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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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wildcats. >> center city at a standstill as tens of thousands congratulate the villanova while cats on their first national championship in more than three decades. >> we are honored to be part of philadelphia today. and forever. >> ♪ >> tonight the clue ma'am tick end to week this city will never forget. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. a week that saw our villanova wildcats make history came to a fitting end today. (cheers and applause). >> the air was electric in center city today as tens of thousands of people packed the sidewalks to catch a glimpse of the victorious wildcats the team making all proud with their win over north carolina monday for the ncaa national title. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell.
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>> i'm dawn timmeney. fox 29 was right in the middle of that massive celebration. let's get straight out to our bruce gordon live in center city. hey, bruce. >> reporter: hey, dawn. yeah, life is getting back to normal here on the 1800 block of market street. traffic you'll see in a moment starting to flow again. folks heading out of office buildings or their way home from work. life is usual. for 90 minutes this afternoon this city where the eagles haven't won super bowl forever, where the phillies are off to a grim start, the flyers might miss the playoffs and the sixers are a bad joke in this city for 90 minutes this afternoon it was title town. >> so this is what a championship parade look like? we already forgotten the villanova wildcats reminds us all how it feels to be on top of the sports world. >> just immense pride. immense joy and jay wright class guy. >> wonderful feeling to be part of it. everybody loves a winner, right. >> yes. >> reporter: parade was short but oh, so sweet.
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villanova paid tribute to its past champions. even as it honored the present. lots of folks in the huge crowd followed the cats through it all. wins and losses, tears of joy and of sadness. >> my husband and i went there, god married there. our son did, too. got married there. and it's just embodies what villanova is all about. >> report roar this is family for you. >> absolutely. >> reporter: them came the double decker buses carrying the title winners. young men who become household names in our area, even arcidiacono ochefu if we can barely pronounce them. >> saw myself watched them win it wasn't just a great feeling. like i experience wad they experienced. >> at city hall mayor kenney welcome the champions and made clear his streets are available for another party whenever needed. >> you want to come back next year, come on back. we'll be waiting for you. >> reporter: crowd roars as played were introduced including the man had hit the shot heard around the basketball world. >> we put a lot of hard work in this year and this is something will never be able to take away
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us from. whatever you teach your kids tell them the one,-two, step and let it fly. >> reporter: those who believe the wildcats aren't really a philadelphia team that suburbs doesn't equal city. nonsense said head coach jay wright. >> we are honored to be a part of philadelphia today and forever. >> reporter: and as the streamers flew and the championship winning shot was relived, the words of a bank employee watching the parade with her co-workers came to mind. >> everything that's going on in the world now days, people need this. nobody is fight. no season arguing. we need this. we need this. it brings us together. >> reporter: sure does. before long, of course, these security fences will come down, the confetti will be cleaned up, we'll barely know there was parade here. but via feeling what happened in this city this week, well, in houston and in this city, will long be remembered. chris? >> good times down there today, bruce. thanks. while most remain happy and well behaved during today's festivities that wasn't the case for everyone. check out this video of a fight
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started near the parade route in the crowd. you can see people should having, throwing belows didn't look like anyone was hurt, though. police were able to break things up. no word yet on what started that fight and no arrests were made and you can relive all of the action over and over again to today's championship parade. just go to and look on the story on the home page. breaking news right now in germantown. that's where police are investigating a shooting. it's happening at wister and needy avenue this is the view from skyfox. police tell us a 16-year-old discovered he was shot in the leg while sitting on septa bus. he was a passenger on the route l. teen was not shot on the bus. he's being treated at the hospital right now. well we are track something april snow in your fox 29 weather authority. here's life look at sea i'll city the chill is back on and soon we could have a big wintry mess on our hands. let's get over to chief meteorologist scott williams for the very latest information.
