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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 7, 2016 10:06pm-11:01pm EDT

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had everything going for him. a bright future, but he was living a double life. what he was hiding were cost him his life. a father finds his little boy locked in closet at daycare. what he came out covered in. your news is next. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports?
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follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. ♪ right now today's rain finally moving out of here but get ready for some cold. people out in coats and still carrying their umbrellas tonight in center city as we move live to wilmington tonight, the temperatures are already starting to fall. we will be down in the 50s tomorrow with arctic blast this weekend. good evening i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off. forget about spring. we can see snow. meteorologist kathy orr is tra tracking this bitter forecast. kathy? >> looking more and more likely dawn. you can see on ultimate doppler a few more rain showers moving through the delaware val toll night. the clouds will give way to clearing but we are looking at wind somebody colder air moving our way. 51 in the city but 41 in the poconos. tonight in the 30s and the 40s.
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this is what's on tap for the weekend. cold air and then a clipper moves in swiftly from the northwest it brings down some moisture, some rain and even some snow some of us will see accumulation. coming up we'll talk more about the wild wind for the wildcats, another freeze moving our way and the weekend snow i'll show you who will see it stick. i'll be back later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy. thank you moving live to south philadelphia. make sure you are ready for the morning with the fox 29 weather and traffic authorities from the newest forecast for any problems out there on the roads sue serio and bob kelly got you covered starting at 4:00 a.m. a community comes together lighting candles where a young delaware county man was gunned down. as police search for the killer the victim's friends and family want people to know that he did not deserve to die like this. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in upper darby tonight and, dave arc pretty emotional seen there. >> reporter: dawn, lots of emotion and lots of police presence at the vigil tonight
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for 20-year-old christopher thomas who was gunned down in a hail of bullets yesterday afternoon. >> we love you, chris. >> we love you bro. >> they came to the second ward playground thursday night to light candles for 20-year-old christopher thomas gunned down as he sat on front porch on atlantic avenue with some friends wednesday afternoon. >> there was lost love out here. that's all i can same he'll be very missed. >> so many people came out because chris he wasn't -- den get into a lot of stuff. he was a nice person. everybody loved chris. >> reporter: thursday night, there was a heavy police presence in the neighborhood. thomas was killed when a gunman opened fire from a car as it approached the home where he was sitting. friends and family members gathered at the park to remember chris many many still stunned by the murder and questioning what was behind it. >> chris ain't bother nobody. didn't do nothing to nobody. good person. good kid. >> senseless violence. >> reporter: investigators say there were a dozen shots fired an number of witnesses to the murder. so far police have gotten little
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or no help with their investigation. upper darby police chief michael chitwood says the neighborhood needs to pull together and the witnesses need to step up good innocent bystanders got hit. little children a lot of people out here. community out here. >> just to see his mom face today from her child getting killed, it's just hurt peace. >> police say the suspected shooter and several others jumped in a car and fled the scene. police were searching for surveillance video that could help in the investigation. >> it's hurtful. it hurts. >> bullets get shot not for that person and they're out here dying. >> reporter: there continues to be heavy police patrols in the neighborhood. again, if you have any information that can help police solve this murder you should contact upper darby police. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. woman accused of of abduct agnew born baby from the king of prussia mall is out of jail tonight. prosecutors in montgomery county confirm 32-year-old sherri
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amoore posted bail she was being held on half million dollars after authorities say she snatched a seven week old boy from his mother in the mall food court last week. police issued amber alert and later found a moore and her apartment. she's now facing kidnapping charges. authorities in camden county, new jersey, want to you take a good look at this surveillance photos. cherry hill police say they're trying to track down a man after he offered a ride to two young girls. let's get out straight to shawnette wilson live outside of cherry hill police headquarters with the details. shawnette? >> reporter: dawn, as you can imagine, police are extremely concerned. they say this man saw the two girls inside a store and then followed them. pay close attention to the pictures we're about to show you. you may recognize the man. >> that's petrifying honestly. >> reporter: esther davis is terrified to hear a man tried to lure two, 11-year-old girls into his car in her cherry hill neighborhood. >> to know there's guy going around trying to abduct kids is
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scary. >> reporter: cherry hill police say it happened yesterday afternoon around 5:15. these are surveillance pictures of the suspect inside the wawa at 843 cooper landing road. police say he was in the store the same time as the girls and followed them in this car also captured on surveillance as the girls walked near south lincoln avenue and garfield avenue. >> he pulled up alongside of them on the curb, rolled down the window, and asked the females if they happened to need a ride home. they yelled no, they ran away. they went home and reported to adult. they did everything that they should have. >> reporter: lisa sheffler has two daughters including 10-year-old sophia. >> we think it's horrible. i mean it's scary when somebody runs around. you know what i mean? you don't know. >> reporter: she says chirp shouldn't be allowed to walk the neighborhood alone. >> they're little. you know what i mean? somebody should be with them because people aren't safe today. >> reporter: as police patrol the area searching for the suspect parents say they'll be on the look out, too. >> hopefully they get him.
