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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 11, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this morning a death investigation in west conshohocken. the questions that are unanswered, and we're on the investigation. we are looking live at the scene there. plus search is on for a driver who slam in the home narrowly missing a woman sleeping inside. what the home owner says the driver did right after that wreck. and today's the day baseball returns to philadelphia. how crews are preparing citizens bank park for opening day. good day everybody it is, monday, april 11th, 2016, chris murphy has the day off. so sue serio everybody is talking about opening day. >> yikes. >> of course we want to know what the wet are will be like. >> we don't want you to be too alarmed by this ultimate doppler radar with a whole lot of rain on it, possibly by 3:05 game time a lot of this
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will be out of here as we look at the future cast next time, we will show you that, but as you can see there are light showers, throughout the region, sorry, if you go up towards allentown, and pocono mountains you might encounter some frozen precipitation and possible slippery roadways there. let's check the temperature, it is 45 degrees in philadelphia a but feels like 39 out there. it is another cold start not as frigid as yesterday was in the morning. sunrise at 6:29. other temperatures it is only 35 in mount pocono. that is why we're seeing some freezing. forty-three allentown. forty-five in philadelphia. forty-six in at atlantic city. 44 degrees in dover, delaware. we have 13-mile an hour wind coming from the south and that is the good thing which means we will warm up from where we were yesterday when at least it was sunny but did still feel kind of wintry after the snow, on saturday. so showers are around this morning. maybe lingering through lunchtime but at some point we will get even with mostly
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cloudy skies a few peaks of sunshine. i will punch o with me with phillies tickets but it is looking like increase leg by game time we will see a break in the action. sunset time 7:36. remember, when we said back in maybe january, gee, when is phillies opening day? april 11th? it seems so far away. well, it is here, even though it seemed like winter bob kelly, over the weekend. >> yes. >> spring has started for sure. >> remember when sunset used to be at 4:25. >> i know. >> before dinner time. we go to bed a at 5:00 o'clock. that was good back then. happy monday. 4:02. we are ready for baseball. everybody has red on and we are set to jet southbound i-95. no problems at all coming out of northeast philadelphia a heading in the stadium, heading in the center city a area. east on 422 looking good from oaks into 202. and head up for septa, the new regional will rail schedules
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went into effect over the weekend, so make sure you have a new timetable and you are ready to go. no problems on the lansdale doylestown line. big day for baseball down there in south philadelphia, the official first pitch is the not until 3:05 but they have a whole slew of pregame events, like they a always do, get down there early enjoy festivities, i hear there is a ferris wheel coming in on citizens bank way. so that will be pretty cool. but then later on, the changeover is going to be a hot mess for the rush hour because the philadelphia soul the indoor football league has their first home game at 7:00 o'clock. the as philly fans are exiting, the soul fans will be coming in, and hot mess, south philadelphia a style, down there in the stadium area. with that the kelly drive repaving project continues to see this week. otherwise in delays at the moment at the airport and mass transit we are looking g lauren, back over to you you. >> bob, thanks very much. developing this morning many questions after a young man is found dead inside a
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west conshohocken home. dave kinchen live near the scene on morehead avenue with more this morning, hi there, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you lauren. a lot of questions here on the 200 block of morehead afternoon, in west conshohocken after a body was removed from a home here in west conshohocken. they are not releasing much information right the now but we are told that the incident happened at a home, rent by college students, neighbors do say they there was a party on the street held by college student at some point over the weekend but nothing that neighbors say got out offhand. we are hearing this could be a a young man in his early 20's. we are still trying to check for more information, from police right now and at this point police have not released a whole lot. just a lot of questions here after police are working a death investigation on the 200 block of morehead avenue in west conshohocken. we will continue to work our sources a and bring you latest information as we get it.