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scott? >> talk about bizarre ride headed this way the upcoming weekend dawn. right now it's dry, quiet, cool across the area. ultimate doppler not showing any moisture, however as we expand the view, take a look at this clipper right now around parts of the great lakes. we're looking alt the green that's the rain. the white that is the snow. and it's going to pinwheel its way toward our area during your saturday. right now it's 50 degrees. humidity low at 32%. winds a little breezy westerly right now at 21 miles per hour. so if you're stepping outdoors for your friday evening plans definitely grab those winter coats. by 11:00 o'clock tonight, we're looking at 30s north and west. low 40s in philadelphia. and then watch what happens. by tomorrow morning, we're looking at some of that rain moving in, changing over to some wet snow especially north and west. look at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we're looking at snow in pottstown also, looking at snow in allentown, reading, a wintry mix around philadelphia as those temperatures continue to drop.
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so the main timing for tomorrow's system we're looking at rain to snow early tomorrow morning for your errands. the heaviest of the snow potential is during the midday early afternoon then it tapers off toward the afternoon and evening. new information coming up about snowfall totals. we'll have that with the seven day coming up. >> all right. scott, thank you. you can stay prepared for the weather by downloading the fox 29 app it's like having our meteorologists right at your fingertips check conditions in your neighborhood 24/7 the app is available in the apple store or on google play. developing tonight out of north philadelphia, take look at this car. cops say the man driving it is wanted for robbing a woman while she was walking her dog near the corner of developth and west cambria streets. police say he pulled a gun on woman last friday stole her money and drove off. >> in princeton, new jersey this photo has many people fired up we want to warn uh-uh fine it offensive. high school students were captured playing a tasteless
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drinking game they dubbed holocaust pong. the cups formed the shape of swastika and jewish star. the o*f fenned student shared the image on her blog. as karen happen school officials are also calling the incident extremely upsetting. >> reporter: not see beer pong a snap chat picture of kids from princeton high playing a game at a time party call the alcohol hoe loll coast you can see nazi symbol in the for ground a star of david in the back. >> i was so disgusted. >> 17-year-old, had a friend at that party. she was horrified and very ups upset. as soon as they started setting it up, and refused her pleas for them to stop she called her friends and left. >> reporter: that friend asked in a jay today to speak up e she wrote this flog raise awareness it's been shared hundreds of times and received nearly as many comments. >> i don't find that funny whatsoever. >> it's what the sort of jock culture expects them to do and they're just embodying that
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role. it's a and unfortunate manifestation at princeton high school of that role. >> i was appalled by these events and i think administration needs totter something about it. >> reporter: the administration is acting. making this a teachable moment. the superintendent writes, underaged drinking is not a new problem, nor is the misuse of social media, nor are the actions of bypass and bigotry. they are not new problems, but they do not have to be on going ones "as a community we all have a roll in teaching our children to make good decisions to be legally responsible and to be respectful members of a divorce society. >> my hope is that parents stop saying boys will be boys and stop saying it's a right of passage. it is damaging. it's hurting our kids. >> reporter: now, the school board says any decisions about possible disciplinary cons questions for the students involved are will remain confidential. princeton public schools does not tolerate prejudices of any kind. clearly, we have work to do. the issue that is we are prese
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presented with bias ethnic incentive is the, underage alcohol abuse and inappropriate social media use, are neither new or unique to princeton but this incident has brought them into sharp focus. we know all the students in the picture and the parents are being talked to and there will be some consequences. chris? >> as there should be, karen, thank you. police are still trying to piece together how a gun went off inside a grays ferry home injuring a child. it happen last night along the 1500 block of south there is the street. nine-year-old was taken to chop for injuries after a gun somehow fired inside the home. it's not clear how it all happened yet but police are telling us that child is okay. take look at this. a car speeds out of control in south philadelphia early this morning and a witness catches it on this dash camera as it happens. the accident involved only one car on south columbus boulevard. police say the car hit a median
