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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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what the home owner did,. >> the boys are back in town so lets play ball, what do you say we are taking you live to citizens bank park, to show you event leading up to the phillies home opener, this afternoon. good day everyone, it is april . >> good morning everybody. >> we have it, of course, wearing our red and blue for the phillies. >> blue and red. >> that is right. >> yes. >> we go well together. >> yes. >> also national pet the day. send us your pictures of your pet using the #good day 20. we will share them throughout the morning. we expect to see pictures of diamond. >> i should have brought her in. >> well, didn't we have enough of roofus when we did the 20 hours. >> we cannot get enough of roofus. >> plus if you don't have a pet, i did rescue on the runway with the delco spca and we have great animals up for a caption there. >> you may be able to get one.
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>> but will it be sunny in time for this game. >> right. we will settle for dry, at this point, because it is raining and a lot of place these morning. if they wanting to with the five out of ten it will end up being a half and half kind of a day. we have showers around this morning, we will need umbrella, bus stop buddy rock ago this phillies cap opening day. temperatures are in the 40's so it is only rain unless you you are far to the north maybe in the mountains or in upstate new york but we have very light rain moving through the a area right now as you can see there on radar, live, look at our neighborhood, just damp out there with 46 degrees a and sunrise happening at 6:29 this morning possibility around lunchtime of the lingering cloud or shower but by about 3:00 o'clock it looks like the rain will be out of here. cross your fingers. high temperature better than the weekend 62 degrees. bob kelly. >> sue, good morning everybody. 6:02. on a machine morning getting
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up and out. the roads are damp and wet from the overnight rain, and maybe some sprinkles coming through the area. live look at i-95, you can see the glare off road surface and we are seeing volume pop. big day in philadelphia. we have two big home openers. first one is phillies at 3:05. block party starts at noon, gates open up 12:35. first pitch 3:05. we will see unusual traffic patterns. folks getting out, down to the stadium but the big jam is going to come at end of the game when fans start to leave around 5:00 or 5:30 or so, instant traffic jam for evening rush hour but then soul foot the ball fans trying to get in the stadium for their 7:00 o'clock home opener. so busy day in south philadelphia a. down in wilmington left over work crew along i-95 near 896 and using mass transit, septa kicked in new timetables over weekend for all of its regional rail lines. alex and lauren, back to you.
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coming up 6:03 we are following a developing story in west conshohocken. police are trying to solve mystery after body found inside a home. >> a house usually rented by college students, dave kinchen live at morehead avenue with more on the story, hi there, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. there are questions here, did, we're still waiting for more information from police. we can tell thaw all this took place in the 200 block of morehead avenue in west conshohocken when a body was removed from a home here. west conshohocken police are not releasing much information because this is still an active investigation a and we're hearing that they could work with the d.a.'s office, which is a standard procedure in these types of investigations. neighbors say there was a party, on the street held by some college students but nothing that got out offhanded a cord to go what neighbors tell us. we will continue to check back in for more information and we are being told that a body, possibly of the male in his early 20's was pulled from the home here over the weekend and
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neighbors had apparently noticed college students being upset once this they had taken place but we do not know circumstances, all this under investigation and bring you latest as we get it. back to you. >> thanks, dave. new this morning police investigating a stabbing just blocks from temple campus. it happened 4:45 at cecil b more avenues. we are still working to get details on exactly what happened. we know one person was taken to hand map hospital. we do not know their conditions. police have a a vague description of the person seen running from the area. >> and police in deptford are investigating an accident that left one car overturn on new jersey 55, just north of exit number 58. it happened just before midnight leaving all lanes closed overnight. we are in the sure if anyone was hurt in the accident. right now all lanes have been reopened here. bensalem police looking for driver of the car that barreled right through wall of the house narrowly missing a woman sleeping inside. >> car landed inside this home, look at this, early yesterday morning.
