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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 11, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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warm. >> oh, yeah. >> it has been here since 4:00 . >> you see lauren leaves, this messes up everything. >> yes, yes. >> all right, bye. >> typical. >> lets get to the number of the day. >> we will give you a five out of the ten. we will have a half and half kind of day. we have showers around this morning but they should clear by game time. there is bus stop budd which phillies cap on. also the umbrella. there are showers around this morning. you might get rain drops on your head. temperatures are in the 40's, so it is only rain, remember saturday? um-hmm. so, as we look more closely at our viewing area, we will see a little bit of sleet up to the north of us in the mountains but that is it, everybody else is only getting rain. so here's a look at our temperature 48 degrees in the city, 11-mile an hour wind and it feels like it is in the lower 40's, let's play ball,
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phillies and padres start at 3:05 and then by then we should reach our high of 62. mostly cloudy and breezy through the day but by 7:00 when game is over it is about 58 degrees and that is your forecast for not only the phillies but for all of us. sixty-two is better then it was over the weekend every. >> 7:00 seer he one. good monday morning. a lot going on. i-95 northbound they have just opened up this one lane again, and all lanes have been block for the last five or seven minutes though. north bound i-95, approaching 476, you will because of that multi vehicle accident. we are jammo from pretty much high land all the way up to approaching the blue route. look at this, we are already stacked and pack here, a lot of folks, probably late getting their flights there at philly interest 3459. another accident, southbound lanes, of the blue route, 476 right here near route one, getting word of an accident west on the schuylkill expressway out near belmont
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avenue. we are bumper to bumper from approaching city line out toward belmont. busy day today, phillies home opener. the first pitch isn't until 3:05 but we have line up here. we have steve keeley standing by. block party kicks off at noon. big jam will come later this afternoon when the game is over, probably around five or 5:30 as packed housings to exit, bam, instant traffic jam on the roadways and then the soul football fans will be trying to get into the stadium for their home opener tonight across the street at the wells fargo center. jammo in that change overtime period, which will occur during the beginning of our evening rush hour. the mass transit is way to go, they have added extra trains and services on both the subway and market frankford line. mike and alex, back to you good bob has got some new buildings. >> 7:03. >> police are trying to solve a mystery after a bodies found inside a home in west conshohocken. >> neighbors say it is a house rented by college students. davis on the story, dave.
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>> by grace of god we're still here. >> yes, that is all that counts. >> as you can tell that is wrong story we will get to that in a second. lauren you will get up here real quickly. we will get back to that story in just a moment. lauren, what do you got. >> police investigating a a tack at a block from temple campus this happened at ridge and cecil b. moore avenue. we are working to get details on exactly what happened. one person was taken to hahnemann hospital. we don't know their condition. police have a vague description of the person seen running from that scene. police in deptford are investigating an accident that left one car overturn on new jersey route 55. the just north of exit number 58. this happened before midnight leaving all lanes closed overnight. in word on any injuries, in that crash, right the now, all lanes have been reopen. bensalem police looking for driver of the car that barreled right through the wall of the house narrowly missing a with man sleeping inside. the car landed inside the home
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relevant i yesterday morning. the car crashed right through her garden shed and airborne before landing inside the home at the corner of knights road and machine reavenue. about on the woman and husband were asleep n1 was seriously hurt. they do say two men in the car called 911 and then ran off. >> we could have been dead but by the grace of god we're still there. it is all that counts. >> reporter: woman was taken to the hospital, for observations. the couple was in the process of renovating their house to sell it, police say missing driver, may have been impaired. jurors will resume deliberations in the trial of the two philadelphia police officers charged with wrongly beating a man who since died in the separate incident. thirty-one year-old sean mcknight, 28 year-old kevin robinson both accused of having beaten 23 year-old naji riveria curing may 2013 traffic stop. the officers said riveria tried to get away after running a stop sign but then they mistakenly believed he was running drugs and then chased the man. the prosecutors say
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surveillance video contradicts that allegation and that riveria attack them. riveria died in the separate incident in december after being shot, during the street fight. police are saying a suspect four tried to rob a elderly person in north philadelphia fired a shot at an off-duty police officer right before that officer shot and killed them. a police spokesmen says that the off-duty officer saw a man with the handgun robbing a victim around 2:30 saturday afternoon. the officer had identified himself, order the suspect to drop the weapon after a short chase, the suspect shot the his gun at the officer and the officer shot back. the man was pronounced dead at einstein medical center. police are looking for two men that they say mugged an elderly man inside his own apartment. eighty year-old victim says two suspects were standing inside his glassboro apartment, when he came out of the bathroom. this happened on friday, and he ace that they snatched money, right from his pants pocket. police looking for michael graves and the woman, right now they say graves used to be a neighbor, of that victim. mike and alex. >> lauren, thank you.
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now 7:06. davis on the story about a body found in west conshohocken. >> dave? >> reporter: there are questions here in the 200 block of morehead avenue in west conshohocken, after a body was found, pulled out of a house here, a house rented by college students we're told, all we know is that this appears to be the body of a man in his early 20's right now. we don't know yet the affiliation of the college associated with the students who are renting this house. we can tell you that west conshohocken police are in the saying a whole lot right now other than that a body was pulled from a house here. neighbors witnessed college students crying as this body was taken out of the hospital over the weekend. we did try to talk to neighbors but at least one was too shaken up to go on camera right now and we're working sources in west conshohocken police to see if they can give us anymore information about this but again an
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investigation in the death, a body of a young man pulled from a home, rented from college students. we are told there was a party here over weekend but that nothing got out offhanded. that is what neighbors tell us. the just a lot of sadness and confusion. people want to know exactly what happen. we will bring you the information, as we get it. in west conshohocken dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> do that, dave. well, at 7:07. it is opening day. >> it is, and this is a good opening day because they are fresh off wins with the mets. >> good wins against well, the best in the national league supposedly. >> and then now this afternoon they have their home opener. >> at 3:00 this afternoon. steve is always there. they is again, hi steve. >> reporter: you get more than baseball coming to opening day that is why it is a sellout all the time and within of the thrills of every opening day is how they deliver the ball to the field. and navy leap frogs do it well. we have showed video all day, these guys jump out of the airplane from how many
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feet? >> about 6,000 feet today good 6,000 feet. >> and they land at the exact spot on the field. they have video cameras on their helmets and you could see eagles stadium, phillies stadium and all of south philadelphia. you wonder how they hit that. very windy. jimmy holland has been doing this how many years. >> for about five years now. on the team for year and a half. >> reporter: you are modeling new phillies item flare here. >> cool, right. >> reporter: you notice chip kelly, mike, i don't know but chip kelly influenced fanatic flare hat because it is a advisor with the fanatics hair. they combine chip kelly, visor and chip kelly, breaking news story, he wanted to jump out with these guys and right before an eagles game to deliver the first football. no, that didn't happen but he really wanted to do that. >> that is a true story, he
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strapped to myself and jump in the stadium right before the game good who said into that. >> it was i don't know if there was limitations or what. >> right before kick off. he would the november been with the team. >> planning may have been off a little bit. >> so today's weather, is it okay, better that yesterday, did you practice runs. >> yesterday was bought full. today rain. we are not worried about the rain but just more wind. hopefully that will hold off and we will jump in. >> reporter: nobody in the phillies organization, realized that you guys like the padres are a team coming here from san diego today for opening day. are you secretly padres fans but doing this for phillies for 20 years. >> i'm from milwaukee, so i was like brewers, at heart, but you know what, phillies today. here i am. >> reporter: phillies, opening day every year. you never miss. hit your target. never landed outside a stadium or in the eagles stadium or airport. >> i haven't personally but i know a few guys that have. i got confidence we will land.