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strip, then slammed into a peco building. this happened around thee clock this morning. two people in the back seat were killed. the driver and a third passenger were taken to the hospital with varying injuries. police say they have identified the man they say tried to get two girls to get into his car. investigators say the man first spotted the girls at a wawa in cherry hill and then he followed them with his car. this is on wednesday. the vick tips say the man asked them if they needed a ride and they yell no and ran home to tell their parents who then reported it to police. investigators have released little information about that man but they say he is not from the cherry hill area. some former american legion post officers from sussex coun county, delaware facing charges to night. they're accused of of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the post. samuel, james, edward, michael and charles, are all facing theft charges. authorities say the five men stole a combined $641,000 from
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post number 28 in millsboro, delaware. atlantic city official offit to go to fine out whether they'll have enough money to make next months's payroll. judge will decide whether the cash strapped shore town is make a future payroll payment or if atlantic city should save that money for schools. that would force the city to shut down some government services. city officials do not expect the judge to make a decision today. well, he was a student athlete, he had everything going for him. his future was bright, but he was leading a double life. ♪ >> i thought i could, upping, get him on the phone and meet with him and change it overnig overnight. (laughter). >> a lot of naive thoughts. >> what he was hiding from his friends and family that cost him his life. and it's a story that could break your heart a little boy throws a birthday party but no one shows up. how his grandmother used social media to make things up to him. and coming up all new at
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6:00 should a teacher go to prison for having an inappropriate relationship with a student even if that student is a legal consenting adult? there's a new push to make that law possible. and once again tonight a look at the highlights from that huge victory parade through center city for the ncaa national champs the villanova wildcats. ♪ >> here by proclaim friday, april 8th, 2016 to be villanova wildcat ncaa men's basketball championship day! congratulations! vo: president obama endorses
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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♪ baltimore area residents spent their day cleaning up after strong storms tore up buildings and split trees in half. some businesses were unable to open today because of the severity of their damage. forecasters say wind gusts got up to 45 miles an hour during yesterday's storm. residents say it was a terrifying experience. >> trust me it sounded like a roaring run away train. it was awful. >> we were watching and actually shingles were blowing off of the roofs and the houses next door to us. so we knew something big hit because it was just raining and then all of a sudden they were blowing on to our porch from other people' houses. >> there were a few thousand power outages at the height of the storm. fortunately no one was hurt. back here at home cooper university hospital is focused on protecting children from abuse and negligent. >> hospital held a pinwheel planting event to mark child
5:16 pm
abuse awareness m the pinwheel signifies childhood. this is the fourth year the hospital held the event. happening now, pope francis is making a push for compassion. the pontiff today stressed mercy when it comes to the catholic family life in a new document dealing with sex and marriage. fox's lauren green has the sto story. >> reporter: vatican officials unveiled a pope' long awaited document on catholic family live. 256 page work to help priests have a more merciful approach to rules concerning issues such as sex, marriage and pro creation. >> more important than pastoral failures are the pastoral efforts to strengthen marriages in doing so preventing them from falling apart. >> titled the joy of love, the document does not make any formal changes in church doctrine but it says vatican can no longer quote throw stones at believers who don't follow ideals found in the gospel. couples need to use their consciouses when deciding about how many children to have and did not mention the church's a
5:17 pm
