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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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off. but the show must go on, sue serio, we still to have give people our news, weather and traffic. >> that is right. the best advice we can give you is bring your umbrella a for this morning. you won't need it this afternoon. we will give you a a higher number six out of ten today because it will improve, a little more quickly then dit yesterday but you you do see a lot of rain on the radar you also will also see clearing out to the west around pittsburgh. over next couple of hours during the heart of the rush hour we will see rain rolling in. it could be heavier at times. you see around scranton it looks like there may be a a couple of thunderstorms. but that is the deal. it is dry right now in olde city. 61 degrees our current high temperature of the the day. 6:27 is your sunrise time. most of the other temperatures are in the 50's this morning as you can see here. sixty in wilmington. sixty-one, dover delaware. wind, we have to factor in as well because it is windy, at 18 miles an hour in philadelphia. 20 miles an hour in dover. even higher wind gusts as you
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go to the south. all right. you don't want to move. all right. that is fine. oh, thank you. temperamental graphics this morning what is going on. temperatures staying in the 60's throughout the early part of the day. it starts to get chilly and breezy eras soon as the rain end, the sun site time 7:37. that is your weather for tuesday. turf talk to the graphics department. that is me. >> that is me. >> they are just funny, it is tuesday, phillies lost. beach to get back at it. the it will be ayuky starts. look at that my twitter handle up there, that is cool? is that new? wow, we're getting fancy around here. live look at what is this here, ben franklin bridge, no problems coming into philadelphia looking good at the moment. but again, with rain on the way, it will be the game changer for the morning rush hour. blue route looking good here coming out of the mid county. tacony palmyra just completed an opening. traffic moving again,
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burlington bristol is up next. get red that i tugboat heading north will impact burlington bristol probably takes about 40, 45 minutes. we have to beat the clock if you want to beat the bridge opening the burlington bristol. the southbound on the new jersey turnpike an accident right before exit number one. heading for delaware memorial bridge use 295 out of the gate here this morning. otherwise, not bad at all. roosevelt boulevard looking good. i-95, turnpike looking g we will zoom in, 309 and 202, just outside of five points, again, the roads starting to get wet. you can see the glare off the road surface so that rain inching its the way into our viewing area and that will impact our commute times. market frankford broad street subway they have just started to rolling the trains this morning and regional rails are operating under a new schedule this week. keep that in mind. it is summer schedule and watch out for possible weather delays throughout the morning, at the airport. lauren, back over to you good thanks very much.
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philadelphia mayor jim kenney will formally appoint two top city jobs. dave kinchen live with who is coming into our city and what positions they are, hi there, dave. >> reporter: two big jobs that help round out the rest of mayor kenney's administration. some people are even wondering about the timetable but the mayor's office says that they conducted national searches for two of these positions here we're talking about and the announcement will be made this afternoon. mayor jim kenney will announce adam thiel as the new fire boss. incoming fire commissioner was most recently the deputy secretary of public safety and home land security for the commonwealth of virginia. mayor kenney's office say thiel helped lead and coordinate several state agencies there ape was previously the fire chief for alexandria. thiel will replace derek sawy eras fire commissioner who was a pointed two years ago by mayor nutter at the time. on the prison side mayor kenney is naming a 21 year
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employee of the prison system blanch carney will be the first female in the cities history to serve as prison commissioner. mayor's office say they did launch a national search and found the best qualified candidates right here in the city. and in the prison system there working for the administration. she guided inmates. it will be interesting to go see what mayor says about overall prison reform. he has talked about that before. will he talk about that again with the a announcement of the the new prisons commissioner. by the way 29 new commissioners will be introduced formally at city hall in the mayor's reception room after 1:00 o'clock. we will be there, of course. back to you. >> of course, we will,. police investigating a homicide in the cities overbrook section. this is a 25 year-old man who was found shot in the chest inside a car in the 1600 block of north redfield street. police were called after the car was left running. in word on any suspects.