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the car crashed through a garden shed and was airborne before landing inside the home at corner of knights road and monroe avenue. both woman and her husband were asleep inside, no one was seriously hurt. they say one men in the car told them to call 911 and then ran off. >> we could have been dead but by the grace have of god we are still here. that is all that counts. >> woman was taken to the hospital, for observation, and the couple was in the process of renovating their house so they could sell it. police say missing driver may have been i am pared. well, jurors will resume deliberations in the the trial of the two philadelphia police officers charged with wrongly beating a man who has since died in the separate incident. >> sean mcknight and kevin robinson accused of having beaten 23 year-old naji riveria during a may 203 traffic stop. the officers said riveria tried to get a way after running a stop sign. they mistakenly believed he was running drugs so they chased him down and scuffle ensued. prosecutors say surveillance video contradicts all that and
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shows a very different story. riveria died in the separate incident in december after being shot during a street fight. 6:06. effort to end gun violence rolls in the city, how mayor jim kenney is supporting a group honoring victims of the sandy hook shooting. his stork visit in japan message john kerry delivered while visiting hiroshima victims.
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rain is falling but the planes are still coming in. this is a a live look from philadelphia international airport. >> i heard there could be delays later because that is what happens when it rains out there. >> okay. >> okay. 6:09. >> philadelphia's mayor jim kenney is lending his voice to gun control advocates hoping it will make a difference in the u.s. >> mayor spoke yesterday afternoon at city hall held by a group of cyclist affected by sandy hook tragedy. cyclist known as team 26 ride into washington to raise awareness about gun violence. along the way they hope to build support for mayors in major silt is. >> is there plenty of guns in this control. no one wants to take long rifle as way so they cannot the hunt but children are hunting down children in our city. and, without the gun, all you have is a fist fight and we can recover from a broken nest or black eye. you cannot recover from the
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gunshot. >> act wrist participated in the ride from connecticut to washington for last three years. they plan to live tomorrow. donald trump angry at the republican party. here's his latest complaint about how presidential nominee will be chosen this year. good morning everybody. we are looking good on the schuylkill expressway, at lee right now, i don't want to tailgate anybody there. we will back it up, eastbound toward the city, on and off ramps are a little slippery and big jams expected in south philadelphia, it is opening day, and we will take a live look at philly international, no delays at the moment, at the tote board but lets see who has rain in the forecast, will it be gone before baseball time, we will have answer when we come right back. vo: president obama endorses
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thirteen minutes after 6:00 o'clock and how about a phillies forecast for today. i should have spelled forecast with a p-h, is what the matter with me. padres are in town for a home opener which starts at 3:05. that is first pitch. of course we know you will be down at the ballpark early perhaps doing tailgating. we will be rid of the rain by then mostly cloud which sunshine and we will at our high of 62 degrees by 3:00 o'clock but quite windy at the ballpark today. we will have at times 30 miles an hour wind gusts and as steve keeley told you earlier, winds should be blowing toward outfield. we may end up with a home run
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derby but out of our ratings home run fair or foul we will go with fair. not a total home run but better then it looks right now. we are expect to go get most of the rain out half here by game time. we have a way to go. we have spotty showers right now. we had seen some frozen precipitation in the mountains earlier, getting milder up there so that is changing over. we have got light rain in philadelphia at the moment and a few spotty showers in south jersey, nothing much in southern delaware. we will continue to see this through the rest of the daze in our future cast. the not the rest of the the day but rest of the morning. rest of the day, this is rain that will try to move in by game time. the don't think it will make it. we will see some sunshine at times and that should be all right. now we will go back to tomorrow and then tomorrow it looks like we will see heavy downpours in the morning. especially late morning. again, we expect to get rid of the rain by game time because game time tomorrow is not until 7:05. this should work out okay if
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you have tickets today or tomorrow. phillies are in town all week long, so, wait until you see seven day. right new we have 46 degrees, mid to low 40's every where else. factor the in the wind. it feels cooler but the wind is come from the south and that means milder air moving in as well for today. checking wind gusts, nothing extreme right now but that will not be the case later on. 50 degrees yesterday, when we should have been at 62, and then we go 62 for today, upper 50's for tomorrow with some rain as well. again in the morning. the then look at this nice stretch of weather, wednesday through friday we will see a gradual warming trend and then that continues over the weekend. we could get to 70 degrees by sunday, after all of the wining and everybody did on saturday, and here's your pay off, and,. >> and it is snow on saturday. i was at gwynedd mercy university on sunday and you would have never realized we had snow just 12 hours prior to that.