version to artificial contraceptive methods. they did not say whether divorced catholics should be able to receive communion seemed to indicate a hard stance goes against the notion of mercy. >> without din initiating we must have mercy and patience when we accompany the people and their possibility for growth. >> reporter: joy of love comes after francis made it easier to obtain annulment last year as well as a poll of catholics around the world before two vatican submits on family life. >> that was very innovative and appeared to give a voice to catholics worldwide but at the end of the day, the pope decides. >> pope reiterate thed the church's opposition to abortion calling it horrendous and same sex unions were not equal to marriage. in new york, lauren green, fox news. celebration today in queen village for a huge anniversary. >> ♪
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>> dozens filling the pews at mother bethel ame church at sixth and lombard streets today. they are celebrating the 200th anniversary since the first general conference of the african methodist episcopal church. it was called to session back on this day in 1816. the philadelphia division of the fbi and drug enforcement administration hosting a small group today to show a documentary that shows the dangers of drug use. educators and community leaders viewing a film called chasing the dragon the life of an opiate addiction. movie was produced by the fbi in response to what it calls an unprecedented opiate epidemic in the united states. >> it's increased about 420% in 2015 and in 201547000 people died of drug overdoses in the united states. of that 47,061% were oh pee yacht and heroin overdoses. >> the film features first
5:19 pm
person accounts of those who struggle with oh pee yacht addiction and the impact it has on their loved ones. the documentary will be shown in high schools. would you cross a bridge if just inches blow there were more than two dozen sharks? no, thanks. well today a brave group of second graders were the first to cross the new shark bridge at the adventure aquarium in camd camden. the new exhibit gives visitors a chance to see sharks up close and personal while crossing the longest v shaped rope suspension bridge in the world. you want to check it out. the air yum open every day from 10:00 a.m. till 5:00 o'clock. >> he's the pennsylvania pilot accused of being too drunk to fly. tonight a new look at the first moments were authorities realized that something was very wrong. it might seem like a good idea at the time. a man gets creative to propose to his girlfriend, but find out why it ended up with a helicopter rescue. and she's fighting terminal cancer and she's getting her one wish to be a police officer.
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this little girl was too sick to show up for her first day on the job. i could have flipped. i was -- i am i should... shouldn't say what. i am overjoyed. >> wait until you see what the department did for that little girl. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop.
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mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> developing to night officials in belgium root out more terror suspects. authorities say they've made arrests relating to last month's brussels terror tax. blasts at the airport and subway station there killing at least 32 people. reports indicate one of the people arrested is muhammed a breen knee. he's a believed to have played roll in the paris attacks which killed 130 people last november. new surveillance video tonight showing a pennsylvania pilot allegedly too drunk to fly. check it out. this is video from the detroit
5:24 pm
metro airport john mcguire was arrested last week after failing two breathalyzer tests. in the video authorities say you can see them ushering mcguire into a room where he later emerges in handcuffs. the 50-year-old was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol. the detroit to philadelphia flight was canceled. the aclu of indiana is suing that state tonight over its new abortion law. the measure was signed by governor mike pennsylvania ba banning a portions because of genetic abnormalities or because of a fetus race sex or an century. the law also mandates that abo aborted fetus can only be disposed of through burial or cremation. suit was filed on behalf of planned parenthood of indiana and kentucky. the law claims the former restrictions are an undo burden on a woman's 14th amendment right to obtain an abortion. a man boards plane but for forced to get off in what he calls a walk of shame. what he claims another passenger said that got him kicked off
5:25 pm
because of his weight. >> he was a student athlete, he had everything going for him. a bright future. but it turns out he was living a double life. what he was hiding from his friends and family that cost him his life. scott. >> temperatures below average on this friday, dawn, but get ready for clipper that will bring some snow for a part of the weekend. we have the latest track timing along with snowfall totals next. find fantasy shows.