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i got three kids, too. i know how it is. run away and it's a shame. these predators are out here. they need to catch them. >> reporter: and back here live, surveillance cameras did not capture the license plate on this car but police believe it may be a four door blue sedan possible al buick. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. a west chester university student is under arrest accused of sexually assaulting another student inside a campus parking garage. austin edy a police custody tonight. according to a police affidavit a female student says she was attacked the new street garage on april 1st. investigators say a witness ran over there to help when the man jumped out of a parking garage window. police say surveillance video helped them identify edy. >> developing to night the search for vandals and some cost real pairs. someone smashed through nearly two dozen windshields at this local body shop and as you might imagine, there are some very upset car owners tonight. fox 29's jenner joyce shows us what happened.
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tamika, this is day at may company. >> reporter: dave demarco co owner of may company auto body shop in bustleton avenue in northeast philadelphia broke the news to customers today their cars won't be ready for pick up this morning. >> last night, we had little mischief here and someone has broken your windshield. >> reporter: overnight windshields on 21 vehicles were shattered by vandals who stormed back lot of the body shop. leaving their mark and $10,000 in damages. >> it walk along each car and stuck their foot through every windshield. >> demarco and neighbor business owner arthur gall says the persistent and maddening mischief makers have been hitting their properties hard throughout the last year. >> once a month we get something happens to one of the vehicles. whether it gets broken into, scratched, tires are popped. it's on-going thing around here. >> brothers dave and angelo have extensive surveillance system on the may company lot, but for some reason last night's vandals evaded the motion sensor and the cameras never clicked on.
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>> got a footprint there. >> reporter: owners are working with police to increase patrols in the area. >> we'll fine out who did this. >> reporter: businesses on the block say they are tired of footing the bill for the bad guys. >> this is how i feed my family. how i make money. it's terrible that kids now days come in and just take away from everybody. >> reporter: in northeast philadelphia, jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. philadelphia police hope this surveillance video can help track down three teenagers accused of robbing a dunkin' donuts at gun point back in march inside the store along north 52nd street and parkside. police say one of the teens pulled a gun while the other two acted as look out. the group ran off after a worker handed over some cash fortunately no one was hurt. red carpet getting rolled out for the villanova wildcats tomorrow afternoon right in the heart of center city for the parade of champions. city honoring the men's basketball team for magical run in the ncaa tournament. >> even if you're to the going to the parade it could impact your afternoon. chris o'connell is live in center city tonight with what
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you need to know. hey, chris. >> reporter: hey, dawn. yeah, the barricades have been set up, the parking signs out. tons of trash cans, yeah, market street is ready for a parade. tens of thousands expected in center city tomorrow to welcome the national champions villanova wildcats. workers at city hall tonight building the stage for tomorrow's championship parade. new stand owner sing can't help but laugh when he heard up to 50,000 potential customers are expected in town tomorrow for villanova's party celebrating the national champions. >> i think it's good business. really really really good. >> reporter: city is rolling out the red carpet for villanova blue. the 1:00 o'clock parade will begin at 20th and market and make the short five block strut to dilworth park for 2:00 o'clock recallly. >> deputy city manager david
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wilson says the city handled much bigger events before. the challenge tomorrow to get parade goers out of center city before rush hour. >> we're going to want to make certain that we -- we have the event but yet still we're able to open our major thoroughfares and everything and get people back to where they need to go in a save manner. >> reporter: street barriers have been put up, park league instructions will be in place. most of the $22,000 price tag for the parade security ems crews and street sanitation will be covered by villanova. >> what are you going to be doing for the parade. >> i'm staying in the building. no, thanks. >> it's going to be a happy ti time. >> reporter: nice lunch hour. >> nice lunch hour. nice to celebrate a good thing. >> i think the last time an event popped up was when the phillies won. even that was crazy. so i mean for everybody to enjoy and remember so, you know. you only live once. >> reporter: you sure do. now, if you are coming down to the parade, you are going to be