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back to you. >> thanks very much. big day is here for baseball fans all around our city, phillies fresh off their weekend wins against the mets. well, they play their home opener this afternoon. steve keeley lives in south philadelphia as crews at citizens bank get it ready for opening pitch. hi there, steve. >> reporter: lauren, i don't know if sue serio realized it but she uttered one of the most famous philadelphia baseball phrases, ever, you were asking her about the rain and she said i think it will be out ta here. did he not say it like harry kalas but for rest of the morning she will. check this out, for those who can't listen right now you can only watch, you have us on mute and i wouldn't blame you you did, every time i pop on, it is opening day, big letters, with the big red letter p here for philadelphia. and, citizens bank park all lit up, all night giving a nice little drizzle, the grass will appreciate that and to the left that is ferris wheel bob kelly mentioned.
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not operating just yet or we would be riding it. so they have a littal muse. block. i remember these block parties before the playoffs and a world series runs. that is what this remind me of. could there be a miracle year? who knows but they had a couple good games on saturday and sunday. by the way, it is not just phillies taking batting practice, here's some more practice, the navy leap frog team yesterday in those high wind, were leaping out of the the plane from overhead and they had cameras on their helmet and i was watching the video and boy you were wondering how they were going to land inside the stadium. you can see eagles stadium, you can see whole city almost and these guys have have pinpoint accuracy and they landed right where the plan is to land to drop off, a ball for opening pitch and here is some of what they told us after they landed on the ground. >> jumping out, plane is going 140. it is chilly but definitely worth coming into philadelphia
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to jump in the stadium. >> it is awesome to see philadelphia, to be above downtown from the sky, it is very majestic, it is awesome. >> reporter: one of the guys joked they keep planning to do it the with the fanatic outfit. the here's jesse hartnett, you will remember the philadelphia officer shot three times in his left arm back in january. well, that armies getting stronger and his right armies strong too, and i am told he is confident when he throws out first pitch today, lauren, he will throw some heat, and throw it for a strike. jesse hartnett from the philadelphia a police department showing the true come back, throwing out the first pitch, opening day how cool is that. >> very cool. we solute him for his service. steve keeley, thanks very much. police in deptford are investigating a an accident that left one car overturned on new jersey's route 55 just north of route 58. this happened just before midnight leaving all lanes closed overnight. we are not sure if anyone was hurt in that accident. right now, all lanes have been
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reopened. bensalem police looking for driver of the car that barreled right through the wall of the house narrowly missing a a woman sleeping inside. the car landed inside of the home early yesterday morning. it crashed, through a garden shed and was airborne before landing inside that home at corner of knights road and monroe avenue. both women and her husband inside were a sleep. no one was seriously hurt, they say, two men in a car told them call 911, and then they took off running. >> we could have have been dead but by the grace of god we're still here. that is a all that counts. >> woman was taken to the hospital for observation. couple was renovating their home to sell it. thirty he lease say missing driver, may have been impaired. a montgomery county family forced to make a quickest scape after a fast moving fire tears right through their home. the investigators say clothing dryer toys blame. flames ignited in the basement of the conshohocken home on lincoln avenue sunday
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afternoon. blaze spread quickly and took 40 fire fighters an hurry to put it out. fire chief tells fox 29 that other items stored in the basement, fueled those flames and made the fire more difficult to fight. >> eventually it seemed like the fire got outside at plains and it caught other combustibles, the basement it was burning. >> we knew when we saw a lot of smoke. >> very relieved that nobody was hurt and none of the other housees were damage. >> reporter: family of four made it out unharmed, house now boarded up and considered a total loss. police now say that a suspect who tried to rob an elderly person in north philadelphia fired a shot at an off-duty police officer before the officer shot and killed them. a spokesmen says off-duty officer saw a man with the handgun robbing a victim at 2:30 saturday afternoon. the officer identified himself and ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. after a short chase the suspect shot his gun at the officer, the officer shot back. the man was pronounced dead at einstein medical center.