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depending upon where we were setting up shop there on the saturday some of us saw some snow, others just saw rain. it looks like it is all gone here on the schuylkill but westbound disable right here near ramps for montgomery drive off to the shoulder there and we are starting to see volume pop. some roads damp from the morning sprinkles, little pocket here coming into philadelphia on the ben franklin bridge coming up and over in downtown. the accident route 130 south at union avenue there in pennsauken. septa has new schedules in play for all regional rail lines beginning today so if you didn't grab one on friday or down load it over weekend, make sure you down load it this morning. watch for possible weather delays, some sprinkles and some wind, down at philly international today, here's line up for phillies game, of course, first pitch isn't until 3:05. we have block party at 2:00 noon. steve will show that to us later on, gates opened up at 12:35. first pitch at 3:05. where jam will come into play is when the game is over,
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probably around 5:00 or 5:30 or so and packed house starts to exit, bam, instant traffic jam for the rush hour. but at the same time, the soul football crowd is going to be trying to get in the stadium, for their home opener at 7:00 o'clock. we will get you coming and going, jammo in south philadelphia, today, even if you are not the going to the game you will feel effects especially for that evening rush hour, once that crowd starts to exit. southbound i-95, little delay from the the betsy into girard but no delays on mass transit. alex and lauren back over to you. new orleans man accused of killing former nfl star will smith in the road wage incident being held on one million-dollar one. >> cardinal heyes has been charged with second degree murder. police say he shot the smith and his wife numerous times in the lower garden district midnight saturday. a cord to go witnesses the two got in the accident after he rear ended smith's suv. will smith's wife was shot in the leg surviving the attack. the couple had three children
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together. smith played defensive end for the saints for ten years bringing new orleans its first super bowl win in 2009. >> you might remember eagles safety malcolm jenkins also played with smith in new orleans. he tweeted this out after learning about the the death, word can mountain express how much i will miss my teammate and friend will smith. i'm praying hard for his wife and family. smith leaves behind his wife and three kid. switching gears to politics, the five remaining presidential candidates shifted their focus to the empire state ahead of the next week high steaks primary there both front runners have big lead in the polls in new york inn big leads in the delegate count but in recent weeks ted cruz has been gaining on donald trump increasing possibility of contested convention this summer. seven seems to think he would have this race lock up if it wasn't for delegate system. >> system is corrupt and it is worst on the republican side. i'm up millions of votes on cruz. >> for the democrats, bernie sanders pick up his seventh straight victory in wyoming caucuses on saturday
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continuing his moment um in recent weeks. polls show winning in new york and pennsylvania later this in could be difficult with hillary clinton still maintaining that big lead. clinton and sanders will debate, battle will it out in brooklyn on thursday. in the first appearance on "fox news" sunday as president, president obama talked to chris wallace about what he considers to be the biggest accomplishment and failure of his time in office. >> biggest accomplish. >> saving the economy from the great depression. >> worst mistake. >> probably failing to plan for the day after when i think was the right thing to do in intervening in libya. >> president obama says he does in the believe hillary clinton e-mail scandal jeopardizees national security and stand by judge garland's nomination to the supreme
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court. coming up at 6:20. terror attacks in belgium last month, officials now saying that the suspects planning a second attack in paris before the attack in belgium. belgium officials a say they were planning another attach in paris but were surprise by speed of the investigation. and that is when they decided to attack belgium instead of the detonating bombs at the airport and train station in brussels, killing more than 30 people. during his stop in japan. secretary of state delivered a message of peace and hope for nuclear free world at memorial, to the atomic bombing in hiroshima. kerry's visit makes him most senior american official to visit a memorial. you had leaders avoided the city for many years because of political sensitivities. no serving u.s. president has visited the site and it took 65 years for u.s. ambassador to attend cities annual memorial service. epic melt down in augusta, how it seemed like a sure win for jordan spieth turn into
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one of the biggest collapse is a at the masters yesterday. and philadelphia back in the playoffs, a look ahead at the first round match up for the flyers. the world a president has to grapple with.
