that is i have had with david and josh
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harris months ago when they extended my contract and we talked. you know, freel freely about dit things that we're all trying to do gives me confidence that -- that we're going to move on. >> they better. another brutal day for your baseball team. the phillies one thing is very clear after three games the fell lease bullpen is awful. all right. let's go to cincinnati. this is the starter. this is charlie morton in the third inning three run homerun. two on the day for cincinnati. it was an eight run third inni inning. capped off reliever daniel stump i don't know who this guy is either. a grand slam by suarez. it was a joke. phillies lose 10-six to cincinnati. what is not joke it's to the a surprise as leading masters jordan speith a two stroke. four others are tied at three under including justin rose and rory mcilroy. jason day was actual doing well and he fell apart on the back nine. those things can happen.
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>> it can happen on that golf course. >> absolutely. >> stuff that c happen witness sixers, too. >> can i wave by. to sam if you're watching? (laughter). >> howard, all right. be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. a dad shows up to his son's daycare but the toddler is nowhere to be found in the 16 month old price himself out of a locked closet. how the daycare now explaining what happened here that's coming up tonight on fox 29 news at 10. that will do it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ vo: president obama endorses
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♪[ music ] murder on campus. the beautiful college student found slain. she was a brilliant dancer. and the manhunt for the man with the pink bike. then ivanka trump's first public appearance since giving birth. >> i have a 1-week-old son. >> as her fashion line suffers a major hit. >> plus, crowbar attack. the glass is indestructible, and real life road warriors. and can you tell what's wrong with this house. look, the garage. but the driveway is on the wrong side. >> who can make such a mistake? >> then who will be the last "american


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