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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 13, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> this morning a father fighting for his life, what he was doing when he was carjacked, beaten, shot and left for dead. >> 40,000 verizon workers are set to strike, the working conditions they don't agree with, and who will step in to replace them. >> and a local mother is floored by a nasty note someone left at her home. the language it uses to describe her three year old son with autism. >> good day, everybody, it is wednesday, april 13th, 2016. look who is back. >> well, i decide i wouldn't come back until the weather got better. >> good for you. >> i always said we need more could you cow. >> it was quiet without you. >> my goodness, here is the deal, sue, trying to get the dog outside yesterday. >> right? >> and then all the sudden the sun came out, beautiful in the
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afternoon. >> half and half kind of day, wasn't it? we like the second half a lot better. i thought were you waiting for the phillies to win one at home then would you come back, and they did. so that was good last night, as well. here is a look at our loop of ultimate doppler radar. get used to us showing you nothing in the way of precipitation on radar because we're opt erring now a stretch of very dry weather. so, that's a good thing, now, because of the clear skies, and lack of clouds, we have really cold temperatures out there. we have this freeze warning in effect until 8:00 a.m. here. and then, in lancaster county, it is a frost advisory, growing season has already gun, so a lot of folks have planted already. and that's why national weather service at this time of year comes out with these warnings. winds have calmed down, out of the north, 43 degrees, and 606 at this time yesterday, so a lot chillier, sunrise time 6:26 this morning. checking some other temperatures, we're below
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freezing in mount pocono. pretty close in allentown, a degree above freezing in pottstown, about 36 in reading and lancaster, and 37 degrees in atlantic city. that's how we're starting off these temperatures. look how much colder it is than yesterday, 23, 26 degrees colder, 17 degrees colder, here in the city. but winds are really not an issue at all this morning. just some light breezes, yesterday, we had that rain and then the sun. we ended up with normal high of 63 degrees. today, i think we will be little cooler than that, probably around 58 when all is said and done, but real nice afternoon after our semi frozen start, sunset time 7:38. so bob kelly rain is gone for awhile, weather for to you enjoy. >> good morning, what a difference 24 hours can make, man, we had had chris had mentioned crazy rain all during the day, then bamm out move where we were able to play outside on the playground
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last night after dinner. live look, 422, crews still working out near the trooper road interchange. down to one lanas you work on through the construction, this is that stretch where they don't have the overhead street hatments. so coming in toward king of prussia, be careful. however the crews did not show up last night on the vine expressway, i don't know what the deal is here. they sent out major memo we would be closed all this week on the overnight. nobody showed up. maybe the e-mail went into the trash bin, which is no big deal for us, to come in early. we're open for business here on the vine street expressway, the market frankford, and the subway, both using shuttle buses until about 5:00, as they typically do on the overnight. construction crews are still out here along 295, as you head in toward bellmawr, and the freeway. they are also -- there was work crew out here on the turnpike right near the valley forge interchange, they're gone. no problems on the turnpike, 95, the schuylkill looking
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good, they are repaving the kelly drive. finds that uneven surface and those raised manhole covers. same deal if you come into center city and travel around city hall. that project still underway this week. with a couple of the septa buses detoured on the overnight. now, later today they'll be working near delco, 322, between route one and 95. at the moment no problems on mass transit. looking good at the airport, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, this just in. off duty police officer is involved in an altercation overnight. it happened just after 1:30 at the wawa located on bustleton avenue and gifford street. the officer was not injured. but he is being interviewed by detectives at this time police will not comment on what led to that incident. >> 4:04, happening now, as many as 40,000 verizon workers could go on strike this morning. >> workers un happy about their contract and their pay. dave kinchen live in center city where verizon employees will come together later this morning, hi, dave. >> hi, here at ninth and race, in chinatown, where it strike
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will take place if the union the cwa does not get a contract. the cwa picketing and rallying here, at the verizon offices in chinatown. cwa locals 131-3500 say they'll be protest ago move by verizon to make layoffs easier and rely more on contract workers. close to 40,000 verizon land line phones along the east coast, will walk off the job this morning if they don't get a contract. the ibew is also in on the strike. the union says both unions say verizon made more than $39 billion in profits in the last three years and refuse hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare concessions offered up by rang and file workers. verizon said it is ready for a strike and prom it cents little if any disruption. contract talks started back in june, and that last contract expired on august 1st. again, they are set to walk off the job at 6:00 a.m.