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in this area, beware. septa bus routes will be detoured around city hall between 10am tomorrow and 6:00 o'clock tomorrow night. of course, fox 29 will be here starting at 1:00 o'clock broadcasting the parade live on fox 29. iain. >> chris, thank you. you decide 2016. focus has shifted to pennsylvania. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders speaking today from center city. the vermont senator giving remarks at a convention for unions and their leaders. arrival hillary clinton spoke at the same convention yesterday. sanders promised the crowd that he would fight to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> it can happen if we are prepared to stand up together, not let the donald trumps of the world divide us up. >> latest polling from franklin and marshall shows clinton way double digit lead over sanders in pennsylvania and hillary clinton is leading in the delegate count.
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the keystone state's primary is april 26th. >> local boy with autism needs your help finding his best friend. it's his beloved dog. buns got out earlier this week and hasn't been seen since. fox 29's karen hepp has the family's heart-breaking plea. >> reporter: this is the area where they're search fog the dog right now in pennsauken. somehow the dog slipped out of the door of this home on tuesday morning and ran off like a shot. to a young teenager 15 years old this dog is his hero. to his mom the dog samira kell worker. 15-year-old desean williams best friend has four legs. when he got buns last year, the dog changed his life. they're two peas in a pod. snuggling, playing, and communicating in their own special way. and now for the first time desean who is autistic is opening opening up to the outside world as well. >> his dog is like a sibling to him. maybe little brother to him because he bosses him around. come here, you don't do that. and all those things that he was never really saying before.
10:20 pm
>> reporter: just talking is a miracle. for years, desean was no non-verbal. but this dog helped bring him out of his shell. doctors told his mother gloria she would never hear those precious words i love you but buns changed that. now, they're all worried. somehow buns slipped out of the door on tuesday morning and ran away. he's still missing and the whole family is devastated. >> no buns, miss buns. bring back him home. >> for a mother to hear their child would never be tell them they love them is heartbreak to go have dog that out all this emotion and love out of him we need him back. we need buns back. my son needs him back. >> we were hoping that someone has a heart and if this was your child, if this was your grandchild, what would you do? we're just hoping someone really does the right thing. >> reporter: this mom and grand mom they are sharing on facebook calling everybody they know. they're desperate to find this animal. if you happen to find buns we put information on our website the phone number to call just
10:21 pm
come to they are offering a $300 reward as well. from pennsauken, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. the gloves come off and so do the pants. women throwing hay makers in a zoo parking lot. what started this all out brawl. and -- a crowded bar cheering on a couple of guys on the run from police from doughnuts in the street to high fiving fans the wild ending you never saw comi coming. parents warning their kids about candy at school but not because of the sugar. what is so dangerous about these candies. >> and he was a student athlete and had everything going for him. his future was bright. were you he was living double life. >> i thought i would get him on the phone and meet with him and change it overnight. (laughter). >> a lot of nay eve thoughts. >> what he was hiding from his friends and family that cost him his life.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> free day at the zoo in houston turns into all out brawl in the parking lot. three people are wrestling on the other side women fightin fig pulling each other's hair. what started this. a parking spot. witnesses say a woman jumped out of line of cars waiting to park ran ahead and then stood in an open spot trying to hold it. the first car in line wasn't who happy about that. then all the chaos broke out.