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>> it is a dangerous thing. it is in the like anything simple jumping out. you could london somebody's head in the stand and kill somebody but this is, you got to be careful. >> i mean it is possibility but, slim to none. but, everybody on the team, you know, we do three months, before the jump, jumping in the stadium. pretty confident we are good to go. >> reporter: that flare hair is making somebody jealous. here we go. we didn't think we could get him but we have original flare hair the fanatic and fanatic, as a good luck charm, mike brought villanova a good luck charm with his dance. mike, can you do your good luck belly dance for us here on opening day and we will wrap this up. >> mike, i think he has your dance beat, mike. >> for sure. >> everybody goes to the stadium gets a fanatic visors today. >> reporter: no, they will give hats away today but come against washington nationals on sunday, the flare
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hair is a give away and it is $24.99. that is a expensive gi away. that is the new item ape it will be a hot seller. anything related to the gentlemen on the right always sells. we had glasses and nose last year. now flare hair. >> i love that. >> if you come sunday it is free. >> by the way for kid 14 and under and they will card you kid if you are trying to get a free hat at age 15. >> i can probably get oney wouldn't doubt it. >> you are good. name the best mascot in the america, in question bit, by the new york times. good news for fans looking to get out to the ballpark. the it might be cheap if you take uber. >> uber is offering $2 flat fares on uber pool for the opening home series. >> pool is where you share the ride. >> you might pick up ten other people but get it for $2. >> sure. >> less than the price of the hot dog. sound like a good idea. if you do uber pool, i have learned go early, because they have to pick up these people and go different places.
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you cannot be in a hurry. >> it is two bucks. >> you can't beat it. >> yes. >> all right. this just in, donald trump elect president. deportations begin. that was head line of the boston globe, satyrical front page, dated april the ninth, 2017. it features fake headlines of what the paper imagines the country within like under a donald trump presidency. >> there are fake stories with the headlines, deportations begin and riots taking place in several cities. another big story has head line, markets sink as trade war looms. the globe's editorial board say a exercise at taking a man at his word. editorial was titled the g.o.p. must stop trump. they have responded to the paper at a rally in rochester last night calling the paper stupid and also worthless. probably saying they will go out of business anyway. >> normally it is in the back of the paper but now it is on the front of the page. >> that is different.
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>> some people don't like it. they have been after trump for six months, the boston globe. 7:13. former nfl player shot and killed, in new orleans, following a road rage incident. this was a nice guy too. >> will smith played for saint for ten years was shot, several times on the the highway late saturday night. police say 28 year-old cardinal heyes hit the back have of smith's car and a argument followed. heyes pulled a gun and shot smith and his wife. smith died at the scene, his wife was taken to the hospital, she is expect to survive. heyes is charged with murder. his wife, will smith's wife was shot twice in the leg. >> the fact that they have three children at home. >> unreal. mal conn jenkins played with will, in new orleans and he tweeted this out after learning about his death. the word cannot express how much i miss my teammate and friend will smith. with a heavy heart, i'm praying hard for his wife and family... >> they had three kids together. >> yes good unreal. >> just senseless road rage.
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>> all right. coming up at 7:14 on this monday morning. the here's sue. >> we are playing a baseball game today but, of course, this forecast applies to all of us. padres and phillies, and game time is 3:05. let's see if there will be a home run, fair or foul, we will go with a fair weather, because, i think the rain will be over by then. it will be cloudy but we will see a few peaks of sunshine but quite windy, with possible 30-mile an hour wind gusts but our high should be 32 degrees. 62 degrees and it should be there by 3:05. by 7:30 we are at 58 degrees. still breezy. here's what it looks like right now. you wouldn't think that by game time it will be good, but it does look like what we are looking at here, should be here by then, and mostly light rain and it is changing over to all rain as milder a air moves in. even in the mountains where we saw pink on the radar, earlier indicating frozen precipitation. here in philadelphia, it is still really light, and light shower activities, and, and,
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in central delaware not a lot of heavy downpours or anything, as we will real quick at future cast we will see by 9:00 o'clock it the is just cloudy and it looks like it will stay that way through game tile as we mentioned three is o'clock. rain trying get in but they think that it will stay dry and this works out for tomorrow as well. we will have rain in the morning, but, game time it is at night 7:05. it looks like all this rain will be out of here but we will get heavier rain on tuesday then we will today, so today and tomorrow, make sure you have your rain gear nearby, as we take a look, at temperatures, walking out the door in the upper 40's. we are already starting off better then we did over the weekend. then we did saturday and sat the day night. our wind are coming out of the south and that is what indicating we will have a milder day. few wind gusts. seventeen in millville. 23 miles an hour in atlantic city. the wind might be only thing that miss us up to day once the rain stops. we were at 50 degrees
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yesterday. sixty-two is the normal. look where we are today 62 degrees. after tomorrow, a nice stretch of weather, all the way through, the rest of the week, even into, the weekend, so, if you have got phillies tickets for any of these games this week it looks like, bob kelly, you will be okay. >> not bad. >> sound good. >> 7:16. a lot going on here in the traffic department, first of all just got word from septa they are investigating a report of a person being struck by one of the market frankford line trains this morning. the right now septa is using shuttle buses, on the market frankford line, between 30th street and 52nd street. we will bring you you more on that information as that becomes available. a couple of accidents a big one here in the westbound schuylkill expressway, it is just west, of belmont avenue, and taking out two of the two and a half lanes a veilable there right at belmont on ramp. we have bumper to bumper from the boulevard out to belmont, even backing up the boulevard here quickly from ninth street
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all the way down to that westbound side. this accident on i-95, this is north bound right before the the blue route, 476, only one lane is available, we are bumper to bumper from the state line all the way up to approaching 476. if you have a flight out of philly international keep in mind that if 95 is in your path there give yourself extra time. as we heard from steve in the only phillies home opener at 3:05 but soul home opener is later tonight at 7:00 o'clock, block party kicks off at noon, a lot of extra traffic heading into the stadium and a lot of unusual traffic patterns, as folks like to take a half day, kid get a half a day heading down to the ballgame for the first pitch on opening day, mike and alex, back over to you. 7:17. you heard the philadelphia playoffs are in the playoffs. flyers big win against penguins on at day secured a spot in the playoffs. they will be eighth seed and will take on top team in the
7:18 am
league the washington capitals, series starts thursday night, in d.c. but man what a game it was saturday. wayne simmonds is on fire. he had two goals, he has more goals then any other flyers this season g for him. >> made it to the playoffs. go flyers. >> so capitals, yes, we have played them four times and we have split. so what i'm telling you alex holley, they are number one seed. and that is a chance. >> yes. >> so i don't know what sit, is it their owner ed snyder is inspiring them? some players say so. there is a nice picture in the paper of ed, as you know, his health is not good the at all and a lot of the players have come out and said we will dedicate these playoffs to our owner, and ed snyder we wish you the best. i think he is still out in his california in his home out there. as you know his health has been deteriorating.
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let's get flyers. let's go flyers. the first game is in d.c. thursday and then saturday is the next game. if we can steel one of those that would be great and then come back here monday at wells fargo center, and then game wednesday, first four games we need more than that we will give you rest of the schedule later on. so yesterday afternoon the whole country was watching jordan spieth. >> yes, spieth, spieth. >> spieth. >> talk about a melt down on the back nine of the masters. here he is, is this the 12th? yeah, this is the 12th. >> right in the water. >> oh, boy this is all cut together. this is, what is his face danny willet realizes he won, his caddy comes over and hugs him. he goes on to win the masters. listen to this jordan was seven under par. he was five up as he hit the
7:20 am
back nine. five up and loses, the masters so then, this is a tradition, you have got to turn the green jacket when he won last year over to the new champion. >> if he had one he would have taken it off and put it back on. >> but instead, never happens. >> they is in the background. >> kind of sullen. he was stunned i think. just shock. normally jim nantz of cbs will talk to the guy that is turning over the green jacket but they didn't say a ward to him. he was very good in the press conference jordan was. >> he probably didn't want to talk about it. >> he had a odd moment coming off 18th have after he knew he blown it there was a cbs cameraman trying to go around the back of him to the front of him and said don't show my face, don't show my face. >> maybe tears in his eyes good i think he was crying. >> he will be fine, he is 22. >> but still.
