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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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did you hear that? attention, new jersey transit riders, you better watch what you say on the train, the extra set the of eyes and ears keeping tabs on you. if you are ride to go day you may run into steve keeley. rarely meet human beings that really care about someone that you do not know. >> philadelphia and hockey community, are mourning the loss of ed snider, how the founder of the flyers, truly wanted to be remembered. plus, presidential candidate john kasich holding a town hall meeting in insuring state. why the ohio governor is admitting he would be a horrible vice-president. it is april 12th, 2016. we will see what he has to say when somebody asks will you be my vp. >> yeah. >> that is down the road. >> hi everybody. great day, tuesday.
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>> we have some rain confined to the early part of the day. the rest of the day will be nice. >> yesterday afternoon at that game. >> it was beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> yes, gorgeous. >> in the right field side where you had sun on your face. >> and then they played the game. >> yes. >> let's go with a six out of a ten. we had five yesterday. we have bus stop buddy with the rain gear. mild with showers. temperatures are milder then yesterday in the 50's and 60's to get you started. now after this cold front comes through we will get chillier temperatures for rest of the day and we will also see a few heavy downpours. be prepared for that. we will see orange and yellow up in the pocono mountains around berks county right now here in philadelphia just very light rain and it is 61 degrees. wind gusting up to 22 miles an hour. sunrise coming up at 6:27. we have a high temperature, we might have already had it, showers around right now, and we will probably end up in the
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lower 60's before it gets breezy a and cooler this evening. that is your tuesday, forecast, so bob kelly, seeing some wet roadways, rain drops. >> rain drops are falling on 422, this morning. the here's where we are starting to see the beginning of that, rain coming into our viewing area, 422, right here near trooper road, it looks like cheerios on camera lens here. that will be the game changer, again, stepping out of the front door roads will be wet and we will have that spray and sue mentioned we have to put up with it for morning rush hour. live look downtown here, the vine street expressway, it looks like there is an accident here or something going on because we are lined up single fire trying to exit for 30th street station. up, up and delay on the burlington bristol bridge, traffic just starting to move again after an early bridge opening, tacony palmyra had an opening, also earlier this morning. possible weather delays at philly international today because of the rain. so make sure you check with
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the airline and pack your patients going down there. and jackknife tractor trailer, southbound on the new jersey turnpike, right before exit number one. heading down to the delaware memorial head for 295, otherwise, mass transit, looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. 6:03 on a tuesday. >> we have learned if you ride new jersey transit the you better be prepared to be recorded. >> on some lines, yes. everything you say and do while riding certain trains being watched, it is raising concerns over privacy. we decided to slap steve keeley on the train. where are you now. >> reporter: we got on the train 30 seconds ago, and -- five seconds into it. >> we will need, am i on, mike. >> you're backup. >> okay. well, that is what you get with technology moving, but, no surprise, because they had big warning signs both on the train stations and here on the train but remember, you have
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the right to remain silent and you may want to exercise that right if you ride new jersey transit's river line train because not only are lots of cameras watching your every move. i can see a couple cameras staring at me right new but now, new jersey transit, announced both on their signs, on their stops and stations and little signs here on the train that they have in the just video but audio recordings as well. the signs in english and spanish. so they are listening to you and your conversations too with this new audio surveillance in place. they say they did it because of all of the customers, you know, telling them that hey doing on more to make the trains more secure, and to increase their surveillance because of all of the phone robberies that they had recently. but still you've got the rights group, both american civil liberties union and rail passengers rights groups, feeling that eavesdropping and recording conversations is
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basically a violation of everybody's right, and also a invasion of privacy. we will try to talk to some other folks, further up, to see if they want to give us their opinions but you can bet be in would be comfortable about having their private conversations recorded. mike, it raises practical question just on this one train alone, look a at all the of the people and seats, how could you possibly listen to every conversation going on and plus you must have somebody who can translate five different languages back there because remember like say if they were mentioning terrorism, the brussels a tax on a subway a few weeks ago those people spoke french, we have got spanish, eveningish, arab, russian, somebody in new jersey transit must be multi link what will or they must have an automatic translation machine somehow that would tell them if somebody is saying something that they need to listen to. it raises a lot of questions. you wonder if the signs are up there for a deterrent as well
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for criminals, but they are warning you, watch what you say, that is for sure. >> well, wouldn't it be used if something happened, if there was an incident then we were go back and listen. i don't think anybody is setting in the room saying steve keeley is talking about bob kelly back at the station. >> but even still how long would they store the information. >> i don't know. >> at what point do you get a new recording. >> keep it the for a month and if something happens you go back, get the tape, look at it and listen to it. isn't that the purpose of the whole thing in case something does happen. >> we will stay on that. lets get to the other top stories. police investigating a latest homicide in the the overbrook section. a 25 year-old man was found shot in the chest, inside of a car in the 1600 block, of north redfelt street. police were called after the car was left running n word on suspects at this hour. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney's office now officially confirming the next fire commissioner. adam thiel will be officially appointed to day.