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sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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good morning i'm sean bell. finally there is some hope for the sixers. sam hinkie and his horrible plan has been gone and in comes brian colangelo. yesterday he talked about his plan to put the sixers in the right direction. >> if i really want to make sure that everyone understands that this is a transition from this measured rebuilding process to sustainable winning. that is what is important to establish here. >> sixers then put bucks to overtime, down by one, ish smith misses the three, time to get the board but he is rejected. ish would have one last shot but it wouldn't get down, they lose, once again, 109, 108, and the final round of the masters is ball jordan spieth. he once had a commanding lead, was seven under par, just dropped. he self-destruct in the 12th hole, and got triple bogeys,
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giving dan willet his first green jacket. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. well, philadelphia finally has a playoff team. flyers picking up a big win saturday securing their spot in the playoffs, taking all the of the pressure off yesterday's game begins islanders. >> the flyers had a chance to rest some of their big stars yesterday, including goalie steve mason, captain claude giroux. despite not having those guys flyered still beat new york five-two. team is off until thursday when they plan or they play washington capitols in the first round of the playoffs. they plan to win, we hope. washington finish the year with the best record in the year but flyers/capitals split regular season series each winning two games. the phillies coming home today on a mini winning streak as we call it that. they beat mets saturday and sunday after losing their first four games of the season. aaron nola on the mound for phillies to day playing padres at 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. it is the home opener.
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>> wow. >> and okay, we always hear about birth order. can it predict your future health? find out what older siblings may be more susceptible too compared to their younger brothers and sisters.
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phillies return to sit sense wang park for home opener today, we will run down all of the special event leading up to the first pitch. dangerous criminal or hungry thief unusual thing this burglar did after break going in to a popularberg are joint. it is monday, april 11th. >> it is april 11th. >> it is home opener for phillies. >> reason to celebrate. it is also national pet day. so we have been asking for pictures of your pets, sending them in using #good day 20. let's see some of them. >> this is page, national animal day. that is so cute. this is from idella. >> look at ringo. >> that is a head shot. >> fancy one. >> professional, yeah. >> and then we have this one, my inside and outside pet. >> you have a pet squirrel. >> no. >> i wonder if gina just knows that squirrel comes to the window all the time. >> that is true. >> i guess it can count as an outside pet fit its coming around. >> she's feeding it.
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>> i don't know if i want a pet squirrel. >> sue, we want to sees pictures of the roofus. >> we will get roofus on line very soon. bus stop buddy, we will get his pet out but we don't bring out muggy the dog until it is muggy but it is not to bye but we will have showers around this morning, otherwise, cloudy, temperatures in the 40's. have the rain gear with you because look at ultimate doppler. we have rain on it. nothing real heavy, in thunderstorms or anything but it is only rain, unlike saturday, right? so there is a few showers that are about to move in the city from delaware county, and in northern delaware we have got some rain as well. 46 degrees. it is damp in olde city, 9-mile an her breeze out of the south and we have sunrise like right now, officially, 6:29, it is officially 6:30 but you get the idea. we will get to a high of 62 degrees, today showers around this morning. the clouds and shower by lunchtime. we will be rid of the rain by game time.