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jurors will resume deliberation in the trial of the two philadelphia police officers charged wrongly beating a man who has since died in a separate incident. thirty-one year-old sean mcknight, and kevin robinson are accused of having beaten 23 year-old naji riveria during a may, 2013 traffic stop. the officers say riveria tried to get away after running a stop sign. they mistakenly thought he was running drugs and chased the man. the prosecutors say surveillance video contradicts that allegation that riveria attacked them. riveria died in a separate incident in december after being shot, during a street fight. 4:10 this morning. still ahead new details about the deadly terror attack in brussels. the where the suspects were originally intending to target and why they turned their attention to brussels instead. they're in the really held to any standard of reality it is an alternative universe that they inn habit. >> hillary shifts focus toward
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her g.o.p. opponents ahead of the new york preliminary. we will tell you which candidates are showing strong leads in that state.
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so it is umbrella time this morning. here's what is happening, high pressure from yesterday moving off shore but it will be a while before the actual cold front comes through. we've got the moisture ahead of it today and cold front is coming through, tomorrow, and it actually should be gone by the time tomorrow's phillies game starts because that is an evening game but today we
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officially start at 3:05. we know people will be down there earlier tailgating so you will need the puncho and rain gear. this morning for right now we are looking to the north and seeing a little bit of frozen precipitation in carbon and monroe counties around mount pocono and other parts of the pocono mountains you will see a little bit of wet snow, not fun there. for us, it is rain, only rain thank goodness we are not repeating saturday and precipitation is light down to the south of us, and we do think that this will last on and off throughout the rest of the morning. you will see spotty showers around through six, seven or 8:00 and even through 11:00 o'clock in the morning but by 3:00 o'clock leaves this computer model which says and we hope it is right is there sunshine around mixed with clouds and that is the deal for rest of the the day. actual cold front comes through tomorrow morning. we will have heavy downpours during the morning rush on tuesday, and that is all out of here at least for philadelphia a, by noon time,
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and then whole thing is gone by 4:00. 7:00 p.m. game we will be okay then. cross your fingers that plays out the way we think it will. 45 degrees as we walk out right now, 35 mount pocono. we are well above freezing every where but pocono mountains where we are close to freezing but that is why we only expect rain today. wind chills in the 30's so it is a chilly rain out there this morning, and as we look back before we look a head our average high is 62 degrees and we didn't even make it close over weekend with a high of 43 and snow for many folks on saturday. 50 degrees with sunshine yesterday, and we have cloud, and some rain, today 65. cooler tomorrow but that heavy rain in the morning on tuesday. by wednesday we have 60 degrees and sunshine. that looks like a decent day. as far as the rest of the week is concern, we don't see any of those extremely cold temperatures at least, with more seasonal 60's through thursday and friday and warming up a little bit over
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the weekend. so that is our preliminary look at your seven day forecast, we will fine tune it, bob kelly, coming up. >> yeah, good morning. hopefully get that rain out of there early on and we will be ready for some baseball later today. the here's live look at i-95 northeast philadelphia a you can see the glare in the road surface. everything is wet and damp rolling out of the driveway here this morning. be careful in the construction zones working your way in toward downtown, if you are going into the phillies, for the phillies game or soul game later tonight. give yourself extra time. we will see unusual traffic patterns today. here's a live look the at i-95 right the here near philly international. light volume so far this morning but light drizzle that is rolling through could leave us with possible delays this morning at philly international. just check with the airline before you head on down there. construction crews are still out 95 right here near 896 in delaware. south jersey looking good. no problems coming in on 42, again, you have that
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construction there at 295, looking good for the shaders out of mapel shade and down through voorhees along route 37, in problems coming from the burbs, 422 or 202. we are off to a nice quiet start this morning. if you use septa they have put in a new timetable for all of the regional rails over the weekend. lansdale doylestown line, lauren knows where doylestown is, right, from over the weekend. no problems on that line there. we have two home openers today, yeah, figure that one out phillies at 3:05. as phillies fans are leaving the soul fans will be coming in try to get your parking spot, jammo in south philadelphia with that change over later on tonight. lauren, back over to you. >> all right bob, thanks much. campaigning continues as the five remaining presidential candidates turn their focus to the empire state. donald trump and hillary clinton have double digit lead for they are race for party nominations in new york. molly lion has the latest from the campaign trail.