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♪ welcome back. live look at blue mountain from our poconos mountains camera. still some snow here and soon people in other parts of our area could see some snow as well believe it or not. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking just how much snow we are talking about. that will be coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. the sound of marching bands, sirens, loud cheers filling center city today. tens of thousands of people lining the sidewalks to catch a glimpse of the villanova wildcats men's basketball team. of course, your 2016 world cha champs getting their own parade today. it all ended at city hall with a huge pep rally. a car speeds out of control in south philadelphia early this morning and a witness catches it all on his dash camera as it
5:29 pm
happens. the accident involved only one car on south columbus boulevard police say the car hit a median then slammed into a peco building. this is around 3:00 in the morning. two people in the back seat were killed. the driver and a third passenger are recovering in the hospital. in texas, military officials are trying to figure out what led up to a murder/sewer side on air base. investigators say the gunman is an airman who targeted his commander at joint base san antonio lackland. but motive for the shooting andly other details not released by authorities today. investigators from the air force and the fbi are tracing two hand guns found near the bodies of the two men inside a building that holds classrooms and offi offices. he went to vegas for a celebration but it all ended with a walk of shame. >> tonight the man who says he was kicked off of a plane because of his size is talking and so is the airline. here's fox's renee' vim son. >> man was stranded in las vegas
5:30 pm
after he was kicked off a flight for being too large. arnold, says he was visiting las vegas for his birthday and ended up leaving the city completely mortified. >> i never want anybody to treat me that way again. some of that cannot be repaired. >> reporter: tuesday morning, he says he went to check in for his united airlines flight to new jersey. he says the first thing he noticed his seat had been changed. he told fox he paid for free boarding and sat in his newly aside seat. that's when according to him a man in his row grabbed a flight attendant. >> i heard him say he was -- this flight was five hours. not only was the flight going to be five hours he was going to be uncomfortable and he needs to be accommodated. >> he was asked to leave the plane and asked to pay for new flight. he referred to his escort off the plane as a walk of shame. >> people were sitting on that night over a hundred people. there's over 200 sets of eyes
5:31 pm
staring at you as you're walking from the back of the plane to the front of the plane. >> reporter: united airlines released the following statement to fox wednesday. to better ensure the comfort of all customers, united requires that customers purchase a second seat if they can't sit with both arm rests lowered and without encroaching on the seats of their fellow passengers. the customer had not previously purchased a second seat and there were not two available seats together on the flight. ". >> i think with this, i have to love myself. i love the way i look. i love the way my body s do i want to improve? yes, i do. do i want to change who i am altogether to look like somebody else, no i don't. >> he says he's not considering legal action but he would like for united employees to undergo sensitivity training for dealing with larger customers. ♪ >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. this really seems like a cruel joke. what is it april 8th and we're tracking snow. >> so what exactly are we in for, chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15
5:32 pm
seconds. yes, we do have snow in the forecast dawn and chris as we move to your saturday. those temperatures will be dropping. we're looking at a clipper moving in. also, we're looking at a chilly friday night out so grab those jackets and sweaters and another freeze overnight saturday into sunday morning. so as we talk a little bit about the freeze watches that have already been posted you can see along the i-95 corridor north and western suburbs all of south jersey, all of delaware, saturday night into sunday morning temperatures at or below freezing so protect those sensitive plants. we're dry, we're quite right now. no rain or snow showing up on the map, however, take look off to the great lakes we're looking at some energy a clipper it's going to be diving toward our
5:33 pm
