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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  April 9, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this morning on good day, breaking news a car careened off kelly drive into the skew kill. one person is killed. what police are saying about this incident. plus, a mother's desperate plea. if i could turn back p time. what she refused to do and while she's telling other new moms not to make the m same mistake. another endorsement for republican front runner donald trump. who is now supporting the donald and what she has to say to her critic. from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. and a look right now at our control room with all the folks that make it work. we're celebrating a birthday in o our fox 29 family. hi, mike it is son's column in's
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third birthday. if you have a birthday in your life. send us the pictures. >> go column can in, it's your birthday. good morning, everybody. hope everybody is doing well. > dave, come on, man. seriously. this is going to be the straw that breaks a lot of camels backs out there. the sun is out nice and long there, but we have winter weather advisories and freeze warnings in effect. franklin park way, a lot less people out here today, but there's a big change coming. we have some winter weather moving n. a lot of people are doing some spring cleaning. right, sue and wendy? >> it is time for some spring cleaning with weekend wendy and this is where it is happening. at least one of the places where spring cleaning is happening. it's at the christina river watershed. yes, it's their annual spring cleanup and it starts at 8:00 and goes until noon at various
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locations. so to find out where go tacrine christina cleanup. org. are we going to have to shovel snow along with the cleanup. >> raft the accumulation that we'll be talking about later day is on grassy surfaces and not coming down until a little bit later. rain or shine that event happens. dealing with some rain right now. some reports of light rain in lancaster county. it will in test tense if i later this morning. winter weather advisory is in effect for chester, montgomery, bucks p county and portions of new jersey there and up through the lehigh valley. that's where the biggest impact with this snow will occur. big change cans with this rain changing to snow as it intensifies. 9:00 it might develop, but between about 11 and 2, those are the times to watch today because as it intensifies it can
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actually change over to snow and this is where it could start to accumulate. look at the amounts and what to expect. that's all coming up with the complete forecast a little bit later. but right now let's get you caught up on any traffic issues this weekend. good morning, everybody with the crazy weather today we're probably going to have to delays down at philly international. it's going to one of the rough days. do check with the airline before you head down there and even tomorrow we could have some left over delays trying to catch up. tomorrow septa kicks in a new schedule for all of its regional rail lines. make sure you have a new timetable so you're good to go. monday afternoon, let's go flyers, game time at 3:00. enjoy the rest of the day. i'll see you back here tomorrow morning for good day philadelphia weekend. > we're following some breaking news this morning. a car careens off kelly drive. this was a deadly crash.
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we know that at least one person was killed, a man. let's get right out to the scene. that's where jenny joins us. >>reporter: police tell us a 26 year old man is dead after hitting one of the polls across the street and flipping into the skew kill river. it happened around 2. 30 this morning. police were called out along with a team of divers. they attempted to rescue this man but it turned as you can see we believe this car may have come in contact with one of the two polls. and flipped the sign that had fish on it. police say they have one witness who is sharing information about this crash. based on that information they do believe that speed was a factor in the crash.
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police still have not release the victim's identity. they're still talking to family members. karen and bill. >> what a tragedy it is. 7:05 and happening also now, a stabbing investigation in philadelphia's west oak lane section. this happened about 1:30 right along the 6400 block of lime kill pike. >> a homeowner was letting someone stay with them and that friend was sleeping when all of a sudden he was hearing yelling and the friend who was sleeping over was being stabbed. the home opener did the not go downstairs, you he did call police. the victim died. so far no suspects. in philadelphia, police are looking for suspects in connection with a possible abduction in the city's hunting park section. take a look at the photos. witnesses say the man forced a woman into the car along the 900 block of west lieu stern street friday around at around 9:00. the woman was reportedly heard
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screaming get away from her. there was a physical confrontation before the woman was forced into this car and then the car drove off. a double shooting around 22 and triton streets. according to authorities, a 2 # year old man was shot several times and is knew in critical condition at a local hospital. a 20 year old man was shot twice, but is in critical, but stable condition. victims of violence remembered last night in the center city area. they had a candle light lighting ceremony hold by the coalition for victim advocacy. can see tiers being wiped away due to the violence and abuse in our communities. monique arrives about the murder of her 19 year old son who was shot and killed about nine years ago. others spoke about horrific acts
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of violence and were able to heal and survive. am are calling for guns off the street. the city, we lose so am every day that you you forget about the older ones. but for me i'm the one that has to still stand up for my son. > we teach our youth to fight against violence together then maybe we can stop the madness and there can be hope from such a horrifying life experience. you see the mayor was there, jim kenny addressing the group, telling them the city is working with police to try to address this issue of violence. political coverage right now, another endorsementç for the donald trump. republican donald trump on twitter last night actress curiosity alley wrote, hello boys this is my formal endorsement and i'm a woman. last time i checked.
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if you can't hang with me because of my views, so be it, you were never a friend in the first place. the emmys award actress who also went on for her support for rudy guiliani who is also endorsing trump. chris wallace, the discussion that will air tomorrow on fox news sunday asks questions about the have a casey on the supreme court and not to confirm the president's pick. perhaps let's say hillary clinton is the newly elected president would you pull him and let him make the pick? >> i think we can't have a situation in which the republican senate simply says because of a democratic president we are not going to do our job having hearings and have a button. > but to button this up, are you saying you will stick with
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mar receipt garland through the end of your term. >> yes. > stay tuned for that interview with barracknobama. this is his first time on the show since he became president. the interview will air at 9 right after good day philadelphia right here on fox 29. secretary of state john kerry makes an unannounced visit to after of began stand. this is actually from a surprise visit he made to iraq earlier this week. during his trip he'll meet with the country's rival leaders. the us invaded the country more than a decade go to endorse a stable government it hasn't panned out. can did you watch all the confetti as we were celebrating our the national champion. not a parade down broad street like the phillies got.
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showing our support for the willed cats. they cleaned up the confetti think and things people are wondering will things get back to normal. things ever calmed down ever since chris jenkins tanked the ball. that feeling make complete strangers want to hug. they think it's going to stick around for a while. firefighter bob meals was on the truck that kicked off the parade. we were on the top of the truck looking out over the crowd and we saw 30,000, 40,000, i don't know what the number was. there was so am people looking not only at us, but at the parade route. we're going isn't this unbelievable. >> let's call it 50,000. of course the university canceled classes twice this week because they knew ever everyone was not going to be going to class because they were going to be celebrating.