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>> reporter: tensions are rising as both democrats and republicans prepare for a possible contested convention. hillary clinton is still unable to stop bernie sanders momentum while ted cruz remains on donald trump a's tail. new york billion air on sunday slammed the g.o.p. delegate process. >> the system is corrupt and it is worse on the republican side because i'm's up millions of votes on ted cruz. >> reporter: following his victory in wyoming and seventh win in the row sanders hopes to extend his hot streak in new york. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself is a pretty important one, it is how we raise money, for a campaign. >> reporter: still clinton maintains a clear lead in the overall delegate count and focusing on her g.o.p. opponents. >> when you listen to either donald trump or ted cruz say really shameful offensive things they say, they are all so dangerous but they are not really held to any standard of
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reality. it is an all turn universe that they inn habit. >> reporter: both trump and clinton are showing strong leads in new york and pennsylvania but latest "fox news" poll shows trump and clinton tied in the keystone state hypothetical head to head match up. >> you talk about hillary, i mean the worst. the worst. you saw what bernie said they are starting to get angry at each other. >> being president is american just making speeches. being president is american just whipping up a crowd. >> reporter: on thursday, clinton and sanders will battle will it out in brooklyn at latest democratic presidential debate just five days a head of the new york primary n new york, molly line, "fox news". philadelphia's mayor jim kenney lending his voice to gun control advocates hoping to make a difference a cross the u.s. mayor spoke at a rally yesterday afternoon at city hall held by a group of cyclist affect by the sandy hook tragedy. cyclist known as team 26 are riding to washington, to raise
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awareness about gun violence. a long the way they hope to build support for the gun control. >> in within want to take anybody's long rifle as way so they cannot hunt but children are hunting down children in our city. without the gun, all you have is a fist fight and we can recover from a broken nose or black eye. you cannot recover from the gunshot wound. >> activists have have participated in a ride from connecticut to washington for last three years, in december of 2012, 26 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a connecticut elementary school. new information in the attack in brussels. we have learn that the people responsible initially planned an attack somewhere else. belgium officials say a second assault on france was expected to take place but authorities say that the suspects were surprised by the speed of the investigation and decided to rush up an attack in belgium instead. four men were detained over the weekend in brussels after a series of police raid.
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they face charges in connection to both brussels and paris attacks. president barack obama sat down with fox's chris wallace for an exclusive interview on "fox news" sunday. two discussed everything from his response to terror attacks in europe to the legacy of his time in office. the president defended himself against criticism that he acts indifferent after a terror attack. he was criticized harshly after attending a baseball game in cuba after the a tack in brussels. the president says his actions will not change because it send a clear message to terrorist. 4:21. next up in sports it looks like is there hope in sight for 76ers, what the new general manager plans to do to turn the team around. plus philadelphia has a professional sports team headed to the playoffs, who the flyers will play in the first round and how lights from their last regular season game. but first, your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm sean bell. finally there is some hope for the sixers. sam hinkie and his horrible plan has been gone and in comes brian colangelo. yesterday he talked about his plan to put sixers in the right direction. >> if i really want to make sure that everyone understands that this is a transition from this measured rebuilding
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process to sustainable winning. the that is what is important to establish here. >> sixers did take the bucks to overtime, down by one smith misses the three, tried to get the board but he is reject. ish have would have one last shot but it wouldn't go down, they lose once again, 109-108, and the final round of the masters is all about jordan spieth. he had a commanding lead with seven under par, just dropped. he self destructed. one hole and got triple bogey. masters game giving willet his first masters green jacket. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. you have to check this out. this is shot from yesterday's final round, okay, watch this, louie oosthuizen he hits his t
4:26 am
shot, starts rolling toward the cup, but hits another ball. the fun doesn't end there. his ball keeps rolling and right in the cup for the hole in one. that was his third hole in one in the day and easily, the most exciting. great video there. philadelphia has finally seen a playoff team. flyers picking up a big win saturday curing their spot in the playoffs taking pressure off yesterday's game. flyers got a chance to rest their big stars yesterday, including goalie steve mason and captain claude giroux. despite noting having these guys the flyers managed to beat new york five -two. now they will get a break until thursday when they will play washington capitols in the the first round of the playoffs. first villanova, new flyers. still ahead are you looking to find out if your partner is cheating on tinder. the seed a new web site will charge to you let you search through some dating profiles.