10:24 pm
no word on any arrests tonight. new video shows the moment the pilot was arrested in detroit for allegedly being drunk before he was set to fly to philadelphia. viv of 50 your john mcguire of pennsylvania caught the eye of tsa agents as he moved through security and was arrested before his flight could take off. airport officials say he failed two sobriety tests and a breathalyzer. he's charged with operating under the influence. parents in one community are warning their kids to stay away from candy at school. >> this isn't about sugar or concerns about their teeth. parents in sacremento say they've been alerted to pills that look like those smart tease candies. they're actually meth and that has many worried moms and dads scrambling to talk to their children. >> it is very, very scary, behind to sit down and go through and show not only the seventh grader but high to show the little ones you just can't take candy from anyone any more. >> some parents feel like this an isolated case but still wake up call that adults need to talk
10:25 pm
to children about drugs starting at a young age. a dad shows up to his son's daycare but the toddler is nowhere to be found. until the 16 month old pries himself out of a locked closet. what happened right before the door closed when him inside, and -- how you doing? >> so nice to meet you. you can't cry. we won't get through this. okay? >> fighting back tears. this mom meets the man her son saved with his own heart. the tear jerking moment she hears his heartbeat. >> kathy? >> after the rape we're talking about back to winter with an arctic blast our computer models are confirming very good chance of snow this weekend. so who will see the most? we'll we'll take a look at the numbers coming up. >> and he was a student athlete, had everything going for him. his future was bright but he was living a double life. what he was hiding from his friends and family that cost him his life.
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>> now, with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. who is ready for parade? we got one for you tomorrow. we kick the off at 20th and market. that's where i'll be set up. i'll see you live if you're coming down for the parade stop by and say hi. we'll have the tv cameras the at 20th and mark and walk all the way up to dilworth plaza in center city right around city hall. here's septa's plan for tomorrow. extra service on the norristown high speed line. extra trains on the market frankford and the subway. if you're come from the mainline hello villanova students. paoli train is the way to go. every 30 minutes and of course along the parade route we'll have the buses on detour. nova nation. we'll see you bright and earl whole we kick the off tomorrow beginning at 4:00.
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in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. >> philadelphia police try to catch this game he had someone sign a fraudulent lease and pay a deposit to rent home in southwest philadelphia but investigators say it was all bogus. when the victim shows up at the move in several other people showed up at the same property trying to do the same thing. if you know who this guy is, call police. it look like philadelphia will soon have a new fire commissioner. there are reports that mayor jim kenney is expected to name former fire chief from virginia to the spot. the mayor refusing to confirm tonight but says he'll have news
10:30 pm
next week it's not clear when kenney will introduce adam deal as the new commissioner. elder replace derek sawyer who was appointed two years ago by then mayor michael nutter. >> georgia dad shows up at his son's daycare but he can't find him until he pries his way of a lock closet. the boy was so upset he got sick in the closet. >> and now he's demanding answers. fox's morris digs spoke with that outraged dad. >> reporter: by all accounts chase a 16 year old child had what must have been a frighte frightening experience at his daycare. >> eye when i walked in, i heard him crying. thought he was behind the book shelf. looked around a little bit. call his name out few times, and he kind of pushed his way out a locked closet. locked way dead bolt you can pull it and open it double doors. >> reporter: tony moore is chase's dad. he knows the daycare called discovery point has video cameras so he asked to see it and he made a recording. there is a staff who goes into a
10:31 pm
small storage closet, chase follows. a few seconds later, the staff comes back out. before the child gets out, nearly 10 minutes has eel lapped. >> the teacher didn't know how long he was in there. she looked surprised. when i opened the closet door there was vomit everywhere in there. so i never seen him that way. even when upset he's ever been i've never seen him throw up or anything on that stage of frustration and being scared. >> reporter: the dad says he was also surprised to learn the age of that staff. >> 17. 17 years old. >> 17 years old. high school student. i guess working there in the afternoons. which is pretty concerning because i know me and my wife never knew that she was 17 and high schoolworking in there. >> reporter: when we contacted the management at discovery point, they said they cannot go into the details about what happened. they issued a written statement.