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concerns over privacy and more video and audio surveillance systems installed on new jersey transit trains. steve keeley joins us live from palmyra with more on this story, hi there, steve. >> reporter: well, george orwell, author of the 1948 would be very proud, wouldn't he. while aclu says there are laws in new jersey about audio taping conversations, and there are concerns about how the government used it, and has access to it, and how long they keep it. plus, there is the practical question here with hundreds of seats, hundreds of riders, how do you listen to hundreds of conversations all at ones on one train over that ambient noise of the loud running train? well, that is what new jersey transit the is warning you on these signs saying notice, right here, video and audio systems in use, light rail, cars, nowe request independent with on board video and audio recording systems. lauren, trains start running after 6:00. we will talk to riders and see
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what they think. >> can't wait to see what they say, thanks very much. take a look at today's daily news, front and back cover, it features the late ed snide shore lost his battle to cancer yesterday. with the simple caption, legendary. the back cover shows snider walking in to what looks like an empty hockey stadium. many kids have the founder fly tore thank for introducing them to the game of hockey. for past ten years ed snider youth hockey foundation provided a place for kid to play a game while learning life lessons. it operates out of seven local rink s and incorporates who can which academic, fitness and conditioning. one former player turn coach remembers snider's impact, in his life. >> he paid for equipment with me. he paid for the year i played ice hockey for college. he didn't have to have do those things. you rarely meet human beings that really care about someone that they do not know. >> his legacy will be snider hockey. many years from new when we
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forget that he founded the flyers, 30, 40, 50 years from now snider hockey will affect these communities in a positive way. >> 3,000 kid are involved in the foundation, officials expect to build two more rink s and double the size of that program in the coming years. the flyers team saw ed snider was at his home in california. the photo was taken over new years when the team was on the west coast trip, as it turns out, it was the last picture as a team with snider. some flyers players now reflecting back on that moment. >> it was fun. we got to talk hockey and talk about life and how we wish we could have seen him a little bit more during the season. we missed him coming in the room after games and kind of after a win he gets pretty fired up. >> at least we got a chance to go to his house and had a little chat with him. he was a wonderful person. i met him, when i got traded,
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and i'm real happy that i could be part of everything that he built. >> and as the team gets ready to make a run in the playoffs they know that snider will be watching. the philadelphia eagles also reacting to the looks of ed snider. the team tweeting out the a statement from eagles chairman and ceo jeffery lurie. ed was a visionary and pioneer who did tremendous things for our city and sport of hockey. in a statement, philadelphia mayor jim kenney said ed snider was a good friend, kind hearted man and first class mensch. i will miss him and i'm sure thousands will miss a man who changed the landscape of the philadelphia region. authorities in southern new jersey warning about a couple crooks posing as workers with the the gas company police in franklin township released a sketch of one of those imposter a eight three-year old woman found two strange men inside her home april 1st around 1:30 in the afternoon. she ordered them out but first
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they took some of her jewelry. >> fellows from the gas company there to shut off the electric. >> it is scary that even an eight three-year old lady cannot be safe in her own home. >> on the same day similar burglary by statute tilt workers was reported in vineland. investigators do not the know if the two crimes are connected. valuables left in plane sight inside cars in the recreational park in medford is where police say someone smashed the windows of the two locked cars, last week. this happened, at bob convenientta park while soccer was going on. police say whoever broke windows got away with some cash, credit cards and valuables left inside. parent were shocked to hear what happened, several people admitted they do leave valuables in plane sight, they leave their doors unlock or sometimes the windows down. >> i always leave my stuff in my car, i guess, and it is medford and this is like all of the parents who come here for our kid games and tryouts and stuff, i have my purse in there and his tablet, and i'm
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glad you guys told us. >> parents say they new plan to change their habits, police do not have a description or any leads on who may have committed those break ins. a suspect thief uses a delivery truck to pull off his crime and police say this man stole a large engine block and other wooden pallets from the engine distributors company in blackwood camden county. the crime was pulled off two weeks ago earlier in the morning. the business says this loss cost them about $2,000. and police are looking for this bank robbery suspect, awfsf bank on north du pont highway in new castle was robbed on saturday. a man in the surveillance picture there handed the teller a note, give me money, inn a then he got away. in word how much money he was able to getaway with. 5:10. donald trump continues to slam the propers zest for awarding delegates. find out yes is calling it crooked. and let set lynn's robert plant and jimmy page may be in hot water, the big hit that
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because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead. the phillies play this evening at 7:05 just before unset. it will be 52 degrees with peaks of sun, it will be breezy as well. 48 degrees by 11:00 o'clock when you are probably going to be heading home from the game.