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>> reporter: police in west conshohocken are investigating a suspicious death, we will tell what you we know coming up, lauren. thanks very much. today is the day baseball returns to philadelphia, how
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crews are preparing citizens bank park for opening day. good day everybody it is monday, april 11th, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. sue serio. >> is he going to the game. >> no, he is not going to the game but if anybody is going look at all of the green on the radar. >> listen, you have to be suspicious of anybody off because a lot have people play hooky or just take the day off legitimately for the phillies home opener. now yes, this does look intimidating, but according to our computer model by game time at least, which is 3:05 this afternoon this should be out of here. so let's have at it right new so it won't rain on us for the game. we have light rain around and it is very spotty, we will see a few dry slots here in chester county and new castle county, delaware but we will see looking to the north frozen precipitation pink and white up there around lehigh valley, around pocono mountains and northern new
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jersey. so be careful if you live north of philadelphia we have 45 degrees right now. 13 miles an hour wind out of the south/southwest feels like 39. it is i chilly rain but well above freezing. unlike saturday all we're expecting is rain. your sunrise time is 629. everybody in the 40's except mount pocono where it is closing in on freezing. 35 degrees. wilmington to start your day. wind are out of the south and that means a milder day then yesterday with 13 miles an hour wind, 12 miles an hour in dover. yesterday our official high was 50 degrees thanks to the sunshine. it was colder on saturday as you can imagine, and your fox cast for today, beats that with a a high of 62, the rain, should mostly be in the morning, maybe through lunchtime and then we do expect a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon. the wind will be picking up as well, and more showers, arrive tonight so that is a look at your monday, opening day, bob
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kelly. >> opening day. >> one of the great days to get down to the ballpark. >> a lot of folks will be heading down there early. we will see unusual traffic patterns, not only today on the road, but maybe in the office as you mentioned, as a good day to take the day off and good day for kids to get down there and maybe move out of school earlier, a little personal day from class today. in problems at all on the the blue route but roads are a little dam from that sprinkle that has been rolling through. you you can see the glare here on i-95 in northeast philadelphia a just be careful. road are wet stepping outside and the weather, could lead to us some delays down at philly international for the morning commute, in and out of the airport just check with the airline to play it safe. over in south jersey, here's a look at route 37 right here near cooper road but again slower than normal speeds most likely for morning rush hour because of the weather. new schedule over weekend kick in on all regional rail lines for septa a, so make sure you have grabbed that new timetable and we have two home
4:33 am
openers today, phillies, big within, 3:05. we will see a lot of activity starting all around lunchtime up to the first pitch and then, the phillies crowd are exiting the stadium, or coming in, the crowd for the soul, the indoor football team, has their opener tonight at 7:00e clock across the street. so jammo in south philadelphia. lauren, back over to you. developing this morning, pretty disturbing discovery with the body of the young man is found inside a west conshohocken home. investigators have so many questions to answer. dave kinchen has been live a at the scene on morehead avenue, hi there dave. >> reporter: questions here at 200 block of more head avenue in west conshohocken after a body was removed from a home here west conshohocken police are not releasing much information right now as investigation is ongoing but we are told that the incident happened at a home, rented by college students here, neighbors say that there was a party on this street held by some college students over the
4:34 am
weekend but nothing that they say got out offhanded. of course, we will continue to check, with the investigators on all of this right now. we're hearing this could be a a young man in his, early 20's, but again all we know is body was removed from the home at some point over the weekend, a home rented by college students, police being very tight-lipped about this. we will continue to check in, and see what we can find out as the morning progresses, back to you. >> dave kinchen thanks very much. philadelphia police trying to piece together what led up to a deadly shooting in olney, police were called to north american street yesterday afternoon where a man was found wounded. paramedics took the man to the hospital where doctors found a gun shot wound. doctors later pronounce that had man dead. no word on any arrests just yet. a shooting in oxford circle has a man in extremely critical condition at temple university hospital. this happened in the 2,000 block of castor a avenue around 9:00 o'clock last night. philadelphia police say the 41 year-old victim was shot in the head, no arrests have been