7:21 am
>> he won a million-dollar. he is 22. >> it will take a while to recover. >> the whole chris christie/donald trump thing and stand behind and watch as other person is doing talking. he is standing there great look at his face the whole time. >> that is supposed to be my green coat. >> yes. >> but what a a weird day too. they had three hole in ones on the same hole, the 16th hole. unheard of. >> do you want to see the most weird one. is that louie. now watch the ball,. >> oh, my gosh. >> another ball. it will hit the other ball. it will not go in. >> it is still going. that is amazing. >> wow. >> one of of the most weird things i have ever seen. to you want to see it again. >> it looks like he has the
7:22 am
third hole in one. on the 16th. it looks like when you play. >> yes, my ball hit your ball, new i can't go through the windmill. it won't go in now. >> too bad. >> does that little curve. >> they almost both went in. can you imagine if they bet went in. i don't know golf rules. >> would that have counted. >> staff? >> i don't know. >> i think they both would count and go in. >> tweet us. >> tweet us. >> facebook, whatever you have to do. smoke signals. drive over here and say tonight person. >> yes. >> are your fingers replacing cash? these things are worth money, baby. >> find out which country is experimenting with letting people use their fingerprint on vacation.
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katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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so lauren, what is it like. >> it is like apple pay.
7:26 am
tokyo is hosting 2020 olympic games. they are expecting so many people to come in. and if you do not have to worry about how to take out cash, how much to take out, which credit card to use? you use your two fingers, scan them at the airport. they will say okay, this is so and so. really her. she will pay with things using her fingerprint scans. great way to keep track have of people through security and to make it more convenient for you and me, they are testing this machinery out, this summer. >> you would never forget your had hand like would you forget your wallet or purse. >> so true. >> yes. >> and, what about netflix. the price is going up. >> yes they are. if you are anything like me you pay eight bucks a in, were you grandfathered into netflix. that is going up by $2 next month to $0 a month. $2 a month. if you asked people are you going to pay the extra two bucks? most will tell you we like netflix but we don't pay
7:27 am
higher prices. they essentially say you're complaining but we all know, 17 million people are going to pay that increase, because people love netflix. it is so much cheaper then pay tv. >> well, i can tell thaw season two of bloodlines coming out may 29th. that is best show ever. if you look at how much this cost per hour it is 9 cents an hour for netflix. it is 35 cents an her for paid tv. >> it sound like lauren is doing netflix and chilling. >> yes. >> i wish. >> but here's the thing once they do one increase that means more is coming and it is going up, that is my problem. >> yes. >> i know. >> hey lauren we will see you tomorrow. >> okay, bye-bye. >> start paying with your fingers. five finger discount. >> good one. >> by the way they have brand new things at citizens bank park. we will take you live in a little bit. >> jen freddie's getting us ready. >> hey jen. >> take me out to it is sense
7:28 am
bank park for home opener day, take me out okay, we are here all morning we have your giveaways, we have your make yourself into i a bobble head. the new gm. and a ferris wheel. this is where i need to be baby come on back.
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almost half billion dollars that is how much money women in the work place are, missing out on.
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their careers, and the reason behind the difference and what is being done to close that gap. later a burglar hits aberg are joint in washington d.c., what police say the man was after, and apparently it was in the cash. 7:31. there is an extra set of eyes and ears keeping tabs on nj transit riders. new report from says surveillance system on the trains is recording the conversations of passengers. nj transit says system is designed to keep riders safe but does raise a concern of invasion of the privacy. joining me is fox 29 legal analyst ken rottweiler. we know some places has video with surveillance. when it comes to listening to my conversation that's different from my privacy. >> it is. now we are taking it a step further. we are videoed all the time. my office is at 17th and sprees f i were to walk over at this time on to tv i would be videoed a half dozen times. there is no expectation of privacy when you are out in the public. like when you're on the train
7:32 am
but conversations, if you and i are on the train and we are having a conversation does the train, you know, do we think we will be, listened to by somebody else? >> no, it is taking it one step too far. there will be litigation over this. >> lets look at this sign then. this is from it it says notice video and audio systems in use. some people are saying okay, video and audio but is it clear enough you are listening to what i'm saying. >> how many people do you think have read that sign? that is the question. if the argument is by putting up that sign they are basically telling everybody that you will be listen to, that is not enough. this goes to a individual's privacy, this is a potential constitutional violation. we have a right to privacy, fourth amendment to the constitution, right. this is a big thing. the mess of the people have if you took a camera crew down there and mess of the people getting on the train and asked them do you know they will be listening tour conversations on the train? most people will say no.
7:33 am
most people will be outraged. >> what are the lust in new jersey. do you have my consent then if you just put up a sign you can listen to what i'm's sailing. >> in new jersey, taping somebody, listening to them it is one consent state which means you need one party's consent to the audio taping. in this this situation there is nobody's consent. third party is doing audio and listening and therefore i think it is a total violation of the constitution. >> what would be consented, i can say yes, i'm okay with you. >> yes, right good i think argument would be if you come on our train you will have to submit to this. but i think on the other side, you know, the argument is nobody is five told me and thinks public transportation and you know thinks really going to far. i think it ising too far. will be listening to these tapes. they are going to listen to every conversation of everybody that gets on the new jersey transit train? i mean that is crazy. you have to hire an army of people to do this. >> article they did ask
7:34 am
how will this be used? how long will you you store this? they didn't want to answer that for safety reasons. the it does seem interesting that they are doing this. and i don't know, if i saw these signs, i probably will be quiet. trains will be a lot more quiet. >> every car will be a quiet car. yes. >> thanks so much, ken. >> you're welcome. >> i don't like that this is happening, before i let you go i just thought have of this can i say i don't want you recording. can i go say something to them. >> you can always file something. i think there will be some type of litigation over this because this is going too far. somebody will bring up this case. the aclu is already on top of this i'm sure they will bring an lawsuit and answer as to whether or in the this can go forward and whether they will aloud to do this or not. >> we will to have see. things will be a lot more quiet on the train. >> 7:34. we will look at citizens bank park. getting ready for home opener, sue. the question is will weather behave. last year was a nation. almost in the 80's.
7:35 am
sue can you really beat that. >> well, you know what, we have been there in parkas and 30 degrees on opening day. with showers around this morning we will get rid of them by game time. that is a good thing. temperatures in the the 40's right now. yes, you will see rain on ultimate doppler radar but by game time at 3:05 we will see that this will be out of here, clouds, mostly in philadelphia right now. 48 degrees. phillies playing padres later on we will get started earl which tailgating but it should be 62 degrees for first pitch and 58 degrees by the time heading home with mostly cloudy skies. breezy though with wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour. that takes care of, your monday, we will talk about the rest of the workweek and we will say this bob kelly, i got in trouble last week for saying s word, only s word is, seven day and sunshine. >> we put soap in your mouth, and you learned your lesson.