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so we will not have the rain anymore. you can see the even of the rain around williamsport right now is the last showers there. so over the next couple of hours it is on and off rain for us. you could get a heavy downpour as well. it wouldn't be a a bad idea to a how a couple minutes. still waiting in philadelphia we have not seen rain just yet the but is there rain moving in sussex county in delaware. spotty showers in south jersey as well. future cast shows that rain continuing through seven, eight, 9:00 this morning. by 11:00 we are seeing beginning of the even. lets just say after lunchtime it is over for us here in philadelphia a. after 2:00 p.m. it is over for everybody else at the shore and in southern delaware. that is a cold front in the wake of that, northwesterly wind get in and it the gets chillier and breezy. it is colder this morning but temperatures are milder then they will be today with 60's and 50's with wind speeds and they are still coming out of the southwest because front hasn't come through just yet. 18 miles an hour sustained
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wind here in philadelphia. 25 miles an hour wind gust in wrightstown and more windy in dover, delaware. the once the rain is through and we will get chilly air in temperatures will plunge again tonight below freezing, likely, in some of these counties, cumberland, cape may, atlantic, part of the burlington and north and west of the city as well with the growing season having already begun these below freezing temperatures mean you might to have cover up some plants tonight. depending where you live. not in the the city though. 69 degrees. the it turned out to be a nightser day then we thought. then we goal rain to sun once again today but won't be quite that warm. at least not until the end have of the weekend, on sunday, where we are expecting temperatures to get into the 70's, so, we will warm up between now, and every single will day, so this, bob, treasure it the last rain we will see. >> i have those jean shorts with the pockets hanging out. >> yes. >> yes. >> i am wait fog are that.
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>> good morning, everybody. 5:15. you know what the phillies needed yesterday to get a win? they needed sister margaret rose, of the immaculate heart of marry nuns. queen of angels kindergarten had their own phillies home opener yesterday up in montgomery county. look the at sister on the mound there, all of the kid, even got a chance to read about some of the phillies in class. come on, sister margaret we will get you down there, phillies own. we will straighten you out. we will get i ah nuns. up, up and, delays, 5:40, we are set for an opening here. if you are heading out of the front door, either head for tacony or go for extra jelly doughnut and large coffee from dunkin' if you are heading for the burlington. here comes the rain. this is a live look at 309 and 202, up in montgomery county. so again, as the rain moves in, speed will get knocked down and that will set the tone for rest of the morning rush hour.