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thiel identified here on the web site for virginia's state government. he was most recently deputy secretary of the public safety and home land security in virginia. kenney will announce blanch carney as new prison's commissioner as well. senate backers hope medical marijuana legislation in pennsylvania will get to governor tom wolf's desk this week. the senate committee made changes to the bill yesterday and the bill's backer say they hope it can win passage in the house and senate. the bill would let ailing patients use marijuana a for therapeutic purposes. in montgomery county a medical examiner trying to determine how a college student died. the to 22-year old man was found unresponsive at a home in west conshohocken on morehead avenue on sunday. police say officers performed cpr and administered an anti overdose drug but they were unable to revive that victim. the student has not yet been identified n a statement the college says that it is saddened by the news, and they are focused on supporting students, through that loss. that is a look at your top stories, mike and alex. >> thanks, lauren.
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6:07. philadelphia and hockey community are mourning the loss of ed snider how the founder of the flyers truly wanted to be remembered.
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back covers shows ed snider walking in the empty hockey stadium. that was a photo shoot. philadelphia hockey community is mourning legend, founder of the fill flyers ed snider lost his two year battle with cancer. you know that by now. >> many kid have ed snide tore thank to introduce them to the game of hockey. >> for the past well, a little over ten years now ed snider hockey foundation, provided a place to play the game while learning life lessons. foundation operates out of the seven local rink s and incorporates hockey out of academic, fitness and nutrition. one former player turned coach remembers ed's impact on his life he paid for equipment for me. he paid for the year i played ice hockey in college. he didn't ask to do those things. you rarely meet human thanks someone that doesn't know. >> his legacy will be snider hockey. in many years when we forget he founded the flyers, 30, 40,
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50 years from now snider hockey will affect these communities in a positive way. >> think of all of the kid that have played hockey. 3,000 as a matter of fact right now, are involved in the foundation, and officials expect to build two more rink s and double the size of the program, in the next five years. >> yeah. >> i mentioned this yesterday, family released a statement saying this is something they are devoted to and he wanted to be what he is known for, what he has done for the youth in the community. >> that is for sure. >> well, by the way, in the next hour, hall of famer bernie parent will be in our studio to share his thoughts on his good friend ed snider. 6:12. presidential candidate john kasich holding a town hall meeting in new york. why the ohio governor is admitting he would be a terrible vice-president. plus you will get a chance to know his family. >> i didn't realize he has twin doubters in their teens. is there a handful.
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narendorsed katie mcgintyent obama afor us senate? nt biden because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it.
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for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead. police officer jesse hartnett threw out the first pitch yesterday. he was ambushed in january while on patrol in west philadelphia what is this. >> after he did that i was in the audience, he turns around and pulls out a ring and proposed to his girlfriend. and, everyone was really surprised by this. of course, she said yes. beautiful moment. crowd started cheering. everyone was so excited.