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a good day as fox 29 brought you the whole parade life. for the entire month of april we are celebrating we were born this way 20 years ago april 1. we're celebrating for all of april. we're having special gusts walk through the door. that's coming up a little bit later and coming up as well a mother who says she made a bad decision has a plea for other new moms. if i could turn back time i would have found -- what she refused to do and why she is now putting a plea out there for every other mom, please, please, don't make her mistake. don't be so judge i, that's the pope's message to catholics around the global laid out in a new 250-page document. but does it actually change any
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church doctrines, we'll let you know. we want to celebrate you. you're the other half. you're the other part of our conversations. if you have something good happening in your life. we could share that as we are celebrating 20 years of good day. send in your pictures and you're celebrations and we'lling about on the people that you love. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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shul kill river.
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> the key remaining suspect in the brussels terror attacks has now been arrested. reports say the amad was captured alive yesterday in a terror sweep after months on the run. he's 31 years old and he was the last suspect wanted in connection with the terrorist attacks that happened back in november. officials say it is likely thatç a i beanie is also the man in the hat, the mysterious figure shown in surveillance footage leaving the scene of last on months brussels airport bombing. brenda del cot oh was decontained at a house in mexico. she faces murder charges of a killing of a dentist in texas. investigators say she was jealous because the doctor, kendra hatcher was dating her ex-boyfriend. pope francis calling on priest around the world to be less
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compassionate and less judgmental. the new message comes from long awaited new guideline on family life in a document titled the joy of love. the more than 250-page document is the culmination of two sinning sinning ons or gatherings where they gather for challenges around the home including divorce, sex outside of marriage and compassion in the. a possible pathway for the divorced april remarried catholics to receive wholly communion. it is important to note the document makes no changes to church doctrine. teaches religious studies at villanova university joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. > after explaining what this new document actually says is that it doesn't change doctrine. will this have any impact on the church or is it a lot of words and no actions.
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>> i think it will have a significant impact on the church. i think while you're right there is not a change in church doctrine here. pope francis is continuing one of the things that he's done since the beginning of his pap as i which is to signal a change to his pastorly roach. this is the year of mercy and i think this is the leading edge of how he wants to bring that mercy to family. what i compared it to is when the federal government recognizes that there is rules in place but they basically tell you, listen, make your own decisions, we won't step in. is that kind of what he's doing to allow priests in individual parishes and what have you to make some of their own decisions? >> i think he is inviting priests and couples, priests and individuals to enter into a conversation that will allow them to discern really, to figure out what the particulars of their particular situation are. it really is an attention to
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individual people, individual couples in the difficulties and complexities of their life. he really sort of is saying, he says in one place in the document we're not reel to replace conscious. we're here to form conscious. is it a slippery slope because the response so far has been conservatists are a little bit unhappy with him because he's opened those doors. some in the lgbt and those individuals are a little unhappy because he didn't go far enough. did he create a situation where both sides are now a little bit unhappy with it? >> i think that pope francis certainly has done nothing here that he didn't do before in terms of leaving a certain amount of, i guess, you might call it what looks like wiggle room, that kind of pastor discretion that he offered that i just spoke of to a certain kind of conservative sounds like too loose. i think you're right to say
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that. this document was never going to have a fundamental change in church doctrine with respect to t gay and lesbian relationships. so he offered -- he said people need to be treated with dignity and respect. we immediate to have deep compassion for these situations, but he wasn't going to change church doctrine for lgtb folks. he is i a howing for the conversation and that is a step in the right direction. thank you, professor whose we appreciate your time. >> thank you. > let's take a look at the weather because we have a lot of happening. some of you are already letting us know that there is some snow falling. i don't see it in the picture of the pocono mountains dave warren. a the look of the reports will be in the western suburbs. this is just the initial stage of this event, we'll call it. not a lot of snow expected p, but it could cause a little slippery roads right here right in the middle of the davol there's a the lot going on
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today. we had this weather question sent in. hi, dave, i'm in fish town. we're getting getting ready rain to snow and the snow is heaviest. that middle of the day there, between about 11 1 # and 1 we've had heavy snow that could actually over come the fact that we have the sun angle which is higher at this time of year which could melt the snow on the road. it could be a little slippery for a brief period of time today. here's where the ultimate doppler has the rain and snow now moving into the the western suburbs. we are getting some reports of some light snow in lancaster county moving into chester
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county. the bands of heavier rain will work its way up and swing around the area. look at how it changes direction. as the it moves north it actually starts to bring in some colder air so we can get the rain mixing with snow. here it is, the time between 11, 12 and say about 2:00 that i is where we could get the snow to accumulate on the roadways. the peak of the snow heaviest between 11 and 2 rain changes to snow and maybe even some thunder out there. this will leave some snow amounts. i'll mr. at the accumulations and the seven day forecast coming up later. > thank you, dave. medical marijuana could be prescribed to things like cancer and glaucoma, but some lawmakers would like to add another ailment to the list. coming up, what changes to new jersey's medical marijuana laws that could result in a lot more women beagle jill forth
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prescription. when it comes to the fight between privacy and national security. there's an app that could end up causing some big problems for the fbi. the comments making their way in. carla says looking forward to the info containment today. working on your taxes, not so much. they don't love that. this one is from michael. i guess there's no need for the spring hat in the weekend forecast. such a cute picture. happy birthday to my awesome love, al. happy birthday al. cheers. there's the lottery numbers. hope you have them. we'll be right back.
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good morning i'm sean bell. the city is still drunk off a villanova national onship. it's been a week long party capped off by the parade.
