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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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home. how many others are on the streets? fox 29 investigates. >> a family heirloom swiped from dead woman's body at a funeral home. what her family is desperate to get back. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ happening right now, the hunt for the guys who turned up up in woman local womans' home while she was in the booth room. place say this is one of the men who starred her and claimed he was with the gas company. good evening, i'm lucy noland.
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>> i'm iain page. police say what happened to that elderly woman sounds a lot like what happened in another community not too far away. dave schratwieser has the story to tonight from woodbury, new jersey, dave. >> reporter: iain, police in two towns are now working jointly trying to solve these two cases. they tell us they're looking for at least two suspect suspects. and residents in the areas where tease burglaries have occurred tell us tonight they're worried. >> little scary. >> reporter: along this quiet stretch of royal avenue in franklin township, they don't have a lot of crime. so when an 83-year-old woman walked out of the her bam room and found two strange men inside her home, she was startled and demanded they leave. >> they tell her they're from the gas company there to shut off the electric. >> it's scary 83-year-old lady can't be safe in her own home. >> reporter: police released this sketch of one suspect. to men quickly left the home but not before stealing two ring from the victim's bedroom. neighbors also reporterred
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seeing a strange vehicle along royal avenue right around the same time. possibly a gray mini van. >> we're not sure if that van is related to this incident. although we are looking into all the possibilities. >> reporter: jamie and brendan live down the block on royal avenue with 10 month old son. news of this fake utility worker scam and burglary had them on edge. >> i got a kid, so when he's not home, i'm by myself i get a little worried somebody will numb. >> it's rough. he's 10 months old, and we're real world about this safety. >> vineland detectives reported a similar crime by fake utility company workers. again, the victim was an elderly person. >> similar burglary occurred same day few hours apart. suspects similar. >> reporter: in the meantime, police warn neighbors to be on the look out for strange vehicles and people in their community. >> just contact the police we'll go out there and investigate it. >> make sure i keep an eye out, you know, try keep all of our
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towns safe as we can. >> reporter: now, no one was injured in these two cases. police say the franklin township suspect wore a gold chain around his neck and had a heavy odor of cologne. they worn residents to lock their doors. if you have any information call franklin township or vineland police. iain. >> dave, thank you. tonight the philadelphia and hockey community mourning a legend the founder of the philadelphia flyers ed snider lost his two-year battle with cancer. ed snider known as one of the most enthusiastic owners in philly was loved by his players, his team captain saying he was one of a kind. >> every time we get to see him, um, you can just feel the passion, you know, just talking about hockey and, um, you know, he really like the sport. it loves his flyers. he's a philadelphia flyer. >> he cares so much about everybody, and you can tell that through his work in the
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community, um, he didn't do it, you know, for fame or for anything other than the fact that, you know, that's trial wal was in his march. he was such a genuine person and had such a big heart and he wanted to help everybody out. >> key part of ed snider's legacy his work with youth sports in our city. chris o'connell is live in south philadelphia with those details. chris? >> reporter: well, lucy, philadelphia has ed snider to thank for this, one of philadelphia's most treasured sports memories when the flyers won the stanley cup for the first time in 1974. but it is another group of hockey players snider says will be his real lasting legacy. >> the program is changed my life, and all for the better. >> reporter: growing up six blocks away from the laura sims 68 house in cobbs creek thomas brown learned hockey because of ed snider. also learned a whole lot more. >> he gave me a reason to believe that there was something beyond, you know, your average,
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you know, children from the inner city on road to failure. >> reporter: brown was one of tens of thousands of kids over the years held by the ed snider youth hockey foundation started 10 years ago by the flyers founder the program is at seven earings providing free ice time and hockey equipment for inner city youth. now at 23, brown is still here but now he's coaching and mentoring other kids. >> you rarely meet human beings about really care about someone they don't know. >> reporter: the foundation has a focus on hockey and life. it includes after school academics, fitness and nutriti nutrition. >> we use hockey as our hook to gain and hold the attention of our young people so so we can teach them much greater lessons in life. >> reporter: it's working. according to the foundation 85% of high school seniors in the program go on to college or trade school. >> it does something for our neighborhood as far as our kids, because actually when i grew up in the '70's and '80s we didn't have this time of thing.