4:35 am
made in that case. police in new jersey trying to find a missing pregnant with man and they need your help. she was missing on monday but vineland police say she has in the been seen in three months. harold was four to five months pregnant. she wears a red wig and has a number of tattoos on her chest and hand. she a has several spearings on her face. if you have any information or if you recognize this this woman you are asked to call police. police are looking for a pair who mugged an elderly man in his own apartment. eighty year-old victim says these two men were standing inside his glassboro apartment when he came out of the bathroom. this happened, on friday, and he says that they snatched money right from his pants pocket. police are looking for michael graves and the woman, right now they say graves, used to be a neighbor of that victim. police are trying to track down a trio of robbers suspect of hitting two, 7-elevens store in the holmesberg section. crimes happened minutes apart
4:36 am
early yesterday morning. in one of the incidents a store clerk was pistol whipped and punched by the group and in both incidents police say men jumped over counter to get to the register. in both cases guys got away in a red or maroon colored honda. more than a hundred people died in the massive nair southern india what officials believed accidentally sparked that fire.
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a lot of you will be out there today at citizens bank park hopefully with your umbrella sue will have more on the game day forecast but the big day is here for baseball fans all around our city. the phillies fresh off their weekend wins against the mets, they will play their home open they are afternoon. steve keeley live at the park with more on the preparations being made, hi there, steve. >> reporter: lauren, guess what day it is. >> what is that. >> opening day. >> yes. >> how about this for visual aid i could use this on every story spelling out the story in big word. hey, i think only thing that will be weather-related in terms of how it will affect the game is strong wind out to left field which could mean a big offensive kind of like big home run day to day. that is power alley to begin with. i think you'll see a few home runs. wind have been playing havoc with all major league baseball games. i saw a game yesterday where a
4:40 am
guy hit a foul ball it looked like it would go 50 aisles in the left field seats, beyond third base and ended up being a a fair ball and guy caught witt a great catch. wind playing havoc on all of the baseball right now. hey, the padres are the team that the phillies are playing and hosting for their home opener but they weren't the only team that flew in from san diego to be here for opening day. check this out the navy leap frogs, also in fresh from san diego and boy they got slapped in the face with 30-degree temperatures as they jumped out of the airplane jumping and practicing how they will deliver the ball for the opening day pitches. >> every year we come here and we talk about wearing the fanatic costume. it has been a few years since we put that on. but we'd love to do it some day. >> reporter: and jesse hartnett the philadelphia police officer shot and
4:41 am
wounded back in january by that man who was doing it in the name of islam, jesse hartnett will show he has not just one but two of the strongest arms in philadelphia. that left arm that the deflect three bullets that he is healing from still and that right arm that he promises to throw, a heat, fast ball, strike, today for the first pitch, on opening day, throwing out the first pitch a great tribute in the just to jesse but to the entire other championship team we have in this town besides villanova and that is the philadelphia a police department. so it will be a great day, and a lot of great pride here for the phillies home opener, lauren. >> steve keeley, did you ever go to opening day. >> reporter: i have been to about seven of them and i have work three of them. i remember it as a kid, i loved it, even when phillies stink, kind of like they do now even though they won last two games, it is just excitement for being in the spring air. that is why i think it sells out. people are sick of winter and
4:42 am
happy to get out and celebrate the start of the baseball season and springtime. >> boys of summer are back. thanks, steve keeley. still ahead a deadly disease, qued droop also in the last three decade what doctors say are putting people at risk and what you can do to prevent it. plus a tragic ending for an nfl star what police said led to the shooting death of the former new orleans saints defensive end, will smith. vo: president obama endorses