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and a rally and demonstration will take place at 8:00 a.m. here at ninth and race if they indeed don't get a deal and of course we will be here if that strike takes place, back to you. >> thank you. happening right now, local mother upset by nasty note someone left at her home. it was about herly boil. >> of course she said people need to be more understand whg it comes to kids with special needs. steve keeley now live in northeast philadelphia with this story. steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, ever since philly magazine victor put this on the website yesterday morning, the news of nasty neighbor has been outnumbered now by nice neighbors, lot of them. bonnie moran's hurt feelings over this anonymous letter left in her mailbox by a neighbor upset over her youngest's son ryan have been sued by so many feelings of jim, so many of her neighbors have come forward to sympethize with the mother of
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the three year old with autism, offering help, play dates, their own kids kindness. >> to the parent after small child at this house, the weather is getting nicer and like normal people i open my windows for fresh air. not to hear some brat screaming his head off as he flaps his hand like a bird. i don't care if it is the way you raised him or if he is retarded. but the screaming and caring on needs to stop. no one wants to hear him acting like a wild animal. it is utterly nerve wracking not to mention it is scaring my normal children. >> well, bonnie's letter shared on so many facebook pages since now has a lot her to read other opposite side of anonymous criticism after kid. proud to put my name on writing side, the compassion side. chris, lauren? >> yes, so sad. people still do these such things. steve keeley, thank you so much. father is carjacked and shot in north philadelphia, all while he was waiting outside for his teenage son.
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police say 35 year old metro pulled up to relative's home to pick up his 13 year old, this is in west kensington, two men carjacked him, taking his 2016 dodge ram 1500, he was beat, shot in the neck, and all of this happened before his son came outside of the house. officer say the father of three was lying in the street when they arrived. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. police found the victim's truck a few blocks away from the house. so far no arrests have been made. >> and police are searching for the person who killed a 25 year old man in west philadelphia. his body was found early yesterday morning in the drivers seat after car on north redfield street. investigators say he waist shot in the neck and chest. police say it was hours before anyone made that tragedies covary. no suspect have been identified and police say the motive right now not clear. >> 4:08. tom wolf taking a big step toward making the controversial heroin antidote narcan available to public high schools free of charge.
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working with the adapt farm a company. the state has started the application process for 642 public high schools to get a free two dose carton of narcan. the drug can reverse the deadly effect of america win -- heroin overdose. another crucial development in the effort to combat the opioid crisis in pennsylvania. medical marijuana one step closer to being legal in pennsylvania, bill pals dollars in the state house now heads back to the house for final approval before landing on the governor's desk. supporters hope it will be signed later this week. the bill would let patients who suffer from list of ailments obtain marijuana for therapeutic purposes. governor wolf supports making pennsylvania the 24th state for public marijuana program. >> community in millville seeking donations in support after beloved crossing guard out of work after an accident on the job. crossing guard mattie really now walks with a cane. she has two bruised knees, one in a brace, hilt by a car last month at the intersection of
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harrison and sharp streets while doing the job she loved for the past 17 and a half years. a police report said she was hit by a woman who is now being cited for careless driving and failing to comply with a crossing guard sign. she said she will not be able to return to work, and she already misses the children. >> i love it. those kids, they help me as well as i help keep them safe. they make me want to live. >> listen to her cute little accent. a parent started a donation drive for miss mattie, incredible bulk store is the donation drop off site. head to our website for information on donating. still ahead this morning, surprise for local five year old boy, the special guest that showed up in the myrdle of his karate class. look at that face. >> the home alone pose, that's cool. and it is a family affair at a town lull for gop frontrunner donald trump. hear what his wife says about
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his view on women.
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mel ann ya parts of texas cleaning up after baseball size hail fell in parts of the state yesterday. the dangerous storm destroyed cars, homes, and anything else in its path. >> in fact, the school district outside of dallas had to cancel classes.