area some colder air, rain changing over to some wet snow during the day tomorrow. so we'll time everything out for you. by 11:00 o'clock tonight, we're looking at temperatures in the mid 30s north and west. 40 in philadelphia by 11:00 o'clock. and then watch what happens by tomorrow morning. you're running some errands. headed out. we're watching some of that moisture move in from the south and west. temperatures still above freezing. so the onset of this moisture tomorrow morning is going to be some rain but mixing in especially north and west with wet snow as those temperatures continue to drop. so mainly rain in parts of south jersey and much of delaware. but new castle county moving into delaware county, philadelphia county, watching for that rain and snow for much of the day but that system kind of pinwheels off the coast, and then those temperatures are going to be really dropping once again saturday night into sunday morning for that freeze. as far as expected totals along the i-95 corridor interior parts
5:34 pm
of south jersey mainly on car tops, the grassy surfaces. roads are likely just going to be wet across the area. but as you move into upper montgomery, bucks county, berks county, the lehigh valley one to 2-inches and then the higher elevations in the pocono mountains two to 3-inches of snow before all is said and do done. i mean we're competing with that april sun angle and also those temperatures will kind of be borderline freezing across the region. those winds are going to be picking up by saturday night gusting over 30 miles per hour so it's going to be colder and also it is going to get windy as we move toward your saturday note sunday. sunday morning wind chills in the teens. 50 right now physical. 36 degrees in the pocono mountains so some of that colder air will continue to move in our direction over the next 24 to 48 hours. 35 in buffalo. and 34 in syracuse. so cloudy and cold it stays breezy for tonight. temperatures in the 30s. for tomorrow in the city, high temperatures only right around
5:35 pm
42 degrees but it's going feel like the 30s. once again minor accumulations. most of the roads are just going to be wet tomorrow. so just keep that in mine. but anything that is left tomorrow night into sunday morning could refreeze due to those plunging temperatures. so once again, a rain/snow mix for much of the day tomorrow. here's the timing as we walk you through it. 7am to 10:00 a.m. that light rain moving in. changing over to snow as you running your errands on saturd saturday. then during the midday early afternoon, that could be the peak of the system with the heaviest snow. some of that colder air could be drawn down creating its own environment for that system. then it tapers as we move toward the afternoon and the evening. temperature wise for sunday, cold start, 20s, 49 the high and then not as cold on monday for the opener. we're looking at temperatures topping out in the low 60s. >> we're talking clippers and wintery mixes. i don't like this stuff. >> roller coaster ride.
5:36 pm
>> winter has been nuts. >> it really has. >> my has been put away for the season, scott. >> i don't think you'll need it tomorrow. >> just a broom. might have seem like a good at the time. man a gets creative to propose to his girlfriend. soon a helicopter was swooping in to save them. >> if you like dairy but you're watching your weight. >> bull gets loose in texas what happens when he comes face to face with some unlikely witnesses. >> an absolutely electric night. >> thanks for our relationship with fox. >> thanks for our relationship with fox. you grise been great.
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rescue in california. police say a man illegally trespassed and climbed on to massive side of a rock. the 27-year-old then took out his phone to call his girlfriend using a video camera to propose to her. but he soon realized he was stuck on that rock. so a helicopter team flew out to rescue him. everyone is okay. oh, by the way the girlfriend she said yes. on 89-year-old holocaust survivor is making huge dream come true. >> her mean in a hurst wants to stand on the baseball field and sing the national anthem at a dee it to tigers baseball game. she gained attention after relatives post add video of her singing on fiss book. hurst says singing the anthem is dear to her heart and she has no fear of standing in front of a crowd. >> so this is the way i feel and i have nothing to lose here by trying to zinc and i love singing the national anthem. i just love to sing the national
5:41 pm
anthem. >> good for her. detroit tigers are now working on giving hurst an opportunity to sink national anthem during a game. so far no word yet on exact whole this will happen. i can't wait to see that one. well this is a story that could break your heart. a little boy throws a birthday party but no one shows up. how his grandmother used social media to make it up to him. and he was a student athlete, had everything going for him. future was bright. but it turns out he was living a double life. what he was hiding from his friends and his family that cost him his life. sean? >> dawn, you know it's still all about nova. we'll have some more from the parade, more from jay wright an couple of players including legendary words of kris jenkins later in sports.