4:43 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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here's what we have got going on this morning as we look at a bit of the future cast, we're tracking rain, high pressure in control yesterday and it gave us some sunshine that melted all of the snow whatever you've got that fell yesterday. that will move off shore, we will get this cold front coming through, and the front, doesn't happen until tomorrow, you see it moving through on tuesday, so this is a precursor that will allow warmer a air to come in and that is a warm front. there is the spotty showers throughout the area, there are spotty showers, we've got, spotty, frozen precipitation if you looked to the north of us, mostly up around pocono mountains, temperatures that close to freezing that we might be seeing freezing rain and sleet milk in with the rain. we have on and off showers, with light, just what we call spitting or drizzle will in philadelphia right now and spotty showers in south jersey and delaware. so, enough that you'll need rain gear but nothing extreme and as we look at this future cast and we have seen throughout the rest of the morning on and off showers, continues with that warm front
4:46 am
and then by noon it looks like we will probably be finished for the day. it will be a close call around 3:00 o'clock, as you can see showers north and west of us but also see some clouds clearing with sunshine. cross your fingers that way. a and then at 4:00 he clock tomorrow morning we are anticipating heavy rain during morning rush on tuesday, but once again, that should be out of here for night game for phillies on tuesday, and it is probably won't be a lane out. so, right the new we have 45 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-five in mount pocono. mid 40's just about every where else with wind, coming out of the south, 13 miles an hour in the city, and a few wind gusts to show you, down in south jersey and at the shore. the lets get right to that seven day forecast with 62 degrees today. fifty-eight tomorrow. fifty-nine on wednesday. nice stretch of weather after we get rid of the rain on tuesday, so it looks like wednesday, thursday, friday, look great, and maybe a few clouds on saturday, and then a warm up over the weekend, so that we could get to
4:47 am
70 degrees by sunday, bob kelly. >> yeah, not bad. it looks like just a little rough go here for the beginning of the phillies home stand, their home opener, today but roads are wet this morning. the here's a live look the at fort washington route 309 off of the pennsylvania turnpike. just a light drizzle depending upon where you begin and end your trip maybe wipers on intermittently during the course of your drive this morning as we go for a ride here 95 out of northeast philadelphia, no problems through the construction zone, kelly drive that repaving project continues the not only the kelly drive but also the area around city hall, we saw that on friday, for the villanova parades, so just watch for those exposed manhole covers that will send your front end alignment out of the whack. hello to maple shade route 73 near fellowship road, new schedules in play for all of the regional rail lines so before you say some nasty things about that train
4:48 am
conductor under your breath make sure you have the the right timetable. they have made as justments, couple minutes here and there for some of the trains but down load it by going to our web site. we have a link to september's a web site right there at lauren, back over to you. new orleans man accused of killing former nfl star will smith in the road rage incident is being held on one million-dollar bond. twenty-eight we are old cardinal heyes has been charged with second degree murder. police say he shot smith and his wife several times, in the city's lower garden district around midnight on saturday. according to witnesses the two got in the argument have after cardinal rear evened smith's suv. >> when we arrived, we located mr. smith, partially inside of his vehicle, suffering from multiple gun the shot wounds to his body. he was later pronounced dead on the scene. >> smith's wife was shot in the leg, surviving this attack. the couple has three children. smith played defensive end for the saints for ten years bringing new orleans its first
4:49 am
super bowl win in 2009. more than a hundred people died in the massive fire in a hindu temple in southern india and officials think it was spark by fire works. thousands were actually pack inside that temple when the fire broke out. police say a spark from one fire work set off a separate batch of fire works that were being stored there at the complex. the fire spread quickly tracking people inside. u.s. secretary of state john kerry visited memorial to hiroshima's atomic bombings earlier today in japan. secretary of state now the most senior american official to ever visit the site. 140,000 japanese people died in the bombing attack in the final days of the world war two. in this morning's your health diabetes cases are on the rise in the u.s. the experts say numbers have quadrupled in just three tech cade. the world health organization says that new findings show global increase in people who are overweight or obese. almost a quarter of adults and 80 percent don't get enough