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people living there started reporting damage to insurance companies, but more severe weather is expected today. you saw the video thereof that back windshield broken out by hail. i mean, that could kill you, sue serio, hit you in the head. look at that. >> it has to be pretty big hail to do that to a windshield. >> well, everything is big nerve texas. >> i still have my lose inning err in. i apologize. >> little hey there in your mouth, yee ha. >> who can't relate to that. frost advisory in effect. north and west of the city it is sort of half of chester, montgomery, bucks, anyway, because of temperatures, below freezing, or windchills below freezing there is morning, it is a cold one. the average last freeze of the year is march 28th, in philadelphia. april 24th in allentown. so you see, that it stays colder longer, north and west of the city, so that's what's going on with. that will but we're about to
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start a new weather pattern where the jet stream moves to the north and warmer air moves in. and sticks around. so we start this warming trend, that will increase, every day. gets little warmer and little warmer every day. so here is philadelphia. here is a little disturbance down to our south off the carolinas, now, that may turn into something. but we're going to have high pressure that will block it from getting here. so we don't have any rain in the forecast for awhile. it is 43 degrees in philadelphia, 36 in lancaster and reading, 30 degrees mount pocono, 38 in dover, delaware. and it feels a little bit colder than the actual temperature. luckily, winds have calmed down quite a bit. so your average high is 63 degrees. we are right on the money yesterday. i think we may be a little cooler today with around 58 or 60, but then here comes your warming trends, lower 60s thursday, friday, mid 60s saturday. sunday we begin that 70s show, and it extends into monday,
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and we also have a chance of showers on tuesday of next week. so, after suffering through the cold and all of that snow and stuff on saturday, here's your reward, bob kelly it, looks good, doesn't it. >> it looks good. that should be like what do you call that? your picture on your facebook page? >> my profile. >> yes, your profile picture. good morning, 6:14 -- 4:16. crews are loving, crews loving these temperatures, out yesterday cleaning out the debris on the skewing, out here this morning, this is i95, right near philadelphia international airport. so if you are headed down to the airport, no problems on the runways, but just give yourself a little bit after brake tap here as you work past the construction guys. hello to the benny, the ben franklin bridge. no problems at all coming into downtown, off to a good start, now, they are working on 422, this is 422 eastbound, between pottstown 100 heading in toward collegeville.
4:17 am
and then later on today, right after the rush hour, i got stuck in this yesterday, i talked about it couple of times during the morning, telling everybody don't go 95 south. and what did i do when i left here? i went 95 south, and i'm like ugh. >> just habe submit. >> just habit. after i got stuck i'm thinking that traffic guy told me all morning long not to go that way. >> ya? >> put a sticky tab on the dashboard, but they are working south on 59 between the girard point double decker bridge down to the delaware state line. sprucing things up, filling some potholes, all this week you will see the pothole patrol out there first break we've had, filling the potholes on 95, the blue route, even the schuylkill. the schuylkill now looking good, no problems coming up from wilmington, and we are looking good on mass transit. chris, lauren, back to you. >> you have to start listening to yourself. >> i know. >> you're just not used to listening to you. >> could be. >> you decide, 2016, family
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affair on stage at the cnn town hall meeting with donald trump with the new york presidential primary quickly approaching, the gop frontrunner, well, he brought his whole family to rally for him. his daughter ivanka addressed her relationship with chelsey clinton how the two friends are dealing with their parents rivalry. the donald eights wife, mel and ya defending her husband's stance on women. >> treats everyone equally. so if you are a woman, and he attacks, they attack him, he will attack back, no matter who we r we are all human, he treats them equal, as men, so i think that's very important. he doesn't make a difference. >> the new york voters head to polls next tuesday. the latest wall street journal pole finds trump holding strong lead over kasich and cruz. hillary clinton, has double digit lead over bernie sands. house speaker paul ryan says he will not except nomination for president, ryan's name has been out there as possible
4:19 am
contender if donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich don't have enough delegates at the convention which is 1,237. so, ryan made it clear, he doesn't want and will not except the nomination. >> count me out. i simply believe if you want to be the nominee for our party, to be the president you should actually run for t i chose not to do this therefore i should not be considered, period, end of store. >> i ryan says as speaker he is just too darn busy, right, new job for him, he doesn't want to run for president. but it is casino of like he's attractive, young, smart, ran for what, vice president couple of times ago. is he just playing hard to get? >> maybe his priorities have changed and he's decided to focus on something else. >> not like the highest office in the land? >> no, it is a lot of pressure. so let's get closer to home.