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>> foundation leaders say snider said it himself after he's gone the billionaire who helped bring two stanley cups to philadelphia really wants to be remembered for this. >> his legacy is going to be snider hockey. the many years from now when we all forget that he founded the flyers, 30, four, 50 years from now snider hockey will affect these monday that's in positive way. >> reporter: as you see the lights at lincoln financial field across the street from xfinity life memorializing ed snider as far as the foundation, 3,000 kids in the city now participate in the youth foundation program. and there are plans to build two more rinks and double the size of that program in the coming years. it is certainly impacted a lot of kids. iain? >> what great legacy it will be. chris thank you. philadelphia eagles reacting to the loss of ed snider the team tweeting out a statement from eagles chairman and ceo jeffrey lurie the reads "ed was a true visionary an pioneer who did tremendous things for our
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city and for the sport of hockey". >> and in a statement philadelphia mayor jim kenney said in part, ed snider was a good friend a kind hearted man an first class mensch. i will miss him and i'm sure thousands will miss a man who changed the landscape of the philadelphia region ". >> you have been tweeting condolences all do you would you your memories of ed snider. we would love to hear more from you. tweet using the hash tag fox 29 philly. still ahead tonight the moment snider launched the broad street bullies and changed the flyers forever. it was a return of spring like weather as we take live look into wilmington, delaware torque night. dry out there now but some rain could affect your morning commute tomorrow. so meteorologist kathy orr here to tell us all about that rain. kathy. >> we are watching this closely, iain. talking bout clouds rolling in right knowledge it is still mild out there. the rain not that far away so for the morning rush, it will be wet. so pack the umbrella and your patience because you know any time it rains, it's usual al slow go. so for your tuesday morning commute, a high impact morning
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but no problems. easy going by the afternoon. right now it is still 61 in philadelphia. the high temperature 67. 59 in allentown. 57 in wrightstown and right now in atlantic city we're checking in at 56 degrees. so a mild evening with southerly winds as we go hour by hour, the clouds roll in during the overnight. and by four, 5:00 o'clock in the morning we see the rain. heavy at times if you get caught in one of these bands it will definitely slow things down. so looking ahead we'll talk more about the rain moving in timing that out a cool wind that follows and guess what? this is the bonus. 70s back in the seven day. we've been waiting. lucy brought the warmth back. we'll take a look at that later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> we'll talk to you then kathy. the search is for the man who abducted a young woman in hunting park section of the city. investigators say these pictures actually show the crime. authorities say last friday that man forced the woman into his green toyota camry along the 900 block of west luzerne street.
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then drove off. witnesses told police that the woman was yelling for the man to get away. cops say the car has a partial pennsylvania tag of kbl137. jurors have acquitted to philadelphia police officers charged with beating a man. prosecutors had charged sean mcknight and kevin robinson with aggravated assault and false arrest saying they beat najee rivera during a traffic stop. he died in december following a street fight in kensington. n moment county, a medical examiner is trying to determine how a cabana college student died. the 22-year-old man was found unresponsive in a home in west conshohocken on moore head avenue on sunday. police say officers performed cpr and administered anti overdose drug but they were unable to revive the victim. student has not been identified n a statement the college says it's saddened by the news and they are focused on sporting students through the loss. >> it has taken almost two years but tonight an egg harbor township woman now faces charges
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for a deadly crash involving a new jersey transit bus. prosecutors have charged melissa rodriguez with three counts of vehicular homicide. they say in may of 2014 she crossed a lane of traffic in to the path of a new jersey transit bus. she was 18 years old at the time and had five other teens in her car. three of them died. everyone on the bus is survived. prosecutors say rodriguez was driving recklessly. suspected thief uses a delivery truck to pull off this crime. police say this man stole a large engine block and other wooden pallets from the engine strictor company in blackwood camden county. the crime was pulled off a couple of weeks ago early in the morning. the loss cost the business $2,000. man is accused of punching a septa driver is now charged. the vile license was all caught on surveillance camera rah as the map was getting off a troll the at the springfield mall station last week. septa police tell us the suspect was arrested in darby on friday. springfield police are now hander link the case and we're still waiting on more
