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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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. happening right now a pair of nearby 7-eleven stores both knocked off by a trio of robbers. good evening everybody i'm joyce evans. the robberies happened within minutes of each other. one employee was taken to the hospital. after being pistol whipped. fox 29 brad sattin live in holmesburg with more on this. what happened out there, brad? >> reporter: tell you what, joyce, they need to get this trio off the streets. we're at the second location of the two. this one happening around 1:45 in the morning here at the corner of bridge and thompson. the location of the second robbery. had a chance to take to employees who were shaken up. there have been other robberies at 7-elevens in recent weeks. let's take tilt to the scene of
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the first one, frankford avenue around 1:25 this morning in the holmesburg section couple miles from this one. three men walking in a store, jumping over a counter pointed a gun at the clerk. struck him in the face, head, several times. he ended up on the ground. they they know forced him back up. opened a couple registers and made off with $150 in cash and cigarettes. the second location. that's where we are, few miles away. same kind of description, three men black ski maskss and handguns one of them jumping over counter, getting about $300 al with boxes of cigarettes and the clerk's wallet. as they were leaving, there was a witness who caught a description of a car possibly a red or maroon car, a honda they think, the suspect not a lot to go on. black males, three of them. in their early 20, maybe late teens. as far as the victims go, the two victims at the locations, they are out of the hospital, they're doing ok right now. we tried to put in a request to talk to them.
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at this point, we haven't heard back. the stores have a lot of surveillance cameras at one location, we saw at least two dozen cameras inside the store, we do know that police are kind of scouring through the video to see if they can id the guys. we can tell you a few minutes ago. somebody drove by tell us there have been a lot of burglaries, thefts from cars. clearly a problem, whether these, this trio, these three men are tide to more than these two, we're not sure. police, obviously, interested in getting them off the streets. >> let's hope they catch them soon. today looking more like spring outside. as we take a live look into center city. looks can be deceiving. temperatures struggle to get into the mid 40's. still coat weather out there. but there is good news. meteorologist kathy orr is here to tell us about a warmup. please. >> absolutely. joyce. first, we have to relive the chill this morning, remember the freeze? you can see morning low
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temperatures in the 30's in the city, 20's north and west. poconos only 19. this afternoon we to warm it up 49 in philadelphia. 50 to the south, 41 in the poconos. right now in wrightstown it is 49. we are watching rain that is moving in to the north associated with a warm front. we'll see additional showers to remember and you can see even snow showers well to the north. good news is we stay on the warm side that extend all the way through the midwest as we time out the rain for the morning rush there will be sprinkles come morning hours as we start monday and into the afternoon. but the main threat of rain is going to come tuesday. phil's home opener spotty showers, otherwise mild. gusty winds do return, more spring-like temperatures in the seven-day forecast. i'll be back with that a little bit later on in the broadcast. >> thank you, kathy. in gloucester county, these two people are accused of mugging an elderly man inside his own apartment.
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the couple were standing in his glassboro apartment when he came out of the bathroom. it happened friday. he says they snatched money right from his pants' pockets. police are looking for michael graves. they say graves used to be a neighbor of the victim. police in new jersey are trying to find a missing pregnant woman. they need your body help. darlene heard was reported missing monday in vineland. but police say she hasn't been seen in three months, she's four to five months pregnant. wearing a red wig and has a number of tattoos on her chest and hand. also has several piercing in her face. if you have any information at all, police want to hear from you. the man suspected of gunning down a former pro is it possible player is facing charges of murder tonight in a possible case of road rage. police in new orleans last night car dell haze rear-ended will
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smith a former star player on the saint's super bowl team after hurricane katrina devastated in accordance, haze and smith got into an argument in the street and haze pulled the gun and unloaded on smith, hitting him and his wife. smith died on the scene. his wife shot twice in the leg. she was treated at the hospital. >> when we ride, we located mr. smith partially inside of his vehicle. suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his body. he was later pronounced dead on the scene. >> saints coach sean peyton taking to twitter saying heavy hearts with a senseless passing of our team captain will smith pray for his wife's recovery and their children. to a developing story, the sixers have a new boss. after sam hinkie stepped down as general manager and president of the basketball operations. the sixers quickly found knew