7:36 am
7:35. good morning everybody. problems on both road and rails. a person struck and killed by a market frankford line train this morning at 40th and market. police activity down below at 40th and market. because of the investigation septa using shuttle bus these morning between 30th street station and 52nd street. probably out an hour delay here on the market frankford line for morning rush hour. new accident at route 202 and route 309, overturned vehicle right at intersection, an accident westbound on the schuylkill expressway, where we're bumper to bumper from montgomery all the way out to belmont avenue. there is what it looks like, traffic camera there railroad bridge in manayunk. the westbound and dane kinchen on his way back from the story here gave us a shot from the news van here. he wasn't driving, but was the passenger. here's the accident scene westbound approaching belmont. police all lined up in what would be the right lane.
7:37 am
there is only one lane opened, west on the schuylkill expressway, and i-95, northbound, a mess from the state line all the way up to approaching 476, and, accident there being worked on, well over a 45 minute trip there heading north on i-95 at the moment. mike and alex, back over to you. if you need a ride to the game today, we have some good news. yeah, that is all i'll say. we have some good news. if you want to get in the tailgate party at noon, we have some good news. >> come on back for good news. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done.
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors.
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vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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7:40 on this monday, the latest evidence of the earnings gap comes in advance of equal payday april 12th. >> is that tomorrow. >> that is tomorrow. >> according to the new analysis by national women's law center. >> here are the numbers, a woman starting her career right now, will earn more than $430,000 less than her male counterpart over the course of
7:41 am
a 40 year career, if the current wage gap persists. trying to get that changed. for minorities, the loss is larger. a african-american with men and native american women will earn nearly $900,000 less than their male kenter parts and latino women will miss out on a million-dollar in the lifetime. earn a million-dollar less then her male counterpart over 40 years. >> wow. >> you know, jen went up for people half been out of town or whatever, what is that door behind you. that is the good day, birthday door. who will be the surprise guest. maybe it could be jen today. but no, she went to the ballpark instead. >> i went to the ballpark. we have the ballpark bankers here. citizens bank park. that is the name of the place. we have the big guy. he said go, get out of here. i have the calendar. why is the calendar so important. it goodies forgive aways, what? i got to go.
7:42 am
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. we have a backup on the bennie coming into town down, jammo from the tolls into center city. i think folks are trying to get to work early so they can go out for lunch a little early and have a cold develop around 12:00 or 12:30 and not
7:45 am
come back to to work but the miraculously be recovered by 3:00 o'clock first pitch. we have shuttle buses being used. police activity at 40th and market, give yourself, septa says a one hour delay on the market frankford line because they are using buses, between 30th and the 52nd street station this morning. northbound 495 all lanes blocked at edgemore in the heart of wilmington because of of an accident. if you use i-95 whiz would be the obvious alternate that is jammed up because of of an accident northbound near the blue route. the schuylkill expressway, jammed in both directions, mainly because of leaving the city, westbound an accident just past belmont avenue. now that is attracting a gaper delay on the inbound side. boulevard backed up back to i-95 we're jammed from the state line all the way up to 471, close to an hour delay, all bay of an early morning
7:46 am
accident that got all lanes block there tell prepare liz for quite sometime. we have double home openers, phillies big one at 3:00 seer other five. block party at noon, gates opened up at 12:35. first pitch just after three. we will see extra volume heading in the stadium area however at the even of the game around five or 5:00 or so bam instant rush hour when everybody starts to leave, but as phillies are on the way out, the soul fans are on their way in, and for their home opener tonight down at the wells fargo center. is what the forecast going to go look like for the phillies fans today, sue has the answer in 15 seconds. it will be a close call with this rain because there is rain right now but by the time we get to game time with the
7:47 am
phillies ape padres we are thinking mostly cloudy skies, maybe even a peak or two of sunshine and we will reach our high of 62 degrees. we have a lot of wind out there 30-mile an hour wind gusts when game begins down to 20 miles an hour. at the end of the game. little yellow light for today. we have rain on radar. the it is not heavy rain. mostly pretty light, dripping and on and off, throughout the morning. we don't see anymore freezing rain and sleet just light rain in philadelphia, down here at the shore points we are seeing light rain, very light, but it is there and we think it will be there for rest of the morning, even in the early afternoon but by 3:00 o'clock game time we should be seeing just clouds. it will be close, tricky, maybe a sprinkle or two. i would have rain gear, maybe punch o or waterproof jacket the with me, but i don't think you'll see heavy rain, not until tomorrow morning. morning rush hour could be a mess with these heavier rains and thunderstorms possible
7:48 am
with the cold front but once again we will clear out in time for phillies game because tomorrow's game ace a night game. so that works out good. fifty-eight tomorrow. upper 50's for wednesday. nice stretch from wednesday, through friday, a few clouds on saturday, and then maybe 70 . we have got rid of that s-n -o-w from saturday and hopefully won't come back until next winter. we're counting on it. >> let's remained everybody, sue, sing the song in the seventh inning, buy my some peanuts and cracker jack. it is singular. >> you are always so annal. >> i don't care if i never get back it is not get back. >> so jen is at the stadium. this is best day of the year especially when your team is in good. >> we are undefeated. i mean we're not undefeat budd we have been doing well. two wins a gets the mets.
7:49 am
>> huge. we have two out of the one coming home for opening day. >> that is a amazing. >> i had no idea mike, alex and sue it was cracker jack not cracker jacks. >> yes. >> you're in charge of one of the most important divisions here at phillies operations. >> that is correct. >> the giveaways. >> let's face it if your team isn't, you know, you want the free stuff. >> even it is, we still do it. >> i like my magnet. >> i like my magnet. >> i brought the map of giveaways. is there the blue thingy there are good giveaways, white things are away games and red things are tickets are still available. >> yes, you girth. you got it down to the science. >> so today, huge. we have aaron nola. people are excited for him. he intentionally was pitching on the second day because people want to see him right here at home. >> yeah, home opener, he is starting. we are not giving that away today but he is starting have. that is t shirt we are
7:50 am
giving away for aaron know l purple and yellow because he went to lsu. >> people are excited about him. >> he is a a good pitcher. we drafted him two years ago and he is starting the in the home opener. >> i like these socks. >> retro weekend june 5th. we will turn back the clock to 1976. >> you will give me that. >> all fans are getting these on june 5th. >> i like the freeze stuff or is this pay for stuff. >> thinks all free stuff here. some of it you are not eligible for your kids are but other stuff are like opening day you are eligible for that hat. >> okay good what about hey hawaii shirt am i eligible for that. >> you are not eligible for. that you are eligible for our mothers day infinity scarves in the business. >> that is mothers day. >> what about this fancy sophisticated hat. >> isn't that nice? nice little styling. it is a respiratory awareness night hat. we are giving that away as well. >> what is this hat right here. >> this is this weekend saturday night, kid opening night. this is my little league team will be wearing this baby. look at that, nice warm up, warm up jersey, shirts.
7:51 am
>> i like the little towel. >> beach towel. >> the visor. >> what is that for. >> that is our sunday, i forget the day. it is on there. >> this guy, heck of a batter. >> yes,. >> miguel franco his first bobble head figurine. >> last thing steve keeley stole my thunder. this is the hat you are giving away. my goodness he is back. are you okay. you survived even though i tried to hurt you. i didn't mean to hurt you. i'm good. i am will's fine. we are a still friend. boyfriend/girl friend? what a is that hat about. >> that is for his birthday citizens bank park. >> yes. >> this sunday april 17th all kid four and under will get that. >> i get the hat this sunday not to day. >> well, your kid will get it, you won't get it. >> well, it is hat fits, you must give. that is in the how it works. >> no. >> all morning long we will be here. we will talk tour new general
7:52 am
manager. >> he is nice. >> matt, yep. >> he has got some big like formula for how we will win this year. >> yes, and last few days has work well. >> yes. >> so it will be nice to matt. no, you can't have it. hi, bye. see you guys. i will be back next hour. >> it will be 60's by end of the game. >> we will have that. >> we have a ruling on the golf thing, 16th hole, three holes in one. three acees a at masters. so, here goes louie, hits it. he hits another players ball, the guy ahead of him had a good shot too. this will be a hole in one eventually but it hits the other dude's ball. so we were wondering, well, it almost went in the other ball. but louie a's ball did get in. he gets an ace. apparently had the ball gone in it would not have counted. you have to take the ball back to the a proximate area where
7:53 am
it got hit. >> thanks to our viewers mary donnelly she said that on facebook. and we had another guy who tweeted us about that too. >> yes. >> rick. >> got it. >> thanks. >> you have to place it right where it was. >> trying to get back to the approximate area where it got hit. get up close and personal, real face time is good for your health. >> really. >> yes. >> how often you should get together with your family in order to feel better. >> winner of the masters he was face timing when he won, yeah, with his wife back where ever he lives, england. >> this is actual face time. >> all right. >> i hate real face time.