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information from them about the arrest. if you plan on taking a late night drive on the 59 spree stress way tonight or any night this week, you might want to pump the brakes. penndot is closing i676 in both directions tonight through thursday from 11:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. between i-76 and broad street crews they're working on overhead bridges and be ready for more late night closures in the weeks to come as well. ♪ philadelphia police officer is cut down but survives a shocking attack on a city stre street. the gun comes from a fellow cop's home. are there other firearms missing? >> the fact of the matter is one, one too many. >> how often does it happen? fox 29 investigators next. how is this for a cold hearted thief? a woman walks into a funeral home and walks out with the a* family heirloom taken right out of the casket. what family members are desperate to get back. a man so unhappy with this fast food restaurant he rams his car into the side of it. not once but twice. what was going on in the
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fodeveloping drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. ♪ a trio of men bust into a local convenience store and quickly go to work. police say they pried open a rear door at the place on east hunting park avenue but they weren't after the cash. instead they swiped 24 cases of
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cigarettes and the value $64,000. surveillance cameras don't show which way they went so if you know anything, please call police. purses sitting signed locked cars. snatched by some thieves cops in burlington county are now on the hunt for whoever smashed out windows to get their hands on the bags. the scene of the crime is a picturesque park. let's get straight to fox 29's shawnette wilson live in medford. shawnette. >> reporter: well, the suspect police say rivaled through purchases and got away with cash and credit cards much this happened while parents were with their kids playing soccer just feet away. valuables left in plain sight inside cars at bob bendy park in med for. employees say someone smashed the windows of two locked cars here last week. >> i just heard from a friend you better lock your car because our make sure your belongings are safe because there were a few break ins while soccer practice was going on. >> reporter: maureen comes here with her eight-year-old son michael.
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she locks her purse in the trunk unlike some others we talk to. >> just take it for granted we're in a safe area and safe neighbor. >> reporter: like this woman who admits she leaves things visible in her car all the time. >> reporter: she showed us how she leaves her windows doors and doors up lock. her daughter's cell phone was inside. >> police say the smash and grabs happened just before 7:30 at night. the suspect got away with purchases, cash, credit cards and other items. >> lock your car doors much as simple as that. and take your personal effects with you. things of value or hide them in your car. report roar other parents now plan to change their habits. >> i always leave my stuff in my car, i guess, it's medford. this is like all of the parents we come here for our kids games and try outs and stuff. i just had my purse in there. his little tablet. so i'm glad you guys told. >> a little shocking especially the time of night around 7:00 o'clock.
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you wouldn't expect that to happen right here especially with the amount of people that are always around. >> reporter: and back here live, police don't have any information on the suspect. they say they're checking to see if their surveillance cameras in the area or at the park that may have captured something. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. take look at this car much police say two men used it in an armed robbery in voorhees township, new jersey. early yesterday morning they pulled into gas station on route 73. police say drive got out and point add gun at the station attendant demanding money. now, at one point he pistol whipped the attendant of the second man in the car stayed there the whole time. if you know anything about this, give police a call. philadelphia mayor jim kenney's office now officially confirming the next fire commissioner adam thiel will officially be appointed tomorrow. thiel identified here on the website for the virginia state government. thiel was most recently the deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security in virginia. kenney will also announce blanche carney as the new
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prisons commissioner tomorrow. >> new jersey governor kris tee made nomination to fill a seat on the state supreme court. christie nominated criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor walter tim pone. tim pone's nomination brings an end to a stalemate over the vacancy between the governor and state legislators. state senate president steve sweeney says they'll have a hearing in the near future. animal rescue group is part to clean up a cat community in bucks county that has gotten out of hasn't. fox 29's bill anderson has more from bucks county. >> this problem has been going on for 10, maybe more years. >> reporter: core creek park a beautiful 1200-acre park here in bucks county. it's a place where most people come to play and relax but unfortunately it's also a place that hundreds of abandoned cats call home. >> people have been feeding them, cats have been getting dumped here at core creek. people have to move they just don't want their cat any more and they thought it was okay to just dumb it here. >> reporter: it is sad. but it's also become a nuisance.