4:20 am
take a way from dc, franklin township franklin county community coming out to show their appreciation, retiring after ten long years on the force, over the past decade, helped in tracking down the bad guys, finding lost children, township officials presenting his hands letter sergeant mike marsh with proclamation honoring the four legged hero. >> hey, very happy homecoming, bucks county, after being deployed overseas for the last six months, us army staff sergeant joseph surprised his two sons in karate class in chalfont. arrived home for a 30 day leave from korea. he's on his third overseas tour, the expert said he happened ton home in time for his son daniel's sixth birthday next week. >> the whole time i was gone, more than anything, i can see even with the kids, little shocked, kind of don't know what's going on. >> sergeant says he's looking forward to spending quality
4:21 am
time with his family, he'll head back to korea again next month. >> wasn't that the best face his son made? >> it was the mccauley culkin, home alone? i wonder if he's seen the movie because it was spitting image. >> it was, initially before you see his father, you don't know what's going on and you're like what's happening right now. >> home alone and talk of phillies. >> oh, ya. >> probably just going to roll straight through. phillies looking for their first win at home this season. >> after five scoreless innings, could they pull off a win against the padres? we'll tell you next in sports. >> kobe bryant is about to lays up for the last time. have you seen the price of ticket for this final game at home? it is unbelievable. speaking of money, winning lottery numbers. narrator: why have president obama and vice president biden endorsed katie mcginty for us senate? because she's a "champion for working families."
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katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. phillies try it again last night first win this season, phils actually no hit in the l fifth. not lots of offense by either team. against san diego, scoreless in the sixth. but herrera triple down the right field line, phillies score one. got two more in the eighth with four hits, they still beat san diego, three-nothing. for the sixers, don't worry, it is almost over. one more tonight in chicago. this was toronto. and sixers out scored in the third quarter, 32 to 13. they lose to toronto, already
4:25 am
width shot right here, 122 to 98. all right, the flyers are back at practice for the start of the playoffs, which will begin thursday night in washington, the flyers players have another reason for motivation. and that's ed snider. >> we know he's been battling for long time, and, you know, extremely sad time for the organization, and his family, and just the city of philadelphia in general. we're going to try to make them proud here. >> that's sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> speaking of sport, how much, lauren dawn johnson, would you pay to see kobe bryant who is right here from lower merion high school play in his last gamer? >> i'm not real a kobe fan, so i can't answer that. >> let's talk about. that will here is the deal. the lake her a long five time championship career with the team as we know, one of the greatest players ever to grace the basketball court. >> right. >> he was drafted right out of lower merion at 17 years old, he then went onto play 20 seasons with the lakers, tonight they'll face-off against the utah jazz.
4:26 am
ticket prices to see him play through the roof, just to get the nose bleed seat, 800 bucks. court side seats, hold on to your hat, sue serio, because billy is going to shell out the cash, $29,000. >> what? >> so when billy takes sue to the game, lauren doesn't care, 06 grand for you two to sit there at the game. >> he'll pay cash for that, ya. >> does kobe get any that far money. >> kobe doesn't need the money. he's so rich. he doesn't need it. he is one guy that doesn't need it. >> probably true. that's too much money. $60,000 for one game? >> 29,000 per seat. if you and i go, 60 grand. family of four, forget about it. >> no. all right, how about this? get it, granny. woman stranded in the dessert for nearly two weeks, what rescue crews say she did that saved her life.
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>> verizon conditions, who will step in to replace them. >> local man just mortified by nasty note someone left at her house, the language it use toss describe her three year old awe tis erickson.