5:42 pm
vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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♪ turning to your health now how much sleep your teenager is getting. high school students who get too little or too much sleep may be more likely to drive drunk or take other risks. researchers at the centers for disease control and prevention compared high school students who got the recommended eight or nine hours of sleep with teens who slept more or less than th that. those who slept five or six hours each night and those who slept more than 10 hours were twice as likely to say they had driven while drinking in the previous month. now researchers are still trying to figure out why there seems to be a connection here. meanwhile predicting how long you live may be getting easier. princeton researchers just look at death rates over five years among older people and they measured the length of the ends of these people's d inform a strands which some scientists believe could predict longevity. that doesn't actually seem to be the case. but they do say that your age,
5:46 pm
mobility and smoking habits are much better predicts of how much longer you will live. skim milk may not be the best choice to help you keep your weight in check. in two separate studies resear researchers track dairy consumption over of time and people who eight full fat dairy products were 46% less likely to develop diabetes and women who consumed mostly lie fat dairy less likely to become overweight overtime. researchers say they still have more work to do. you can find that study in the journal of circulation. they had a great kid. everything a parent could want until a sports injury took their only son down a dark path. a deadly road from pain medication to heroin addiction. >> his parents are speaking openly because they want other families to know what they did not. karen hepp sat down with them to learn john's story. ♪ >> reporter: a happy kid, the
5:47 pm
center of their world in every picture a giant grin. >> smiling jack, remember? little kid smiled all the time. >> reporter: little john made them laugh, a prankster with infectious joy. he did tease all of us almost all the time quietly. sort of like the best little brother/side kick that young girl whoever really ask for. >> reporter: anything with a ball john decker played it well. basketball, baseball, football and lacrosse. >> really outgoing good looking guy. great kid. great athlete. he was extremely popular. kind of all you'd want in a son or in a friend. >> reporter: edit all. john was a star at the haverford boys school. went to an ivy league college had beautiful girlfriend. and a terrible secret.
5:48 pm
he was a her row wip addiction. >> i found out he was shooting up that was the first i heard he was using heroin. it kind of take the wind out of you. >> thought i can get him on the phone and, you know, meet with him, and change it overnight. (laughter). >> sort of a nay eve -- a lot of naive thoughts. >> chad decker the vice chairman of the cozen o'connor law firm is used to fixing things but he couldn't fix his son. he kept hoping maybe the next rehab would save him. it took years for them to get tough. >> you want to believe them because you want them to be better. so it's a hard process to go from wishing that it's true to realizing they just may you and you get played a long time before you finally say whoa! >> along the way john kept up appearances. he still work as a financial analyst and volunteered to help kids. but piece by piece it all fell apart. he lost his girlfriend, college
5:49 pm
buddies, his parents trust. >> he told me when we talk about you have to get high all the time? he said, mom, i'm way i don't know getting high with heroin. i take heroin to be normal. that was like a revelation to me. >> reporter: there were many painful revelations. the deckers think that john's problems all began with a sports injury. knee surgery. >> he got a dick to do oxycodo oxycodone. no question about that. >> reporter: canny says they were very involved. they monitored john's physical therapy but never thought to watch the pills. >> paid attention how many repetition on this one machine he could do. i didn't think about asking do you have any of your pills left now i'll. >> reporter: but now it's too late. john decker overdosed in january at the the age of 30. his devastated family found him. >> even though we knew this was a possibility, we're all still -- i'm still in shock. >> they all are. >> sifting through john's
5:50 pm
things, sports gear, diplomas a tiny plaster hand print. they pack up his room and all those hopes and dreams for kid with such potential. no tears or hard its heart ache or money could make john better. >> regret but laced with relief. because i really thought he was suffering. and so his suffering is over which we still suffer because he's gone but he doesn't have to suffer. >> reporter: the deckers are hoping maybe some other families can be spared their suffering and that's why they've decided to speak openly and publicly about john's addiction. they wish they'd acted sooner. addiction can happen to anyone any family anywhere. we put some information about john's on our website in order to help fight this heroin epidemic plaguing all of our neighborhoods. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. >> she's fighting terminal cans season she's getting her one wish to be police officer. this little girl was actual tool
5:51 pm
sick to show up for her first day on the job. wait until you see what the department did for her. coming up at 6:00 a picture posted on social media that provoking outrage and disgust. the game of beer pong with a nauseating anti semitic twist. >> and should a teacher have to go to prison for an inappropriate relationship with a student who even if that student is a legal consenting adult? where there's now a push to make that law possible.