7:54 am
katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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morning. wait until you see who walks through the door today, our mystery, surprise guest, for our 20th birthday celebration. >> it is a good one. >> it is good. >> you know, it is the not always easy to explain a criminal's behavior even though we try. >> surveillance cameras catch this guy inside a washington d.c. fast food spot. but apparently he is not after money. apparently he had a craving for a burger. so he put himself to work. fox's alexandria line explains. >> reporter: after following a delivery man into this burger joint, a brazen man caught on surveillance video fires up the grill and whips himself up some burgers. he also takes a phone call and helps himself to a drink. that he has on his way. surprise leg employees of the restaurant say no other cash or valuables were taken. >> maybe he felt like a thief with more quality then the money, you know, maybe he wanted quality grass fed beef
7:58 am
at five guys. what can i say, man. >> i figure it doesn't make a difference. the guy wanted a burger. he must have have worked here before or something. he has got skills, to cook two burgers. >> reporter: d.c. police say this happened march 18th between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning. anyone who recognizes the hungry thief should give them a call. >> believe it or not, d.c. police are offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to this guys arrest. a thousand dollars. >> because he a ate a burger. he still stole food. >> listen, i don't know how to turn on the stove in my apartment, much less at a burger joint. >> maybe he has a friend that works in fast food and telling him how house narrowly to make thatberg. >> or a former employee. >> prankster convicted, what? >> that is what he d a prankster convinced employees at a burger king, to busted out their own windows. claiming there had been a gas leak. >> it happened at a burger king in, minnesota friday. the call are claimed to be
7:59 am
from the fire department and workers were toll dangerous levels of gas had been detect and that the windows needed to be broken to keep the building from blowing up. >> oh, geese. >> that is exactly what they did. >> my gosh. >> police are looking for that prank caller. >> witnesses, heard and saw a bunch of people breaking windows out of a burger king and initially they thought it was a vaned list many in process. the that is when we got a 911 call from the witness. >> since february other fast food locations around u.s. have been victims of a similar prank. >> what happened over weekend there was also a drunk guy who set up a dui, what company they call them things, checkpoint, he set up his own dui checkpoint and cops came and arrested him for being drunk. >> the at his own checkpoint. >> he started stopping other cars, saying, are you drunk? he was drunk. >> what is going on. >> they arrested him. >> yes. >> i can't remember what city it is, i'll look it up. >> good day it is monday,
8:00 am
april 11th, 2016. in the air to right field. >> it is gone. >> the boys of summer are back, the phillies home opener is today so we're down at the ballpark taking in all of the fun. what you can expect this year. >> raising the bridge, new dare devil experience that will have you walking over sharks. today is national pet day, and we are honoring our beloved animals but there is also a connection to our good day special guest for our 20th anniversary. who will come walking through the door. we will have you you keeping a close eye on your four legged friend, that is for sure. red carpet blast, what happens moments before a actress smacked a reporter. >> i didn't see that store bring. >> kristin. >> she's so sweet.
8:01 am
>> um-hmm. >> by the way, it is national pet day. people have been send nothing pictures of your pets. there is one right here. grace sent this one in after 13 years and still acting like a puppy. thirteen year-old skit also. >> yes. >> look at that one. >> that was like me yesterday. >> have you waiting for mike, abby waiting for mike, alex and the perfect sue. >> that is a bull headed red head how about that for a moniker. >> yes. >> what is the number, today sue. >> let's go with the five. i think first half of the day we're seeing showers will be completely different from the second half of the day when we will see milder temperatures and high wind. the showers are around. we are seeing umbrellas in olde city. forty's your temperatures. at least it is only rain. nothing like what happened on saturday. but by the time the game begins, we're thinking most of this rain will be out of here. i would be prepared for it anyway, but it will look better then it is right now on
8:02 am
ultimate doppler radar. cloudy skies, and where it is in the raining and then 48 degrees in the city, here we go, the home opener is today at citizens bank park and we're thinking seasonal high of 62 degrees. by the time we throw the first pitch, with a few flakes of sunshine possible. mostly cloudy, breezy, by the time you're leaving the ballpark about 58 degrees, that is your monday forecast, we will see if things improve instead of detour rate in the seven day, coming up, bob kelly. >> sue, a lot going on at this hour here on the roads and also on the the rails. the first of all, the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike, an accident approaching the fort washington interchange and that is causing a major jam from willow grove, all the way over to fort washington also delayed at philadelphia interchange as well a at lot of road are damp and wet from the early morning sprinkle. if you are heading out watch out for on and off ramps. we have had a couple accidents
8:03 am
this morning. the westbound turnpike, jammed in, to fort washington, and that is one accident right there that we're working on. another one is new jersey turnpike, as soon as you come over the delaware memorial bridge into new jersey, it is northbound at exit number one. and then, 295, southbound an accident right here near the black horse pike, that is right before you get into the construction zone there. it is in bellmawr, new jersey. shuttle busing on the market frankford line a person was struck and killed by an el train this morning at 40th street. septa uses buses between 30th and fifth second street. it is not easy to put this many bus necessary play here during morning rush hour, so septa says expect one hour delays on market frankford line. mike and alex, back to you. >> 8:03. >> jurors will resume deliberations of the trial of the two philadelphia police officers charged with wrongly beating a man who has since died in a separatens dent. thirty-one year-old sean mcknight and 28 year-old kevin robinson are accuse odd
8:04 am
beating, 23 year-old naji riveria during a may 203 traffic stop. the officer said that riveria tried to get away after running a stop sign. they mistakenly believed he was running drugs, and, chased the man. prosecutors say that surveillance video contradicts the allegation that riveria attack them. riveria died from a separate incident in december after being shot during a street fight. well, later this morning, the state of the schools address to the city of philadelphia will be held. the hearing, will highlight new findings about staffing, spending and critical issues facing public schools. just as leaders will also detail the newly released five-year plan. today's hearing following months of testimony near meetings about the struggles facing our city schools. well, phillies fresh off a couple of wins over the mets, considered the best in the national league. they will open up with the padres this afternoon. >> it will be at 3:00 o'clock. >> yes. >> steve is getting us ready. >> steve is at the park, well,
8:05 am
steve. >> on the phone, really. >> steve. >> reporter: yes, yes. >> steve? >> jerry is getting knock around, bring in murphy, the right-hander. >> yes. >> steve, that is bull pen phone did you like that phone. >> it was good. >> acting like were you the starting pitcher. me the bull pen phone. how cool is this? opening day, coming out of the dug out, we would be able to walk on the field but tarp is out because we have light drizzle falling. sue says it will in the rain by game time. look at the flags in the outfield blowing. the wind may be even stronger then it is right now. but we see flags blowing out toward center city. that means ball will be flying out of the ballpark today. this is already a hitters ballpark. so opening day, may be full of offense. how cool is that. they have opening day emblem painted here on the field, covered up, which is kind of artistic the at that, but the outfield might be a little slippery. you might have some diving balls. phillies have lost eight hits
8:06 am
this year. if you haven't been paying attention? cincinnati had unreal plays and then they get to new york and couple more unreal defensive gems, by the mets. so phillies would have a few more hits and a few more runs but how about that winning the last few games. it is not as bad as we thought and the padres are the other team in town. they had shut out, they got shut out their first three games, set an all time record for start going a season without scoring a run at like 30 innings and then they scored 29 runs, sat the day, and friday, and did okay, later after starting the season awful, zero a and three like phillies zero and four. now both teams two and four now and it should be and it should be good. power warning the seats for you guys. we need, schratwieser, after he is done with the live truck, it would be good to power wash our seats in the live truck after schratwieser is done with his chinese food and tootsie rolls in there but that is another thing. let me show you video, and show you a a scene from
8:07 am
january. remind you jesse hartnett, the philadelphia police officer shot in the left arm, three times while being at the game here today. that armies getting better. he will show strength this his right arm too. he will throw out first pitch. he has been practicing. he is real confident according to philadelphia sources that he will throw a strike. i did manage to steel a baseball and, let me see friday i get to ride in the parade with the villanova championship parade. next day at work i'm standing on the field for opening field in baseball. i think this is a cool job. i get to ride bench with another championship team, full of great starters on the fox 29 good day team. so i'm honored to be part of the team even if i'm one of the bench warmers on it, so i'll see you later. not a bad job last couple of days. >> seriously you are an mvp. >> you you are definitely a starter at least. >> reporter: thank you. >> steve, i necessity you follow the flyers.