4:50 am
exercise. doctors say that hereditary factors put people at a higher risk forgetting type two diabetes and that cannot be changed but a better diet and exercise could help prevent it. if you go to the gym experts say wash your hand as many times as you can during your work out. testing finds the average gym is just full of bacteria. 1 million germs per square inch to be exact. typical treadmill has 74 times more bacteria then a public bathroom faucet. average set of weights, 362 times more germs then a toilet seat. researchers say type of bacteria find can cause pneumonia and lots of other nasty infections. here is something you do not hear often the price of stamps going down. cost of mailing a letter dropped from 49 cents to 47 cents yesterday but it is not because of the postal service can spare extra change. the decrease is because of an act of congress allowing post
4:51 am
office to raise rates, past back in 203, is expiring. lower stamp price is expected to amount to a loss of $2 billion a year for the struggling postal service. do you want to know fur partner is cheating on tinder? there is a i new web site that lets you church dating profiles. for $5, swipe buster does all of the work for you. it uses tinder a's public api to pinpoint specific users. put in the person's first name, age, gender and location and then the site find the people who match and tells you when they were last on tinder. this might cause drama air to some people. all right. still ahead, released what people earn list a look at what celebrities are come out on top.
4:52 am
there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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4:54 am
the daughter on have the late actor paul walker has been a warded a $10.1 million settlement. the settlement comes from the estate of the the man driving that porsche that crashed and killed the 17 year-old meadow reign walker will receive more than seven million-dollar which will be placed in to a trust fun. paul walker was killed in 2013 when his friend roger lost control of the porsche, before it crashed in california. the confusion for janet jackson fans she announced her unbreakable tourist on hold while she plans her family.
4:55 am
her concert promoter live nation says thaw can get a refund at the point of purchase, however, there are some reports that venues are refusing to give refund because tour has not officially been called off, and if it is not officially canceled they can the not offer refunds. that is drama. is there a new movie topping box office the boss starring melissa mccarthey. >> started around the empire and teach these girls real business skills. we want good recruits. >> boss bumping batman verse super man to second place. comedy raked in $23.5 million. rounding out top five films zootopia, my big fat greek wedding two and hard core henry. bad times, good times, no money, new money, 29, 29, 29. >> drake's new album finally
4:56 am
has a release date, he announced on twitter that view from the sixth will come out on april 29th. will album will be exclusive to apple music, all they drake milk in two mix tapes this is his first full album since 2013. taylor swift topping the what people earn list. she earned about 80 million-dollar over the past year. swift's 1989 world tour sold out she has multiple business deals, and pop star is also said to be developing her own, mobile game, set to be released later this year. a if you other celebrities who got impressive paychecks this past year include lady gaga she earn 59. jay-z raised 56 million and his different business ventures. and leonardo decap prehe brought in 29 million, remember he won his first oscar for his lead role in the revenant. still a head this morning search is on for i driver who slammed into a home narrowly
4:57 am
missing a a with man sleeping inside. what the owner said the driver did right after that wreck. and new details about the deadly terror attacks in brussels. where the suspects were originally intending to target and why they turned their attention to brussels instead, stay with us.
4:58 am
4:59 am
happening right new on fox 29 police in west conshohocken
5:00 am
investigating the death of the person found inside a home, how a local college might be linked to the case. and don't be alarmed if you are seeing red today, as baseball fans, gear up to watch the phillies face the san diego padres in the season home opener. and there is a a new boss taking over 76ers what co-owner josh harris says about his decision to bring in a new face even before sam hinkie, quit. good day, it is monday april 11th, 2016, sue serio, i totally forget to wear my red today. >> that is all right, you have blue and sometimes phillies wear blue with red. they have those blue shirts they wear with the red trim so we're okay. we're excited because it is baseball opening day. we will go with the five out of ten because i think it will be a half and half kind of day with this half being the rainy half. cross your fingers that works out because we have an awful lot to show you on ultimate doppler radar. it is not heavy rain most of


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