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>> it is just wonderful. it the is great. it is something to be out on that field and seeing all of the people. it was nice, really nice. >> so, then, the game didn't go the way the phillies fans had hoped, but they lost four -three. it was a technical call that got interesting here. pull out rule books everybody. we have to figure this one out. >> that was a bad call. >> a couple times and bob kelly was there, and everybody was like booing. >> is what tough you don't know is what going on at the ballpark. >> yes. >> so, it was a beautiful day. >> phillies tied it up, it looked like they were going to do it. >> well, we have a few more games. >> yes, sorry. >> so, some of the villanova guys were there. they came out. they are still carrying that trophy around. >> i wouldn't put it down. >> okay. >> and then they started cheering. they were like celebrities. at one point i was sitting in my area and everybody started to turnaround and i said is what going on, is there a
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fight, is what happening? no, villanova team is here. people were standing up on chairs, trying to touch them. i love it. they are like celebrities. >> so, two of them, daniel and ryan got to throw out a pitch too. >> how did they do. >> they did well. >> it was great. >> everybody did a great job. >> i was surprised. >> i know mike you would never suggest someone do that. >> never throw out first pitch. >> but they were great. >> sue, have you ever thrown out a first pitch. >> based on your advice i will probably never do that. i would be terrified. the this is only pitch i'm throwing, b ing. through go. phillies have another shot at the padres tonight, for the first pitch at 7:05. we will have sun and cloud. just before sunset. we will be in the lower 50's. it will be breezy and stay chilly throughout the night so make sure that you have a jacket with you, it is not as mild as it is right now. we have the line up of heavier showers moving through, up around allentown, or just about to get those heavier
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showers in parts of the poconos mountains and down in reading it is raining heavily. light rain around philadelphia, south jersey, southern delaware right now but all of this probably had a little bit of down important in us, before all is said and done. temperatures will drop through the 50's, maybe bounce briefly backup to the 60's, and really plunge overnight tonight. we have had a freeze watch in effect for tonight, and after that, things will start to get better, now down to 58 tomorrow but 62 on thursday. sixty-three on friday. and then by saturday, upper 60's, no snow like last saturday. then we will start that 70's show, starting on sunday, bob kelly. >> jay wright was also at the game yesterday. he was out there in right field styling with his purple pants on. >> well... >> remember when fonze was here, only he and jay wright can wear purple pants. live look, and look good in them by the way. southbound i-95, jammed up, approaching center city through construction zone. there we go, there is the sky
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line in the background there, time to make the doughnuts as the school buses role past our camera. we have an accident on the vine expressway ram tops 30th street station. here's a live lot at backup. all inning is will file. look at this guy trying to squeeze up the shoulder. single file like we did in grade school here. when we get around the ramp bam, is there the accident on the upside of the ramp for 30th street station. give yourself extra time heading down to grab the train. delays on the burlington bristol. they just completed an opening, so we are ready to roll there crash over in south jersey, black horse pike at green tree road and one in plymouth meeting at allendale and walton. the roads are starting to get wet. we are seeing fender benders here for our tuesday morning. mike and alex, back over to you. 6:19. >> belgium authorities have charged two more men in connection with the brussels bombings. the belgium federal prosecutor's office says couple was involved in renting an apartment that served as a hide out for the bomber who
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attacked the brussels subway. more than 30 people died in the march 22nd attacks on the train station and brussels airport. well, 6:20. ohio governor john kasich held a town hall meeting in new york last night. the now, usually calm candidate only had one answer, when asked whether or not he was willing to take the position as vice-president. the question comes after republican front runner donald trump named kasich in the list of people he would consider to be his vp. >> would you be his vice-president. >> zero. >> absolutely not. >> i will not be anybody's vice-president. i would be worst vice-president the country ever saw because i'm in the like a vice-president, i'm a president. >> how about that. that is what they always say. john kasich has spent past few days stumping across new york meeting with vote's cross the state. the this is all of the candidates are now setting their sights, well, they are setting their sights on the empire state. new york state primary will be held, april the 19th, that is next tuesday. >> another interesting thing when he brought his family out
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and they also, you know, hear from them and their family spirit, what it is like to be part of the kasich family. >> he has twin teenage daughters. we will hear from them coming up. also in insuring donald trump's rally was interrupted several times by protester. the republican front runner spoke to 10,000 people at a downtown arena but had to stop five times because of the demonstrators. trump tried to keep the peace by asking security team and supporters to not harm protesters. >> that was in albany, state capitol. ted cruz is calling out chief rival donald trump for being a weiner, quit wining he says, the texas senator is on trump's complaints that the g.o.p. nomination is rigged especially out in colorado. ted cruz went after the front runner campaigning in san diego yesterday, yeah, out in california. california does not hold its presidential primary until june 7th. big bunch of delegates out
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there though. let's continue, to talk about ed snider. see one of the last moments the whole team got to spend with the flyers founder. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president?