4:30 am
>> come on, let's be cool, everyone. right? >> people are just nasty at times. good day everybody, it is wednesday, april 13, 2016. chris murphy is back. >> oh, back in the house. april 13th, 2016. right in the middle of april almost. where did time go? >> guess what i did yesterday, sue and chris? >> how many guests do we get? >> one, because we don't have time. >> what? >> i went and got my taxes done. >> yeah. >> just in the nick of time. >> you're in time, that's right. >> yahoo. >> that's right. well, when she get her refund, we're all going out. i just decided, yeah, baby. all right, let's take a look at radar, okay, we don't have to spends a lot of time on radar, because starting new weather pattern today that will be precipitation free. so, let's talk about temperature. freeze warning in effect to the north of us, frost advisory in lancaster county, for temperatures pretty cold. now in the city it is 43, but feels like 37. just enough of a breeze, to give us little windchill,
4:31 am
you'll have to bundle up more than you did yesterday. just won't need the umbrella like you did yesterday. sunrise time 6:26. but, if we go to the north, we have a temperature of 30 degrees, in mount pocono, 33 pottstown, 39 in trenton, down at atlantic city it is 37, 41 degrees in wilmington, delaware. so these are temperatures that have changed in 24 hours, quite a bit, over 20 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time in so many places this morning. we started off with that rain yesterday. we ended up with a beautiful sunny day, and a normal high temperature of 63 degrees. today, we probably ends up in the upper 50's, when all is said and done, but it will be gorgeous plenty of sunshine, just little cold, to start and sunset time is 7:38. so, that's looking pretty good for wednesday. wait until you see what's in store for the weekend coming upment bob kelly? >> give me a gorgeous, come on, give me a gorgeous. >> gorgeous. >> good morning, everybody, 4:31, good shape this morning, except for this guy, little
4:32 am
left over construction crew, along i95, if you are headed to or from the airport, this early hour. airport, good shape, no problems on arrivals and departures, but, some crews still out here with the cones, set up until about 5:00. looking good on the vine street expressway. no problems coming into or out of the city this morning. looking good here, the headlight coming off the schuylkill, working your way into downtown, looking good for the gang leaving saint david's villanova. the blue route, the schuylkill, working out, fine, still working on county line road, up here just off of second street pike with some local detours. they are also still working along 422, that stretch between pottstown and collegeville. market frankford, broad street subway, both using shuttle buses until about 5:00. as they normally do. and don't forget that repaving project here along the kelly drive, continues again this week, that uneven pavement, and those exposed manhole covers will spill your coffee down the front of you there if you don't be careful.
4:33 am
and also still paving around city hall, those crews will be out there until about 5:00. this morning. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, happening now. 40,000 verizon workers could go on strike this morning. >> so, what are they upset about? well, they are upset about their contract and of course pay. dave kinchen live in center city where verizon employees will meet if no deal is reached. how imminent is the deal? dave? >> reporter: well, it looks at this point like a strike is very, very likely, 6:00 a.m. is the magic hour here, where all of this would happen, where workers would go on strike and rally at 8:00 here, the verizon offices at ninth and race in chinatown, where we are now, cwa locals 131-3500 say they'll be protest ago move by verizon to freeze their pensions, make layoffs easier, and rely more on contract workers, close to 40,000 verizon land line phone and cable workers from maine to virginia and elsewhere on the east coast will walk off the job at 6:00 a.m. if they
4:34 am
do not get a contract. the union, local union, said on it website, it is clear they believe that verizon is not taking them seriously. that was the latest publication they put out. ibew is also in on the strike, the union say verizon made more than $39 billion in profits in the last three years, and refuse hundreds of millions in healthcare savings offered i am by rang and file workers. say it is ready for strike, promises little if any disruption to customer services, contract talks started way back in june, the current contract expired august 1st, so, nothing has been happening, again, 6:00 a.m. is when workers say they'll walk off the job, and they'll be out here protesting at 8:00 at ninth and race if a last minute deal is not reached. back to you. >> wait and see what they do. >> absolutely. >> okay, dave kinchen, thanks so much. things turn violent when try to snatch two suspected
4:35 am
shoplifter. >> two women walked out of the five below in center city last friday without paying. police say an employee followed them outside to get back the stolen goods when they whipped out steak knives, and then stabbed her in the neck and the back. the two of them ran off. the victim watts treated at the hospital. >> a sharon hill woman headed to prison, behind the wheel of an s.u.v. that struck and killed a four year old, 27 year old, sean evening a mason has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of abdul wilson last april. now, investigators say mason's vehicle knocked the boy to the ground, on south 57th street in kingsessing. as she started to leave the scene, suv hit wilson again, and killed him. mason has been sentenced to five or two to five years, i should say, in prison. >> bliss describing it as the lowest of lows. someone stole the doors off of a mausoleum inside the laurel hill cemetery ridge avenue. cops say the doors are made of brass, way about 800 pounds.