10:32 pm
the welfare of the children under our care is paramount at discovery point coming. we regret the lapse that occurred and are committed to instituting changes to ensure we meet the high standard of care that parents expect from us ". >> now the state confirms it has opened an investigation into what happened. the county sheriff's office is also looking into the incident but says at this point it looks like it's an accident. a new jersey man furious tonight saying he was kicked off his flight home because of his weight. he was in las vegas for the weekend and boarded his flight back to newark tuesday morning he says he stood up for the passenger who was supposed to sit next to him but says that that man went to flight attendant and whispered in her ear. his complaint, the guy didn't want to be uncomfortable for the five hour flight. the flight supervisor then asked navar rays to leave the plane. >> at the time people were sitting thon flight it's over a hundred people. there is over 200 sets of eyes
10:33 pm
staring at you has you're walking from the back of the plane to the front of the plane. >> then narvaez said they tried to make him pay to switch his flight but changed their mind. he then waited six hours for a new flight. united airlines says their policy to remove people who cannot safely fit in to their seat. he says he's now considering legal action. well they a great kid, everything a parent could ever want until a sports jr. took their only son down a dark path. a deadly road from pain medicine to heroin addiction g his parents are speaking openly because they want other families to know what they did not. karen hepp sat down with them to learn john's story. ♪ >> reporter: a happy kid, the center of their world in every picture a giant grin. >> smiling jack, remember? as a little kid smiled all the time. >> reporter: little john made
10:34 pm
them laugh, a prankster with infectious joy. >> did he tease all of us almost all the time. quietlquietly. sort of like the best little brother/side kick young girl could ever ask for. >> reporter: anything with a ball. john decker played it well. basketball, baseball, football and lacrosse. >> really outgoing good looking guy. bright kid. great athlete. he was extremely popular. kind of all you'd want in a son or in a friend. >> reporter: edit all. john was a star at the haverford boys school went to an ivy league college had beautiful girlfriend. and a terrible secret. he was a heroin addict. >> i found out he was shooting up. that was the first i heard he was using heroin and, you know, kind of takes the win out of y
10:35 pm
you. >> thought i can get him on the phone and meet with him and change it overnight. (laughter). sort of nay eve thoughts. >> tad decker the vice chairman of the cozen o'connor law firm is used to fixing things but he couldn't fix his son. he kept hoping maybe the next rehab would save him. it took years for them to get tough. >> you want to believe him because you want them to be better. it's a hard process to go from wishing that it's true to realizing they just play you and you get played a long time before you finally say whoa. >> reporter: along the way, john kept up appearances. he still work as a financial analyst and volunteered to help kids. but peace by piece it all fell apart. he lost his girlfriend, college buddies, his parents trust. good he told me when we talk about you have to get high all the time? mom, i'm way beyond getting high with heroin. i'm taking heroin to be normal. that was like a revelation to
10:36 pm
me. >> reporter: there were many painful revelations. the deckers think that john's problems all began with a sports injury, knee surgery. >> he got addicted to oxycodone. no question about that. >> reporter: candy says they were very involved. they monitored john's physical therapy but never thought to watch the pills. >> paid how many repetitions on this one machine he could do. i didn't think about asking do you have any of your pills left now i'll. >> reporter: but now it's too late. john decker overdosed in january at the age of 30. his devastated family found him. >> even though we knew it was a possibility, we're all still -- i'm still in shock. >> they all are. >> great picture. >> reporter: sifting through john's things, sports gear, diplomas a tiny plaster hand print. they pack up his room and all those hopes and dreams for a kid with such potential. no tears or heart ache or could make john better. >> regret but laced with relief
10:37 pm
because i really thought he was suffering. and so his suffering is over which we still suffer because he's gone, but he doesn't have to suffer. >> reporter: the deckers are hoping smother families can be spared their suffering and that's why they've decided to speak openly and publicly about john's addiction. they wish they'd acted sooner a addiction can happen to anyone, any family, anywhere. we put information about john's fund on our website to help fight this heroin epidemic plaguing all of our neighborhoods. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. the two guys in convertible on the run from police that had fans cheering them on from doughnuts in the street to high fives strangers to wild ending you never saw coming. and jenn. >> reporter: i'm jenn frederick what did you think have was it your favorite idol episode ever. the last one. we have your winner. >> in weather we're talking about a fast-moving clipper that
10:38 pm
will bring snow to the delaware valley. some changes in the forecast. i'll show hugh will see the most snow and when the freeze will return when we come back. ♪
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...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. ♪ a home invasion in arizona leads to gunshots and the home going up in flames. it happened this morning in peoria. police say the intruder armed with a blow torch set the home on fire. then the homeowner shot the suspected intruder. he ran off but he didn't get too far. police found him on the side of the road. neighbors can't believe it.