6:31 am
game time today for opening day is 3:05 but if you are getting down to citizens bank park early for festivities would i just make sure i had puncho with me just in case, otherwise, sunset time 7:36. game should be over by then. that is what is going on for later on. what kind of mess are we looking at right now bob kelly. >> if it does rain it will give ushers a chance to take your seat, take your tickets and take the towel and wipe off your seat there good morning. here's a mess on i-95. this is i-95 north bound just north of route 320. look at this mess, one, two, three, four cars here all involved in an accident with only about that four right lane coming through. penndot arrow truck just pulled up to the scene. this is north bound i-95 coming up from delaware right here near route 320 down to only one lane causing a delay for folks trying to get to the airport. southbound i-95 jammo all red lights are from philly brake lights into cot the man to
6:32 am
girard. we have an accident at south 130 union avenue. new schedule in play for all of the regional will rail lines. make sure you grab that new timetable. here's a line up, expect unusual traffic patterns today, opening day in philadelphia is always a big one. parents and kid like to go down to the game. block party opens up at noon, gates at 12:35. first pitch in the until 3:05 but we will see action in and out of the stadium a area big problem or jam is when game is over at 5:00 or 5:30 all those phillies fans exiting means bam instant traffic jam for evening rush hour. as that gang is trying to leave stadium area, soul fans come n they have their home opener in south philadelphia tonight as well. mass transit, is the way to go extra trains on both subway and the market frankford line for all of the sports fans, alex and lauren back over to you. well, developing this morning a disturbing discovery a body of the a young man
6:33 am
inside of a west conshohocken home. >> investigators have so many questions to answer. dave kinchen live at more head avenue with more this morning, hi there, dave. >> reporter: we are in the 200 block. this could be body of the young man around 22 years old, now here's what we can tell you, by the way as people are getting up and out the door we are hoping to talk to people who may have witnessed this body being taken out of the house here on the 200 block of morehead avenue in west conshohocken. west conshohocken police are not saying a whole lot right now. we just know that the body of a young man was taken out of the house here, a house rented by college students. we don't know what college they are associated with. we can tell you neighbors say that they saw some of these college students crying as this body was taken out of the house. we are told there was a party on this block over the weekend but that nothing that got out offhanded according to neighbors. right now more questions really then answers at this point. we just know body of the boy,
6:34 am
young boy, young man, taken out of the house here and police still trying to put this all together and a neighbors i'm sure as well too, back to you. dave kinchen thanks very much. police investigating a stabbing just blocks from temple's campus. >> it happened 4:45 at cecil b. moore avenues. we are still working to get details on exactly what happened here but we do necessity one person was taken to hahnemann hospital. we don't know their conditions but police have a description of the person seen running from the area. police are now saying a suspect who tried to rob an elderly person in north philadelphia, fired a shot at an off-duty police officer before that officer shot and killed him. >> police spokesmen says that the off-duty officers saw a man with the handgun robbing a victim around 2:30 saturday afternoon. the officer identified himself, ordered suspect to drop a weapon. after a short chase suspect shot his gun at the officer. the officer shot back. the man was pronounced dead at einstein medical center. a shooting in oxford circle last night has a man in
6:35 am
extremely critical condition, at tell youth hospital. it happened on the 2,000 block of castor avenue around 9:00. philadelphia police say 491 year-old was shot in the head. no arrests yet, they are still investigating. police are looking for two people that they say mugged an elderly man inside his own apartment. >> eighty year-old victim a says one suspects were standing in the glassboro apartment when he came out of the bathroom. it happened on friday and he said they snatched money right from his pants pocket. police are looking for michael graves and the woman right now. they a say graves used to be a neighbor of the victim. and police are trying to track down a trio of robbers suspect of hitting two, 7-eleven stores in the cities holmesberg section early yesterday morning n1 of the incidents a store clerk was pistol whipped and punched by the group and both incident police say men jumped over the count tore get to the register and they were seen fleeing in the red or maroon honda. montgomery county family forced to make a quickest scape after a fire tears right through their home.