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you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. yesterday was a tough day for flyers and that family but it was a tough, difficult day, for anyone who who ed snider. he for the cancerrer for two years. he was 83. he was clearly a special person. he helped many people including many inner city youth with the ed snider youth hockey foundation. as it turns out this picture with the team over new years at his home in santa monica, california would be his last with the team. it was a chance for the players to share precious moments with ed. so, i'm sitting in the basement with him. we're losing three to nothing. he came back. we won that game, i think three or four minutes left we scored. at the time he wasn't doing great. he was in a lot of pain. he got up. he was high fiveing. fourth goal he got up out of his seat. something i will never forget good not the a good opening day for phillies at citizens bank park, seventh inning tied
6:26 am
at three, bunt scores a run. san diego goes on to beat phillies in the home opener four -three their fifth straight home opening loss. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. you mentioned villanova players were out at the stadium to throw the first pitch. >> yes. you were asking me how did they do. >> yeah. >> there is daniel ochefu and ryan arcidiacono there. they were all smiling. everybody was so exited to see them. >> did we take a camera to the game yesterday. >> i would think we did. >> we will see video later. >> all right, welcome back the to the radio broadcast. 6:26. good morning, dave kinchen, talk about it. >> we're talking about a new fire commissioner and a new prisons commissioner. we will tell you who they are and tell you about the job they will be doing for the city of brotherly love after the break.
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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coming up at 6:30. attention new jersey transit riders. >> watch what you say on the train, the extra set of eyes and ears that are keeping tabs on you. boy, a picturesque day at the park turns into a crime scene, what parents did during a kid soccer game that ended with the parents calling the cops. >> he cares so much about everybody. i think you can tell that through his work in the community.
6:30 am
>> philadelphia and hockey community they are mourning a legend, ed snider, why the flyers founder says philly fans are the best. >> dedicated flyers fans. dedicated, flyers fans. >> it is april 12th, 2016. people wondering what is that door behind you if you have been out of door. a surprise guest comes through every day in honor of our went yet birthday, we have been on the air 20 years. >> we have another surprise for you you, today. >> i forgot who it is. >> that is right. >> that is a a good one. >> here's sue. >> oh, yeah. >> it is fun every day. sometimes it is a surprise to us. here's bus stop buddy, he has his lunch ready, it is national grilled cheese day with showers. things will get soggy out there. temperatures in the 50's, and 60's, and we have a line of heavier rain, starting to move through berks county here and lehigh valley, allentown, getting heavier rain, lancaster, so are you. we will get that heavy rain and then things will taper
6:31 am
off. it is damp here in olde city with 61 degrees, and we had sunrise at 6:27. wind gusting to 22 miles an hour. it is a breezy kind of morning. milder temperatures will be in the early part of the day, as soon as the rain end, it starts to get chillier, and, more breezy, sunset time is 7:37. that is your planner for tuesday. at least it will dry on you out for phillies game tonight bob kelly. >> yes, it will. hopefully. 6:31. we are seeing rain rolling through. everyone knows sue like to sue google on her computer. we mentioned it was national grilled cheese day. check out what she found for me to give carrie when we go on home. check this out. >> grilled cheese earrings. >> i like it. >> what? >> what. >> i know, i need one of these plastic take out containers too. >> yes. >> make sure your ear looks crusty. >> live look at the blue