10:42 pm
>> it's crazy because i've lived around this area since i was two years old, and nothing like this really ever happens. always quiet neighbor. >> both the shooter and a resident of the home are in critical condition tonight. there were at least seven other people inside the home at the time. they were all sent to the hospital as well. police are still trying to figure out if the accused intruder knew the people who lived there. a bizarre chase through the streets of los angeles ends as most chases do with someone in handcuffs but look at this sheriffs deputes say the two men in that convertible mustang burglary suspects with the top down and the rain the two doing doughnuts in the street once on highway then you can see a tmz tour bus appears to try to cut the men off. they make it back to their neighborhood where they were high fiving with people and taking selfies with on lookers before depth piece arrived and took the 292 custody.
10:43 pm
>> the chase was broadcast live on local tv stations for over an hour. got a whole lot of attention. one woman taking this video of the car as it drove by the bar she was in. incredibly emotional moment for one mother meeting the man alive today thanks to the gift of her son's heart. >> how you doing? >> so nice to meet you. you can cry, though. okay? because we won't get through this. you can't cry. >> the man wiping away tears. terry hopper received 18-year-old levi schultz heart in 2012 when the teenager died in a car crash much this was the first time hopper met levi's mom and twin brother. he calls the teen his hero. nebraska medicines heart transplant team then helped levi's family hear that beating heart again. (heartbeat).
10:44 pm
>> it's really good. (inaudible). >> mime sad that my son is not here but happy i was able to help terry. >> definitely brings tear to your eye. hopper then presented levi's mom with a teddy bear to take home that includes a recording of her son's heart. she says she will listen to it every night. on your radar tonight, some areas still cleaning up after today's nasty winds. check out the damage in chester county. those winds wreaking havoc on the athletic field blowing over the scoreboard, knocking over a tree even knocking some bricks off of their baseball dug out but thankfully no one was hurt. kathy we got more rain and cold on the way. i'm not even going say the s word. >> no you're not we've been talking about this all week and i know you wanting to golfing. everybody wants to be outside.