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leadership to take over. shawn bell has more on the new sheriff in town. shawn. >> a new boss is here and that means no more tanking. the organization will still tell you that the plan was working but obviously that's a lie. it wasn't. sam hinkie is gone because the process just doesn't work and coangelo are pushing him out. brian coangelo is the new president of basketball operations and today talked about how quickly he can turn things around in the right direction. >> i really want to make sure that everyone understands that this is a transition from this measure rebuilding process to sustainable winning. that's what's important to establish here. we will be pragmatic. we will be utilizing these tools and resources. you can only have so many developing players on your roster at a time. there may be some decisions to defer some of those till future years. there may be a decision to package some of those things to
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acquire player that is make sense and fit our strategy. >> he still doesn't have the talent but he does have resources, draft picks and a lot of money. later in sports, brian coangelo will talk about the rebilly process and what he can do to make this team competitive right away. joyce. >> see you then. a amazing video out of bucks county tonight's this crash happened in bensalem just before 6:00 this morning. a car ended up going through the garage of this house on the 2200 block of monroe avenue. incredibly, police tell us, that nobody inside that house was hurt. it's not clear at this time how the driver lost control. this crash happened early this morning in burlington county, new jersey. driver was ejected when the car flipped over on bar bridge road in shamong around 3:00. the helicopter you they don't
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threw the driver to the hospital. prosecutors against dennis are hoping newlily released details accusing him of sex abuse will land the former congressman in prison. has sard is being sentenced this month after pleading guilty to a violation of breaking bank laws. now, trying to hide that he paid millions of dollars in hush money to one of his victims. that was in december. prosecutors say new information shows he actually had sexual encounters with four minors when he was a high school wrestling coach. prosecutors are recommending six months in prison. iran's foreign minister taking a hard line on the missile program. he said not up for negotiation with the united states. fox's connor powell has more fr from. >> reporter: enforcing it is proving to be more difficult for
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the obama administration in it's european chinese and russian al logicals. last month at any ran conducted several tests reading israel must be wiped off earth. both the u n security counsel criticized the test saying they were violations of the accident comprehensive nuclear agreement. thursday, john kerry said the international coalition was open to a new arrangement with iran to find a peel solution to the disagreement over the test. the foreign minister said sunday the program is not up for negotiation. adding that if the u.s. was serious about the middle east washington should stop supplying weapons to it's allies, stae arabia and israel. >> the us government is serious about defense issues, it should decrease sell arms to the region that slaughterers innocent people every day.
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>> despite iran's recent missile test, there's no sign that the obama administration or international partners are willing to walk away from the nuclear agreement but there is pressure to respond. right now, it isn't clear how the white house will connor powell fox news. crews are on the scene of a house fire. blaze started in the basement of this conshohocken home on lincoln avenue. then spread throughout the house. the four people put inside made it out without even being hurt. cause of the fire is under investigation. but fire officials think right now that a clothes drier may have been a factor. the old saying what goes up must come down. but it isn't always the case an elementary school mascot goes into space and never comes back. only trace left behind. the phone rings inside this burger king. the voice on the other end says there's an emergency. what he told employees inside
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that had them smashing out the windows. when you think of how movies got started you probably think of hollywood; right? you would be wrong. how this new jersey is celebrating it's deep roots in panama.
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. the washington state psychiatric hospital from which two patients had escaped now confirms a third patient is missing. hospital says the missing man did that come back from a group outing. it's another black eye for facility already under federal scrutiny. will carr has more. >> reporter: authorities are saying a third patient escaped from a washington state psychiatric hospital the same day that two other dangerous patients broke out of that facility. there are a lot of questions around that hospital. associated press reporting there's a workplace inspection released this week of the western state hospital that showed a series of missteps including unlocked rooms and unattended items that could have been used as weapons. after we saw annie and mark alexander adams escape wednesday. they got through a loose window. garber has a history.