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downtown we are dry as a bone. no problems here on the vine street expressway, coming in or out of the city, southbound on the new jersey turnpike, a jackknife tractor trailer down near exit number one this will tie things up as we get in the height of the rush hour. if you are heading for the delaware memorial this morning would i use 295 and that will get you around the delay. otherwise we're in good shape. in problems just yet through the construction zones. starting to pick up a little bit of volume, nothing out of the ordinary. boulevard, schuylkill expressway, at least behaving at the moment. here's county line road, again, montgomery county, portions of the lehigh valley starting to see the beginning of the rain, that is inching our way, and september, they have kicked in a new timetable for all of the regional rail line but mass transit is running with no delays, lauren, back over to you. former eagles player lesean mccoy will not face any disciplinary action from the nfl for his v in the fight at recess lounge back in february that injured two officers. that is according to a tweet
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from iain rapport. since the philadelphia district attorney decided not to press charges, the nfl will not punish him either. d.a. says there is no question there was a fight the but prosecutors say from what they can tell mccoy was defending his friend. the brawl sent two off-duty officers to the hospital. new york primary just a week away and the five remaining presidential candidates are in a heated race for the nomination as they try to pick up delegates. kelly wright has the very latest this morning on the race for the white house. >> reporter: new york is now center of the presidential raza ahead of that state's primary. ohio governor john kasich is preparing for a contested convention, as he claims his momentum is building in the final primary states. >> well, for the first time in the about the last month they necessity my name is john kasich. >> reporter: senator ted cruz is focusing his campaign on california where he could collect more delegates. he has been taking advantage of the trump's recent stumbles but may in the be enough for
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him. >> sixty-five to 07 percent of republicans who recognize that nominating donald trump would be a train wreck. >> reporter: race to the white house is getting tougher for donald trump as he may not be able to collect enough delegates to avoid a contested convention. this is as senator ted cruz has been out maneuvering trump at local and state gathering where delegates are chosen. >> but the system, folks, it is rigged, disgusting dirty system. >> reporter: meantime the democrats are preparing for a debate thursday in brooklyn. hillary clinton has been trying to rally new yorkers against the republican candidates, campaigning in the state. >> a lot of what you are hearing from trump and cruz is not only offensive but dangerous. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders believes he has the best chance to beat donald trump in the general election. >> i know that many americans are worried about the possibility of donald trump because coming president of the united states.
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>> it ain't going to go happen good new york state primary just a week away with nearly 100 republican delegates at stake. the democrats will be fighting for more than 200 delegates n washington, kelly wright, "fox news". federal judge has ordered led zeppelin's robert plant and jimmy page to stand trial to determine if the band stole opening nets for one of their hit singles stairway to heaven a cord go to the lawsuit filed by the band spirit, duo copied the opening cord for 1971 cord from their song heart. last friday a california judge ruled that the song were similar enough to let a jury decide fate of that case. the court date has been set for early next month. rock singer brian adams canceled a show this week in mississippi over a new law there. singer says that he is protesting that law that lets religious groups and some private businesses refuse services to same sex couples. in a statement, adams says he cannot in good conscious, perform in the state, where certain people are denied
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their civil rights, due to their sexual orientation. still to come this morning, a tough day for the flyers as ed snider loses his battle with cancer. how the players are remembering how truly he was. an injured philadelphia police officer josh hartnett, hartnett, takes the mound at citizens bank park to throw out the first pitch but it is what he did next that had the entire ballpark cheering.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. yesterday a tough day for the flyers and that family. but it was a tough, difficult day for anyone who knew ed snider. he for the cancer for two years, finally got him yesterday morning at the a age of 83. clearly a special person, and helped many people, and that included many inner city youth, with the the ed snider youth hockey foundation. ed snider was induct into six hall of fame including the hockey hall of fame. all of the players remembered how special he was especially around them. >> you know, wow come in and every time he would come in, you would get nervous a little bit. we'd lose. he would be telling us we played a great game and we
5:25 am
played hard and we will get them back and he would get really fired up, and then it made you forget about that loss and get ready for the next game. >> not a good opening day for phillies to citizens bank park. we are tied at three in the seventh inning. the bunt against aaron nola. he had nine strike out. he lost, four- three. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. phillies home opener, it is history, the game didn't go the way fans hoped but there was one big winner at the ballpark. philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett threw out the first pitch. he was the office are ambush in january while also on patrol in west philadelphia man claiming allegiance to isis shot him several times. yesterday he was on the mound and nailed first pitch, and when he nailed that within too, and no one saw it coming, he dropped to one knee and proposed, to his fiance, she said yes, and the crowd went wild. >> it is wonderful. it is great. it is something to get out on
5:26 am
that field and stand in front of all of those people. it was really nice. >> even though, the phillies fell to the san diego padres, all smiles, for the rest of that game. still ahead wicked weather in the west as golf ball sized hail slams part of the texas, damage one home owner captured while it was happening. tying the knot may be powerful medicine, connection between relationships and surviving cancer.