6:36 am
>> a clothing dryer is to blame, flames ignited in the basement of the conshohocken home on lincoln avenue sunday afternoon. blaze spread quickly and took 40 fire fighters an hurry to put out. fire chief tells fox 29 other items stored in the basement fueled the flames and made their battle even more difficult. >> it just seems like the fire got outside of the appliance and caught other combustibles, and basement was burning. >> we would know if we saw smoke a lot of smoke. >> very relieved no one was hurt and none of the other housees were damage. >> family of four made it out of the burning building unharmed. house is boarded up and considered a loss. well, big day is here for baseball fans around the city, the home opener. >> yeah, phillies fresh off their two wins with the mets, they played the home open they are afternoon. steve key liz live at citizens bank park with more, hi there steve. >> reporter: we got lost because we got directions outside stadium and asked how to get in. it was sam hinkie. he gave us 13 pages of direction so we got lost here
6:37 am
in south philadelphia. by the way, tarps on the infield because of that little light rain so infield is covered upright now but it will be uncovered by game time as you hear sue say the cloud should clear and it will be windy. if you are coming to the game every year one of the fun things to do phillies don't roll out same team every year and same merchandise in the stores or same food. and the days of getting a bowled hot dog from the vendor and getting it passed down the aisle to you are long gone. chef anthony is with us right now were four new philly favorites. every year you unveil new stuff for the fans. >> yes. >> simple hot dog and pretzels will not do. what do you got new there year. >> every year we try to be innovative at the stadium. these two are new sandwich that he is we came up for harry the k's restaurant. this is our eight hour smoke brisket sandwich with a slider slaw. moving to this one, everybody loves a great burger, who doesn't. even you told me you loved a burger.
6:38 am
thinks our in house ground turkey burger. you can still get it but feel better about yourself. >> reporter: that doesn't look like white meat either that looks like a hamburg are. >> it looks and has a great flavor to it. it is a great burger. you'll buy this before you will buy a beef burger. really great. these are some items that two years ago we started, for may hot dogs. hot dogs, have a evolved they are in the just that old style hot talk anymore. these are some of the new ones that we came up with this year. we're opening up with a natural casing dog on hard side are braced onions with a pretzel roll. these two other hot duelings philly is changing, so we wanted to bring new favorites. we he have a playoff a a bahmen hoagie. sweet and sour pickles, vegetables with a sirac hi. this is really good our latino style dogs wrapped in hickory smoke bacon deep fried. that is can't get any better
6:39 am
than that finished off with a peco, and a tabasco. >> and jalapenos in there. >> that is the first two items i knew so far. and then finally. >> one of the other things we are extremely proud at aramark and phillies is we have partnered with andrew simmer who created four sandwiches for our mlb stadiums and this is one that we're rolling out here at cbp. this is a double fried korean pork belly sandwich finished with sweet pine apples and a korean style barbecue sauce. >> reporter: double fried. frying it once isn't good enough. >> double fried ensure you get the that beautiful crispiness. when you bite it, you you good it that snap. you get everything you need in there. >> reporter: even if the phillies stink on the field it will be like you you took your girlfriend to the five star restaurant coming here. >> of course. we have a great baseball team and we have great food to go with it. >> reporter: well, what would
6:40 am
yogi berra a about these hot dogs, that is all i kept thinking as he was describing these hot dogs. i can just imagine. >> they look good. you have to have a hot dog when you go to the ballpark. >> that is true. we have some good news for people who want to share a ride to get to the ballpark today. to celebrate, uber says you pay $2 on uber pool to get to the home series and guess what it will cost you less than had hot dog alex halle. >> difficult uber pool this weekend. it has taken me longer but it the is cheaper. >> yes. >> that is true. >> and 6:40. california has become the third u.s. state to to make birth control available to women without the a doctor's visit. >> thinks really controversial right now. new state law allow pharmacist to distribute self administered contraceptive without a prescription. it is not exactly over the counter month. man who request birth control have to be required to fill out a health questionnaire and discuss different option was the pharmacist. so supporters say nut law makes birth control more
6:41 am
accessible, of course but critics argue it just send the wrong message to teenage girls. order in whiz you were you born could have an impact on your future health. new stud any japan studied thousands of children and found older siblings are likely to have hay fever and food allergies compared to their younger brothers and sisters. as for parents say they protect older kid from more germs while younger children were more exposed. new stud any japan tested thousands of children and they found older siblings are more likely -- wait a minute, thinks the same story. >> it is so interesting, lauren, we had to do it again to make sure you heard this quickly. older sibling you will be sick, that is me, i was thinking about that. >> yeah. >> we will have, more susceptible to hay fever and other stuff. >> younger or older: younger children are more exposed. older kid are good. that is what it says, parents, older kid more from germs while younger children were more exposed.