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route, 476, right here near route one. roads are wet. we are starting to see the rain hit the windshield and wipers on intermittently. that is a game changer, this morning. we also have an accident here on the vine street expressway on the ramp from the vine expressway to 30th street station. that is the backup. there is the crash right here right at the bottom of the ram that puts new to 30th street station. that is causing a delay on the vine and schuylkill heading westbound into 30th street. otherwise we're in good shape from i-95 coming up from delaware. westbound on the schuylkill, reverse commute, bigger delay from center city out toward the blue route. with the weather coming our way we can have some weather delays down at philadelphia international. mike and alex, back over to you. 6:32. >> there was concerns over privacy for new jersey transit riders. >> yeah, they have a new surveillance system on some of these train lines. here's our idea, put steve keeley on a live train, that is moving, right, with
6:33 am
photographer chris fox. >> um-hmm. >> i think the people are more upset with our camera on there then the cameras in the ceiling, steve. >> reporter: no one we have met is upset about these audio systems and that is not a surprise because new jersey transit it says reason they installed these surveillance cameras was because riders were complaining there wasn't enough surveillance and security and they had so many people having their phones robbed from them while they rode new jersey transit. of course, amtrak has quiet cars which are supposed to be like libraries on the rails no loud talking, phones ringing our loud lap top tapping of the keyboard f you ride the river line like we are, you may want to keep quiet if you do not want big brother new jersey trans to it eavesdrop. look at the new signs they have up, this was on the palmyra station where we boarded, big notice signs, up now at all stops and stations, and on the trains themselves too video and audio systems in use it says.
6:34 am
light railcars are equipped with on board video and audio recording systems. that means new jersey transit is letting you know it can listen tour conversation with fellow passengers or whatever you may be saying, into your phone. and it was exactly a year ago, last april, when new jersey transit, put these on board video cameras on all of the trains after all of those complaints from ride their more surveillance was ready and needed to stop. if you hear how loud this train is or at least it is in my ears. it makes you wonder how can they hear anything. mike and alex, i have been looking for microphones and i do not see any but listen to the practical question i have, how would you possibly, record so many people getting on and off trains with the sound of the doors opening, so many people, hundreds of riders, just per train, and then thousands per day getting on and off trains, who knows what they are saying. you would need somebody in new jersey transit who can speak every language, possible to
6:35 am
even translate what people are saying if they were concerned about what they were saying, so, this does raise questions with the american civil liberties union. no surprise there. there is a group called new jersey rail riders group saying they were concern. saying we have a right to privacy. conversations are supposed to be even at least in public are supposed to be private, and nobody has a a right to record them. then the question i had, i talked to a man, tyrone harley, how will hear in the next hit, who raised a question so the recording of this stuff. how do they save it and how long are they saving it for. a all legitimate questions. we are now in trenton it looks like. so we will get off and come back down but we will hopefully talk to some more riders, when we see you at 7:00. >> thanks, steve. nice experiment there. 6:35. >> well, happening today philadelphia mayor jim kenney will formally appoint the next fire and prison commissioner. >> all right, dave, give south names we will to have pronounce, it is not thiel, it
6:36 am
is thiel, right. >> thiel, correct. >> that is right. >> and two new faces coming to two big jobs, rounding out the kenney administration. the those names and faces would be introduced this afternoon. mayor jim kenney will announce adam thiel as the new fire boss, incoming fire commissioner most recently serving as deputy secretary of public safety and home land security for the commonwealth of virginia. the mayor kenney says that thiel will help lead and coordinate state agencies there and serve as fire chief in alexandria, virginia. one of the larger cities down that way. thiel replaces derek sawyer who was appointed two years ago by mayor nutter you may recall. mayor kenney is naming a 21 year employee of the system blanch carney will become the first tea mail. she was deputy commissioner of restorative serve which is which means she guided efforts to treat inmates with drug and
6:37 am