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the man who made it all happen chris jenkins gave a special message to all the kids who want to do things. we put a lot of hard work in this year and this is something that nobody can ever take it off of us. > big smooth, the man, all right. to a team that won't be having a parade any time soon, the phillies taking on the mets. a run comes all the way in. that's an rbi double and the phillies go down once again 7-2. they ought a winless. and to the sixes doing what the sixes doing in if the fourth quarter. it leads to a sasha three-pointer. they fall 109 to 102. i'm sean bell. pressure system
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what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter
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the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. it doesn't matter what's going on, that song will always start the day right, always make you smile as we take a look a at allentown. welcome back to good day. let's take a look at some of this morning's top stories, pennsylvania governor tomorrow womb is urging not to, the law
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would be unconscious substitution alan would be give restricted laws in the nation. it would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. governor wolf said he would veto the measure if it does make it to his desk. bald eagle, good news back in the wilted. tri-state bird rescue and research release the bird after helping nurse it back to good health. this is the third bald eagle found in that condition. environmental control is still trying to figure out what killed five bald eagles in that county. an amazing opportunity for a delaware teen. 17 year old brittany gear has been named an ambassador for children's miracle hospital to represent her state.é-ambassadoe country to highlight the work of children's hospital. she was caused with a disorder a causes abnormalities throughout
7:31 am
her facial bones. despite her challenges she mentors other children with similar health conditions. wait until you see how weekend wendy is dressed for this event happening in camden, new jersey today. it is the camden come a con. i think we're going to call her super wendy. it's going to be a great time. these come a con conventions are always are. it's happening from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening. is the super hero gash enough. >> enough to get through the snow in the middle of the day. there's camden all clear, but we are starting to see some radar activity not quite reaching the ground yet. it is in parts of lancaster county and certainly down south where it is rain, but it is right along 95 and to the northwest. that is the concern. really the timing looks between
7:32 am
11 and 2 when it is heaviest. that's when it can coat everything, even treated roadways. despite it happening in the middle of the day. winter weather advisories in effect because of that reason. the heaviest by around noon. it could actually start as rain and then change the snow as the intensity increases. so to this band right here between 11 and 2 where we'll start to see that accumulate. temperatures are at or above freezing in am areas. dropped blow freezing in allentown. we'll watch this closely. that could help eliminate the amount we get on surfaces. the first time mother who refused to be vaccinating for the whoop cuff and show has a heart breaking message to share with new parents. in an emotional message posted to facebook, consider met after toll said if she could turn back time she would protect herself and get the vaccination during the 28th week of pregnancy.
7:33 am
she thought she was bullet proof. her daughter got the disease and now has been in the office for three week. every hour i got to stay her, watch her going blue, give her oxygen, watch her cry, watch her having a hard time eating. she's my only child and my first. if i could turn back time, i would have protected myself. > let's talk about this. we have pedestrian doctor judy lar kin here. what's your first reaction when you hear this story. >> it's sad. it's sad that she made a choice that was ultimately a poor choice and she's now dealing with consequences of that. you know, everybody makes mistakes and i think she's recognizes that. i think she's very cure age just to come to a platform where she can share her story and hopefully influence people in
7:34 am
making a lot of better choice. there is so much information and confusion when it comes to the whole vaccine issue. betsy says my daughter still got the whoop cuff even though the vaccine. vaccine are not 100 percent and they kill millions around the world. there is no vaccine for scar lot fever. i'm sorry her daughter got scarlett fever you but a vaccine wouldn't have prevented that. they provide immunity, but it way not be perfect immunity. sometimes you can still get a disease even though you've been vaccinated. the disease may be milder. and i think the risk of not being vaccinated is still a huge risk. this comment from crystal how am of you actually read the ingredients in some of the vaccine, some i totally agree on for safety and health reasons, but some of the new ones they come out with have crazy harmful things in em this. i'm always surprised at people
7:35 am
that we as physicians and as providers are injecting their children with bad things. i think again it's a lack of information and yeah, when you read an ingredient list on anything there are sometimes words that you don't understand and chemicals that you don't understand, but vaccine are studies over and over and over and there's constantly reassessment and reevaluation and those ingredients that might be in the vaccine as a preservative are also being looked at over and over. so again our intent is never to cause harm. our intent is to take care of our patience and make sure that we give them the best care imaginable. vaccine protect most of us most of the time and that's the goal for the large population because this diseases so am of you forget are horrible. the dioceses are horrible and i think people don't remember them and a lot of the newer -- not new, on of these vaccine have been around 30 years now, but new in the sense that when i was a resident we saw kids die of
7:36 am
some of these dioceses and as a physician i have the huge respect for the diseases that we're trying to protect people from having because i did see the consequences, once you see those, you remember that of and you never forget it. if i never have to see somebody die from a vaccine prevented illness ever again that would be wonderful. > thanks for coming in. women who suffer from menstrual cramps could soon find some relief. a bill that is bee proposed for which a dr. could prescribe medical marijuana. actress whoop i goldberg is launching a line of medical marijuana products designed for women. under new jersey law doctors can only prescribe marijuana for certain conditions such as terminal cancer and multiple sclerosis. a woman takes a hidden camera
7:37 am
with her when she goes into surgery. why she says she left the operation not just with physical scars, but emotional ones as well. the financial crisis continues for atlantic city. we'll tell you which group of workers will be staying on the job despite the fact that they didn't get paid. stay tuned. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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welcome back. awesome. music is making me forget it's going to snow later on today. always a good time. i hear the words coming out of dave's mouth, the forecast, but i want to see what happens. >> i see you, but i cannot hear you. 7:40 is the time. forget about apple and the fbi that huge controversy there's a very popular messaging app, your hess message is for your eyes only and they'll keep them private for you and to the person. >> it's what's app with more than a bill people across the global using it. this week the company announced it has full encryption of full communication, no one can listen to calls, read messages or look at video except the people involved in the communication. the company says there are no back doors and even if the
7:41 am
don't want my employer, you want to be a shade i employer. my boss can't crack my phone. i shouldn't be having that on the work phone. i'm not for it. i think we need to be able to get certain information from certain people. let us know what you think. of course you could use our hashtag for this month it's good day 20. how about this one? a lot of people are trying to safe money, big family and saving for stuff. we don't like when prices go up. some price identification for netflix. why the company feels one group
7:42 am
is going to pay the same. the price of stamps is going down. do people still use stamps. when we come back we'll tell you which group is not happy about that change. our producer aaron, we're happy about this one. a wonderful celebration in his home, sluiced ohs, congrats to erin making h her communion. if you have something to celebrate, we'd like to brag on that person. use the hashtag, good day 20.
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> take a look at trenton, new jersey. i was just there yesterday at the statehouse. that's the bridge, what trenton makes, the world takes. it looks pretty good out there. dave will give you all the updates on the weather coming up. it's time now to take you in focus, the excitement from yesterday's championship parade in downtown philadelphia. it's still in the air and one local family has been p following the villanova for decades and couldn't be more happy. why richards bakery has been a willow grove staple since 1952. they have many traditions. if they didn't tie it we
7:46 am
wouldn't have needed it. whether it be serving up treats. we have mike, ed, herman, john, onma can hand, a cousin who was at the game with us. they first met the family in houston right befjtz the championship game, brothers, fathers, nephews, all made the trip. my dad talked about the 1985 team every year. >> no one thought we could do it, but i did. it has been 31 years since villanova captured their first ncaa championship. the wine rich family had no idea what they were in for. unbelievable, what a game. how do you guys still have your voice. now millions saw the play online, but if you were one of the 70-plus at the game. arch jack no is coming up fast. i could see the shot. when it hits, pop. it's like opening a chapel pain bottle. extremers exploded on the court.