4:36 am
they look similar to the doors pictured here, and they're valued at about $25,000. >> they're pretty unique, we would ask the public's help in locating and recovering them. i mean, no doubt these people will try to pawn them off at a scrap yard locally. >> what a waste. >> police believe it likely took at least two people to make off with the doors. if you can help you are asked to call philadelphia police. >> what a shame to see it board dollars up like that now. 4:36. still ahead, harrowing rescue for couple of lucky ducks, the local police and fire departments had a saved the day. stepping out with confidence starts with beautiful feet. new amopé pedi perfect™ wet & dry foot file now get effortless hard skin removal on dry or wet skin, plus it has 2 speeds, and it's rechargeable. the easy way to touch-ably soft feet new amopé pedi perfect™ wet & dry. amopé, leading footcare innovation
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and voted product of the year for its pedi perfect™ extra coarse electronic foot file.
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>> mother was really upset about a note left at her home about her autistic son. >> steve keeley live in northeast philadelphia with this shocking story, steve? >> reporter: well, philly's neighborhoods are very different than the typical suburban neighborhood. houses are closed, row homes, streets are tight, not too way streets, so people need to know and they've got to live close and live together. when the weather get warm, tough being a mother of three these days, tougher still when you're young zest just three years old, but also dealing with few issues including autism.
4:40 am
but then gets even more tough after you get your mail one day, and you see nasty neighbor's letter. a neighbor who did not sign their name, but just left this nasty note. >> to the parent after small child at this house, the weather is getting nicer and like normal people, i open my windows for fresh air. not to hear some brat screaming his head off as he flaps his hand like a bird. i don't care if it is the way you have raised him or if he is retarded. but the screaming and caring on needs to stop. no one wants to hear him acting like a wild animal. it is utterly nerve wracking not to mention it is scaring my normal children. >> well, bonnie moran's mean neighbor suddenly got way outnumbered by so many nice neighbors, she didn't even realize she had. both on her street, in her neighborhood, even from far away, who all saw the letter both on facebook, and on philly mag. com whose victor first
4:41 am
reported this yesterday morning. those hearing this offered sympathy, compassion, even play dates with three year old ryan and their kids, even those working in autism awareness became aware and said this letter and this story, chris, lauren, shows why they exist, and while their work is still way un finished. >> you know, as a parent, and we all know kids can be challenging, steve, i got to tell you the worse word in that letter is the word normal. by normal children. seriously? that's ridiculous. >> all right, steve keeley, thank you so much. >> still ahead, so-called afluenza teen heads to court today. why he could get some jail time that he avoided the first time around, straight ahead. narrator: why have president obama and vice president biden
4:42 am
endorsed katie mcginty for us senate? because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
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4:44 am
>> joint police and fire operation help save a couple lucky ducks. >> yesterday motorist saw several ducklings fall into a storm drain on route 30 near larchmont boulevard. the mt. laurel police and fire department arrived on scene and were able to pluck the ducks from the drain. they were then transport today a local wildlife refuge to begin their new life away from busy mt. laurel. and all of those cars speeding by. >> awe. as they got them out, did they all just kind of follow each other into the patrol car? >> you lucky duck. >> they plucked the duck.