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this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ mayor kenney making his pick, who he tapped to lead fire department and local prisons and when he will make the official announcement. and concerns for commuters, new program is meant to fight crime, but it the may be invasion of your privacy. it the is tuesday, april 12th, 2016. bob has informed all of us that it is national grilled cheese cake. as sue is sharing recipe about some mayonnaise on the outside. >> i never tried this before but i read somewhere, not too long ago someone who uses mayonnaise on the outside of the bread instead of butter. different flavor.
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>> saves from it getting burned. >> so if you have ever tried that, that is perfect thing for social media, how do you like your grilled cheese. do you have a weird grilled cheese recipe? this is the day to share it, because it is national grilled cheese day. buddy, what will you have for lunch. grilled cheese, of course. mild, with showers to start. temperatures in the the 50's and 60's. i don't know where that came from. some rain moving in delaware county into philadelphia now. we will see rain drops outside our door very soon. southern delaware, and heavier rain out toward harrisburg right now, dry at the moment but 61 degrees. 6:27 your sunrise time. temperatures mid 50's, just about every where else but we have 60 in wilmington and in dover, delaware. now factor in the wind, as well, and it may blow your umbrella inside out if they get any higher these wind. 18 miles an hour in the the city, 21 miles an hour in dover, and some wind gusts that are a little bit the higher then that, 28 miles an
5:31 am
hour, very wind any dover, delaware right now. so we have some showers around this morning and maybe even through lunchtime but it is right after, noon time that we will start to see the beginning of the end of the rain. and as soon as the rain goes away, then temperatures will tart to drop and the wind will pick up even more, so it will be breezy, cooler, for the evening drive, and for the phillies game tonight. we will have that forecast for you coming up, sunset time 7:37, so, happy grilled cheese day, bob kelly. >> you know, you had are lucky i'm here. this is like a national holiday on my calendar. i'm putting in for a comp day for this. 5:31. good morning. but to celebrate i'm heading out later on today during the 9:00 o'clock hour to one of the most popular, grilled cheese spots in our area. okay. and i don't care how you like it, mayonnaise, butter, if you have sample, bring them by we will be more than happy to sample your grilled cheese recipes. here's a live lot at 152 in montgomery county, sue showed us rain starting to move into our area.
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that will make things yucky for our grilled cheese tuesday. a live look at the vine street expressway, dry in center city. we're starting to see volume popping into downtown. depending upon where you begin and end your trip we will have to use wipers once or twice there. up, up and delay. 5:40 is the time you want to beat for the burlington bristol. you better get a move honor you have to grab an extra jelly doughnut there to sit in the backup. quick tugboat, heading northbound, probably will only delay you for 15 minutes but that can make all of the difference if you hit it at the wrong time. southbound on the new jersey turnpike, jackknife tractor trailer right here near exit number one. heading down to the delaware memorial bridge, play it safe and use 295 as the alternate. no problems there. looking good on the pennsylvania turnpike, no problems on the extension, but again, as this rain kind of moves into montgomery county here, again, it will be a game changer for the morning rush hour, chester county also starting to see some wet roads. this is intersection of the
5:33 am
100 and route 113. mass transit off to a good start with no delays. lauren, back over to you. happening today, philadelphia mayor jim kenney will formally appoint the next fire and prison commissioner for the city. dave kinchen is live with the people coming to our city, hi there, dave. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. it was a math search for both positions, that is what mayor jim kenney's office says, and now the appointees will be introduced this afternoon. mayor jim kenney will announce adam thiel as the new fire boss, income being fire commissioner most recently serving as deputy secretary of public safety and home land security for the commonwealth of virginia. mayor kenney's office say thiel helped lead and coordinate several state agencies there and previously served as fire chief in alexandria, virginia. thiel replaces derek sawy eras fire commissioner appointed two years ago by mayor nutter. on the prison side mayor kenney is naming a 21 year employee of the system blanch carney will in fact become the
5:34 am