7:47 am
as exciting as the ending of the game was, something we all share and that's the most beautiful part of it. for us as a family, we were there. we have the tickets. we have everything. a grandfather to grandson. we're all sitting there. being there with family made it so much sweater. i say the greatest sporting event i've ever witnessed. > bill roar, fox 29 news. > let's take a look at your weather right now. i do have a birthday shoutout. i have a party. it's a baby. hold on. ohio and bill a, good morning, my baby asian take you is having her sixth birthday party today and she can't cancel. please don't let it snow. >> i hope it's inside. come on, can we help out? just make sure it's inside and the roads should be okay. but the timing looks like about # 1 to 1 is when we'll see the
7:48 am
heaviest rain and even the rain change into snow. here's where it is right now, it's working its way into the area. that's not the only thing that's happening here this weekend. here's another question. i'm completing my eagle scout project to help organize the library. i heard there might be snow. we whether or expecting a the-volunteers, i was wondering what the weather will be like. >> a lot of work that goes into that. some snow right until about 1:00. this is the timing that will go hour by hour and we'll show you when will be the heaviest snow. between 10 and 2. it will start as rain and then mix over to snow. this is the band of this heavy presip. as it comes down a little heavier. you see the rain changing over to snow. that happens when the storms get very intense. they can bring the cold air in
7:49 am
and drop the temperatures. it's between 11 and 12 where this is heaviest. we have this high sun angle. if it snows light enough, it could keep the roadways just wet. you can over come that as it's intense between 11 and 2, but after 2:00 things will improve. maybe even some thunder is what you could hear midday. these storms really intensify. it will continue to come down as light snow, but it will wind down after about 8:00 tonight and could end briefly as a period of snow. but then we're talking about the very cold air coming in. exactly what to expect, less than an inch in this area, but the north and western suburbs could see two to four on untreated surfaces. maybe if it's intense enough we could get an area of three to five inches of snow. freezing temperatures tomorrow morning with a loaf 27.
7:50 am
it could be very slippery on the wet roadways. more rain comes in monday for opening day. 56-degrees on tuesday and wednesday with some more rain. by thursday and friday we're looking at sunshine, but some cooler temperatures, especially in the morning. > dave, thanks. you know if you have a wedding in your life we have some of our viewers who are having wednesdayings on this day. the cost is getting really expensive and continues to climb. how about this one, more than $32,000. > that's crazy. >> who is fighting the bill for that. coming up the results of a new survey, newly wednesdays may not be pulling their own weight. a woman upset with her doctor because she put a recording device in her hair before surgery. what she heard. what the doctors allegedly said about her and what little options she may have. wow. take a look on the outside. not too bad right now.
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erin is bobbing her head, i'm bobbing my head. r&c& get me in a good morning as unfortunately we're waiting for
7:54 am
some snow. 7:53 and it's time to introduce you to our fox 29 athlete of the week. this week another ' taking to liberty high school in bethlehem county where softball star is impressing her fans. stacy jazz could he introduces us to our athlete of the week. christine column check. her best qualities is her strength, her arm. she has a great glove. she has no fear of what she has to do during a game. if she has to dive, get dirty, she has no problem with that. now that spring has sprung the athlete is preparing up for the season. the captain is get i to get back into the game she loves. i loved the game ever since i was little just growing up. when i was two years old my dad brought a ball and a t home. ever since then i just loved it.
7:55 am
i knew i wanted to play. she's improved a lot. she's always been a phenomenal player, but she's gotten a lot more disciplined. she's the first one on the field and the last one to leave. her hard work and dedication is noticed by all. she doesn't accept anything. she's a purist. see doesn't accept mistakes. she takes her role as very seriously and is always there for her teammates. if anyone has any problems, i hope they come to me, talk about it and i'll try to fix it the best i can. her commitment to her team isn't the only one to help them. her wrap is also might be what happens. on behalf of fox 29, congratulation christine for being this week's high school
7:56 am
athlete of the week. thank you. and congratulations christine. if you have someone you'd like to nominate as our high school athlete of the week you can tweet us, post-it on our fox 29 facebook page, just make sure you use our #fox29 good day. > are you looking to safe money, cut the cords. there may be some good options for you. how at least one company helps you get only the shows you want to much what. >> that's good. summer doesn't have to mean vacation. we want the kids to get to work. get off your couch, get behind the counter and get a job. we'll make sure your kids can get to work. some more comments from pat, fox 29 philly is screaming happy birthday to my sister standing in the back first on the right. happy birthday tyra. mike is our director. he makes the whole show go.
7:57 am
happy happy birthday to his little buddy column in who never fails to make me smile. happy birthday column in. there is mike giving a special shoutout. happy birthday little guy, enjoy when you want itchy, watery eyes and sneezes out of the picture, you go to walgreens for flonase allergy relief- over the counter in full prescription strength. with walgreens right around the corner, it's easy to get more complete relief in a flash.
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this morning we've got a developing story to begin with. a car has careened off kelly drive and right there into the skull kill river. one person died. what police are saying. one group says they're not satisfied with the decision to let lancaster sean mccoy go for his involvement in the fight at the recess how long. why he let the former eagle walk away from the charges. why the da says that. we'll have that and more. was she body shamed during surgery. that's what that woman is saying happened to her while she was on the operating table. how she says she was able to
8:00 am
catch the doctor's sneaky and snark i comments. from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia weekend. and good morning, welcome to the second hour. i'm actually looking forward to that story. we had a little bit of a heated debate on the facebook chat before the snow actually started. that's going to be a good one. good morning to all of you on this saturday. we are expecting some snow flakes on our heads and maybe slightly more than flakes. we blame you. >> don't blame me. > we blame you. i'm just telling you what's happening. i didn't create it. i'm all for sunshine and a nice spring-like weekend. we're the not getting it it today. we have some winter weather to talk about. first off when you step outside, sea isle city this morning, the clouds have moved in. we're even starting to see some rain developing there. so that is the big story. of course there is something happening for this morning, for that let's go to sue.