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he was caught friday. nobody was hurt during escape. he was being held in the mental hospital in low security unit after charged in '13 for tying a 20-year-old woman to a bed with electrical cords stabbing her 24 times and slashing her throat. he was found too mentally ill to stand trial. the spokane sheriff had had choice words. >> it's my hope this time the department of corrections in the state of washington find way to make sure that this dangerous criminal does not escape again. >> reporter: adam was caught thursday without incident. he and garber shared a room. third escapee is not a tar to the public. los angeles, will carr fox news. a group of cyclists pick up support from mayor keptny. he spoke at the group rally this
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afternoon. the cyclists known as team 26 are riding through the northeast and they want raise awareness about gun violence, they also hope to gain support from other mayors on gun control legislation before they arrive in washington. 26 people were killed in december, 2012 when a gunman opened fire at a connecticut elementary school in manayunk people spent their sunday chowing down at the food festival. just wrapped up on main street featuring 75 food vendors. it's the kickoff of the neighborhood restaurant week starting tomorrow. you can get great deals at participating restaurants. through april. temperatures below freezing that didn't stop thousands of runners from hitting the streets in philadelphia's love run half marathon, jennifer joyce caught up with a few of the athletes who were running for a reason. >> reporter: stretching, jogging, warming up for the
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third annual philly love half marathon. >> the last one i completed two hours. i'm hoping to do newer two. >> reporter: amber had a golden mind as she and a pack of 10,000 approached the starting line and took off. for 13.1 mile along the schuylkill. a scenic and uplifting root. >> when you go through the city and you go through like the museum steps and everything else, if you can just run and run with run with gratitude. >> jason of colorado made the trip to philly to show some love to their fiance brook and wife ryan who was running for a reason. >> this is number five right now. she has a year foville to go. >> reporter: while raising money for the nonprofit big dogs big paul a rescue back home in colorado. >> my wife and mother-in-law are passionate about dogs.
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they want to try to raise money for it. >> reporter: she was on the sidelines going strong as runners cleared the final curve before the finish. the first runner crossed the finish line at one hour ten minutes 13 second. we caught up with the first female. she said the race was more challenging than expected. >> it was really tough. hills up there, i had no idea how big they were. >> colon of jenkintown was the unanticipated freezing cold weather in april. >> the sun makes it a little warmer. but 32 to start is a little chilly. >> reporter: it's for a good cause, the philly love run donates some money back to the local community. a portion of the proceeds benefitted the philadelphia school district. each year, money is shared with the fairmount park's couldn't servant si. fox 29 news. tomorrow opening day for the
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phillies at citizens bank park and skilled parachuters want to make sure their jump are perfect for the big day. the leapfrogs that made these parachute team spent the afternoon practicing. crews were setting up for other events taking place for opening day. the phillies played the padres. guns drugs and other illegal items are seized when a home is raided in california. what authorities found inside a shed in the backyard has neighbors stunned. if jumping out of a perfectly good airplane isn't guts si enough, these guys often jumping into some of the most dangerous places on earth. the world a president has to grapple with.
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sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job.
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and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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. more than 100 people are dead following a massive fire at a hindutemple. thousands were packed inside the temple when the fire broke out. police say a spark from one
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firework set off a separate badge of fireworks being stored. fire spread quickly trapping people inside. in central florida, one person is dead after a small plane crashed. moments after a take-off. the fire department there found the plane in pieces. the firefighters arrived yesterday morning, officials say everything seemed fine when the two people got on board and took off. then, the pilot made a turn. the man on the plane was killed and a woman went to the hospital. she had minor injuries. >> it's been windy this whole time we've been out here at the initial onset of this scene. but nothing we've seen other planes taking off and land without trouble. don't know if that was a fargo or not. the n t sb is trying to figure out what went wrong. police in minnesota are trying
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to find pranksters who called in a fake gas leak. here's what happened. police say somebody call the restaurant and pretended to be a fire official. tell employees the place was filling up with gas and then that caller convinced the workers to break the windows to release the pressure so they wouldn't be an explosion. the prank cost the businesses thousands of dollars in damages. cruise in southern california tried in vein five hours to remove a drone tangled on a power line. dangling over busy railroad tracks but the drone refused to come down. it was wedged on the wire between one of the blades and the arm. so far, the drone has not impacted service on the track. the owner of the drone has not
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come forward. how you can get behind the wheel of a luxury car. get this, and help paying the monthly bill. a new program says some drivers can take it right to the bank. and janet jackson's tour is off while she starts a family and now fans have more bad news. what they just found out kathy? >> getting ready for the work week but not one but to ways of low pressure looks like it's going to be a wet start. we'll time it out and have the latest as we feel warmup in the seven-day when we come back. vo: president obama endorses
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. . two separate winds for texas senator ted cruz's vermont
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bernie sanders, she thing up a big show-down in new york this week. cruz picked up 34 hor delegates in colorado for his fourth win in a row. meanwhile, sanders weapon in wyoming. both sanders and hillary clinton have been spending a lot of time in new york. sanders is from brooklyn and for eight years, clinton represented new york in the u.s. senate. . president obama sitting down with chris wallace for an exclusive wide ranging interview on fox news sunday. the commander in chee discussing everything from his response to the recent terror attacks in europe to the legacy he'll leave behind christian fisher in washington. >> reporter: probably the personal guarantee that he would not exert any political influence over the justice department as it continues to investigate hillary clinton's e-mails. >> i guarantee there's no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi,
6:30 pm
not just in this case but in any case. >> reporter: in this case, president obama again said he does not believe his former secretary of state jeopardized national security with the use of a private e-mail server but he did say it shows a certain degree of care lessness. the other big take away was another personal guarantee from the president that he will stand by garland as his nominee for the supreme court even if a democratic wins. >> are you saying you will stick with garland through the end your term. >> yes. >> reporter: one final take away is the way president obama defended himself against criticism that he possibly acts too cavalier after a terror attack. the most recent example is what he did after the bombings in brussels went to a prescheduled baseball game in cuba. today the president defended his actions and said he'll keep going to things like baseball games after terror attacks because he believes it sent a clear message to terrorists. >> you have nothing to offer. that's the message of resilience that we don't panic, fear, we will hunt you down and get you.