4:45 am
>> plucked the duck. >> don't slip those words up. >> right. let's move onto just how cold it is outside this morning, we have frost advisory in effect, in lancaster county until 8:00. freeze warning in all of these places, in purple, north and west of the city, and as we look at temperatures, which we will in a moment, see the temperatures pretty close to freezing out there. but we're about to start a new weather pattern, with the jet stream, moving to the north, that will let in milder air from the south. and each day for the rest of the weekend, the weekends, you'll see temperatures warm up little bit more each day. we have a disturbance down to the south. we will watch it. >> i don't think it will affect us over the next couple of days. so right now we have only 33 degrees, in pottstown, pretty close to freezing, 30 mount pocono, mid 30's, in lancaster, 41 degrees in wilmington, at 43 in philadelphia, but these temperatures, many of them, 20 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. so, keep that in mind if you're dressing the kids for the bus stop. nobody wants to wear a coat this time of year.
4:46 am
but it is cold enough. look at the windchill. feels like 37, in philadelphia. so, our average high is now up to 63 degrees, we are way above average on monday, right on the money, yesterday, and today probably just little bit below about 59 or 60 degrees, 63 tomorrow. and 63 on friday, by saturday, we're in the mid 60s, by sunday, we're in the lower 70s, 77 degrees, on monday, chance of showers, on tuesday. but all-in-all, pretty nice stretch of weather. isn't that boring, bob kelly? just so boring. >> we'll take it, we love boring when it has got the bun sun's in it. 4:46. good morning, everybody, what's today? wednesday, hump, hump, mike, mike, mike, hump day. live look at the blue route. 476, hump day, chris is back, the whole gang is back together here this morning, hail, hail, the gang's all here, no problems on the blue route as you head south down toward the airport, the 42 freeway, i got a new pattern shuffle here through the work
4:47 am
zone, so as you jock any from say the expressway, heading in toward philadelphia, just look out. they are always changing those lanes around, and this is that stretch where they don't have the overhead street lamps. so, make sure to hold on to your coffee and pay attention there. looking good on the schuylkill expressway. no problems coming into the city at the moment. most of the work crews have pick up here along 95, as you head down toward girard avenue. just look out. those barriers, man it, comes in tight when there is no shoulder there. kind of scary. i came through here the other day, i don't know how folks do it on the overnight. when you are moving it, like 55 miles an hour, county line road, crews are repaving out along second street pike. they are also working along 422 out near pottstown. mass transit, both the market frankford and the subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. lauren back being over to you. >> texas teenage here used an afluenza defense in a deadly drunk driving case heads to adult court today. he could get some jail time that he avoid the the first time around. ethan couch was given ten
4:48 am
years probation in 2013 for a rec that killed four people. well, after video surfaced of couch at a party drinking last december, he fled to mexico with his mom and was eventually brought back to texas. he has been in custody since january and a judge could order more jail time during today's hearing. >> the south carolina hot and zelda man during police chase learned his fate. north augusta officer, three years of probation, 808 hours of community service, after pleading guilty to misconduct, in office misdemeanor. 2014 shooting caught on dash cam video craven shot 68 year old ernest, who authorities say was unarmed, grand jury refused to charge the officer, with voluntary manslaughter. >> 4:48. north carolina's governor offering so-called fix for the state's controversial anti-transgender bathroom law. governor pat mc hunks cory signed executive order yesterday, expands the state's
4:49 am
employment anti-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity. he also wants law makers to restore the right to sue for transgender discrimination. but, he stopped short of making changes to a provision that requires transgender people to use bathrooms, according to their birth certificate gender. >> ongoing battles in other states, as well, tennessee lawmakers are considering a bathroom bill that is similar to north carolina mississippi new religious freedom law makes it legal to deny wedding service toss same sex couples, and employers can also dictate bathroom policies andres code. missouri also considering a similar religious freedom bill. here's some good news, volunteer program at the children's hospital of philadelphia, has a new name. chop officials as well as leaders from wawa announcing the launch of the wawa volunteer program. wawa foundation also donating $5 million to the children's hospital, that money will go in part toward opening a brand new volunteer center inside the hospital. >> and, in your money, cash
4:50 am
strapped atlantic city getting ready for the summer of concert. so far it is going to get a little bit country on the beach. the two concert announced so far toby keith and florida georgia line takes the stage on july 23rd, florida georgia line show is september 3rd, the shows are part of larger announcement yet to come for the upcoming atlantic city beach summer concert series that hopes to bring a lot of money to that area. >> maroon five rocked it last summer. >> ♪ >> 4:51, get it ready. a woman stranded in the dessert for nearly two weeks, what rescue crews say she did that saved her life. >> get it granny. >> get it, granny, is that better? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
4:51 am
there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
4:52 am
today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days.