8:08 am
go look at their twitter account right now and get back to me. some good news for fans, looking to go down to the ballpark. it may be go down there at noon this afternoon for tailgate. >> people will use uber, right? here's the good news. to celebrate this home opener uber is offering $2 flat fares or uber pool for this opening on today. so pool means they will pick up multiple people. >> but they will be phillies fan. >> i want to warn you, in case you you are wondering why is he picking up the car. >> you might pick up someone like me. >> wouldn't that be a great surprise. >> yes. >> $2 fare is less than a price of the third inning hot dog. >> um-hmm. >> there you go what about a fourth inning hot dog. >> it is only cheaper in the third inc. >> i see. >> over the weekend, did you see, i don't know if you follow the boston globe or not, but their sunday morning paper was kind of a shocker. >> yeah. >> kind of having some fun, lauren and donald trump didn't like it at all. >> reporter: that is right, paper prints satyrical front
8:09 am
page dated april 9th, 2017. it features fake headlines envisioning what the country would be like under president donald trump. there are fake stories with the head line deportations begin, and then talks about riots taking place in several cities, another fake head line reads, market sibk as trade war looms. the globe's editorial board calls it an exercise in taking a man at his word. the editorial was titled the g.o.p. must stop trump. trump responded to the parity paper at a rally in rochester last night calling the paper stupid and worthless. then there was saturday night live having some fun with hillary clinton. last week clinton had a bit of the problem trying to prove she was a woman of the people when she tried to board a train in new york and it took her five different times to get that card to work. of course, snl had fun with that moment. >> you know what my favorite part about new york is? the subway. i love to ride it. i am comfortable riding it. in fact, using it earlier
8:10 am
today. the new york city subway is best way to get around. it is just a working card. >> i will take a cab. cabbies the best way to get around. >> it happens to the best of us. clinton wearing yankees cap, still has a price tag on it as she pretending to eat hot dog and nuts to prove what a real new yorker she is. then she switches to a mets cap. new york's primary a week from tuesday and then the primary here mike and alex a week later. >> all right, thanks, lauren. we have some breaking news. we knew this was coming but it has happened, the philadelphia flyers have just informed us that their owner, since the 60's ed snyder has died, with
8:11 am
great sadness we mourn loss of our chairman and founder ed snyder. this has just come into us. we will get more details, about this, when we come right back. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:12 am
8:13 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:14 am
phillies home opener finally here, phillies and padres get started officially at the 3:05. we know you may get started earlier then that with wayne drops falling but it will be quite windy for sure. wind is iffy. we think we will see just included and a few peaks of sunshine 62 degrees, that is high temperature for all of us. still breezy by the time you're leaving between 7:00 and 7:30. tomorrow a high of 58, some rain in the morning. the then nice stretch of weather, wednesday through sunday with a warming trend, a lot better than last weekend was, that is your seven day forecast. lets recap, yesterday's rescue on the runway, looking at clover who was part of our fashion show in aston, part of the delaware county spca fundraiser. clover rescued on st. patrick's day thus the name and so many success stories of folks who a adopted animals,
8:15 am
from the delco spca. there is our fan of the week, this is june, who has been watching our show for years. sweetest lady. i met her yesterday. hello june, great to meet you. fan of the week bob kelly. >> you got it, june, looking good there. the not looking good for gang on route one in bucks county we have had a couple accidents both north and southbound in the area of route 32, backed up on the bennie, stacked up from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine. everybody getting a move on early this morning to have time to get down to the game later on. however, a person struck and killed by a market frankford train earlier this morning, leaving one hour delays, on the market frankford line and septa using shuttle buses between 30th street and 52nd street, with that investigation. it has been a rough go on the turnpike westbound lanes an accident at fort washington interchange causing big delays on the westbound side. new jersey turnpike, accident in new jersey at exit number
8:16 am
one and southbound lanes of 295, a crash near the black horse pike. we are heavy on the schuylkill both directions from an earlier accident at belmont, mike and alex, back over to you. 8:16. we will have more on the passing of the passing of ed snyder, founder, chairman of the philadelphia flyers, comcast spectacor in a little bit. gathering more information, we will get some interviews for you. the sad news. he died this morning. >> at the age of 38. >> he has been battling cancer for two years. >> as his beloved flyers made the playoffs on sat day. more on that in just a second. is there something interesting that i want to go see over in camden. here's the question i have asked, do you dare cross this thing. adventure aquarium one of our sponsors has a new, shark bridge. >> shark bridge. >> bill anderson is there and he will go accredits this bridge, explain it, what is so
8:17 am
special about the shark bridge, bill. >> reporter: guys, first off, good morning, fyi i'm so afraid of sharks. what is special about this is they have built a bridge, a rope bridge that goes across and over the shark tank where there are roughly, 30 sharks in there, couple hundred thousand gallons of water and so people can face their fears and get some information. kim is here with us she's from adventure aquarium. the let's do this. what made you decide to do. >> be in does sharks better than adventure aquarium. what better way to get our guests over to the exhibit, back behind the scenes, stacked up, where biologist, divers cleaning the exhibit, what better way to see sharks. >> reporter: this is something most people never get a chance to do. >> we will do this, all right. >> you want me to go first. >> i want to you lead the way. >> this is, oh, man, so there is a little give to this.
8:18 am
>> there is a little give. you are walking on 81 feet bridge and this is enough rope to span 63 football field. >> this is largest one in the world, in the country. >> longest and largest rope bridge of its kind. >> it is a rope bridge, there is a little give to this you are walk and sinking but you get to see the sharks in their environment, things you never get to experience. >> correct, we have 30 parts of this exhibit. you will see them swimming at the top of the water, right now you can see our sharks being fed by our biologists so guest can get lucky and get a chance to sees that during the visit. >> reporter: did you hear her say they are being fed by a biologist, i'm insisting that they feed the shark so it was not hungry walking over the
8:19 am
bridge they have got sharks up to 10 feet long here, sharks significantly larger then myself. eras peck of this is you can walk over the bridge but people want to expand can swim with the sharks as well. >> that is correct. it is included in the way yum admission. if you want to do swim with the sharks that is an additional cost. >> reporter: mike, i will go line it up, come on over here, i will stand on the bridge, you can go for a swim. alex, you go on one, i will go on the other. look at this, i'm moving all around. >> you are brave, bill. >> 8:19. >> lets get back to this news we are america the loss of flyers owner, chairman, founder, ed snyder. >> his family announced he passed this morning at the age of 83. we will look back at the face of flyers hockey.