alcohol problems and other issues there. it will be interesting to go see what the mayor says regarding overall prison reform efforts. he has touched on it in the past, of course, it is a national movement. right now, to reform prison systems the mayor will make the the announcement and introductions formally around 1:00 o'clock in the mayor's reception room at city hall and, of course, we will there been to cover it. back to you. >> all right, thanks for that. lesean mccoy will not face any disciplinary action, from the national football league. >> he was involve in the fight at recess lounge in february that injured two officers. so this is according to a tweet from iain rapport from the nfl network. he says that since the philadelphia district attorney decided not to press charges on mccoy for a lack of evidence, the nfl wouldn't want to pinnish ham either. d.a. says there is no question there was a fight but prosecutors say that from what they can tell the player was defending his friend. the brawl was over a bottle of
6:38 am
champagne, sent to two -- and the brawl sent two off-duty officers to the hospital. all right. >> lauren johnson. >> yes,. >> tell me something. >> police investigating the latest homicide in the overbrook section. a 25 year-old was found shot in the chest, he was inside of a car at 16100 block of north red field street. the police were called after the car was left there running. they thought something was suspicious. no word on my suspects. the search is on for this man, police say he abduct a young woman in the city's hunting park section. investigators say that the pictures show the crime, last friday. police say that the suspect forced would the man inside his green toyota camry on the 900 block of west luzerne street. he drove off, witnesses told police that the woman was yelling for the man to get away. and cops say that the car has a partial pennsylvania tag of the kbl-137. police warning people do not leave valuables in plane sight after someone smashed windows of two locked cars, last week at a medford park.
6:39 am
it happened at bob vanti park at 7:30 at night while kid were playing soccer. police say whoever broke the windows got away with cash, credit cards and some other valuables left inside. parents are shocked to hear what happened. several people though admit that had they left valuables in plane sight when their doors were unlock, or their windows were down. >> i always leave stuff in my carry guess, and it is medford. this is like all of the parents, who come here for our kid plans and try out. i just grab my purse and good old tablet. i'm glad you guys told us. >> police do not have a description or leads or who committed these break ins. new jersey governor chris christie has made his nomination to fill a site on the state supreme court. he nominated former federal prosecutor walter timpon. it brings a end to the stale nate. state senate president steve sweeney says they will have a a hearing in the near future. that is the top stories. mike and alex.
6:40 am
>> nice job, thank you. bernie sanders is still behind, when it comes to delegates, and votes. but he has, one clear advantage, over his democratic and republican counterparts. apparently, people in the united states kind of like him. >> that is important. >> this new poll associated, associated press poll shows that by a 48 percent of americans have a favorable opinion of sanders. the number shows sanders, and despite his growing popularity, sanders last behind democratic front runner hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is hitting him on his gun control record. she says that he has failed to take a strong stand against stopping the spread of firearms in our country. bernie sanders has cited his background as a senator from vermont as the reason for some of his votes against gun control measures. saying that, rural states like his state of vermont have a different relationship with guns. and president obama will
6:41 am
designate a new national monument today. it is a historic location in d.c. it is to honor movement for women's equality. >> new with men's equality national monument will protect iconic house that has served as headquarters for the national women's party since 1929. the president will deliver remarks at the house later today and today is equal payday which is an annual commemoration that aims to highlight economic gaps between men and women. >> we're going to pay the same amount of money to day to get coffee. >> sound good. >> i will put in a ten, you will put in a ten. boom. >> yes. >> see. >> i get paid, equally, not how much i pay for coffee. >> well, then one would follow the other, alex holley. >> it hasn't happened yet. >> really. >> we will move on. >> yes. >> why more than 1,000 workers in the state of maryland are gaining praise for laying around on the job.