6:42 am
>> okay, okay, all right. >> i'm only child. >> yes. all right. it doesn't make sense. a hungry thief hits up aberg are joint but the whole place was closed and no money was stolen. we will tell you what he did that has people talking. owning a dog could be good for your health. here's some of the best ways man's best friend can keep you healthy. this change in attitude
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keep on scratchin' we have a couple problems on i-95. first of all northbound lanes of i-95 we have an accident on the northbound route 320 in the northbound lanes only far right lane is opened and that is causing a major jam for everyone coming from say the delaware state line, 202, heading north, again, right at 320 which is right before the blue route, 476. another accident, on the blue route itself, this is north bound, 476, right at route one, again, taking out the left lane, only the two right lanes getting on through, again that is northbound delay
6:46 am
heading in to lima springfield. curb side on the 42 freeway starting to see delays heading in toward philadelphia, rush hour underway, and we will have a lot of unusual delays today with the phillies home opener, folks heading down to the ballpark later today. they will get into work early so they can move out, and if you wonder why they don't come back after lunchtime, probably going to the baseball game. route 130 south an accident, right at union have avenue there in pennsauken. over the weekend septa made changes on all of its regional rail lines. adjustment with a new schedules. make sure you have a new timetable to be ready to go today and with the possible weather, rain coming our way, we could see some delays, at philly international. exact liz when will that rain arrive? sue has details coming up in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
go, we're going to go, to the ballpark today. it is, the phillies hosting the san diego padres, for the first home game of the season and they are coming in on that big two game winning streak. that is a a good thing i guess. what about the weather? of course, when game begins at 3:05 we know you will be down there early for tailgate willing. we should be rid of the rain but quite wind which 30-mile an hour wind gusts. that is a fair ball. we will be fair for drive home too. still breeze which 20-mile an hour wind gusts around 7:30 the game should be over by then. it will be about 58 degrees. it is milder then the weekend. the rain really isn't amounting to much, around the area, press i light, and just a tiny bit of frozen precipitation from mount pocono and other higher elevations where temperature is lower. here in philadelphia even though we see green on radar we are in the seeing much outside at all to even make the ground that wet and light
6:48 am
rain throughout central delaware as well. so rest of the day, looks like this, by 10:00 o'clock this morning mostly cloudy skies, looks like the rain will try to roll role in around game time but i don't think it will make it. we will be dry we might see some sunshine during the game today and won't be as cold as it was over the weekend. 62 degrees today. upper 50's for tomorrow. more rain in the forecast but this should be out because that phillies game is at night. and then we are in the nice stretch of weather all the way through the weekend, including sunday's high of 70 degrees. so the at least alex ape lauren there is no snow, in this seven day forecast. >> i was looking outside my window like seriously, april. >> i know. >> why is this happening. >> no. >> 6:48. police are on the look out for a thief in washington d.c. but this guy is not stealing cash or anything valuable. he stole a burger when he cooked for himself after break nothing to a fast food restaurant.
6:49 am
>> look at this surveillance video. he follows a deliver main into five guys restaurant that was closed. he said i'm hungry. he fired up the grill, cooked himself something to eat. he took a call while inside. helped himself to a soda and then decided better go on my way. >> police say they are still cash there and no items were stolen just food and they are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. he clearly looked comfortable and fine. >> he has done it before, on the phone, chillin. >> looks up at surveillance camera so we can get a good look the a you. why do criminals do that. >> they are always looking up. >> he did smile. >> wonder if he got fries. >> so he got soda and made a burger a and took a phone call. >> yeah. >> taking his time there. >> all right. >> how about the mtv movie award last night, did you catch it. >> sketch hart presented another philadelphia a native will smith, with the mtv award last night at the a wards. >> for those people who do not know i grew up in the city of
6:50 am
philadelphia. ahh, yes, yes, i did. i started doing stand up there was in bigger star then will smith. that is why tonight, he is taking home the mtv movie awards highest honor, i'm talking about the generation award. >> the group performed a medly of smith's song before he accepted award. smith recorded his first album when he was 17 and he has been in the business for 30 years. >> you can hear, the performance that they did. and they did a little bit of will smith's speech. >> wonder what he thought about the performance. >> so interesting when you see performance or something in honor of someone else what they actually this have of it. >> what do you really think about that. >> yes good they did a lot of hits. remember here come the men in black. i used to love that song. wild, wild west. is there so many. >> parents just don't understand.