8:20 am
>> ♪ >> he will be remembered to a generation and as the owner of the the flyers but ed snyder meant so much more to philadelphia and its fans. ed snyder was born edward malcolm snyder on january 6th, 1933, in washington d.c. his first venture in philadelphia sports was that of a minority owner of the eagles in 1964. when the nhl was awarding conditional franchises in the middle of the decade ed snyder made his move. at 33 years of age i ended upstarting the philadelphia flyers hockey team. >> reporter: in 1967 the philadelphia flyers were born. he needed a building for his team to play in. ed snyder built the spectrum. it was beginning of the unique relationship between a man, a team, and a city that would
8:21 am
span close to 50 years. but in seven years of buying in, and building, ed snyder brought a championship to philadelphia. >> the flyers win the stanley cup. the flyers win the stanley cup. >> the flyers won their first of two consecutive stanley cups. >> the flyers win their second in a row. >> reporter: snyder's passion for flyers never wavered. he helped team and sport grow through the period of transition but his contributions weren't limited to wins and losses and he understood the responsibility of a professional sports team and what it means to the city that it plays in. >> so i felt i wanted to do something for these kids and i didn't know how. then i came up with the the idea that maybe i need to do it through hockey. >> reporter: in 2005 snyder founded ed snyder youth hockey
8:22 am
foundation to help inner city children with the game of hockey, and life lessons. included in the foundation, the rebuilding of four hockey rink s in the city. >> we're saving lives and to me, nothing could be greater than that. >> snyder is also a member of the six hall of fame including the hockey hall of fame. he touched millions of lives in this city, his bond with its fans was unmatched. >> there is in greater love in sports then the philadelphia flyers and their fans. special feeling of family, permeates the flyers organization. >> reporter: last time ed snyder got to see his beloved flyers was here at his home in santa a monica california when flares were on the coast this new year. >> follow your gut if you have an idea, take a chance, more often then not the reward will be worth it risk. >> reporter: ed snyder was 83
8:23 am
years old at giant, shoppers are discovering
8:25 am
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8:26 am
trying to face time with my daughter, she's not answering. >> oh, no. >> i almost like face time better than face-to-face, human face to face. >> i can believe that. >> you can go, oops. >> you like it better than calling. you call mike at least for me he won't pick up. but if i face time him he will pick up right away. >> here's a new research that says put down the phone, and push away from your computer. face-to-face human interaction. face-to-face communication is better for your health, new study find, in person contact is the only type of interaction that beats depression. >> researchers studied 11,000 adults age 50 and over and those who saw loved ones in person times a week, they have, and 50 percent chance of clinical depression. those who got in person contact every few months or
8:27 am
less had had a 11 and a half percent chance. >> wow, wow, wow. >> it is our 20th anniversary at good day philadelphia every day, a surprise guest will come through that door. >> who is it going to be. >> let me see. >> go through the door mike.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
boy, philly was all over the mtv music awards, no, move a ward. >> sketch hart was helps continuing with dwayne the rock johnson but he presented his friend will smith with generation a allah ward. >> will smith cracked jokes. why he says he is dedicated to being a light in this world. >> um-hmm. >> she said yes. one boyfriend pops the question, but that is not all,
8:31 am
what happens moments before that had the police on the scene. this is the dumbest engagement wedding proposal i have ever heard of. >> probably still better than yours. >> so much better. >> it is national pet day. keep sending these pictures in. look at this dog. >> this is a good one this is gracy from middletown, delaware. use the #good day 20 so we can see them. rusty. >> rusty is eager. >> yes, by the way last night i was watching those mtv music awards. did you see key and peel were on there. >> yes. >> they are so funny, their show is fantastic. >> so, will we take a look at it. >> do you want to take a look at it. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:32 am
>> so cool. >> yes. >> gorgeous. >> now what is he petting, seriously. >> i believe that is a fake... >> hold on. >> can you get the door, mike. we don't want to keep our guest over there waiting. >> you see this coming down market street, couldn't you. >> hey, what is going on. >> hi. >> hey. >> welcome. >> good to see you. >> welcome. >> this is pretty cool. >> yes. >> this is pretty cool. >> you like our door. >> i love the door. >> no key. >> hey, you don't need a key for that door. >> that is true. >> funny to see you guys together. >> i brought a couple of my other co stars, right here, we do a little live concert. wait.
8:33 am
key, come on in. >> hey. >> method man. >> how are you. >> good how are you. >> love it. love it. >> so, that is a lot. >> i don't know what it is right there. >> so, have you replaced key with method man. >> i would like that actually. >> let's make it news worthy. >> comedian all we want to does be cool. we want to be like just rap stars and then on top of that, cliff as you know from his work, fantastic actor. >> appreciate that. >> you did not stop acting fantastically in our film. >> you bring the cool, that is for sure. >> appreciate that. >> i also think that i, you know, i help out with that. >> you have an animal as your kitty. >> yes good let's bring in some live kittens. >> yes, i am we work with a lot of kittens. >> now, don't step down. >> they are running, they are so cute.
8:34 am
>> they are pretty cute. >> one thing, we are counting on in this film, is the sight of meted man with a kit even. >> yes. >> he is not looking at it. >> i'm cool. >> you cannot say no to this guy. >> not everybody is a cat fan. >> yes. >> i mean kittens are cool. >> he has a soft spot. >> it is hard to get him to hold something cute but then when he does. >> but the ladies love that see you holding a kitten. >> yes. >> the good news, i dressed today good let's talk about this movie. >> is what the premise. >> the premise is my character is the artist, sort of a nerd, a real stretch and my cousin,
8:35 am
key, he is not the coolest tool in the shed and i find a kitten, keyano, not this kitten but it is a gray cat. >> okay. >> and -- >> a tab i. >> let's role some footage of this. >> okay. >> lets see some footage. >> my kitten gets stole up by a gang, that is run by cliff, who is playing cheddar, who is the very scary, leader of the gang. >> but his name is cheddar. >> yes. >> that is not very scary, cheddar. >> well, you see what you find, the sillier and more cute the name, the harder, the individual. >> yes. >> is that like when you name a big 6-foot third five, 300-pound guy tiny yes. >> why is the kitty named
8:36 am
keyano. >> he means cool breeze in a hawaii. >> i thought you meant keanu reeves. >> we saw point breeze. >> old one or new one. >> old one. >> yes. >> so, you know i will pass this a long. >> you know, having worked with a kitten for the last, six or seven months. >> that is enough. >> you would think i would want more. i love kit epps but usually they take a second to get a used to. >> absolutely. >> do you own any kittens. >> no. >> i have a dog. >> i don't have any animals in my house, sorry. >> no, animals come with, i no animals. >> they come with poop. >> yes. >> there you go. >> when does the come out. >> april 29th. >> how often do you you get to philly. >> i come to philly, i have within here four times in my
8:37 am
life probably. >> it is a hop, skip and a jump. my doubt are does cheer leading and we used to come up here for cheer leading competition is shout out, temple university. >> yes. >> temple fan here. >> yes. >> go owls. >> thanks, guys for coming by. >> thanks for having us. >> are you sure you don't want to hold a kitten again. >> no. >> no. >> it is really good for us. >> i have a question for you, red carpet situation have you ever slapped a reporter. >> no. >> verbally or physically. >> no, never. >> do you want to see it. >> yeah, watch this tape. >> red carpet event, kristin bell, you know, that actress, watch this. >> my gosh. >> she got him. >> we will explain what he said to her that cause that had reaction. vo: president obama endorses
8:38 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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hey, is that cat watching my favorite guy, the trivago guy, i think that is him. explain to me, what is the name of that show? it is a weird show. >> i haven't seen it. >> really witch guy and spoiled rotten kids and his wife. >> i may have a new pet that i want new. >> do you like little kitten. >> they are so cute. >> that is another cute one. >> that is sir fella. >> i like that name. >> asking for cat treats. i enjoyed that last interview. >> yes. >> look at this one. we were bonding earlier, mike. >> here's the thing. he is still on the loose. we are missing one of them too. oh, man. >> they are so adorable. i used to have a little black
8:42 am
kitty when i was younger. >> what was the name. >> my first cat's name was tiger lily. >> tiger lily. >> yeah. >> what a name. >> yes. >> what is it saying if you are a stripper, your your first pets name and the street you lived on. >> tiger lily terrace. that is a i good name. >> bernie runge. >> that was pretty good. >> rug by playing. >> 8:42. jen is at the phillies. it is home opener today at 3:05. >> they have so much planned and so much new merchandise. we will check out that and much more, in the majestic clubhouse, store. come on back. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done.