10:18 pm
people randomly feed the cats as you can see have build up shelters for them. leading to areas filled with ferrell cats and very very young kittens and strong smell of urine. >> it needs to be cleaned up. it doesn't look good. and plus it's probably health issues. >> reporter: response to the issue a coordinated group of volunteers and organizations have come together with the county to try to address concerns while still caring for the cats. >> we're trying to trap all the cats, get them spay and neutered and get them adopted if they're friendly. if they're ferrell we're trying to find barn homes for them and the county has given permission to bring some of them back after they're deemed healthy. >> reporter: it's estimated there were 400 cats in various areas in the park as the organization try to reduce the numbers in a humane way, they also have a message for all of us. >> if you can no longer care for your pet take it to one of these amazing organizations. and take care of your animals. there are people out there that will help you feed them if
10:19 pm
that's the problem. just don't dump your cats in a park. >> reporter: the guys to give an idea of the scale of the problem, 11 cats were trapped while i was there. 40 in the last 24 hours. it's important to note this. the group has no intentions of killing any healthy cats. they're definitely going to need their best efforts and all of our support. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> just months after a man ambushed and shot philadelphia police officer josh hart net, the officer was on the mound on citizens bank park want did he next on this big day that the whole park cheering good and loud. >> a man so unhappy with his fast food restaurant he rams his car into the side of it not once but twice. so what was going on in the bathroom that made him lose it? howard? >> he wanted fries with his burger. that's terrible. it was a tough day for many people with the passing of the ed snider. you can hear it in the players voices. hear it from the players and former players as well as the
10:20 pm
same results from the phillies home opener as they've had in the past. that's all coming up in sports. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here bob kelly. good evening, everybody. on the overnight into early tomorrow morning all this week penndot will be working and shutting down the vine street expressway between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. you're also find work crews tomorrow along 322 between route 1 and i-95, and new regional rail schedules in may. make sure you grab a new timetable before you step out that front door tomorrow morning and make sure you check in with us. we kick it off at 4am. ♪
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♪ now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ a lawyer for the man charged with killing former saints defensive end will smith says his client was not the aggress aggressor. car dell haze charge width seconds degree murder accused of shooting smith after a traffic accident in new orleans on saturday. an attorney for haze claims this client was the victim avenue hit-and-run earlier that night and was following smith to get information from him. the man flys no a rage at a burger joint rams his car into the side of the restaurant. >> not once, but twice. question as bound as to while los angeles police say he was trying to get into the locked
10:24 pm
restroom. when he couldn't get in he decided that he'd go ahead and crash his car into the building. he got out of his car tried to get into the restroom again. didn't work so he backed into the building a second time. >> i was scared, yeah. >> squared you would would be killed. >> yeah. >> i heard he was banging the door and i didn't come out. he banged it twice about three times. >> can you imagine being that guy have what is going on. >> nobody april side is hurt. here's maybe an answer. police heu think he was under the influence of something. he now faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. zika is worse than first thought. cdc now says zika virus is lin linked with guillen bar ray system and other illnesses that attack brain and final cord and believed to cause pregnancy complications including a birth defect where babies are born with smaller than normal head. the mosquito which transmits ski zika may live in more areas. >> how is this for a cold hearted thief a woman walked
10:25 pm
into funeral home and walk out with a family heirloom taken right out of the casket. what family members are desperate to get back. >> every new city cop is given a gun an lock to secure it. but do officers use the lock when the gun is in their home. fox 29 investigates is coming up. >> kathy. >> we're tracking the clouds and the rain. the rain moves in right in time for the morning rush all because of a cold front that will bring wind and somewhat cooler air before the 70s move back in. details in the seven day when we come back.