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it was beautiful end to really a heartbreaking experience for one indiana boy who was stood up by his friends on his birthday. >> all thanks to his grandmother. nine-year-old celebrated his big day last weekend but none of his invite tease showed up leaving him feeling sad and disappoint disappointed. his grandmother says he has a disability because of three major brain surgeries and he often plays alone. but when no one came to his party, she shared his story on facebook. which led to thousands of shares and presents from strangers across the globe. >> i'm going to vent right now. not wanting to cut his cake because one person might show up. my mission to have as many cards as i can mailed to my little guy. this breaks my heart. >> it just went crazy. >> aw. w most was shared more than 2,000 times and guess what? it helped make it a happy birthday after all.
5:56 pm
>> i'm sure it was. young girl with terminal cancer has always dreamed of growing up to become a chicago police officer. >> well now with some help her dream is about to become reality fox's kristin nicole has the story. >> reporter: little madison has a lot of ups and downs when it comes to her battle with cancer and today was one of those tougher days. she i wasn't able to make her scheduled appearance at police roll call. this afternoon 75 chicago police officers went to her. madison pruett look like a natural reporter grabbing and holding our mike. but broadcasting isn't what this six-year-old dreams of doing. she would love to be a chicago cop. >> last year madison was diagnosed with a rare muscle cancer. she fought it went into remission only to have it rear it's ugly head. >> it came back and it came back with a vengeance.
5:57 pm
it's spreading. >> before sickness robbed her of her strength her grandma says madison was like every other little girl. she loves having her nails painted riding her bike and well, being the boss. >> how i know she's doing good when she starts to boss me around tell me what i got to do. >> reporter: recently her social worker reach out to the brass at district six. her request make this dream reality. she had no idea what they had planned for her. >> today i'm going to make it official and peak you a live long chicago police officer. >> she's been in our program for just a few weeks. >> you just met her a few weeing. >> a few weeks ago, yeah, but she is declining so we wanted to try to set up things for her. >> this afternoon after a brief role call the men and women in uniform marched to madison's front porch. the sea of support standing in front of their union street home almost too much for pamela nelson.
5:58 pm
>> i could have flipped. i was -- i am i should say -- i shouldn't say was, i am overjoyed. >> madison's family hoped the rounds of chemo and radiation would bring a miracle. it didn't. but this is the next best thing. >> madison's family is asking everyone that sees her story to do whatever they can to help find cures for childhood cance cancers. great story. >> yeah. the before heading off to the parade today villanova head coach jay wright talked to our "good day philadelphia" crew. >> he talk to alex and mike about what was going through his mind right before that big win. >> when that ball wept in from north carolina and it tied the game after coming back from 10 down, on nestly, did you go oh, no. over time? >> actually, i was thinking during the game this is the greatest game. i -- i'm either at that game because we have our coaches convention or i'm watching it on tv. i was thinking this is an
5:59 pm
incredible game. then when page hit the three, i thought, wow it's going to be even better. this is going to be overtime. >> well, of course we all know how it ended with a buzzer beater to win the game wright says the final play of the game when kris jenkins won the team had practiced before. tonight at 6:00 a picture posted on social media is sparking outrage and disgust. the click game a group of high school students played that some say is down right revolting. plus, a historic day at the end of a week we will never forget. tonight the day tens of thousands came together to give our villanova wildcats the celebration they deserve. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
and first at six dose of winter weather in spring. to note we're watching ultimate doppler radar for the first signs of snow that could soon start to fall. all is cam and quiet right now but win a matter of hours, mess could start to form. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. it may seem hard to believe, but we can't put away the winter gear just yet. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. say it ain't so, scott. >> unfortunately, more bizarre weather, chris and dawn, continuing for the month of april. we're dry and quiet now, but look off to the west. this is energy this clipper is headed in our direction along with the colder air for the upcoming weekend so those temperatures they're simply going to be dropping across the area as we time everything out for you, take a look at the clock. by midnight temperatures in philadelphia into the upper 30s. low to mid 30s north and west. then look at what happens. by tomorrow morning, we're looking at some rain in south jersey along with delaware, but north and west, of the philadelphia area, we're looking


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