6:42 am
i saw this yesterday. it is fantastic.
6:43 am
6:44 am
in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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one company is getting a lot of information. >> it is the largest human mattress domino ball. aaron's incorporated, and appliance electronic company based out of the state of maryland, had 1200 people, participate in the mattress chain. organizers used two large exhibit halls to set up, 34 rows of mattress toes break this record. the entire fall out, took over 13 minutes to complete. the company says that all of the mattresses used will be donated to homeless shelters and charities. >> that is by far the best. >> hitting people in the face though. >> only part i'm hesitating. other than that i will do it. >> if you get hit in the nose
6:46 am
with the mattress i guess it could hurt but what fun. >> who is mattress sponsor. >> yes. >> and, if do i that we will have have to have the sleep pillow, national sleep foundation. >> yes good the mize pillow. >> my pillow. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> that is the dude, who created his own pillow. >> yes, up in minnesota somewhere. >> yes, it is endorsed by national sleep foundation. >> official pillow of the national sleep foundation. >> i'm groggy now. >> good morning, everybody. 6:46. we have a live look at, route 309 we have rain drops coming down, on the, on the movie
6:47 am
theater here right here and it is looks like cheerios, doesn't it, who wants another bowl right there. live look the a the boulevard, southbound, all headlights here, stacked and packed from ninth down to the schuylkill, that is because the schuylkill coming to a crawl here, westbound. here's an accident, this is the ramp from the schuylkill and vine street expressway, to go up the hill into 30th street. we're starting to see delays on i-95 northbound coming out of the delaware. here we go westbound schuylkill that reverse commute jammed up from center city out to 476, and weather delays possible throughout the morning, and at philly international because of the rain, that is coming our way. how long will this rain stick around? sue's got the answer coming up in 15 seconds.
6:48 am
>> this is what is happening, cold front makes its way through, high pressure will build in, after that, and it is chilly where this high pressure system is. so, we will switch to northwesterly wind and eventually, get some cold temperatures in and a lot of places tonight. that is what is happening right now. here's what it looks like. heavy rain moving in chester county. eventually it will move through philadelphia a no reports of thunderstorms this morning. but those heavy downpours, probably won't last long. but it could slow you down a lot this morning. we saw wet roadways on bob kelly a's traffic cameras. we have a few heavy downpours as well in southern delaware. so tonight after the cold front we have a freeze warning, in effect, berks, lehigh counties and other places north and west of us, down here in southern new jersey. for temperatures that will be below freezing, and now that the growing season has
6:49 am
started, tonight, you might to have cover up those plants, you planted a a little too early apparently. 61 degrees in philadelphia right now. we're off to a mild start. fifty-nine in dover. fifty-five in lancaster. fifty-six in reading, right the now but wind speed, are getting up there especially down to the south of us, dover, delaware with 20 miles an hour wind, and a 32-mile an hour wind gusts. we have 22-mile an hour win gustness philadelphia, and eventually the rain, will give way to sunshine this afternoon. 58 degrees tomorrow. and a really nice warming trend as we head into the weekend, by sunday, mike and alex, we will be in the 70's. >> have you ever heard of this megan fox. >> yes, vaguely. >> yes. >> anyway, she's pregnant. >> it is her third child. >> i thought she got divorced from that guy brian austin green. >> well, you can still get pregnant if you get divorced. >> she wasn't hanging out with anybody. >> so fox, megan, showed up to
6:50 am
teenage mutant turtles premiere. they made another one of those. >> this is not video from it. >> no, golden globes in last angeles. they are golden and they are globes. in august of 2015, megan filed for divorce from brian austin green. 90210. despite divorce news it seems as though that the two have been spending plenty of time together. the two actors have two children together, both suns, i guess what i'm trying to intimate here. >> we don't know who the father is. >> well, that copy seems to indicate that it is brian. >> but it hasn't been confirmed so you cannot say that. >> i need to know. >> rob kardashian is opening up but his weight loss journey. and how his fiance black china is helping lose weight, and stay on track with his diet. >> look at that. >> he posted this photo on