4:53 am
>> ♪ >> man born on this day, april 13th, 1946, arkansas. >> oh, i know where that is, not far from memphis, tennessee. >> that's where al green is
4:54 am
from. >> cool. i love that song. >> isn't that preppy? >> good choice. love that song. >> okay. >> can't hear enough of it. one of those, you play it the rest of the day. >> i'll pray it for you later. >> promisee. >> uh-huh. >> this crude help sign is what saved a 72 year old woman's life. rescue crews say they spotted ann rogers distress signal yesterday. so they say she made the sign out of sticks and rocks. >> yes, she was stranded with her dog in arizona's canyon creek back on march 31, planning to visit her grandchildren, when she sort of logs her -- lost her direction and then ran out of gas. so she survived on pond water and plants. >> wow. >> she is in fair condition and was finally re united her family. thanks to that, just putting help in the sand. >> smart. >> very smart. so they found her, using sticks, wow. >> okay, actress taraji won the heart of millions, empire, which by the way airs tonight. >> as fox's michelle political
4:55 am
even owe explains, the show starlet says she doesn't let the success get to her head. >> this is real bad for ceo who has only been in charge for five minutes. >> on fox's hit show, empire, the members of the lion's family are continuing to battle each other for control of the family business. as lucious relies on ex-wife cook toy help him regain the thrown. >> all right, no more fighting, okay? >> would have to be very strategies about it, that's all i can share about that. >> enough of that dry snitching. >> playing the over top may tree arc of the lion family has catapulted the actress to whole new level of fame. >> you just let cookie handle that. >> what makes cookie stand out in the crowd is that she speaks her truth, and she is un compromise whg it comes to her truth. and usually, it is real, and it is right, and it makes sense, because it is real and it is her truth. >> glad you brought that up. >> unlike her character taraji p henson said she don't allow the success to go to her head. >> i do not let my career
4:56 am
affect who i am at the end of the day being an actress doesn't mean i'm better than anybody else, or i should get any kind of special privilege. it is just a job. just so happens millions of people get to see me go to work. >> says fans have difficult time separating her from her character. >> i get called cookie all the time. and that's not my name. some days i don't want to be cookie because i was cookie for 18 hours yesterday. i just want to be taraji. >> i'm going to call another meeting. >> no hill wood, michelle poe lean owe, fox news. >> and fox has renewed its hit comedy series new girl for six seasons. >> the show starring zoe and jake johnson apparently wrapping up its fifth season of variety guest stars including david fox, call pen, nora dunn, quick witted comedy has gotten largely positive views, and nominated for five goal end globe awards, and five prime time emmies. >> still ahead, local mother is floored by a nasty note someone left at her home. the language it uses to
4:57 am
describe her three year old son with autism. >> and a father fighting for his life this morning, what he was doing when he was carjacked, beaten, shot and left for dead. stay with us.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> a father carjacked while going to pick up his teenage son, what witnesses heard his attackers yell just before the
5:00 am
shot were fired. >> plus, it may be little harder to have your tech issues fixed this morning. why thousands of verizon workers are threatening to strike. >> they're always saying: be nicer. >> what, they're coming at me from all of these different angles, how can i be nice? >> donald trump admitting even his family has taken issue with some of his crazy comment, why the businessman said he can't behave presidential. >> all right, let's stay with politics for just a minute, of course they are fighting this year to become the 45th president of the united states, we love our history here in philadelphia, this is the birth place of the nation, right? >> true. >> so on this day, in 1743, thomas jefferson was born. right? became the third president. he helped write the declaration every independence just block from here. >> true. >> the interesting thing i just noticed here, second president, his predecessor, john adams, they both died, on the same day. what day would they die on? how appropriate that it was july 4th, independence day. isn't that amazing? >> yes. >> do you care about hisry


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