8:01 am
weekend wendy is all ready for some shredding. pop up cart interactive skate park and it's happening at drexel university. this is very interesting because it's a skate park, but it's also an art installation at the same time. you're going to have on check it out for yourself to even believe it. it'sing whying to be there now through may 22 2, but this is the opening weekend. so it's especially exciting right now. are we going to have cold weather to the max, dave? >> the cold weather comes in tonight. i want to talk about this rain and snow that will be developing here for the next hour or so. it's heavy toç the south. there's heavy rain in delaware and working its way to cape may. this band will work its way north and then just become west to east and stay right over the area. this is when we'll see the-h yes snow upcoming down. seeing it mix there. as it gets a little heavier we'll see the rain mix with snow as it pulse in some colder air so that will happen right over
8:02 am
our area. look at the timing. the winter weather advisory, this is the location where we could see the most snow accumulate, mainly on grassy surfaces. the timing looks like it could be light. keep the roadways just wet may not happen between 10 and 2. here is the heaviest rain and snow, that's where it could start to accumulate even on the the road surfaces, but it will get better after say this littens up after 4:00. the temperatures are right around freezing. so we'll have a continued update and the seven day forecast. see if we have some sunshine returning. that's coming up a little bit later. right now we're following a developing story this morning. a car has careened off of kill can i drive and wound up right in the skull kill river. one person was there in east falls. what can you you tell us? >>reporter: good p morning, bill, according to police, a 26 year old man is dead after hitting that pole across the street and flipping is car into
8:03 am
the schuylkill river. it happened around 2:30. police were called out along with a team divers. the attempt ted rescue turned into a recovery effort. according to police it's believed that the driver of the vehicle was headed south on north ferry street toward kelly drive, hit a poll and crashed plummeting 40 feet into the river. the recovery effort was extensive because of where the car was positioned and the distance from the road down to the river. from the base of this wall, the car was about a good 20 feet or so in the river. it was upside down submerged in about six feet deep. so the fire department rescue one had to hook up a couple of cables to the car just to get the car situated in a better position where our divers to try and find out if it was an occupant or multiple occupants. turns on it there was only one occupant. > and police say they do have one witness. they are working with that
8:04 am
witness and based on the information they've gather gathered so far they do believe speed was a factor. police have not release the identity of the victim. they're still notifying family members. > at 8:04 let's take a look at some of this morning's top stories. police in chester are working to find out why a woman drove her car in a chinese restaurant. just around 11:00 last night a ran ran into the chang yanukovych restaurant. the restaurant was open at the time of the crash, but thankfully no one was hurt. police say that the woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. in a deadly stabbing overnight. this happened in the west oak lane section. it was about 1:30. there's the scene. police say there was a homeowner who was letting someone stay overnight with them, sleeping downstairs and all of a sudden he hears yelling downstairs. the friend was stabbed. the homeowner tells
8:05 am
investigators he didn't go downstairs, but he did call police. investigators say that victim was killed. we don't have any suspects. and the president of the philadelphia police union says he'd like another investigation into that fight involving former eagle lancaster sean mccoy. john mack necessary bi, the fop president sent a letter to attorney general kathleen cane says district attorney's steve williams decision not to charge mccoy in a case was a cover up and that he he let mccoy go because he was a prominent athlete. you may recall, the brawl happened inside the recess nightclub back in old city back in february. the fight over a bottle of chapel pain and it sent two off-duty officers to the hospital. there's no question in was a fight. from what they could tell mccoy was defensing his friend. there was a purse snatching in south philadelphia and it has made one chief furious. he's got some tips for people who are just trying to enjoy our
8:06 am
city. mike jerrick checks in with the top cop from upper darby. superintendent michael chip wood. how are you doing? i want your take on this. over by became bridge. a woman is walking down the street. a guy comes up behind her, puts a gun in her ribs, grabs her purse and then takes off. here's the weird thing, it's close to 7:00 in the morning. normally you don't see that at 7:00 in the morning. usually these bums are sleeping. they've been out all night and 6:30, 7:00 in the morning is usually like a safe zone. this is kind of unique in this perspective. how often does this kind of stuff happen, purse snatching? >> it happens more than you would want to realize that it happens. you see it all the time. it happens in any neighborhood. you get these street your comments that are running around
8:07 am
looking to violate. they're praying on individuals. the young lady walking, probably going to work, minding her own business, not paying attentionment the ladies in your life, what do you advise them? >> always be aware of where you are. always be aware of your surroundings, always be attentive because in this day and age it doesn't matter where you are, these bums are out there. they're going to still, rob and you have to be aware of your circumstances. in this particular case the lady is lucky she didn't get hurt. that's for sure. be safe, everybody. we do have some good news, hundreds of city employees will be staying on the job in atlantic city. that situation has become so contact possibled. the challenges of staying on the job despite the fact that they won't get another paycheck until may. that's the latest in the financial crisis that nearly shutdown city hall. firefighters and police, part of the of the atlantic city 900
8:08 am
workforce received their paycheck on friday, but agreed to wait l until may 6 to get paid again. they're in a financial bind and didn't have the money to pay them. people have houses, bills to pay, how are they going to pay their bills? it's sad. i don't know what's going on with the city, city hall and the state, but they need to get this ironed out. governor christie is saying no to a financial baleout and blaming the cities leaders for the mismanagement. > did we have a party, our villanova wild cats making their way through the streets of philadelphia as the new ncaa clamps. raise that trophy. tens of thousands of people. you could see how happy they are. yep, let's clapp for them. catching a glimpse of our villanova wild cats. the sounds of all the matching bands. they've already got the cleanup happening after all of that.
8:09 am
we had such a fun time, huge pep rally. that's a celebration. a great time had by all. congrats once again to the villanova wild cats. at 8:10, a woman records the comments of the doctors while she was in surgery. i wonder how sheç did that or w it is legal. the doctors left her with emotional scars. even though he didn't want to disappoint his answer, bruce springsteen announced he's cancelling a show. we'll tell you the reason why the boss is pulling the plug, coming up. happy birthday to my daughter, deshawn a, she turns 18 years old today. that is a major celebration. and shannon tweets, no snow, please, dave, don't do it. my son justin turned five yesterday and wants to ride his bike outside. that's a fair request. alyssa is ready for the phillies, home opener monday.
8:10 am
are we going. >> heck yeah, field trip. > let's do it. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
8:11 am
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smooth it out a little bit as you get waken up. is that english? wake up as you
8:13 am
listen. the story we've been talking about all morning, a woman decided to tape record her story and was shocked some of the things her surgeon and others in the operating room said about her while she was sedated. ethyl easter says the disrupt tone about her meeting about a hernia operation was what led h her to tape her surgery. shes what able to hide the recording under her hair. he made disparaging remarks about her body. one staff member told the anesthesiologist. it was meet precious meet priest was i was a this black woman. the spokes woman for the hospital declined comments. the hospital said it used this opportunity to remind the or staff and physicians to be mindful of their comments at all times. is that enough to have any legal
8:14 am
rights when we're undergoing surgery? attorney heater hanson joining us to break it down as she always down. we've now heard this story, got some interesting opinions on it. the woman is upset. but does she have any legal resource. >> what are her damages? she's upset, that's really a stretch to say month you now deserve money for being upset. she did some things that in some states are illegal. in pennsylvania you can't tape someone unless you have their consent. in my mind she should not bring something that is not sterile. she could be endangering someone. the relationship between a dr. and patient is a special one. no one wants that when they're in the operating room. doctors and nurses are human beings and sometimes they say things that they should not say, but some of us say when we are having a bad day.