city's first female prison commissioner. mayor's office say carney was deputy commissioner of restorative and transitional services a long title which means she treated inmates with drug and alcohol problems, and dealing with other issues there. it will be interesting to go see what the mayor says, about overall prison reform efforts in light of the movement taking place in the the just in the city but around the country. those new faces and those positions will be formally introduced, of course, at city hall today at a 1:00 o'clock session in the mayor's reception room. back to you. we will be there, dave kinchen, thanks very much. there is some concerns over privacy, as more video and audio surveillance systems are installed on new jersey transit trains. all light rail video has signs informing passengers about their presence, and that their conversations are being recorded. the transit official says it is needed to fight crime and maintain security. system will cost around two million-dollar, most of which has been paid for with the
5:35 am
federal grants, a and the aclu says passengers should know how long the video and audio recordings are kept and who has access to them. they say that people should be able to have private conversations, with the passenger, next to them. a man accused of punching a septa driver is now charge. violence was caught on surveillance camera as the man was getting off a trolley at the springfield mall station last week. the septa police tell us that the suspect was arrested in darby on friday, and springfield police are now handling the case and we are waiting on more information from them about that arrest. it has taken almost two years but an egg harbor township woman faces charges for a deadly crash involving a new jersey transit bus. prosecutors have charged, melissa rodriguez with three counts of the vehicular homicide. they say, in may of 2014, rodriguez crossed the lane of traffic into the path of a new jersey transit bus, and she was 18 years old at the time and had five other teenagers in her car. three of them, died. everyone on bus survived, prosecutors say rodriguez was
5:36 am
driving recklessly. the search is on foreman police abduct a young woman in the cities hunting park section. investigators say these pictures show the crime. authorities say last friday, that man, forced a woman into his green toyota camry along 900 block of west luzerne street and then drove off. witnesses say woman was yelling for the man to get away. cops say the car has a partial pennsylvania tag of kbl-137. still ahead, more disturbing news about the zika virus this morning, health condition found in adults that the virus is now being linked to.
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good morning, wilmington delaware. 5:39 this morning. sue will have more in your forecast in a bit. in your health top u.s. health officials say that they learned more about zika virus and more they are learning the more scared they will get. a new discovery shows a link between virus and neurological problems in adults. national institutes of health are calling for more money in vaccines to battle the months skis owe that spread the virus. obama administration is shifting fund from the ebola a to fight zi can. a. but top doctor says the monday a veilable now is just not enough to get the job done. being married may give you a better chance of surviving cancer. researchers with the cancer prevention institute of california, studied nearly
5:40 am
800,000 adults diagnosed with cancer, and they found that single men, with cancer, had a 27 percent higher death rate then married men. and death rate for single ol man was 19 percent higher then married women. they are seeing regardless of any financial benefit that improving. improving sleep habits of students may give their grade a big boost. researchers studied 74 children between seven and 11. they were all enrolled in six week school program to improve their sleep habits. average increase of about 18 minutes of sleep, each night, led to significant improvements in report card grades, especially in english and math. you will be able to get concert and event tickets through social media ticket master will start to selling tickets on facebook they plan to launch it by end of the month. they say response is due to people spending more time on social apps then actual web sites. tickets to a select group of general admission events,
5:41 am
purchase through facebook will have to be claimed through the ticket master web site. maker on have jack daniels, whiskey a nunsed its first new prod new jersey a couple years. they are rolling out a bourbon called cooper's craft. eighty-two proof and will sell for $29. cooper's craft will arrive this summer in eight southeastern states with plans to expand distribution, once the supplies increase. up next, remembering the founding flyer, big daddy graham joins us for a look back at ed snider's lasting legacy.
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damaging hail and strong wind slammed parts of the texas yesterday. hail, the size of golf balls, fell in the town of crumb. a cord to go some reports, some pieces reached over 4 inches in diameter. cars and several other structures were damaged. take a look at this more golf ball sized hail blowing out windows and tearing blind to shreds in the town of weilly. hail accumulated on the grass making landscape look like it was covered in snow. a severe thunderstorm warning was in place in parts of the north texas until late last night. people were told to seek shelter indoors and were forced to stay away from windows. well, that is not the good, sue serio. >> first town was crumb. >> crummy weather. >> crummy and crumb, that is where i was going with that. second town was weilly. >> wild weather.