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♪ philadelphia is honoring the legacy ed snider who died after a two-year battle with cancer. part of his amazing legacy not only founding but building a team that would bring home two consecutive stanley cups. >> flyer fans fondly remember those teams known as the broad street bullies. here's fox 29's bruce gordon.
10:29 pm
>> reporter: outside the home ring where the team flag now flies at half staff a pair of former flyers still with the organization decades after their playing days ended remember the live changing phenomenon that was the broad street bullies. says bob the hound kelly -- >> i call that controlled mayhem, not goon hockey. >> philadelphia flyers were officially welcomed to the nhl. >> reporter: fans are combing youtube footage for the jen 93 sis of that mayhem and here it is. april 13, 1968 game against the physically intimidating saint lewis blues. a bench clearing brawl was capped off by the bruises sucker bunching the flyers claud clauda forge broke his jaw, damaged his eye socket and knock out some teeth. flyers defenseman joe watson remembers team owner ed snider's reaction. >> mr. snider vowed this would never happen to flowers its flyers team again. >> you would never get push around. >> thus the broad street bullies were in his mind and we'll get players that can play as well that are tough and can do the
10:30 pm
job physically as well as score goals and that's what happened with the flyers. >> reporter: over the next several years snider and front office would bring the philadelphia skill players like bob clark and bill barber and rick mcleash but also plenty of tough guys like kelly, dave schultz and moose dupont. hockey purists were outraged but the fans all over the country, they ate it up. >> we sold out all the teams that were having trouble getting a 10 dan. when we kim to town two or three days they'd start building up the flyers are coming to town. >> broad street bullies would win back to back stanley cups to the dismay of those purists. what was your sense of his reaction to that. >> mr. snider always march to do whatever way he wanted to march. >> the flyers returned to the stanley come come finals for a third straight near year in 1996 but lost. the broad street bullies were but a memory. >> one thing that i think we'll all remember we didn't win another one. all we wanted to do was win another one. another cup for him. we didn't do that. >> reporter: kelly and watson
10:31 pm
continue to employed proudly wear their 1975 championship rings. you know that '75 roster was all canadian not an american in the bunch much less a philadelphian. yet all these years later, a number of the broad street bullies continue to make their home in our area. continue to bask in the glory of those wonderful seasons. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. for a slide show showing the incredible life of ed snider and his impact on our area, head over to our website fox f. the phillies home opener is history. the game didn't go the way fighting fans had hoped. what happened before has a lot of people talk brag. philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett throughout the first pitch he was the officer ambushed in january while on ally patrol in west physical. today on the mound harn net failed the first pitch. his next move well something no one saw coming. oh, you know what's going on now. he dropped to a knee proposal to his fiance' and phanatic is waiting. does she say yes? she said yes
10:32 pm
and the crowd went wild. >> it was wonderful. it's great. something they go out on the field in stand in front of all these people. it was nice. it was really nice. >> it was nice. so under stated. he just proposed to his fiance' in front of the entire crowd. phillies fell to the padres four-three by the way which is not good. it's a big season. hartnett his new an say were all smiles leaving the ballpark. they didn't need a jacket because temperatures were feeling more seasonal. tonight as take a live look into reading there's more good news on the way. kathy? >> absolutely. iain, you won't believe these numbers. we actually made it to 69 degrees today. the numbers in with that sunshine the rain staying to the north. there was no problem warming up. so very comfortable for the fans in the stands. i think that proposal was a highlight of the game. right now the temperature 61. winds out of the south at 14 miles an hour. that's a warm wind for us temperatures will stay mild overnight. will actually hit our low during the day tomorrow.