8:15 am
i saturday there and listeninged to the recording, if i heard that when my mother or someone was in surgery i would have lost my mind,. is it appropriate, no, do you want that type of energy surrounding you when you're under anesthesia, absolutely not. that said you can't be sneaking things into the operating room. in addition, and one of the interesting things is she apparently was very challenging for the doctor preoperatively. that doesn't mean that you're allowed to speak that way at the patient. at the same time patience should be aware that doctors are human beings and challenging patience actually lead them to make more misdiagnoses. if you're a patient you want to be the most pleasant patient you can be and if you're a dr. remember that the person who is there that you are operating on is a human being with brothers, sisters, sons who would be very upset if you heard them speaking about that way. she discovered on the recording is that they may have ignored
8:16 am
one of the things that she said she was allergic to and given her medication that they should have been aware of. she said they were ignored because they were too busy having fun at her expense. you have to have some physical damage. if she were to sustain a rash. if she were to get sick because she took the medication, then arguably she would have a case. just because someone wrong you -- no harm, no foul is what it comes down to. finally, you touched on this, people who are thinking about doing in this pennsylvania, no. event in the operating room, not only are you endanger yourself when you bring something that is not sterile in. you're endangering anyone else. if she brought that device into the recovery room, there's other patience there. now you're violating their privacy. it's a dangerous thing to do. i would not be doing it.
8:17 am
andç illegal. >> here in pennsylvania. not new jersey or maryland. tell us what you think. leave your comments on our facebook page. you can tweet us. just use our hashtag, fox 29 good day. this one is really interesting, people with higher vitamin d levels may have a lower risk of developing cancer. this is according to a new study. we don't know what the opt him intake of vitamin d should be. make dietary changes or take supplements. the findings simply show it's possible to see a reduced cancer risk when vitamin d levels reach a certain level or higher. interesting get some sun. how about cutting the cord. there's a new service that could help you shell out money to watch d.c. our tech expert anthony mongeluzzo explains how it works. let's take a trip to the tank tech.
8:18 am
i'm anthony mongeluzzo. this is your tech bite. at&t are trying to help you get rid of your cable bill. they're going to make on demand tv. this device right here can be my new tv. maybe your ipad or any other tablet. what they're going to do is give you exactly what you want and allow you to customize your plan. for instance, if you only want to buy ho you get hbo to go. if you want life sporting events you purchase them separately. individually while the costs may be a little bit higher, it could safe you from that 100, 1350 cable bill. you don't have to worry about set up, you don't have to worry about where you're going and you don't have to rent the boxes. is this going to be now or the waive of the future? i think the waive of the furnish tour. we're all going to have to stay tuned. in the next couple of years we're ' all going to be cable lists. you want to talk more about the future of tv, reach out to me,
8:19 am
maybe on your smartphone, hashtag tech tag and we'll continue the conversation online. thank you, anthony. appreciate that. all the great information. we'll look forward that to that. dave, the weather not so good. not a great weekend weather. that will lead us right into our weather scale. we go from great to awful and we're pretty low this morning, at noon maybe a little better. once this rain and snow we're talking about clears out. and then we're down to the freezing mark tomorrow morning. let's focus on the rain and snow right now. here it is on ultimate doppler. it is moving into the area, starting to see it reach the ground. snow out west, heavy rain to the south. this band will push to the north and then kind of swing around as it passes by to our south. what that means is it keeps it right over our area through much of the day today and it
8:20 am
intensifies we start to see some colder air come in so the rain will change over to snow. that will be heavy snow for a order p of time. between 2 noon and 2:00 is when it's-h yes. even though these late season storms we get the sunrise, the higher sun angle melting the snow on the roads, the it could accumulate on the road. maybe a rumble of thunder, especially south jersey and delaware. this is about 2:00. it will start to clear out after the 8:00 tonight. you see it still coming down as snow, swinging around low and it moves off the coast and ends by about 7 or 8:00 tonight. but p once it ends, the wind picks up just a bit and the cold air comes in. so we could see some cold temperatures tomorrow. some slippery roads even tomorrow morning. less than an inch on grassy surfaces. a little more where we have a about it more snow between 2 and 4. not only the roadways, just
8:21 am
untreated surfaces. a good p amount of snow in lancaster and parts of burke county. that is what we're dealing with today. temperatures are blow freezing in some suburbs right now. they'll be out of blow freezing tomorrow morning pretty much every where. the freeze warning is not in effect in allentown because the growing season has not started just yet. we'll keep a close eye on the temperatures because that will make the roadways just wet. they have dropped down just a bit like hazel ton and mount pocono into the upper 20s. it could drop a few degrees once the snow picks up. mid 40s to the south. actually picking up there. we're dealing with mostly rain across coastal sections across new jersey and delaware. the seven day forecast, a cold start tomorrow. showers on tuesday, some rain on wednesday and a a little bit better on thursday and friday. with temperatures at 60-degrees. > at least we have 60 at the end of that forecast. are you one of those people who
8:22 am
added netflix and tried to save some money. >> i absolutely did. > that's what i did. some netflix users might be in for a surprise when they check their credit card statement. there is a price increase, not for everybody. who could be seeing the higher rates coming next month. i miss robin williams. this is fun. it's about the movie. a little bit of financial fun also this movie. aladdin had a generally for his prince alley parade, but how much did that cost? we'll break it down. here are your lottery numbers and we still have our special guest coming in this morning. we have a big one, a major announcement. something happened on tv last night, the season finale and we have a guest on this morning related to that. i don't even know who this is. definitely keep watching.