5:45 am
>> yes, okay. we're through with that. tonight phillies play at 7:05. they have another chance of the padres, and, let's see what we have going on. we have 52 degrees for the first pitch. by that time, the rain, should be over with, yeah, that rain we have out there right now. forty-eight as you are leaving around 10:00 o'clock or so because it will get chilly pretty fast as soon as those skies clear overnight. here comes the rain moving into philadelphia delaware county, all of the delaware, getting, spotty showers, and now south jersey. you can see this line of heavier rain starting to head into the pocono mountains and berks county. that is the cold front, itself. we have the rain in advance of that, so we could get heavy downpours in a few spots before the morning is through but it is pretty light here in philadelphia right now. that rain is in southern, delaware, as well, so pretty spotty. here comes, temperatures, and precipitation, throughout the rest of the morning, on and
5:46 am
off rain, temperatures in the upper 50's. lower 50's by the time we will get to, lunchtime, and we could see temperatures bounce backup in the lower 60's with some sunshine before sunset at about 7:30 and then things get very cold. by 2:00 in the morning we're in the mid 30's and we will see temperatures that are below freezing to the the north and west of us overnight, and that is why we have a freeze watch in effect, north and west, and down in south jersey, you might to have cover up some things that you have planted so far, although you probably did not get planting done over the weekend with the snow on saturday, right. sixty-one in philadelphia 60 in dover and wilmington 506789's every where else with wind still out of the southwest, at 18 miles an hour in the city. wind gusts of 28 miles an hour in dover, delaware with 63 our average high, we have soared above average, that roller coaster ride continues. yesterday's high was 69. really nice day. cool tore day with the rain and cold front. we are in the 50's for the high temperature tomorrow.
5:47 am
it is still breezy. back to seasonal temperatures, by, thursday. and then the warming trend really getting, by sunday we're in the 70's. maybe upper 70's by monday. bob kelly? >> i feel the shorts breaking out, there you go, got to work on that northeast philly tan. 5:47. good morning, everybody. here's the schuylkill expressway near girard avenue. headlights on and here we go getting ready for a morning rush hour. as that rain moves closer and closer to our area things will start to slow down, the wipers will get hit once or twice. here's volume on the 42 freeway as you work your way in towards philadelphia. as you are on 42, look out because there is a new traffic pattern here as you work your way in to bellmawr in toward that walt whitman bridge, up, up and delay the burlington bristol bridge in the middle of the opening right now. heading out the front door either hang tight, put another pop tart in the toast error go for that jumbo dunkin' coffee to sit in this delay over the
5:48 am
burlington bristol. watch for possible weather delays at the airport. i know last time around i said a it was a national holiday for me because it is national grilled cheese day, the problem is, i could not take a daze off because we didn't have a backup. but, i found my backup, lets take a look. >> do it again. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning, everybody. >> who are you being bob kill friday fox 29. >> yeah. >> one more time. >> good morning, everybody. >> good job. >> good morning everybody. he has it down, my man. >> that was good. >> he has traffic pajamas on and everyone. i bet they have the feet in them too. southbound on the new jersey turnpike jackknife tractor trailer at exit number one. right here near the delaware memorial bridge. 295 south, would be your best bet, mass transit though, looking good, lauren, back
5:49 am
over to you. >> bob kelly, thank you so much. the philadelphia, and hockey community mourning a legend this morning founder of the philadelphia flyers ed snider has lost his two year battle with the cancer. milder, known as one of the most enthusiastic sports owner in philadelphia big daddy graham in the studio on snider's legacy. yesterday hearing all this one word i continued to hear repeatedly over and over again, was passion. >> he hated, to lose, all right. there are other owners in this town, leonard tose he used to own the eagles, he loved to win. he really did because he knew how to throw a party. but nobody loved to win, and hated to lose, more than that guy right there ed snider. and i don't know where the future of this organization is going, because the eagles have had many owners, since i have been on this planet. so have the phillies.