10:33 pm
here's a look at ultimate doppler. you can see some clouds rolling in from the west this is a line of showers associated with a cold front that cold front creates lift in the atmosphere and that means showers for your morning rush. but they'll be long gone by the time you makeover way home. 61 in the city. 61 in reading. 59 in allentown and in wildwood it is 55. the cold air stays to the north but even mild along the new york state through way, buffalo 49. syracuse 50 albany, new york 52. you have to go to into canada to see temperatures in the 30s that's what's supposed to be like this time of year. watch this area of low pressure north of toronto. this cold front moving through during the morning hours for the morning rush behind it clearing skies, so northwesterly winds and some cooler temperatures for the midweek. but that is not going to last that long. so first let's talk about the rain our american model saying half an inch. rpm model good in the short range about 410ths. between quarter of an inch to half an inch is a good forecast for rainfall tomorrow.
10:34 pm
so no flooding with this particular forecast. as we go through the early morning you see the rain heavy at times a slow morning rush. by the noon hour we see dryness to the north and west. the showers clear the coast. by 3:00 o'clock. northwesterly winds will be cooling temperatures back down through the 50s. overnight 55 in the city. the suburbs 51. showers toward dawn. by the afternoon, some sunny breaks the high temperature around 60 with winds out of the west northwest and then on your seven day forecast nothing but sunshine. a chilly start wednesday and thursday but afternoon highs around 60 degrees each day. good for the fightin' phils. friday 63. saturday 67 and then 70s are wild sunday 72. what a day for a ballgame and monday 74. nice and warm. looking good for your golf game. i have to add a quick note. >> i'll be at work. >> what do you do when a friend doesn't tell you that it's her birthday? >> maybe you shame them on social media. >> yeah. >> happy birthday lucy! >> thank you.
10:35 pm
>> gee whiz. >> thank you. >> i was trying to keep it quiet. >> only got an hour and a half left. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. >> thank you guys. thanks for the great weather it was wonderful. >> all right. so this is just a crazy story. how is this for cold marched. a woman walked into a funeral home and walk out with a family heirloom taken right out of the casket. what family members are desperate to get back. >> and caught on camera, surveillance video catches this guy breaking in a car in the middle of the afternoon. but it's what police say he took that's a reason for concern. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors.
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♪ all right. how is this for a cold hearted thief? you are watching video of a woman stealing a wedding ring off a dead woman' finger. surveillance video catches the woman walking into the funeral home in texas and walking up to the casket. you can see her reaching into the coffin and yanking off the rink. the deceased woman's family is furious and they're hoping people keep sharing this video until that woman is caught. >> absolutely. tonight in your money if you're looking for a job you might want to quit smoking. researchers at the cleveland
10:39 pm
clinic recently followed 250 middle-aged job seekers for a year. more than half were smokers. 56% of the non-smokers found work. 27% of smokers did. it's not clear why smokers are having a tougher time on the job hunt. smoking though is tied to higher health care costs, down time and sick days. homeowners who had mortgage in the goal man sacks scandal during the 2008 financial crisis could be getting relief. the justice department says the bank will pay a $5 billion settlement over the sale of risky mortgages. goldman will pay $1.8 billion to homeowners as part of the deal. the agreement is the latest multi billion dollar civil settlement reached with a major bank. bank of america, citigroup and jp morgan chase all settled in the last two years. a veteran from colorado has his best friend back home again thanks to social media and some sharp eyed folks. joshua aikens was visiting utah for baseball game with his dog
10:40 pm
buehl. she slipped out of her collar and ran off. aikens told his sister all the way in virginia about it. she took to social media. guess what? someone saw the plea and found buehl in a city park. the marine says he is incredibly thankful. >> when i lost her, i lost everything, and the people of this city gave me everything back, and i just -- i can't express how thankful i am for that. i will always be in debt to this city want they gave back to me. >> aikens adopted buehl a year ago and register her as a service dog. he says they go absolutely everywhere together. a city cop is shot with a gun stolen from a fellow officer's home. how many others have been taken and what's the department doing about it? fox 29 investigators is ahead.