8:23 am
8:24 am
when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor
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by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. > would you look at that. we got snow flakes falling over reading right now. accepted us some pictures if it's coming down in your neck of the woods and use our hashtag for the whole month of april good day 20. every year, it's kind of fun, pnc bank takes a look at the 12
8:26 am
days of christmas to see how much it would cost to have the lourdes of leaping. let's make a twist on it. oh my, disney it did something similar with a classic song from aladdin. 75 golden carol, i love the feathers. when it comes to roughly
8:27 am
13,780ed right there. we do have some reasonable things. it's not too bad at all, a five policyholder piece band with a four-hour gig, that's about $2,000. a three-minute song, 26 bucks. the band is on me. the theme song which is three minutes cost 26 bucks. and the bakers cost him 52-cents for the three-minute song. let's add it ultimate doppler up. 1,000,920,665,938-dollars all to impress princess jazz mean. technically 912 difficult areas because i picked up the cost of the band. a lot of us want to make sure we get the kids off the couch and learn the value of working. get the kids to work. coming up, how to get your teens off the couch and into a job this summer.
8:28 am
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> welcome back. if you squint really hard you
8:31 am
can see some tiny, tiny snow flakes coming down as we take a look at the pocono mountains. we are expecting some snow. let's take a look at top stories. there's a law proposed in new jersey to make it illegal for teachers to have illegal relationships with the students even if the student is 18 years and old and gives consent. it attempts to clarify the difference between immoral and illegal as it relates to teachers sleeping with adult students. this would make it illegal and punishable for a teacher to have sexual contact with their students even if the student is up to 20 years old and the sex is consensual. this bill merely says if the student is under 20 years old it would be inappropriate for any school, personnel, teacher included to have a sexual relationship with that student. this still has to get approval from the assembly judiciary
8:32 am
committee. how about the boss taking a stand. he may be porn to run, but bruce springsteen is not going to be running to north carolina soon. he doesn't like what's happening there. the rock legend cans can old a concert that was expected to take place tomorrow. it was done to protest that state's new law to restrict public toilet choose by transgender people. it would haveç allow transgendr individuals to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. the time it is 8:32 and let's get a check of the forecast. good morning, dave. good morning, karen. we're outside on a nice spring day. let's take a walk here. looking down the street, it is cloudy outside, but we are looking at some snow and snow moving into the area a little bit later. right now on ultimate doppler things are looking pretty clear across philadelphia, but we have rain and snow approaching from the northwest. we're seeing some light snow developing in the north and
8:33 am
western suburbs right now. it will continue here, but the winter weather advisory in effect until about this evening. so we are seeing that rain and snow coming down. what it means for us is about ten to noon is when it's heaviest and that's when we'll see it start to accumulate on the roadway and even change over he when the rain is heaviest. areas in new jersey could even see a little bit of snow. temperatures we'll keep a close eye on. they are into the 30s and 40s right now. only climbing into the upper 30s as the snow continues 20 come down. all clear right now, and that will change not only here but in your area. i could still hear you through the window there. thanks so much. this may be hard to believe considering the weather that davis talking about, but summer is just two months away. don't let your kids be slackers. we have some tips to help them
8:34 am
land a up ser job. it's time to cash in. alex, you remember your first summer job? >> of course i remember. i was a sales associate at charlotte rouse. >> what's that? a women's clothing store that sells clothes and sures. > a lot of students hasn't been working. >> why is that in. > school is year round and sports is year round and they're competing with their parents. > what about the people who are trying to get a job. >> what about a if you tips to help you get your kid off the couch. > remember these job applications. >> i remember i would go in and each every store and fill out the application and turnaround and turn it back in. you can do it from your smartphone. that's so easy. you really can't -- i mean, you have to do that. alex, i know your first job was at the mall, but it doesn't have to be. i guess there's some other places. let me think, i guess you could go to the grocery store.
8:35 am
i know some people they like to do, at the post office or fed ex. >> tip number two, think creatively. don't just go to the mall because there's lots of jobs at untraditional places, supermarkets, golf courses. > lifeguard, that's always a good one. >> lifeguard, check it out. funny you mention lifeguard, if you get a lifeguard certification you're worth more to that potential employer. >> isn't that a really hard test? it can be hard, but for 13-dollar as an hour, not so difficult. > for sure. one of the great things about working as a sales associates where i was when i was a teenager is they asked me to keep coming back. the last tip is treat your summer job like a dress rehearsal because a lot of them do turn into full-time, year round jobs. plus you get the consistent. spring break i was there, i would come back for a week.
8:36 am
> show me the bank. what you're telling me, dan, there's lots of jobs out there and also lots of money to be made. lots of jobs, get the kid off the couch. let her earn some of these. we are cashing out. > there you go. get out there and get some work done. did you have a up ser job? >> heck, yeah. come on. so you asked the question for everybody out there. it seems like a very easy answer for karen, but did you have a summer job when you were young? >> you can vote the good day question. or you can vote on twitter using the hashtag yes, i had a summer job or hashtag no, i was a bum and had my parents pay all my bills. >> not in my house, if you wanted to be alive, you better be doing something. > how about the prices of stamps. if you stock up on the forever am stamps if you did you're
8:37 am
about to lose some money. it's going to drop from 49 to 47 cents. that's because of a agreement between congress and the post office. the price drop will cost the company around 2 billion-dollar a year in lost revenue. the last time staple p prices fell, 1919 after world war 1. so netflix users shouldn't be looking to safe any more money. rates for some users will go back up next month. back in 2014 you you may remember they raised the price of the standard streaming and then raised it again in october and people went crazy about that. but people who were grandfathered in, not no more. now the price is going up from 7.99 we'll all be paying 9-point # 9 in may. the recent survey found about 80 percent of those customers had no clue that this was coming. we'll be right back.
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> did you see what happened last night, a major, major surprise on the season three finale of sleeping hollow it's trending right now on twitter. it was a shocker. they killed off a main character. we have a major spoiler alert right now. if you watch the snow you can stick your fingers in your ears if you haven't seen it. we're going to explain what happened. they killed off abby. she was the star. what the heck happened. she had great chemistry with
8:41 am
that guy. she was the evil batting fbi agent and she died nobelly saving the world from demonic forces. what is that actress doing now? she's so talented. i wonder what she's up to. is that the doorbell? someone is at the do. all this month on good day we're doing a surprise guest. who do you think the surprise guest could possibly be? it can't bey. >> look, it's her. hi philadelphia. we're so honored that you could come and join us for our special good day 20th anniversary. i had nothing to do because i'm out of a job. you're the actress that plays abby. what are you up to? >> feeling a little l stiff. happening out. en johnson & johnson myself now.