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>> reporter: it took chris wallace and fox news sunday eight years to get this interview. to that, president obama said better late than never, in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. what a difference a day makes as we take a live look into sunny allentown. at this time yesterday we were deal with clouds, rain and snow. yes, we were. on to your fox 29 weather authority for this sunday. lots of sunshine, kathy. >> yes, isn't it nice we have an hour before sunset? >> it is great, yes. >> here in the studio, we can see folks out and about on this beautiful sunday much improved from yesterday outside right now. temperatures are in the 50's. not so bad as you head out to dinner tonight. i know. it should be 60's but we'll take what we can get. winds out of the west south west right now at 13 miles an hour, temperatures will stay mild at least for the next couple hours. we have a southerly wind cooking in the poconos. 48 in trenton be 45 degrees in
6:32 pm
wildwood. yesterday at the shore, we saw snow. today, a little bit quieterer. 30's to the north, we will say with the southerly wind and that's a good wind for us. milder wind and that means rain shower comes tomorrow morning, high pressure moves off the coast and warm front comes through with a strong southerly wind during the day and spotty showers. main event will come on tuesday as this cold front swings through more abundant showers associated with it and behind it we'll see touch of cooler air but a warming trend will get underway by the second half of the week. that's good news. as we look at the phone call futurecast. we to take it out. temperatures will be cool down owe night tonight. by tomorrow morning, that southerly wind kicks in spotty showers to the north and west. by the afternoon, basically dry, southerly wind kicking temperatures into the lower 60's, which is a huge improvement over the past couple days. heavier rain moving in for tuesday morning's rush. a mile start at the day.
6:33 pm
temperatures in the 50's. and behind it temperatures falling in the afternoon with more of a northerly wind. monday and tuesday, the best shot for rain. after that, it will be quieting down. as far as the wind is concerned, come tomorrow morning, southerly wind strong, 30 in philadelphia, 36 in the poconos, 34 in millville. we get the warm and but we get the wind that will be returning. during the day, it stays pretty consistent with gusty winds for your monday. but we get the milder temperatures of overnight in the city, 39 in the suburbs 35. cooler overnight. during the day tomorrow with a southerly wind temperatures warming up to 62 with a mostly cloudy sky and occasional showers in the first half of the day. the exclusive fox 29 seven-day forecast. we have the phils home opener, a chance of rain early and the afternoon mostly cloudy 62. tuesday more of the rainy day. especially in the morning into the early afternoon. front moves through. we see a slightly cooler day
6:34 pm
wednesday, not so bad but chilly start thursday. 39, afternoon high -- 60. friday, 61. saturday 63. sunday, 68. i almost put 70 but it's a little bit too far out to get everyone that excited, but sunday potentially if things go our way we could make it to 70. everyone has been tweeting me, kathy we saw the snow yesterday. when are we going to see the warmth? i say by next weekend we could be pretty solid. >> you have time to change it to 70. >> going to give employee a if you showers. >> yes, few hours at least. thank you so much kathy. guns, drugs and other illegal items when a home is raided in california. what authorities found inside a shed in the backyard has neighbors stunned. the old saying goes what goes up must come down. that is that always the case. an elementary school mascot goes
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up into space and he never comes back. the only trace that's left behind. screech
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close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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. appears janet jackson fans have yet another reason to be disappointed. now there's word you can't get your money back if you already bought a ticket. several venues say it's because as far as they know, the tour has not been called off. and if it's not called off or cancelled, they can't offer refunds. country music legend had aing guard was laid to rest. h aggard passed away from double pneumonia at his california ranch on his 79th birthday. he had apparently planned his service in advance. >> a raid on a suspected drug house near san diego california.