10:45 pm
yes, we do have snow in the forecast. i think this is it. this is the last possibility. trust me. take look outside. this is old city philadelphia. all is quiet. temperatures still in the 50s it's really nice evening. winds out of the west southwest at 15 miles an hour. ultimate doppler a few scattered showers in chester county, very close to where we saw the damage earlier with a bow echo. some strong gusty winds have departed but we still have a few lingering showers moving through and the clouds will give way to clearing. 51 in philadelphia. but look behind the front temperatures in the 40s. we'll continue to fall into the 30s for most of us overnight. the cold air still in buffalo and ottawa. come tomorrow morning in the delaware valley we will be feeling it. right now, winds not gusting all that much but by tomorrow, we'll see them gusting out of the west in pottstown to 74 miles an hour or i should say 24 miles an hour. by 1:00 o'clock, parade time, look at this. out of the west about 22 miles an hour. so for the parade for the wildcats it's not going to be blustery but we have this kind of a wind and cool temperatures,
10:46 pm
there will be a chill in the air i think everybody will be so happy they may not even feel it. but in the meantime, for your friday we're looking at a partly cloudy sky, windy conditions and then all eyes on this. a clipper, a fast-moving area of low pressure. we see these all the time in the winter. it swiftly moves through the delaware valley with some rain and some west wet snow and we're going to be watching the orientation of the heaviest bands of snow because obviously that is where we'll be seeing this snow stick and accumulate as we look at the fox future cast you can see temperatures fall overnight. and by 1:00 o'clock we're in the 40s. friday afternoon. it's not until early saturday morning that we see this snow approach from the west with rain to the south. this is 6:00 a.m. saturday and during the day it moves in that area of low pressure winds precipitation out and it exits offshore with astro strong northwesterly wind and that is going to bring a chill late saturday night sunday. as far as the snow accumulation mainly on grass through philadelphia and south injuries zoo up to an inch to the north and west possibly dragging down
10:47 pm
toward wilmington as that moisture wraps around and some higher accumulations possible where it is colder to the normal and west. overnight in the city 42. in the suburbs 37. tomorrow 53. a chilly breeze. winds gusting to 30 and for the parade, it's looking good. but it's looking cool. temperatures in the 40s for parade time at 1:00. 52 by 5:00 p.m. on your exclusive fox 29 weather authority seven day forecast, the rain and wet snow showers for saturday, sunday the freeze is back. the morning low 29. and then the phils home opener looks good on monday the high near 60. iain, temperatures go up from there. looking good. i think that's the start of something good. >> all right. >> we'll hold to you that, kat kathy. >> all right. >> thank you kathy. after 15 amazing seasons it all came to an end tonight. >> america choosing the last american idol. >> the winner of american idol season 15 is... trent harmon!
10:48 pm
>> wow! trent harmon the season 15 winner of american idol. jennaphr frederick was smack dab in the middle of all the action. she's life in los angeles tonight and jenn ryan's last words were good night for now. what exactly did that mean? >> reporter: well, you know, simon fuller the creator of american idol and i have avalon with me, good evening. >> hi, how are you. >> he has said he wanted to something, so a lot of people are predicting this might not be the end of american idol. a lot of people here in the media compound maybe they'll retool it such a successful franchise. how does it feel being on the last season for now? >> for now. honestly it was mazing f there was any season i would have wanted to be it was definitely this one because tonight i feel like every if you until system history but i feel we were really a part of something really really huge an mazing that goes oh on in america and i could not have asked for more. >> you got to have duet with one of the biggest faces ruben.
10:49 pm
>> ruben studdard. >> when you first found out that you were going to be performing with him, you must have been psych. how was the first rehearsal? >> it was really amazing. we a had a moment our first time meeting them was actual the one you saw on camera. it wasn't like rehearsed or we didn't do this. we walk out the cameras were on much it's ruben studdard. i cop believe that i was meeting him and getting a chance to sing with him was really incredible. >> as we look around, dalton is out here. la'porsha is on her way. >> yes. >> trent is on his way. >> now you can say it out who loud. who did you think was going to win once we found out who the final two were. >> i hahn evident had no idea. >> hey baby. >> here's dalton. say hi to philadelphia. >> hi philadelphia. >> if people don't know one of your grandmas is from doylesto doylestown. >> yes. that is true. >> say high to mimi. >> hi mimi. >> that's my grandmom's name, too. >> talk to me. everybody is disappointed you weren't in the final two.