8:42 am
you're a reel cut up. you're really funny. thank you so much, i hear that all the time. we heard that you had some contract negotiations. you wanted out. we're going to see you on bigger and better, that's for sure. >> absolutely. now back on out of here. > thank you so much. on the monday to friday good day they get to do it all. >> you can't make that up. we're in the middle of the spring wedding season they tell me and now experts say that couples are spending more than ever. it is so much money but there's a reason why the cost is so high. couples are looking to others to help them pay. this is an interesting trend. we will explain.
8:43 am
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swing by walgreens for flonase that helps block six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. > i was not given the gift of not being able to sink for a reason. as we take a look at out city looking pretty good, a little cold but we're not going to complain, it's a good day. we do need your help with something this morning. this is a story that was out earlier this week, we first told you about this one on thursday.
8:46 am
buns is a very special doing to the boy we just showed you. he is helping the 15 year old boy who has you autism. they do everything together. deshawn was non verbal for years but when he got this doing his whole world changed. buns slipped out the door and has not been seen. they are desperate. they are offered the $300 reward. some of you saw this and said i want to do something. don fry said he would double the reward to $600. if you see this doing, know where he is, we did put the information on our website, fox please take a look around if you're around pennsauken, camden. let's get buns home soon. > wedding bells, the cash register, couples are spending a record amount of money on their big day .
8:47 am
and only 12 percent of couples paid for their own wednesdayings. there's that, $32,000, but it's $32,000 on somebody else's bill. the parents like mommy and daddy. you know. do what you got to do. that's a lot ofç money. > we got a lot of cloud cover out in the pocono mountains and we do have the system that is moving over our heads. really intensified. there's a little bit of snow,
8:48 am
you can barely make it out in the pocono mountains. it is starting to reach the ground and it will intensify. the time to much what is between 11 and 2. if it's heavy enough despite the sun, it could still accumulate on the roadways. the band now starting to swing north. going to p stop right over philadelphia from east to west and it will stay there for a while. it's moving up and working its way up through south jersey. heaviest around noon. the band of heavy snow and rain continues to push north and then just stops. as it comes down a little heavier we could see the rain mixing with show. still heavy snow coming up along i95 and to the northern and western suburbs where it all started as snow. between 11 and 2:00 p.m., rain changes to snow. after 2:00 as it lightance up a little bit we could start to see
8:49 am
the roads improve a little bit because the sun is working its way through the clouds and could melt the snow on the roadways. watch the roads between 11 and 2. if you have to do anything, you might want to plan around the times. the snow mixes with a little bit of rain and ends by about 7 or 8:00. it's ending before sunset so the roadway is just wet. watch for a freeze and icy spots tomorrow morning because the temperature will get a lot colder overnight and will be down or blow freezing tomorrow. more to the north and western suburbs. i think where that band sets up you could one or two areas, maybe chester and parts of lancaster county getting three to five inches on grassy surfaces. the roadway should be a slushy mess here by this afternoon. a freeze warning at or blow 32-degrees. tomorrow morning the warning be in effect for lancaster, but the growing season not underway. we have issued if the growing season is currently underway. 30s and 40ss, the temperatures
8:50 am
are above freezing. it could help the roads just a little bit. blow freezing overnight tonight. 40s to the south, a little warmer there. getting some warmer air coming up from the south. opening day on monday. there's some light rain in the forecast, just some light rain, not heavy rain or snow. temperature up to 57 in the afternoon. a little warmer on tuesday and wednesday, upper 50s, lowe's about 50 wednesday morning. nice end to the weekend, just a little cool in the morning, but by the afternoon pretty comfortable, 60s with sunshine. > it was 70 on christmas, we could take 60s in april. > moving to sports, the flyers doing what they can to make the playoffs. they're not making things easy after dropping their last three. flyers are fighting to earn the last wild card position. people are hopeful and sending in their pictures in all their flyers gear. all flyered up. the good newses is this.
8:51 am
they control their own destiny. two games left. if the flyers win both, they're in. the campaign starts next week. that's the most important fact out of all of this right now. there's a number of scenarios that could eliminate the flyers. if they win these last two games they have a lot to play for. they do want to play the spoiler row. that would put the flyers at 96 points. boston who trail the flyers would not be able to get to the 96 points. they're not really playing well enough to make any sort of impact. >> most sports i would agree with you, but hockey is different. on a shootout in the last game of the season. they lost, but hockey is a whole different ball game.
8:52 am
definitely a different scenario. i got to get your opinion on what happened this week. the sixers, they had the game last night, alan i ever son, a lot to talk about that. love ai. that was already going to happen. here's what i know. sam hinge i was the right man for the job to tear it down. three years of tanking, just this season alone, ten wins. it's professional sports. you have to fill the 146 court side seats. after a three year of the tank you got to give your season ticket holders a little something new. tank i was the right man for the job. when he took over the sixers didn't have a first round pick in the upcoming draft. they could get four in this upcoming draft, plus 50 million of cap space. would a player want to come here, i don't know. but he did set them up for
8:53 am
succeed in the future. fyi i could have destroyed the team. opening day, phillies in their opening season didn't even get a win. >> that noise definitely describes the phillies right now an absolutely tough start. they had some good starting pitching, but the bull pen came back to bite them in the back side. i think that might be the theme for the 2016 campaign. not a lot to get excited. remember, vague as had these guys at 66 wins. before we get out of here, if i could, let's talk about a first place team, the philadelphia union. that's right, the union won last night up there in chester. first place, jim curtain got the boys playing hard. union and nova, that's all we need. thanks so much, we really appreciate it. we'll be right back. running out of time. we'll see you in a minute.
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take a look at some before pictures of a backyard, small space and now we have an amazing train formation. we've got christine and barrett who work together. for this project they worked on the pack yard. what's the name of the group. what are your favorite things that you did. i would say some of our favorites is obviously the fence. painting the fence black made
8:57 am
this so it didn't feel rustic. it felt modern, fresh, new, more like a contact pan a. we love the fire pit. we love the hammock and then we also have this awesome diy raised garden over this that we're using for plants and herself that we felt was a great touch, especially if you have dogs or little kids. they can't get in there and play. we love the whole feel and we love the pop of green against the black and white against the gray. this is absolutely amazing. i love this wonderful modern urban space that you've created. this is a fabulous around the house. thank you. for more information you can ask questions and use fox 29 good day. it's a wrap. it's a quick shout out happy birth did i to you, bob. have a great day on fox 29 and we will see you tomorrow
8:58 am
morning. look out for the snow. and let's go flyers. see you tomorrow morning. like you've never experienced it before leeeeeeet's dance! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14th through 17th tickets on sale now!
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alex: coming next, helping injured and sick turtles. plus, a large horse falls into a well. can rescuers save the equine? this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]


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