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two guns out of a car in overbrook. it happened on april 5th on the 6400 block of lansdowne avenue at 12:30 in the afterno afternoon. so if you recognize the guy or anything about this, give a call to police. philly cop is gravely wounded by an attacker using a police officer's gun. are there other firearms out there that shouldn't be? fox 29 investigates has learn philadelphia police have lost or had stolen dozens of their own guns in recent years. the finding comes after police officer jesse hartnett was shot by a man claiming allegiance to terrorists. >> he used a gun stolen from an officer's home. fox 29's investigating. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: the chilling images of an attempted assassination of a police officer on a west philly street and the wounded cop's frantic radio calls -- >> were startling to physical' news year alleged shooter edward
10:45 pm
archie claimed allegiance to the islam make mick state. >> this is criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. >> reporter: that stolen gun used to blast away at officer jesse hartnett had not been swiped from the home of the civilian. it had been lifted from the residence of one of their own, a philadelphia cop. it was reported stolen back in 2013. >> the officer whose gun was taken and used on officer hartnett, was he fired? >> that officer was not fired. but the officer was discipline. >> reporter: police refuse to name the officer or what his punishment was. but fox 29 investigates has learned his pistol was one of six reported stolen that year. a seventh gun was simply lost. how do we know? fox 29 investigates made a records request with the police department. we asked for all weapons loft or stolen from 2010 through 2015.
10:46 pm
we also asked for the names of the police officers whose weapons were lost and stolen and what, if any, discipline was imposed. we didn't get the names. nor did we get the discipline but we did get the numbers. >> for the sixth year period 36 firearms can reported lost or stolen. four in 2010. 10 in 2011. five in 2012. seven in 2013. two in 2014. and eight in 2015. of the 36, nine were recovered. lieutenant john stanford is the philadelphia police department's spokesperson. >> is that small? is that vague? i mean is there some way to describe it? >> i can't categorize and say if it's big or small, but i mean, the fact of the matter is one. one is one too many. >> police officer! >> reporter: there are 6300 philadelphia cops everyone of them is issued a firearm and a gun lock. according to department rules,
10:47 pm
officers whose firearms are lost or stolen must tell the department wip 24 hours. an investigation determines if the officer will be disciplined or must pay the city back for the lot of weapon. stanford says, police must secure their firearms in their homes but remember, the department gives them gun locks. >> are they required to use the lock that the department issues had when it's in their home. >> it's not, again torque my knowledge it's not a written requirement, but, again, you're required to have that weapon secure. >> reporter: why not require the gun lock be on the gun when it's in somebody's home. >> again, i'll double check to see if that's upright teen part of the policy. it's been quite sometime since i've gone through the police academy. >> reporter: he did check. it's not a written mandated policy. but he claims it's stressed to officers on the gun range and taught to recruits. when we told mayor kenney about it, he said, he'd take the up with his top cop. >> will you you were the
10:48 pm
commissioner? >> i'm going to talk -- >> to require that these guns be locked at home. >> i'll talk to the commissioner day and see what he has to say about it. i mean i think that it makes common sense to have your gun in your home locked um. >> i wouldn't have the expectations you would leave a gun sitting around particularly if you have kids. roar roar but it's happened. according to a report, by the philadelphia police advisory commission a watch dog group from 2004 through 2006 philly cops left their guns in bathrooms, in vehicles, and one was placed in a bag, and that bag was lost. the commission reported that weapon was later used in a homicide. a gun was lost in a residence where a mentally ill man lived and a cop lost his gun at he invited in friends to allegedly smoke some marijuana. philadelphia police are not the only ones to lose their firear firearms. cops in phoenix, arizona, astrology city of 1.5 million, similar in size to philly, but
10:49 pm
with fewer than half the officers have lost more firearm. according to phoenix police its cops can 65 guns lost or stolen over that same six-year period. they recovered 19. the department reports no officer was disciplined for a loft or stolen weapon from 2011 to 2015. philadelphia police claim they have taken another look at their firearms policy and believe it's strong. but the shooting of officer jesse hartnett with a fellow cop's gun is a blow unlikely to be soon forgotten. >> mayor kenney did speak to his police commissioner richard ross who reviewed the policy. the department now says the policy meets the needs of police and will not change at least not for now. the police union says that most cops are responsible with their weapons and adds if it hadn't been a cop's used to shoot