10:50 pm
>> whatever. >> when you found out hoot final two were, who did you predict was going to win this whole thing. >> i honestly didn't predict anybody. i'm horrible at that. you shall see me in vegas. i'm terrible. but both of them deserved it a hundred per center and i'm really glad that they were both up there. >> it was bit overwhelming on the red carpet before the show with fantasia, cary underwood i saw you have a moment like it was little too much. >> oh, yeah. i just kind of step out of the carpet. i really -- i'm really not one for crowds. i'm very claustrophobic considering where we are. >> now you can sleep, right? >> absolutely. >> do you want to sleep more, eat more or like go,, what is it that you want to do now more of? >> i want to sleep for like 48 hours and then i kind of wanted to more of this. i loved every bit of it but i feel like i just to need to recharge real fast and get back to it. >> i love we have a philly thing. avalon is a big town in south jersey on the shore. continued success. love that you keep it basic,
10:51 pm
girlfriend. >> continued success to you. say hi to mimi one more time. >> hi mimi. >> dawn and iain just crazy we'll have so much of this tomorrow morning on good day. including the winner for sure because we're waking him up. >> oh yeah. we're waking him up. >> his room is right above mine. i'll go up and beat him awake. >> bye guys. >> awesome job, jenn. >> absolutely. >> i don't know if i can get away with that hair. >> i don't think so. >> it may suit you. >> i'll work on it a little bit. the sixers head coach brett brown responds to the resignation of sam hinkie and his concern may be about his j job. the flyers played the worst team nhl tonight. so is the chance to grab hold of the play off spot but it wasn't so easy. that will be coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ >> the flyers playing a bad toronto team tonight coming into the game. flyers had two straight losses coming into the game. they need add win. didn't start well. to the wells fargo center. all right. the flyers already down one to nothing. turnover an break away by toronto. cole line guarini make it two to nothing against steve mason much less than one minute left in the game the flyers down three-two.
10:55 pm
make mark shoots, deflected by simmons tied at three. they go into overtime on a power play, toronto shoots, jake gardner scores four-three. the flyers pick up a point but not a good point. bad start kill the flyers. >> we start back. we didn't play -- we didn't play our game and we worked really hard for our identity this year, and first period wasn't it. but, you know, second and third period it was pretty good. >> don't sit back. flyers needed detroit to win. boston scored two goals in the first three minutes. brad, scores boston wins five-two against detroit. now the flyers are one point back of a playoff spot behind boston and detroit with one extra game to may for the flyers. they have to win both likely to get into the playoffs. the phillies have issues only three games into the season. that's not breaking news. the offense is weak a lot of breaking news but that's not one
10:56 pm
of them the bullpen is a joke. another ugly game today. let's go to since ninety three much this is the starter. that's charlie morton. jay bruce had two homeruns. three run homerun. in an eight run third inning but the bullpen, daniel stump no i don't know who the heck he is either. scar rose with a grand slam. cincinnati beats the phils 10 10-six. they sweep the series. it's the beginning of a new era in sixers basketball. one in which the front office will try to win games. boy, that's shocking. sam hinkie abruptly resign last night after he knew the owners were bringing in brian coangelo the new chairman's son is that so the new general manager one friend sent me a text it was like a bad dream. those texts were. sam hinkie resign sending the owners a 13 page resignation letter quoting doctors, authors, sis physicists, president lincoln the problem the president quote of lincoln were incorrect. and now with hinkie out a new gm could bring in a new head coach.
10:57 pm
how concerned is brett brown? >> i'm not concerned, you know, i think the discussions that i have had with david and josh harris months ago when they extended my contract and we -- we talked, you know, freely about different things that we're all trying to do, gives me confidence that -- that we're going to move on. >> brian coangelo in this weekend. we'll see what happens at the end of the season. all right. how war, thank. we're back right after this.
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
♪ >> right now we're following breaking news. child shot in west philadelphia. the nine-year-old was shot in the hand it happened in the second floor bedroom on the 1500 block of south 32nd street in grays ferry. family members rushed the child to the hospital. police are now investigating and found a gun at the scene. almost 200 people gathered in upper darby lighting candles to remember 20-year-old christopher thomas. he was sitting on porch yesterday afternoon when gunman opened fire from a car. so far police say they haven't gotten much help with their investigation and they're calling on the neighborhood to come forward with anything they know. police in cherry hill, new jersey, are on the hunt for the man that they say followed two young girls home. security cameras at a nearby wa


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