8:43 am
...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
8:44 am
in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water.
8:45 am
i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. ♪ hey, it is 8:45 on a monday morning. sue is giving this day out of a ten a five out of ten as far as weather because it the is a little dreary. >> it is drippy here and in
8:46 am
the poconos mountains. by the time phillies and padres play today home open ter day most of the rain will be out of here. there is a good chance we might see a few peaks of sunshine with mostly cloudy skies. there is a very good chance it will be quite wind which wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. by the time you go home about 58 degrees. you'll be getting ready for sunset and it will be breezy. showers to sunshine and then some rain in the morning, heavier rain on tuesday, and then once we get that rain out of here, it looks like a fantastic rest of the week, and mike and alex, by the time we get to sunday instead of the snow we are talking about last week we're talking about 07 degrees. that is more like it for springtime. >> 8:46. again, the sad news this morning, the chairman, founder of the philadelphia flyers, back in 1967, ed snyder has died at the age of 83.
8:47 am
steve keeley is near the wells fargo center, pretty famous statue over last couple of years, steve. >> reporter: yeah mike, i thought this within most fitting spot to talk about ed snyder because even though it came so early, in his tenure owning the flyers, never got to win another stanley cup, but this from 1974. i remember it well. i just talk about this moment on friday because we were all getting together, us media on the bus riding a long with the team. they said what does this compared to. nothing will ever compare to the crowds that came out for the first flyers stanley cup championship in the spring of 74. i remember seeing head line 2 million people, all around the city, independent hall, jfk stadium, all through broad street during the parade. we were just across the street inside the phillies stadium for opening day and coincidently, one of the members of the morning team there is keith jones who only
8:48 am
played two or three years to end his career with the flyers and he stuck around and said he is convinced ed snyder, as sick as he was, survived long enough to see the flyers make the playoffs, and then once they got in the playoffs he said okay i have done my job, i can see them through now. that is how he saw it, and boy he and al morganti who were close to ed snyder over this. this wasn't like sixers owner hard hoist comes to town to make a big announcement and then off, doesn't care as much. this was ed snyder's only business for the most part, he was a flyers owner. he knew to keep a business in business you had to put a good product to your customers, year after year after year. after he won those first two stanley cups he made sure that he could do anything in his power to win another stanley cup every year. there was in tanking years with the flyers. >> always trying to bring that cup back here.
8:49 am
steve, hang in there at xfinity live, steve martinez from 97.5 is here, mr. hockey himself. >> what is his legacy. howard eskin on it phone as well. everybody is here. >> it is a party. >> his legacy is simple to me. he is a owner here for 50 years. that doesn't happen very often. obviously he is a guy that wanted to win as much as the fans did. he connect with his fans because of that. as steve said he wanted to entertain the fans. he never wanted a team to come here and push flyers around. >> i was able to sit with him during that black hawks series, when they were this close. >> 2010. >> and that silent goal went in. >> i remember when they won eastern conference finals. i had him on the air after the game. he was over the moon about the fact that they were going back to play for the stanley cup. he cared. >> i think that is what everybody feels. they could feel his love, even in the statement his family released, they were saying
8:50 am
they were hoping wow survive to see flyers win just one more game because he would have been there. howard, i think people notice when they had that game when they cemented their role in the playoffs that he would have been here if he could have been here if he could have been. >> i just saw your tweet that says best owner in philly history. >> as far as i'm concern he is absolutely the best owner in philadelphia history. he had a love for the sport. it wasn't a business. some owner treat it as a business, some don't. some really have the passion and the love. unfortunately he could not come all season. i have stayed in touch. i have always called him ed. i said to him within time i said ed, i will not call you mr. snyder. i never told anybody to call me mr. snyder. people just started calling me mr. snyder. i'm alwaysing to go call you ed. i have men this guy for over 40 years. he was the most passionate person at that level, and
8:51 am
obviously i'll always call him owner. his title is chairman. the always call him owner. i know he was founder. i remember the day. he would do anything beyond trying to do things for the hockey team. some owners worry about finances and where i about money. ed, within the rules when there became a salary cap but with go over the rules outside of the team, and still, there were rules but he would spend to try to develop players. he would do everything he could but made ed beautiful as a person is his loyalty. you saw people with tough, guy we had our differences of opinion but 60 seconds later we were laughing and joking with one another. he would take care of all of his people. his loyalty is beyond anything. and the hockey rink s that he built, in this city for the youth and the ed snyder youth hockey foundation is amazing.
8:52 am
this guy just wanted to see people embrace things but he wanted to make it good for fans. if there was a player, former flyers player that ever had problems, outside of playing hockey or financially he would fine ways to give him jobs. that is why you see so many ex-players working for the flyers because ed embraced those people, and always had a loyalty for those people, and nobody can ever to touch that loyalty that he had for people. i loved the guy. i really loved the guy. >> jason, would you agree with that. >> echo what howard put up ed snyder's youth hockey foundation. big reason why hockey is as big as it is here, james van riemsdyk and others because they are in the nhl is because of the hockey he he grew in this area. he educated his fan base. big part of why hockey is so big this this area in philadelphia and why fans are so loyal to the product.
8:53 am
they connect with him. >> fans are saying we should do this for him, keep getting these rings and go all the way and do it for him. >> saturday was a very emotional day at the rink, lauren hard dedicated god bless america via a face time which was touching for people and people that work there were very moved by that. >> i think lauren knew and everybody knew that time, his death was imminent. jason, thanks for coming in. >> hour, thank you. we will see you later today. >> take care, guys. >> boy, sad news. >> we will take a quick break coming right back.
8:54 am
there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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good morning. 8:56. we are still using shuttle buses, on market frankford line. one hour delays on the market frankford and buses running between 30th and fifth second street. also an accident southbound on
8:57 am
the northeast extension, just south of the lansdale interchange, and there is an example of the schuylkill westbound heavy from the boulevard out through conshohocken. alex, back over to you. well, phillies shining bright at mtv movie award, kevin hart hosted and will smith took the generation allah ward. he did take this very seriously. yes said he is dedicated to being a light in this world. blank elmo's got the moves.
8:58 am
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♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ it is straight up 9:00 o'clock and it has turned into a dreary monday morning. lauren has join us now. breaking news flyers own are ed snyder has passed away at the age of 83. you know him. we have known him since 1967 when he brought flyers to philadelphia. here's a reminder of ed.


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