10:50 pm
officer hartnett it simply would have been another one. jeff cole, fox 29 news. all right. howard is here with what look what's comin coming up in sport. >> phillies finally played that home opener between strange plays and something strange for ryan howard, it was same as the last four home openers a tough day for many in sports. the best owner in philadelphia sports ed snider had so many great moments. hear from the current and former players that will be coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
♪ today a tough day for so many people with the passing of flyers owner and chairman ed snider. he founded this hockey team and proceeded with a passion like no one you would ever see. he was the best team owner this town will ever have. ever. there were so many that felt -- how special this man was. it wasn't just to his former players. it was to many. his loyalty to his players was
10:54 pm
like -- like nothing you'd ever see. there was always something there for any player that wore a flyers uniform. one of ed snider's passions was a development also of the ed snider youth hockey foundation. for the inner city a place for kids to gain a love for the sport of hockey. but also to keep them off the street. he built rinks in the inner city for so many kids. one of his current players was there to support many things ed snider did. >> i'm honored, you know, sitting on the board, you know, for mr. snider's foundation and i think to even be selected nor was great honor for me i tried to charity work myself and help out and get kids involved in hock keep i think for him to even offer me a position to help in philadelphia was, you know, extremely honor. >> the last time the team saw ed snider was at home in california when the team was on west coast trip as it turns out it was the last picture as a team with ed snider. >> i'm sitting in the basement with him, and we're losing three
10:55 pm
to nothing. he came back -- we came back and won that game with i think three or four minutes left. we scored. he wasn't doing great. gnaw a lot of pain. he got up, he was high fiving. the fourth goal he got up out of his seat. something i'll never forget. >> when we had a chance to see him this year in santa hahn mica. we got to talk about hockey and talk about life. we wish we could have seen him little bit more. >> phillies back home for the home opener after winning two or three from the mets this was like the last four. that's not good. villanova first pitch ryan arcidiacono daniel ochefu throwing out the first pitch of the game. second inning no score against san diego. ryan howard. you'll see a lot of that this year and so much so that pete mackanin sickth inning with the baseings loaded pinch hitters darrin ruf for ryan howard. strange play. now the inn feel apply rule.
10:56 pm
umpire at third base call it. now dawn caught but the batters automatically out and the runners run at their own risk. a run scores. they tie the up three-three. and that led to this. seventh inning three-three. after an appeal by san diego earlier in the inning against nola. the bunt that scores the run. four-three. san diego wins it. aaron nola pitched well but not well enough. phillies just don't score a lot of runs. but today is not about the phillies. >> no. >> too bad but, too bad for a lot of reasons. we'll all miss ed snider. >> you guys just got to know him over the recent time. >> you've known him for so many years. so much history. >> yeah, it's not even about the history it's about the person. >> um-hmm. >> i wish i can tell all the stories. some of them you'd have to understand the relationship we had, and it wasn't anything near what he had with his players and what the people that work for him the man was a true gem to the steve philadelphia. >> impacted so many especially young lives.
10:57 pm
>> the kids. it's just unbelievable what did he for kids. >> great legacy for them. >> absolutely. full hour of entertainment news coming up next. tm seem, dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons. >> we're back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news. good day physical. sue serio and bob kelly have got you covered with weather and traffic all morning. at giant, shoppers are discovering
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keep on scratchin'
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harvey: so iggy azalea has now made clear what her position is if nick young ever allegedly does it again. >> no, i'm not cool with it. you will have half a penis. >> she threatened to cut off a quarter, up to a half of his penis. >> that still leaves him like eight inches. [laughter] >> khloe kardashian was with french montana. >> how is it going? >> she wrote this manifesto. harvey: khloe kardashian realized the savior complex is just a bad thing. >> if she's going to clean up her life, she needs to totally clean it up. stop going back to french montana. harvey: suppose james harden says i believe you and i want you back. >> james harden was cute though. harvey: it's not that cute. >> it is though. >> got guy ritchie dropping off rocco ritchie at madonna's london home. >> that's a big deal. >> they have not seen ea


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