6:39 pm
authorities found weapons, meth and evidence of drug sales. perhaps most shocking, police found a 9-year-old girl living in the backyard shed. she had no running water. no bathroom. neighbors say it was a no secret the property was a haven for drugs. >> it actually pretty disgusting, just the traffic and the trash. >> i hope the child is all right. that environment is not a good place for a child. >> six men and two women were arrested. no word on it status of that young girl. elementary school students in great britain had to text their mascot to a helium balloon with tracking equipment and a go pro. they did it as a science experiment. while the plush pup got a spectacular view of earth everybody was waiting for his
6:40 pm
grand return. that never happened. the school and the town set up a a facebook account to try to track down sam. sam got about 15 miles above earth before the balloon popped. his equipment was recovered but there was no sam. when you think of how the movies got the start you probably think of hollywood; right? you would be wrong, how new jersey is celebrating it's deep roots in cinema.
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6:43 pm
many may not know but it was new jersey not hollywood where american cinema was actually born. william fox founded the fox film corpse, the precursor to 20th century fox studios in fort lee new jersey. fox and other big names in the arts, sports, political and business world were inducted into the new jersey hall of fame. box's laura ingle is in asbury park with more. >> this is jersey, baby. >> reporter: a night of celebration for all who were inducted into the new jersey hall of fame class of 2015. >> we've expanded new jersey to the world.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: the hall of fame honors those who fail from the garden state for their contributions to society and yes, the world. one example is that of william fox, our company's founder, who started the fox film corporation in fort lee new jersey back in 1915, which was the precursor of the 20th century fox studios. >> both my sister and i have been very much a part of trying to keep the knowledge of who william fox really was the forgotten mogul and for new jersey to have done this when the first studio was originally here is a tremendous honor. >> reporter: super star and three time olympic gold metalist says being honored by the state she grew up in is a huge deal. >> to be honored by your home state is amazing and you grew up here, this is where it started. >> reporter: the mix of new jersey talent included morgan stanley advice chairman carla harris. >> it is indeed a blessing to be
6:45 pm
recognized in this way. >> reporter: and frank allow the endberg whose wife picked up the award as well as 70's pop legends, cool and the gang. >> reporter: what does this mean tu personally. >> means we must have ton something right. it's truly an honor tobin tobin deducted in anything. >> reporter: espn basketball analyst. >> sensational. >> reporter: the class of 2015 joins the growing list of honor res including albert einstein merrill industry's and of course, bruce springsteen >> the new high end bmw but the establishing price seems out of reach? the reply now program operates similarly to other car sharing
6:46 pm
services. users can choose their car all of them offered up by the car owners who may not be using the vehicle for a period of time like when they're on vacation. but they want to make a little extra money off of it. the price tag, however, is $25 an hour. >>. the us army's golden nights are known for dropping out of the sky for dangerous heights. recently, they invited fox to take a leap of faith for himself. nig night. >> reporter: this ground pounding soldier, first basic training. i got mine with instructor jonathan lopez at the go ahead training facility in florida. >> i have to say it's my first time. >> for today. >> first time today. >> reporter: how many times have
6:47 pm
you done it totally. >> over 3,000. turns out we're not jumping alone today. we got general snow and captain red. what's better than jumping with a general? you know you're getting the a treatment. >> jeffrey snow is the commanding general of the us army recruiting command. >> it is truly about helping connect the united states army with the american people. >> parachute team showcases their talents at competitions and is it possible games and air shows. occasionally making a jump with a well-known passenger. there are 89 men and women who make up the go ahead end knights team '93 percent have combat experience. >> you're not just a professional jumper, you're a sold soccer, staff sergeant. >> reporter: how many year. >> ten in the military. >>reporter: how many tours in
6:48 pm
iraq. >> reporter: 2007 i was in baghdad and 2008. >> reporter: there's no one else rather be in their hand than an infantry staff sergeant to have an infantry men with me. >> reporter: how high will we be. >> 13, 500 feet. 120 miles an hour. >> the real question is how are you feeling. >> not as confident as the good general, i'll tell you that. >> reporter: we are seconds away from jumping out of this airplane. all i can say is two things. holy, and where are the army guys? ♪ ♪ ♪.