5:50 am
so have the sixers. he is it. that is it. >> he is it. he is the whole bowl of wax. he is the whole thing. from the beginning to the end is ed snider. i don't know what will happen. i really don't. put me down as the guy, lauren, that when i was told that philly had just landed an nhl franchise, i said there is in way it was going to work. i'm old enough to remember ramblers, that played in a now defunct building called the arena. i said it is in the happening. >> people felt like he was truly a visionary. >> my gosh. >> off the hockey rink he went in the community and tried to sell it. >> hockey, which they were talking about what his legacy was going to be. he himself said snider hockey was going to be his legacy. he grew to love the sport so much. he originally wanted to own
5:51 am
eagles but here's how this works out for philadelphians. the eagles would have became eagles regardless. my mother could have owned eagles, and it is nfl. they would have became the philadelphia eagles. i don't know if there would even be a philadelphia flyers today if anyone elsewhere to own that team good lets hear from wayne simmonds, what he says about the youth sports. >> he didn't do it, you know, for fame or anything. other than the fact that truly was in his heart. he was such a genuine person and he had such a big heart and he wanted to help everybody out. i'm honored, sitting on the board, for the snider foundation, and i think even to be select for that, it was i great honor for me. >> so many people talk about how big his heart was, he didn't do it the for fame and fortune. the team taking that within last final photo. >> how moving is that now,
5:52 am
here's the photo, i mean, i may self chose not to talk about it. i knew, i knew that he was, at death's door for want of a better word. i respected the fact that he didn't go that public with it. so i said he is not going to go public with it, i'm not either. i got to quote sam from the philadelphia daily news. he said it best. i don't believe i always know this. philadelphia has a reputation for being tough, gritty and sometimes people relate that to the buy any this town. my god you better do good or we will let you know, when reality, the toughness and gritness that this city became famous for almost starts with those flyers, stanley cup teams because of the broad street bullies a and all of the fightin and all that, i don't know where they get from here, all of them, when people pass, you know, they will never be the a same without blah, blah, blah. he is the flyers. he is the whole thing.
5:53 am
>> within good piece from all this, they are going to the playoffs. >> listen to what claude giroux said about the playoffs this season. >> i'm glad we were able to make the playoffs for him and know the whole year we were playing for him and that will in the change for the playoffs best thing we can do is play as hard as we can and it will not be easy against a good team but we know he will be watching and he will be cheering us on. >> that is absolutely for sure, right. >> really it is a big, big loss to the city. >> big loss. >> we will all continue to talk about this for the rest of the morning. big daddy, thanks for coming in. >> you got it. still ahead a local park overflowing with cats, a tracking straight, what volunteers say they are doing to get this situation under control. make ends meet.
5:54 am
it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5:56 am
animal rescue group is doing its part to clean up a cat community in bucks county that has got even out offhanded. 400 cats living at core creek park in langhorne. animal rights advocates say population has ballooned over the past ten years. people come and feed them which a tracks more straight. some people even come, illegally dump their own pets because they just don't want them anymore. volunteers say they are doing everything that they can to humanely get those numbers down. >> we are trying to trap cats, get them spade, newterd and get them adopted f they are
5:57 am
ferrell we are trying to find homes for them. county given is permission to bring them back after they have been deemed healthy. >> volunteers say that they are working to prevent spread of disease among the cat california -- colonies the at the park. >> good day concern for commuters, new program meant to fight crime but it could be an invasion have of your privacy. steve keeley is on the train to talk to the passengers.
5:58 am
♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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did you hear that? attention, new jersey transit riders, you better watch what you say on the train, the extra set the of eyes and ears keeping tabs on you. if you are ride to go day you may run into steve keeley. rarely meet human beings that really care about someone that you do not know. >> philadelphia and hockey community, are mourning the loss of ed snider, how the founder of the flyers, truly wanted to be remembered. plus, presidential candidate john kasich holding a town hall meeting in insuring state. why the ohio governor is admitting he would be a horrible vice-president. it is april 12th, 2016. we will see what he has to say when somebody asks will you be my vp. >> yeah. >> that is down the road. >> hi everybody. gr


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