6:51 am
instagram saying that looking from where i started 298-pound, now i'm down to 248 and i'm trying to reach my goal. happy i found my motivation. >> she has been training with rob to get him in the best shape of his life. he is only about 50-pound away from his goal weight. is there a thing too on snap chat, i will chain you. get you ready. she put him on the scale and put it on social media to say how much you weigh. okay. >> thinks our goal. let's go. let's start doing push-ups. she has been pushing him. she has been very open in their process on social media. >> is it a good thing it took a relationship with a woman to motivate to you lose that 50-pound. >> people find metvation this different areas. >> if you get a chance go to the internet and google rob kardashian black china twerking. >> really. >> really. >> how do you find these things. >> talking about losing weight, that was like a weight
6:52 am
loss program. >> just twerk it out. >> you have to see it. >> all right. >> philadelphia, certainly the hockey community, which is mourning loss of the ed snider, why the flyers founder says philly fans truly are the best sports fans for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
6:53 am
developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
6:54 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ it is windy in trenton this morning the at 6:54 on a tuesday. >> this morning we will continue to honor late ed snider, founding the flyers and watch them glow in the national hockey league's mess respected franchises. >> i remember when ed was
6:55 am
here, on good day in our studio and he was talking about how great the fans are. this is a few years ago. >> it the is just a great sports town, it always has been, you know, we get all these things and we boo santa claus, the truth of the matter is people take it very seriously and they are very knowledgeable. so they let you know when you dor well and they will let you know when you are not. i love philadelphia fans. >> that is for sure. >> those philadelphia fans are certainly hoping that ed's spirit carries the flyers through the playoff run here. the team's general manager says that players will wear patches, on their jerseys, during the playoffs, to honor ed snider. >> you saw doctor mike coming up at the end, we will talk to doctor mike because he was his doctor for many years. >> thirteen years, yeah, close friend. >> 6:55. social media lovers are spending 640 million minutes each in on facebook but apparently that is not enough. new partnership hoping to
6:56 am
keep you logged in for longer. >> longer, log in.
6:57 am
6:58 am
who filled a's marries ready to tap to take over the fire and prisons departments. honoring a pioneer,
6:59 am
philadelphia mourning the looks of ed snider, the face of the flyers. how those close to ed are remembering him. safety or invasion of your privacy. the new security system on local trains, that is watching you and listening to what you have to say. and, love him or hate him, in doubt bit, you have thoughts of the ppa. well, this morning we're hitting the streets ready to do their job. well, imagine our quincy harris dressed in a pp thea uniform giving out tickets and booting cars. that will happen. within of our favorite, bernie parent will be here in this half an hour to talk about ed snider. >> good to see him. >> that would be great. >> we have an improving forecast when we get rid of this rain but heavy downpours could be in you're mediate future, where you live.
7:00 am
six out of ten for today. is there bus stop budd which his rain gear and grilled cheese. it will get soggy around with the rain around. it is milder morning then yesterday and through can see it on ultimate doppler. you you can see dark green and orange and yellow, that is where rain is a little heavier and edging into chester county. bucks county and heading toward us in philadelphia we have 61 degrees right now, with wind gusting as high as 24 miles an hour. and we're expecting things to stay in the 60's throughout the morning and then as soon as that rain end, chillier temperatures will roll in and wind pick up more, so it will be a breezy but sunny a afternoon, bob kelly. >> hey, sue good morning. 70:00 o'clock. it is national grilled cheese day and no bet war toy say do i then how about this a grilled cheese ring. >> i want it. >> would you say yes, if this is what you were given. >> yes. >> you know it.


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