6:51 am
>> all of the big ones. okay. man's best friend, good for your health. find out the way some doctors say your dog can actually help you, stay healthy.
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6:53 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ well, this is a live look at bushkill falls in the pocono. >> okay. so it is national pet day to day. this is a good story, lots of reasons why having a dog could be good for you. many of them have to do with their mental, emotional health. >> experts say dogs provide structure making sure you are up and ready to take them for a walk in the afternoon,
6:54 am
morning and evening. >> die machine sleeps through everything. >> no. >> and diamond is not poking you you. >> no, she's laid out when i get up. >> how about this having a doggies proven to release harmone referred to as a love chemical which plays a role in bonding and trust. >> i will buy that. >> all right. dogs can reduce stress, so repetitive motion like petting a dog provides a calming effect. that does work. and then a dog gives your life purpose because feeling responsible for another living being, adds value to your life. >> does diamond add value. >> but i don't feel as responsible if i had a child, she's just a dog. but i do like sometimes when i am out and about diamond is home alone she need to go poddy that kind of thing. >> my friend make fun of me for. that she has more clothes then we do. >> yes. >> that is not fair. the she's always going somewhere for me.
6:55 am
>> but i get her cute little outfits. >> sometimes my mom said that, yes. >> mom, yes. >> fine good what about you guys, it is national pet day. use the #good day 20 to share photos of your pets. the lets look at shoeby, from chichi, she calls it, petit flower. how cute. this is from marie, look at this one. >> that is a a close-up. >> that is. >> it looks like he is watching tv. >> hopefully watching good day. >> and there is ava grace looking pretty. >> red color there. >> yes. >> and yoshi is s id's big teddy bear. they are cuddling. thanks for send ago this 1n keep using #good day 20. imagine a world with donald trump as president. boston globe did that and they published a paper with their ideas what it would be like. see headlines that have donald trump pretty upset this
6:56 am
morning. ]
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6:58 am
what happened up side, a death up investigation underway as a body is found inside a home, with clues police are going on this morning. big brother is watching, and listening, why nj transit is eavesdropping on your conversation.
6:59 am
let's play ball, phillies set for their home opener, what is different this year at the ballpark and what you need to know if you are heading down today. it is a dreary monday morning. back to work, back to will school. >> yes. >> but here's the thing last year we were talking about, wow, wow. >> the door opened. >> what is going on. >> good morning, everybody. >> good to see y'all. >> did your a alarm clock go off. >> i'm's fine, it is dreary out there, it is mop, we have to go back to school or work. >> were you sleeping over there the whole time. >> yes, i knew everything that was going on. >> at least you are in the jordan spieth on the 12th of the masters. >> i hope you don't have a quadruple bogey of the day. >> quadruple bogey. >> lauren, thanks. >> you sit right here it is
7:00 am
warm. >> oh, yeah. >> it has been here since 4:00 . >> you see lauren leaves, this messes up everything. >> yes, yes. >> all right, bye. >> typical. >> lets get to the number of the day. >> we will give you a five out of the ten. we will have a half and half kind of day. we have showers around this morning but they should clear by game time. there is bus stop budd which phillies cap on. also the umbrella. there are showers around this morning. you might get rain drops on your head. temperatures are in the 40's, so it is only rain, remember saturday? um-hmm. so, as we look more closely at our viewing area, we will see a little bit of sleet up to the north of us in the mountains but that is it, everybody else is only getting rain. so here's a look at our temperature 48 degrees in the city, 11-mile an hour wind and it feels like it is in the lower 40's, let's play


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