6:49 pm
>> reporter: they do an incredible job. what an amazing experience on a beautiful day. can't beat it. a job well done as both the general and i went safe and sound. awesome. >> reporter: what did you think. >> i thought it was absolutely incredible. looked back at you right before i jumped, this man cool as a cue can you tell me bumper. i believe he started crying and you were screaming the whole time with the sheer look of terror in your face. >> reporter: i deny all of that. >> for my second dive, there will be none of that, and this time i picked set up a few tricks. best way to look like a professional. smile. ♪ ♪ . >> well, it look like quite a rush. not me. >> not doing it.
6:50 pm
not doing it, no. why give that to someone else? absolutely not. we're in agreement. no. no to sam hinkie. that's what the sixers said. he's going the new region is in. no more lies, the sixers new gm talks about the direction the sixers are going. flyers clinched the team at the eastern conference, they have one game left. it doesn't really matter's we'll take a listen to what the guys have to say about two games to the playoffs.
6:51 pm
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by refinancing your student loans. we call it utopia out here. it's so peaceful! so peaceful! have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0233 or visit relief. that's what sixers fans have right now. sam hinkie is out of here and the days of taking are finally over. they finally forced that guy to go. the plan wasn't working even
6:53 pm
though they still won't at a time it. now they've put in a guy that can actually get it done. brian coangelo is now the president of basketball operations. at a he stuffed the new direction of the sixers. >> we're really changing our focus toward winning. that is something that is part of a shift in culture. it's a mindset. i believe brett is excited about shifting that even internally in the locker room. not that he ever had any intention but to win basketball games but there's going to be a much greater likelihood we start doing basketball games based on the decisions that are made going forward. >> obviously he can't do anything about this season, not this team. they just want to get things over with. look how easy that was. dunk by mason. they're leading in the fourth quarter. 76 to your 70. but at least we got one pro team turning things around, dave
6:54 pm
hextall, first season as headcoach in the nfl has done a great job. new coach, new system. something the sixers have failed at time and time again. the flyers were in the eastern finals behind the back of two goals by wayne simmonds. game tonight against the islander, doesn't matter. now the guys are focused on the next step. >> we believe in what we were doing and how we're going to do it. it's kind of a relief to know we're going to play in the playoffs. it's going to be a tough match-up but i believe he said going to be fun. >> we've been pushing hard, put a lot into it. this is one of the rewards for the guys. step one accomplished. but that's it. step one. >> the phillies in a rebuilding process of their own just like everyone else yesterday they finally got their first win of the season behind the old guy, ryan howard. hit a homer at a, some of the
6:55 pm
young guys, finally stepped up. top six phils up. he's having a rough season, that's herrara, hitting a bomb in the right field, that's a two-run shot. but the mets get pay-back at the bottom. for the two-run shot of his own. mets get within one. we go to the bottom of the nine and. bull pen has been awful this season. gomez was able to lock it down. the bull pen, actually to their job. they went three innings, 1/3rd with just one hit. phils win 5-2. tomorrow openers against the padres. the warriors are marching to history. they got plenty they won't want them to break the '72. they won't stop the w, last night they kept the hope alive with a dicey win against the.
6:56 pm
shaking guys getting to the baskets. he misses. right there for the and they thought it was inside the cylinder. that gave them 100-99. he gets it back one more time. throws up a terrible shot. warriors still have a chance to get that record. they're 71 and nine they play tonight. have another game against memphis they're going to at the least tie them. so old haters stop hating. let the young guys rock. let them play. >> why do you got to hate on the old haters. >> they're just mad. in our day? in way. we'd stop in heart. stop it. >> just saying, not hating on the young guys.
6:57 pm
>> we want warm weather to rub off on us. >> let's see how i can get for you without having to go south, increasing clouds, lows in the 30's, that southerly wind kicks in, tomorrow will be decent. the occasional showers that i'm seeing are mainly in the morning. this is good for the phils, high temperatures tomorrow 62 here is the home opener forecast. tomorrow afternoon, 3:05 cloudy but windy. the southerly wind helps to push the ball out, so home runs. >> thank you, kathy. sure to join us tonight on fox 29 news. chaos at a wal-mart. what a man noticed after the commotion that sent him to the e r. a burger hits a burger joint. what he did after he whipped up a sandwich and grabbed a bottle of water. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. the lottery live drawing followed by bordertown next. flu
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